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    Chapter 21


    This is a short chapter, but only because I have some writers block and don't know how to continue for some reason. My brain is dead, so I'm just posting what I do have to not deprive you of content 😊 idk when the next chapter will be, but I'm trying to overcome this brain fart 🤪😆 but there's some artwork for this chapter, so I guess that makes up for it!


    Little did Tala and Hunter know that Cut and Suu had a perfect view of the pair while they were outside from their place at the head of the table and even though they were facing the chance that their livelihood was in danger they couldn't help but share a secret, knowing smile while observing their interaction. And after breakfast when the two of them carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen and began washing them, they quietly discussed what they saw.

    Cut tittered, scrubbing the plate in his hands. "I can't believe it, the usually dignified and reserved Sergeant turned into a puddle of nerves because of a woman, tripping over his words and getting all ruddy in the face when he tries to go out of his comfort zone and talk with her."

    "You did the same when you started feeling something for me, ma sareen." Suu recalled with amusement, taking the now clean dish and drying it off with a towel. "You'd jump away every time we touched and become flustered when trying to talk with me."

    "To be fair, every time we touched I felt like I was on fire and your voice sent tremors through my body," He said with a dopey grin on his face, "Which I had never experienced before nor been taught to know what that meant."

    "That Tala is obviously feeling the same for him, but clearly doesn't know what it means." Suu said.

    Cut paused his movements and hummed in thought.

    "What?" Suu asked in concern.

    "We should help them." Cut decided and began scrubbing again. "Because you're right, she probably doesn't understand what she's feeling, and Hunter might, but won't act on it because of his being the leader of the squad. She needs to know that she's capable of having feelings for him, he needs to know it's okay to have feelings for her despite being the leader, and they both need to know that they should ignore the stupid rules the Kaminoans set for them and be happy."

    Suu took the clean plate. "I'd never object to helping Hunter, but why should we help the woman who's probably going to turn you in?"

    "What is it we always tell the kids?" Cut asked, jogging her memory.

    Suu looked down. "Never turn away those in need." She recited, then gave him a small smile.

    "Right. And she's a lot like Rex was when he first came here, and I managed to make him understand my decisions and he never turned me in, so perhaps I can break through her programming and make her understand. Then, we get to work; we have a week at most."

    Suu gave a small laugh. "I never took you as the meddlesome type."

    Cut gave her a charming grin. "It's nice to know I can still surprise you after two years of marriage."


    During the meal, the boys started catching up with their friends, for they hadn't seen each other in almost eight months. Obviously though, the first thing Cut and Suu asked about was their new addition to the squadron. Tala gave a short summary about her enhancements and time with the squad, not wanting to give up too much information about herself to a deserter, but Tech ended up going on a long rant about her different genetic host, her enhancements, the skills she possessed because of them and how they greatly benefitted the squad.

    Throughout the whole thing, Tala was very uncomfortable not just because she was dining with a deserter, but also because his daughter kept staring at her with wide, curious eyes from her place across the table from the female clone. Not at all experienced with children, she had to fight the urge to scream 'WHAT?!' several times, but figured her parents wouldn't appreciate it. She thought the kid latched onto Crosshair, so why was she staring at her?

    When the couple went to wash the dishes, Tala let out a breath that puffed her cheeks and murmured to Crosshair, "Can I have a 'pick?"

    He wordlessly took out his pack while Hunter asked, "You okay?"

    She took out a toothpick and stood. "I'm being forced to ignore my sound morals, so I need to take a breather if I'm to remain civil. I'm going outside for a little bit."

    Once out of the house, Tala put the toothpick in her mouth and crossed her arms with a sigh. Being raised on Kamino and being in space so much, her eyes squinted from the almost blinding sun, not used to it, and the arid atmosphere made her feel thirsty. A flock of starklebirds flew above her and then landed into a nearby greater cake tree, and the family's crops towered around the farmstead.

    The clone was pondering her squad's questionable choices when she felt Shaeeah peek around the side of the house, and looked to her right only for the girl to hide out of sight before Tala's eyes landed on her, but she knew the girl was there.

    "I'm not in the mood for games, kid, so come on out." She said rather grumpily.

    After a couple of frustrating seconds, Shaeeah finally did let herself be seen, her demeanor shy.

