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    27.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    This is such a great shot. Had to share it.

    ♥️ Commander Nathaniel Taylor♥️

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    27.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    No cause I just wrote an entire story based off of Begin Again

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  • moodiecookie
    27.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    2 am here we are

    see your face, hear my voice

    in the dark

    #this is about when that one person #shows up in the perfect place #at the perfect time #Taylor Swift #i wish you would #actually it's just 2 am right now #I feel so much love so
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  • comeback-be-here
    27.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Hearing Taylor say Tumblr now just sounds strange.

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    27.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Taylor Swift

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    27.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Idyllwild, California

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  • awesomeassfuck
    27.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    your heart was glass; i dropped it | champagne problems

    #the greatest showman #tgs#zac efron#zendaya#taylor swift #this verse always makes me think of phillip and anne #so i made it a gifset #:)#my gifs#mine
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  • jegulusismyheart
    27.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Regulus loves indie, underground, alternative, artists and basically anyone that’s not mainstream. But… the minute that James (the biggest swiftie) plays anything from Taylor’s discography Regulus screams the lyrics with James.

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  • moreculturelesspop
    27.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Anya Taylor-Joy – “Last Night in Soho” Premiere in Los Angeles 10/25/2021

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    27.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago
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  • rogermyreligion
    27.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    There's always a first time

    Pairing: Roger Taylor x Female Reader.

    Summary: Roger and you are best friends but you like each other since long time ago, neither of you have had a partner before and neither of you have had sex before either...

    Warnings: smut and fluff, sex unexperience, losing virginity, sex underage (both 17), protected sex.

    Word count: 6,5k

    (This is a request from @meddowscrl but i NEEDED to make it one-shot because there was a lot to write about)

    You never saw your best friend as your partner, you thought it was something impossible to happen, that maybe he was like your brother from another mother, you thought that life was going to take you another way, but apparently there were pending plans.

    Roger and you have been best friends since the beginning of elementary school, he used to annoy you whenever he got the chance and you also made him take his own medicine. As the teasing came and went among you, the day finally came and he invited you to his house to play and spend the day, showing off the amazing cakes his mom made and telling that you must try them.

    After that afternoon full of laughter, games, tv, cake and chocolate milk, you realized how beautiful time you spent with him, how funny he was and how good you get along together. Those kind of afternoons became more frequent, sometimes in your house and sometimes in his, more than once you found yourself crying in your room when your mother did not allow you to go to Roger's place, unleashing a tantrum that It lasted hours until you forgot about the problem, after all, you saw Roger every day at school.

    As the years went by, you went to high school, always accompanied by Roger, it was a routine for him to accompany you home after school to take care of your safety, it was also routine for both of you to do homework together (well basically you did homework and then he would copy it almost verbatim since Roger was very clueless with school things and needed a second hand). It got to a point that your mother placed excessive trust in Roger so wherever you had to go, he was there, with you, he officially became your best friend. You went to every party together, every poolparty together, every sleepover together, the school party? Yeah, you went together too.

    And this is where your feelings begin to take part of you, you noticed that you enjoyed spending time with Roger more than usual, the afternoons at his house now lasted until later, so late that Roger's mother was begging for you to spend the night there, he accompanied you to buy clothes and advised you about what you should buy and what not (since he is such a fashionable boy) you also became a very trustworthy person for him, he came to tell you things that he did not tell anyone, he cried on your shoulder without shame since he knew that you were not going to laugh at him.

    You realized that something was wrong with you when you saw Roger talking to other girls, not girlfriends, just girls, he hasn't had a girlfriend, he was a bit slow with the big question. He always brags about how attractive he was to girls and used to bother you with that until you decided to ignore him for a good few and painful hours and that's where you bit the inside of your cheek and clenched your fists, you were jealous but you never admitted it, after all he was your best friend, not your boyfriend. You never thought he could get to being more than just a close friend, you always thought that Roger would never be with a girl like you, not after seeing the crowd of women wanting to bite his calves all the time.

