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  • thememerman
    24.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Omega: isn’t it crazy that everything we say, think, and do is all because of a pink blob of flesh inside our skulls?? 

    Wrecker: woah

    Tech: technically it’s grey, though similarly to the way skin color fluctuates depending on the blood flow-


    #I was having a convo with a certain ibf of mine #if ur reading this ily #and this came to mind #I couldn’t stop myself #star wars tbb #the bad batch #star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the dad batch #tbb tech#tbb omega#tbb wrecker #star wars incorrect quotes #bad batch incorrect quotes #the clone wars incorrect quotes
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    24.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #I am loving these so much #hope this was a god amount of spice for you lovelies #tbb tech x you #tbb tech headcanons #tbb tech
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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #this was a great ask #Amber asks#tbb tech
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  • thememerman
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pt. 4/5: Captain Rex in The Bad Batch

    Battle Scars (s1.e7)

    please feel free to use and repost these for anything you like, no credit is necessary. The only reason I put a watermark is so that I can prove I made them and am not stealing from other creators, and also so I can see if they ever end up circulating!

    #my gifs#star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the bad batch #captain rex #the dad batch #tbb echo#tbb crosshair#tbb hunter#tbb omega#tbb wrecker#tbb tech #captain rex gifs #bad batch gifs #clone wars gifs #clone trooper gifs
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  • thememerman
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pt. 3/5: Captain Rex in The Bad Batch

    Battle Scars (s1.e7)

    please feel free to use and repost these for anything you like, no credit is necessary. The only reason I put a watermark is so that I can prove I made them and am not stealing from other creators, and also so I can see if they ever end up circulating!

    #my gifs#star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the bad batch #captain rex #the dad batch #tbb echo#tbb crosshair#tbb hunter#tbb omega#tbb wrecker#tbb tech #captain rex gifs #the bad batch gifs #star wars gifs #the clone wars gifs #bad batch gifs #clone wars gifs #clone trooper gifs #mm gifs
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  • thememerman
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pt. 2/5: Captain Rex in The Bad Batch

    Battle Scars (s1.e7)

    please feel free to use and repost these for anything you like, no credit is necessary. The only reason I put a watermark is so that I can prove I made them and am not stealing from other creators, and also so I can see if they ever end up circulating!

    #my gifs#star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the bad batch #captain rex #the dad batch #tbb echo#tbb crosshair#tbb Hunter#tbb omega#tbb wrecker#tbb tech #captain rex gifs #the bad batch gifs #star wars gifs #the clone wars gifs #clone wars gifs #clone trooper gifs #mm gifs
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  • thememerman
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Pt. 1/5: Captain Rex in The Bad Batch

    Battle Scars (s1.e7)

    So uh. I decided to redo the Rex gifs I made before because I was unhappy with the inconsistency and quality of the last ones and instead of the 20 I limited myself to before I thought “what the heck! I’ll just GIF as much of the episode as I dang well please!!” so yeah prepare for a Bad Batch Rex GIF spam because I have zero impulse control 😘

    please feel free to use and repost these for anything you like, no credit is necessary. The only reason I put a watermark is so that I can prove I made them and am not stealing from other creators, and also so I can see if they ever end up circulating!

    #my gifs#star wars #the clone wars #animated star wars #clone troopers #the bad batch #captain rex #the dad batch #captain rex gifs #the bad batch gifs #star wars gifs #the clone wars gifs #tbb hunter#tbb omega#tbb tech#tbb echo#bracca#episode 7#battle scars #the bad batch episode 7 #bad batch gifs #clone trooper gifs #mm gifs
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  • all-aboard-the-tech-deck
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #tech is perfect for a forgetful s/o like myself #tbb tech#Amber asks
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  • all-aboard-the-tech-deck
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #this was super self-indulgent but I don’t care #thank you bestie! #tbb tech#self insert
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  • neon-junkie
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #another shitpost sorry #the bad batch #tbb tech#tech#mypost#star wars#shitpost
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  • neon-junkie
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    there’s no way Tech doesn’t do coke. you want me to believe that crazy little nerd comes up with all of his wacky ideas whilst he’s stone-cold sober? nah, he sneaks a line here and there, as a treat

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  • marveloushunter
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #I guess I have a thing for showering together and wine #this is my second time using this #the bad batch #the bad batch headcanons #the bad batch hunter #the bad batch crosshair #the bad batch echo #the bad batch wrecker #the bad batch tech #tbb x reader #tbb x you #clone force 99
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  • wild-karrde
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Listen, I know we all have our favorite Bad Batchers, but Tech will forever and always be my mine. He is, hands down, the most chaotic, and is ALWAYS ready to rumble. Cody might get a lot of credit for his droid kicks, but let me just say this one from Tech was EXQUISITE.

    When they rolled into the training facility to get Hunter and he had a WHOLE ASS THERMAL DETONATOR AT THE READY, it just confirmed my theory.

    Do you realize how absolutely unhinged your flying has to be to rattle a dude that's been blown up? Gregor would have noped into hyperspace if he could have.

    I could go for days, whether it be his half-cocked plan to get the ship impounded or his complete lack of concern about everything but life support on the Marauder failing, but TL;DR: I love this absolutely chaotic man and cannot wait to see him scare the absolute shit out of people again in S2.

