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  • theballerinajedi
    22.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I went to a comic book store where I watched as a grown man dropped $400 on a Commander Cody collectible action figure and at first I thought ,

    “wow that’s a lot of money.”

    But then I thought about it for a minute and decided if I could, I too would drop four hundred dollars on our Commander Cody if it meant he’d be in season 2 of The Bad Batch.

    Who do I need to Venmo to make this happen?

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  • teletraan-meets-jarvis
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    “Good soldiers follow orders.”

    “We were brothers once.”

    (Photos are my own. Reblogs much appreciated 💕)

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  • imabeautifulbutterfly
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Okay everyone, y'all have a choice:

    After Benoit which would you guys like to see:

    James Bond one off

    Din Djarin one off

    Continuation of the Gym Membership

    Either way it's all getting uploaded it's just a matter of when.

    #din djarin#boba fett#tbb#tbb crosshair #bad batch tech #tbb hunter #bad batch crosshair #star wars #bad batch wrecker #echo#gym au#gym membership #james bond imagine #bond fic#bond fanfic#james bond#agent 007 #007 x reader
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  • kurara123
    21.01.2022 - 10 hours ago


    Now my Bad Batch bois are together! (I have Echo but ARC version)

    Now something I had in my mind since first season of TBB:

    Can you imagine! Season 2 of The Bad Batch plz.... I'm manifesting...

    Of course Wrecker is first to pickup an unknown creature XD

    I want to see this <3

    + Bonus Wolffe with his 'bitchface' XD

    Dad????.......No, but can you imagine Paz being the son of Wrecker? (its my personal headcanon XD)

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  • thebaddestbatch
    21.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Now I’ll be inspired when I write fanfics, right?

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  • albussydumblewh0re
    21.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Some people simp for Crosshair it's embarrassing, like as if he isn't the fruitiest mf in the galaxy 😭

    @ me I dare you

    #the bad batch #crosshair#star wars #star wars the bad batch #sergeant hunter#tbb hunter #tech bad batch #echo the bad batch #wrecker #wrecker the bad batch #gay mlm#fruitbowl
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  • clonethirstybitch
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    My friend who has never seen ANYTHING Star wars is finally starting the Bad Batch with me. here are her thoughts on them:


    "you know that fucker has a cig problem"

    "Type of guy that only does Coke at parties when it's not his"

    "Might have pet ferrets"

    "Has a Subaru he spiced up just enough so that girls that know nothing about cars think he is hot shit"

    "Thinks his love of anime is a secret but it's really not."

    "He is the only one I don't like, like I wanna beat his ass in a Dennys parkin lot you know what I mean"


    "mother fucker def has some weird shit on the dark web he is into, it's always the nerdy ones"

    "  has a whole ass "smart" house that gives it evil lair vibes cause it's too clean"

    "Will fix your phone screen for fun/free"

    "Drinks white claws, will try and defend himself for it and fail miserably"

    "Shrooms..so many shrooms. (For pshyco therapy reasons) "


    "Fucker has half a face tattoo and long hair. Man is off the hinges."

    "Always late cause his beauty routine is beyond anything we could ever imagine. "

    "Takes up the entire fucking shower and all cabinets."

    "Bet he can tell who is into him at the bar just by the smell, enhanced senses and all."

    "Lightweight for sure."

    "Brags he can cook but it's just mack 'n' cheese and hot dogs."


    "oh you know this guy sobs at sad animal posts on Facebook. "

    "Same for sad movies, refuses to watch Bambi."

    "Take him as your beer pong partner cause he can drink a stupid amount and still function."

    "The guy you tag in those "you gotta eat X amount of food in X time, win X money, you get one person to help" posts "


    "oohhhh found the mom friend of the group."

    "But like cool stoner mom, cause ya know he needs a hit most days to deal with the others bull shit and chaos. "

    "Color coded chore lists. "

    "Not much of a drinker but man loves his edibles."

    "Pintrest trained Cook. "

    "Nicest dude you will meet. But man 10min too long without coffee and suddenly you have a monster. "

    #star wars #the bad batch #the clone wars #tbb hunter#tbb crosshair#tbb tech#tbb wrecker#tbb echo #we fucking baked
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  • enbywithalightsaber
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    How characters in the Bad Batch would react to being asked their pronouns:

    Omega: she/they, but you can use whatever you like :)

    Hunter: um… he/him?

