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  • New Moon 🌝♒️

    I was writing about the new moon earlier this morning, got high and forgot so..

    The New moon is in Aquarius. This is the first New Moon of this year. New Moon’s are considered fertile due to it being a new start, we’ll compare it to a seed in this case. This is the time to start a new journey. Pack your bags it’s time to get moving! Plant your seed in the soil of your garden then set foot upon your ship, New Moon Aquarius (all ships need a name..) Now set sail into the unknown. Wind gushing all directions. Shooken. Unstable. Your ship, New Moon Aquarius is breaking. Stand tall and strong. Firmly set your ground. Create the best out of this tough situation. Grab the wheel and stir the ship best you can lad. The Aquarius is full of spontaneous imaginative energy. This power will provide us to be a bit rebellious. Get prepared for unexpected changes, Aquarius is full of them. Maybe a friendship dissolving, new upsetting situations? Try to not let it stress you out so much and relax. Aquarius is full of creative power find better solutions and ways to react to these things. More care, more understanding, more ideas.

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  • Trying to figure out my star chart…I’m a noob.

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  • i try to guess someone’s sign ALL THE TIME and i usually spot earth signs pretty easily and when i tell them i watch their eyes sparkle with confusion and i’m like hell yeah fuck these skeptical bitches up

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  • do any of y'all see themselves in your draconic chart? all of the sudden mine has a taurus sun and a gemini venus okay….

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  • Give placements to Characters

    Hey, fellow astrology lovers,

    I am in the middle of the process of creating characters and I was curious as to what placements would you think match them.

    If you are interested, reach me out by DM and I’ll talk to you about them.

    All I ask is for an opinion, there ain’t no right or wrong answer, so don’t be a stranger.

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  • Live sale tonight 8pm est! Here’s some Himalayan salt loving for your Friday new moon vibes! What are you manifesting? 💎🌑✨
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  • Pisces: *Watching Taurus pour two cans of Monster into their nitro coldbrew coffee*

    Pisces: What are you doing?

    Taurus *Completely monotone*: I’m trying to die Pisces.

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  • image

    taurus moodboard // you’ll never see a taurus’s weakest moment, because it happens behind close doors

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  • It is most accurate for Rising/Ascendant signs but you can also look for Sun signs.

    Libra Rising/Sun:

    3 of Pentacles - This card is a positive sign of encouragement for you lovelies to continue your pursue of your goals/ideas/work-related stuff. Continue with passion and fire while using your effort and not quitting. It is also a team card, so perhaps you will need to do some teamwork in order to succeed quicker and more efficiently instead of just working alone, or maybe you will need to recognize somebody’s talents and gifts and it’ll help you. You will need to look through different viewpoints, different opinions, different offers and you will be on your way to success. Do not quit after the first failure. When it comes to love, for the singles maybe you will meet your s/o through the teamwork, through work, by doing your hobbies, reaching your goals. If you are already connected to someone, or have a relationship, it will only deepen the bond and you will understand how important it is to be a team and work on each other together.
    The Emperor - Methods, strategy, structure. This card is an indicator that you should focus on those things in order to come closer to your goals. The Emperor is a masculine energy, the paternal instincts, working hard but with a plan that is executed strategically with principles and methods, he is the ruler of rulers after all. You will be in control of all this and you will lean away from your more feminine energy (I’m speaking of your Libra energies) toward the masculine, controlling, more aggressive energies.
    Ace of Wands - Beginnings, focus, creativity. You will have this flow of ideas, creative flow that will bring your fantasy alive, so much energy you will also have. Enthusiasm and active energy toward achieving all of that, with the combination of The Emperor and Ace of wands you will have the two sides of a coin, the necessary strategic/methodical approach and the creative, playful side accompanied by courage and enthusiasm in order to start. Also in love, it is an exciting, even a bit immature but in a cute way, start that will bring you joy back into your life.

    Scorpio Rising/Sun:

    3 of Wands - Your horizons are broadening, you are taking shit seriously right now. You’ve grown a lot in 2019, so you understand it is time for you, as a being, to experience that growth and you will cling to more long-lasting commitments related to all fields of your life. You will look at options and opportunities carefully, which will bring you to choose the best option. Also in love you will be looking for a long-term commitment, you are done with ‘flings’, you have this new-found thirst for life and creating some that will actually grow and actually last.
    Queen of Wands - Fiery, joyful energy. This Queen is exciting, uplifting, with your choices you will inspire, with your energy you will lift people up. This Queen is also a Queen which is loyal and stands by your side in thick and thin. I see you going through some challenges that are necessary for your growth, but you will come out victorious of course. Also you will have this light charisma that will attract people and perhaps a new love interest for your singles. This Queen is sexy, so you will be on your sexy phase over here.
    Queen of Pentacles - Awesome balance. Boss bitch. Sexy and strategically ready for work. You will be super focused, determined, you will always have back up plans when it comes to work/school. This Queen will also bless you with sensuality, she is a sensual Queen who is very much grounded and is hard-working and present, she gets shit done. 