    But you were wrong, because Roger had already discussed this topic with his male friends, Brian and Tim. Basically they pointed out Roger's change in behavior as your relationship of friends with him increased in a staggered manner. Brian ran into a Roger talking about you more than necessary, and Tim ran into a Roger who smiled whenever your name was casually mentioned in a conversation. That is why they managed to get him to accept their feelings for you, but now the big thing was coming, he had to face the situation, he couldn't live like this now that he knows he loves you and not in a friendly way. Tim and Brian also managed -or basically forced- Roger to declare himself his feelings for you once and for all.

    As expected, Roger whined about being afraid of ruining his relationship with you, but Brian insisted that it was something that had to happen, if his feelings were real, there was no turning back, it has to be done, and it has to be now. What made Roger pick his ass off his bed and run to the phone to call you and make up an excuse for you to come to his place was a phrase spoken by Tim;

    "If you want her now, you need to act now, in a while it will be too late and another boy will win her over, and you're going to wish you were in his shoes," Tim said, flipping through the pages of his book.

    Roger huffed, lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling and twirling his drumsticks with his fingers, "That's not going to happen, she's not going to be with other boys," he sounded normal but his jaw was becoming more tense and rigid at the thought of you hooking with some random guys.

    Brian raised one of his eyebrows, his arms were crossed, indicating the seriousness of the topic being debated in Roger's small room, "How are you so sure about that? She is a pretty and nice girl and I am sure that more than one will try to have their way with her very soon mate, i'm just warning you"

    Tim turned his head to Roger when Brian finished the sentence, he was no longer playing with his drumsticks, his eyes were wide and his brow furrowed, "He is right," Tim agreed, nodding thoughfully.

    "But- I have to be the only one looking at her, I don't want other assholes putting a hand on her, absolutely not, they don't deserve, just me and-" Roger was continuing with his monologue but Brian stopped him.

    "Then move!" He said out loud, Brian never yelled, he was the most peaceful, the calmest, the coolness, but he was fed up with Roger's silly speeches, he wanted action from him.

    Roger snapped his eyes in Brian's direction, making a face of realization, putting a hand on his forehead suddenly, his hair stood on end, "Fuck you're right, I'm gonna be late for her! God-" he was trailed off again, but now by Tim.

    Tim covered his ears in annoyance, "Roger calm down! Is not like she's having a shag right now with another boy," he chuckled but then he heard Brian slapping his forehead with his hand, knowing the effect those words are going to have on Roger.

    Roger's head turned towards Tim, you could see the fire in his eyes, "Don't you dare say that again" he pointed at him with his index finger, he wasn't joking at all but Tim raised his arms dramatically, pretending defense.

    "Cut it!" Brian yelled, "What are you going to do?" He glanced at Roger, who was clearly nervous about the whole situation.

    "I don't know, call her?" He scratched his head with confusion.

    "Call her? That's bullshit, you have to invite her here," Tim added.

    "Now?" He had even more doubts than before.

    "No." Brian shook his head, "Tomorrow, tomorrow it's better."

    Roger bit the skin around his fingers, "Hell- alright."

    After that conversation, Tim and Brian left, leaving Roger more worried than ever, it was a lot of pressure. When his head hit the pillow the only thing he could think about was the possible final scenarios for tomorrow, some very tragic, others very fanciful, whatever your answer will be, the least he wanted was to lose your relationship with you, because at the end both loved each other, the title of the relationship doesn't matter but how strong the bond is, he rather prefer lose everything but that.

    Roger didn't even realize how many hours he managed to sleep, he didn't even know if he had managed to sleep properly, what he does know was that he had to call you, so he skipped breakfast and ran to the phone, he dialed your number in record time and he waited patiently until you answer. When he looked at his watch and was aware of how early it was, he threatened to cut the call but a harmonious and familiar voice appeared on the other side of the line.

    "Hello?" Your voice was croaky.

    Roger bit his lip tight and scrunched his nose with embarrasement as he realized he woke you up, "mhm- hi"

    "Rog? Is that you right?" You were too sleepy to even recognize his voice.