    Wrecker: the man ones… IM A MAN!! >:) (he/him)

    Crosshair: Cross/hair >:| *Hunter gives him a dad glare* fine, he/him >:P

    Echo: I would normally say “he”, but “they” seems nice… so he/they?

    Tech: Normally, I am referred to as “he”.

    Cid: she/they, now go away

    Fennec: she/her :) *politely kills you*

    Cad Bane: yee/haw *shoots you*

    #I’m so sorry I made this it sounded funnier in my head #cad bane would say yee haw and it is indisputable #queer #also trans omega supremacy #star wars tbb #tbb #the bad batch #tbb hunter#tbb echo#tbb tech#tbb wrecker#tbb crosshair#tbb omega#sw tbb#star wars #star wars funny #tbb fennec#cad bane#tbb cid #bad batch omega #bad batch hunter #bad batch echo #bad batch tech #bad batch wrecker #bad batch crosshair #bad batch#pronouns
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  • immortal-turtle
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    they never break tradition a.k.a uncle wrecker

    i mean just look at them they're so PURE i love their dynamic

    it's just one big dorky road trip with the promise of snacks!!

    wrecker really is that cool uncle who knows how to have fun but he didn't really grow up either so he's clearly the best babysitter

    they've already made this a routine in the time that they've been working for cid. these two clearly know how to have fun

    (also their extremely adorable pleading? hunter is at a disadvantage )

    he also has the best unselfish reasoning AND hunter knows this and YET he allows it. they're all supposed to be dark edgy clone soldiers and in reality they're all just a bunch of softies

    my heart <3

    bonus: the republic may cease to exist but mantell mix sure stays alive

    hunter. hunter please it's for the family it's TRADITION who cares if you don't get a major cut of the money - the kids are happy ;w;

    actually maybe he's just mad that they don't get all the mantell mix they deserve, in which case - go kick cid's ass

    #tbb spoilers#tbb#tbb wrecker#tbb hunter#tbb omega#star wars #help i really can't stop fixating on this show #it's provided me with SO much serotonin #goddamnit star wars with your found family tropes #in nearly every character #to help them cope and grow as a person #they're a FAMILY i #i'm soft for found family #found family tropes my beloved
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  • nerys-vost
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wrecker: I'm starting to think this might be a bad idea...

    Nerys: Don't start thinking on me now!

    #incorrect star wars quotes #incorrect bad batch quotes #incorrect tbb quotes #incorrect tbb #incorrect the bad batch #tbb wrecker#nerys vost#tbb oc #bad batch oc #star wars oc #my OC #my chaotic children
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  • brother-genitivi
    20.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    The Bad Batch + Sleeping

    headcanons under the cut because this got long

    warnings: mention of nightmares, anxiety stuff etc


    -I just know this man runs on like 3 hours of sleep daily, 5 if he's lucky, and that's not even including nap time during the day, but I also know he's not stupid enough to fly the Marauder whilst tired

    -sleeps on his right side with a pillow designed specifically for neck support

    -sometimes Tech falls asleep without taking his goggles off, leaving circular imprints on his face

    -has a heated blanket for cold nights

    -sleeps with socks on

    -constantly tossing and turning, Tech gets restless when he's not doing something with his hands

    -his brain runs at a hundred miles an hour so he finds it hard to actually get to asleep

    -Tech gets nightmares often, wakes himself with his own heavy breathing but finds it easy to fall back asleep after calming himself with relaxation techniques

    -usually awake before everyone else

    -not a fan of cuddles, but when Omega can't sleep he lists as many random facts as he can or tells her stories about the batch before she joined them, stroking her curls until she gets drowsy and eventually falling asleep himself in a chair by her bed


    -probably the one with the most normal sleeping pattern, getting a good 7-9 hours

    -sleeps on his sides and back on two pillows fitted with silk cases to protect his curls

    -Hunter has a weighted blanket to help with sensory overload, and a sheet that doesn't make his skin crawl

    -enjoys sleeping the most in space, finding comfort in the silence outside

    -on particularly bad nights, he wears sound blockers to drown out background noise

    -a light sleeper, wakes up not too long after Tech

    -bed. hair.

