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  • Virgo: Please, Cancer… After everything we’ve been through together… you cant do this to me…

    Cancer *a single tear rolling down their cheek*:

    Forgive me

    Virgo: NO-

    Cancer *Placing down a draw 4 card and full on sobbing*: Uno

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    Mars square North Node natal

    With North Node square Mars, Mars-ruled talents and instinctual abilities are brought over that must be utilized in a harmonious way. If not, the dynamic and highly combustible Mars energy may turn inward, causing neurosis, obsession, or fighting some demon or adversary within. While there are excellent resources to draw from, the Mars energy is most in need of direction.

    This aspect presents a delicate situation because you must learn to use the energy in a more diluted form than what is really possible. A sort of brake is applied to the degree of aggression you are allowed to express. You are learning to release the controlling energy at a gentler, more subdued or graceful pace. If you can’t learn to curb these energies, it will be done for you, most likely in unfavorable circumstances.

    Be careful of expressing very temperamental or angry feelings or becoming overly aggressive physically. Your health may start out as robust, but there is a tendency to put excessive strain on the body, which weakens it, causing eventual weariness or breakdown.

    There is a tendency to find yourself on the disagreeing side of things. You may find that you arouse a lot of opposition in others because of this, feeling alienated in your values as a result. You might find yourself almost pre-disposed to acting on your own or making the decisions in group settings, upsetting the group dynamic with the way you do things.

    You must learn to be less defensive, not everyone is out to get you or fight you, and you must stop using this as an excuse to be aggressively self-involved and inconsiderate of others’ values. To fulfill your soul’s purpose, channel your tendency to be defensive of your beliefs into more constructive channels.

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  • Aries: hoax

    Taurus: invisible strings

    Gemini: peace

    Cancer: my tears ricochet

    Leo: the last great american dynasty

    Virgo: august

    Libra: the 1

    Scorpio: mad woman

    Sagittarius: epiphany

    Capricorn: exile ft. bon iver

    Aquarius: betty

    Pisces: cardigan

    instagram: soufflegirll

    Taylor is a goddamn genius. I’m never going to get over Folklore. EVER

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  • moon in aries

    not an easy position for the moon. one of the most likely moon placement to have counter-dependent tendencies, denying own needs for closeness and intimacy while attempting to be emotionally self-sufficient. when deep feelings and needs emerge (and you know they will), they unconsciously fend them off with anger, impulsive tendencies and, sometimes, sexual expressions.

    often an aries-dominant parent was quick to respond to the aries moon wants and desires, allowing them freedom to pursue their interests. such parent encouraged the kid’s independent nature, possibly because they were themselves independent or self-absorbed and didn’t want to assume responsibility for the aries moon’s welfare. they might have often said “be tough” or “get over it” to the child, forcing the aries moon to defend against closeness and the expression of more vulnerable feelings. the parent may have encouraged individuality while simultaneously failing to affirm and support who their child really was. sometimes, however, an aries moon shows a submissive parent who catered to their whims and impulses, but never met their actual needs, or helped them develop a frustration tolerance one needs to mature and adapt properly.

    so, one of their tasks in this lifetime is to learn to differentiate impulses from deeper needs, and to know what they really want beyond momentary satisfactions. this involves allowing themselves to come to terms with their own dependence as human beings without losing basic independence. they also shouldn’t continually look for excitement and stimulation to experience vitality and aliveness. you are alive right now. 

    moon in taurus

    taurus moon needs a solid base of self-esteem and internal security to gain confidence in themselves and their capacity to earn what they need and experience emotional and physical warmth, to know the pleasures and pains of living within their bodies and to maintain contact with earth (mother-nature’s-son.mp3). when their essential taurean needs aren’t met, they’re likely to overcompensate by compulsively clinging to other people, food, money and other external resources of satisfaction. they may become indolent, greedy, over materialistic and bound by their insistence upon security to a routine, risk-free and ultimately boring existence.

