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  • I’ve been meaning to ask my racoon spirit about where I’m at in life and I kept putting it off and putting it off and I just now found these 2 cards in the floor and I believe the “4 of Cups” is me currently and maybe “The Empress” is what I need or soon to happen. My spirit animal couldn’t wait on me to get my deck out.

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    New relationships coming to you, platonic or romantic

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  • Weekly Energy Forecast Reading

    Feb 28 - March 6


    We are officially in Pisces season. As a fellow fish, we don’t have the best of boundaries; however, when we make a decision and stand firm that we won’t tolerate anymore foolishness that’s when you see a different side.

    There will be people this week and this year that will show you their true colors and it is up to you to make a decision. It may not come in a blatant betrayal. It may come as small as reciprocation. Your circle is changing because you are changing.

    As the card says meditate on connecting with like-minded people who will have your best interest at heart. Manifest healthy relationships. He who hath a friend must first show himself friendly. Take a chance!

    May the Lord add a blessing to the hearer of the Word.

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  • Tarot: The Major Arcana [3/3]



    Originally posted by giada-rose

    The Moon (18)

    However, their bliss makes the Fool vulnerable to the illusions of the Moon. They’re feelings are not yet balanced with clarity of mind so that they might be unaware of unconscious instincts and the ways in which their view on the world might be distorted by dreams and fantasies. The Moon encourages creative imagination but also brings fears into the light that can result in a feeling of being lost.

    unconscious, illusions, intuition, secret knowledge

    The Sun (19)

    It is the Sun that brings clarity and directs the Fool’s imagination. What was hidden in the light of the Moon, now becomes visible. Confusion and fear cease and are replaced by understanding and knowledge that complements the Fool’s feelings. (Re-)assured and vitalised, the Fool can continue their journey.

    joy, success, celebration, positivity

    Judgement (20)

    The Fool has been reborn by shedding their fears and allowing joy to take their place. Looking back and honestly accessing past experiences and actions is vital for the Fool’s rebirth. Only through this exercise of Judgement can forgiveness and new beginnings be possible and the Fool can make decisions for their future and the values they intend to follow. It is their higher self calling to become their true self.

    reflection, reckoning, inner voice

    The World (21)

    The Fool re-enters the World but now with understanding of it. They have achieved a harmonious balance between inner and outer world. The World symbolises unity and wholeness. Life now has become something full and meaningful in which efforts are rewarded and the Fool accesses new levels of happiness and fulfilment.

    fulfilment, harmony, completion, celebration


    Dark Days Tarot

    Golden Thread Tarot

    Biddy Tarot

    Learn Tarot: The Fool’s Journey

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  • Tarot: The Major Arcana [2/3]



    Originally posted by midnight4ever

    The Wheel of Fortune (10)

    With solitude and contemplation comes understanding and a vision of the world. The Wheel of Fortune symbolises the forces that are outside of human control and the inevitability of change.
    change, cycles, inevitable fate

    Justice (11)

    The Fool must now choose what to do with and how to interpret their vision. They must reflect on their life so far tracing cause and effect and taking responsibility. In this sense, justice can be understood as fairness, truth, the exercise of the law and karmic retribution. The Fool is forced to make a decision: Will they follow the insights they gained or slip back into previous behaviour?

    cause and effect, clarity, truth, you reap what you sow

    The Hanged Man (12)

    Determined to follow their vision, the Fool continues their journey. But it is not as easy as they might want it to be. Sacrifices must be made and they are forced to let go of certain things. But by ceasing to cling on to control, by opening up and becoming vulnerable, the Fool discovers joy within themselves and to flow with life. Life has been turned upside-down but what appears to be martyrdom turns out to be peace.

    sacrifice, release, inner calm and peace, martyrdom

    Death (13)

    The Fool has learned that they must let go of what no longer serves them. But every ending bears within it a new beginning, rather than being final terminations they are phases of (radical) transition.

    end of a cycle, beginnings, change, metamorphosis

    Temperance (14)