    #karrde thoughts #tech my beloved #i just think he's neat #the bad batch #tbb #clone force 99 #tech #i'm an engineer #we're kindred spirits #although i would snap his goggles without hesitation the first time he argued with me on something
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  • bellsarefun
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Bad Batch Headcanons [Artsy S/O]

    【Anonymous asked:"Omg okay what about imagines or head canon for female reader opening up bad batch boys to the world of art and music that they didn’t get to see much of while raised on kamino and fighting".】

    【rating:PG-13 and sfw!】

    【warnings:The reader was written with she/her pronouns in mind! This is entirely fluff about the reader's hobby and or job in the arts. In Crosshair's there is a bit of violence, but not heavy.】

    【a/n:One of my first requests! How exciting for me and I adored the overall idea. Thank you, anonymous! I know more about art rather than poetry or dance so I apologize in advance. In Tech's headcanon I mention a specific style of art but that is explained. 】

    Hunter — Musician

    You kept your love of music a secret to many, only singing or playing one of the many instruments you know in private. It wasn't that you were ashamed of your hobby, more like you never thought to mention it before. You didn't try to hide it as you did have a habit of humming aloud while you worked on various things.

    Hunter enjoyed your humming, it helped to have your voice to listen to if his sense were getting to overwhelmed. Furthermore, when he overheard you humming to Omega while you combed through her hair his heart melted into tiny pieces. He had a inkling that you had more talent than that, but he decided not to press it and enjoyed the humming you did give. But, when one day Omega asked you to sing for her and you couldn't refuse her puppy eyes, Hunter couldn't help himself but overhear.

    After lulling Omega into a sound peaceful sleep, you nearly jumped out of your skin when Hunter's arms slid around you and hugged you from behind. When he asked, you couldn't deny it and relented into telling him that you enjoyed singing. He was a bit saddened that you thought it wouldn't be worth mentioning and he kissed your neck, muttering that you should definitely sing more often and or him sometime. This was enough for you to open up about your hobby.

    You would sing to him when he couldn't sleep, your voice easily lulling him to sleep. He would love it when you fingers would run through his hair and his head would rest on your chest where he could listen to the notes emanating from your chest. You wouldn't hide away when you would practice any longer, Omega would be by your side watching you as you worked. Some of the best most happiest memories Hunter can recall is listening to your sweet voice trailing along with beautifully performed notes.

    Crosshair — Dancer

    You were a ballet dancer for a living but, of course, the spy and informant aspect was a big part of it as well. However, you never considered it to be the defining feature of your job. The Republic utilized your spying skills many times to gather important information from high ranking nobles and elites you would perform for. After Order 66, even the newly formed Empire wanted your services.

    Crosshair at first thought your talent in dancing was shallow and trivial. You were introduced to him while on a mission with the rest of the Bad Batch where you had the information about their target. He insulted your work by calling it "entertaining old men" which you promptly slapped him across the face for and called him a "disrespectful sexist piece of Mudhorn shit." He tried to retaliate and it ended with him on the ground with you on top of him pinning a knife to his throat. Suffice to say, you could match him wit to wit on any occasion.

    Over time and through a gentle evolution of your relationship from enemies to lovers, he came to respect your talent in ballet dancing. He drew parallels to his own talent in sharpshooting, there was natural talent but the both of you needed to train to keep your skills up to par and near perfection.

    You would spend hours practicing and rehearsing, the dedication was something he liked the most about you. Crosshair would often clean his sniper and watched as you practiced. He grew to understand the intricacies of your work, he always had an eye for the small things, and would appreciate the effort to maintain the delicate, poised composure in your movements—of course, he would never say that out loud but can catch the small loving glimpses when you rehearse.

    Wrecker — Photographer

    Your interest in photography started with a simple tradition of taking a picture after every successful mission and hanging it on your wall within your bunk. To you, the memories captured in every image made you happy. Soon enough you were taking pictures in almost every world you visited, you had a natural eye for it.

    Wrecker often liked to be the subject of your photos, along with Omega of course. He would strike a dramatic pose with Omega sitting on his shoulder or the biggest goofy smile on his face as he would run to tackle you in a hug. But, your favourite ones would be when he didn't know you were taking a picture of him. Those pictures would often capture a different side of him, the gentler and caring side that many didn't care to look for.

    He wouldn't entire know the finer smaller details of photography and the time you would spent getting the perfect shot of a landscape or subject. But, he supported your hobby and when you'd place them into a small scrapbook he'd bring you an assortment of items that he thought would make great additions to the pages. It could be anything from a pebble to a stick that he thought you'd like. Tech compared him to a magpie once, bringing you shiny interesting things and such, but that reference went over Wrecker's head.

    Wrecker would often sit behind you, hugging you from behind while you worked on a new scrapbook. You would be planted on his lap while he snuggled you close to him and you'd show him the pictures you had taken over the past month. He would often point out where one of the items he gave you could go, he had an extremely specific sense of style but you never minded the input.

    Tech — Painter

    [Alright, I mention a specific style of painting. I am aware some of you might not know what post-impressionism is, so a famous example would be Vincent Van Gough's Starry Night. Use of colour and expression that forms unnatural looks in natural scenes.]

    There were many nobles and elites who knew of your work across the galaxy, your naturally gifted talent to paint photorealistic portraits was extremely sought after in a technologically advanced universe. But, in all honesty, that wasn't your biggest passion. Instead, you enjoyed Post-Impressionism the most.

    To Tech, there was a part of him that didn't understand why you didn't draw entirely in realism. His brain functioned in the analytical and your choice of a post-impressionist style often confused him. He'd seen your sketchbook before, you had sketched most of the Bad Batch in an almost perfect realistic form. He noted that a lot of them were of himself, which brought him a glint of pride. But, when you weren't working on portraits instead you painted landscapes with vibrant rich colours that looked nowhere near what was actually there.