    a taurus-dominant parent figure likely influenced their security patterns. positively, they may have been earthy and well-grounded; able to provide the warmth, stability, and comfort a child needs; and to help the taurus moon gain confidence functioning in the physical world. negatively, the parent might have attempted to chain the child to a predominantly physical level of existence. taurus moon might’ve been overindulged rather than deprived; provided with too much food, money or other comforts without ever having to ask, so they naturally expect to be provided for; or they may have been dominated by a possessive parent and learned to resist intrusion by playing dumb or turning to possessive and clinging behavior themselves.

    taurus moon might repeatedly give themselves messages about their lack of value or competence; about holding on rather than letting go; about the necessity to earn more money and maintaining their job security; or about the joy that comes with quick online purchases and other physical pleasures that soothe them. they may coddle themselves into too easy a lifestyle or defend against their own needs by being rigidly self-sufficient. to successfully reparent their taurean inner child, they need to reassess such internal messages and develop new ones which: a) build their self-confidence and internal security; b) encourage them to experience and satisfy the deepest bodily needs rather than become stuck in patterns of laziness and immediate physical or material gratification; c) allow them to relax and surrender, so they might let go of possessiveness or compulsive self-sufficiency and experience their wonderful capacity to give and receive warmth and devotion

    moon in gemini

    gemini moons need to communicate verbally, to interact with different people, to satisfy their curiosity, to develop basic skills, and to be engaged by a stimulating environment. their deepest needs relate to experiencing and expressing their feelings in a relationship, and to have a network of people and activities which truly nourish them rather than just pique their interest. they also enjoy feeding their hunger for knowledge and developing their skills as thinkers and communicators. when these needs aren’t met, they may lose themselves in compulsive gemini behaviors: talking incessantly and superficially without making actual contact; scattering their energy widely, going from lover to lover and distraction to distraction, with no fulfillment.

    negatively, a gemini moon suggests the individual experienced one or both parents as inconstant or changeable, as too rational and prone to intellectualize rather than directly express feeling. such parent was also high-strung, nervous, and with a scattered energy. positively, this parent encouraged and supported the child’s verbal and intellectual abilities and provided them with challenge and stimulation.

    if their parent didn’t provide the nurturance a child needs, the gemini moon internalized messages which incline them to deny or explain away their feelings, and to remain open to too many outside influences at the expense of making commitments or developing an area of expertise. feeling insecure in their own bodies and emotions, they may have exercised their mental abilities to such a degree that they became adept at rationalization and prone to use words or superficial connections to defend against their needs for actual contact, intimacy and communication. a gemini moon’s task is to reconnect with their feelings and bodies in a way that they can think, communicate, and structure their lives to make mental activities and relationships truly nourishing.

    moon in cancer

    it’s particularly important for cancer moons to come to terms with their needs since cancer = moon. your basic well-being depends on it. if you were either deprived or over-indulged as a child, you may have become excessively attached to food, home or nurturing figures. when you’re in touch with your needs and feelings, you’re inclined to: a) eat or seek oral gratification (sex, smoking, chewing); b) expect others to cater to you; c) cry nonstop, either in self-pity or to make others pay attention to you; d) cling to people or possessions and withdraw from the real world. an alternative pattern is to see vicarious satisfaction through nurturing others. you may become The Child or The Mom Friend, but true satisfaction won’t come by infantilizing others instead of respecting their integrity and independence. if there are powerful squares or oppositions to the moon, you may have powerful defenses against both the need to nurture or be nurtured, which results in psychological and physical problems (stomach, uterus or breasts) that force you to take care of yourself fully.

    a cancer moon suggests one or both parental figures were protective, maternal and empathic. however, if the moon is afflicted, the parent may have unconsciously been influenced by their own unmet needs and encouraged the child to remain helpless and dependent upon them for gratification. such parents were martyrs, doing for us what we needed to do for ourselves, or paying excessive attention to their own emotions to gain from us the sympathy and consideration which we ourselves may have needed to experience. 

