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  • meat-church
    20.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    saw a tiktok comment saying earth signs have the best style and I'm a taurus so that means my socks and sandals combo is cosmically justified

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  • bratbimbo
    20.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Asᴄᴇɴᴅᴀɴᴛ (ʀɪsɪɴɢ) ᴛʜʀᴏᴜɢʜ ᴛʜᴇ sɪɢɴs!

    (ascendant through the signs)

    hey guys! I already did individual posts on each of the rising signs, however, I would like to put some more things I've noticed all on one post!! <3


    1. Aries Rising: Aries rising’s are SO hot like come my way, I feel like smokey eye makeup would look bomb on them!! I’ve noticed that they tend to walk faster than most people- and may also be focused on themselves but that is okay!! They also have a short temper and... Let me tell you it is SCARY. My mom has an Aries rising and her eyebrows are SO NICE, she's had them like that since she was young. They don't follow anyone's rules and almost always get into fights everywhere they go (whether it's verbal or physical.) I've also seen that they can be too much for people to handle, and are most likely go-getters!! These individuals almost always have some sort of trauma, but they may hide it well. Overall, Aries rising’s are hotties that I would 100% want to hang out with because of how fun they are, they really know how to party!! I'd just make sure to not get on their bad side EVER.

    2. Taurus Rising: Taurus Rising’s have BEAUTIFUL voices.. I'm not even kidding. In their appearance, I've noticed their nostrils flare easily or, it looks like their nostrils are flaring when they aren't. Their family also may have taught them how to be wealthy!! I've noticed this in some friends I have. In relationships, they're very loyal & want someone they don't need to control if you know what I mean! Their appearance probably doesn't change a lot, but I have to mention that these individuals are so stunning. “Ethereal Beauty.” These people are SUPER stubborn, and I feel like they may take a lot of naps or at least want to. In relationships, they can also be very jealous & attract people of power!! THEY REMIND ME OF LITTLE BABY COWS. These people also buy a lot of expensive things!! And to be honest, they are kind of lazy sometimes! Overall, Taurus rising’s are very reliable, incredibly hard-workers, and extremely stunning!!

    3. Gemini Rising: Gemini Rising’s are SO cute, they have this mischievous look to them!! They tend to move around a lot in social circles, and love to explain things to people!! Very witty too! They would like a partner that keeps them focused. These people are highly adaptable!! In their appearance, they might have bushy eyebrows?? Can ask a lot of questions, and it can be annoying sometimes (depending) I've noticed they are very restless, and can often be very fidgety with their hands. They don't like feeling restricted or held back, can also come across as arrogant, sarcastic, and disorganized. They have raw exiting energy to them, they can also come up with an answer very quickly!! These people MAY be a little bit egotistical, which results in them feeling like they're better than others. They also love puzzles, books, riddles, literally anything that stimulates the mind! Overall, they are always one step ahead of you, often reinvent themselves, and are very intelligent!

    4. Cancer Rising: Cancer Rising’s are SO unpredictable for some reason. They get respect in a “quiet” like way, and can probably predict other people’s behavior!! They’re the quiet, sensitive, pushy type! (this is not a bad thing!!) I've seen that a lot of Cancer Rising’s don't like getting that much attention, one friend even told me it overwhelmed her. They have a circle-like face, and lean more to the short-type!! They may also have big breasts! These individuals like to feel out situations, and are very practical when it comes to love, they love the idea of having a successful partner! People also seem to trust cancer rising’s enough to go to them with vulnerable information, definitely the mom of the friend group! They also tend to move slow and make decisions based on their emotions. Overall, cancer rising’s are very intuitive individuals, very very very kind people, and always there for you when you need it!

    5. Leo Rising: Leo Rising’s lights up a room, LITERALLY. They can be over-dramatic but I find that so cute, GORGEOUS hair as well!! May be a diva, and very self-aware. They often find themselves in positions of authority, and will go to great lengths to be respected. SO SO SO GLAMOROUS!! & very attractive. Seen as confident and fierce! Beautiful smile & voluminous hair. A liiitttle obsessed with themselves, they also tend to enjoy drama & gossip. Very generous and sweet people, can be over-optomisitc sometimes too! magnetic as well! Even when they don't seek attention, they can easily get it. May give off the impression that their life is fun & can lift up anyone's spirit. These people are loyal and pretty sensitive! They have faith in themselves and can be resilient!Overall, these people are really creative, incredibly entertaining and, make good leaders!!