    "What do you want?" Tala asked gruffly.

    "We don't get many visitors here... especially girl ones." Shaeeah revealed, approaching Tala. "It's usually Uncle Crosshair, Wrecker, Tech and Hunter, or this other clone." She looked up at the woman with eyes full of wonderment. "Jek gets to see other boys, but I finally get to see another girl!"

    "You do realize that your mother is a girl, right?"

    Shaeeah shrugged. "Yeah, but it's different." Her eyes lit up. "Want to see my tree house?" She asked excitedly.

    "Your tree house?" Tala repeated with furrowed eyebrows. "You don't look like an ewok to me."

    "My daddy built it for me so that I have my own space since I share a room with Jek, and he's not allowed in there because it's girls only." Tala made a face, not really in the mood for looking at a childs playhouse, but Shaeeah gave her puppy dog eyes. "Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase? Mom's the only other person who's been in the tree house." She grabbed Tala's hand and tugged at it. "Please please please -"

    Tala felt her resolve crumble after five seconds of this. "Oh, alright!"

    Shaeeah cheered and pulled her in the direction of the tree house, which was in the backyard. It's outside looked as unattractive as the farmhouse, made up of scrap metal and wood pieces, and honestly didn't look that safe and steady to be in, but she still climbed the rope ladder after Shaeeah, and found herself in a tiny, eight feet by eight feet playhouse. There was two large cushions full of patches on opposite sides of a tiny, low, crude wooden table that had a couple of tea cups set on top on the back wall, with a couple of small, patterned blankets stitched together to form a nice, cozy teepee around it; a small corner shelf had three shelves packed with art supplies, and the bench next to it had a handmade tooka doll and some nicknacks; the walls were filled with pictures and paintings created by Shaeeah's hand, and there was a string of colorful, decorative triangle flags that adorned the wall above them.

    Tala was only five foot six, but she still had to walk in a crouch. Shaeeah sat her down on one of the cushions and she sat cross-legged while the little girl enthusiastically brought over things for her to look at.

    The first was the tooka doll on her bench. It was thrust into Tala's hands with a squeak, and when she looked it over with curious eyes she had to smile when she saw it had the same facial discoloration as Shaeeah and was wearing a mini version of her own frock.

    (decided to design the tooka doll for fun 😆 I think it's adorable!)

    "Her name is Jewel," Shaeeah explained brightly, "Dad gave her to me when he married mom, and mom helped me make the dress for her. She knows all my secrets and loves to have tea parties with me and mom."

    Tala nodded slowly, not knowing what tea parties are or what kind of secrets a child like her could possibly have, and handed the doll back wordlessly.

    Next she was shown various artwork that Shaeeah had created. There were drawings of her happy family, animals and illustrations of stories her parents told her. But one picture made Tala laugh out loud - a crude drawing of the Bad Batch that her mom helped her draw... but it was specifically Crosshair's portrait that made her laugh. How she knew it was him was because of the unique tattoo drawn over his right eye. Crosshair was practically sticklike compared to the others, had a toothpick in his mouth, and most funny of all was the wide smile he was drawn with like the others.

    (you have my full permission to laugh at this drawing or be mildly disturbed. 😆 Me and @starwarstbbfan had to channel our inner child to create this masterpiece)

    It was hilarious how Shaeeah saw Crosshair like this and loved him so much, when in reality he was a... Well, Tala couldn't say that word with Shaeeah around. Cut apparently had a conversation with the Bad Batch when they first visited to refrain from swearing around the children, and Hunter warned Tala she was banned from cussing during the duration of the trip, much to her chagrin.

    Tala was very awkward as Shaeeah showed her prized possessions, not knowing what to say when Shaeeah looked at her with wide, hopeful eyes. A nod would make the girl happy, and sometimes Tala muttered 'Very nice' and that would make Shaeeah beam with pride at her work. Tala had seen much better artwork during her travels throughout the galaxy if she was being totally honest, but then reminded herself that Shaeeah was a child, so she supposed the drawings were good for a girl her age. She really didn't know.

    Shaeeah was smarter than Tala gave her credit for though. "Are you going to turn my dad in?" She asked out of the blue when she finished showing off her collection.

    Tala looked at her with surprise. "What do you know about that?"

