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  • neon-junkie
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Mother... why?!

    Summary: Short on money, your mother resorts to the last of her options: selling you. (gender-neutral Reader)

    Rating: SFW

    Word count: 895

    Notes: I came out of my hiatus just to post this... here, take it!

    Beep Beep! Beep Beep! 

    Shit! Oh, for fuck’s sake. Your alarm is going off, and you're bundled beneath the covers, not wanting to attend school today. Fuck, that beeping sound is so fucking annoying, so you begrudgingly stick an arm out and manage to turn it off, only to retreat back into your cozy cove.

    A few minutes pass as you enjoy the warmth, mentally preparing yourself for everything that you need to do today. Getting up is a chore in itself, and school is... well, you know how it is. Fucking awful, is how it is. At least your homework is done... what's the point in homework anyway? Surely there must be an issue with the system if you're having to go home and learn, rather than leaning at school?

    Hang on... was that your first alarm, or second? The second should be going off by now?!

    "FUCK!" you scream as you peer out of the covers to see the time. You're late, oh, what a surprise!

    Well, the bed isn't going to be made this morning. Time is precious, even more so when you're running late and having to rush your morning routine. Clothes are thrown on, your hair is somewhat brushed and styled, books are yeeted into your backpack just before it's flung over your shoulders. Oh, shit, yeah, you need to brush your teeth! You manage to do that whilst slipping on your shoes, and finally, you're begrudgingly ready.

    Running down the stairs, you slide into the kitchen, throwing a piece of toast into the toaster as some form of breakfast. "Come on, come on, come on," you chant over and over as you watch the bread turn brown.

    "Honey!" your mother calls out from the lounge.

    "I know!" you shout back, certain that she's going to inform you that you're late.

    "Come in here, please. I need to talk to you," she calls back.

    Oh, fuck, now what? As your toast finishes toasting, you begin running through everything awful that you've done this past week - or everything that your mother deems awful.

    Well, the bins have been taken out, and the washing up is always done. Yeah, your beds not made, but she hasn't discovered that... yet. Shit, did you close all of your tabs on the computer last night? Fuck, hopefully she didn't discover that cursed hellsite that you waste all of your time on.

    Your mom calls out your name, and thankfully, your toast pops out at the same time. "Coming!" you scream back as you pick up your toast, bouncing the hot piece of double-cooked bread between your hands as you attempt to cool it down, before scoffing the first of many bites into your mouth.

    You turn the corner, entering the lounge, only for your soul to leave your body, as you're met by a sight that you never thought you'd see.

    Everybody looks awkward, mostly yourself, and your mother is putting on her best fake smile as she begins explaining things. "Sweetie, you know how tight we are on bills..." she begins explaining.

    "Yeah..." you lightly nod, attempting to keep your gaze locked onto hers, rather than the five armoured men sitting in your lounge.

    "And, well, I had to resort to something that I didn't want to do, but I think it's for the best..."

    Wait. Fuck. Did she...? Nooo, surely not?

    You've read about this scenario a thousand times before - a myth, a tale, the story of legends. This scenario is oh-so-familiar, and yet, so foreign to you. It's absurd, the idea in itself, and yet here you are, experiencing it right now.

    "I tried to sell you to that boy band that you like, but their applications have been overflowing for years. These men were more than happy to take you on," your mother smiles, gesturing to the broody bunch that you've been obsessed with, ever since they were introduced during the end of The Clone Wars.

    "If that's alright with you," Hunter nods, finally meeting your gaze.

    In shock, you drop your poor piece of toast. There goes your breakfast, the most important meal of the day, now being eaten off the floor by your dog, who is unfazed by the entire scenario. You're not only out of fucks to give, but words, too. I mean, what are you meant to reply? How are you meant to react? This entire scenario is just... wow.

    "You dropped your toast," Wrecker points out, breaking the long, awkward silence as they await your reply.

    "I told you this was a bad idea," Echo scoffs, attempting to keep his words hushed.

    "I second that," Tech chimes in as he barely looks up from his datapad. What else were you expecting?

    Hunter's gaze flicks between your mother, and you, and she attempts to encourage you. "I thought you liked these men?" she asks.

    Shit. Okay, she's definitely discovered your search history. That, in itself, is a crime, but hopefully she hasn't told them about it. Surely she wouldn't do that... right?

    "We don't bite," Crosshair chuckles from the back of the room, his arms crossed over his chest. "Well, they don't," he adds under his breath.

    Hunter lets out a heavy sigh as he looks at you, and asks the most important question that you'll ever be asked.