    He chuckled, "Yeah, it's me"

    "What happened? It's 9:14 am and it's saturday, why are you awake?" You giggled lazily at the end.

    "Uh- em- i need some help with some homework notes" he was quickly to invent.

    "Really? Today? A saturday?"

    "Yeah" he said brightly, "I happen to want to be a good student" he chuckled.

    You laughed and he heard you.

    "You don't need to come right now, you can wake up properly, eat something. I just thought it'll be a good opportunity since my mother is not home and here is very quiet so we can concentrate"

    "Alright Rog," you stiffened a yawn, "Give me 15 min and i'm there"

    Roger smiled out of nowhere, "You're the best" he breathed out.

    You just laughed, "See you"

    The minutes were mentally subtracting in Roger's head when he looked in a mirror and realized how tousled he looked, disheveled hairs and a lot of bad breath. Running up the stairs and brushing his teeth, he adjusted his hair a bit with his hands and changed into more decent clothes. The only thing left was to wait, every second that passed was worse for Roger.

    But after 20 minutes the sound of the doorbell echoed throughout the house, Roger jumped up and run down the stairs almost tripping, when he opened the door he found the sight of you, baggy clothes, a backpack slung over your shoulder and your hair made a bun, clearly you didn't mind Roger see you in that state, he has seen you in worse states.

    "Hello there, exemplary student," you mocked the last two words while laughing.

    Roger stayed still on his foot, he eyed you up and down, the idea was so stuck in his head that he has already started to see you with different eyes, he always has know you were beautiful but now, right this bloody second, you were the most gorgeous woman in London.

    Roger had a little delay, but at the end he began to chuckle and he ran his body to the side to let you pass, "C'me in teacher," You entered, he closed the door and turned around to see you, "Let's go upstairs, my things are there,"

    You nodded, "Ok" you followed him when he started climbing the stairs.

    When both of them were already inside the room, Roger's heart began to beat, he was never so nervous in his life, you jumped on the bed with your backpack, taking out all your things, Roger remained standing, watching your movements until his gaze made you distracted.

    "Rog?" You waved your hand in front of him, "You literally woke me up at 9am, the least you can do is sit down here and tell me what help are you looking for," you giggled.

    He blinked, "Oh- yes yes yes, sorry" he walked across the room and grabbed his bag, wandering through his things, looking for some random task for you to help him, "This," he pulled out of his backpack a sheet of paper, a little wrinkled and worn, with questions on it.

    You took the sheet, squinting your eyes and reading the questions, "But this is from the beginning of the year, are you sure it was this?" You kept examinating the homework.

    His mouth was slightly open, "Um- i don't- i don't know, i must be wrong then, give me" he took the sheet and made it a bun, throwing it in the basket that was next to his bed, he began to look for another homework inside his bag.

    You could notice his movements were weird and tense, he was blinking too much and he was acelerated, "Rog it's fine-" he trailed you off.

    "No! It's just- fuck i can't find it!"

    You snatched his bag and started looking, "Calm your ass," you chuckled, "we'll find it,"

    He knew that you were never going to find the supposed task, he knew that there was no escape, plan b had to be started right now.

    "Okay, you're gonna kill me, but this is not why i call you to come here," he rubbed his shoulder, his face was inhibited.

    You stopped looking, your eyes drifted to him, "What? What do you mean by that?"

    He sighed, half with exhaustion and half with nervous, “I don’t want to sound cheesy, but I need you to know how I feel.”

    You nodded at every word, wondering what he was trying to say, it was serious? It was bad? It was good? You crossed your legs, directing all your attention to him, which made him more worried and edgy.

    He was unsure by your lack of words, but he carried on, “You know I love you, right? You know i tell you that all the time," he tilted his head a bit forwards, raising his brows, like he wanted you to answer.

    Your stomach was full of tingles, you didn't know if it was a good or bad feeling, "Yeah" that came more than a question than an affirmative answer.

    "Well," He shifted himself just an inch closer, "I do, i really do, but maybe in a different way than you think...”

    "Wait-" you frowned, putting your hand in front of him.

