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  • one-real-imonkey
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Is Tech the person who can solve any rubix cube put in front of him in any size or combination or is he the sort who couldn’t solve it if it was three turns away from done and will never ever be able to solve it even if he dedicated his life to it?

    I can’t decide.

    And if he can’t do it who can?

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  • twinkofthedink
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Headcanon: Crosshair drinks his caf with a little bit of sugar for two reasons. 1) You can't see the sugar when you mix it in, so his brothers would never know and they wouldn't make fun of him for it, and 2) the bitterness of the caf sometimes makes his stomach upset so the sugar helps offset that a little bit.


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  • enbywithalightsaber
    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Bad Batch on a beach vacation:

    Echo: tanning and genuinely enjoying himself

    Tech: reminding everyone to put on sunscreen and spending time on his tablet as well

    Hunter: napping but constantly checking on the others because stressed dad vibes

    Omega: exploring the sand and collecting seashells

    Crosshair: sitting under a palm tree with a margarita

    Wrecker: canon balling into the water to splash Crosshair

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  • techslander
    15.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    the batch’s most listened Spotify artist

    Hunter: Eminem

    Crosshair: My Chemical Romance

    Echo: Florence + The Machine

    Tech: Hans Zimmer

    Wrecker: Megan Thee Stallion

    Omega: Pogo

    #hunter is That Guy #hans Zimmer ISNT techs FAVORITE just his most listened. It’s background music for piloting the shop #omega would like pogo because they make fun sounds and I like it #echo my beloved #the bad batch #the bad batch headcanons #tbb hunter#tbb wrecker#tbb omega#tbb tech#tbb crosshair#tbb echo
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  • myfeverbrain
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Headcanon: while Sheldon and Amy were broken up, Sheldon constantly listened to Red by Taylor Swift.

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  • myfeverbrain
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I think that when Sheldon insisted that he and Amy would be nominated for the Nobel even though Amy told him she’s willing to let him win with the “physicists” from Chicago, he made the right decision for their relationship.

    If he’d listened to Amy, I think that although Amy said this is what she wanted, very slowly it would have ruined their relationship.

    Think about this situation: you worked on a theory for months of your life, you came up with it at your wedding with your then fiancé and had the emotional rollercoaster working on it with your husband. Eventually, your husband gets recognition for your achievement, but you’re left behind. You promised him you’re fine with it, but slowly it’s starting to weight on you. You watch him receive the greatest prize in science, which was your lifelong dream. You are proud of him, but all you can think about is that you should’ve been on that stage beside him. Additionally, you’re a feminist who wants to promote women in science and you just gave up on a Nobel in physics when you would’ve been only the fourth woman to win for your husband’s sake. You feel both like a bad feminist and like a bad wife because you can’t manage being happy for your husband. After a while you start resenting him, even though you love him. Eventually you and your husband drift apart and you feel your relationship slips away.

    If eventually neither of them would’ve won because Sheldon insisted CalTech would recommend both of them, I think they would have grieved together, rather than resent each other. Therefore, it was the right decision, regardless of the fact they actually won at last. Even if they lost and that would’ve ruin their relationship despite my latter theory, it’s still a 50/50 shot (I know it’s not actually a 50/50 shot, but I don’t have the data to calculate what are the chances they win). If Amy gave up the Nobel for Sheldon, their relationship would be ruin 100%.

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  • donkey-rider
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Tech: Late night study session ✌

    Hunter: Tech No! You will gain information better during the day, when you're rested!

    Crosshair: *slides Tech a coffee*

    Hunter: Crosshair No! Don't encourage him!

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  • xoxo-40782
    31.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Happy new years eve 🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

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  • tech-deck
    29.12.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Washing Hunter's Hair Headcanons

    Tags: comfort/fluff/slight suggestive themes

    When you first mention washing his hair Hunter is so caught off guard.

    He has no idea how to respond because “no one has ever touched his hair except him”.

    He’s hesitant because it’s something about his identity that’s precious to him.