    6. Virgo Rising: Virgo Rising’s actually help people so much, it's natural to them. They wear an outer shell, and their room may be messy. These people are SO SO SO photogenic. probably won't cry in front of you! They look for a sensitive and dreamy partner but probably stays single because they don't want anyone letting them down!! I've also noticed that they don't acknowledge their feelings until last minute, and their brain is always active. Also, they may want to seem “put together” but are actually crying on the inside. These individuals are very detail-oriented and notice even the smallest things! They look very youthful and love being productive! May be very other-worldly and can come of shy and aloof but still have a charm to them!! They have accomplished everything by themselves, and they are HARDLY influenced by others. Overall, Virgo Rising’s care a lot about people, are very determined, and can be control freaks! & that is okay.

    7. Libra Rising: Libra rising’s give me PRINCESS/PRINCE vibes!! They are very social, and balanced when it comes to opinions!! These people are so beautiful, like honestly... People also see them as charming!! It may be a surprise but, they have hidden anger that they need to learn to control! They also have a had a harsh life (most likely childhood) These people also like when everything is peaceful within relationships. Libra rising’s draw people in like a magnet, and have good taste in clothes!! They are people pleasers, and can be manipulative. These individuals get irritated by people easily and, in their appearance, their nose can be a bit wide! Can be curvy, and have a radiant smile! Their faces are also really symmetrical! They love having conversations, and meeting new people. They also may like playing soccer or watching people play soccer, Overall, Liba Rising’s are peaceful, striking, likable and intelligent!!

    8. Scorpio Rising: You really can't do ANYTHING without these people knowing, they can be extremely stubborn as well. In their appearance, they can have a crooked nose and a square-like face shape! In a romantic relationship, they would like a partner that they can let their guard down around, and someone who is less intense then them. Loyalty is EVERYTHING to them!! Very self-protective and secretive, they could’ve dealt with a lot of jealousy when they were younger too! These individuals are very intuitive, observant, and manipulative. They are on your mind 24/7, and you can't get them out of your head. They influence people VERY easily! These people have that cool & collected energy to them. They often have a lot of secrets that only they know. Scorpio Rising’s are extremely clever and creative! Overall, they are persuasive, charming, secretive, and their eyes are very striking!

    9. Sagittarius Rising: Sagittarius Rising’s are really talkative and good at doing it too!! They have a lot to say, and will say it. These people also seem to be very restless and never take naps, in their appearance they may have longish, thick  thighs and big teeth with a kind of wide forehead! They also might’ve traveled a lot as a kid and don’t really have bad intentions! In relationships, they want a partner that isn’t afraid to provoke them & a lot of communication. They can be very blunt, impatient, and free-spirited! Usually the type of people that are open to a lot of things, and have very interesting life’s! These individuals can be very energetic & be extremely funny! Overall, Sagittarius rising’s are very upbeat, confident, independent, and often feel like they have a lot to offer to the world!

    10. Capricorn Rising: Capricorn Rising’s may be a bit insecure but they're actually so stunning!! They probably didn't like to do things normal kids would when they were younger, and have “old soul” energy to them. In relationships, they may want a nurturing type of partner and secretly wants to be babied! In their appearance, their eyes may look like their squinting, have a very bony body structure, sharp features, nice teeth, guarded expression, and might look older then they are. These people may think they don't deserve anything, and don't open up so easily! When they do open up, they can be very funny, warm, and caring. Capricorn Rising’s can be very calculating, and they also love being in control of everything. Overall, these individuals are very reliable, stubborn, mature, determined, and hard-working.

    11. Aquarius Rising: Aquarius Rising’s are incredibly independent! They can be very social, but awkward at the same time. They are very friendly as well!! But like to keep their distance. In their appearance, they have a very rebellious look to them, unique features, wide cheeks, their hair may be quite different, their brows may be lifted, and long limbs.Likes people who are confident, and hates clingy people. These individuals may ghost you from time to time, and are very different! They have a very eccentric personality, and may look younger then they are. They may be good at math, and love having alone time. I've noticed they can be very hard-working and charming! They can be very intuitive as well. Overall, Aquarius Rising’s are unpredictable, good in leadership roles, adventurous, restless, and adaptable.

    12. Pisces Rising: Pisces Rising’s are very dreamy! They might have had imaginary friends as a kid, or would always “have their head stuck in the clouds” They might change their personality a lot, and are pretty sensitive. They also may like any job that includes helping people. In relationships, they want a practical partner. These people can also be very intuitive and extremely artistic!! I've noticed that they express themselves through literally anything (ex: food, clothes, drawing, reading, writing) They also love being around people, are really good with children, and can fake cry very well. They can become very moody too! In their appearance, they can have a button nose with fish-like teeth, big lips, bright eyes, and long faces! Overall, Pisces Rising’s are creative, careless, indecisive, and fear being alone.