    "When I turned ten, my parents told me about how dad ran away from the army and that if he was found he'd get into a lot of trouble, so that's why we live so far away from people... to keep him safe. And you don't like him because he ran away, which is why you want to turn him in."

    Tala stared at her for a moment. "In my book, kid, what your dad did is very wrong, and I do believe he should get in trouble for it."

    Shaeeah pouted. "But why would you want to take him away from us? Didn't you see all the pictures I have of us, and Jewel? And didn't you see how much of a good dad he is? He's always trying to make us happy, and protects us when we're in trouble. He's not a bad guy."

    Tala now felt torn, and didn't understand why. Why should she take the word of a child? "It's not something I think you would understand."

    Shaeeah didn't like this answer, but the conversation was cut short when a woman frantically called out her name from down below.

    "Yeah, mom?" Shaeeah shouted back, hurrying to the door and looking down at her frightened mother.

    "Are you alright?" Suu fretted.

    "Yeah, why?" She wondered as Tala rose and walked up behind her.

    "Because I heard you're with... well, never mind. Come on down. Your uncle's want to show us their new starship."

    Shaeeah gasped excitedly, grabbed her tooka doll then scurried down the ladder and Tala followed. Suu quickly checked over her daughter, much to the girls annoyance, then looked warily at Tala before taking her hand and pulling her away from the female clone, who felt troubled by the action.


    Ma sareen = my sweet (in twi'leki)

    This was a short chapter, but I hope the artwork made up for it 😆 idk when the next chapter wi be out because like I said my brain refuses to work but I hope it won't be too long ❤️

    -MC ✌🏻

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    It has been exactly one month since I uploaded my Jester Lula. Today, I bring you the ASSHOLE himself…. Crosshair Lula! He was honestly harder to put together than big Lula was. Which is kinda weird considering he’s like 1/3 of the size… lol. I just chalked it up to Crosshair being Crosshair. Annoying and difficult for no good reason. 🙄 Next up will be Echo!!!!

    On a fun note, I’m opening up an E̴͎͔̟͊̏T̶̪͕̼̋̽̂̐S̷͖̑Y̷̖̗̱͗ shop! If you wish to support me and my work you can head on over and pick yourself up a Lula, custom yo-yo doll… or maybe a custom voodoo doll once I get it settled. 👀 I’ll be updating the shop with the rest of the “Lula Batch” once I finish them, so if you’re waiting for your favorite member to drop… keep an eye out! 💜 I’m treating it as more of an experiment, so if I don’t get anyone interested then it’s okay. We’ll just wait and see! There will be a separate post later this week with all the details. I’m just passionate about preserving the 50′s yo-yo style of dolls. So yeah, I’ll stop blabbering.

    ╰☆╮ ✨Specs✨  ✯ 20″ from tip of ear to bottom of foot, 10″ from hand to hand outstretched ✯ Removable red bells on hands and feet (I had them off for the photoshoot oops) ✯ Hand-embroidered Bad Batch logo w/seed bead ‘Crosshair’ in Aurebesh on back of head ✯ Black sewing pin in place of his signature toothpick ✯ Rad skull bead over his right eye 💀 ╰☆╮

    ❃Special thanks to @d1n0-dan for giving me the encouragement I needed to finish him and share him for everyone to enjoy!!!❃

    Tagging some people I think will enjoy his sour-puss energy: @minx067 @neon-junkie @monako-jinn-stories @ashotofspotchka @spotchka @auty-ren @a-dorin @cosmic-rich @nahoney22 @moonstrider9904 @baba-fett @mintywriteswritings @all-hallows-evie @sunipostsstuff @howie-ner-cyare @photogirl894 @critical-endangered @all-aboard-the-tech-deck 

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    Ok so we know Echo has a hammock at the batch’s barracks right?

    Imagine if he had one on the marauder too. He’s sleeping while Tech pilots, and of course Tech being Tech is not a smooth driver so the ship kinda shakes sometimes, and when that happens, Echo’s hammock just fucking swings 360 degrees like ten times with him tangled in it

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    the bad batch + marble game

    ⚠️ tw: angst, major character death, Omega being really very distressed ⚠️

    Crosshair vs Hunter

    - Crosshair figures out what’s going on pretty quickly but doesn’t let Hunter know.