    And because of that he has his own routine to keep up with it.

    So when you show up with his products in hand, and a bath drawn for him, he’s speechless.

    “Why did you do all this?” He asks you, not out of annoyance, but he’s genuinely curious.

    You tell him it’s because you care for him and that he needs to let himself be pampered for once.

    “You put a lot on your own shoulders leading your squad.” you say, and even more so with everything that happened between him and Crosshair.

    You help Hunter out of his armor and undress before having him step into the bath.

    You also strip down, and sit behind him on a stool, while he sits fully submerged.

    You pat your thighs so he can lean his back against it and his head onto your chest.

    You first grab a small pail of water and slowly let it flow onto his hair, soaking all the way through, his brown locks darkening to an almost raven black color.

    After that you grab his favorite scented shampoo and start top rub it into his hair.

    Massaging his scalp slowly, in small circles to really get into the roots, Your nails very lightly scratching his scalp.

    Every pass of your hands around his temples he’s softly moaning, and sighing in relief.

    You tilt his head up a bit so the shampoo doesn’t get into his eyes, pushing back his bangs and also gently massaging the skin underneath where his headband would be

    Hunter doesn’t know what to do with his hands, because he so badly wants to hold you, but he opts to just lightly stroke your thigh, not in a sexual manner, but more out of needed stimulation and closeness.

    After the shampoo is foamed up, you grab another pitcher of clean water and rinse out his hair, making sure the water is an ideal temperature to prevent irritation

    Once the shampoo is washed out, your next item is a mild conditioner he uses

    You apply a good sized amount in your hands and later it before once again gently massaging his scalp.

    You are praising his efforts and his leadership while doing so. Telling him that he does not need to place the burden on himself.

    You can hear a faint hitch in his breath from your praises, no doubt your words have caught him off guard.

    But they do not go unappreciated when he grabs one of your hands unexpectedly and kisses your palm.

    He is fairly quiet throughout the process, but his actions speak enough to you.

    Once you finish with the conditioner and wash it out, you move on to the final addition.

    You grab a vial of special treatment oil and let him smell it to make sure it’s okay to use.

    He approves and you drop a few dribbles into his hair and spend another solid few minutes massaging it into his hair.

    The ministrations you’re providing him are lulling him into a light slumber.

    You can feel his head getting a bit heavier on your chest, and you shift around so that he can rest his head fully on your thighs without craning his neck.

    You giggle to yourself at how adorable and comfortable he looks, his eyes closed, but trying their hardest to stay open.

    The little wiggle of his nose when he would breathe in, and the gentle rise and fall of his sculpted chest.

    You give his hair one final rinse, before leaning down to kiss his forehead, his eyes now opened fully and he gives you a wide grin.

    Hunter’s hands then move back to gently cup your face and pull you down more to kiss you fully on the lips.

    A bit of soapy taste lingering on the tip of your tongue from his previous hand kisses.

    “Thank you Mesh’la.” Hunter says between kisses, his hands finding purchase in your own hair.

    That’s when you watch him stand up, grab your waist and switch places with you, now he is sitting in the stool while you sit in between his legs.

    “I believe it’s your turn to be pampered, cyare.” He coos in your ear, gently guiding your head down into his broad chest.

    You smile and say “Thank you, Hunter” before feeling the same hands that are used to protect you, now tenderly massage your head and brush through your hair.

    Once he’s done you both dry each other off and you spend the next few minutes brushing through his hair with a speciaal drying comb, allowing his locks to dry and return to the light brown hues again.

    Seeing Hunter without his bandana on was adorable enough that you have an idea.

    You put on some bright lipstick and Hunter watches you with a curious look before you turn to him and kiss him right on the forehead.

    A big old kiss mark stains his clean head now, he gives a weird look and you giggle, proceeding to put his bandana on and covering up your little signature.

    “For Good luck Sergeant .” you smirk, kissing him again on the lips before leaving him in the refresher.