    "So... you wanna come with us?"

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  • oneshot-one-kill
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Writing Random Bad Batch Scenes

    Part 1/?

    Rated: PG, Language

    Synopsis of episode:

    Déla and Sol, two cousins from a crime syndicate family must accompany the Bad Batch on a mission to the outer rim.


    Sol, Hunter and Crosshair are trying to get some sleep on the 3 available racks. Tech and Déla excitedly technobabble for an extended period of time in the cockpit.

    Hunter: You really weren't kidding.

    Sol: Nope, I told you. We put those two together they'll never shut the fuck up.

    Sol shifts uncomfortably on the top bunk.

    Sol: I can't actually believe you guys sleep like this.

    Hunter: It's standard issue...

    Sol: It's a SHELF, Hunter. Standard issue? It's a piece of sheet metal bolted to the wall!

    Hunter: Sorry this isn't the palace you're used to, majesty.

    Sol: HEY! What I mean, smartass, is you guys are out there laying down your lives for the Republic and they can't conjure enough credits to get you something that's convincingly a bed!

    A man's voice calls from the cargo compartment.

    Wrecker: THANK you!

    Sol: You're welcome!

    Crosshair: Can you please leave?

    Sol: ME?!

    Crosshair: ALL OF YOU!

    Crosshair gets up and storms out of the ship. Sol shouts after the man.

    Sol: Sorry! Uh, is he going to sleep outside?

    Hunter: Yeah... Cross just chooses to camp outside some nights.

    Sol: Wait.

    Hunter: What?

    Sol: That sounds WAY better. I'm throwing my tent up too.

    Sol hops off her bunk.

    Hunter: Wait!


    Hunter: I'm coming too.

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  • mr-pym
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Soooo, a Bad Batch fan fic called "Invisible Reminders of You" was updated today after a hiatus and within a few hours, all of it was gone? All links in my history and bookmarks redirect to AO3's invitation and news feed? It may be deleted...

    Anyone know who the author is? I really liked that one :(

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  • moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #Hunter#Omega#Wrecker #The bad batch #The bad Batch spoilers #tbb spoilers #the clone wars #Everydoors#asks
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  • ren-fangirls
    22.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    The Bad Batch + Onion Headlines

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  • kamino-coruscant
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    It's Raining Men

    #poor clones #the clone wars #captain rex #the bad batch #arc trooper echo #sergeant hunter#tcw#tbb#tcwedit#tbbedit#clone troopers#flashing gif #clone wars gifs #bad batch gifs #mygifs
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  • darthzero22
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Sergeant Hunter 💖

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  • moonstrider9904
    21.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Hunter has a scar on his chin and that makes him a million times hotter to me than he already was

    @photogirl894 @darthzero22 I don't know about you gals, but I'd kiss his scar for eternity, I don't care

    #hunter is my king #the bad batch #star wars#bad batch #clone force 99 #sergeant hunter #star wars tbb #tbb hunter #bad batch hunter #the bad batch hunter #sw tbb #star wars the bad batch #hunter tbb #hunter bad batch #hunter the bad batch
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  • queencousland101
    21.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Scarborough Fair

    Pairing: Hunter x fem!Reader

    Summary: Fem!Reader takes a nightly stroll and reminisces of better days, while a certain Sergeant lets his curiosity get the better of him.

    No warnings, just a fun piece I wanted to explore. The song I chose for this piece is Simon & Garfunkel’s rendition of Scarborough Fair. I admit that I haven’t the slightest idea of how to add a Spotify link so you can listen as you read. I do apologize for that. Enjoy!

    A want to give a HUGE shoutout to @blacklothwolf for the edits. Thank you!!! <3<3<3


    Kamino can be a lonely place at night.

    Actually, Kamino is just a lonely place, period.

    Sure, there are nightly patrols that make their hourly rounds, but they aren’t exactly the friendliest bunch. They prefer to stay away from the nat-borns that were placed on Kamino, even though you were placed there as a temporary assistant to the Kaminoans. They did not seem to hold their so-called “creators” in high esteem, and any person associated with them was immediately regarded with suspicion.

    You can’t really blame them.

    You walk toward the labs, datapads in hand and practically brimming with frustration. I didn’t sign up to be some errand girl, you think to yourself. Yet here you are … the glorified intern sent from one lab to another, transferring data and relaying messages. So much for shadowing Nala Se as a med student.