    as a result, cancer moons give themselves messages which make them feel sorry for themselves, to indulge in their own pain, to expect too much from others, or become overly attached to food, home, and loved ones as a form of security.  one of the most important tasks will be that of fully mourning the symbiosis your inner child never had or inevitably had to relinquish as part of maturation. you may have to experience the depth of your needs to nurture and be nurtured, and, as adults, to establish patterns of behavior and interaction which fulfill those needs without surrendering to them. the lunar lessons may also include: a) contacting and communicating your real needs and feelings; b) building an inner foundation of security; c) overcoming behaviors based on helplessness or which use helplessness and neediness as weapons; d) learning to support the adult and the child in other people, and to love without possessing; e) devoting yourselves to self-nourishment rather than giving undue attention to giving and receiving in relationships.

    moon in leo

    leo moons particularly need to feel loved and appreciated, to be prioritized, to play around, and to express themselves spontaneously and creatively. they need warmth and devotion and can give abundantly from their hearts as long as they’re also being fed with love. otherwise, their lunar nature may become distorted and compulsive in its insistence upon attention and / or power. negatively, they may overdramatize to impact others, or may become dominating and bossy in their attempts to maintain command over themselves and others.

    a leo moon suggests that they had loving parental figures who prized them highly, became enthusiastically involved in their activities and triumphs, and could encourage and share their playful spirit. however, an afflicted moon may show parents who either overindulged or deprived them. at one extreme are the mothers who spoiled them with too much attention and too many treats, preparing them to live adult lives as royalty. at the other extreme are the narcissistic parents, the abusive parents who worried only that leo moons became obedient subjects, or who overly identified with them, urging the kids to live their dreams and adamantly discouraging individuality.

    as a result of childhood upbringing, they may have internalized messages which support attention-seeking, childish, demanding and / or dominating behavior patterns. leo moons may act as if they deserve to be the centre of everyone’s universe and not just their own. because of unmet needs, they become compulsive in the desire to prove their value and gain acclaim.

    this moon has much to give, provided it can bask in the sunlight of warmth and affection. leos may need to feed themselves emotionally rather than always expect others to provide for them. they need to give themselves their full attention and appreciation and be their own audience.  if they are to experience emotional satisfaction, they need to keep their hearts open to pain and joy, and to become capable of loving others not only because they love them but also because they truly love themselves. 

    moon in virgo

    if you have a virgo moon, you may be adept at using your minds to defend against unwanted feelings. you need organization and predictability in at least some facets of your lives; you need to experience yourselves as useful, as providers of valued services in your work and personal activities; you need to structure your experiences and care for your physical wellbeing. you have high standards for yourselves and others, and a need to maintain personal integrity at all costs. 

    if you lose touch with your deeper emotional nature, your constructive virgoan traits may become destructively compulsive. you may insist on order and efficiency which destroys the spontaneity and vitality in and around you; you become workaholics, unable to relax and at the mercy of your compulsion to keep busy at all costs. you fuss, worry, nag and intellectualize incessantly (and unnecessarily). you subordinate yourselves to others, compelling them to use your services. you rip yourselves apart with self-criticism, and likewise cannot allow imperfection in others. 

    having a virgo Moon suggests that you experienced a significant virgoan energy in one or both of your parent figures. a positive virgoan parent may have encouraged your mental development, taught you constructive habits, and enabled you to experience a safe and orderly early environment without crushing the child in you. such a parent may have taught you how to use reason and common sense to master rather than repress your feelings and was probably helpful through providing many of the little but significant services of routine.

    negatively, a virgoan parent may have exposed you to super-efficiency, criticism, analysis, perfectionism and / or pettiness which frustrated and inhibited your emotional growth and fragile self-esteem. the ’should system’ of your childhood may have become an internal structure which continues to enslave you as adults. your sense of not being good enough impairs your ability to function personally and professionally. alternatively, a subservient slavish parent may have catered to you too frequently; a hypochondriacal parent may have focused so obsessively upon ill-health that yourselves had to become sickly or hypochondriacal to receive attention and care (my friend’s personal experience). 

    you need to revise the messages you give yourselves, which continue to keep detrimental virgoan patterns in operation. your task is to learn to experience and value all your feelings and needs while also using your analytical capabilities to create the order and discipline you crave so badly. you need to develop new standards for yourselves and others, standards which accept your imperfect human behaviors while also valuing your occasional moments of superhuman goodness or accomplishment. choosing to love yourselves, choosing to discover the wondrous perfection of your imperfection, may nourish your souls so profoundly that you actually become more giving and capable human beings.

