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  • Monday, September 28, 2020
    Good morning! Today is a day of Abundance, Creativity, and Celebration 
    Tarot of the Day: Three of Cups

    This is one of my most favourite cards to get. It represents great happiness; secure joy that will last and be shared with those around you. It celebrates deep friendship, and the beauty such friendship can create in your life. It usually appears at the completion of a meaningful project or a marriage or birth.

    Namasté is the overall feeling with this three. It’s a celebration not just of the success but also of the different skills and traits each of you contributed to the success; an honouring of the “tapestry”.

    💚 In your career, this could mean a promotion and/or an increase in remuneration. So, whether you are looking for a job somewhere else or hoping to move up where you are, the ‘right’ people are about to see your efforts and reward them.

    💙 In love, Three foretells of the closure of past relationships in order to attain the next level of your current relationship or, if you are currently single, a move forward in preparation of a new relationship. This new depth comes to you because of the personal growth you have worked to achieve and will be someone well suited to the new levels you have reached.

    🧡Wherever the Three speaks to you, know that there is abundant energy gathering around this moment that signifies you are approaching a new phase in your life; a phase which is yours due to the effort you made to reach it. The work you have done is beginning to influence your future, and the future holds abundance and celebration. Well done, you!
    Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow),
    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Aquarius SunSign Weekly Tarot Predictions

    This card predicts, so many things will come in front of you that you might not be able to reach the truth. You are not connected to reality, dis – illusionment Is there.
    Something which you consider harmless actually shall turn out to be more harmful than you can imagine.

    You are Day dreaming building castles in the air. You might face hidden enemies / games.

    You might face emotional back stabbing or deception in career. You are not able to identify enemy or friend. Various colours of life are being revealed. Take steps Accordingly.

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  • Libra SunSign Weekly Tarot Predictions

    An extremely positive card, it shows A KNIGHT riding a horse – shows that horse is standstill, with one foot ahead but head is down this reflects he is not ready to go ahead- CARRYING A CUP in his hand holding water – symbolises the person is holding lot of emotions.
    The person is not ready to face his emotional issues / struggles.

    Our goals are achievable but we are not able to achieve things due to less speed. The speed with which we want things to happen, it is not happening or they are Slow. You are emotionally down & de – motivated.

    Let go of emotional trauma and Focus on journey ahead.

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  • image

    September 27, 2020

    Seven of Cups, upright

    Image description: A man stands before seven cups filled with various gifts. Some cups bear desirable gifts like wealth and victory. Others hold gifts that are not gifts at all, instead they are curses like the snake or dragon. The clouds and cups symbolizes the man’s dreams and wishes. The different gifts inside suggest that you need to be careful what you wish for, as not everything is as it seems. Choices need to be made but in doing so you must go beyond illusion and allure.


    The Seven of Cups is a card of new opportunities, choices and illusion. You may have many options and opportunities from which you can choose. But be careful. You may be prone to illusion and unrealistic ideals. An opportunity with promises of more money, more fame or more power may sound appealing but as you look deeper into what is being offered you may realise it is not everything it’s cracked up to be. It is important to check in with your Higher Self first. Evaluate each option and dig below the surface to what is involved with each choice.

    Often, this card can be a sign of wishful thinking or projecting into the future about what you would like to create, rather than taking action here in the present to make it happen. For example, you may wish for a fitter, more healthy body until it’s time to get out there and exercise. Or you might wish for a successful business but you’re not willing to put in the hard work. If you spend most of your time wishing but not doing the work, then it’s time to choose just one thing and make it happen.

    You may find that your ideas are not grounded in reality. Your plans might sound great in your imagination but when it comes to implementing them, you may realize they do not work in the real world. The Seven of Cups may be a sign that you keep finding the ‘next big thing’ but fail to see any of those new opportunities through to the end. When you are constantly in the idea phase, you miss the chance to bring your ideas into fruition. Now is a time to focus on the one thing that will move you closer to your goal and resist the temptation to get side-tracked. 

    The Seven of Cups invites you to move out of the ideas and options and choose. Each will have its pros and cons - it’s up to you to make sure that the option you select is in alignment with your purpose and your Higher Self. 