    The pathways between labs in Tipoca City seemed to go on forever. White wall after white wall. Nothing but a clean, sterile, uniformed environment that’s always the same. The Kaminoans cherished this sameness. The clone troopers were identical and remained a shining example of their intellect and skill. Their other cloned creations shared similar successes, but none as largely known as the troopers. The Kaminoans took great care to manipulate genetic coding, which is what gathered your interests in the first place. When the offer arose to learn from the master geneticists, you couldn’t refuse. What a fool you were.

    You look around you and once again take in the sight. The corridor is long and empty, although brightly lit, making your head hurt. This place never seems to change. It’s orderly and predictable, just the way the Kaminoans want.

    It’s dull you think to yourself, and gently allow your mind to wander. Home was never this dull.

    You pause and sigh deeply. Home.

    A wave of nostalgia crashes over you at the mention of your home planet. For a brief moment, you close your eyes and see figures dancing around a bonfire. The cheerful chatter of children and adults alike surround the joyous scene. The rhythmic beating of drums leaves your bones rattling and your heart pounding in your chest. The scent of smoke mixes with the warm fragrance of flowers and food, which makes for an oddly nostalgic smell that surely couldn’t be recreated even if the scene was repeated perfectly.

    You retrace the steps of the dance, gently swaying in step with the beat that’s ingrained into your mind. Kamino seems like a faraway memory, or nightmare. You cannot decide. You take a step and twirl gracefully, only for a datapad in your hand to clammer to the floor, snapping you back to the present. “Damn thing,” you mutter as you grab it and continue to your destination, the steps of the dance now long gone. Kamino comes rushing back into the present, and memories of your warm past drift further away.

    I’m not ready, you think and shiver. Instinctively you wrap your arms around your torso and grimace as the datapads poke you painfully. I’m not ready to return to this cold place.

    The halls echo with each step, the sound bouncing off the walls and traveling down the corridor. What nice acoustics. Suddenly, you stop and look up. These empty walls bear no décor, no personality or distinction. But… perhaps you can bring them to life.

    There was an old folktale that you loved to sing with your mother during quiet evenings. An old love song, one more of longing than returned affections. You long for a sense of familiarity, just as the original author longed for their lost love. The song escapes your lips before you’re even aware:

    Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

    Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme

    Remember me to one who lives there

    He once was a true love of mine

    The halls that once held an eerie silence among the gentle hum of machines now echo with your song. Your voice carries the tune effortlessly, rising and falling with the melody that you’ve come to know so well. The next verse spills out effortlessly:

    Tell her to make me a cambric shirt

    Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme

    Without no seams nor needle work

    Then she'll be a true love of mine

    You sing the melody, as it would play out on an instrument. Your steps slow to a saunter, and you step in rhythm with the music. Your eyes drift closed as you embrace a sense of peace, the datapads now comfortably hugged close to your chest as you forget their presence entirely. With a surge of confidence, you plunge into the next verse:

    Tell her to find me an acre of land

    Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

    Between the salt water and the sea strands

    Then she'll be a true love of mine

    While lost in your trance, you pass an opening adjacent to the corridor that connects to another hall. There stands a lone trooper, unbeknownst to you. He watches and listens intently, careful not to wake you from the spell. The final verse comes through strong and clear:

    Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

    Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme

    Remember me to one who lives there

    She once was a true love of mine

    The sounds continue to bounce through the halls as you are awakened from your trance. A pleasant smile parts your lips, but the feeling of eyes halts your steps. You stop and quickly turn towards the new corridor, where a man stands, watching.


    Hunter stirs in his bed. Once again, he cannot sleep and that likely won’t change tonight. He pulls the pillow over his ears and grunts in frustration. Wrecker’s snores were relentless, and Hunter’s heightened senses were at Wrecker’s mercy. Too bad Tech couldn’t make him noise-canceling ear covers. Perhaps he should ask him. Surely that could be done, right?

    Hunter throws his feet over the side of the bed and rubs at his temple. The headaches are coming back, but he’s not sure if it’s from the snores, lack of sleep, or smell. Hunter huffs to himself, it’s probably all of them. How Crosshair can sleep when he’s so close to Wrecker is a mystery Hunter will likely never solve. He glances at Tech’s bunk, where his brother is passed out with a datapad in one hand, and some unknown contraption in the other. Hunter smiles. Tech never seems to run out of projects.

    Hunter walks towards the door, being careful not to wake the others. He checks on his brothers once more then leaves the room.

    He walks the halls, unsure if he should head to the gym or refresher. As he’s trying to decide, Hunter hears something … odd. Something that isn’t normal for the halls of Kamino.

    It’s not unpleasant. If anything, it’s lovely. Like a breath of fresh air through the stale, desolate halls.