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    hoola bronzer. straight white teeth. perky voices. fat cats. video games. that kid who wears awkwardly short shorts during winter


    septum rings. foreign accents. lash extensions. candles. old hollywood style wavy hair. guys who watch too much anime


    disney movies. clear brow gel. multiple ear piercings. pigeons. visiting your cousin. clear skin. cute voices and a super fast way of talking 


    lacrosse. beach nostalgia. polaroids. bubblegum pink. freckles. sweet smiles. baseball caps. big dogs. bra shopping (lol idk why either)


    3a curly hair. brassy tones. chunky gold jewelry. pomeranian dogs. super long acrylic nails. earnest-looking italian boys. short angry girls with big booties lol


    charmingly tentative nervous smiles and chuckles. straight noses. pe class. your friend’s dad. converse sneakers. bad memories from 8th grade (yeah i make no sense)


    four-leaf clovers. comfortable silence. when your friends don’t understand why you’re attracted to your crush. fluffy light brown hair. wide noses


    pretty hands with elegant manicured nails. the “foxy eye” trend. seductive soft voices. neat, colorful notes. black sweatpants.  


    holistic youtubers. blonde girls with pixie cuts. oversized, brightly-colored hoodies.


    hot beverages in mugs. glasses. people with perfect skin who wear foundation for some reason. super straight dark brown hair. taylor swift’s mouth wearing dark red lipstick (i know, weird)


    david bowie. foundation lips. stale bread. black and white checkered vans. tall blond white guys with elven features. blond people in general. weed


    grandparents. crystals. hamsters. silky hair. sleepless nights with the moon rays shining into your open window.

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  • the signs as incense scents

    aries: cinnamon

    taurus: jasmine

    gemini: vanilla

    cancer: frankincense

    leo: amber

    virgo: eucalyptus

    libra: myrr

    scorpio: lavender

    sagittarius: patchouli

    capricorn: sandalwood

    aquarius: rose

    pisces: lotus


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  • <3 use your sun, moon, rising, mercury, mars, venus, or dominant sign <3


    black, oversized cat-eye sunglasses 


    a high-quality, rich dark brown leather belt


    a loud, jingly silver charm bracelet with different types of little crystals hanging off of it


    a bronze, heart-shaped locket containing a picture of your beloved inside


    brilliant, big gold hoop earrings


    a small, purple-themed vintage louis vuitton designer handbag


    a delicate, dainty rose gold hip chain


    a leather lace-up choker


    richly hued, colorful shoe laces against pure white sneakers




    a kitschy, silver-sequined top hat


    dangling, silver-rimmed moon-shaped earrings, made of pearl 

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  • I always told myself that if i ever see you again, I wouldn’t cower in fear

    Well, turns out I was wrong. A quick glimpse of you and it set me back in time where you were in control; back when my breath stood still and my heart was scared to beat too loud in your presence.

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  • <3 use your dominant sign, sun, moon, rising, mercury, mars, or venus <3


    trump supporters. ants in their bedroom. people who cling onto the past and don’t give them the chance to change. when guys comb their hair too neatly and end up looking awkwardly posh. teenage boys in general. their mom. “because i said so”. fake-humble people (fishing for compliments). when people harshly insult themselves in hopes that someone will say “aww no you’re not!” possessive friends who get mad when they spend time with anyone else.  


    when the shower water turns cold because they’ve been in there too long. being told to hurry up. teachers who try too hard to be friends with their students. when astrology posts act like their only personality trait is eating a lot. carelessly flirty people. when people romanticize recklessness. “idk, just because”. when their friends cancel plans at the last minute. flaky people in general. people who change their mind every day. unreliable people who act in unpredictable ways (taureans need to be able to fully trust you). shitty service at a restaurant  


