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  • Card for Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021

    Ten of Swords
    paired with
    Ephedra (Ephedra sinica)

    The Suit of Swords connects to the element of Air, which is equated with thoughts and ideas. Swords also cut away that which no longer serves as well as false or illogical opinions we may unconsciously create through our inner attitudes, in the search for Truth. Swords can often depict a stormy path to self realization.

    The Tens, in every Suit, represent perfection through completion. With the number one - signifying The Beginning - placed next to the number zero - Spirit - the cycle which has reached culmination is ready to return to the One, to begin again. In the Suit of Swords, Ten is seen as the height or finalization of difficulty and tribulation.

    The Ten of Swords is a rather grim looking card. The best we can say as we look at it, is that this card signifies an ending, so as to clear the ground for something new. As challenging as Death is, it too opens the door - concluding one cycle to make way for the next.

    Especially if we have not walked much with Death - the death of a season or time of life, the unexpected ending of a job or relationship, the very real death of a loved one - it can be so difficult to remind ourselves to accept things as they are. The bleak sadness, the uncertainty, the dark depression that often accompany such events can threaten to overshadow the reality of rebirth.  

    The Ten of Swords mirrors our feelings of overwhelm, but also reminds us that the answer, when we are ready, is to take a breath, to re-ignite our faith, our trust, even as we acknowledge that we must, with love and gratitude, let go of that which was. We cannot know what the future will bring, but we can be patient with ourselves as we work to break through the paralysis, the emptiness that confronts us and forces us to accept this seemingly harshest of endings.

    Ephedra - or Ma Huang as it is also known - is a stimulant with a long history of improving lung function by dilating bronchial air passages, reducing spasms, and mucous production especially in those with asthma, bronchitis, and other congestive or allergic conditions that affect breathing. Traditionally it is taken only in small doses, often in combination with other herbs. Considered a strong herb, Ephedra should not be used by those with weaker or more debilitated constitutions. We cannot build up what we do not have.

    As an herbal Essence, Ephedra is said to increase the body’s ability to “breathe easy” as well, thus enabling one to take in more of the life-force. The wind, the element of Air, clears and sweeps away the old, cleansing the mind and making way for fresh thoughts.

    And again the message repeats:  The Ten of Swords is asking us to breathe deep today, as The Wheel  ever turns. All we can do is the best we can do. Remain focused; ground and center. Meditate on teachings from the natural world as you release your sorrow, your old way of connecting to endings, to Death. As odd as it sounds, Death is also a beautiful beginning, liberating Spirit back to the Universe from which it was born.

    The Earth Mother understands cycles and seasons; She recognizes the very real need for the full completion of one thing before another can begin. Have faith in this wisdom as you look at your life today. Time is needed, a new foundation may be required, so as to drop resistance and move forward. All things come in good time; make space for yourself to process and release. Closure will come when it comes, and with it,  understanding, in the Dawn of a new day.

    A WORD OF CAUTION: Ephedra should be avoided by those with high blood pressure (hypertension) and is contraindicated in adrenal exhaustion and in pregnancy.

    *Information shared on herbs and their historical or traditional uses is for point-of-interest only. None of the above is meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any health imbalances.*

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  • Card for Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

    Nine of Wands
    Paired with
    Bayberry Bark ((Myrica cerifera)

    The Suit of Wands is equated with the element of Fire which relates to our inspiration, or will. Wands represent the spark of Divine creativity which connects us to the beginning of the creative process. Wands herald our desire or drive to initiate or continue a project. They call us to be the change we wish to see.

    Numerically speaking, the Nines refer to completion but not finality. We can think of this as the ending of one cycle and the potential it creates for the next cycle to begin, as we still have the ten and the court cards of each suit to journey through, on our Path.

    Today’s card can be viewed as a bit of a challenge.  The Nine of Wands is a card of strength and determination. It suggests that even when we feel we have reached the end of our path, there is always energy in reserve. Although this warrior is unable to vanquish his foes, he himself remains unharmed as well.

    Bayberry is not the most commonly used of herbals at this time, but can make an excellent replacement for Oak. Spicy, astringent, and warming, Bayberry is rich in tannins and volatile oils. It gets things up and moving, while toning tissues and mucous membranes, to aid in healing.