    - He brings out Hunter’s competitive side to ensure he wins - “That move was just stupid.” “You’re just letting me win.”

    - The tactic works: Hunter wins, Crosshair looks smug. It’s then that Hunter realises this was his plan, and for the first time ever, he freezes.

    - Crosshair doesn’t even fight what happens next, the last thing he hears is Hunter screaming his name.

    Tech vs Wrecker

    - Tech’s smart, not that it would take a genius to realise that the winner lives and the loser dies.

    - He strategises that they just add ten pebbles to their bags, so they both ‘win’. Tech leaves his purse with Wrecker, and when Tech isn’t looking, Wrecker fills it with his marbles.

    - Tech is leaning down collecting his eighth pebble when he hears a commotion and looks over to see Wrecker fighting the guards. He manages to take a few out before being restrained.

    - Tech’s mind is completely blank as he tries to think of a way to get Wrecker out of this. The last thing Wrecker sees is Tech’s expression of sheer horror.

    Echo vs Omega

    - Omega is tearfully trying to figure out a way for them to both win whilst Echo cradles her.

    - “It’s okay, Omega. It’s not your fault,” he whispers to her gently, trying to shield her from the inevitable. He can’t just let her die.

    - Even with Omega pulling at his arms, sobbing and choking on her tears, Echo finally manages to fill her bag of marbles.

    - The guards go to restrain Echo and end up having to restrain Omega, who escapes by biting one of the guards. She manages to grab Echo into one last hug.

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    Tech smells like motor oil, burned hair, and sex

    #and a slight hint of lavender #only because echo made him wear a ship air freshener off of his goggles #tbb tech #tech thot hours #clone trooper tech #tbb
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    i want to kiss his forehead and gently smooth out the creases between his brows with my thumbs and shower him with praise and let him know how beautiful and loved he is and cuddle up close to him fall asleep in his arms pls

    #the echo brainrot is winning tonight yall #this shot of him is so beautiful i am crying #i am so in love with him send help #echo my beloved #echoskama#star wars #the bad batch #the clone wars #tbb #arc trooper echo #tbb echo#ct 1409 #the bad batch echo #clone force 99 #swcw#sw tbb #the domino twins #star wars the clone wars
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    Clown Force 99 🤡


    Baby clones in animal onesies are available as stickers, mugs, and other fun things on Redbubble!

    #'just pick a costume' hunter said #'be whatever you want' hunter said #hunter you fool you can't just let these boys go unsupervised #my very favourite bit of this piece is omega in her tiny backpack with her teeny tiny hat #cat art #baby clones in animal onesies #onesie au#star wars #the bad batch #tbb#hunter#sergeant hunter#omega#omega tbb#hunter tbb#tech#tech tbb #clone trooper tech #echo #arc trooper echo #echo tbb#wrecker#wrecker tbb #clone trooper wrecker #crosshair #clone trooper crosshair #crosshair tbb #bebe clone halloween
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    Bad Batch Headcanons: Sleep Edition

    Ya girl is back with more headcanons, this one inspired by the prompt by @writegowrite on the @bad-batch-week discord server!

    So, how do these clones deal with nap time?

    Note: these headcanons assume that Crosshair eventually rejoins the batch sometime in future. 

    Hunter: Thanks to his senses, Hunter likely is a light sleeper. He often finds that when trying to sleep, he ends up becoming aware of all the background noise around him that he usually tunes out. The sounds of the engines, quiet murmuring from the other side of the ship, Tech tapping away at his datapad at any given time. He can even sense the vibrations of the others moving around which doesn’t help at times. Thankfully, Tech has him covered. He devised a series of devices to help when Hunter feels overloaded, one of them being noise cancellers (just think noise cancelling airpods), that come in extremely handy when Hunter really needs to catch some Zs. Once he puts them in, he’s dead to the world and always wakes up feeling well rested. He only uses them in situations where he doesn’t need to be on alert the entire time, though, even when his squad assure him they’ve got things covered and will wake him if needed. Since Omega joined them, she is able to more easily convince Hunter to go the kriff to sleep. Hunter is going to murder whoever taught her that word.

