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  • lisasstars
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Poor Crosshair. 🥺

    What has the Empire done to you?? 😭

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  • ishida0714
    22.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • itsagrimm
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Wrecker calls Omega little bean. 🌱

    #(affectionate) #sorry that is fact #its because she is still growing #and so small in comparison to him #working in progress #also little reminder that wrecker is smart #he is just a bit louder and over the top #tbb#thebadbatch #the bad batch #the bad batch wrecker #tbb wrecker#tbb omega #the bad batch omega
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  • loliefeather-art
    22.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Omega wip

    #precious sunshine child #you can bet she does this on every new planet they visit #I can’t wait to finish this! #omega bad batch #tbb omega #the bad batch #bad batch #work in progress #art wip#digital sketch#digital art#loliefeather#loliefeather art#digital painting#fan art#fanart#star wars
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  • moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom
    22.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #Hunter#Omega#Wrecker #The bad batch #The bad Batch spoilers #tbb spoilers #the clone wars #Everydoors#asks
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  • ren-fangirls
    22.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    The Bad Batch + Onion Headlines

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  • skylarhopeherondalepotter
    21.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #black dagger brotherhood #bdb#black dagger #the black dagger brotherhood #dark lover#king wrath#vampire #the scribe virgin #tbb omega#jr ward#jrward
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  • padawansuggest
    21.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    For anyone wondering where Omega is in the catboy AU?? She got catgirl parts one day while snuggled up with Hunter in her sleep, woke up the next day with the urge to pounce on everyone on this goddamn ship. Hunter is her adopted daddy cause the war is over and she doesn’t have to stay on waterworld with evil momma anymore, and she got attached to the Bad Batch like normal. Only difference is that Echo is constantly dragging his dumb catboy twin Fives on board so they can have sibling time and Fives can teach Omega how to hunt (this is his personal goal, not a goal that anyone else on the ship supports) and now every day Hunter has to check under his bed for little blonde kittens so his toes don’t get mauled as soon as he steps down to start his day.

    They once brought Omega to meet her big bro Boba, and the two of them just hissed at each other from their respective clone dad’s arms the whole time. Boba’s ears went so flat and Omega got spicy af about this. It was the most hilarious thing ever and Obi-Wan took a holovideo of it to show them when they get older. It was amazing.

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  • moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Everydoors#asks #The bad batch #the bad batch Hunter #the bad batch spoilers #tbb spoilers#omega#tbb omega#Tbb tech#tbb wrecker
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  • bandanaboy
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    OMEGA, WRECKER and TECH in The Bad Batch 1.14: WAR-MANTLE
    #i love this scene so much #shes gotta skills!!! #omega#wrecker#tech #the bad batch #tbb #clone force 99 #omega the bad batch #wrecker the bad batch #tech the bad batch #star wars the bad batch #swedit#tbbedit#*mine#*omega#*tech#*wrecker #first time subtitling gifs!!!
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  • echo-stan
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sweethearts ❤️

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  • ggoob
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    it took me 4 times to notice this

    at the end of episode 16, when the batch is all on platform 5, omega turns to crosshair and says “thank you for saving AZ"

    this is the shot immediately following her statement:

    notice! crosshair is looking at her here. he is making direct eye contact. but in the moments after this, when he says “consider us even,” look at his eyes:

    he isn’t looking anywhere NEAR omega. because he’s saying this to his brothers. we can’t necessarily see it, but he’s looking at hunter, who is behind omega and on the stairs of the Marauder.

    crosshair is forgiving hunter

    #bad batch #the bad batch #tbb#tbb spoilers #bad batch spoilers #crosshair#imperial crosshair #bad batch crosshair #hunter #bad batch hunter #tech #bad batch tech #echo #bad batch echo #wrecker #bad batch wrecker #omega #bad batch omega #star wars#clone wars#sw
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  • cloneforceenby
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Bad Batch, if they had to raise Omega from a baby, because thinking of this makes me SOFT

    This has sparked from me now plotting out an AU which is exactly this, the five of them raising baby Omega. Stay tuned for that, in the mean time have some headcanons. They're specifically meant to be about the five of them raising Omega together, but definitely work for each of them with their own kids, so enjoy!

    This post is gonna be long because I have so many thoughts. @scarlettroseog and I had the best time discussing these!!

    Crosshair: Crosshair is the one who stares at baby Omega when they first get her and is just like "how do I pick it up". Tech offers to show him a useful holovideo on how to safely hold a baby. Crosshair offers to throw Tech into hyperspace. Once he gets the hang of it though, Cross is a natural and can often be found asleep with a baby on his chest. He loves baby cuddles more than life itself, but he'll be damned if he let's anyone know it. He has to act like holding her is the biggest inconvenience you could ever ask of him, but if someone else offers to take her, he'll refuse. He reminds them he never said he wouldn't hold her. 