    Hunter lets his feet guide him to the noise. His heightened hearing picks up every note of the sound, yet it does not cause him pain like most other noises. It’s soft. It caresses his senses.

    It enchants him. He follows, spellbound.

    He is led through the halls until he spots the source of this beautiful sound; a young woman sings carelessly while holding a stack of datapads.

    Her voice reverberates through the halls. She’s wrapped in this trance as she sings, completely unaware of her private audience. Hunter leans against the wall and crosses his arms. She appears to be happy, even if for a brief moment. He chuckles quietly as she finishes her song, something about a …. person, plants, a place? He doesn’t quite understand but listens attentively regardless.

    He did not consider her reaction to his presence until she stops suddenly, turning to look him dead in the eyes.


    The man stands in the corridor, just as surprised as you are it seems. You both startle for a moment and cannot find the proper words. Your surprise is quickly replaced with curiosity. He looks like a clone, yet … he doesn’t. Yes, he has the facial features, physical stature, dark skin, and curly hair, but he does not resemble the identical men you’ve come to recognize.

    It seems … like there’s … more to him. You can’t place your finger on it, but something is different.

    The black tattoo on his face highlights his prominent cheekbones and jawline, and his messy hair is pulled out of his face with a red headband. Yet, despite the hair, headband, and tattoo, you find that you're mostly drawn to his eyes. They look almost … grey? Do clones have grey eyes? Your mind swirls and you continue to stare at the strange man. He’s handsome.

    You blush, suddenly aware that you’re not only staring, but that you’ve also been caught. No one outside your family has heard you sing, and well… you were a tad embarrassed to say the least. You quickly turn to leave, hugging the datapads to your chest. “Umm ... s…sorry,” you quietly mutter but a strong hand on your shoulder stops you.

    “No wait!” He pauses, unsure what to say. “Was that you? Earlier in the hallway?” His eyes brighten at the question, and you start to feel lightheaded.

    Your cheeks turn as red as his headband with his hand still gently on your shoulder. You can barely process the question. “Uhh yeah,” your reply comes out barely more than a whisper.

    His lips perk up into a lopsided smile, apparently he heard your quiet confession. “You sound really nice.” He moves his hand from your shoulder to rub the back of his neck. “Um, I’m Hunter. I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m certain I would have remembered you.”

    You raise an eyebrow, letting your curiosity outweigh your shyness. “Oh? And why is that, Hunter?”

    He flushes as you say his name and stumbles with his response “I... uh…I would remember a voice like that … like, like yours I mean.” You smile as he continues, “you sound nice, and … well people here normally don’t sing in hallways. Not like you. I’d actually want to hear you sing.”

    You give a light-hearted laugh at the praise, and Hunter relaxes beside you. The sound of your laughter is soothing to him, almost as much as your song. “Thank you, Hunter. I should probably head on to the labs now. I’ve been gone too long.”

    “Would you like some company?” He offers and extends a hand to take a datapad. A glimmer of hope now shines in his grey eyes.

    “Yeah, I’d like that.” You grin, “I'd like that very much.” He brushes your hand with his and takes a couple datapads as you fall into a step far slower than your normal stride. You walk together through the halls, your steps resonating together.

    Suddenly, Kamino doesn’t feel so lonely.

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  • moonstrider9904
    21.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Turns out Filoni has broken our hearts in the episodes before a season finale in the past, I'd just forgotten about it:

    The Bad Batch 1.14 || Star Wars Rebels 1.13

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  • padawansuggest
    21.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    For anyone wondering where Omega is in the catboy AU?? She got catgirl parts one day while snuggled up with Hunter in her sleep, woke up the next day with the urge to pounce on everyone on this goddamn ship. Hunter is her adopted daddy cause the war is over and she doesn’t have to stay on waterworld with evil momma anymore, and she got attached to the Bad Batch like normal. Only difference is that Echo is constantly dragging his dumb catboy twin Fives on board so they can have sibling time and Fives can teach Omega how to hunt (this is his personal goal, not a goal that anyone else on the ship supports) and now every day Hunter has to check under his bed for little blonde kittens so his toes don’t get mauled as soon as he steps down to start his day.

    They once brought Omega to meet her big bro Boba, and the two of them just hissed at each other from their respective clone dad’s arms the whole time. Boba’s ears went so flat and Omega got spicy af about this. It was the most hilarious thing ever and Obi-Wan took a holovideo of it to show them when they get older. It was amazing.