    Sagittarius Rising/Sun:

    4 of cups - Maybe you’ve begun, or you are beginning this year a bit on the down side, with apathy: “Whatever happens, happens.” But boo, you need to look around, you have so many different signs from the Universe, so many things that you are missing while you are looking down on things. You are not even giving the Universe a chance to surprise you, so many blessings are on your way, it is time to lift your head and look around baby.
    The Hierophant - Morality, ethics, tradition. With the Hierophant here I am positive you will start making very strong, structured decisions that will cement the flow of your future. With the Hierophant come serious commitments, some things will get resolved for you. In love it also means marriage, maybe some of you are getting engaged/married or you will attend a big wedding. Or maybe you will be involved in other ceremonies.
    Death Reversed: It is time for change, maybe some of you have been holding on to the past too tightly, it is time to let go. It is time to face the ‘now’, the present, embrace the past, let it go and embrace the changes that will maybe happen quickly because you’ve been holding tightly to the past. You are afraid it is okay, change is always good, but it is our perspective of when we understand that. When it comes to love, for the singles, maybe you are still holding onto some negative patterns/habits that aren’t letting you outgrow that, grow as a person. You need to work on that and let yourself flow toward the changes, let go all the negative connotation about love, love is lovely.

    Capricorn Rising/Sun:

    8 of swords - Aw! This is great, finally my babies are getting released. You will finally see through the blindfold you’ve put on yourself. Your anxieties may have been getting higher and higher, but you will come to a realization and you will free your mind, you will experience that release. It will feel amazing, because you put yourself in that mind-prison, hopelessness and now you will realize you are in control and from hopeless you will become hopeful. It will feel great, flow with it my loves!
    The Fool - Great, new, positive changes. This year you will experience so many new things that will restore your innocence, because you will be so curious, so naive stepping into these new grounds with such enthusiasm it is so lovely! Enjoy these positive changes but also be careful of not being taken advantage in these happy moments by awful people, keep the valuables closest in these moments, share your enthusiasm!!
    Ace of Pentacles - New beginnings, new material blessings from the Universe, abundance, material help. Success, focus, determination, hard-work but also rewards, something that will develop slowly, but securely and throughout the whole year. 

    Aquarius Rising/Sun:

    10 of Wands - Aw! Great, release, freedom! You will come to a point of completion of a cycle that has really put a tool on you, because you’ve been carrying your own weight and the weight of your closest ones on your little shoulders. That will be released, you will release and overcome this pain in 2020. Wow I feel such fresh, new energy.
    Queen of Wands in reverse - You will come face to face with your own insecurities, you will work on yourself, so be gentle. You will definitely focus on other people this year instead of just yourself, you will be selfless rather than selfish. Listen to others more, be there for those same people more and it will be lovely. Work on yourself, self-love, self-care and patience also kindness to yourself and to others.
    6 of Swords in reverse - You might have been resisting change, but do not hold grudges, do not hold the past, do not hold onto negative thoughts. Learn to release all that I believe with the completion of the 10 of wands this will also come to you, calm, tranquil changes and transitions.

    Pisces Rising/Sun:

    5 of Wands - More assertiveness, competitiveness from you lovelies. You will come in tough with your more assertive side and competitive side. You will compete for something you really love and believe in. You will be more able to express your thoughts and articulate them better in 2020. There is a negative connotation to this card but I do not get that feel, I just feel that power from this card. Also in love maybe you will start flirting with someone who has a teasy-kind-of-humor, which is kinda cute.
    10 of Pentacles in reverse - Maybe something will end abruptly for you, for some relationships who are not fit for the long-run, but be careful financially. Try to find your focus, your determination in order to get back on your feet, do not get defeated by losing a battle, because you will get many more chances, but please pay attention to not getting lost in translation. Always have a way of getting alert, of having some resources.
    The Wheel of Fortune - I feel you will experience a lot of karmic events, relationships, you will learn a lot in 2020 and you will attract a lot of fortune. 