    ⤹ ⤹ ⤹

    Hey guys! This took a little longer than expected & I lost a bit of motivation at the end 😭,I hope you enjoy!!

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  • rapunkzle
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    listen.. i know astrology is fake... but my birth chart Just Makes Sense

    #im virgo sun taurus moon cancer rising #personal
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  • flyflybutter
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Taurus Neptune

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  • hoshikarin
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Rei-chan! Our fiery Goddess of the flame 🔥

    A little peek of another piece I’ll be showing off in full next year as part of a special Sailor Moon 30th anniversary project ✨

    #rei hino#sailor mars#anime girl#fire power#taurus#sailor moon#mars goddess#magical girls#magical anime #pretty guardian sailor moon #sailor mars fanart #rei hino fanart #sailor moon fanart #procreate#digital art #digital anime art #pearls#fiery#priestess
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  • alchemabotana
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Horoscopes for the Summer Solstice 2021

    Antonina “Little Thunder” Whaples - @whaplesantonina

    If you find these astrological musings useful for your current journey or life path, please consider paying it forward by voting for me as Ms. Health and Fitness 2021 for Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine front cover. Voting is every 24 hours and is free, unless you’d like to bump my votes with a “warrior” vote donation for disabled veterans. I am currently in 5th place in my division, and appreciate your support: https://mshealthandfitness.com/2021/antonina

    Digital Painting “The Sacred Mountain Jomeokee,” by Antonina Whaples

    Horoscopes for the Summer Solstice 2021

    11:31pm EST N. Hemisphere, Sunday June 20th 2021

    We welcome the turning of the seasonal year & mark the pinnacle of the Sun’s radiative force as Summer Solstice opens us to Cancer Season. This season of the water sign brings us the warm waters of Spirit to soothe the collective experience of the internalized personal battles stirred up during Mars in Cancer. In it’s echo, we turn to the Archer, Sagittarius, to take those hard won personal lessons of the past season as fuel for the fire of the next movements ahead. With Saturn and Mars opposing each other, it may seem that tensions are still what’s holding everything together. However, with Mars protected by Saggitarius, and Saturn being homed in the cool interior of the Aquarian, we may see tensions become bridges, and complaints become solutions quicker than we could have imagined. With these forces in homes that like to get things done, and not at the expense of others, we may want to check in on our strong friends. With Mercury Rx trining Saturn in Aquarius, there are large backroom system updates churning away at the etherium of our mental banks. Past problems, patterns, scenarios, and conflicts may appear in your consciousness, but not be actually reflective of the world outside you. Take this time to appreciate the dimensionality of the human experience, our relationship to perceived time constraints, and the pieces of your identity you’re willing to bring back, or let go of, in order to make the next quantum leap. This Solstice may feel like a true cathartic experience of release for many, with much of this release coming from the work of the prior eclipse work done intentionally or otherwise. The Past comes through for us in unseen ways, as the monsters, myths, and legends of our ancestral lineages & collective human condition, come to the council meetings of our inner spirits to help us ascend to an improved iteration of the stories of our lives. 


    On this sacred Solstice day you can best support your internal needs by focusing on problems that do not distract you from your feelings of internal balance. When our fire feels out of place, or as if it has been stolen in some way, we can tend to look at ourselves in too negative a light. Refocusing your gaze on activities and pleasures that act as the Tiger Balm of your psychic muscles will help your recalibration efforts that have been secretly keeping your wires running a bit hot. There is always time to re-compartmentalize the data you’ve invested in, as well as space to enjoy the new ways of thinking that are not-so-secretly your thing. With this watery opening, remember that steam is a great way to open your aura and vent out the pieces of psychic and emotional debris that has been weighing you down. Embracing self-care as the to-do of the day will have your mental streams flowing into all new pockets of intel easily digestible by your system updates.

    I hold my words as sacred to me. I’ve learned how powerful my words can be to me, and the world around me. I recall that I can ground my feelings of uncertainty in the changing world around me with my words. I choose empowering words that bring me joy, and let the planetary duels go on without me. I’m a warrior and I use this Solstice Energy to let go and honor the battles of my past by honoring my present. I create a sacred space inside myself to process experiences I have not yet found the words for. I trust the guidance of my intuition, and learn to read my signals in an epic feat of self-discovery, which I can choose to share or keep private. I enjoy a sense of self worth as I remember my growth and honor the goodness of my human nature.