    "No. You wait," he grabbed your hand and put it down, caressing it unconsciously, "I- I really need to get this off my back, so please, can I?" His voice was getting softer and softer, eyes sparkling but also full of doubt.

    You nodded slowly, not even moving your body, heart already paralyzed.

    He took a second to glance your face, your feautures, "Maybe I like you- well, i mean- nono, maybe is not the right word, i think i do like you," he found you chuckling very subtle as he stuttered, your warm smile followed by that pretty sound of your laugh made him just a little less restive.

    You tried not to smile wider, you put your free hand over his, the one that was grabbing yours, and now that you were more conscious, his hand was extremely cold, something you've already known as a sign of his nervousness.

    "Rog, hey-"

    "Y/N I'm so afraid of losing you, please don't be angry I know this is so stupid, I- I just needed to let you know that-"

    You cupped his face with both hands, his face was as cold as his hands, "Rog please, stop talking" you said smiling, his eyes following your lips, going up to your eyes, relaxing from a moment, "You're freezing" your mouth left a softly giggle as you touched his forehead, he replied with a slight grin, he felt like your touch was warming him.

    "I'm sorry" he heaved.

    Now that you know his feelings for you, it was not longer difficult for you to express yours, "Do you remember that bunch of screaming girls? those who were a year younger than you? the ones that were always smelling your ass?" You laughed at the memory and he did as well, "I was always jealous of them and it took me some time to realise why." You slided your hands over his arms, following the path to his wrist.

    You noticed instantly how his eyes lit up and how the corners of his mouth began to slowly rise, "You.."

    "Yeah, I do like you, I even thought you were never going to see me with those type of eyes, since you're always with girls and everything," you waved a hand in the air, hoping you were not blushing at his fixed staring.

    He huffed, followed by a laugh, "How the fuck could I put my attention in other girls since you're the one who really know me, who really know my b side, who really know my insecurities, you have no competition" he brushed his thumb against your cheek, you glanced down, a sudden embarrasement washed over you.

    "Jesus Rog, stop" you laughed, scratching your forehead, trying to cover your face.

    He giggled tenderly as he lifted your chin, meeting those bright eyes, "I'm making you nervous, right?" He got closer.

    "Shut up," you laughed but yelped when he wrapped his arms around your waist, almost making you straddle his hips, you put one hand against his chest, your faces were very close though.

    He was almost breathing on your face, "God i've never had you this close," he chuckled, caressing your back gently, "Feels warm"

    Your hands slided up to his neck, tickling with your nails, "This would probably be the perfect moment for a kiss" you half whispered, staring at his lips.

    "And we probably shouldn't waste it." He said with his eyes also fixed on the way your glossy big lips moved as you talked.

    With those last words, you closed the gap between you, stucking with each other bodies, you crashed your lips with his as you put your hand behind his neck, playing with his long locks while humming happily against him.

    He followed your movements, he glued your chest with his as he savoured your mouth, he couldn't believe how magical was this moment, how both mouth laced together, how good it felt to touch you, to feel you. He was more than pleased and that was due to his tongue tempting with explore more of you.

    You parted your lips a few milimiters, just enough for his tongue to slide in, he grabbed you by your face, sucking the hell out of you, the kiss was suffocating, intoxicating, but in the most beautiful way existent. You felt your heart melt as his hand slipped under your baggy hoodie, suddenly stroking your lower back. An eventual feeling of overheating made you placed one hand on his thigh, a little bit higher, he jumped very slightly at the touch, both laughing in the middle of the kiss.

    You felt a heat wave taking over you, you felt like you were wearing too much clothes, but you didn't want to take off your hoodie yet, so you proceeded to guide his hands, further up to the clasp of your bra, hoping he get the signal. He groaned in your mouth when the palm of your hand grazed near his crotch, he unclasped the bra and then he took off your hoodie, the large hanging material revealing your tiny figure, your reflections made you cover your breasts with the already unclasped bra.