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  • kamino-coruscant
    21.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    The Bad Batch standing at attention

    The Bad Batch 1.01 Aftermath

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  • twinkofthedink
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hunter: Part of being strong is knowing when to admit you're weak.

    Crosshair: So when would you admit it?

    Hunter: To you? Never.

    #the bad batch #hunter#crosshair#incorrect quotes #tbb incorrect quotes #the bad batch incorrect quotes #hunter incorrect quotes #crosshair incorrect quotes
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  • ladykagewaki
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hunter’s visit to a hooker  WIP

    Hunter wants to forget. He wants to blow off steam. He doesn’t want to be himself for a while. He decided to give her a visit. She had a history with one of his men, but no one, Hunter espeically, could quite figure out what had gone on between them. What was Echo doing with a hooker? Didn’t matter. Nothing mattered.

    MxF, Violence, Sex, and NSFW

    Hunter wrapped his arm around her waist and roughly drew her to him. He noted her small delicate hands that landed on his chest and with his free hand gently took a hold of her fingers. “Make me forget” he said softly. “Make me forget all of it” and continued to hold her tightly, tilting his head to grab her eyes with his, forcing his gaze into her eyes. Her body went slightly loose to indicate her submission. He pulled back and noted the vailed fear in her eyes.

    A bit out of breath from the tight embrace she said “Yes, sir”

    His arm squeezed her tight. “I said make me forget.”

    A squeak popped out of her mouth from the unpleasantness of his embrace. She simply nodded and looked away. He released her to cover the business aspect. He threw some cash on the top of the dresser and stalked towards her. He tore off the top of his armor in two deft click clacks of the latches. Her eyes went to where the armor clattered onto the floor. She took a step back to give him room to unravel his layers of protection and was taken aback when the room whirled around her. She let out a screech as he swept her legs and lifted her up. He carried her over to the bed and tossed her onto the slightly rumpled sheets. He kicked off the last of his outer shell and crawled on top of her.

    He brought his face up to hers and she turned away “I said…I said-“

    “No kissing” he said considering this, knowing that at any time he had the power to do whatever he really wanted, despite her wishes. For whatever reason, he decided against it. Instead he roughly gripped her by the jaw and said “How much?”

    “Not for sale” she gasped. “Not for sale…” she whimpered. She closed her eyes knowing she was at the mercy of this man. This beastly strong, angry man.

    “Did you kiss him? Eh?” he asked, his voice soft and smokey, but carried an edge.

    Her eyes went wide and he chuckled amused. “Good for him” he said his mouth turning downward into a frown. He let her got and raised up on his knees. He pulled off the top of his blacks revealing a powerful, lean and chiseled upper body.

    Had he wanted to be more gentle than animalistic it would have been a pleasant reveal. But she knew this would not be pleasant and the reveal of his physical strength was more of a threat than a promise of pleasure.

    She recognized that Hunter did not appear pleased with himself. She thought He doesn’t know who else to be. He wants to forget by not being the noble leader for once, but the only other thing he knows is the enemy. She relaxed and figured Well, maybe I can teach him that there are a variety of personalities he can try on. While the thought came to her she said “So, you mentioned you wanted a rather traditional experience.

    He halted, eyes narrowing in suspicion. “Yeah….”

    “Since you’re not Mr Noble Soldier today, maybe” she slid her hands upwards along her sides, emphasizing her figure with carefully placed fingertips “you would be interested in some other types of adult play?” She smiled, her eyes lidded with desire. If you can pull this off you will save yourself some pain…and maybe allow him to alleviate some of his.

    “I’m a traditional kinda guy He said, pulling down his blacks revealing a pair of standard issue boxer briefs.

    “Oh no no” she shook a finger at him “Hunter is a traditional guy.” She winked hoping that he would pick up on what she was implying.

    He slightly turned his head “Mm…”

    “Maybe there are things Hunter would never ever consider, but whoever you are might freely partake.”

    He sat back on his heels for a moment eyeing her writhing body and considered. Then he decided. “Like what?”

    Letting me tie you up and whip you? she thought. You can pay for all the things violent men have done to me-STOP! He’ll sense your anger. She considered for a moment and said, honestly, “I have things to suggest, but I don’t want to offend you.” She allowed her eyes to run the length of his body to signal that she knew he was stronger that her and could snap her like a twig… not in a good way.

    He placed his hands on her lower legs and yanked her towards him. He pressed his hard body down between her legs and pressed his torso onto hers. She could feel the heat of his body, a familiar feeling to her that triggered automatic responses in her movements. She pressed her pelvis into his, feeling his erection with her pubis. “Not today” he said with finality. He kept intense eye contact with her as he glided his fingertips up the outside of her thigh.