    -lucky in that he rarely gets nightmares, but the ones he do get leave him anxious and stiff as a board

    -snuggles with Omega practically every night unless she's with one of her brothers, using his arm or shoulder as a headrest. gives her a goodnight kiss on the forehead every single night.


    -probably gets about 4-10 hours a day, his sleep is wildly inconsistent and dependent on whether he has a nightmare or not

    -Echo sleeps on his front with his cybernetic arm resting under his pillow

    -very occasionally snores but vehemently denies it

    -has two comfort pillows, one resting between his knees, the other hugged to his chest

    -always sleeps with some kind of light on as the dark makes Echo feel uneasy

    -absolutely abhors the cold after his time in a stasis chamber so his bed is full of blankets

    -also sleeps with socks on

    -a heavy sleeper, which makes it harder for him to wake from frequent nightmares

    -Echo mumbles in his sleep and tenses, clutching onto the pillow pressed to his chest and relaxing as it finally passes

    -he can always tell when Omega is up, like a brotherly sixth sense. he tucks her back into bed and sings quietly to her until she falls asleep.


    -gets about 10-12 hours, maybe even too much sleep?

    -sleeps on his back and SNORES, will have pillows thrown at him by Crosshair when he’s had enough

    -Wrecker sleeps surrounded by large plush toys and pillows of different sizes

    -doesn’t have too many blankets as he gets hot easily, but his favourite one is pink with a bunny hand stitched into the corner

    -has a small pouch of dried flowers under his main pillow as he finds the scent comforting

    -a very heavy sleeper; an earthquake could happen and Wrecker would sleep through it

    -has nightmares, but tends to forget them as soon as he wakes up

    -he still can’t shake the sense of dread until he gets food into his system

    -always down for Omega cuddles, he worries about squishing her so she lies on top of him with Lula clutched to her chest, usually wakes up with her snuggled under his chin


    -gets a consistent amount, 8 hours daily but boy does he feel it when the pattern is broken

    -usually sleeps on his side curled into a fetal position, lucky enough not to get limb aches the next morning

    -has a memory foam pillow, silk pillowcase (I know that man cares for his curls), large blanket and fairy lights hung up by Omega

    -absolutely REFUSES to sleep with socks on, will call Tech and Echo defective for wanting to sleep like that

    -hated the fairy lights at first, (”They’re too flashy.”) but can’t sleep without them on anymore

    -gets nightmares often. the really bad ones have him waking with tears in his eyes. he rubs them away angrily before starting the day as if nothing happened.

    -no, absolutely not, he will not cuddle- and before he knows it, Omega’s asleep on his shoulder and he’s got a blanket wrapped around her, a protective hand cradling her head


    -sleeps kind of inconsistently. Hunter wants to let her lie in because sleep is important, Echo argues that too much could be detrimental. Tech explains the intricacies of sleep patterns and the sleep-wake cycle. Wrecker sides with Hunter and Crosshair sides with Echo. their arguing wakes her up

    -Omega sleeps on her sides with Lula cradled under her arm

    -she absolutely put glow in the dark stars and planets on her wall

    -also has a silk pillowcase (courtesy of Hunter)

    -most of the blankets Echo steals borrows belonged to her, but she doesn't mind. he needs them more

    -will not sleep with socks on. Crosshair's influence, most likely

    -wakes up crying from nightmares. tries to stifle her sobs, and clings onto the nearest brother that comes to comfort her.

    -Tech makes her feel happiest after a nightmare. Omega loves hearing his stories about the batch, and she remembers every single fact he tells her

    -Hunter makes her feel loved. there's something so simple about a goodnight kiss and a fatherly cuddle that wards the nightmares away

    -Echo makes her feel content. Omega is happy to lie there and listen to him sing, knowing she is an endeared sister

    -Wrecker makes her feel safe. she knows that no harm will ever come to her when she's with him. he's Omega's loyal protector, and a very good pillow

    -Crosshair makes her feel complete. he's the final jigsaw to an unfinished puzzle. now he's back, and the pieces fit together as they always should have

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  • thebaddestbatch
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Seriously cannot get over my Bad Batch sweatshirt 💖

    You can find it here on Etsy!

