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  • Have you heard of digital nomads?

    This kind of people have no fixed homes and are known for traveling around the world, living and exploring new countries and cities as long as they can have a steady internet connection.

    Working full-time while exploring the world might sound like a dream come true, but as it turns out, not everyone is well-suited for this particular line of work.

    If you’re wondering if the life of a digital nomad is right for you, keep reading, as we’ve listed the zodiac signs that are capable of thriving in such a career.


    January 20 - February 18

    Fluid and adaptable, those born under this sign are well known for being comfortable both on their own and surrounded by others, which is an excellent quality to have in this line of work.

    Aquarians will be able to juggle their work-life with their personal-life, enjoying the freedom of being a digital nomad without risking their effectiveness in the “workplace.”


    March 21 - April 19

    This fiery sign is known for living in the moment and enjoying everything that comes their way.

    Adventurous at heart, they won’t back down from a challenge, even if that challenge involves going to a country they’ve never even heard of before.

    Though this recklessness can get them in hot water here and there, it’s also ideal for digital nomads, as it means they’ll keep moving forward no matter the problems or eventualities that might surface.

    They may not be ideal for this lifestyle, but this lifestyle is ideal for them.

    Aries are known for getting bored easily and craving constant change, which is a given when you don’t have a fixed home or workplace.


    May 21- June 20

    Sociable by nature, Geminis may find it hard to deal with the isolation innate to this lifestyle, but they’ll have absolutely no problem making new friends.

    Language barriers are no barriers at all for those born under this sign, and their innate intelligence and curiosity will make navigating new countries and environments almost second-nature.

    Geminis will face some problems being digital nomads, but their ability to communicate with others will help them overcome them in no time.


    February 19 - March 20

    Sensitive and family-oriented, Pisces aren’t the first sign to come to mind when thinking of digital nomads, but it’s this sensitivity that makes them so well-suited for this kind of lifestyle.

    Traveling always involves unexpected problems and complications and Pisces incredible empathy and outside-the-box way of thinking are powerful tools that will help them power through just about anything.

    Creative and kind, not only will Pisces have no problem making new friends anywhere they go but they’ll also find it relatively easy to step outside of their comfort zone and take in each unique experience as they come.

    They’ll also become the talk of their social circles and family, as they’ll be happy to share those experiences with those they love!


    November 22 - December 21

    Sagittarius were born to be digital nomads.

    They love challenges, new experiences, the opportunity to meet new people, and change.

    They’re also not known for being particularly attached to people or possessions, so they’ll have no problem packing up their things and leaving to a new city or country as soon as things start getting stale or boring.

    Few signs dislike the feeling of being tied down as much as Sagittarians, which makes them uniquely suited for this kind of lifestyle.

    Just give them a laptop, an internet connection, and a lot of freedom, and you’ll be surprised by what those born under this dynamic sign can achieve!

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  • Taurus ♉ November 🦃 2020 The GOOD Stuff Is About To Happen! Tarot Love …

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    the orbit of venus, like that of mercury, lies between us and the sun. venus is known, astronomically, as the second inferior planet, and it can never be more than 48 degrees from the sun as seen from the earth. it will therefore share the same sign as the sun or be in one of the two signs on either side of it. for instance, in a chart with a gemini sun sign, venus will be in aries, taurus, gemini with the sun, cancer, or leo.

    venus influences the way in which we relate to other people, both socially and economically. our attitudes toward money and possessions are also the concern of this planet.


    although considerable enthusiasm and lively emotions will be warmly expressed toward partners, the sagittarian need for independence may make the individual loath to be too tied to one person. the duality present in this sign will be evident, and more than one relationship may be experienced at any given time. certainly, love will be enjoyed, and the subject will make life rewarding and exhilarating for the partner, both in bed and out. in turn, the partner needs to respond well not only sexually, but also intellectually. eventually, a philosophical, idealistic element will develop and have its effect on the partner, doing a great deal to instill a more meaningful expression. however, intellectual rapport and friendship, as well as the willingness to enjoy sex, are essential. this is a lively friend who will make life fun. the attitude toward finance may be “easy come, easy go,” possibly with the emphasis on “go”!


    the subject may not seem to care about love, but they need just as much romance as others. this placing helps rationalize the feelings, however, and the need for intellectual rapport and good friendship, as well as pure romance, is very healthy. this combination is excellent for friendship, easing any libran tendency to take too much from other people. professional financial help is advisable.