    While he worked on the ship or other projects, you would paint or sketch happily. If he wasn't already spouting off to you about some topic, he would quietly observe you out of the corner of his eye. The way you would be so focused on a single brush stroke or line of your pencil made him consider that your impressionist work was just as time-consuming as your realism portraits that he once thought.

    The way your lips pursed in concentration that the attempts to bring to life the image of vibrant colour and beauty that only existed in your mind was enough for him to understand the intricacies of your art. Soon enough, you'd be the one telling him about the styles of art and the meanings behind the pieces you produced. He understood then that you choose to paint how you wanted and that it was because it was your choice was what made your art matter.

    Echo — Poet

    You enjoyed writing and reading poetry as it had been a hobby of yours for years. You considered yourself no master at writing words down on a page, but you knew you weren't terrible either. The nights you couldn't sleep would be spent writing in your journal by dim lantern light. But, more often than not you wouldn't be alone for long.

    Echo never really knew much about life outside of war, he'd caught fleeting glimpses of it when they would pass through a city or town. So he didn't fully understand why you'd spend hours scribbling in your journal or reading the same few written lines over and over again. He found it oddly adorable, but the thought confused him—that was until you offered to read one to him.

    The poem was simple but meaningful and was one of the ones you were planning on reading to Omega the next day. But suffice it to say, Echo didn't really understand what you meant when you said to "look for deeper meanings within the words." To you, this was to going to be a process that was going to take a while but Echo wanted to learn and understand.

    Eventually, Echo learned to understand poetry better but never fully understood your fascination with it. But, it made you happy and he would never turn down the opportunity to listen to you recite poetry about anything and everything. He would lay his head in your lap while you read and kept notes. The way you'd put the effort in the pronunciation of the words and your eyes lighting up when you asked him after what he thought it meant he wouldn't trade.

    #the bad batch #bad batch #the bad batch x reader #tbb#tbb tech#tbb wrecker#tbb hunter#tbb echo#tbb crosshair#star wars #star wars headcanons #clone force 99 #the clone wars #the clone wars series #headcanon#headcanons #hunter x reader #hunter#echo #echo x reader #wrecker #wrecker x reader #crosshair #crosshair x reader #tech #tech x reader #bad batch headcanons #the bad batch headcanons
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  • starwarstbbfan
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    This is my Star Wars TBB oc, if I'm being honest😆

    #star wars #star wars bad batch #crosshair tbb#hunter tbb#tech tbb#wrecker tbb #star wars tbb #star wars clone oc #clone trooper oc #tbb oc#tbb fanfiction
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  • starwarstbbfan
    24.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Me: Thinks about writing a romance Bad Batch fic

    My Brain: You've got these other stories you need to work on

    Me: But which Bad Batch member would I write it about?

    My Brain: But your other stories-

    Me: They're all so great.

    My Brain: Please-

    Me: :D

    My Brain: (facepalms)

    #star wars #star wars bad batch #hunter tbb#tech tbb#wrecker tbb#crosshair tbb #star wars tbb #tbb fanfiction#tbb #the bad batch fanfiction #the bad batch
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  • eelfuneral
    23.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Older Tech with silver streaks in his hair.

    You’re welcome.

    #tbb tech #clone trooper tech
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  • marveloushunter
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Bad Batch’s Reaction To Your Propose

    Based on a conversation me and my dear bestie, @badbatcher , had. This was very fun! 💜💜


    - You hold his hand and take him with you to the balcony. Your hands are shaking and he notices your anxiety. 

    - You start talking about how much you love him and how you want to spend your life with him for eternity. 

    - Hunter knows you love him but he doesn’t understand why are saying all of this just now. 

    - You exhale from your nose and check your jacket’s pocket if it is still there. 

    - You get down on one knee, your eyes are teary and voice is shaking. 

    - Hunter is like ????

    - ‘‘Cyare, what are you doing?’’ 

    - You take off the ring from your pocket.

    - Hunter is still ????

    - ‘‘Hunter, Will you marry me?’’ 

    - His mouth hangs open. 

    - He drops to your level. 

    - Hunter’s puppy eyes now teary. He grits his teeth so as to not cry. 

    - He fails. 

    - He cups your face with both of his hands, rests his forehead on yours, kisses tip of your nose.

    - ‘‘Of course, Cyare, yes, of course I will marry you. I love you, I love you so much.’’ 


    - Tech suspicious about why are you acting up weird lately. 

    - He once thinks about it but he doesn’t really expecting for you to do that. 

    - You do it in a very random moment. 

    - Your head on his lap, he’s on his datapad, as usual. Your thoughts are mess and you’re sweating because of the tension. 

    - You got up suddenly and go to your room to pick up the ring. 

    - Tech asks if you are okay when you came back and you sit next to him.

    -  ‘‘I need to talk to you.’’ 

    - Tech feels his heart gets heavier but he hides it.  

    -  ‘‘I’m listening, Cyare.’’ 

    - You gulp down and look at his pretty eyes deeply.  ‘‘Will you marry me?’’ 

    - His eyes wide open, he doesn’t know what to say or do for the first time in his life. No one prepared him for this.

    -  ‘‘I mean, Cyare, uh, I mean, what?’’

    -  ‘‘You heard me.’’ 

    -  ‘‘Ahem, yes, yes, I heard you, I am just, I’m very surprised.’’ 

    - You are like ?????

    -  He smiles and then hugs you, ‘‘As if you need to ask, of course, yes, mesh’la. YES!’’ 


    - You’ve been thinking about it  for a very long time but know you’re sure he is the one. How can he not be the one? He’s such a sweetheart, so kind and he makes you so happy. 