    This hot spot of activity in the turning of the wheel could be poking at a few sore spots in your emotional world. It’s best in these situations to watch out for unanticipated hungers and desires that seem forbidden - not because they actually are, but because your system is upgrading naturally to new experiences of pleasure. It’s ok to feel a bit off balance, especially if things in your work/career experience seem too good to be true, or your focus is drawn to the neverending litany of mistakes and errors you’ve been quietly tidying up. The good news is that problem-solving unnecessarily is about to get a facelift of some sort from a mysterious sector of beneficiary energy. In your in-between times of rest and respite, let yourself feel the inherent recharge of the season as a blessing meant especially for you. Laying in the soft pasture of your pastimes is definitely approved of by the Gods at this particular juncture.

    I am thirsty for relief in major abstract areas of my life. I am beginning to see dimensions of these abstractions come into focused clarity, and the definitions are a bit jarring. However, as I define my parameters for a healed daily experience of life, a sense of calm greets my future. In this space of duality, I send healing to myself, recognizing that I am an important asset to myself. I do not need worldly praise, although I know I am worthy of it when it appears. In his healed state of grounded ego, I can look at myself with the compassion I’ve been craving to receive from the world outside.


    This Solstice is a rare opportunity to return to yourself in all the ways you’ve been craving. You’ve been peeking into your secret closets of spiritual, psychic, and sexual resources and you kinda gotta admit you’ve got a lot to work with. The mirror that your shadow provides has been pointing you down certain rabbit holes of self appreciation and maturity since this past eclipse. You’ve begun to realize that you allow certain Spirits to pass through your gateways, and it is entirely possible to change the passcode on the wormhole’s gateway. Less of a struggle with your duality, your recent healing journeys have brought you to a place of integration and stability in your identities. There may still be things you are not yet ready to look at from the past, but you trust the spiral of the universe will lead you through the experiences necessary to feel as whole as you really are. This Solstice invites you to close the curtains, turn down the volume, and rest into the spirit of curiosity that most piques your fancy today.

    I come face to face with my shadow self regularly, and I need not be afraid of my abilities to compartmentalize complex trauma. When I meet my shadow in the world around me, I see an opportunity to integrate my communication methods. I know that I process vast seas of information regularly, and I thrive when I’m consuming a vast array of juicy tidbits. I stop to breathe and enjoy the flowers, and I make sure to look up at the skies above me. I know that wherever I am, I am at home and connected, when I feel comfortable exploring what it means to “be myself”. There’s no reason to fear when others' needs are louder than my own, because I know there are still magic algorithms working in the background to help me navigate. 


    You’re feeling a bit louder and prouder than you’ve allowed yourself to feel in quite some time. Maybe it has something to do with slaying the dungeon boss on that last level of intergalactic video game of life? Whatever you’ve recently conquered is feeding your home and community, and that is just the panacea for your warrior heart. You’ve swung the hook of Valour on your medicine pack, and it’s no surprise that your shine is quite attractive to the fishies of the sea. You can choose what schools to harvest from, and it’s important to you to be seen and loved for the intellectual matters you bring to the table. Your feelings often inform your thoughts, and you’ve come to understand that might be what’s missing from the world around you right now. Don’t shy away from the beaches or the rays being cast upon your exterior motivations - turns out, you already knew it, they’re the manifestation of your internal work & people can’t help but listen to your come-up!

    My sense of self can rapidly shift within myself, and sometimes it feels scary to set boundaries with my own self. I’ve been feeling extra shiny in certain aspects of my sense of self, and I’m becoming more aware of what is mine to offer to the world. When I am confronted by the spirals of the universe, I ground myself in sacred awareness of my connection to the Great Mysteries of life. The depth and breadth of the waters of life call me to define spaces within my ocean of emotions where I can chill, be industrious, communicate authentically, and grow. I give myself a gold star for the growth I’ve made so far in the coral reefs of self restoration.


    You’ve been inspired by the movement of the seasons towards the tone of sunlight that recalls your forthcoming rebirth, Leo. You’ve worked too hard, and too long, and for much too little to not recognize when the Gods themselves are raining down the magical fairy dust of your preference into the spheres of life that need the extra grease to make your motor hum. It’s ok to while away the hours just looking at the flowers at the tea party of your creation. You’ve been looking for a moment to invite a mental list of allies to your inner sepulchre where Kingly rewards await them. This is a pivotal time for recalling the power of your influence on the energies to come for many in your community. Instead of anxiously awaiting the arrival of fortune, you are able to ground yourself in truisms gained from a lifetime of watchful awareness. Tune into the rhythms of your soul to find the right cadence for your upcoming symphony debut.