    this influence lightens the steamy, rather heavy scorpio attitude toward love and sex, adding a need for intellectual rapport. much will be expected of partners, but much will be contributed. scorpio jealousy can clash with the sagittarian independence, and a resolution of this conflict is important. here is a friend who needs to share interests and challenges. investments will be enjoyed, but a gambling spirit should be controlled.


    sagittarians are the hunters of the zodiac, so when venus joins the sun in this sign, a lot of attention is given to the emotional chase. fickleness must be countered. all the attributes of venus in sagittarius (see above) will be present. if neptune is also in sagittarius, there will be idealism and romantic reverie. money may easily slip through the subject’s fingers.


    although the loyalty and faithfulness of capricorn is less evident, this is a good placing for those with rather serious capricorn qualities, helping them enjoy life and warming their cool emotions. there will be less social climbing in the love life, but a good mind will be deemed important, and the partner will spur on the capricorn ambitions and aspirations. friends must share demanding interests. money-making is less important than for other capricorn groups.


    the aquarian spirit will be sympathetic to the independence of venus in sagittarius, while the fire of that sign will warm the distant but dynamic attraction of aquarius. nevertheless, the liking for individuality will not encourage even the most romantic aquarian to rush into a long-term commitment. sexual experiment is usual. there is a wide circle of friends who often share philanthropic or intellectual interests. money will be spent erratically, often on silly, trendy things.


    although the worldly ambition associated with capricorn does not easily blend with the venusian need to relate and love, when the planet is placed in this sign, it gives someone who will once committed want to remain faithful and constant. because of the differing characteristics of the sign and principles of the planet, there can be inhibition in the full expression of feeling, so it is important that, while there may be no desire to gush with affirmations of love, the partner really knows how much they are loved. sometimes, in order to make worldly progress, a partner will be chosen as a status symbol of some kind. however, true, constant love should be the aim, with the capricorn ambition geared toward joint development of the partnership, materially and emotionally. here is the faithful friend who likes to create an impression. money is spent in a calculated way, often to show off, yet a careful streak will also be evident.


    this links the deep intensity and passion of scorpio with the cool calculation of capricorn. here are people who will get what they want but may not consider a partner’s feelings carefully or sympathetically. they are demanding friends who will encourage others in their ambitions. ruthlessness in all areas of life must be countered. business and moneymaking abilities are excellent.


    this calms the passion of sagittarius, and the love life is taken seriously. the subject is thoughtful and fairly constant (more so than other members of this sun sign), but there can be conflict between the sagittarian need for freedom of expression within a relationship and the capricorn urge to do the right thing. here is a friend who enjoys demanding challenges. financial growth can occur through clever and calculated risk-taking.


    faithfulness and loyalty join with a reserved expression of feeling. the characteristics of venus in capricorn (see above) will be very evident. ambition for material progress must not be so great that the partner and children are neglected as a result.


    the very independent aquarian lifestyle will cause a reluctance to be committed to an emotional relationship. the romantic tendencies often present in this sun sign may be suppressed. the impression given is cool and distant, but there are magnetic powers of attraction. here is a good, faithful friend but someone who will be difficult to know really well. the management of finances may or may not be good, so a balance is needed.


    the blending of earth (capricorn) and water (pisces) is excellent, because venus will help steady the burst of piscean emotion. if a practical approach to love can be achieved, there should be no conflict, but the coolness of venus must be recognized as a positive factor, helping channel and give an element of caution and common sense in this sphere of life. here is a kind friend who will offer plenty of sensible suggestions when called upon to help. there will be some fiscal ability but, if mercury is also in pisces, professional financial advise is to be recommended.


    this placing contributes more magnetic, movie star glamor than any other. admiration will be thoroughly enjoyed, but conflict can arise between the need for a relationship and the sacrifices that must be made accordingly. at times, these may seem too great, and sometimes a partnership is desired but a partner isn’t. conversely, there is plenty of enjoyable romance here. the individual who uses other areas of their chart (sun, moon, and ascending signs in particular) and resolves the complexities of this placing will be able to love with idealism and fidelity. nevertheless, the feelings are coolly expressed and the emotional level must be finally judged by other planetary influences. if there is an aspect between venus and mars, sexual expression and enjoyment may be increased. here is a very kind and helpful friend. they are usually good with money, but too much may be spent on glitzy, expensive clothes and items for the home.


    this considerably increases the sagittarian love of independence yet cools the ardent passions of that sign. however, there is increased fidelity once the subject is committed emotionally. the sagittarian love of the chase and its challenge is carefully disguised. this placing can also glamorize the usually very casual sagittarian image. this is a rewarding, warm-hearted friend who will give plenty of positive encouragement. financial risks may be enjoyed and taken erratically, without careful thought.