    - You decide to do it on a dinner. 

    - You hold his hand firmly on the table and you tell him that no matter what don't freak out and scream. 

    - He promises but we all know him.

    - You put the ring next to his hand. 

    - You gather your courage and you look at him. 

    -  ‘‘Cyare, What’s that!’’ 

    - You smile, ‘‘Will you marry me?’’ 

    -  ‘‘YES! YES, I WILL MARRY YOU!!’’

    - Wrecker gets up from his chair and picks you up in his giant arms and swings you around. 


    - Echo has always been thinking about it but he never tells you. 

    - When you say these words in the middle of the night, while laying on the bed together, he is shook.

    - He stops functioning.

    -  ‘‘Are you kidding me?’’ 

    -  ‘‘Why would I joke about something like this?’’ 

    -  ‘‘So, you’re serious?’’

    -  ‘‘Echo ????’’ 

    - ‘‘I mean, uhm, are you sure?’’ 

    -  ‘‘Echo, are YOU sure?’’ 

    - He puts his hand over his heart. 

    - He definitely will cry and deny it.

    - ‘‘Ma’am, of course, I am sure, yes! A thousand times yes!’’


    - lodlsdskfppgydhfndnııdjbfsvcgvsd

    - He has too pride to let you propose to him.

    - He knows you’re up to something from the very beginning. 

    - He loves you so much that sometimes he can’t even believe it.

    - However, when you drop to your knee to propose him, his attachment issues go !!!!!!

    - Crosshair forgets to breathe. 

    - Holds your hand to help you get up before you say anything. 

    - ‘‘No, I’ll do it.’’ 

    - He takes off the ring from his pocket that he bought very long ago.

    - ‘‘Will you marry me, Cyare?’’ 

    - You scream,  ‘‘YES!’’

    - You hold out your hand to him to put the ring, he does the same to you. 

    - It may be the first time you see him smile that big. 

    - ‘‘Did you really think I’d let you?’’ 

    #crosshair is the plot twist #the bad batch #the bad batch headcanons #the bad batch hunter #the bad batch crosshair #the bad batch tech #the bad batch wrecker #tbb #star wars the bad batch #sergeant hunter #clone force 99 #clone trooper hunter #clone trooper crosshair #the bad batch echo
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  • wild-karrde
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Guarded - Part 19

    Master List

    A/N: As always, thank you to the lovely @teletraan-meets-jarvis for editing this chapter for me!

    Crosshair winced as Echo carefully pressed on his side. A massive bruise was radiating across his ribcage, and he snarled as Echo’s fingers once again seemed to find the most painful place to apply pressure. Echo ignored his animosity, furrowing his brow as he focused on his brother’s side. “I don’t think you’ve done more than maybe crack a few ribs. You’re lucky.”

    “Where’s that magical little droid your friend has with her?”

    Echo glared at him. “D-4 is tending to more injured parties right now. You’ll have to wait your turn, but I’m sure he’ll tell you the same thing.”

    Crosshair rolled his eyes as he pulled the top half of his blacks back over his shoulders gingerly. He was covered in scratches and bruises, but knew overall, he was fortunate. Some of Gadge’s men had been ambushed by a group of reinforcements when the troops from New Centrif had arrived, and at least one of them had been killed with a few more barely hanging on. I imagine that’s where that med droid’s buzzed off to. He was sitting on a bench just inside the city gates where a large group of the injured had assembled to be evaluated. Echo was moving among them, assessing sprains and bandaging wounds where he could. Crosshair pulled his chestplate back on, swearing under his breath as he twisted to fiddle with the buckles and clasps.

    Once he’d gotten his armor pulled back on, he leaned back against the wall behind him, breathing heavily from the strain. Only cracked. Don’t be such a child. He took a few deep steadying breaths before allowing his eyes to scan the area around him.

    Moenia was certainly not a city built with defense in mind. The outer wall didn’t even encircle the entire city, serving more as symmetry for the decorative front gate that was barely hanging above the ruined tank. The buildings were architectural wonders with stunning views of the surrounding cliffs and forests. Gardens and greenery were tastefully peppered throughout the city with plenty of gathering places for the artists and great minds of Naboo to commune. Crosshair rolled his eyes at all of it. He’d been frustrated trying to find a vantage point for when the second Imperial wave had arrived, having to settle for the roof of one of the administrative buildings near the main road.

    They had easily managed to hold the city, having several hours of time to prepare for the second wave since Hunter and Typho had relayed what number of troops and types of weaponry were on the way. It had taken a little longer than the original attack, but they’d eventually managed to take out the walkers and troop transports, capturing a few Imperials in the process. There had been debate about what to do with the prisoners, but ultimately, they’d opted to let them go after stripping them of their armor and weapons. Crosshair had watched as the troopers had trudged off back towards New Centrif, a toothpick tightly clenched between his teeth.

    Iden had ordered it, and he could understand her reasoning, but he still felt it was a mistake.

    “You know they’re just going to go get new armor and weapons and come back,” he had said quietly as they stood next to one another, watching the figures recede into the distance.

    “Let them come. We’ll push them back again.”

    “You’re being naive.”

    “Perhaps. But I have a code I follow, and that dictates I don’t execute people that surrendered willingly. I will not be like them.”

    Crosshair had to turn away to hide the wave of nausea that overtook him. Gerrera’s people. The civilians. I ordered their executions. Their murders. The screams haunted him at night sometimes, causing him to wrench the covers off of himself as his chest heaved. He knew it hadn’t been his decision, not really, but it had been his finger that pulled the trigger, his voice that had given the order. He wasn’t sure how much Iden knew about his past, but he wasn’t about to let her see him like this, to know what a monster he was. He had stalked off without another word.