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  • sashatheswift
    28.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Soft Echo Headcannons

    Contains slight smut but all SFW, echo and reader are in a pre existing relationship. Gender neutral reader

    - is absolutely a blanket hog, he loves warmth and soaks all of it up

    - Echo talks in his sleep, but nothing he says makes sense. Example: one night you will wake up to him saying “ Remember to buy an apple for Hunter to wear”.

    - CANNOT function properly without his coffee.

    - loves animal documentaries but tears up when an animal dies or gets hurt

    - remembers all anniversaries, from the day you two met, to the day of your first kiss to the day you became official

    - keeps a diary for an outlet of all his stress. Anyone would need it for dealing with clone force 99… and he absolutely hides it under his pillow

    - he loves nothing more than waking up to kisses and soft cuddles. If he wakes up first ( which he usually does) he will play with your hair until you wake up as he is to bashful to make the first move

    - Even after becoming official, whenever you two touch, whether it’s kissing, holding hands and embracing, he always blushes initially

    - After a while he will become more confident in the fact he has someone’s true interest he will become more suave and flirty

    - favorite thing to do for alone time is read a book, mystery novels are his favorite

    - gives the most heartfelt and sentimental gifts, ranging from a flower from the planet you two met on, to a necklace that matches your eyes for the reason of just because

    - calls you by your first name for a while but after he becomes comfortable with the idea he calls you “ love”

    - is not a night owl but will wait ( to the point of passing out) for you to come to bed with him. He hates sleeping alone now that he has you. When he sees you standing up and heading towards the bed, he gets wide eyed and smiley, he can barely keep his excitement contained

    Should I do a NSFW version? Let me know what you guys think

    #tbb echo#tbb headcanons #the bad batch echo #the bad batch #tbb #clone force 99 #the bad batch headcanons #echo x reader #tbb headcannons echo #tbb headcannons#star wars #star wars the bad batch #star wars echo #echo headcanon
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  • techslander
    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    another tech headcanon: marauder edition!

    he talks to the ship. with the way he calls it his ship and probably spends more hours of the week repairing it than sleeping, you cannot tell me he doesn’t talk to the ship.

    he’ll be working on the engines and be like “come on, i know you can give me a little more” or start bargaining like “if you can keep that panel up ill replace the exhaust vent sooner”

    it’s always like in the dead of night when everyone else is out and he’s hunched over some control panel, running on no sleep and too much caf, quietly begging the marauder to hold together for just one more day

    tech knows it’s illogical and doesn’t have any actual impact on repairs, but it’s a little fallacy he allows himself to indulge in (for his own sanity)

    (one time crosshair caught tech whispering to the ship, assumed he had something weird going on, and it took tech an hour of convincing [threatening] to get him to not tell hunter)

    is this an excuse to imagine tech with the whispery low voice? yes

    #ITS NOT WEIRD HES JUST STRESSED #tech and the marauder both hanging on by the same thread #the bad batch #tbb tech #bad batch headcanons #tech headcanon #tech tbb headcanon #star wars#tech tbb
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  • techslander
    26.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    thinking about tech again. i think he would love legos and also be the worst person to build them with. he wouldn’t let you touch SHIT and doesn’t let you keep up.

    he only lets echo build with him because they just sit in silence (crosshair used to fill that position :/). not a single build has survived more than 72 hours before it gets thrown around when he decides to tokyo drift the marauder

    #as he should honestly #the bad batch #tbb tech#tech tbb #bad batch headcanons #tech headcanon
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  • techslander
    25.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    some bad batch christmas hcs!

    Because they’ve never really done christmas before, they didn’t exactly plan on doing it anyway. until they remembered they live with a child, and who are they to deny her what they could never have??