    this placing can make the aspiring capricorn type seem rather haughty. budding relationships may be damaged because the subject feels that no prospective partner is good enough. this may be an excuse to delay commitment and the full expression of emotion, which can be difficult. (the moon’s influence may help.) here is a faithful and helpful yet unpredictable friend. financially, caution may clash with a desire to live it up.


    the subject has dynamic and magnetic powers of attraction but may be very difficult to know really well. independence is necessary, but love and admiration are also needed. all the traits described for venus in aquarius apply (see above). expensive items may be hard to resist.


    piscean emotion is controlled here, and there is also a good ability to distance the self from the feelings, with the individual relying on intuition. look, too, for indications of practical common sense. the image is enhanced with originality - and too much sparkle at times. great kindness and charity often result in personal sacrifices. this is a superb, if occasionally forgetful, friend. professional financial advise is recommended unless business ability is shown elsewhere.


    here, the fiery arian passion is quenched by the cool detachment of venus, but the arian need for independence will be complementary. the desire for a long-term relationship may clash with the wish to be fancy-free. a compromise must be reached, helped by a sympathetic partner. here is a very lively friend who is enthusiastic about joint interests. financial flair may be present, but hastiness when investing could cause problems.


    the emotional level is greatly increased, and the individual is entirely swayed by emotion in all spheres of life. the subject can all too easily be taken advantage of, and as a result usually learns the hard way, often tending to make the same mistakes (especially emotional ones) time and time again. look for other indications of a practical approach and rational outlook - mercury in capricorn or aquarius will help. the need to express love and affection is powerful and sincere, albeit sentimental at times. care is needed that self-deception or a tendency not to face facts is countered. parents of a child with this placing must firmly encourage truthfulness. taking the easy way out of difficult situations is common, especially in relationships. self-confidence may be undermined, especially with regard to the powers of attraction. giving to charity can become a fault, leading to cash flow problems. this is a tender and caring friend.


    this warms the capricorn heart and softens the attitude toward partners. social climbing is less pronounced, and time will be spent enjoying relationships and children rather than worrying about material matters. capricorn characteristics will counter the gullible emotion of pisces, adding common sense to the extreme fluidity of the piscean emotion. here is a practical and sympathetic friend. in financial affairs, and particularly investments, the intuition should be followed.


    this adds to the kind, humanitarian, and charitable qualities of aquarius and warms the emotions, making the subject more responsive and less distant. emotional involvement is increased, yet piscean emotion will blend with aquarian independence. this is an understanding and sympathetic friend. money may be handled badly - advise professional help.


    there is a great deal that is beautiful about this placing, but the individual must realize that their emotions can dominate all too easily. too much kindness and sympathy may exist, plus a tendency to become a doormat. sacrifices may be made to the considerable detriment of the subject. all indications described for venus in pisces (see above) will apply very strongly. financial problems can occur through excessive generosity.


    here, the fire and water emotions are combined, but the fire of aries gives a natural assertiveness so that inner strength will be added to warmth, kindness, and passion. the placing softens the selfishness of aries and adds understanding and sympathy. there is great sexual exuberance, making for an enthusiastic partner. both partners and friends will be given positive encouragement. money-making ideas can sometimes be harmed by an overly enterprising spirit. look for other indications of practical common sense.


    this is a delightful combination, giving a gentle but nonetheless deep and meaningful expression of feelings. taurean possessiveness is less likely to be a stumbling block, but emotional security is important. the emotion of venus is controlled, creating an individual who is a very caring, passionate, and sensual lover. too much money can be spent on creature comforts.



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  • *my friend’s dog being the most adorable cuddler and always wanting to be pet and played with*

    Me, who was petting and playing with her for 2 hours and became tired: Hey.

    Friend: What?

    Me: Is she a Taurus?

    Friend: Uh.. I think so, yeah. She was born in the end of April. How do you know?

    Me: *looks down at the doggie who does nothing but wanting to cuddle and sleep*… Wild guess…

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  • Aires:  T U R N U P

    Taurus: Wat

    Gemini: What if I was in a horror film?

    Cancer: Hungry

    Leo: WAT

    Virgo: Well sh*t. What am I supposed to do?