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  • Saturday, September 26, 2020
    Good morning, Lovelies! Today is a day of Clarity, Happiness, and Financial Gain
    Tarot of the Day is:  Ace of Balls /Pentacles

    The Ace of Pentacles heralds a very positive new beginning that will further your efforts in many aspects of your life. This will give you a sense of luck and happiness that will increase your health, finances, and outlook. This will likely start with financial gain, and sometimes it can even indicate gifts of money from unexpected sources.

    Projects or plans in which you have invested time, energy, and/or money will all benefit from this serendipity, showing you that you have been on the right path. The gains you will receive will improve your life on all levels.

    💚  At work, this Ace speaks to a new position or a new set of responsibilities coming to you - whether you were looking for that or not - and point to you being well and justly compensated. 
    💚 If you have been considering seeking a new job, now is a good time to start the process.

    💚 If you do receive an influx of cash today, spend happily, share generously, and put some away for a rainy day.

    💙  Whether you are looking for love or already have it, expect a new phase in your relationship status. This is a very positive time to re-connect with your partner or, to meet new people. Share the positive energy and have fun.

    🧡  Today is a result of your energy and effort; a manifestation of your hard work, hope, and focus. It will be rich with optimism, luck, positive energy, and hope. Embrace it, and share the wealth.
    Sìth a-mach (Peace Out), Lovelies

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  • ♥️ How do people around you see you?♠️


    Listen to your intuition and pick one of the four cards. DM me for the same personal reading.











    1️⃣ You broadcast a gloomy image to others. You are seen as a closed, uncommunicative person, immersed in your thoughts and experiences. Perhaps you never even take off your headphones so as not to hear what is being said and communicate. You are often in ascesis (or on duty), so you do not support friendly gatherings. And you don’t even have the desire to get out of your loneliness.

    2️⃣ You are sometimes seen as an old-fashioned person, or you just love retro style. Perhaps you are an old school person and you do not want to change anything. You broadcast to others that it used to be much better to live, work, love. With all your might, you cling to the past and do not accept the present. You even compare new partners to your ex.

    3️⃣ You broadcast yourself as a very anxious person. Sometimes you tend to exaggerate, overthink. Of course, you have a rich imagination, but sometimes it gets in the way of communicating with you and building relationships. You can often get panicky and intense. Sometimes you are seen as a person who lives in their own world.

    4️⃣ You are closed from feelings, but open to hectic entertainment and sensual pleasures in sex. You broadcast yourself as a person who is in search of new sensations. Out of boredom, you can involve people into a variety of adventures just to please your ego and dispel the intolerable frailty of life.

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  • I do #tarot #lenormand #rune #readings (not for free!)

    £5 for 1 question

    £10 for 2 questions

    Any further questions/spreads/card deck will be an additional price!

    Payment first please - I accept PayPal & Cash App - DM/Message me

    No refunds as it’s an energy exchange.

    Thank you :)

    For Entertainment Purposes Only - Adults 18+

    #tarot #tarotreader #tarotreadings

    I do #tarot #lenormand #rune #readings (not for free!)  £5 for 1 question £10 for 2 questions  Any further questions/spreads/card deck will be an additional price!  Payment first please - via Cash App
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  • Friday, September 25, 2020

    Good morning! Today’s card is about Energy, Courage, and Conviction
    Tarot of the Day: Strength

    This card is about an inner balance of strength. It suggests not just power but the capacity to exercise great self-control in all matters. It speaks to an ability to manage your impulses instead of be controlled by them, and an unshakeable resolve to see things through to the desired end. Direct the energy to the greatest good of all.

    Strength appears when you need to be reminded that you are mind, body, and spirit and you may have been so busy being strong on one or two of these aspects that you have forgotten the other(s). With focus and willpower, you will balance all aspects for your highest good.

    💚 Whether you are looking for a job or hoping for a promotion, things are aligned for your success right now. Be strong and genuine in your presentation. Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. If your workplace doesn’t/can’t offer growth, now is the time to seize your confidence and start looking elsewhere for what you deserve.

    💙 If you are in a relationship, Strength indicates a deep bond and strong foundation. 
    💙 If you are looking for a relationship, this is a good time to get out and meet people. Let your self-confidence show.