    I’d say of all the batch, he has the least nightmares. I don’t think any clone is immune to nightmares, but Hunter seems to have got off pretty lightly. Either that or he keeps it all to himself. He is the go-to if any of the others do, though. He will always wake to the others’ distress, at times even with his noise-cancellers in. One time, during a particularly bad night terror, Omega watched on fearfully as Hunter single-handedly calmed Echo down from a panic attack. 

    Wrecker: Out like a light and snores til sunrise. Can sleep literally anywhere, including standing up. Wrecker often talks in his sleep, much to the annoyance of literally anyone else on the ship, especially Hunter. He has often said all kinds of weird stuff in his sleep, all of which Tech has recorded out of his own fascination. Of course, Tech would then replay these recordings to the entire squad, much to Wrecker’s embarrassment. He used to struggle to sleep without his Lula, but now he shares her with Omega, he has learned to deal with it. Quite often, Omega will give Lula to him when it’s time for him to sleep, because she knows how much she helps him calm down.

    Wrecker sleeps so heavily that Omega makes it a game to see how much stuff she can put on him before he wakes. The others all caught on pretty quickly and just allow it to happen, and occasionally also contribute. The most they managed was all five helmets, Lula, Omega’s trooper doll, several datapads and Crosshair’s rifle perfectly balanced on his head (Crosshair couldn’t not get involved, in fact he actively encouraged it). Tech had to dive and save his helmet when Wrecker woke with a start and sent everything clattering to the ground, though.

    Despite all this, Wrecker suffers from nightmares reasonably regularly, and its usually hard to miss it, because he always wakes with a shout or yelp. He calms down pretty quickly though, he takes a moment, takes a few breaths, and is probably back off to sleep within a few minutes. He’s fine. He knows his brothers are nearby if he needs them. 

    Tech: Three words: Power. Nap. King. This boy has never known more than a few hours sleep at a time and no one knows how he functions. He doesn’t even drink caf, his brain works fast enough without it and he’s only ever experienced major brain fog and headaches when he does. He never intends to go to sleep, he just does. He’ll be working on a project until his brain shuts down, and he will be unreachable until his brain reboots. Seriously, he’s like a cat when they go so limp you think they’re dead. He was forced to put protective casing around his datapad from the number of times he’s dropped it from falling asleep. Once he’s awake, he’s ready to go and that’s that. If you manage to wake him during his naps, he will be the absolute grumpiest boi you’ve ever seen and will not hold back on grumbling and passive aggressively muttering about any minor inconvenience until he’s back to sleep. Unless he was woken due to an emergency, he’ll never complain then. 

    Tech likely studies and analyses the others’ sleep patterns and gives unsolicited advice on how to sleep better, which considering his own sleeping habits, confuses the heck out of the others. He always ensures that Omega gets the recommended amount of sleep for a child her age, or he tries at least. All too often she gets up in the middle of the night to watch the stars until she falls asleep again. Tech is pretty sure this is her means of self-soothing after a nightmare.

    Tech’s nightmares are a source of fascination for him, so despite being initially shaken, he is eager to note down the contents of his nightmare (and his regular dreams) and see what he can learn from them. He often links parts of his dreams to things he experienced that day. Am I saying Tech has a dream journal? Pretty much, yeah. Omega often consults him for some dream analysis once she is made aware of this. If he could find a way to record dreams, he absolutely would.

    I think Tech is great company when one of the others have a nightmare, so he is almost as much of the go-to person as Hunter. He’s less emotional in his response and reassurance, but he’s reassuring all the time. He’s quick to remind them that what they saw in their dream was exactly that, a dream. It’s not real and can’t harm you. He’s been known to allow Omega to sit with him after a nightmare, allowing her to ask all the questions she has about absolutely anything, to take her mind off things until she dozes off again. 

    Crosshair: As we know from those wonderful story reels, Cross literally falls asleep during a crash landing, so similar to Wrecker, he can sleep anywhere and through anything. Maybe isn’t out to Tech’s extent, but he isn’t disturbed easily. The thing with Crosshair is he never feels rested, even if he gets a full eight hours, and with his sharp vision, he just wants a chance to rest his eyes from the constant stimuli. For this reason he’ll often lean back in one of the seats with his eyes closed to ward off a potential migraine that comes with vision like his. 

