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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    14.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    [Image ID: a screenshot of Paul Williams lying on his back on the ground with water splashed around his head. His mouth is open and suspended above him is a red toothbrush tied to a ladle. End ID/]

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  • riderofthewind
    10.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    I adore the incredibly ominous way he says this lol

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  • olympain
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago
    Is he, David? Does he look out for you?
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  • heyifoundwildfruit
    31.08.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #I love her!!!!!! #laura daniel#taskmaster #taskmaster new zealand #taskmaster nz#tmnz#tmnz s2 #taskmaster New Zealand series 2
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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    28.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    [Image ID: a screenshot of Paul Chowdry standing in a bouncy castle. End ID/]

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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    [Image ID: a screenshot of a crudely drawn man from the shoulders up with a triangle nose cut out. The drawing has a speech bubble that says "My name is Guy Montgomery and anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar." End ID/]

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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    27.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    [Image ID: a screencap of Laura Daniel clutching a pile of onions on top of a grey metal barrel as Paul Williams blows a whistle. End ID/]

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  • toosmallortootall
    25.08.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Paul Williams (NZ Taskmaster)... My poor little meow meow

    #s2 him is just.... extremely meow meow #taskmaster#personal
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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    31.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    [Image ID: a screencap of a briefcase full of onions held open on the ground. End ID/]

    #aesthetic taskmaster#taskmaster nz#s2 #the shittest deal or no deal ever
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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    31.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    [Image ID: Urzila Carlson stands in the background of a white room with the walls lined in plastic. In the foreground is a white plinth with chocolate fish scattered on the floor around it. End ID/]

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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    27.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    [Image ID: a crudely constructed model castle made out of wheat biscuits sits on a table. End ID/]

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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    27.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    [Image ID: a screencap from the show Taskmaster New Zealand of Matt Heath in a blue jumpsuit with his face obscured by plastic wrap wearing a black boiler hat and holding up an oversize pink pencil. End ID/]

    #aesthetic taskmaster#taskmaster nz#s2#matt heath #another addition to the terrifying taskmaster masks
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  • aesthetictaskmaster
    11.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    [Image ID: Paul Williams lying facedown in the grass in front of bowling pins, some upright and some knocked down. End ID]

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  • workingonit-currently
    28.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Taskmaster series groups and the vibes they give off.

    (heavily inspired by these posts.)

    This will be very bias based on what I see them as and which comedians I like.

    Series 1: Social experiment and test subjects. A diverse cast of characters who have almost nothing in common and, although get along, have no reason to actually go further than that. It's like a slow test to see what extent the mind cracks and who it will crack for,

    Series 2: Five teachers having a breakdown. (you'll see that having a breakdown is a running theme.) They seem like they work together but are all a little suspicious of each other, they hold grudges but it's all in good favour. They seem under stress.

    Series 3: People trapped in an escape room. There's always one who thinks they'll never escape, one who goes the complete wrong direction, another who's just a little too energetic and accidently holds them back, one who knows too much about random things and another that focuses on getting them out. It seems like you're looking at five people all trying to solve a puzzle but different puzzles at different times, Paul is trying not to cry in a corner, Al and Dave are decoding wall scribbles, Sara is SURE that this golden pineapple is a clue and Rob is at least one puzzle piece behind the rest but has already solved the NEXT clue they need.

    Series 4: Community of neighbors. They all live in the same apartment like a weird Friends situation. They are all so different but Mel asked to borrow some toilet paper, dragged Hugh into their friendship and they all kind of interact with such ease and go out to dinners once a month to discuss their jobs and everything. Hugh hosted a barbecue once and they got Noel talking about how life is cool while in a freezing cold kids paddle pool. (they weren't sure if he was getting some kind of hypothermia or if he was drunk...)

    Series 5: Group projects with conflicting ideas. Nish, Aisling and Sally all had different ideas for what to do for the group project and somehow they all got confused and are now doing three different things without knowing it. Mark is just trying to help and every time he thinks that maybe 'this isn't what Nish or Sally is doing' he dismisses it as him being confused. Bob knows but doesn't care. Might as well try their hand at three different things and take the best grade each project gives us.