    Roger stared at you with admiration, "Hey it's ok, it's just me," he chuckled, caressing your bare waist, trying to take all the sight of you in a second, "Let's match" he pulled out his shirt, then he unbottoned his jeans, lowering them until it dropped to the floor, he kicked them.

    You were delighted by his nake figure, you have already seen him in swimming shorts, this was another universe, he was just wearing his white boxer, the atmosphere was becoming more and more intimate and heated.

    He noticed that you were not making any movement, you were in the same position, pants still on, your chest area was covered by your bra, you were holding it with your hands so that it does not fall, his eyes turned in confusion but then he was quick to get the situation, maybe you were uncomfortable.

    He placed his hand on your knee with the attempt of calm your waters, "This is your first time, isn't? We don't have to do it, it's all good" he smiled fondly, trying to read your eyes.

    "Yeah, it is," you whispered, you didn't want to, but you were kind of embarrased, not because it was Roger almost naked in front of you, but you didn't want to admit it, "You know i don't want this to be difficult for you-"

    He cut you off desperately, "It is my first time too," he said normally, shrugging his shoulders, "I think there's always a first time," he smirked, "For everything" he shifted his body closer to yours.

    Your previous nervous-eyes changed to a half surprised and half intrigued, "What- haven't you?- wait what?"

    He chuckled, sliding his hand up to your thigh, "No. I haven't, I think the opportunity never presented itself, I know it may sound shocking to you but I never touched the naked body of a woman but I think I can try," he brought his free hand to your face, moving a hair behind your ear, "If you let me, of course. I'm also quiet nervous but I promise i'll take care of you, and if you want me to stop, we stop."

    How could you say no? After all, you really wanted to try, deep down you wanted his lips on your body, his words reached your heart, and the fact that he is the first person to touch parts of your body that no one has touched before made you form tingles on the chest.

    You slowly removed your bra, making it drop to the mattress, Roger's eyes dropped too, eyes fixed on your tits. He was about to reach one of them with his hand but he stopped, he glanced at you, raising a brow and shooting you a stare that said; "Can i?"

    You nodded, smiling with a blushed on your cheeks, linking your lips as he placed one hand over your breast, squeezing softly and bringing his other hand to the party, "Fuck, those are beautiful" he breathed out with a innocent chuckle, smoothing his movements when thought he was squeezing too much.

    You couldn't help but bit down your lip and closing your eyes when he brushed his thumb over your hard nipple, sighing contentedly. He leaned closer, laying you down, straddling you, he kept playing with your tits, like he was experimenting with you, touching and paying attention to your reactions, he was enjoying this so far and it was just the beginning.

    "Can I... you know- lick one?" He asked, very lowly.

    You traced a line from his neck to his jaw, ending the palm of your hand on top of his head, "Yes. Please." You whispered, looking at him with bright eyes.

    He grinned, glancing down, grabbing you by your waist, caressing you with his thumbs, his eyes were stuck on your tits, amazement on his eyes, like he was trying to choose which one put inside of his mouth. He finally aligned his lips with your nipple, wrapping it very slowly, you arched your back, humming as you spread your legs further.

    He placed kisses all around your tit, ending with his lips sucking your nipple, his mouth felt warm and your crotch started to itch deliciously, you felt it was satisfying but not enough to calm all your needs.

    He raised his gaze, watching you humming and squirming, "You look... really pretty" he sounded like he didn't know how to say you were incredible hot, all his words were innocent and no longer cocky, "Do you like what i'm doing to you? Or should I stop?" He said that but his mouth still lapping your nipple and his other hand roaming all over your stomach was telling you a different story.

    You glanced down to him, he was propped on his torso, on top of you, touching you like you were made of crystal, "Mhmmm" you giggled when you felt him tickling you, "Feels ticklish" you wiggled a bit.

    He hummed, pleased with himself, "How I didn't see your tits before? They are bloody nice" he placed wet kisses on your chest area, placing his fervent hands on the side of your breasts.

    You kept letting go some moans disguised as murmurs, your legs were blazing under your baggy pants but you didn't know how to indicate him to move on with something else, the situation was still indiferent and weird to you, but all those thoughts were interrupted by him nibbling your nipple.