    Very much a silent protector, Cross is always incredibly aware of his and Omega’s surroundings and is always looking out for her. He’s most at ease when Omega is still in his eyeline, but as long as she’s with one of the squad, he know she’s safe.

    Crosshair is an utter softie and has been caught singing to her, and crying when she grabbed and clung to his finger for the first time. He talks to her in the softest voice, and when she starts to babble he talks back as if they’re having a conversation. Little Omega hangs onto his every word. The others don't understand why he tries so hard to hide his affections, they all think its the cutest thing ever. 

    Oh, and he absolutely has no qualms cursing around her. He secretly hopes Omega’s first word is kriff to see Hunter’s reaction.

    Tech: This. Man. Tech disappears for a whole day when Omega lands in their care, and re-emerges a child rearing expert with a large shipment of baby supplies on its way to them. He has gone to the ends of the Holonet to research absolutely everything he needs to know and eagerly passes on his findings to the others. He's an expert swaddler to the point the others usually just leave that job for him. He's tried countless to teach the others, but Hunter especially just cannot get the hang of it. One time they find him sat shirtless with baby Omega on his chest, and he explains how he read that skin to skin contact is really good for newborns and helps them bond and feel safe. He suggests making a rota for skin to skin contact. Crosshair tells him to never say those words ever again. His enthusiasm comes from a place of absolute love, but he does have to be reminded to rein it in from time to time.

    Tech absolutely documents EVERYTHING. He's so in awe of this extraordinary tiny human and all her potential. He tracks and logs her development and milestones, he's recorded her crying countless times to try and decipher what she needs from how she's crying. He even develops a pretty successful formula to help her get to sleep. This guy is revolutionising child care over here. He allows the others to add to his notes with cute pictures and stuff, so its more of a baby book than a scientific log.

    Despite his eagerness to learn and give Omega the best care he can, the change she brings to their entire lives does unsettle Tech a fair bit. New priorities, new routines, everything has changed in some way. He does acclimatise, helped by how he dives into learning how to care for her, but its a difficult transition at first.

    Baby Omega gives Tech a sense of protectiveness he's never experienced before. She brings his emotions to the surface more than anything else ever could. He records a lot of sounds of her growing up, and the sound of her first laugh might just be his favourite sound hes ever recorded. He finds himself listening to it if he's away from her for whatever reason. When he’s working on projects, he likes having Omega to keep him company. He crafts a little baby chair to attach to his work table, and she sits and watches him work. He talks her through what he’s doing, knowing full well she has no idea what he’s saying, but her sweet little smile makes up for it.

    Wrecker: None of them have EVER seen Wrecker so gentle and careful. They warned him once that she's fragile, and they never had to warn him again. He is also swaddling expert second only to Tech - he asked Tech to teach him and practised over and over again on Lula until he got it. Considering Hunter cannot do it to save his life, he's very proud of himself. This guy is so, so sweet with her, he simply cannot cope with how tiny and adorable she is and will not rest until he has gushed about it to anyone who will listen. He even turned an unused storage crate into a crib for her with all the blankets she could ever need. He puts Lula in there too, but the fact she's bigger than Omega gives Hunter anxiety so she is still Wrecker's until Omega is bigger.

    Not to worry, though, because Omega spends more time sleeping in the arms of her ori'vod than in the crib anyway. Tech has insisted multiple times that they should allow her to get used to sleeping in her crib, but even he is guilty of falling asleep with the baby in his arms.

    My friend has a headcanon that Wrecker knits in his spare time as a calming activity and oh boy am I running with this. Hats. Wrecker makes all the hats for tiny Omega, and all five of them cried the first time she wore one of his creations. He doesn't just stop there, she has blankets, stuffies, bootees, Wrecker should start his own knitwear etsy shop at this point. He plans to donate omega's knitted things to people in need when she grows out of them. Wrecker is at his happiest sat knitting with little Omega fast asleep on him.

    Echo: oh my god do not get me STARTED. I'm crying already. Echo is the sweetest most gentle soul and Omega is such a calming presence to him, and he has the same effect on her. A cuddle with Echo and she's out like a light, and Hunter definitely isn't jealous.

    Due to his scomp arm, he always asks for help to pick her up or take her into his arms. He usually puts a blanket or something around the scomp as well, he's so afraid that he could hurt her or cause her discomfort with it. He can't hide that it gets him down, he wants to help out with Omega as much as the others can, he wants to be able to pick her up on his own without assistance.

    Hunter takes him aside and reassures him that he's doing a great job and that Omega clearly feels safe with him regardless. He knows how self-conscious Echo can get about his appearance and his disabilities, and reminds him how much of an incredible role model he is for Omega. Tech is already hard at work, though. If he hadn't already been working on a prosthetic arm for Echo, he was now and working double time. Seriously, no one knows if Tech is even getting any sleep. At least once they have to force him away from his work and hand him Omega to give him a moment to calm down and relax. In the meantime, Wrecker knits Echo a little scomp cover, and Hunter and Crosshair fashion slings out of spare blankets, so Echo can hold Omega more easily and in general so everyone can hold her hands-free if they need to do something else at the same time.

