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    Heart Stop --- Part 4

    genre: younghoon x gn!reader, single parents!to lovers, superhero!au, fluff

    warnings: mentions of toxic relationships and exes

    word count: 2.6k

    summary: your child comes home from school one day begging for a playdate with their new friend - whose dad happens to be an intimidating and reserved hero. You approach him expecting the worst, but he’s more interested in you and your past than you realize. What could come of this unexpected encounter?

    Rei looked over at Mei, her feet swinging wildly underneath her desk. The last lesson of the day was moving too slowly, especially since the girls were excited for their first playdate at Rei’s house. Sighing, Rei put her head on the table, hoping that not looking at the clock would make time move faster. All she wanted was to run home to play dinosaurs with Mei-

    “Alright everyone,” Teacher Park said, “It’s time for us to pack our bags and line up!”

    Rei nearly shot out of her chair, shoving everything in her bag and eagerly waiting for her name to be called for the line.

    “Don’t forget to practice adding and subtracting,” Teacher Park shouted over the sound of students packing their things, walking to stand next to the door and beginning to call names.

    “Mei L/N!” he said, nodding as she ran up to him, “You’re going home with Rei today, right?”

    “Yes, Teacher!”

    “Awesome! Go stand next to the door for me, please!” he said, holding his hand out for the daily goodbye high-five, which Mei gladly gave.

    “Rei Kim,” he said, a bit startled by the speed at which Rei ran up to him, “You two can stand next to each other in line today!”

    Holding out his hand yet again, Rei reared back to give a big high-five. Upon impact, however, Teacher Park’s arm jolted back suddenly, startling Rei a bit.

    “Sorry,” he said with a grin, shaking out his arm, “You must be excited to go home today! That high-five had a bit of a shock to it.”

    Surprised at that, Rei looked down to see little electric sparks moving around her fingers. She smiled apologetically, shaking her hands to try and get rid of the electricity on her hands.

    “Sorry, Teacher. I didn’t mean it!”

    “I know you didn’t, and that’s okay! Now, let’s finish calling the line so you can go home.”

    He resumed calling the list of names, and Rei went to stand behind Mei, still wiggling her hands furiously. Mei turned to look at her actions, fascinated by the way her powers looked.

    “Hey Rei,” she whispered, tearing her friend’s attention away from her hands, “Is your daddy coming to get us?”

    Rei nodded her head at lightning speed, “Yeah! I can’t wait to show you my house!”

    “Me too,” Mei whispered, pointing to her backpack, “Baba doesn’t know, but I brought my dinosaur toy with me!”

    Gasping, Rei looked at the backpack, noticing that it was indeed much bigger than usual, her excitement rising again.

    “H-hey Rei,” Mei giggled, pointing to Rei’s hair, “I think you’re making everyone’s hair stand up.”

    Looking around the room, Rei also began to giggle as she saw that Mei was right, laughing even harder when Mei’s hair started to stand up and she tried to keep it down.

    “Okay, everyone,” Teacher Park said, clapping his hands to get the class’ attention, “Follow me!”

    Opening the door and walking out, the teacher led the line of students down the hallway, the class all laughing together as they all poked each other, finding the shocks of residual static electricity hilarious. When they finally got to the exit, Rei made sure not to touch the metal door, remembering that it could be dangerous with her power, and instead ran outside right behind Mei, immediately scanning the scene for her-

    “DADDY!” Rei shouted when she spotted Younghoon, running over to him with Mei trailing behind.

    Younghoon smiled at her, noticing the yellow bolts of electricity zipping around her arms and legs as she ran at him.

    “Hey there, Sparky,” he said, “Are you feeling okay right now?”

    Rei’s cheeks turned red, looking down at her hands.

    “Daddy, can you help me make it go away?”

    “Yes I can,” he said, opening the gate wide for her and Mei to walk through.

    “Mei,” Younghoon said, “Stand next to me, please. Rei has to get rid of some energy.”

    Nodding, Mei did as he said, her little hands clinging onto her backpack straps as she looked from Rei to Younghoon, curious of what was about to happen. Rei had walked a bit down the sidewalk and was now carefully watching her father.