    I carefully test my re-entry to the Pride. I’ve developed a strong sense of community duty, and the fulfillments of those obligations was worth my effort. I can see clearly my impact on my community and feel a sense of grace and ease in the unfolding of this seasonal breeze. I use this eclipse to hunt the horizons of my psychic periphery, knowing that personal boundaries need not be treacherous territory. I am in awe and inspired by the mystery of the circle of life, and I find within this meditation, a place to use my energy for the highest purposes.


    This Solstice moment brings a recharge to the spaces in your creations that you’ve been abstracting for some time. As the picture becomes more clear, you find yourself refreshed to find that you don’t need to fine-tooth comb-over the facts, details, and opinions flowing through your consciousness. Instead, when you’re able to find the moment inside the moment, you are able to create new portals of connection between your tabulated reference points in time:space reality. You’ve been transversing the realms of the Gods supplicating for keys to unlock gateways even they didn’t know existed. Don’t be discouraged by the roles and archetypes of your family/community centers when you check back in for more data on the status of Love in your life experience, you may be surprise to find the speakers just weren’t set at the right volume. More than anything, the Solstice itself pays honor to your goddess-like stature in the earthly spiritual realm, giving you resources to grow and spread the vines you most wish to cultivate.

    When I choose to use time as a mile marker for reflection, I remember to build in new generosity for myself on the next round of self mastery. I don’t apologize for the pace the treadmill of life forced me to run, but I’m willing to accept that the treadmill is transforming and my new experience begins to feel like a cosmic dance. Looking around, I can see the planets and stars are moving to a drum beat I can easily attune with and this helps me move smoothly through the spot-lights I walk under daily. When I shine my torch into the darkness of my fears around perfection, I take a deep breath and accept the quality of my work.


    This Solstice is your chance to balance on the winds of time. The celestial storm clouds will settle the scores you haven’t had the energy to tally up for the cosmic account keepers that knock on your doors of consciousness. Forgiveness is a friend of yours, and you’ve found ways to communicate to this friend your need for space, time, and ultimately: boundaries. Forgetfulness is not a close companion, and you’re being encouraged by the growth of new generations of heart-filled warrior spirits to let your burdens be lightened (at least the psychic ones!). As the earth itself comes into celestial balance in the scales of the universal tow, so your scales of justice meet at just the right angles to allow safe passage for yourself, and others, to a promised land of personal liberation. What this liberation contains is ineffable courage to be and define yourself.

    I am a universal quantifier and qualifier, adding the standards of the system I was created to define to the larger collective. I understand that my ability to weigh any situation is informed by the object of the inquiry. I choose to object to judgements that use me as the instrument. I can look at the past scenarios popping up for my attention and level the playing fields of the fair-and-square variety, with the power of my spirit. I use this eclipse to connect with communications & positive influences of the past as I moor my boat and wait for the right time to set sail again. 


    On this Summer Solstice you are pleased to discover that all the fairies, gnomes, wee creatures of the land, and other critters of the spiritual realm have accepted your invitation to convene for conference. In the quiet nooks and crannies of your subconscious, to the secret spaces you build and find retreat in, the healers of the land take you by the hand and call you a friend. On this day it would encourage your spirit and charge your secret batteries to find time to whisper to the winds you believe carry prayers. As the elements of nature converge to recreate the Earth for another seasonal spiral, you can be the catalyst for change the more you believe in your power as an animal of the earth. You are learning and evolving at a rapid rate, and this grounded meditation on your connection to the Sacred Circle of Life expands you into the identities waiting for your perfect fit.

    As the season rotates, I pay special attention to my early experiences of warmth. I notice where and when it feels sage to share my emotions with others, and find relief in my own solitary experiences of beauty. I am co-creating on multiple layers of my personal and family realities. I tune myself into my power anthems of life to find the right vibrations for my focus on the present. I want to use this eclipse to find hidden caves and nooks where the small things can be appreciated. I am practicing new ways of being with myself and the scenarios my imagination reveals to me as inspiration for an archetype only I can define. 


    This Summer Solstice gets especially toasty as you learn to actualize your various power sources and fuel supplies. You have been the secret scientist of your own soul, and you’ve got a lot of internalized data to download into a worthy project. Although the bumps along the road of the past year have been jolting, you have also realized that this spaceship could have blown a gasket a while ago if you weren’t so good at wielding that long-term magic. In fact, you’re so good at the longer vision, that you’ve been surprised to discover special pockets of untapped potential in stashes of energy you planted for yourself to find along the way. Paired with new discoveries of ancestral investment into your sacred identity, these resources remind you of your potential for growth, and the security you have in the patterns that create successes.