    Libra: *Literally ANY song*

    Scorpio: Help

    Sagittarius: Why did they show a slight change of emotion what did I do

    Capricorn: aaaaaaaAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

    Aquarius: (wake me up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (can’t wake up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (SAVE MEEE)

    Pisces: *ponders life questions*

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  • The signs as spooky emojis

    Aries: the zombie 🧟‍♂️

    Taurus: crystal ball (it’s giving haunted mansion!) 🔮

    Gemini: the abandoned house 🏚

    Cancer: spiderweb 🕸

    Leo: jack o’lantern 🎃

    Virgo: the bat🦇

    Libra: candle 🕯

    Scorpio: vampire 🧛🏻

    Sagittarius: ghost with tongue out lol 👻

    Capricorn: coffin ⚰️

    Aquarius: spider hehe🕷

    Pisces: alien (dun dun DUN)👽

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  • INFJ-T / 6w5 / Aries Sun / Libra Moon / Gemini Rising / Taurus Mercury / Pisces Venus / Capricorn Mars


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  • Something a Leo Sun male once told me that crosses my mind quite often: “You can fix ALMOST anything just by using common sense.”

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  • Horoscopes, 10.24-10.25.20

    Aries: Today asks how you try to protect yourself. How does it stop you from opening up? Do you expect to be free from pain? There are all sorts of holes letting in new, perhaps frightening things. You may be feeling frustrated, exhausted. Make your work beautiful, pleasing, this weekend or simply don’t do it. Rest is its own unlocking. 

    Taurus: Are you committed to your inner journey, your creative outlets, your pleasures, like you’re committed to your work, spouse, outer life? Now’s the time to do the steady work of aligning your actions with your dreams, visions, aspirations. Failure rolls off the tongue so easily but the true jewel is rolling all those failures into gifts. Only trust those who help you go deep this weekend. 

    Gemini: Make no mistake; emotional excavation is labor through and through, though never compensated or rewarded as such. Give yourself plenty of rest and periods of reflection, perhaps free-write a bit. Focus on what prevents you from truly sharing or receiving, on what you truly owe to others. Don’t worry about tying it up in a neat bow. Be all process, all middle. 

    Cancer: Does your crush, lover, love your friends? Do they know each other? Do they play similar or very different roles? Map out the unconscious forces growing in the space between self and other using unconventional, creative means. In the words of John Frusciante: “As long as the message you send yourself is that it is important to you to be guided by the creative force inside you, in the long run you are on the same path as the sun”. Trust the light, what it brings into focus. 

    Leo: This weekend is about limits. This weekend is about facing up to exhaustion not as a failure but as an embodiment practice, a way of attuning to the body and its limits. Consider all the people excluded from conventional society because of how their body does and does not work. Consider the feelings you, too, may be exiling. Your inner world becomes radical when all objects are dusted off, brought by the windows, seen for their beauty. Relax into the cauldron turning your exhaustion into darkness. There’s possibility, freedom, there. 

    Virgo: I want you to stay in touch with the idea of process; of relationships, passions, jobs, projects, as never really finished but continually being tweaked and tweaking us. It’s impossible to stay still, to stay the same, under this paradigm, but it’s also impossible to ever get it “wrong” or “right”. So don’t let the endless pursuit of knowledge and perfection let you from ever thinking there’s such a thing as an ending. Let your gut, the dark brain, let you know when enough is enough. 

    Libra: You are not accountable to how coolly or calmly you can handle a situation; you are accountable to feeling into and embodying your truths, other people’s comfort be damned. This sort of inner work that this weekend asks of you is messy and isolating at times. Don’t worry about trying to explain your feelings or thoughts to others. The real ones get it, allow it, love it.

    Scorpio: There’s a difference between telling the truth in service to change and telling the truth as a lousy parlor trick. Rather than valuing your rational understanding of your psyche, get down in the mud with your feelings, cover yourself in it. Let the words of others help sort it out. Your  friends are your boundaries this weekend. 

    Sagittarius: If something beautiful comes your way, let it in. Buy that dress. Pick those flowers. Paint your face. Let your beauty be in service of your service, how you help others. Don’t underestimate the power of being yourself, the permission it gives. Look inward when you look for meaning, however. Only you can dictate what you need right. Trust the feelings that move through your body like words on a page.

    Capricorn: Unconcerned with being taken the right way, you are able to say hard truths that you think will help others grow. Being wrong is such a temporary state if you listen when others speak, know when to take a back seat every once and awhile. Look to your communities and see where this standard is not upheld, where your embodiment of hard truths is taken as a threat. A good organization allows itself to be shaken.

    Aquarius: There is a beauty to letting your ideas be changed, to get more information and alter your opinion. Face the bleakness of the time, the bleakness attached to your visions of the future. Know it could all be different, and will be. Only let in ideas that threaten to shake you down to your core, to go to the deepest depths to you. Let your visions change you this weekend. 