    So far, the Fool has oscillated between calm and chaos, victory and defeat, emotional ups and downs, but now they realise the importance of balance and temperance. All aspects of the Fool’s identity, including the extremes, are combined into a centred whole promoting their health and well-being.

    the middle path, patience, finding meaning, adapting

    The Devil (15)

    Despite having found health, peace of mind and grace, the Fool’s journey is far from over. The Devil stands for their fears, obsessions and insecurities that hold them back from their full potential. The couple shown on the card mirrors the Lovers but rather than representing interhuman connection, their chains symbolise their ignorance of their dependence on the material.

    excess, materialism, playfulness

    The Tower (16)

    To free themselves from the Devil, the Fool requires a sudden change. At times only drastic upheaval and monumental crisis can tear down the walls of what holds us back - externally as well as internally. The fool must shakeup what they considered foundational and took for granted, that way they can discover their resilience and build anew.

    sudden upheaval, pride, disaster

    The Star (17)

    After the the walls of the Tower came tumbling down, the Star offers the possibility for rebirth. It symbolises serenity and calm, hope and inspiration. The Fool’s negative experiences and feelings related to the Devil are replaced with faith in themselves and the future, as well as a wish to share their joy with the rest of the world.

    hope, faith, rejuvenation

    [to be continued…]

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    Learn Tarot: The Fool’s Journey

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  • Tarot: The Major Arcana [1/3]

    The Major Arcana

    When cards of the Major Arcana appear in your spread, pay special attention to them as they provide a focal point and represent an overarching theme.

    The cards follow a particular order with each card representing a stage in the Fool’s journey that stands as a metaphor for everyone’s journey through life. The cards’ numbers can help with interpreting their meaning.

    The Fool (0)

    As the first card, the Fool represents beginnings. Just about to begin their journey, the fool is a blank slate, innocent and full of faith and optimism. They are motivated and energetic but unaware of the hardships they will meet on their path.
    innocence, new beginnings, free spirit, spontaneity, optimism, naivety

    The Magician (1)

    At the start of their journey, the fool encounters the Magician - one of the great balancing forces [along with the High Priestess] representing the world as it is perceived. The Magician represents pure willpower. Through conscious awareness and concentration, she is able to take what is around her and shape it to her will. With one hand pointing up and the other down, she represents the phrase ‘as above so below’.
    willpower, desire, creation, manifestation

    The High Priestess (2)

    The high priestess represents the Magician’s counterpart. She stands for the mysterious unconscious and unrealised potential. The importance of understanding what lies within to manifest one’s will outwardly is manifested by her.
    intuition, unconscious, inner voice

    The Empress (3)

    She is the archetype of the Mother, feminine energy and Mother Earth. As the Fool begins to become aware of the world around them, she is who they recognise first. She stands for nature and caring, as well as for our senses.
    motherhood, fertility, nature

    The Emperor (4)

    The Emperor represents the archetype of the Father. He exercises authority and stands for structure and stability but also wisdom. The fool now understands that the world is marked by rules they are supposed to follow yet while they might guide them, they might also frustrate or even restrict them.
    authority, structure, control, fatherhood

    The Hierophant (5)

    Now, the Fool leaves home and encounters the beliefs and traditions of their culture. The Hierophant represents organised belief systems, conformity and group identity. He is the one interpreting arcane knowledge and mysteries and teaching them to others.

    tradition, conformity, morality and ethics

    The Lovers (6)

    As the Fool ventures on their self-centred perspective is replaced by a longing for partnership. They need to question and balance the beliefs introduced to them externally with their own.

    partnerships, union, duality, choice, balance and harmony

    The Chariot (7)

    The Fool has become and adult and learned to control themselves and their environment through discipline and willpower. The Chariot represents a moment of victory and success achieved through taking control.

    direction, control, willpower, triumph

    Strength (8)

    This moment of triumph, however, does not last forever and new challenges are ahead causing suffering and disillusionment. With Strength and courage these challenges, too, can be overcome. The lesson to be learned here is one of patience, compassion and tolerance.

    bravery, compassion, focus, inner strength

    The Hermit (9)