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  • theballerinajedi
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Bad Batch is coming back this spring 🥲

    I’ve missed them every god damn day 🥲

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  • neon-junkie
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    For those of you who may have missed this, Yuaniu, a story artist for Lucasfilm, shared some Bad Batch doodles

    Yes, the team is as cursed as the fans. More doodles on their Twitter!

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  • jedipoodoo
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    The One I Have Been Waiting For (Wrecker x Pregnant!Reader)

    Notes: to the sweet, sweet anon who sent in this request, you made my entire life. My roommates can attest to the fact that I squealed and kicked my legs up in the air when I received this. Bless up 🙏 @angelqueen27

    For everyone else, the request was for the reader to tell Wrecker that they're pregnant. I had lots of fun looking up reveal ideas for this one 🥰

    Warnings: Mostly fluff, but this reader is struggling with infertility, so there are references to Wrecker and the reader trying for a long time to get pregnant/have kids. I also tossed in some of the other Batcher's kids for extra fluff.

    "Are you alright?" Tech asked.

    The image on the monitor stared back at you.

    "Can...can you check again, just to be sure?" your voice cracked, hardly above a whisper.

    Tech nodded. "Would you like me to get Wrecker, or-"

    "No, no, I'm fine," You pulled up your shirt again so that Tech could apply the cold jelly before waving the ultrasound wand over your midsection again.

    The holo you had just seen disappeared, replaced by a very similar image.

    "Congratulations," Tech said quietly. He almost couldn't believe it either.

    "You are pregnant."

    Tears trickled down your cheeks, barely concealing the tidal wave of emotion that swelled in your chest.

    After years of trying, of watching Omega grow and all of Wrecker's brothers and their partners have their own kids, you were finally having your own.

    "How healthy is it?" You asked.

    "Quite healthy," Tech zoomed in and out on the image to be certain, "I'd say about nine weeks along from what I'm seeing here."

    "Out of thirty six." You exhaled deeply.

    Tech smiled, "Are you alright?"

    You rubbed your eyes with the back of your hand, but that couldn't hide your smile, "I've gotta tell Wrecker."

    Tech smiled, "Anything the rest of us can do to help with that?"

    You bit your lip. You wanted to celebrate, but you were worried about getting ahead of yourself. What if something went wrong?

    No, you wouldn't think about that now.

    "I want to do something fun. Something memorable."

    "You deserve to, you've been trying for a long time," Tech was already typing furiously on his ever-present datapad.

    "I could get some Mantell Mix and use it to spell out "Congratulations Dad!"?"

    "Juvenile. Try some meiloorun fruitcake."

    "I can't make a cake in ten seconds, Tech!"

    "So we're going for fast and furious here?"

    "Fast and furious with what?" Omega asked as she entered the medicenter. Crosshair's ade was balanced on her hip, with Hunter's little Cece holding onto her pants leg as always.

    Tech looked to you for approval.

    "I'm pregnant." You said. Saying it out loud sent a thrill down your spine. Omega's jaw slackened.

    "You are!?"

    "Shh!" Tech waved his hands wildly, "They want to surprise Wrecker!"

    You nodded with a giddy smile flushing your cheeks. Omega beamed back at you.

    "I have to have AZI catch his reaction on camera!"

    You snapped your fingers. "That's it!"

    "What's it?" Tech asked.

    "He's been bugging me for weeks now that he wants a new holo of the two of us to take with him when he goes on missions, but I haven't been feeling up to it for..." You waved to your body, "... Reasons that now seem obvious."

    Tech nodded seriously.

    "Instead of having us say something funny, I need you to tell him that I'm pregnant. It'll catch his reaction in real time!" your heart beat faster with your plotting. You couldn't wait to tell your riduur what had happened to the both of you.

    "Perfect." Omega grinned.

    "I suppose it wouldn't take too much time." Tech adjusted his goggles.

    "So you'll take the holo for us?"

    "Of course," He stood, "Omega, will you go find Wrecker, please?"

    "Oh!" Omega stood up taller, "I just remembered, your riduur wanted me to get you, they need help changing the twins' diapers!"