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  • frogmascquerade
    15.02.2021 - 7 monts ago


    #taskmaster s2 is fun but ian stirling is so .. irritating lmaooooo #his smugness would be more underatandable if he were gay #as i had originally thought
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  • tiefy
    31.10.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Highly enjoying Taskmaster so far.

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  • taskmastersource
    30.08.2020 - 1 year ago
    I mean, even that was lyrical, wasn’t it?


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  • lichfucker
    15.09.2021 - 6 days ago

    taskmaster nz s2 will save me

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  • dotsayers
    17.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    20 Questions: Writer’s Edition

    tagged by the beloved @myrmidryad 

    this is a LONG one so here’s a cut to avoid do you love the colour of the sky syndrome

    1. How many works do you have on AO3?

    101 after a recent purge... no one may know about my Past

    2. What’s your total AO3 word count?

    329004! used to be about 350k but again... purge

    3. How many fandoms have you written for and what are they?

    on ao3 i’ve written for (chronologically) doctor who, skyfall, discworld, les mis, star trek, lord peter wimsey, marvel (various), in the flesh, red vs blue, roosterteeth rpf, check please, hockey rpf, star wars, daredevil, rivers of london, dishonored, emmerdale, dirk gently, holby city, hot fuzz, kj charles, guardian, the covert captain, taskmaster rpf, good omens, ghosts, roswell new mexico, leverage, schitt’s creek, the magicians, 9-1-1, it chapter two, the magnus archives, the old guard, the mandalorian, the ritual, the locked tomb

    way back on the pit of voles i wrote for twilight, harry potter, hetalia and xmen first class. and on the newsround chatrooms i wrote exclusively harry potter fic about my oc neville and luna’s daughter

    as you can tell i am not prone to staying in one fandom writing wise, i tend to end up with one complete fic and seven abandoned wips concealed deep in my google drive

    4. What are your top 5 fics by kudos?

    finally see what it means to be living (captain marvel, carol/maria, i really hit the zeitgeist with this one i think i was something like the fifth fic in the ship tag)

    do whatever you think (the magnus archives, this series is actually #2-7, then #8 #9 and #11 for me so i’m going to cheat a bit)

    standing in a world of my own (daredevil, matt/foggy/karen, another zeitgeist hit! really miss writing for daredevil actually... it’s a perennial fave)

    a winding road that stretches towards the truth (iron man, tony/rhodey, i STILL don’t know when this got so many kudos. i swear i looked away when it was at 100 and suddenly it ended up here)

    where the long shadows grow (star trek aos, kirk prime/spock prime, thank god some people are checking the prime kirkspock tag is all i’m saying!)

    5. What’s the fic you’ve written with the angstiest ending?

    i don’t really Do angsty endings... possibly a blanket of stars just because i ended it on something of a cliffhanger and then completely zoned out of rnm for long enough that i forgot where i was going with it. there was definitely the intention of fixing things but then i just... did not do that. and now the show is on s3 and i’m over a season behind! life comes at you fast

    6. What’s the fic you’ve written with the happiest ending?

    where the long shadows grow, because it reunited kirk prime and spock prime and they DESERVE TO BE HAPPYYYY. i’m a complete sucker for presumed dead/back from the dead stories, actually, so on a similar theme i have two (TWO) daredevil fics which follow the trope, one about ray coming back post-s2 (might never be normal again) and one about foggy and matt reuniting post-endgame (in the corner, taking up space). this is the only time i will ever acknowledge endgame ever again

    7. Do you write crossovers? If so, what is the craziest one you’ve written?

    i do write crossovers! in fact i am often roundly mocked by my friends for the increasingly esoteric nature of my crossovers. way back in secondary i wrote a twilight/labyrinth crossover where angela was sarah and jareth’s daughter  because i had a massive crush on a girl who liked both twilight and labyrinth. however, since that has been comprehensively scrubbed from the internet, i think my craziest crossover is probably part three of ‘traced upon the skies’, already an esoteric crossover of rivers of london and hot fuzz, when i added in a crossover with the horror movie ‘the ritual’ just because i wanted rafe spall’s character to be happy 

    8. Do you write smut? If so, what kind?

    EXTREMELY rarely and only with extreme embarrassment. i will not be any more specific than that

    9. Do you respond to comments, why or why not?

    i used to really struggle with doing this, to the point that i had over 300 comments just. lingering in my inbox unanswered. so i decided to give those up and just commit to answering them from then on, which has been working fairly well for about a year and a half now. i love getting comments but i get overwhelmed really easily and struggle with replying in a way which feels meaningful without getting in my head about it! 