    Now, he pushed the memories away again, letting his head drift back against the wall as his eyes closed. He took a few more deep breaths before allowing his eyes to open again, his gaze immediately settling on Iden.

    The lieutenant was speaking with Jex, Sabé, and Gadge. She was laughing, her head tipped back to where he could see the white bandage that covered the cut on her head. He realized that he was smiling, and he had no idea why. Quickly, he leaned down and popped a toothpick between his teeth as he watched Iden clap Gadge on the shoulder before giving her a firm handshake and turning back towards him with Jex and Sabé following her.

    Crosshair stood, walking to meet them with Echo.

    “Gadge and her people are going to hold the city for as long as they can. They’ve got a few more groups coming in from the surrounding areas to help out with the recovery effort. It’s time for us to head back.”

    “That’s it?” Echo asked incredulously. “We’re just going to leave them to fend for themselves?”

    Iden smiled tightly. “We have to head back to Fellen to better coordinate with the queen and Captain Typho. I’m skeptical that the Empire will waste resources to try and retake the city. Gadge is broadcasting the news of the victory using the frequency Tech and Kestia took advantage of for their holo. Soon, everyone on the planet will know we’re still fighting for them.”

    Crosshair scoffed. “You don’t know the Empire.”

    She glared at him. “I know that once word of this gets out, the Empire will likely focus its effort on finding the queen and holding Theed. They’d be foolish to send troops out this way to try and take this city back, particularly after they’ve been beaten back twice.”

    He shook his head. “They’ll rain everything they have down on you, and you’re a fool if you think otherwise. The Empire isn’t about what’s smart, they’re about complete domination and subjugation of the people underneath them, at any cost. What’s stopping them from sending another star destroyer here? Do you truly think they won’t?” He realized his voice had gotten louder, drawing the attention of those around them.

    Echo glanced around nervously before speaking quietly. “We are here to help them Crosshair, remember that. This is their fight. We’re just here to help.”

    “Help them get themselves killed.”

    “Oh, I guess you’re the expert on the Empire then and what they’ll do. Tell me trooper, do you suddenly have the gift clairvoyance? Or some direct line to the Empire that you’re not telling us about?” Iden’s eyes were glowing like hot coals.

    “He knows because he was one of them.”

    Crosshair and Iden whirled on Jex, who had spoken up. “I thought everyone knew that,” he mumbled. “I heard the captain talking to the queen about it before they arrived. He was an Imperial commander.”

    Iden turned to Crosshair, confusion clouding her features. “Is…I…I didn’t know.”

    Anger surged within him. “Well, now you know. So maybe, just maybe, I do know what I’m talking about.”

    Echo was staring at the ground as the silence dragged on. Iden finally shook her head as if she was clearing her mind. “We’re leaving.”

    Crosshair’s anger surged again. “Iden-“

    “It is Lieutenant, and I have given you an order. I will not repeat myself again.” Her nostrils flared and her eyes were daring him to question her again, and he considered it for a moment before snatching his rifle up and slamming it on his back, storming off towards the speeders.

    Iden watched his back as he moved into the distance, her teeth worrying at her bottom lip. Echo raised his eyes, glaring at Jex.

    “That wasn’t yours to tell.”

    “He’s an Imp. We have the right to know.”

    Echo surged forward, gripping the guard by his shirt collar, snarling at him. “He didn’t have a choice. I know you natborns don’t get that, but we weren’t given a decision. Our minds were not our own, and we weren’t given an option to choose sides. He fought it, all on his own, with no help from us or any of you, so don’t you dare question his loyalty. There are plenty of clones that served the Empire to the end, and he wasn’t one of them. If you question his loyalty, then you question mine, and you spit on the graves of all of the clones that died trying to hold the Republic together.” He released him, shoving him back. “You will never understand what we went through, what he went through.”

    Jex straightened his shirt, staring Echo down as he walked away from them. Iden glanced at Echo before following Jex. Echo felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned to see Sabé giving him a small smile. “I didn’t know you had that in you.”

    Echo sniffed, flexing the fingers on his cybernetic hand. “Neither did I. But it needed to be said.”

    “It did.”

    The two of them followed the others to the speeders.


    For most of the ride back to the safehouse, Tech remained quiet. He couldn’t stop thinking about all of the regrets he’d had in the moments where he was certain they were beaten, how afraid he’d been of losing Kestia all without telling her how he felt. Luckily for him, Senna and Kestia hit it off immediately as the Jedi dug out the medkit and bandaged Kestia’s arm. The wound wasn’t terribly severe, but it would take a few days to heal. At least there’s that.

    “How did you find us?” Kestia asked.

    “I had heard rumors of Force sensitives on Naboo that were looking for training, and I figured I’d make my way here. I’d been searching for a few months by the time the Empire decided to show up, and hadn’t had much luck until I caught your Force signature. I can’t explain it, but you burn incredibly brightly in the Force, almost like a beacon. I’ve been looking for you for the last week or so, trying to find you, and today, that calling in the Force tugged me towards New Centrif. I have to say I wasn’t anticipating finding you, m’lady, or Tech for that matter.”

    “How do you two know each other?”

    Senna smirked. “Tech and I go way back. He and his brothers got me and another friend out of trouble on Lothal, and we ran a few missions for the rebellion after that. Tech here is one of my favorite sparring partners and,” she said, waving her cybernetic around, “he and I designed this hand together after I lost it to an Inquisitor. Last time I saw the boys was on Ryloth.” Her voice drifted off and her gaze grew distant.

