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  • the moon moved into taurus and i just took a 3 hour nap

    #i like never take naps but i was scrolling through my phone on my bed and then oops! i knocked out #woke up like 'hey you... you're finally awake' #taurus #moon in taurus #leonatxt
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  • #moon #moonchild #earthchild #earthsigns #taurus #empath #sensitive #fibrowarrior #fibrowarriors #fibrostrong #fibromyalgia #girlswithtattoos #tattoos #inkedgirls #inked

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☆ objective, astute, close minded, sensual, romantic

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  • Moon in Taurus 🌓 Affirmations

    ✨ I explore and embrace my sexual desires.

    ✨ I am open to new avenues of money.

    ✨ I am worthy of feeling secure and safe.

    ✨ I trust that everything will happen in its own time.

    ✨ I am open to change.

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  • i know 7 rings should be on the cancer playlist, but with ari’s v dominant earth placements, esp her taurus venus/cap rising… gonna have to give it to them.

    #text #ofc this bichth loves to shop. taurus is in its home planet venus in her chart. and that cap rising combined w it #my girl works hard to spend hardhdhs. period #ariana#taurus#capricorn
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  • image

    WWE + ZODIAC SIGNS (pt.1)

    #reposting from their insta story because I love astrology #I love assigning meaning to shapes in the stars #ANYWAY#zodiac#zodiac signs#wwe#Bianca Belair#Aries#Io Shirai#Taurus#Bayley#Gemini#Adam Cole#Cancer#Kofi Kingston#Leo#Ember moon#Virgo
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  • I fking hate working. I do not dream of labor. I dream of spending time with my friendssssssssssssss 😤

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  • 🦁 Leo Risings 🦁

    This is an exciting time for your career, Leo. Uranus and Mars are currently transiting your MC and making a square to your ascendant.

    You feel a lot more ambitious. There is a strong desire to prove yourself, whatever it takes. You might a bit bored, and some of you are thinking about quitting. This is not the best time to act impulsively. Wait a few months until this transit goes away. In the meanwhile, think about your best options. Sudden and impulsive actions might cost you in the long run.

    Some new exciting project are going to be presented to you Leo, and you are going to be even busier than before in the next few months. Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Mars and Uranus will be conjunct at 6° (=Virgo degree) this week. You need to take care of yourself. Virgo is all about healing the body, which is something that I think you need, Leo. Being ambitious and wanting to succeed is a great quality to have, but do not forget about your mental and physical health. 

    Good luck 🌈✨

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  • Air- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Ruled by the element of air, you tend not to stay concentrated on any one issue for too long. Rather, you sparse out your energy on what holds your attention in the moment. Some may not take you seriously, but that’s because they rarely see your serious side. You tend to remain jovial, light hearted, and adaptable. 

    Fire- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Ruled by the element of fire, you tend to be passionate about your beliefs and your emotions. You can come off as intense and impatient to those who haven’t gotten to know you. You are bold and honest, which sometimes goes against your best interest. You remain loyal, brave, and fearless in the face of adversity. 

    Water- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Ruled by the element of water, you’re known for your moody, reserved, and thoughtful nature. You tend to get lost in your own head. But you understand your emotions to an extent that most others do not. You can become cold to those who have hurt you, and you open yourself up sparingly to those who can earn your trust. 

    Earth- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Ruled by the element of earth, you tend to be grounded, patient, and realistic. You don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement. You rely on hard facts and logic to guide your decision making. Those who don’t know you well may think of you as condescending or opportunistic, when you’re just trying to get ahead. 