    As amusing as he finds the “how much can you pile on Wrecker”, game, it’s advisable not to do the same to Crosshair. Wrecker has tried to get him back, several times, with very limited success. Half the time Wrecker tries, Cross is simply resting his eyes. Wrecker nearly jumps out his skin and drops Hunter’s helmet upon hearing Crosshair muttering “Don’t even try it.” 

    Crosshair is shaken by his nightmares, particularly after Order 66. I am of the headcanon that his chip was removed due to it being destroyed (likely after the engine blast on Bracca), despite his anger toward his squad keeping him firmly aligned to the Empire for a time, the impulses to harm the jedi and his own brothers haunted him even when he was still an Imperial Commander. Back then, he had to deal with this alone and in silence. He didn’t trust anyone around him enough to confide in them. Once back with his squad, he still keeps it to himself, until one night he is the only one awake on the ship, and Omega has woken from a nightmare. He understands her fear, he and the others all know too well the nightmares felt worse when they were her age. They end up confiding in one another and their bond only becomes stronger because of it. I think with time, he confides in Echo too. Echo knows all about night terrors. He also doesn’t want to overload the kid with all his problems.

    Echo: My sweet boy, I don’t think sleep is easy for him anymore. The nightmares and memories keep him awake and as a result he is always tired, but like a good soldier he powers through it daily without fail. He’s grateful to get more than a few hours at a time. Even without his past, he finds it difficult to get comfortable and so spends a lot of time shifting position rather than relaxing. Although a temporary solution, and his squadmates offering to switch bunks on occasion, Echo actually quite liked the makeshift hammock they put up in their barracks on Kamino. It was better than the bench. The hammock felt enclosed and made him feel safe, he’d manage to get at least a few hours sleep and would feel somewhat rested. If only they could put one up in the Marauder. 

    Echo struggles the worst with nightmares and has woken up to full blown panic attacks at times, but his squadmates, particularly Hunter and Crosshair, are good at calming him down, and Omega is good at keeping his mind off things until he is ready to sleep again. She has been known to clamber up onto his knee, hug him, and start chatting about anything she can think of. It caught him off guard, but it works, it takes him right out of the nightmare he had just experienced. 

    Because he knows exactly how it feels, Echo is good at helping the others out after a nightmare. One time in particular, just after the fall of Kamino, he wakes to hear Hunter trying to wake Omega, who is in the midst of a night terror. He can’t be sure, but he thinks it likely that her return to Nala Se’s lab, and in particular, having to be inside one of those medical capsules to escape, brought some bad memories to the surface of her mind. No wonder she got out of hers to rescue AZI-3 with little hesitation. Hunter was so caught off-guard seeing his ad’ika in such a state that he was almost frozen in panic and didn’t know what to do with himself, but Echo gently moved him aside and took charge. He spoke to her quietly and gently, held her hand to help ground her back in reality, and encouraged her to breathe. As she struggled to regulate her breathing, he offered to do it with her, and with his guidance, she began to calm down. Hunter was grateful for his help after his own moment of panic. Omega sleeps on Echo’s lap for the rest of the night.

    Omega: Omega is a typical kid who is too interested in the world around her to want to go to sleep. She wants to watch Tech fly the ship, or watch the stars around them, or watch Hunter on the navicomp. She just wants to be involved in everything and doesn’t want to miss a thing! Eventually, though, she’ll either doze off or find herself tired enough to recognise that she should call it a day and head up to her room. She isn’t afraid to curl up next to, or on her brother’s knee to get some sleep. She feels safer with them nearby.

    She’s a reasonably heavy sleeper, but seems to always know when something is going on, because she always wakes up and asks what’s happening. Again, she can’t miss a thing! This is likely because back on Kamino as a medical assistant, she would often be woken if she was needed in the medbay, or sometimes, when Nala Se needed her for an experiment in the sub-level lab. She had to always be on alert and on hand for anything. 

    As for nightmares, this kid has been through more than enough for someone her age. She would often have nightmares back on Kamino, and either had to struggle with them alone or simply have them dismissed by the Kaminoans, particularly Nala Se who would appear frustrated if Omega bothered her when it was the young clone’s assigned sleeping time. Now she has her brothers, she makes the most of their presence and will not hesitate to reach out to whoever is awake, even if she was hesitant in the beginning. They each have their own ways of dealing with her when she wakes from nightmares, but they’re all effective in their own ways and she gets back to sleep without fail, usually beside them or on their lap, depending on who she has gone to. Either way, she knows her brothers are there, and that they won’t let anything happen to her.