    Tech researches rituals and traditions surrounding the holiday, recipes for baked goods and drinks, and songs and their meanings

    Hunter is the dad furiously trying to collect all the wrapping paper in a trash bag. He keeps trying to get everyone to put the paper in one place but some of it ends up on the other side of the ship

    Crosshair reluctantly (held at gunpoint by hunter) dresses up as Santa for Omega. His payment is unlimited access to the spotchka cabinet once she goes to bed

    Tech spends the entire night rigging up Christmas lights so they play on-beat with the music. His brothers got him a drone and he immediately turns into that one kid who takes it outside and wreaks havoc as soon as possible

    Wrecker teaches Omega how to make hot chocolate (wrecker is a GOD at making any sweets) and a can of whipped cream somehow ends up hitting Echo in the face. Whipped cream fight ensues, much to the heartbreak of Hunter who just cleaned up that area

    Omega gets all of her brothers matching scarfs that say T.B.B on the ends! Wrecker sobs, Echo leaves the room to sob, Hunter is using every drop of willpower he has not to break down in front of the kid, Crosshair allows a single tear to come down, and Tech is incredibly thankful that his goggles physically keep his tears from falling (Omega could see the water line rise, though)

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  • xoxo-40782
    24.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Hello 👋

    I made another little chapter (only about 1900 Words or so)

    I hope you guys enjoy❤️

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  • therstark
    23.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • donkey-rider
    23.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Omega, dangling a Santa hat in front of Crosshair: Come ON. It is the day before Christmas!

    Crosshair, cradling the last surviving Halloween decoration: Which means it's not Christmas YET!

    #crosshair #bad batch echo #bad batch hunter #bad batch omega #bad batch tech #bad batch wrecker #sw tbb #bad batch headcanons #bad batch textposts #is anyone else not feeling the Christmas vibe
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  • tech-deck
    23.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • tech-deck
    21.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Tech Horny Thoughts

    Tag: Recording, 18+ NSFW, smut

    Tech records you having an orgasm while you have one of his special “devices” inside of you

    This is after recording the both of you making love

    But he needs a full body view of you rather than just from his POV while he’s completely sheathed inside you

    He has it saved for later use (specifically when he’s alone and needs to get out his frustrations without you there)

    Cooing while you are violently shaking from another orgasm

    “Eyes on me Mesh’la, be good for me”

    He has your legs spread open with silk ties to either side of the bunk

    “Keep them spread open cyar’ika, I need to capture all of this.”

    Tech thinks it’s the most beautiful sight, seeing you convulse and cry out as you go through your final release for the night

    He turns off the device once you begin to pass out from overstimulation

    Still recording you as he undoes the restraints

    He slowly pulls out the toy and watches your release (a mixture of his own and yours) still flow out of your swollen hole

    He uses his fingers to push back some of it into your hole

    The bed sheets completely soaked through

    He scans over your whole body watching how your legs twitch with any slight touch of his hands

    The heaving of your chest, and the flushed skin

    The thin line of sweat that glistens on your body like a shimmering jewel

    Your mouth, puffy from your previous make out session and slightly parted from catching your breath

    Your eyes half-lidded with lust and exhaustion, and your hair matted to your head

    He is able to keep his composure for research purposes but he cannot contain himself from touching you

    His hands roaming the red marks on your throat where he grasped it earlier

    Hands traveling lower to your chest, your waist and hips, down to your thighs

    His mouth follows his hands, kissing you from your collarbone down the valley of your chest, to your navel and nipping at the sensitive skin above your pelvis

    Praising you in the mean time saying “you did very well, this is a good start for my research”

    “However, there is still more that can be recorded, would you like that my dear?”

    You nod and prepare for another round of experimentation

    Next time suggesting that you wear the goggles so you can have your much needed “research”

    “I believe that can be arranged cyar’ika”

    #i haven’t done headcanons in a while #and this picture was saved in my phone because of course it was #researching Tech is best Tech #tbb tech #the bad batch #tbb tech x reader #tech x reader #nsft#smut #tbb tech smut #bad batch smut #smut headcanons#tbb #clone trooper tech #tech tbe bad batch #recording smut
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  • therstark
    20.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago
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