    Tech’s heart ached at the memory of the day they’d discovered she had left. Rex had been inconsolable, and even though he never admitted it, Tech was certain Echo had known Senna was leaving. The Grand Inquisitor had already taken her hand, and she was terrified he’d come after all of them to get to her. She’d left in the dead of night, leaving a note for Rex and hopping a flight offworld before they had even woken up. He said nothing, not sure if Senna really wanted to relive the memory either. He hadn’t missed the Jaig eyes that she’d etched faintly on the ring finger of her metallic left hand.

    “I heard you found him,” Senna said quietly, snapping Tech out of his memories. He turned to look at her, a hopefulness in her eyes. They had wanted to find Crosshair on Ryloth, but they hadn’t been able to get to him. They hadn’t known he’d been dragged there as a prisoner at the time.

    “We did. Not on Ryloth, but we were able to get to him. He’s with Echo in Fellen.”

    “And Hunter and Wrecker?”

    “In Vis. They staged the attack on the front gates and gave us the diversion we needed to escape.”

    She laughed softly. “I’ll bet Wrecker loved that.”

    “They’ll be happy to see you.”

    “And I them.”

    “If I may ask,” Kestia broke in, “why did you come to find me?”

    Senna eyed her. “Like I said, I heard there were Force users in need of training. Your signature is bright, but not consistent, if that makes sense. It’s something I used to be able to sense in padawans, a fluctuating strength in their connection to the Force. Yours is of course more consistent than the younglings I knew, but…unrefined? I’m not sure how to describe it with words really, but I wanted to see if you were one of the ones I’d heard about.”

    Kestia’s mouth fell open slightly. “You’d be willing to train me?”

    “If you’d like. I don’t think you need much. I wouldn’t try to make you a Jedi; there’s no reason to do that, but I could help you refine your control of the Force. Might be able to help you with those sabers too if that appeals, although I never trained in Jar’Kai. Just knew a few who did.”

    Tech’s mind drifted once more as the two women spoke, Kestia practically vibrating with excitement next to him. Apparently she was less affected by their brush with disaster. He was sure his knuckles underneath his gloves were bone white as he gripped the steering mechanism of the bongo. He was particularly glad in that moment that Kestia had allowed him to pilot it rather than punching on the autopilot. It gave him something to concentrate on as his stomach twisted with unresolved nerves.

    As soon as the bongo was parked in the cavern, Tech was out of it like a shot, and he heard Kestia call after him, but he ignored her, walking quickly through the cave and heading towards his room, trying to clear his mind. Kestia stared after him with a puzzled expression.

    “I’d go after him.”

    She turned to look at the Jedi Master, who was carefully climbing out of the vehicle. Senna straightened, casting a smirk in Kestia’s direction. “I’ve never seen him like that, but I sense something unresolved between the two of you.”

    “You sense that, do you?”

    “Oh, my dear, I don’t have to be Force sensitive to see how he looked at you when he thought it was all coming to an end. His signature was practically screaming for you.”

    Kestia’s cheeks flushed pink and she stared at the ground, toeing at one of the smooth stones. Senna grinned. “I’m going to give you a piece of advice his brother gave me once. Life is short, particularly during war. Don’t waste time doing the calculations about whether or not you should. Now, go to him.”

    Kestia’s green eyes met Senna’s blue ones, and a small smile passed between the two of them before Kestia turned on her bootheel, jogging after Tech. Senna sighed.

    “Alright, let’s see if I can find something to eat while they figure that out.” She stalked down the hallway to the kitchen, yanking her datapad out as she went.


    Tech stepped inside the room, tossing his helmet on the desk and leaning heavily against the wall. What would you have said? What would you have done differently if you’d known? What if that had been it? His breathing was shallow, and for once, he felt completely at a loss of what to do. The only thing he knew for sure was that he didn’t want to have those regrets again.

    He was a trained soldier, someone who had mentally prepared for the possibility of death from the moment he understood the concept. Tech had always taken a pragmatic approach to facing his own mortality, and had never feared it once, at least not until today. The logical side of his mind was screaming that he was being foolish, cliché even, but the other side, which had been growing progressively louder since the first night in the garden with Kestia, was yelling that he should tell her. Just tell her. Because next time you may not make it out.

    Before he could gather his thoughts, Kestia was right behind him, concern etching her features.

    “Tech, I’m sorry. I know it was foolish. I put us in danger back there, and for that-“

    His lips were on hers before she could finish her sentence. He cradled her face in his hands, his fingers tangling in her hair. It was frantic, messy, and above all, urgent as Tech kissed her like he’d wanted to since the first day he saw her. His eyes were closed behind his goggles while hers were wide open, staring wildly at him for a moment before he broke away, resting his forehead against hers.

    “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. But I can’t lose you, and I almost did without doing that. Forgive me.”

    He opened his eyes and stepped back from her. She was searching his face, her emerald irises boring into him before she stepped closer again, closing the gap between them, her fingertips grazing the back of his head as she pulled his face to her.

    “You have nothing to apologize for. Well, other than maybe waiting so long to do that.”

    Then she kissed him back. Hers was much less frantic, her lips melding against his perfectly. His hands came to rest on her waist, pulling her closer to him. They stayed like that for several minutes, their lips gently working against one another until Kestia pulled back, resting her forehead against his once more.

    “I do apologize for waiting so long to do that,” he said quietly, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, and Kestia laughed softly.

    “I forgive you.”

    “Well, still, I’d prefer to find ways to make it up to you. If that’s alright.”