    "Oh!" You closed your eyes and moaned, wrapping your legs around his body.

    He got startled for a second when he heard you, stopping whatever he was doing so focused, "Shit- sorry-" he kissed where he just nibbled, licking his lip and brushing them against your little pink nub.

    You laughed openly at his sudden frighten, "It's all fine, it didn't hurt me," you ruffled your hand over his hair, smiling when he shifted his head to kiss your palm.

    His attention returned to your torso, he run one fingertip all the path down to your belly button, tracing a big circle around it, smirking when you wiggled, "Are you comfortable? Want me to keep going?" He asked gently, his hands roaming on your hips, he wanted to rip the annoying cloth to finally see your body, but he rather prefer wait for your response.

    You grinded your crotch against his belly, "Please. Yes" you panted, happy that he finally was about to take some actions, though the idea was still thrilling and making you nervous.

    He smirked, slipping his hand down to the elastic of your pants, sliding down your legs, exposing your skin, you groaned complainingly in your mind when you realized the underwear you were wearing, a pink cotton panties, the least sexy thing in the world.

    "If I knew that this was going to happen, I would have used a slightly prettier lingerie" you giggled to cover your embarrasement.

    He ended tossing your pants to the floor, fondling your bare legs with both hands, "I don't care. By the way, it's this patch also part of your panties?" he chuckled, putting one finger on the clearly wet spot.

    You jolted, "Fuck-" you closed your legs.

    He kept laughing tenderly, placing his hands on your knees, "I'm sorry, there is nothing to be ashamed of, that mark there only means that things are going well, you are aroused... because of me," he smirked, capturing his lower lip with his teeth.

    Your ashame was cut off by a laugh erupting your lips, slowly opening your legs to him again, "Shut up and keep going," a wash of new-found confidence washed over you for a second, he stared at you, with wide eyes, "Please?" You tilted your head to a side, running a hand down to your clothed pussy, drawing circles.

    His mouth was slitghly open and his pupils were following your rubbing, he was frozed, he felt insecure for a brief moment, like he didn't know how to continue, he knew he had to do something but he was nervous and his mind went blank, he's never touched a woman on this way before, he's never touched you like this.

    "Rog? Do you know what to do?" You asked him, his eyes stopped looking down to look at you in the eye, you also paused your rubbing.

    He shook his head, "I mean- yes. But em-" he began stuttering and you knew you had to save him.

    “I’ll guide you.”

    He blinked, but he nodded sheepishly, "Ok"

    "Get rid of my panties" you put your hand over the hand he had placed over your inner thigh, "Can you do that for me?" You asked with a smile.

    He became some kind of robot, hypnotized by your almost naked body, he hooked his fingers under the waistband, sliding them down your legs, his eyes went to your dripping flower right away.

    You noticed his doubts, "Are you sure you want to continue? We can stop if you feel nervous" you asked, sitting down properly, legs still open.

    He reacted, "Fuck no. I want you so bad Y/N," he almost panted, stroking your inner thigh and swallowing.

    "Do you know where the clit is?"

    He has never been this embarrased before, but he couldn't lie, "Yes but- it's hard to see, i've never seen one before," the last word came in form of a whisper.

    "It's alright, give me two fingers,"

    He strechted one hand to you and you choose 2 of his fingers, then you placed them just on top of your clit, which it was already throbbing, "Here. Rub. Slowly"

    He did as you said, rubbing very gently as your breath became sharply, "Like this?" He sped up just a bit, your head was tilted back.

    You left some cute and tiny moans, "Yes- oh Rog" He smirked smugly, now he was keen on the topic, so he collected some of your wetness and resumed his rubbing with his wet fingers, the feeling made you whimper as your chest was raising and falling.

    "Use- use your mouth-" you moaned in the middle thanks to a skilled movement from him, "bloody hell that's amazing" you gasped.

    His face fulled with realization, like he just remembered he could use his mouth to give you that delicious pleasure, he propped himself down on his stomach, he grabbed you by the waist and his mouth attached to your pussy, lapping uncontrollably.