    As a bonus, here is a sleepy Tech I’ve been working on:

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  • itsagrimm
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Can the Bad Batch get into the Techno Club?

    Wrecker: Rolling up with a beer and his bros he has zero chance of getting in. He takes it like a champ and moves to the next pub around the corner with his broskis.

    Tech: A college party by the math faculty maybe.

    Crosshair: Likely. This diva will have the outfit and the attitude. Even likelier to get into a gay party. There is some chance of him not getting in because of being too snarky to the bouncers or giving off a general red flag vibe on a bad day.

    Hunter: Has more a straight edge & concerts vibe and might only go and then get in because cyare wants to. Is more likely to chill with Wrecker at the pub sipping some soda.

    Echo: With that futuristic robo outfit?! YES OF COURSE. The floor was made for you, sir.

    #sorry that is fact #berlin techno#berghain#star wars #the bad batch #tbb#tbb crosshair#tbb tech #the bad batch tech #the bad batch crosshair #tbb echo#tbb hunter#tbb wrecker#wrecker #the bad batch echo #arc trooper echo #the bad batch hunter #clone force 99 #crosshair#bad batch
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  • ladykagewaki
    25.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
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  • cloneforceenby
    25.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    My Bad Batch AU, lovingly nicknamed “Five Clones and a Little Lady” because my creativity is running low and I can’t think of anything better right now

    Hello pals!

    Firstly thank you SO much for the love on my headcanon post about The Bad Batch raising Omega from a baby. I spent a whole day writing that and it honestly made me so happy to write.

    Those headcanons were written as part of planning a new AU fic (and my first multi-chapter fic!), which the basic premise is exactly that; the Bad Batch raising baby Omega. I thought I would sum up the basic premise of it in this fic, and I’ll post the fic itself once it’s up! It’s still very much in planning stages but I hope you like what I’ve come up with so far. I’d also love to hear your thoughts!

    This was written/devised with the help and suggestions of @scarlettroseog and @writegowrite. Thank you so much !

    So, the premise:

    Being emotionally attached to clones and being heartbroken seeing them die, this is an extremely idealistic galaxy. The Clone Wars have ended and the clones are free to live out the rest of their lives as they please. Also, to appease my soul, the clones we lost throughout the Clone Wars are...alive. Fives, Tup, Waxer, Jesse, they’re all here and they’re living their best post-Clone War lives. 

    Don’t ask me what happened to end the war, or what happened to Anakin, Padme, Palps. I have no idea. They aren’t the focus so I haven’t even thought about it. All you need to know is that the clones are free and happy and the galaxy appears to be pretty okay. 

    And the Bad Batch? They settled on a nice quiet planet, and built themselves a homestead just outside of the main town. They all work a few days a week each to have an income; Hunter works in carpentry (his talent for wood carving is unmatched), Wrecker in construction, and Echo and Tech run a repair shop where they fix all kinds of different things. As for Crosshair, he’s a bartender. I just saw that for him. It might also be because Crosshair on my Sims game is a very talented mixologist so I ran with that. At least I have some fun story ideas relating to his job. 

    They’re not alone either. Our friend 99 lives just down the road in a home his honorary squad built for him, by a nice lake where he spends his days fishing and living peacefully. It goes without saying that he sees the Bad Batch almost daily. 

    The Bad Batch live a combination of independently and collectively. They work together to maintain their home, but they don’t always make an effort to ensure they all eat together, for example. They enjoy each other’s company, of course they do, but they all have their own lives now, they’re not all fighting for the same objective anymore. 

    That is, however, until an unexpected arrival shows up on their doorstep. A newborn baby girl with nothing but a note stating “this is your daughter, Omega”. But who’s daughter is she? Biologically, she’s the daughter of every single clone in the galaxy, so a paternity test is futile. Their solution? They are all her buir. All five of them step up to the ranks of fatherhood to raise little Omega in this new, peaceful galaxy. 

    That being said, maybe, just maybe, one of the Bad Batch may know he’s her true buir, but chooses to keep it to himself.