    “If you continue kissing me like that, I think you’ll make it up to me in no time at all.”

    He leaned down one more time, pressing a final chaste kiss to her lips, his gloved hand resting against her cheek.

    “I find that acceptable.”

    They laughed together softly, standing in silence for a few minutes just staring at each other. Finally, Kestia slipped her arms around his waist, pulling him into an embrace before she nuzzled against his jawline. “We should go find your friend and try to contact Typho and the others.”

    He sighed, giving her a slight squeeze. “You’re right.” Leaning down, he pressed his lips to the crown of her head. “More of this later though, if you don’t mind.”

    “Oh, definitely.”


    They found Senna with her nose buried in her datapad, poking at a half-eaten bowl of noodle soup that was growing colder quickly. She grinned when she saw them both.

    “Alright, now that that’s settled, what’s the plan?”

    Kestia and Tech both blushed furiously. Kestia recovered first. “I-er…I’d like to try to call the others. Would you care to join us, Master Aven?”

    Senna pushed back from the table. “Senna, please. And I’d like to listen in if you don’t mind. I understand if you’re hesitant since we just met.”

    “If Tech trusts you, I trust you.”


    Kestia turned and led them down the hall towards the communications room while Senna clapped Tech on the shoulder.

    “Well done, Legs,” she whispered cheekily.

    He just rolled his eyes at her.


    “Incoming comm from the queen.”

    Hunter, Typho, and Wrecker scrambled from the kitchen table in the cabin where they’d been sitting, racing for the cellar. They’d been in the middle of trying to tally the injuries and amount of munitions they’d used during the attack. Their group had been very fortunate, only losing three militia members in the fight. Since they’d made it back to Vis, they’d just been holding their breath, waiting to hear from the others.

    The queen and Tech’s holograms glowed blue on their usual side of the table, and as they descended the stairs, Iden and Echo popped into view on the other side. Hunter noted Crosshair’s absence but did not acknowledge it out loud.

    “M’lady, it’s good to hear from you. I trust you made it back without incident?” Typho’s eyes lingered on the bandage on Kestia’s left bicep, but he said nothing about it.

    “We did, Captain. All thanks to a new friend.”

    Hunter’s breath caught in his throat when Senna stepped into view, and Wrecker let out a loud cackle behind him.


    “Hey Wreck! Good to see you!”

    Echo was flabbergasted. “How-“

    “That’s a long story for another time, my friend. Let’s just say I’m here to help in any way I can. I yield the floor back to the queen,” Senna teased, the familiar twinkle still in her eye.

    Typho raised an eyebrow at Hunter questioningly. “You know her?”

    “Yes, and I trust her with my life,” he said firmly, trying to ease some of the worry he could see creasing Typho’s brow.

    The captain nodded. “Alright. Good.”

    “Where do we stand, Captain?” Kestia pressed.

    Hunter noted the small smile Typho allowed himself. “In a better place than anticipated if I’m honest. We had minimal casualties in New Centrif, and from what we’re seeing on the news holos, Bail Organa of Alderaan has called an emergency session of the Senate to discuss Naboo’s current state. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s not nothing.”

    Kestia’s brows furrowed. “How many casualties?”


    “How many, Captain?”

    It’s admirable that she wants to know, but I don’t think she realizes how those numbers will weigh on her, Hunter thought. Death is a part of war. To expect us to walk away without a single loss isn’t realistic.

    Typho took a deep breath. “We lost three in New Centrif and one in Moenia. There are a few more that may not pull through, but overall, far fewer than anticipated.”

    Kestia nodded, swallowing hard. “I’d like their families notified as soon as possible.”

    “It shall be done.”

    The queen clasped her hands behind her back, pacing slowly. Hunter could sense Typho’s unease, his fingers flexing nervously at his sides. “M’lady, this is a victory. A massive one if I do say so myself. I understand the desire to recognize those that died, but this is a time for celebration-“

    “I am perfectly capable of feeling two things at once, Captain. We were victorious, but we lost people. That cannot go unacknowledged.”

    The captain nodded. “Understood.”

    “Moenia remains under our control?”

    Iden stepped forward. “For now, m’lady. We are leaving it with a few of our more capable factions. They plan to hold the city for as long as they can.”

    “Don’t have them take any unnecessary risks,” Kestia said. “While the victory at Moenia is important, there are other places I would rather capture and hold. I would prefer our more skilled militias not become martyrs holding a city with little tactical value. So, have them stay in control as long as they can, but the second the tides turn, they must evacuate.”

    “I will pass the word along.”

    Kestia’s pacing slowed. “What’s our next move then?”

    “I think we should wait and see what the response is before we start making our next play,” Typho replied.

    “You don’t think we should strike while we’ve got them on their heels?”

    “I think if we do too much too quickly, we risk overtipping our hand. The Empire still doesn’t know our complete numbers or capabilities. If we see how they respond to this first poke at them, then we can gauge what our next campaign should look like.”

    Hunter disagreed with the approach, but he held his tongue. Here to help. That’s it. He’d always preferred to keep the enemy off balance, and this seemed like the best chance they’d have, but he also understood Typho’s caution, particularly with a largely untrained force at his disposal. He stood silently, but he became aware of the queen watching him.

    “Sergeant, do you agree with the captain’s assessment?”

    Hunter’s mouth went dry. “I understand his reasoning and stand behind it.”

    “That wasn’t what I asked.”

    Hunter’s eyes flicked to Typho. The captain was watching him carefully with his good eye. This was the last thing Hunter wanted, to openly be pitted against another commanding officer, but Typho surprised him. Nodding, the captain stepped back.