    "Holy shit- Roger-" you grasped him by the hair, moaning his name due to the sudden and strong wave of heat.

    He sucked on your clit as you arched your back, he paused for a moment to admire the sight of you, all spread just for him, all soaked just for him, your hand gripping the sheets just because of him, when he looked down to your mound, he noticed the white fluid running down your slit, "That must feel really good" he dipped a finger inside your entrance, "Wow"

    You propped yourself on your elbows, you shot him a whiny gesture, "Please, Rog please i was so close" you panted, trying to direct him to his work again.

    His eyes lit up, "What? Close?- Fuck you're close!" He buried himself on you again, his tongue dancing up and down your slit, sucking quickly when he reached your clit.

    Your head fell back down on a pillow, you bucked your hips, "Oh god!" You squeezed one of your tits trying to alleviate the delicious feeling of wanting to pee.

    You poked your head out to try to see him but the only thing you could see was his blonde hair between your legs, his fingers burying into your thighs as he hummed. The sight of him made your body jerk unwittingly, your lips erupted a large moan as you came, grazing your cunt against his face to run out the rest of the orgasm.

    But apparently Roger didn't know that you were finished, consequently, he continued eating you out, with the same speed as before, his tongue would surely cramp if he did not stop, his only mission was to please you, he was making a mess in your pussy, cum mixed with his saliva.

    Your body began to respond with shocks thanks to the overstimulation that your clit was suffering. While you couldn't stop moaning, you pushed Roger's head, making him sit on his knees, "Done- i'm done."

    He kept himself watching you squirm as your pussy clenched around nothing. "Sorry, i couldn't stop" he wiped his chin with his fingers to then bring them to his mouth, "Mhm, sweet"

    You chuckled when you finally came back to earth, you sat down, still gasping, "Jesus Rog-" you put your hair behind your ears, "You really enjoyed it, didn't you?"

    He nodded, "Guess you too," his hands went back to your legs, stroking you with his wet fingers, "Can I try again?" He asked with raspy voice.

    Before answer, you glanced his boxer, they were tight and a few seconds later you saw a weird grey patch, he just came on his boxer, you covered your mouth, trying to swallow the giggles.

    Roger frowned, he glanced down as well, when he noticed he covered himself, "Shit- sorry about that" he chuckled but he was embarrased, you could see the blush on his cheeks, "It's just... the noises you were making.. i couldn't handle it" he said shyly.

    You bit your lip, "It's ok Rog," you put one hand on his shoulder, rubbing it gently.

    "I really want you to suck me off but- i guess i'm not going to last,"

    "We can move on," you slided your hands to the waist band of his boxers, "Can i?" You made some innocent eyes, imitating him.

    Roger nodded, eyes fixed on your fingers hooking the elastic.

    You took off his boxer, his cock was flat against his tummy, tip red angry and swollen, a spur of cum oozing from the tip, you leaned down and gave him a kitten lick just to clean the fluid that was already out.

    He whined, "Oh- my god" he bucked his hips when you wrapped your hands around his shaft.

    "You really are not going to last"

    "Not if you keep teasing like- this" he whimpered.

    You giggled, releasing his cock, your mouth was watering, it was big and you could see it twich with desesperarion, you looked at his face, "Where are the condoms?"

    "Drawer" he pointed.

    You stood up, walking naked to the drawer, Roger was in love with your body, the way your hips moved when you walk was sending him into a delightful frenzy, you grabbed one condom and returned to the bed, you tossed it in front of him.

    He opened it but he was struggling when he had to put it on, he was cursing under his breath as the latex material slipped from his fingers.

    “Should I help you with that?” you offered, looking how much time he was taking.

    He sighed, surrended, "Yes"

    You shifted closer with a smile, grabbing the tip of the condom and sliding down the rest of it, covering his length completely, the sight of you with your hand on his cock made his breath hitched, but then you took your hand away.

    "All done,"

    "Thanks" he smiled shyly.