    Along with the gained insights comes the question 'Why? Why do people suffer?’ and the need to find a deeper truth. The Fool begins to seek solitude and to look inward to understand their feelings and motivations.

    contemplation, search for truth, inner guidance, self-reflection

    [to be continued…]


    Originally posted by mystic-mother-moon

    Minor Arcana: link


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  • Tarot: The Minor Arcana


    Rather than being an exact science, Tarot is an interpretative art. Thus, the following interpretations are by no means set rules of how to read Tarot but rather a guide that can be used in addition to one’s own intuition and making-sense of the card’s symbol(ism)s…

    The four suits of the Minor Arcana


    air, thought, dreams, energy, creativity, beauty, community, movement, intellect, logic, mind, intention, ideas


    fire, passion, love, desire, will, motivation, destruction, change, creativity, protection, anger, transformation


    water, emotions and feelings, relationships, friendship, connection, empathy, intuition, mood


    earth, the material, bodies, fertility, health, stability, finances, resources, home, career, craft, legacy, grounding

    The numbers and court cards, and their meanings

    0: openness, endless possibility, nothingness, in touch with the All (The number 0 cannot be found in the Minor Arcana but becomes relevant when interpreting the Major Arcana.)

    King: control, power in action, maturity, responsibility, masculinity

    Queen: mastering and subtly distributing energies, deep understanding, femininity

    Knight: boldness, bravery, messenger, action, connection to the outer world, recklessness, movement

    Page: inspiration, the child/ youth, freshness, a new spark, opportunity

    Ace: individual, beginnings, potential, new relationships

    2: duality, balance, partnership, decisions

    3: collective, growth, creativity, expression, expansion, fertility, common goals

    4: stability, structure, control, power, integrity, structure, formation

    5: shifting perspective, conflict, change, expansion

    6: community, cooperation, harmony, compassion

    7: external change, spirituality, wisdom, exploration

    8: repeated cycles, action, change, regeneration

    9: self-realisation, success, idealism, inspiration, system structures, fulfilment, inspiration

    10: completion, finality, renewal

    Major Arcana: link


    Dark Days Tarot

    Golden Thread Tarot

    Biddy Tarot

    Learn Tarot: The Fool’s Journey

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  • Death - Energy of the day.⁣⁣
    Strength - How to approach the day.⁣⁣

    There’s a transformational energy in the world today, remember that you have the strength to pull through whatever it is.⁣

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  • Live March Month Zodiac Prediction on 1st Match on Live @thriiveindia.
    Insta Live on March 1, 12:00 pm

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    I love this app it’s the best!! It’s called Sanctuary it’s my favorite right now when it comes to horoscopes!!! 😍😍😍

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  • ♥️ Your mood in the upcoming week and main events in love life ♠️




    Listen to your intuition, think about the upcoming week and select one of the four cards.









    1️⃣ This week you will be in a great mood, have the desire to flirt, deceive and be deceived. You will hover in illusory clouds and close your eyes to reality. You may even cheat. In your love life, in the first week of spring, you can meet an interesting person for a relationship, of course, if you have such an intention.

    2️⃣ A fresh spring breeze will take you away from routine reality this week. You will want to run away or fly away to find out what else is interesting in this world. You will have a strong desire for change. If you are in a relationship, then this week everything will be in the hands of a man, he will dominate. For single there will be a meeting with a future partner.

    3️⃣ This will be a very emotional week for you. No, you will not be thrown into laughter or into tears. These emotions, like the first spring rain, will wash away all the sorrows, fears and troubles of the past from you. And you will love again. Love yourself. After all, this light of love always burns in you. In your love life, you will take uncertain steps towards your partner, because everything is just beginning and is more like a game.

    4️⃣ You will not allow yourself any unnecessary emotions this week. In the first place will be material interest, stability and confidence. After all, your motto for the week will be: If it’s beneficial for me, then I’m in business. Problems can arise in love life. One of the partners will behave dishonestly and avoid the conversation. And singles will have a fear of starting a relationship because of past experiences.


    Have a nice week!

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