    This Solstice I tie a rope to my arrow and go deep sea diving for hidden treasures in the emotional realms. In this underwater kingdom I discover channels of air-pressure release, ventings to let off steam, and ways to safely grow and contain my regenerative fiery spirit. I call on these powers of restorative calmness to empower my missions in life, and command the respect deserving of my very existence. No matter the oaths or promises of the past, I recognize that self-loyalty is a virtue, not a sin: “to thine own self be true”.


    The Summer Solstice is a special retreat for you this year, dear Capricorn. You embody the merriment  of Pan along the labyrinth of your inner workings. You’ve been inspired by the tales of the past to create visions for the future, and this Solstice acts as a gateway (not just a path) through the space:time continuum you’ve been awaiting an escape to. But it’s more than an escape, this opening leaves a lingering effect in your psyche, allowing you to bring back medicine from the land of the Giants for the village people awaiting your proclamations. If they’re not listening now, those who have the capacity to tune into your transmissions might be looping back around to catch your vibrations when the Full Moon lights up your sign’s splendor June 24th 2021.

    As I reach another pinnacle of self discovery, I allow myself to heal by accepting real love into my mind and heart centers. In this space I allow myself to forgive others in the ways I allow forgiveness for myself. When I reach this reflection within me, I use the light of my higher self to empower my healing journey. I accept that on a journey with no destination, I can take the time I need to view all the peaks, valleys, and pinnacles of life’s successes. I am a free and easy wanderer in my own spiritual way, and this freedom within empowers my daily ritual success. I return to my herd when the signals are right, and share my wandering tales as the bard of my own campfire. 


    Although you’ve not so secretly been trying to go hard on yourself through these last few eclipses, you can give Saturn a place to chill out of the heat of the Solstice Sun by recognizing the work you’ve accomplished against all odds. Your sacrifices need a special space to be honored in during this seasonal shift, and you’d be wise to water your soul with the sounds, sights, and feelings that make you want to cross any horizon for the abstract experiences your soul has been craving. Instead of contrast, this Solstice celebration brings you vibrations of hues, tones, and shapes that give focused healing to the centers of your mental staples that feel un-pronged. You may want to create a pillow fort where your inner child can let out their emotions, so that you can discover the words you’ve been searching for. Things feel less topsy turvy when the spirit world is partying with everyone else, and it's ok to use this moment to isolate the things that mean the most to you. It’s not like you ever really check out anyway, so when you do allow yourself the journeys of internal dreaming, know you’re safe to do so.

    As I watch the clouds traversing the skies, I’m reminded that expansion is a friend of mine. I’ve learned to hone my vibrational awareness and I tune out or eradicate frequencies within & without myself to conquer my fears. I am a cosmic warrior of superb proportions and to unwarily go sparring is not a quest I seek. I seek to conquest the unknown regions of myself, and strive to make room for myself during these gemstone level uploads, downloads, and reprogramming. I make sure that I have plenty of water for the gardens of my consciousness, and I feel safe knowing the good seeds I’ve planted within myself were worth sowing and cultivating.


    You know how to move information along the waterways of the human experience. Through your feelings you make small ripples find their waves and wash into the right bays. This Solstice the water magic meets-up, harmonizing with the deep resources Earth holds for our continuous growth. You can be sure that your wells won’t be drying up anytime soon, and that your internal psychic resources have a part to play in that. When you take time to name the gifts that others rarely do, you give those gifts permission to grow. Right now your gifts of many flavors and varieties are ripening on the trees and bushes you’ve cultivated in your personal emotional and spiritual Oasis. This Solstice as the sun casts its haze into the deserts of your life, notice how the heat waves keep your temples of beauty hidden, and where the shadows cast are hidden passageways meant for future exploration. In this sacred matrix of rejuvenated protection, the Solstice asks you to enjoy your own personal genius. 

    I’ve been shedding pieces of myself in the past:present that is allowing fuel for the passion of purpose in my life. I am a philosopher of Eudaimonia, and I find new ways of flourishing regularly. My energetic pulse sends out ripples of shift, growth, and change simply through my existence here on this planetary mass called Earth. I am aware that my very nature asks me to speak my message on the waves of the moon’s scheduled tides. I am no stranger to emotionally informed phenomena and I can speak clearly to the nuances of my school of fishes. I’m my own iconic merecreature, and my propensity for spirit connection guides me to new healing modalities that build this freedom kingdom within me. 