    🧡 Strength is a card that indicates an opportunity to change your life. Today is a day to grab a hold of your convictions, quiet your inner fearful voice, and forge ahead.  Whether that means tell truth to power, face down your inner demons, or just speak up about something  You have what you need to succeed so, go you!
    Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow), Lovelies
    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Hey everyone! I’m feeling better and am open to do more readings, especially with the weekend coming up!

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  • Thursday, September 24, 2020

    Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Balance, Accomplishment, and Concision
    Tarot of the Day: Knight of Swords

    Knights often mean that someone or something desirable is about to seek you out so, if you are waiting for news about something, you’ll likely hear today and you’ll be pleased. He points to energetic activity, travel, and/or  getting things accomplished.

    Today, you are unlikely to feel comfortable waiting for things to happen, delegating, or accepting someone else’s take on things. Embrace the need to seek the truth of the matter, to gain information and to get things accomplished. Be proactive; go after and reach your end goal. 
    Supercharged and super focussed can also mean you don’t see others in your path; watch they don’t get trod on in your quest.

    💚 In work and finances, your projects will take on momentum today and lead you to success. Likely this will highlight your skills and successes above others - celebrate your accomplishments but be careful not to let it turn to smugness or gloating. Humbly accept your success.

    💙 In love, this Knight points to you being swept off your feet. If you are in a relationship, this means today may be a turning point for you; a day of deeper truths and bonds. If you are seeking love, take the energy of the Knight and go be with people - be yourself, be clear, and have fun; the right person may find you there.

    🧡 Wherever you encounter this Knight’s energy today, you will find truth and success, so embrace the balanced power of mind, body, and spirit in sync and go after your heart’s desire.
    Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow), Lovelies
    Peace out…

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  • Wednesday, September 23, 2020
    Good Morning! Today is about Success, Truth, and the Male Archetype
    Tarot of the Day: King of Disks /Pentacles

    This King embodies confidence, success, and authority. He is accomplished, wise, and respected for his worldly experience. His lust for life reminds us that we are more than spirit. Like all of his suit, he concerns himself with measures of abundance in life, and is replete with worldly pleasures of food, sex, and coin. He is the soul of virility, the father of nature, the seat of earthly desires, and a source of the will to live life to the fullest.

    He brings with him a reminder that to achieve your goals you must be unafraid of your true nature and base instincts. Embrace them so you know what and when to indulge or to restrain. If you have a mature, money - wise, earth-father type in your life, seek and accept his advice in these matters. 
    If not, seek your inner King of Pentacles and let him guide you.

    💚 At work, there may be an older, established man who may play a pivotal role in your success. He responds well to others who have his lust for life but don’t overdo it and let it become a vice. Find the balance and do your best today- it’ll be well worth the effort. You may also receive a financial windfall, promotion, or income increase.

    💙 If you are in a relationship, today is a good day to make time to enjoy each other in genuine, natural ways; eat some rich food, drink a little wine, and revel in each other’s bodies. You can leave most other things to be dealt with tomorrow. Today, prioritize each other.

    🧡 The call of earthly pleasures will likely be distracting today. By all means, ‘adult’ and focus on things that need to get done but there is nothing wrong with listening to that call whenever you can. 
    Live, Love, Laugh. You can’t fight Father Nature…
    Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow), Lovelies
    Peace out…

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  • What is everyone’s views as a working tarot reader/psychic etc. in today’s legal/political framework? Is there enough legislation or too much? Did anyone even know that there was a legal framework to abide by? Does it provide protection to yourself and towards a reader having to add a disclaimer? What laws would you include and or what would take away/change so that everyone can have structure within the spiritual community?

    (Within the UK) please google the below:

    The Witchcraft Act of 1735 which was repealed with the enactment of the Fraudulent Mediums Act in 1951, which then also was repealed in 2008 by Schedule 4 of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations implementing the EU Unfair Commercial Practices Directive of 2005.

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  • ♥️Main events of the week on September 21st - September 27th: personal life events and everyday life events♠️




    Listen to your intuition, think about the upcoming week and select one of the four cards. DM me for a personal reading.









    1️⃣ In your personal life, this week will be very joyful and successful for you. There will be harmony of physical and spiritual merging with a partner. Your desire, reconciliation or meeting will definitely be fulfilled. And in everyday life, the themes of feelings and relationships will come to the fore. There will be good news, they may be about about children. Communicating with nature and filling yourself with joy and pleasure.