    This AU is intended to be almost purely fluff with maybe a hint of angst here and there. No major dramas, just five dads raising their daughter, with various cameos from Omega’s many, many, many, many clone uncles. It will likely be a set of one shots about different scenarios as Omega grows up.

    It’s still in the early stages, I’ve written a few pieces here and there but am still plotting out the story. I hope you’ll be interested in reading once it’s ready!

    #the bad batch #bad batch headcanons #star wars #star wars headcanons #the dad batch #omega tbb#hunter tbb#wrecker tbb#tech tbb#crosshair tbb#echo tbb #pls don't ask me why none of our fave clones died and yet echo is still with the bad batch meaning the citadel and skako happened #because i don't know #bad batch omega #bad batch hunter #bad batch tech #bad batch crosshair #bad batch wrecker #bad batch echo #arc trooper echo #bad batch au #star wars au #the clone wars #clone wars 99
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  • echoskama
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #i didnt proofread any of these my apologies #echo headcanon #arc trooper echo #echo the bad batch #the bad batch #star wars#tbb echo#echoskama
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  • welcometothesewers
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’ve had no time to do digital art 😔, but I wanted to let you know that Yes, I do have a dragon AU for clone wars (the dragon drawn is Cody), sorry for being late to the game! This is just from my sketch book so some of these will be done digitally.

    #dragon au #star wars au #tcw#tcw hardcase#my art#cody#tcw cody #obi wan kenobi #codywan #do you see them? #domino squad #star wars clone wars #domino twins#tcw echo#tcw fives #fives my beloved #star wars #the clone wars #commander cody#tbb echo #clone trooper hardcase #dragon Cody#sketch dump#sketch book
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  • lovely-lonely-teen
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    How I think each member of the Bad Batch would act after getting their wisdom teeth out because I have to get mine out soon:

    Wrecker: he could go one of two ways. He would either be really loud and crazy and being a pain for the doctors and nurses, OR he just cries until the anesthesia wears off.

    Tech: keeps falling asleep and he has to stay at the hospital? Oral surgeon office? I don’t know, but he has to stay there for awhile because he can’t leave until he can stay awake and it’s just not happening for our boy 🤣

    Hunter: talks absolute nonsense the whole time, probably talking about his “hopes and dreams” and also his knife collection. He also tries to non-so-subtly flirt with the nurse and even though it’s really bad the nurse is kinda into it. Are Hunter’s cheeks swollen as heck? Yes. Does he have bloody gauze in his mouth? Yes. Are his eyes half open? Yes. Is he making any sense? No. But is he still hot and was he quite lovely before the surgery? Also yes.

    Echo: I think he’d be pretty quiet, just really out of it. He might even get a bit weepy too. But he’s overall just a really sweet a sleepy boyo and we love him.

    Crosshair: I think he’d also have trouble keeping his eyes open like Tech. Maybe he’d also be really sweet to the Batch instead of his usually jerk-like and sarcastic self 😂

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  • echo-stan
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Same Echo, same

    #He’s such a mood #the bad batch #sw the bad batch #sw tbb#tbb#echo tbb #echo my beloved #arc trooper echo #ct 1409 #bad batch echo
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  • thememerman
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pt. 5/5: Captain Rex in The Bad Batch

    Battle Scars (s1.e7)

    please feel free to use and repost these for anything you like, no credit is necessary. The only reason I put a watermark is so that I can prove I made them and am not stealing from other creators, and also so I can see if they ever end up circulating!

    #my gifs#star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the bad batch #captain rex #the dad batch #tbb echo#tbb crosshair#tbb hunter#tbb omega#tbb wrecker#tbb tech #captain rex gifs #bad batch gifs #the bad batch gifs #the clone wars gifs #clone wars gifs #clone trooper gifs
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  • thememerman
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pt. 4/5: Captain Rex in The Bad Batch

    Battle Scars (s1.e7)

    please feel free to use and repost these for anything you like, no credit is necessary. The only reason I put a watermark is so that I can prove I made them and am not stealing from other creators, and also so I can see if they ever end up circulating!

    #my gifs#star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the bad batch #captain rex #the dad batch #tbb echo#tbb crosshair#tbb hunter#tbb omega#tbb wrecker#tbb tech #captain rex gifs #bad batch gifs #clone wars gifs #clone trooper gifs
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