    Echo cries the first time he picks Omega up on his own, and in the same moment, Omega smiles for the first time. Now Hunter is crying, Wrecker is crying (more because he had been trying so hard to get her to smile for him), and Tech is leaping over furniture so he can capture the moment in time. 

    Hunter: The Dad™. Also a nervous wreck. Hunter is the one you’ll find watching Omega sleep and constantly checking she’s breathing. And waking the poor thing up on occasion, just to be sure. Omega coughs once and immediately, Hunter.exe has stopped working and he’s probably called an ambulance. He puts on a brave face, but in reality, he’s terrified. He’s trained for battle, not parenting. He doesn’t know the first thing about raising a baby, but with his squad behind him (particularly Tech’s extensive research), he knows he’ll be just fine. The one thing hes certain about, from the moment she is left in their care, is that he is never, ever going to let anyone hurt this little girl. Ever.

    He is also the one with the rules; no weapons around the baby, no cursing around the baby, no throwing the baby (no one intends to do so, but he wanted to make that very clear just in case), and no eating while holding the baby, after Wrecker dropped half his lunch on her one time. Hunter didn’t find it as funny as Omega did. 

    His heightened senses come in very handy, he can often sense just moments before the crying starts, and unfortunately for him, he knows before anyone else when she needs changing. At times, the crying takes it’s toll and can contribute to a sensory overload, but with the rest of his squad on hand to help, that’s rarely an issue. If it isn’t his turn for night duty, he has his noise cancellers in, otherwise he’ll be waking up every time Omega does. He finds her presence calming like Echo does, she’s so peaceful when asleep, and her big brown eyes are so alight with curiosity when she’s awake. Hunter finds himself watching her silently observing the world around her, and enjoys going for walks with her strapped to his chest so he can show her just a little bit more of the world. Someday, he’ll show her the galaxy.


    - At first, the five of them end up doing everything together. Baby check up? All five of them are piled in that doctor’s office. Baby music class? It was Wrecker’s idea, but all five of them come along. After a while they learn that not every situation requires all five of them.

    - Tech suggested making a baby care rota, but they didn’t need one. They just kind of manage to balance out the tasks and the cuddle time. Except Hunter. Hunter is selfish. Hunter will straight up steal the baby from one of his brothers when he decides it’s his turn for cuddles. The only exception to this is Echo. Hunter will never steal Omega from Echo.

    Sorry for this absolute essay. I put more effort and focus into this today than I did at work. This has also helped massively in plotting out a couple fics surrounding The Bad Batch and a baby Omega. I cannot cope with the amount of fluff I’ve written today. 

    Please let me know what you think, add some suggestions! I had a great time writing this and want to write some more headcanons for similar scenarios!

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  • phantom-of-the-keurig
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I have a mighty need for Cody to meet Omega like can you imagine??? is there fanfic about this because I know canon doesn’t give af about Cody and the possibility of them meeting is zero

    #wow that’s a mighty run on sentence #commander Cody#tbb omega #the bad batch
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  • kurara123
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Halloween trick or treating with Bad Batch (Marvel characters edition)

    Omega as little Gamora

    Wrecker as Thanos

    ^This is A Set Do Not Separate

    Hunter as Thor

    Tech as Doctor Octopus

    Echo as Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes

    Crosshair as Hawkeye

    #you can add more characters of course for wrecker my first though was Hulk but i went with thanos and omega sas gamora <3 #sw#tbb #the bad batch #my post#halloween
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  • kiiwiibun
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sketched concept of what Hunter and Omega would look like in Tartakovsky's Clone Wars art style

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  • kurara123
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters #5

    Me right now

    #is this omega or not #definitely clone trooper armor #i want to know so badly!!!!!!! #tbb omega#omega#sw #star wars war of the bounty hunters #star wars comics #my post #war of the bounty hunters
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  • ishida0714
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #sw fan art #tbb omega #the bad batch #boba fett
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  • allthingsomega
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Halloween is just around the corner, so what better time to talk about some of the spookiest, creepiest, and otherwise most unsettling moments of #TheBadBatch's first season? 

    Here are my top five scariest moments of the series to date!

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  • hyperesthesias
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    wait. I just had a terrible thought.

    If Nala Se said that only five genetically altered clones remain, and Omega was aware of the existence of other said mutated clones, does that mean she watched her other brothers die?

    #this is...really dark. but also consistent with kaminoan fuckery #whether or not they were decommissioned or they died by natural causes #omega#tbb omega #bad batch headcanons #bad batch #omega bad batch #bad batch omega #tbb crosshair#tbb hunter#tbb headcanons#tbb thoughts#tbb tech#tbb theory#tbb wrecker#tbb echo #star wars tbb #clone wars the bad batch
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