    2️⃣ In your personal life, a very unexpected and pleasant event awaits you this week. Good luck will be on your side. You will not even need to make any efforts, higher powers will take care of you themselves. Everything conceived in love will come true. In everyday life, money matters will come to the fore: receiving money, receiving debt repayment. Also, good shopping, payment for an upcoming trip or vacation awaits you. Everything planned will go well and without problems.

    3️⃣ In your personal life, this week either loneliness or a breakup will take place. But, most likely, you will be ready for this, because it was just a matter of time. In any case, changes are waiting for you. In everyday life, matters of the heart will come to the fore. You will also have a situation that will cause you very pleasant feelings: a gift, sincere praise or gratitude, an invitation to go somewhere, a pleasant meeting. Everything planned will come true.

    4️⃣ In your personal life this week you will be tempted to sort out the relationship due to internal conflict. Perhaps a storm of jealousy will overwhelm you. But first understand yourself and your desires. In everyday life, a successful week awaits you. Everything planned will come true, but perhaps not immediately. You will be able to understand what your mission is on this Earth and you will strive for its implementation. If you were sick, healing will come.


    Have a nice week!

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  • Saturday, September 19, 2020
    Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Emotional Abundance, Joy, and Inspiration
    Tarot of the Day: Ace of Hearts /Cups

    Like all Aces, this card is about a new beginning/phase in your life. Although it’s about loving relationships, it also speaks of an overall satisfaction in your life and predicts success and abundance by using intuition, emotions, and creativity. If you are awaiting news in this regard then today could be the day - and the news may be even better than you hoped.

    A birth, pregnancy, or new relationship may be involved with these wonderful feelings but, often, they are a result of a deepening understanding of yourself; a satisfaction seated deep within you that you have ‘overcome’. You 'made it’ and now “your cup runeth over”

    💚 At work, this Ace is a call for ethical creativity and emotional support. Be the team cheerleader, or, take a moment to give emotional support to that one person who seems to seek you out for your wisdom. Success - and possibly a promotion - is in showing your diverse skills. 
    💚 If you are looking for work, this is a reminder to stay positive and keep working at it – the Universe is aligning things on your behalf.

    💙 This Ace is a wonderful omen for romantic love, as it represents the house of the true heart; a knowledge of what you truly want for yourself and with a partner and makes a healthy bond possible.
    In an existing relationship, this signals a greater depth made possible by news that will shift energy blocks and allows things to progress freely.

    🧡 Let warmth, affection, and love rule all areas of life today. Create a balance by sharing the ‘overflow’ - spread the joy and energy you feel. Give as you receive and multiply the abundance and happiness for everyone. 
    Gus an ath thuras (Until next time)
    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Friday, September 18, 2020
    Good morning! Today is about Respite, Healing, Releasing Control
    Tarot of the Day: Four of Swords

    The Four of Swords is an indicator that you need to take a break. This could be during a conversation to prevent it becoming an argument, taking a “mental health” day, or an indicator that the pressures of a deep learning period or long struggle, will ease up.

    This is the ideal time to step back and let all your work and intentions take root. You may find it hard to wait for the results and release control, but remember that there is always time between planting and harvesting; don’t push. Instead, accept this time as an opportunity to rest. A mentor of mine called this the “3 R’s” - Retreat, Regroup, and Return.

    💚 At work, things may not be going as you wish but don’t push harder or take the conflict personally. This is the time for perspective. Take the day off if you can, take a long lunch, or simply take a moment to breathe and center yourself when you can.

    💙 If you’ve been feeling a bit physically or emotionally disconnected from your partner, today is an ideal day for a mini vacation. Alone or together, take a break from the daily grind and reconnect with yourselves and each other. Leave any unfinished issues behind; today is not the day to push forward or force a conversation, it’s a day to ‘Be’. Take the time you need to regroup so you know what you move forward with will be genuine.

    🧡 Overall, this Four indicates a need for boundaries, and rest. However you achieve it, know that not only are you deserving of this peace, but it is also necessary in order for things to move ahead. You’re being offered a sojourn – accept it, enjoy it, and return rested.
    Gun a-màireach (until tomorrow), Lovelies
    Peace out

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