    “ok then”. math. passive-aggressive people who remind them of their past mistakes, and force them to re-state their apologies. being left on read. feeling a mix of guilt and indignation when someone isn’t treating them right. being so self-aware that it turns into frantic defensiveness. strict routine. dry texters. “umm i don’t know how to respond to that.” feeling controlled by an outside force or person. relentless creepy men who repeatedly dm them after being told to stop 3 times. slow walkers.  


    attention whores. “get over it”. “life isn’t fair.” “tough shit.” people who don’t remember the pain they caused them in the past; who expect them to just move on. people who leave in the middle of a texting conversation. loud, spitty chewing. awkward butt-touching. when people question their motives and intentions (this will make a cancer extremely stressed). when their friends are too busy to make time to listen to them vent. when people try to act “alpha” and make a big deal about themselves. people who are able to switch off their emotions and freeze them out 


    when someone tells the same story over and over again. pimples. when people don’t point out how particularly hot they look that day. that sickly cold feeling on a cloudy early morning. one-uppers. people who raise their hand in class to read from the textbook and then speak at the speed of a snail. people who act weirded-out when they compliment them. fake baby-voice. when people step on their white shoes. “you have so much potential, if only you’d apply yourself”. repetitive throat clearing. “you’re so annoying”


    feeling like an afterthought. people who don’t practice proper oral hygiene. when people talk too close to their face (if you want a virgo to hate you in .02 seconds, just start whispering directly into their face without having brushed your teeth that morning). when they can’t tell if their crush’s personality is just flirty, or if they’re interested in them back. being sweaty. girls who wear too much perfume. sleeping in the same room as someone who constantly shuffles the blanket around with their legs. “it was a joke, chill” 


    people who think it’s cute to constantly point out “well this is awkward”. self-proclaimed “brutally honest” people who put on their dating profile that they’re “fluent in sarcasm” (basically unresolved feelings of aggression showcased as a “bad bitch” persona). people who don’t wear deodorant. super loud people who need to make every situation about them. when a person never initiates a conversation, so they have to always do it. the inner conflict of not wanting to put up with people’s toxicity any longer but also not wanting to piss people off by saying anything. online shopping sites that load too slowly  


    straight tiktok. fake people who smile to your face and then shit on you behind your back. people who try to be funny by doing things like tapping them on the shoulder and pretending it wasn’t them, or having an unannounced staring contest. catcalls. people who get super uncomfortable really easily. when someone makes a superficial judgement about them without getting to know them first. self-pitying people who try to guilt them into dating them. 


    “shhh!” feeling like a nuisance. people who get offended when they curse. people who are overly secretive and protective of their phones. youtuber apology videos. when someone thinks their interests are “cringey”. when someone spoils the end of a movie, book or tv series. when their family leaves balled-up hair on the shower wall. people who don’t take them seriously. old people with superiority complexes. their dysfunctional family dynamic. mockers 


    people who purposefully fart near them and think of it as a joke. april fool’s day. their uncle. fake-deep quotes. edgy posts (like “at the end of the day nothing matters” and other stuff like that). when people invalidate their problems by quoting vague, condescendingly positive philosophies. when they can’t find a misplaced belonging (capricorns FREAK OUT when this happens; it’s intense). waking up late and not having enough time to complete their perfectly crafted routines. 


    people who attach emotions to every little situation. people who don’t straight-up state how they’re feeling, and passive-aggressively expect them to just “get it”. when people guilt them for not hanging out with them every waking second. people who don’t honor their need for independence and individuality. clingy people. close-minded bigots. people who are so self-centered that they’re unable to see the magnitude of others’ suffering. when someone is blissfully unaware of the world. people who complain and wallow in their sadness yet who do nothing to change their situation. people who overreact to trivial things. highly reactive people. judgmental stares. 


    “are you seriously crying about that?” coarseness meant to be perceived as “cool”. people who are so sarcastic to the point of it being offensive. when people think of animals as less valuable than people. spiritual superiority (”my beliefs are the only right ones”). perfectionists. timed tests. trying to do push-ups. when someone invalidates their emotions because they’re “not logical”

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  • nosoyoyo here’s your fashion board for Libra sun, Cancer moon, Capricorn rising. I mixed the pretty and feminine libra/cancer look with a little capricorn edge :) 

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