    A sly smile spread across her lips. “Ok” she whispered.  He reached the top of her leg and found the sweet soft lace of her panties. Maybe this won’t be so bad she thought.

    He read her confidence in her face and his brow hardened. “You think you can trick me? You little whore?” and ripped her panties off.

    Such an act was always portrayed as a sexy fun thing in the holos but in reality it hurt. The fabric caught on her body in various places and dug into her skin as it was torn from her body. She couldn’t control her face and it caused her to wince, but only for a second.  

    “There…” he said. “That’s what I want. I want to see you fear for once.” He pressed the side of his face to hers, his stubble scraping across her cheek. His whisper was soft, but laced with controlled rage. “I want to see you afraid. You walk around here with such confidence, tucked away in your little cozy luxurious” he pinned her lower body down with his hips. “little brothel here. You know nothing of what’s out there.” He tuned his hear in on her heartbeat and heard it racing. “I know you’re afraid” he growled.

    “Or excited” she said, unable to relinquish her power. She shut her eyes suddenly knowing deep in her core that was the wrong answer.

    He sat up again, this time over her hips. He raised his hand, showing her the back of it and she reflexively braced herself for impact shutting her eyes tight…but the blow never came. After several long tense seconds she cracked an eyelid open and he was giving her a confused look.

    She began to tremble with fear. Her arms, her shoulders, she couldn’t control it. Her heart was racing uncomfortably fast and she felt the room go cold, an indication she was perspiring.

    His face lifted, his brow softened and his usual calm, gentle demeanor returned “Hey…” he said “I was just scratching my shoulder.” He crouched down “I’m not…I’m not actually gonna hurt you, ‘kay? It’s just a game…”

    She wanted to respond, but she was frozen with fear. If she uttered anything tears would burst forth. He saw, he sensed, that she was not okay, and in fact slipping in and out of awareness. “Mm” she grunted, her eyes blinking quickly, and avoiding eye contact with him. She was not feeling a light naughty fear, but genuine terror. He got off of her and lay down next to her. “Hey, I’m not…I’m not actually gonna hurt you…” he said lamely.

    Her breath was ragged, and she was containing in her response to years and years of abuse. “I…” she just nodded. “uh…”

    He slowly placed a hand on her opposite arm and coaxed her to turn on her side towards him. She began to take slow deep breaths, a technique to calm herself. “Sorry…so sorry” she said, her voice small and delicate. “I…okay, I’m so sorry” she said knowing she ruined the job. She was also suspicious he wasn’t sincere. Remember she thought he can still turn on a dime. Men are like that. They comfort you until they lose patience. Then they do whatever they want.

    After one last breath she placed a confident hand on his chest and slid it up over his shoulder. “Okay” she said, meeting his eyes. “Since I ruined it I…I guess I owe you a refund.”

    He grimaced unpleasantly “No” he said. “I still took your time.”

    She smiled coquettishly and giggled. “But I didn’t do any work” she smiled wider. “C’mon, let’s keep going” She could hardly believe her own words.

    Neither could he. “Are…are ya sure?” he asked.

    Oh my stars. He’s serious. Her eyebrows jumped. He really was just playing a bad guy. She smiled genuinely and said “Yeah, c’mon Hunter. You’re pretty convincing.”

    He chuckled darkly “yeah, well…I’ve met a few assholes in my day.” He pet her hair and gently swept a few wayward strands behind her ear.

    “Just because one likes it rough doesn’t make one an asshole” she said.

    He smirked. “Mm. Good to know” he said, patiently waiting until her heart and her scent told him she was calm enough and ready.  

    After a few quiet moments she snapped the elastic waistband of his boxer briefs “Ow” he hissed in mock pain. “You naughty girl” he said as she lay back down on her back. He placed a hand on her belly and slid it upwards, between her breasts and up to her neck. Gently grasping the delicate area he said “You need to be taught a lesson.”

    He took a deep breath, taking in her scent and measuring the levels of fear. She was in a better place now. Having a better sense of what he wanted she slipped into a wide eyed and wary persona and played her part well. She found he did like it rough, but always pulled back just before he truly hurt her. It was a difficult game for her as it involved placing tremendous trust in him. And trust in her line of work, after so many betrayals, was a rare gem.

    As they reached the end of their act, Hunter on his knees gripping her hips and taking her from behind, she found genuine pleasure in his penetration. To her own astonishment she let out a guttural breathy cry as she road a wave of pleasure to the first genuine climax she had since Echo had touched her. Her mind cleared swiftly, but a heady plume of afterglow bathed her body.