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  • Aries
    making bad choices
    texting first but not replying
    not following directions
    uncomfortable about crying
    extra af
    very competitive
    playing loud music
    leading people on
    trust issues

    highkey sensitive
    very down to earth

    loves to hold grudges
    scared of big changes

    has good work ethics

    loves the drama
    in love with 5 people at the same time

    selfish yet caring sometimes
    evil and dark humor
    lies for no reason
    trivia machine and intelligent
    good speaking skills
    corrects people when not required

    prepared for the best and worst outcomes
    craves security and stability

    bottles up their emotions
    good listener
    caring and calls to check in
    heart of gold with good advice
    has trouble moving on
    vivid imagination

    wants more attention
    has lots of friends
    very bossy yet sensitive
    kind hearted and caring
    can’t fall asleep
    flirts aggressively
    terrified of failure
    has a big ego
    natural leader

    over-analyzing friendships
    pretty damn intelligent
    puts themselves last
    repeating a task until they perfect it
    secret hoe but loyal af
    very helpful and kind
    insanely observant
    stuck in negative thought cycles

    has commitment problems
    has big dreams
    people pleaser
    has too much attitude
    keeps it cute
    hates fighting
    good at giving advice

    strong emotional attachments
    pain is cool and mentally strong
    gets shit done
    secretly soft af
    has trust issues

    takes care of everyone
    has very few friends

    optimistic with a free spirit
    distracted easily

    loves to argue for no reason
    plenty of friends
    social butterfly
    unbothered by emotions
    honest and up-front
    has major FOMO
    super confident

    always super busy
    way too serious
    high standards yet friendly
    has too much attitude
    has huge goals
    loves to be a control freak
    plays it safe
    plans for the future

    very selective
    firmly established opinions
    a good multitasker
    bad at feelings
    treats everyone equally
    realist with a pinch of optimism
    “I’m fine”
    hates clingy people

    innocent energy
    believes in magic and destiny
    bad taste in boys/girls
    social anxiety
    hopeless romantic
    prone to addiction

    loves their friends a lot
    very creative

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  • ⚡⚡💫 For the next two to three weeks of February, month of love, Aquarius season themes 💫⚡⚡

    Aries: Getting out of situations that make you feel trapped & anxious

    Taurus: Moving on from the past & meeting new people

    Gemini: New start in romance, & loving yourself more

    Cancer: Learning how to balance your emotions properly.

    Leo: Stopping the self sabotaging tendencies, especially in romance

    Virgo: Taking control of your love life & who you offer your love too

    Libra: Leaving behind other people’s expectations of you.

    Scorpio: Working on finding a career that you enjoy, & saving money

    Sagittarius: So much love and happiness. Learn to know that you’re deserving.

    Capricorn: Balancing work & play. Working on emotional attachments.

    Aquarius: Quickly moving into a balanced energy, feeling comfortable in your skin.

    Pisces: Love, money, success. Loving yourself.

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  • Every person has 12 zodiac signs, known as the zodiac sign. The placement of the signs in the sky is referred to as the “asteroid” system. Zodiac signs cannot be directly seen but are usually easily detected with a selenium magnifying lens or UV light. Although there is no scientific evidence to support this, many people believe that each and every person has been assigned a sign according to a certain group of people who lived before them. Although some of the signs do not directly match with one another, most of them do.


    The constellations also define the zodiac as an area in the sky, divided into 12 smaller parts. These smaller parts, called the planets, are then found to be unique, resembling either an animal or an insect, which symbolize the different zodiac signs. The sun is thought to move around the earth from one sign to another each month; simultaneously, all the 12 zodiac signs do share some common traits.

    Each and every sign have five major parts, each sign representing one of the five elements. The primary element is air, with its influence from the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus. Water, air, fire, earth, and wood are also present, and each of these elements has its characteristics and traits associated with it. All the 12 zodiac signs have significant traits to them, depending on the predominant element, and each and every person is assigned to a sign based on where their primary element is found. The cardinal zodiac signs (Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius) all have a fixed start and end time of their day. Since they rotate around the fixed celestial sphere, their day also begins and ends at a fixed time.

    According to astrology, the 12 zodiac signs are further divided into two groups: the Aries signs, situated around the star Aries, and the Libra signs, which are based around the star Libra. The ram is the main star of the first group, while the earth is the second star. Each of the two sets of signs has one star in the heavens around each of them. Because the sun rises and sets in each of the twelve zodiac signs, it is important to understand that when determining the date for your birth, the time that your astrologer gives you your birthdate must be correct. If the time your astrologer gives you for your birth is off by a few seconds or more, this could throw your astrological reading completely off.