    Tech took off at a sprint, and you fluffed your hair with one hand. Usually you would be worried about wearing makeup or the perfect outfit, but you were too anxious to tell Wrecker right now. You could do a maternity photo shoot later.

    Omega and Cece helped you find Wrecker out in the stables, feeding the fathiers and banthas.

    "Ba'vod'u!" Cece shrieked, running up to him.

    "Hey!" Wrecker swung his niece up into the air and set her on his shoulder, before taking Asher from Omega and giving him the same treatment. Not one to be left out, Omega hopped up on a bale of hay and leaped at Wrecker's back, looping her arms around his neck.

    "Look out! Cargo coming through!" Wrecker warned, swinging the kids back and forth as he took huge, exaggerated strides towards you.

    All the kids squealed with delight.

    "Man, this cargo sure is noisy," Wrecker grinned at you, leaning in for a kiss. You reciprocated. It always made you weak in the knees to see Wrecker with the kids that lived on your little farm. And now one of your own would join the throng.

    "How're you, Cyare?" He set the kids down and cradled your head in the palm of his hand.

    You placed your hands around his wrist. It never ceased to surprise you how gentle his hands could be. They were never raised in ire at you, or the kids, or even at his brothers, who could take a little roughousing. Despite what the Republic intended him to be, Wrecker was the sweetest, gentlest person you had ever met, caring for every stray tooka that wandered through the fields and staying up all night when the new calves were born just to make sure they saw the morning light.

    He was going to be a wonderful father.

    You couldn't let your observations slip from your tongue just yet. It was supposed to be a surprise.

    "Is now an okay time to take that holo you wanted?"

    His face lit up with a fresh grin. "Absolutely! Just let me fill up Rex's trough here-" Wrecker grabbed a bag of feed, dumping it front of the largest bantha you owned. Cece gasped in delight at the magical sound, and Asher tried to grab a handful of the feed for himself.

    "Nah-uh-uh, that's for banthas, not for little boys!" Wrecker tossed Asher across his shoulder.

    "Me too! Me too!" Cece made grabby motions at Wrecker, and he plopped her on his other shoulder.

    The five of you made your way back towards the family house through the fields of tall grass. You held onto Wrecker's arm tightly as Wrecker held his niece and nephew securely on his shoulders, and Omega dawdled along, as curious as ever about every stone and flower you passed.

    Everyone else was waiting on the front porch when you made it back, and by the smug look on Crosshair's face, Tech had already told them all.

    "Alright," Tech held up the holocam as Hunter and Cross took their respective kids back.

    You and Wrecker stood together on the path leading up to the house. The hills and endless grassy fields fading to conifer trees made the perfect background in the setting sun. He tucked you under his arm, and you placed one hand on his chest.

    "Say, 'we're going to have a baby'!"

    You were silent, listening for Wrecker's reaction.

    He was halfway through the phrase, completely believing that Tech was taking a holopic instead of a holovids.

    "We're gonna have a..." His voice trailed off, all eyes expectantly on him.

    His chest shook beneath your hand, and you turned to look up at him. "Wrecker?" you asked softly.

    You were instantly enfolded in his arms and he buried his face in your shoulder. You could already feel the hot tears against your cheek as you caressed the back of his head. The tears you'd dammed up for yourself began to flow as he picked you up and spun you around. Even the babies were quiet, letting the two of you have this moment to yourselves.

    "You're pregnant," Wrecker clarified, taking a breath to look you in the face.

    You nodded, "I'm pregnant. Wrecker, we're gonna have a baby."

    You clung to each other again. The two of you were shaking so badly from the sheer joy that you might collapse if you let go of each other.

    "I'm gonna be a buir," Wrecker laughed, and you did too.

    "We're gonna be parents, Wrecker." You kissed the side of his head, "We're gonna have a baby."

    "We're gonna have a baby," Wrecker repeated. Cradling you in his arms, he turned to his brothers. "We're gonna have a baby!"

    The rest of them burst into applause and whoops. The ad'ike didn't really understand what was going on, but they were excited and clapped too, especially when ba'vod'u wrecker picked up each of them and gave them each a big kiss on the cheek.

    He came back to you, he always did. After years of trying and years of disappointment, he always came back to you. He loved you, and you loved him.