    “I would welcome your input, Sergeant, even if it is opposed to my own. You’ve got far more experience than I have.”

    Hunter felt some of the tension leave his shoulders, throwing a grateful smile at Typho as he stepped forward. “In this situation, I would recommend continuing to press. I think we could drive the Imperials out of smaller cities. I wouldn’t recommend staging another large attack just yet for the reasons Captain Typho mentioned, but I think we could continue to drive back the Imperial forces, at least for now. I suggest activating more militia groups and having them assess their situations, move factions around to help where needed. It’ll have to be well-coordinated, but I think pressing where troop presence is thin will at least drive them back for now and show the people of Naboo that we are still fighting for them. This fight must be done in public as much as it’s done in the shadows.”

    Kestia nodded. “Very well. I’d like you all to pursue Hunter’s recommended approach. I think it’s a good compromise for now. Please begin coordinating with the more remote militias and having them move in to help those in the smaller townships. Above all though, please be careful my friends. I don’t think we will be able to hide in the shadows for much longer. Be wary of those that are new, vet everyone carefully, and continue to only communicate using these encrypted channels. Captain, keep me apprised of how the Senate session turns out. I’m not hopeful there’ll be much action, but at least maybe if our plight is well known across the galaxy, it’ll inspire others to push back.”

    “I will, m’lady.”

    “Very well. May the Force be with you all.”

    The table went dark as the holos flickered out, and Hunter released a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. As the room cleared out, he realized Typho was lagging behind with him. Taking his cue, he went and leaned against a back wall as the captain approached him.

    “I appreciate your candor, Sergeant,” he said, giving him a small smile.

    Hunter ducked his head. “The last thing I want to do here is step on your toes. Please know that.”

    Typho chuckled. “I do, but I’m not such a fool as to let my pride get in the way when I lack experience or perspective. I value your input and don’t want you to be afraid to speak up if you disagree. I know it comes from the right place.” He clapped Hunter on the shoulder. “Now, let’s go get some food.”


    After wrapping up their call with the queen, the small group in Moenia piled back into the speeders and headed for Fellen. Iden was silent for the entire ride, and Crosshair just sat in the back seat fuming. He’d have rather walked back and avoided all of them, but after weighing his options, he had decided to not give in to his sullen urges. Instead, he’d slipped his helmet back on and opted to stare at the countryside as it rushed by. Inside the helmet, conflict raged within him. I should just leave. They’ll never trust you now, just like your brothers.

    Once they reached the house, he brushed past Inez, who was waiting eagerly by the door for Jex. Crosshair immediately went up the stairs, closing the door to his room behind him, ignoring Inez calling out after him that she’d made dinner for them.

    Iden and Echo stepped inside behind him with Sabé bringing up the rear with D-4. Jex had swept Inez up off of her feet when she’d rushed him, and it was pretty clear to the others that they needed some time to themselves.

    “Smells amazing in here,” Iden commented. “It’ll be a nice upgrade from the rations we’ve been eating.”

    Together, they all sat down at the table that Inez had cleared off in the back room. The mood should have been light, but a heaviness weighed down Iden and Echo.

    “Do you think Crosshair will want some food?” Inez asked.

    “Yeah, save him a plate,” Echo replied as he gave her a tight smile. He felt Jex’s eyes on him, but he ignored the guard.

    Iden sat quietly for a minute before pushing back from the table. “Leave his plate there. I’ll be right back.”

    The others watched as she quickly moved to the stairs, disappearing to the next level with heavy boot thuds.

    Iden stormed across the landing to Crosshair’s room, bursting in without knocking. The sniper was laid out on his bed, still in his full kit, his arm across his eyes.

    “It’s rude to barge in without knocking.”

    Iden fumed, closing the gap between them as she knocked his boots off of the bed forcefully. “Enough. Get up.”

    “I’d rather not.”

    “I wasn’t asking.”

    “The response is the same.”

    Iden had finally hit her limit. She gripped his forearm with a force that surprised even her, yanking him to a standing position. “Enough of this bantha shit,” she growled. “You have no right to be upset with us. None.”

    He leaned forward, his voice dripping with venom. “I would beg to differ.”

    Iden met his gaze, her eyes burning fiercely as her jaw clenched. “You’re a hypocrite. All that time you called me a liar, and now I find out you lied to me.”

    “I’m an Imp, remember. That’s what we do.”

    “You’re not.”

    “But I was.”

    “I don’t give a damn what you were, don’t you get that? You’re here now. You’re with us, but you lied. You hid yourself, and you acted like you couldn’t possibly comprehend why Kestia would do the same. And now you’re up here sulking like a petulant child. Grow up, Crosshair.”

    He leaned down so close she could feel his breath on her face. “I’d be very careful how you speak to me.”

    Her glare hardened. “I’m not afraid of you. If anything, I pity you.”

    “I don’t want your pity.”

    “Then what do you want?”

    The silence hung between them as they glared at one another, neither of them flinching away.

    “I want to be trusted again.” The words slipped out before he could stop them, and he wouldn’t have been sure he’d said them out loud if Iden’s eyes hadn’t softened slightly.

    She stepped back from him, her gaze never leaving his. “No more lies then.”

    He nodded silently.

    “Good. Now come down to dinner.”

    “I’m not-“

    “You want to build trust? Come down to dinner. Inez worked hard on it. It’s the least you can do.”

    With that, she turned on her heel, and he heard her footfalls recede down the stairs. He released some of the tension in his shoulders before removing the top half of his kit and following her downstairs to eat with the others.

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