    All the 12 zodiac signs begin their days with the new moon. This makes each of the signs appear larger than life as the new moon causes the earth to move closer to or farther from the sun, which affects all the other planets in the solar system. When you are born, the star in your astrology chart will be rising and setting, either by one or all of the stars in your chart. This is why some people believe that if the stars are all moving around like the earth, you are born when the stars are rising.

    The rising of the star in Taurus, which is in the Aries section of your astrology chart, has many interesting implications. For example, if you are born in March, you are halfway through your life as an Aries. The rising of Taurus also represents a period of growth and development. You will become more aware of what you want in life and are likely to find happiness and fulfillment in your career. If you are born in October, you are a Leo and represent optimism and freedom.

    The second feature of the rising of Taurus that we will talk about is the constellations represented by this star sign. If you are born in October, you are an Aquarius. This means that you have the characteristics of being creative and having a strong sense of social harmony and cooperation. Your horoscope will also show you that your personality is balanced and you do not suffer from mood swings or personality disorders. Another important characteristic of the horoscope associated with this sign is that you will be a lover of the eye. You may even turn your love affair with the sun into an astrological relationship.

    The third aspect that your horoscope can show us is the presence of fire elements in your horoscope. Every element, including the moon, appears to affect the people who inhabit the earth. This is why the horoscope has a section called the house signs. These signs include but are not limited to Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. If you use the information you find in your chart, it can help us understand our natures.

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  • Aries & Aries- Your fire would keep each other warm, but when you’re in an argument, it could get ugly. You’re both so convinced you’re in the right, and so easy to piss off, that arguments would be heated and often would go without resolution. 

    Taurus & Taurus- You have the patience for each other that the rest of the world doesn’t offer. You will agree on things more often than not, but compromise won’t happen. One of you will have to forfeit your desires to appease the other. 

    Gemini & Gemini- The two of you will be playful together. You can understand the hidden aspects of each other’s personality that the rest of the world tends to judge. You aren’t two-faced, rather, you protect your emotional side from being taken advantage of. The two of you will make a good team. 

    Cancer & Cancer- Your combined moodiness could pose problems for this relationship. Although you can be supportive of each other’s emotions, you could tend to bring each other down with your turbulent nature. You would nurture and challenge one another. 

    Leo & Leo- This pairing could either go very well or very poorly. When it’s good, it’s amazing, and when it’s bad, it’s a disaster. Your egos both need to be satisfied and you both need to feel in control of the relationship which is difficult to balance. 

    Virgo & Virgo- You’ll thrive on each other’s knowledge and logic. Communication will come easily and you’ll be able to debate without it turning into an argument. Be wary of falling into habits, though, as you’ll tend to want to do the same things. Keep each other trying something new. 

    Libra & Libra- This pairing is usually a good one. Neither of you gets offended by the others’ jokes. You know how to enjoy life and not take anything too seriously. Trouble can present itself when it comes down to making big decisions, though, as neither of you tends to commit to anything. 

    Scorpio & Scorpio- You understand each other’s dark humor. You can both use your calculated nature to help one another in any challenge. Although trust may become an issue in this relationship, as neither of you every fully trusts anyone, especially not your lover. 

    Sagittarius & Sagittarius- You will push each other creatively. You both crave travel and adventure, there will never be a dull moment so long as you are together. Be careful to give yourselves the freedom you need to explore your individuality. 

    Capricorn & Capricorn- An absolute powerhouse couple. You’ll work together to accomplish your financial goals and strive for mutual success. Where feelings are concerned, you tend to be lacking. Be intentional about the way you express to each other. 

    Aquarius & Aquarius- You may drive each other up the wall, but the attraction is there. The way you communicate will determine this relationship’s success. You both view the world so openly, there is no room for judgement. Be wary of your shared child like nature, as it could steer you away from reality. 

    Pisces & Pisces- You both have adept emotional maturity to make this relationship a healthy one. But your passive aggressive natures can bring it all crashing down. If you really want this relationship to succeed, be honest about what upsets you. 

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  • Folks I’m so frk bored and I’ve gotten into astrology lately

    Please let me look at sum charts. Just lmk when and where you were born and I could read your chart for ya? Maybe?

    Love y’all, keep me busy

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