    The sounds she made encouraged Hunter on an instinctual level, and he threw his head back moaning in animal desire and primal triumph. After she was spent he found a new well of energy and began to fuck her fast and hard.  After a few more minutes he came with great relief, spraying himself inside her, sliding in and out, admiring the sight of his cock, slick with his cum, slipping in and out of her until he softened.

    He flopped back, and down onto his side. She sat back on her heels catching her breath. She looked over her shoulder at him with a cheeky smile. He met her eye and made his brow jump. She giggled and asked “Would you like some water? Or, a snack.”

    He merely nodded and grunted “Mm, water.”

    She stood up, slipped on a robe and walked over to her small kitchen where she poured him a large glass of water and brought it to him. She sat on the edge of the bed next to him and asked “I have other beverages, ale, or uh-“

    “Water is perfect” he said, sitting up stark naked.

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  • moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • im-no-jedi
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just think we should get to see him without the bandana for once... 

    as a treat... 👀🔥

    #the bad batch #star wars the bad batch #sargeant hunter#hunter tbb #I'm a simple girl; I see a man with shaggy hair and I MUST DRAW #I headcanon his hair is only like this cause he rarely washes it #otherwise it's like mine where getting it wet makes it SUPER wavy; almost curly #I should draw that next... #also the context of the right side is up for individual interpretation; you’re welcome✨ #you know it's bad when you can't stop staring at your own dadgum art ROFL #😍🥴🥵 #my dark and broody bandana man #star warz#my artz
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  • bad-batch-supremacy
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sergeant Hunter’s Waist

    thats it...thats the post

    #bad-batch-supremacy #bad batch hunter #sw the bad batch #star wars the bad batch #the bad batch #bad batch#sw tbb #star wars tbb #hunter the bad batch #star wars #hunter bad batch #sergeant hunter#sargeant hunter
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  • chiafett
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    She/hers your he/him butch Hunter

    #yeah we’re going all the way folks #tbb is whatever I want it to be #butch hunter au
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  • swranger
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lost In the Depths

    whumptober no. 20: trapped under water

    warnings: fear of drowning, falling, explosion

    It was such an easy mission, Crosshair didn’t know why they were there. Anyone could have done this. “On your six, Hunter,” he said lazily into the comms. He took out several droids heading for Tech before the clone ever knew they were there, then checked on Hunter and Wrecker’s progress.

    They worked as a well-oiled machine, though Crosshair hated that analogy.

    “I’m in,” Tech said into the comm. He disappeared inside almost right below Crosshair, and the sniper did another sweep, checking the perimeter. Hunter and Wrecker had already finished off their marks and were following after Tech.

    Crosshair pushed back into the ledge and into a crouch, gathering for a leap down to the ground. He had already begun the motion when the tower splintered under his feet. The explosion knocked him backward. His pauldron took the brunt of it, smoke tickling his nostrils as the missile altered his momentum. The slick, rounded surface of his perch finished it off.

    Crosshair lost his balance. His arms wheeled once, shoulder burning, before he lost the battle. Gravity tugged him downward, over the side and down toward the water waiting at the bottom of the cliff. His fingers scrabbled at the edge of the wall, and for a second he jerked to a stop.

    Then his fingers slipped, jarred by the motion of his bodyweight pulling his shoulder from its socket. The sniper fell, taking some of the detonator’s rubble with him.

    There was a moment of weightlessness. Sound fell away as he reflected what awaited him at the bottom.

    To many clones, Kamino was white walls and training simulations. It was home. Within the rigid routine was familiarity and brotherhood, forged stronger in their rigorous training. No matter how far away they were deployed, Tipoca City meant nostalgia and a safe base.

    It had never been that for Crosshair. Kamino for him was a sanitary cell, isolated by dark water and endless rain. No matter how far over the waves he could see, there was nothing but more water. Even worse, he could see into its depths. He could see the creatures below, see the darkness, and no one else could. He dreamed at night of water closing over his head and being lost in the depths, where no one would see him die.

    His brothers didn’t know, of course. Just like they hadn’t seen him fall.

    Crosshair dropped away from the wall, thinking only of water closing over his head.

    Hitting the water did not knock him unconscious fast enough. His armor helped disperse the bone-shattering impact, but pain slammed into his back and skull. The cold touch of water seeped into his blacks and in the joints of the armor as he sank beneath the surface.