    10. Have you ever received hate on a fic?

    yes lmao it was for a harry potter fic on ff.net where harry got sorted into hufflepuff instead of gryffindor. it wasn’t a very good fic but i think the fact it was clearly written by an 11 year old should have scared off at least some of the less flattering comments.

    11. Have you ever had a fic stolen?

    i don’t... think so? i don’t know how i’d find out to be honest, my vanity googling is rarely very effective

    12. Have you ever had a fic translated?

    yes! as bronze may be much beautified (skyfall, mallory/bond) got translated into chinese, i was extremely pleased. i think it’s mandarin but the ao3 page for the translation doesn’t say and my mandarin is.................. extremely poor

    13. Have you ever co-written a fic before?

    also yes! me and jess little-smartass have written a lot together, although only our star trek/les mis series has been published, more’s the pity. we spent a lot of les mis fandom time workshopping aus and we were always extremely correct about all of it, imo

    14. What’s your all time favourite ship to write for?

    oh god. i think probably kirk/spock, although there’s some recency bias to that since i reread space manhattans recently and was reminded of my love for them. i really like writing jon/martin but i’ve mostly done that from outsider pov which is a bit different to writing shipfic, i think. joe/nicky from tog was also something i really liked writing but i struggle with plotting longer fic with them

    15. What’s a WIP that you want to finish but don’t think you ever will?

    i recently went through my abandoned fic folder so i actually have a few options for this. the obvious choice would be ‘any of the hockey ones’ but i did delete most of those just for my sanity. more recently i started writing a vaguely smutty pre-the thing mac/fuchs fic for alex @milkdrinker5000 which i really WANT to finish but am struggling with. most obscure answer (even beyond the thing) and most likely to remain unfinished is the insanely in depth post-tog booker/copley fic i had planned out back in about october. i wrote a good 6-7k of that one and then i realised it was going to be, like, difficult, and decided if i was going to put that much work into something it may as well be the novel im meant to be writing

    16. What are your writing strengths?

    once a friend told me i had an excellent facility for dialogue and ive thought about it every time i write ever since. i love writing dialogue and i think i’m good at knowing what sounds ic and what is right out. 

    17. What are your writing weaknesses?

    one of the things i struggled with for a really long time, and honestly still have trouble with, is depicting action in words. once i wrote a hockey fic which featured multiple hockey games and i spent probably four times as much effort editing those to make sense and be interesting that i’ve ever done on a talkier scene.

    18. What are your thoughts on writing dialogue in other languages in a fic?

    i’ve done it but only when i knew more or less what i was talking about - i did italian at school so i felt confident using it for nicky in something particular and real. i try not to italicise when i drop in words from other languages, which is what i usually do when i’m using a language i haven’t studied in depth (for example, joe’s use of arabic in some of my fic), and to only use words which i’ve heard used by native speakers in that context. i think if you don’t feel confident using another language, generally speaking, you shouldn’t do it. and for god’s sake don’t use google translate for a full sentence

    19. What was the first fandom you wrote for?

    harry potter on the newsround chatboards. ariana lovegood-longbottom my sweet child

    20. What’s your favourite fic you’ve written?

    this used to be an easy question because hands down the fic i was proudest of on posting it was i’ll be seeing you. i spent a year and a half on research and writing! but these days i do cringe a little at my hockey fic, and i think i’m prouder of some of my shorter works. let’s do a curveball and say layer on layer, down on down, which is my favourite of my rnm fics and the one i like most from a narrative voice perspective. getting michael right was stressful and i’m still proud i got it down for a TIME LOOP FIC, my absolute favourite trope

    tagging @little-smartass and @leescoresbies just in case they want to try this

    #gin i can't BELIEVE you wrote for xiaolin showdown. iconic #text post tag #tagged in#writing tag
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