    Bayberry supports the stomach, the lungs, and the liver, all organs of dissemination and separation. It can be used to slow or inhibit all manor of discharge including mucous or phlegm from the sinuses and lungs, diarrhea, excessive menstrual bleeding.  It has been found helpful in treatment of colds and flus with whitish discharge. Bayberry has also been used historically to treat gingivitis and gum inflammation, tightening and whitening teeth.

    As an herbal essence, Bayberry can aid us in visualizing being healthy and whole. It can help assist turmoil in dissipating and melting away, allowing for better energy reserves as we examine and release any areas of inner conflict and self-invalidation.

    The Nine of Wands speaks of a potentially formidable opposition, or negative condition presenting itself at this time, reminding us that watchfulness is of the utmost importance. Be aware that confrontation often distracts us from our intended path, separates us from knowledge of self.  Conversely, demanding situations can bring us experience, and a deeper understanding of ourselves, should we decide instead to examine, without judgement, how our own choices bring us to any given point.

    Rather than be our own worst enemy, let us gain strength and personal insight from conflict.  When we stay in the moment, we can see circumstances for what they are, without attachment and maintain both perspective and balance. We no longer waste energy feeling threatened when things are  beyond our control, and thus find inner reserves of fortitude available to us.

    Work to break any habit of accidentally exaggerating,  attaching to drama or making mountains out of molehills . Instead find inner balance and groundedness by facing exactly what is happening with peace and understanding. State your boundaries, stand your ground, and use this as an opportunity to further your knowledge of yourself. After all, YOU are the reason you are here. Watchfulness allows us to experience the breakthroughs required to manifest our goals with greater ease.

    *Information shared on herbs and their historical or traditional uses is for point-of-interest only. None of the above is meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any health imbalances.*

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    The card of the day for tumblr is the king of swords The king of swords is a card of mind and a card of leader ship is calling on you to move decisively about the ideas that you have been thinking about you must create your own rules and think clearly to get to the finish line today’s energy is conducive to you becoming a powerful leader so use today’s energy to bring yourself into alignment with that way of being

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  • Message from your ancestors. What have they been trying to tell you?

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  • Card for Monday, March 1st, 2021

    Knight of Cups, inverted
    paired with
    Sarsaparilla (Smilex officinalis)

    The Knights of each suit symbolize movement and action. The Pages, as the first of the four court cards, bring the lessons learned and knowledge gained by the Fool, walking each suit Ace through Ten, to the next level. Pages review what was learned so as to consider how to apply it to the coming chapter. Knights are here to take the show on the road. They are the Seekers, working towards manifesting through their chosen elemental suit, that which is needed to actively continue on our Journey.

    The Suit of Cups represents our perceptions and feelings. Cups encourage us to explore our imaginative self, our emotional responses, reactions, impulses, passions, desires, dreams, and psychic connections. Inverted, this suit invites us to review our emotions about our emotions, so to speak.

    The Knight of Cups is reminiscent of the Seekers of The Holy Grail. Considered the Air of Water, this knight proceeds calmly through the land in search of their Truth; in this case, emotional balance, aligning our dreams with reality. Inverted, this card indicates a time of self-reflection: Are we experiencing emotional trial? Do our dreams contain messages for us? Are we remembering to reach out to others with our feelings as we need to?

    Sarsaparilla, while not the most commonly chosen of herbs now-a-days, has a long history of use. Blended with other roots, its sunny, cooling, mildly spicy sweetness has been a favorite in warmer countries for generations. Best known to flavor teas and root beers, Sarsaparilla supports “cleansing” of the blood and liver by binding to endotoxins released by various bacteria in the gut thus preventing their absorption into the blood, and promoting excretion. It is also a favored treatment for various chronic skin ailments including eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

    As an herbal essence, Sarsaparilla is said to foster physical and emotional clarity, bringing us an openness in expressing our feelings and intentions. Inverted, this card reminds us to be honest with ourselves. Painful connection to our emotions exists because we allow it. This sounds both simple and impossible, but, not holding on to our emotions about our emotions, getting clear about the “where” and the “why”, then allowing it to just be, will actually help us to clear these toxic thoughts and take us deeper, to the peace at our center.

    The Knight of Cups, inverted has come for us once a month, these last four months, underscoring the call to focus on our emotions, rather than hide from them; to seek assistance and support from others as we willingly delve into self reflection. This Knight is a gentle knight. With a winged hat carrying messages from the Ancestors, the Angels, from our Deities, from the Universe, the Knight of Cups encourages us to be kind to ourselves, even as we walk through a potentially dark inner landscape, to connect with our Shadow side.