    "How are we-"

    “I want you on top of me.” he blurted, smirking.


    "Yeah, so you can control the pace and how deep you can take, i don't wanna hurt you"

    You thought about it, he was right, "Okay- yeah i can do that"

    He smiled widely before laying on his back, he took one of your hands, motioning you to sit on top of him, you did, you straddled him, knees to the side of his waist, he was still holding your hands and then he laced his fingers with yours.

    "You can squeeze it if it's helps you"

    You swallowed, the moment finally came, you were a little nervous but with Roger here it was all better, you know you can trust him, so you aligned your entrance with his cock, he was shooting you words of courage while in your mind you were telling yourself "Here we go".

    You sink down on him slowly, feeling how you were streching you out, your mouth opened with every inch of him, you squeezed his hand.

    "Good, just like that, you're doing excellent" he praised you when he heard you hissed, "Go easy love" he whispered, stroking your leg with his free hand.

    The word "love" made your heart burn with desire, you finally took him completely but you stayed still, trying to work out the unusual feeling.

    "Fuck," you sighed, savouring him.

    "Hey, don't rush, we can take as long as you need,"

    "No, i'm fine. I want you, wanna feel you," you leaned forwards, cupping his face and kissing him, the way he sucked your lips in the middle of the kiss made you forget about the whole situation.

    His hand was caressing your back, "You're godsend, so gorgeous," he said in your face, noses bumping.

    "Are you ready?" You curled one of his locks.

    He grinned, eyes full of love, "I've always been"

    And with that, you sat down again, hands on his chest as you inhaled. You began to go up and down slowly, he placed his hands on your hips, the way his cock was fulling you was enough for you to start moaning.

    He was in heaven too, the sight of his cock appearing and disappearing inside you, adding the slick noises was making him want more of you, "You're so tight, feels incredible- fuck, are you feeling g-good?" He said through his whining.

    You keep jumping, faster than before, "Ye-yeah, mhm shit Rog" you moaned, bringing your hands to your hair, collecting it with your hands to then let it fall.

    Roger couldn't take his eyes of you, tits bouncing, the way you looked right now, almost falling apart on top of him, forehead a bit sweating, your beautiful moans he thought he was never going to heard from you, it was all helping him to catch his high.

    "Close- i'm close" he groaned, trying hard not to come yet, he wanted to wait for you.

    As soon as you heard him you brought your fingers to your clit, rubbing fast and tight circles that drove you to the edge in a matter of seconds, with eyes closed and a large moan, you came, falling forwards.

    The way you were abruptly clenching around his hard cock made him came as well, he left a raspy groan that echoed your head.

    You were both exhausted, agitated, and out of breath, but so satisfied, not just from the sex act itself, but from holding each other in your arms.

    After throw the condom to the trash, you lay down, hugging under the covers of Roger's little bed, naked bodies sticking together, his hands caressing you so gently it tickled you, your leg over his pelvis, not talking, just listening each others breath.

    "I thought this would never happen, that it was only possible in my head," he spoke out of nowhere.

    "But it finally happened," you looked up to him.

    He glanced down to you, "And I'm so glad for it" he pecked you on the lips, "So glad I finally have you,"


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  • amidepressedorjusthungry
    27.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Maybe the snake ring its actually an easter egg for Rep TV, then it means that we wont get another rerecording until Rep. She might use that time to put out a new album or to give a break in the eras and make a tour with Folklore/Evermore/Fearless/Red.

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  • marissalovestaylor
    27.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    You guys…Taylor’s next TikTok will be her 13th and her next insta will be her 513th…I fear a blonde cat lady…

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  • deadrobbin
    27.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you…

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  • 13lifewasawillow
    27.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    This is the golden age of something good and right and real 🥰 @taylorswift @taylornation

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  • 13lifewasawillow
    27.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    My face as I watch the red era begin again


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    KICK-ASS (2010) dir. Matthew Vaughn

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  • l0gan3cholls
    27.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    the nail polish was red the entire video except when she wrote down the lyrics...idk about you but (im feeling 22) that's suspicious

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