    And together, you would both love this little one you had waited so long for.


    Post-Script: Imagine Wrecker's babies being the tiniest compared to the rest of his brother's kids 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    #lizart writes #the bad batch #the bad batch x reader #tbb x reader #pregnant reader #tbb wrecker x reader #wrecker x reader #the bad batch wrecker x reader
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  • clonehub
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    A Look Back at the Past Year or So

    Remember when #UnwhitewashTBB all first started? When all I had was a poorly designed carrd and a million anons helping me build it? When there were people who were detailing some of their more unsavory memories in replies and reblogs to help me round out the carrd? We've certainly come far since then: a survey, a petition, emails AND letters sent out, as well as more and more people every day made aware of Whitewashing and other forms of racism in Star Wars.

    Remember how primarily white fans reacted? How many of were called aggressive, bullies, liars, overreacting--how many of us are already stereotyped in our day to day lives? Remember the swift denials the racism, the speaking over people of color, the violent antisemitism, the dismissal of ableism by able bodied and neurotypical people? Remember when people such as myself and people whom I've never met kept getting harrased?

    I don't want a repeat of that. We all have a right to be here. We've come very far. I've met lots of new people and made a good deal new friendships. I learned a lot about myself, about disability rights and politics, about antisemitism, and about racism in other forms. I know many people learned some more about these things, too.

    First, thank you all for supporting me. I hit a rough patch, but I've come through it safe and sound. Second, thank you all for supporting this movement. This is NOT goodbye, this is me saying that even if Disney doesn't listen to us, we're not going anywhere. We won't shut up (or at least I won't) and we'll let racists and bigots know that just because there aren't a lot of us, doesn't mean we don't matter.

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  • yatzstar
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #sw#tbb#tcw #the bad batch #the clone wars #crosshair#omega#hunter#tech#echo#wrecker#cid#black sun #fluff and angst #fluff and feels #my fic#star wars
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  • tech-depression-inventory
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Echo: Why are your tongues purple? Hunter: We had slushies when we went exploring. I had a red one. Y/N: I had a blue one. Echo: oh... Echo: OH- Echo: OH MY GOD. Wrecker: Wrecker: You drank eachothers slushies?

    #incorrect bad batch quotes #incorrect star wars quotes #sw incorrect quotes #the bad batch #star wars #the bad batch hunter #tbb hunter#hunter #tbb hunter x reader #hunter x reader #the bad batch echo #tbb echo#echo #the bad batch wrecker #tbb wrecker#wrecker
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  • twinkofthedink
    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago
    #twinkys pen#crosshair #crosshair x reader #tbb #the bad batch #the bad batch crosshair #star wars #star wars the clone wars #fanfiction#hunter#echo#wrecker#tech#omega#medic reader#fluff
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  • jedipoodoo
    18.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    If you're looking for more Bad Batch fanfics, I am happy to provide! 😘

    My name is Liz and I've been writing Star Wars fics since I was six years old. I love The Bad Batch and The Clone Wars, so if you do too, drop me a message or an ask with a character, a prompt, and preferred pronouns. I occasionally reblog a prompt list if you want to send me a snippet or two off of one of those to write.

    Hope you enjoy your stay in my blog

    About Me:

    I do not write NSFW, but I know those who do if you want to save your requests for them 🥰

    I have studied sign language and Deaf culture for five years, and I enjoy writing Deaf readers. I am also willing to branch out and write readers with other disabilities as well!

    I have baby fever. I love writing pregnant reader fics.

    I have several OCs. They will appear in my writings because I love them all.

    Star Wars Legends Stan

    Hunter and Fives are my favorites (my 'bias', as my younger sisters would put it)

    I ship Anidala, Blyla, Foxiyo, Hanleia, Finnrey (if you would like to request anything regarding them 👀)

    I draw and make my own edits (some are better than others)

    Cat person

    I love Dragons

    #lizart writes #the bad batch #the bad batch x reader #tbb x reader #sergeant hunter x reader #tbb hunter x reader #crosshair x reader #tbb crosshair x reader #tbb echo x reader #arc trooper echo x reader #tbb wrecker x reader #wrecker x reader #tbb tech x reader #tech x reader
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