    We are being asked to journey inward today, without fear; but, not alone. Reach out to others, in the physical world, in your meditations, in your dreams. Journal about what you find. Explore some form of moving creative expression for yourself: exercise, music, dance, singing. Shout at the heavens if that is what you are feeling best suits you. Engage with the physical world in some way as your explore your inner emotional plain.

    We are continuously being reminded, of late, that, while we cannot change the outer world, we can rearrange our connection to it through our emotions and feelings. Clear the decks however you are so inspired and create opportunities for yourself today to appreciate your relationship with yourself.

    The Universe makes no mistakes. Just like this Knight, you are perfectly placed on your Journey, just as you are. There is always more to learn, that is the nature of any quest, but, the Path is pure. Over and over we are being reminded: honor yourself and let the rest go. It serves you no more.

    *Information shared on herbs and their historical or traditional uses is for point-of-interest only. None of the above is meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any health imbalances.*

    **I was taught to read inverted cards as an invitation to go within, to apply the lessons of the card to our inner landscape, but not in a negative way. The more we remember to support our inner selves, the more we will have to offer in the outer world.**

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  • Card for Sunday, February 28th, 2021

    The Moon, inverted (XVIII card of the Major Arcana)
    paired with
    Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

    The Moon helps us to recognize that energies greater than our own thoughts guide our evolution. We are currently celebrating the Full Snow Moon so now is a great time to meditate on Moon energy. The Full Moon represents the height of the lunar cycle. We can use this intensity to realize the completion of monthly intentions. It is also a great time to target our ambitions, using the insight and clarity that the Full Moon brings to release that which no longer serves us, review old ideas and imagine new ones. Inverted, The Moon card invites us to go within and shine a light on our Shadow so that we can embrace all that we are, with new joy.

    Pay attention to what your heart is telling you. Are you being asked to deal with and discharge the past, or perhaps find yourself pulled towards some new purpose? The Moon governs the tides and glows with reflected sunlight to reveal things that have been concealed. Go with the flow of self revelation as you confront hidden fears and work with that shadow side.

    Lemon Balm, usually considered an herb of the Sun, has a long and storied history as a nervine and antispasmodic, supporting emotional balance, and circulation of the cardiac, circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems. The use of Lemon Balm can be traced back defniteively over 2,000 years for everything from colds and flus, to surgical dressings and the treatment of venomous stings and bites. Lemon Balm protects us, reaches deep within, and encourages things to get moving again.

    Current science has found Lemon Balm to be of great use in treating all manner of HSV infections including cold sores, chicken pox, and Epstein-Barr. Spiritually, Lemon Balm calms and cools the heart and is said to be supportive to those burdened by the heavy overwhelm of fear, isolation, grief, or hate.

    It is interesting that this card showed up today, for it seems to underscore the importance of yesterday’s inverted Queen of Wands, and Friday’s Fool card, reminding us we are always of that Great Journey through life.  Yesterday we were given the gift of reconnecting with our heart, with the Sacred Feminine within each of us. Paired with Raspberry leaf, the Fool was shown that we are protected through all stages of life, from creation to Elderhood. Today, the Moon, inverted, brining more Yin energy, with the gentle yet powerful Lemon Balm, soothes our Inner Child and brings us joy.

    Just like the Moon,  we are in a phase of fluctuation and change, supported by considerable power. Suggesting that our path may rely as much on intuited thought as logical processing, the Moon governs our emotional compass, taking us from confusion to wisdom. Today’s card calls us to dive into the well of our subconscious and be comforted by the fact that all events in our lives are a part of our larger spiritual Journey.

    Traditionally, the Full Moon is a time to cleanse and recharge - our magickal or sacred items, our homes, ourselves.  Seek out for yourself some affirmations for the Full Snow Moon: “I reclaim and embrace my power”. “I have the ability to shape my reality”.  “I shine a Light on that which I am and honor All.”

    I know we cannot rearrange current events, but we can control how we deal with them, how we connect to things. Fear and frustration can needlessly eat at us. Today we are being asked to reframe how we feel. “I choose to focus a light on the shadows and allow love to fill me”. Concentrate on this today and notice a difference in your energy levels. Made of both Light and Shadow, we are each Children of the Universe. Let the simple Truth of that wash over you.