    Pisces: Now’s the time to sacrifice harmony for depth, to advocate for your shifting, mercurial needs, even if they change the very next day. The option to say yes without the option to say no is simple coercion, a shrinking of yourself. It’s important to notice when your truths are shut down because they don’t support someone else’s mental structures. That is not your burden anymore. Wisdom should take you to all the dark places.

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  • Aquarius: Who killed Medusa?

    Taurus: Sonic?

    #zodiac signs#zodiac #incorrect zodiac quotes #incorrect quotes#aquarius#taurus #shit my friends have said
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  • Weekend Weather, 10.24-10.25.20

     Venus Trine Saturn

    Mercury Cazimi in Scorpio

    Our love is put to the test this weekend. Saturn, the creator of structure and boundaries, touches Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, in a supportive aspect, asking us to find joy in the stability and reliability our relationships can give us. Do we confuse drama and passion with true love? Do we grow tired of a relationship once it’s lost its romance? Now’s a good day to check in with our expectations in relationships and how they line up with what we can really give. Now’s a good time to discuss your boundaries and needs in relationships, as there is a general feeling of maturity threaded through our desire to connect. If someone responds with rejection or self-important despair, that’s something to note as well. 

    Watch for what else arises in these conversations. Mercury, currently in retrograde in Scorpio, is “cazimi”, or less than 17 minutes away from the Sun this Sunday. Whereas in Hellenistic astrology, a planet too close to the sun is considered “combust” or weakened, this tight conjunction puts Mercury in “the throne of the king,” and enhances their strength. Through communication, we have the power to dredge up all sorts of unconscious material, get to the bottom of habit patterns, begin deeper processes of transformation. We have the power to shed light on what was previously shrouded in darkness. 

    So don’t be fooled by the serious, practical sheen of the weekend. There’s plenty going on below the surface. Will you dive in?

    Read on to find your horoscopes for today.

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  • The Signs As Britney Spears Songs


    • Kill The Lights
    • Piece Of Me
    • (You Drive Me) Crazy


    • Lace And Leather
    • Radar
    • I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman


    • Phonography
    • Criminal
    • Mood Ring


    • Inside Out
    • Why Should I Be Sad
    • Toxic


    • Circus
    • Hot As Ice
    • Gasoline


    • Ooh Ooh Baby
    • I’m A Slave 4 U
    • Womanizer


    • Hold It Against Me
    • Heaven On Earth
    • Invitation


    • Mona Lisa
    • Breathe On Me
    • Get Naked (I Got A Plan)


    • Do You Wanna Come Over
    • Lucky
    • Clumsy


    • Perfect Lover
    • Work B*tch
    • Make Me…


    • (I’ve Just Begun) Having My Fun
    • Unusual You
    • Trouble For Me


    • I Wanna Go
    • Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)
    • Gimme More


    Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs!

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  • ✨ Geminis are usually quite quick to say they’re not interested in a conversation topic. If they don’t say it directly their faces will give it away

    ✨ I would consider the rising sign to affect appearance rather than physical features. What I mean by that is that for me physical looks=genetics/phenotype (ie, someone with a Cancer rising won’t have big boobs if they have genes for a smaller chest) whereas appearance=aesthetic/energy vibes/etc.

    ✨ Check out your asteroids, Lilith placements, and other similar positions! They can be quite enlightening, since they are bit specific but they can really make everything click sometimes

    ✨ Trines in synastry can be a mixed bag situation, mainly because (in my experience and opinion) the individuals are just similar enough to get on each others nerves really effectively. This can really show if there are multiple main trines between people

    ✨ I think a fair amount of generational divide can be attributed to Pluto placements. Because Pluto deals with power struggles and control, and what I would consider life-long themes surrounding higher meaning.

    ✨ 12th house placements are a big deal for in regards to synastry. The 12th house deals with a lot, an important theme there is the unconscious, that thing about you people don’t see. So sharing a Moon/12th house conjunction in synastry can make you feel very intimately seen by that person. Or maybe a person with your 12th sign as their rising performs like the part of you that you can never seem to fully reveal.

    🌟Important Note on how I interpret Astrology: I personally don’t think there’s a huge difference between the men and women of a sign behavior wise, so I don’t really interpret them differently. I think most differences come down to what is socially acceptable based on context (for example, it may be easier for a more aggressive Aries guy than an aggressive Aries girl). I find this to be a more accessible and inclusive way to interpret, which is why I use this method. There are more feminine- and masculine-coded planets/placements, but I read them as expressions of those traits (ie “Look at Venus if you like women“ but more as “If you prefer more femme partners, look towards Venus“). That’s just a personal preference though, and everyone does things differently.

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