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  • immortalink
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    you’re born to be your rising sign and to grow your mc sign

    idk how to start this post even, you guys. basically...basically the ascendant and the midheaven are SUPER IMPORTANT. and most interpretations we read on them are either superficial or incomplete or as vague as if a mercury in pisces has written them. but i think that's totally normal because the angles in the chart are like...way more ingrained in our psyche than the planets and they create the core frame of our personality. and this is terribly difficult to describe with words. it's just SO BIG. and it's a fragment of us that is usually invisible to us because it's so fundamental that it's not so easy to take note of and describe. it's like breathing. you don't even notice when you breathe and yet you do it all the time and without doing it, you're nothing. btw that comparison between the ascendant and breathing is really fitting since the ascendant marks literally the moment when you draw your first breath - the first breath that separates the 12th house (the unconscious life in the womb) and the 1st house (physical incarnation, the start of conscious action). i need you to stop for a second and just think about that. you only exist through another person - physically and mentally and emotionally. you don't know what's out there. you have no idea about anything. it's like your consciousness is sleeping, gaining strength so it can finally blossom when it's time. in a way, you're asleep - deeply asleep. that's the symbolism of the 12th house for you - the prenatal phase of life. then something happens. a sudden - or not so sudden, maybe it was planned all along, maybe it was meant to be - change in the environment. AND YOU'RE AWAKE 🤯🤯🤯. wow. wooow. like you just find yourself in the world and open your eyes and have air invading your lungs for the first time ever. and all those things just...start happening. you discover light, you discover faces, temperature, fabric, embraces. your consciousness is now activated. that's the symbolism of the first house for you. and in between those phases of life - so different that they're almost opposites, yet so intricately connected that they're almost one - the phase of unconsciousness and the phase of consciousness lies this small, tiny moment of timelessness. the moment in which you move from below the horizon (below the consciousness) to above the horizon. and in that moment there is a sign with which the horizon STARTS. holyyy shit. i don't wanna hear another word about the rising sign being our physical appearance or who ppl think we are. bruh. no. the ascendant is literally in everything you do, it signifies your first contact with the world outside the unconsciousness, it marks your entire attitude towards life and therefore towards  yourself. it builds your whole existential experience. along with the planets in the first house. i remember reading smth by stephen arroyo where he was describing how he was present at the birth of a child and he was ready to calculate the exact moment of birth. so judging by how things were going, the kid was supposed to be an aquarius rising. and then a few minutes before it was born he started feeling this suuuuper intense pressure in the room, something so heavy in the air that he was immediately like - wow. this is saturn. this is peak saturn energy. and the kid was born and only after he looked at the chart he realized the boy is actually capricorn rising at 29 degrees. goddamnit. anyway i just wanted to rant about that. and to say that the ascendant is best described as our spontaneous temperament and which archetype it's connected to the most. like anything an aquarius rising does has naturally the motive to reject the norms, say "no" and present an alternative. it's fucking rebellion, man. behind anything a libra rising does lies naturally the motive to make things harmonious and balanced for everyone and to smooth out all confrontations. scorpio risings always approach things as if there is a hidden truth inside and they can get to the essence of it. if anything describes our “fate” in the natal chart, that’s precisely the rising sign. but y'all have to keep in mind that any planet in the first house OR in the 12th within 6-7 degrees of the ascendant is going to overshadow to sign of the ascendant. i mean the sign is still important, but the planetary archetype always weighs heavier. just think about it. a lot of western astrology is based on how the celestial bodies APPEAR from the earth, f.e. the retrogrades everyone is talking about don't actually happen, it just appears that the planets are moving backwards from our point of view. and there is this thing that the closer the moon or the sun is to the horizon, the larger it appears to us. no, it doesn't make sense from a physics point of view. it remains literally unexplained - check out the problem of luna mendex to see more details. the luminaries which are closer to the horizon shouldn't look bigger to us. they are not physically closer to us. they're at the same distance as ever. actually the closest we get to them is when they're right above us, not when they're on the freaking horizon in front of us. THIS IS INSANE OKAY. WE'RE JUST IMAGINING THEY ARE BIGGER CUZ THEY'RE CLOSE TO THE HORIZON. and that's how it works in astrology too - when planets are close to the beginning of the horizon, they indicate a stronger impact of this archetype on our psyche. my rising is aquarius, but i have saturn in the first house conj the ascendant (and saturn is in pisces). so trust me when i tell you this bitch is literally weighing me down. the planets overpower the sign of the ascendant. also there are those interesting cases where you have a planet in the first house or close to the asc in the 12th, but it's not in the same sign as the ascendant. let me tell you this makes up for a very complex consciousness and it's interesting af. anyway i rest my case with a brief note that the RULER OF THE ASCENDANT and esp the house in which it's positioned is super important as well, it really colours your temperament different. the chart ruler is fucking vital to the structure of the chart and it especially indicates health issues btw. as for the midheaven, i see many interpretations about how it's showing us what we're going to work or also related to how ppl perceive us, but honestly from my observations so far the mc isn't even active until later in life. it's like we grow into it, after all it's connected to the 10th house ruled by saturn - with saturn you don't get things out of nowhere, you gotta work to build them up. i see the mc as the direction in which we want to take the energy of our ascendant. and we have to be clear with our ambitions, our goals, the way we wanna live, in order to actually embody its essence. actually planets in the 10th house often form a square to the ascendant (the 1st house) - imo this indicates that you need the grind, the intensity and pressure that squares bring into the natal chart in order to get motivated and elevated yourself to the potential of the midheaven. at the same time allowing yourself to express your ascendant freely. whew. anyway gemini season is over tomorrow so i decided i wanted to go with a blast by doing the most gemini thing ever - writing an incoherent hellishly long rant lmfao. enjoy!