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  • Today it’s my birthday, so I made this good drawing to celebrate :) ♡


    Here’s for you what I think is the Taurus if it was a girl (I wanted to do a female ver of the minotaur, but then I sank into this idea and this is what it became)

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  • How To Figure Out Someone’s Sign

    this can apply to sun, moon, rising, and in some cases even house placements if someone has multiple personal planets in a certain house


    personality: extremely opinionated and blunt. is not afraid of confrontation. highly emotional and expressive. usually athletic. courageous, loves adventure. very competitive. very ambitious and extremely extremely stubborn. won’t stop until they get what they want. persistant, determined, resilient. usually has an odd relationship with the father, either they are very close or they do not get along at all.

    physical appearance: athletic body. muscular. can be on the shorter side. piercing eyes, there’s something raw and wild in them. square, chiseled faces, noticeable jawline, arched brows. thicker hair. veiny hands. effortless sex appeal. might have scars or moles on their face.


    personality: there’s a sleepy vibe to these people. they always seem relaxed and unbothered. they dress nice and they always look effortlessly put together. graceful charm. big foodies and this is usually the main giveaway. loves comfort and the finer things in life. sensual and sweet. can come off as being lazy, passive, or stubborn.

    physical appearance: doughy, sleepy eyes. thick hair, maybe curly. wider noses. noticeable cheek bones. women can be curvier, men can be shorter and more stout. symmetrical faces. there’s something natural and earthy about them. effortless beauty. full lips. might look a little like a bull. thicker necks. the neck will be noticeable. men can be on the hairy side.


    personality: so fun to be around. giggly childlike innocence. their laugh is infectious. always talking. easily bored and distracted. friends with everybody. witty and loves a good conversation. flirts without realizing it. “crackhead” energy. crazy and all over the place. very indecisive. changes their appearance a lot, mainly because they get bored of how they look easily. can be mean spirited and come across as two-faced because they are constantly changing.

    physical appearance: slender build. long hair. sparkling eyes, within is a youthful curiousity. childlike eyes. thin lips, bright infectious smiles. youthful look and vibe to them. freckles are common. their style is constantly changing however they tend to follow the trends.


    personality: soft and gentle vibe to them. sensitive and intuitive. some can seem closed off and distant, others have a very open and nurturing vibe. drawn to vintage things. very nostalgic and often stuck in the past. soft spoken. intuitive. you can always know what theyre feeling just by looking at them, its written all over their face. expressive faces. transparent even when they try not to be.

    physical appearence: big, watery eyes. glassy eyes that resemble mirrors; how the moon looks on water (this is usually the biggest indicator). thick eyelashes. emotionally expressive faces. round faces and cheeks. sharp cheekbones. long arms and legs. full lips, small mouth (think the queen of hearts from alice and wonderland). thinner hair. sharp eyebrows. innocent looking. face might literally resemble the moon. feminine features, even in men. dresses for comfort, not style.


    personality: vibrant. lights up the entire room. infectious personality. always telling stories. ambitious. men can be cocky and authoritative. women are flirty and charming. they draw you in like a magnet. effortlessly attractive. just want to have fun. loves socializing, shines brightest when others are there to see them. can be selfish, when making decisions they think only of themselves and not of others. has a tendency to lie, to embellish.

    physical appearance: thick, sleek hair, like a lion’s mane. cat like eyes. sparkling eyes. white teeth, red lips. full smiles. tall and slender. elegant and glamorous movements. faces that radiate confidence. good posture. always dressed to impress. they want to show off their status through their clothes. likes designer things.


    personality: calculating and analytical. they always seem to be observing something. detail oriented. very observant. fantastic memories, they remember everything. intelligent. naturally smart. good writers. shy and reserved. don’t enjoy being the center of attention. can have a god complex, they think that their way is the only right way, that their ideas are superior. can seem like they have a stick up their ass. virgosplaining.

    physical appearance: they way they dress is the dead giveaway honestly. always looks put together, like button down and khakis put together. probably has glasses, usually interesting frames to match their style. strong features. thin nose. thin lips. tall and lean. dark thick hair. naturally attractive. looks mature. glassy, determined eyes, a little like pisces but more earthy.


    personality: charming and glamorous. sweet to everybody. has lots of friends. innocent and pure aura to them. beauty queen vibes. women can sometimes be on the superficial side. men can be mean spirited and extremely cocky (if you meet a man who’s a dick for no reason he’s probably a libra lol). indecisive. needs constant verbal validation. lies a lot. tries very hard to fit in, will lie and hide parts of their personality to achieve this. needs social validation.