    Crosshair stirred feebly, watching the light above him fade as he was pulled downward. He felt heavy. Wasn’t water supposed to make him feel lighter? He listened to his brothers’ voices over the open comms, carrying on the mission.

    He settled on the sandy bottom. Water was beginning to fill up his helmet. The sniper tried to position his legs to push off, to claw his way to the surface, but they wouldn’t respond. Heart hammering, he looked at his legs.

    Trapped. The word revived his system a stim, adrenaline saving him as he gulped in one last lungful of air before water filtered up past his nose. The display on his helmet went out, but Crosshair didn’t need it to see.

    He clawed at the debris pinning him down, trying to tug himself free. Pain lanced from his shin, and everything flickered gray. The water above him was suddenly a crushing weight. Panic flooded his veins.

    He was going to die here. It was worse than his dreams, with his lungs aching for air, and the sluggish pace of being submerged. No one would see him die, not because they could not see through the murk like Crosshair could, but because they weren’t even looking.

    He gave a final heave. Another shaft of pain from his leg, and Crosshair felt like he was drifting. Everything was slow. Everything was quiet. He tried to remember his training. Relax, let out the air at a snail’s pace.

    But Crosshair couldn’t relax. He would need to breathe eventually. He removed his helmet—it was doing him no good down here now-- and kicked upward.

    He could feel the fatigue creeping in, lethargy’s siren song urging him to just let go. It would be so easy. But he could see the light above him. He could make it. He could, if--

    His body was demanding oxygen. His mouth opened of its own accord, despite how he furiously tried to keep it closed. Water flooded into his throat. His traitorous body spasmed, trying to expel it, but it had already flooded his lungs, filling his chest with burning cold.

    Then his head broke the surface.

    He tried to pull in air, but the water had to be expelled first. His choked spluttering gave him brief snatches of real air, just enough to stave off the black edges of his vision. He almost let go of his helmet.

    Crosshair looked around. His armor was heavy, trying to drag him back down. He snarled at that and looked around for something solid. Angrily he pulled at the water, swimming to the nearest rock. His gloved hands slipped on the slick rock before finding purchase.

    He crawled up the rock with rubber limbs, dragging along his belly until he was half out of the water. He slapped his helmet down and rolled over onto his back.

    The sniper stared up at the sky and the cliffside wall. A single detonator, he thought bitterly. One small explosion, and he’d been wiped off his feet and nearly drowned. He could have died, and his brothers would never know what happened.

    The thought of his brothers made him scrape the helmet toward him. He didn’t try to turn on the visual interface—Tech would have to do that—but but he did try to raise his brothers on the coms. It took a few tries, but eventually his brother’s voices could be heard through the static.

    “…haven’t seen him since we go tin here.” Wrecker’s voice came through the clearest.

    ‘I’m outside,” Crosshair said, said, holding in another cough.

    “C…shair! We’ve got… tel and are on our way back t…auder.”

    Crosshair eyed the cliff and potential handholds. “I’ll meet you there,” he said, hoping it got through. “But it may take some time.”

    “Do..quire a pickup?” Tech asked.

    Crosshair hesitated as his thin body shivered. He could climb the cliff if needed; but it also meant he would have to get back into the water and swim to it. He looked at his hands and was appalled to find them shaking. He clenched them into fists.

    “If you can manage it,” he said. He flicked the comm signal on so Tech could trace him and lay back on the rock. He had enough time to decide how much he was going to tell his brothers.  

    #whumptober2021#tbb #fear of drowning #clone trooper crosshair #clone trooper tech #clone trooper wrecker #clone trooper hunter #crosshair #crosshair is afraid of water #there were so many clues to it #He really IS a cat #during the clone wars #missions gone wrong #my writing
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  • ggoob
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    it took me 4 times to notice this

    at the end of episode 16, when the batch is all on platform 5, omega turns to crosshair and says “thank you for saving AZ"

    this is the shot immediately following her statement:

    notice! crosshair is looking at her here. he is making direct eye contact. but in the moments after this, when he says “consider us even,” look at his eyes:

    he isn’t looking anywhere NEAR omega. because he’s saying this to his brothers. we can’t necessarily see it, but he’s looking at hunter, who is behind omega and on the stairs of the Marauder.

    crosshair is forgiving hunter

    #bad batch #the bad batch #tbb#tbb spoilers #bad batch spoilers #crosshair#imperial crosshair #bad batch crosshair #hunter #bad batch hunter #tech #bad batch tech #echo #bad batch echo #wrecker #bad batch wrecker #omega #bad batch omega #star wars#clone wars#sw
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