    *Information shared on herbs and their historical or traditional uses is meant for point-of-interest only. None of the above is meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any health imbalances.*

    **I was taught to read inverted cards as an invitation to go within, to apply the lessons of the card to our inner landscape, but not in a negative way. The more we remember to support our inner selves, the more we will have to offer in the outer world.**

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  • Week of 1st March 2021


    We’re failing down the social butterfly vibes from February, and transitioning into a calm and spiritual healing month. Starting from this week, you’ll feel more motivated with work or school and perform at your own comfortable pace. All the negative feeling you’ve experienced last month you’re slowly moving on and know that the universe is telling you it’s going to be okay.

    Have a great week, everybody! :)

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  • Card for Saturday, February 27th, 2021

    Queen of Wands, inverted
    paired with
    Red Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus)

    Wands are associated with the element of Fire. They represent our will, our creativity, our passion, and unite us to spirituality in everyday action. Wands can also refer to our challenges and triumphs as we integrate ourselves with the physical world around us. Wands, the spark of Divine creativity which connects us to the beginning of the creative process, often herald our desire or drive to initiate a project or bring about change.

    Inverted, Wands invite us to connect more deeply with our inner selves: what do we desire our internal landscape to be? How can we let go, grow, light a fire that fuels our ambition for ourselves?  What are we inspired to do, what is demanding our attention? What is needed to be the change we wish to see?

    The Queen reminds us to connect with our fertile, giving, manifesting nature. Queens speak of mastery. After the knowledge of the Page, and the active experience of the Knight, The Fool is guided by the deep Yin aspect of the Queen as they move towards the finale of that suit, found in the King. We do not have to be feminine in gender to get in touch with our softer, inner, productive energy. Such abundance of love is available to each of us.

    The Queen of Wands helps us to intuit what is behind, what drives that which  we are thinking or feeling.  Sometimes the overwhelm, the lack of confidence we may be experiencing, has little to do with surface issues. The Queen of Wands, the Water of Fire, can help us to gently shine a light into the deeper recesses of ourselves as we approach our Shadow side in a calm and grounded way, knowing that our Divine Self holds us safe.

    Raspberry Leaf is a mild, cooling, blood tonic, which physically and symbolically sustain all stages of life.  Raspberry Leaf has historically been used to support female health, from preparing the womb for pregnancy and childbirth, to enriching and encouraging milk production. As a tonic for all ages, safe for infants as well as Elders, with no known medication interactions, Raspberry Leaf also helps to soothe and regulate menses as the cycle begins again in the next generation.

    Nutritionally, Red Raspberry Leaf is high in polysaccharides, and various vitamins and minerals, all of which promote proper digestion and assimilation of food, bringing us the energy we need from deep within. Containing large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and potassium to strengthen and support our bones, soothe and nurture our muscles and nerves, and bio-available iron to nourish our blood, Red Raspberry Leaf helps us to care for and about ourselves.

    Spiritually, Red Raspberry Leaf, with its universal connection to the creative feminine, allows us to tune in to the child within, to soften our heart, to promote fertility and receptivity in a joyous way so that we enter back into the world feeling vital and passionate again.

    Today we are called upon to connect with the power of positive thinking, to nurture the Sacred Feminine within each of us. A fitting card to follow yesterday’s Fool card as we remember that we are on the Journey of our Lifetime. Realizing that we are Love overflowing, that we have enough, treating ourselves with compassion despite circumstances, will help to bring a light to any darkness.

    Shine within and for yourself. You are worth it. Give yourself permission to slow down, take a break, rest. Honor yourself when you say “no”. Embrace your shadow for it is part of the whole you. Without it, you are not.  

    It is so much easier to share our gifts with any and all, when we have achieved a state of self abundance.  The cards have been telling us, in so many ways this past week, to open our hearts and receive. The Fool advises us to relish the Journey; we do not need to feel rushed. When we give of ourselves from a place of love and self acceptance, we will forever have more to offer.


    *Information shared on herbs and their historical or traditional uses is for point-of-interest only. None of the above is meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any health imbalances.*

    **I was taught to read inverted cards as an invitation to go within, to apply the lessons of the card to our inner landscape, but not in a negative way. The more we remember to support our inner selves, the more we will have to offer in the outer world.**

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