    physical appearance: naturally very beautiful. symmetrical faces. dainty, doll-like features. bright, youthful eyes. ski slope noses. pretty arched lips. straight teeth. might have a gap between their two front teeth (think brigitte bardot). dainty bodies. women tend to be very feminine in style. men have more feminine features. looks good in whatever they wear.


    personality: dark humor. sarcastic. mysterious and closed off. nobody really knows them. portray themselves the way they want to be seen. very sensitive and emotional, however some of them won’t show it. can have a faux-innocence, try hard to maintain the reputation they want. can be some of the most manipulative and vindictive people you will ever meet. tantalizing. dark, mysterious sex appeal. can be drawn to darker themes.

    physical appearance: the easiest to spot in my opinion. the eyes are a dead giveaway. dark, intense, brooding eyes. when they look at you you FEEL it. their gaze can be uncomfortable, it feels like they can see right through you, into your soul. dark thick hair. thick eyelashes. interesting noses. men can have more facial hair. gravitates towards dark colors. hot tbh.


    personality: so lively and fun. they live to have a good time. down for anything whenever. life of the party. carefree and wild at the core. wanderlust. fits in anywhere they go. bohemian vibe. funny. never takes anything too seriously. has deep beliefs that they defend. can get along with anybody. hates just sitting around at home, needs to be moving constantly, even if it’s driving down the street to get coffee. tend to lie. can embellish stories to make them more exciting.

    physical appearance: people with a lot of sag tend to have red hair ive noticed. thick hair. tall and muscular. attractive bodies (thighs!!!). unique, bohemian-like style (think the 70s lol). round cheeks. full lips. jovial expression. round, full faces. hearty looking if that makes sense. strong form. smiling eyes that hold a mischevious look.


    personality: dry and reserved. extremely sarcastic. dark humor. intimidating. stand- offish. intelligent. depression vibes tbh. always seems tired. resilient, determined, and ambitious. goal-oriented. sees right through bullshit, will call you out if they need to. isn’t one to initiate conversation. super chill. melancholic. cynical, sometimes annoingly so. sly, witty remarks. wants to outsmart you and will. can be very pretentious. know it all. can be downright mean at times, often without even realizing. very stubborn and very blunt. honest sometimes to a fault. mean and uses the excuse that they’re just being honest.

    physical appearance: tall and lean. olive skin and dark straight hair. piercing, cold eyes. calculating eyes. strong features. noticeable jawline. arched eyebrows. simple, classic style. timeless and elegant. women can have femme fatale vibes (think ava gardner), they remind me of a black cat. men can have a rough, wild sex appeal.


    personality: pretty unconventional hobbies and interests. their energy is all over the place. scatterbrained. honestly incoherent at times. into activism. fiercely independent. doesn’t really care what anyone thinks of them. does things their own way, doesn’t follow the crowd. down to earth. odd. probably smokes weed lol. into aternative music. skater vibes.

    physical appearance: this one is pretty easy to spot. the way they dress is usually the biggest indicator. very eclectic style. ive noticed women with aquarius placements tend to wear unique earrings. lots of interesting jewelry on both men and women (especially rings). eyes that look like they hold another universe. beak like noses. big smiles. an otherwordly vibe.


    personality: very sensitive. caring and sweet vibe. very creative. musically inclined. actually quite talkative. elvish like aura. innocent vibe. needs a form of expression, whether it be visual arts, writing, dancing, etc. spacey and daydreamy. can have a serious god complex…like…the worst of the zodiac. incapable of owning up to their actions. will play victim no matter what and manipulate the situation to make you believe it. manipulative and sneaky. tendency to lie.

    physical appearance: tricky to spot as they tend to take on traits of all the signs. the biggest indicator is usually the eyes. the eyes are very big and watery, usually lighter in tone no matter the color, however this isn’t always the case. glazed over eyes, as if they are gazing off into another world. thin, fish like lips (if that makes sense). a lot of times ive noticed their faces kind of resemble a fish in some way?? if that makes any sense. translucent skin, no matter the shade. dainty noses. soft, doll, elf-like features. cozy and artsy style (mom jeans, big sweaters, etc.)

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  • I love how ppl assume taurus is always calm and lazy when in reality when we have a goal - we’re getting there. I know it’s different depending on ur chart but I have a lot of fire placements n I’m one of the most competitive ppl when I know I’m comfortable with what I’m doing. I will learn something no matter how long it takes me.

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