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    Even From Afar They Keep An Eye On You, Aquarius - Love Reading ❤️

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    Astro Observations

    Sagittarius Risings look wise or if not they have that aura

    Venus-Mercury positive aspects will probably get a beautiful car someday

    Pallas dominant people or Pallas aspecting the big 3 always have that fiery soldier energy. They are huge activists and always get the job done. Very much like fixed energy.

    Pallas dominant people are also very sneaky!

    Sagittarius Rising people might want a job where they could focus on one thing at a time. They don't like variety in their jobs.

    For Jupiter-Saturn aspects luck and abundance might come after their Saturn return. They would have a lot of karmic lessons during this lifetime.

    Harsh aspects to Mercury people might encounter accidents and might get their car broken.

    Sun-Jupiter aspects might have a father with inflated ego

    2H ruler in 8th would make great money from occult, psychic abilities 🔮, divination, investments

    It might seem vague or vain, but it is just in my experience..including me, that every Aquarius Sun people as I have witnessed in my life has gone through something traumatic in childhood. Something like an absent parental figure, racist upbringing, dysfunctional family system, manipulative, bad friendships, bullying, someone who got hurt physically/mentally/emotionally emotional neglect has been the most common one though... again it is just in my experience because most (actually every😬) Aquarius Sun I have met has been emotional immature! They might joke about things that showcase their own trauma and emotional neglect. 🙂 now don't come at me for calling you out! That behavior ain't healthy!

    One advice I would give to Aquarius Sun people but also other Aquarius placements too ♡ is to watch videos on childhood trauma and dysfunctional families on YouTube. It would help you all so much to understand about yourself. ❤

    I'm not surprised that Olivia Rodrigo has Venus Conjunct Chiron.

    I'm also not surprised that it's in Capricorn so she's on top of the game and making a lot of money through her art!

    It's my 7th House profection year and my 7H is in Scorpio and it's ruler is in 8th house. No doubt, I am going through a transformation through my relationships this year. I also came to get a little hint of my psychic abilities and my intuition 🌌🦋

    People with asteroid 1388 Aphrodite tightly aspecting Ascendant, give huge goddess energy 💫

    The degree of your MC/Midheaven can tell your approach towards your career or how you need to have one. For example, if it's Aries degrees, you could be the first one to start something in your family and probably be very competitive, if it's taurus degrees, you would probably have slow and methodological approach.

    People with 12H ruler in 3H might have lost a sibling, cousin..

    Scorpio Risings may attract friends who always need help

    Pisces Mars might like to sleep when angry. Or take shower or bubble baths 🛁

    Taurus Risings have doll like hair or love doing it that way, dolling up!

    Taurus Moons also Risings remember random tastes and smells of their favorite food and get hungry 😂

    2H Mars people are like the archetype of angered Scorpios when their possessions or people are threatened in anyway 💀. They become very protective of their things and don't cross their boundaries!

    5H Jupiter could be lucky with games or lotteries!

    ☀️🌞Wishing you all a happy, joyful, blessed Summer Solstice 🌞☀️

    ☀️ Go out in the Sun

    ☀️ Do something creative

    ☀️ Connect with your inner child

    ☀️ Do what makes you feel inspired

    ☀️ Inspire!

    ☀️ Shine bright!!💫

    Also check my latest blog post on Jupiter Retrograde and do subscribe to my blog and share ✨

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    #asks#gemini venus#taurus men💀#taurus sun #and if it not meant to be it’s not meant to be babe
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    Black Taurus

    Impact Wrestling #880

    17 juin 2021

    Impact Wrestling


    Nashville, Tennessee, USA

    Arena: Skyway Studios

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