    “Do you remember how to do it?” he asked, one of his hands slipping inside his jacket to grab onto something.

    Nodding vigorously, Rei’s hands balled up into fists.

    “It’s like a big punch!”

    “That’s right. Alright, watch carefully. You too, Mei.”

    Younghoon quickly removed his hand from his jacket, throwing a small piece of metal high up, which he then suspended midair with his power. The electricity around Rei charged up quickly; she stared at the little bar, quickly punching the air in the direction of the metal, a large lightning bolt erupting from her hand and striking the metal, dissipating into the sky above them. Mei watched this happen with eyes wide, completely enraptured by this display of power.

    “LOOK, I DID IT,” Rei shouted, jumping around the sidewalk in joy.

    “I’m proud of you, Rei,” Younghoon began, the metal finally falling from the air back into his hand, “Do you feel better now?”

    “Uh huh! No more shocks!” she said, wildly punching and kicking the air now.

    Mei erupted into applause, eyes shining with admiration for her friend.

    “Rei,” she cheered, “That was so cool!”

    “Thank you!” she replied, running back to her father and friend, “Did you see me? I was like a real hero!”

    Younghoon smiled, placing the metal back into his jacket, and reaching his hands out towards the girls.

    “You did amazing,” he said, “Now, both of you need to hold my hand so we can go home.”

    “Okay! Mei, wasn’t that so cool?” Rei said as they took Younghoon’s hands and began to walk down the sidewalk.

    “Yeah!” Mei agreed, swinging her arm as she walked, “You’re so amazing!”

    “You did do great,” Younghoon said, quickly squeezing his daughter’s hand, “Now we should practice using electricity whenever you want instead of just when you get excited.”

    Rei nodded, her face looking forward with determination, making Younghoon’s heart swell with pride. They walked in silence for a bit, until Younghoon felt Mei tugging gently on his arm.

    “Mr. Younghoon?”

    “Yes, Mei?”

    “Why did Rei have to hit that metal thing?”

    Younghoon thought for a moment, trying to figure out how to explain it to a child.

    “When Rei gets like that, she’s overflowing with electricity,” he began, looking down to make sure the kids understood, “So she needs to get it out quickly, or else someone might get hurt if they touch her, since electricity is dangerous.”

    Mei nodded knowingly, “Baba says I can’t touch electricity stuff, because it hurts.”

    Younghoon felt his ears warm up at the mention of you, but he carried on.

    “Y/N is right, which is why it has to get out of Rei fast. Electricity likes metal, so it’s easier for Rei to shoot her electricity at metal.”

    Mei gasped, leaning forward to look at Rei.

    “Rei, maybe you need my baba’s special gloves that they wear for electric stuff!”

    That might actually be helpful, Younghoon thought, before a question came to mind.

    “Mei,” he said, catching her attention, “What does your baba do with electricity?”

    “Building things!” Mei said, smiling up at the man, “Baba builds lots of things to help with sending packages!”

    “Like when they were a hero and made stuff?” Rei asked, her eyes shining in excitement.

    “Yeah! They have a special room for it and everything!”

    Younghoon cleared his throat, getting the attention of the children.

    “We’re here,” he said, directing them towards the door, “Come on, let’s go inside and wash our hands.”

    Walking inside and taking off their shoes, Mei looked up at Rei with a mischievous look in her eye.

    “Baba doesn’t know,” she said, “But I found a video on the internet of them doing hero stuff.”

    “Woah,” Rei gasped, pulling on Younghoon’s hand, “Daddy, can we watch the video?”

    “Hold on a minute,” he said, removing their backpacks and neatly placing their shoes next to the door, “You both need to wash your hands.”

    Younghoon would have been lying if he said he did not want to see the video; after hearing of your hero past, he had attempted to search for information online about you, but this proved to be impossible without knowing your hero name or agency. He had even asked Sangyeon if he knew anything, which only got him shrugs and more questions about his relationship with you.

    “Hey, Mei,” Rei said, speaking up just enough to be heard over the sound of water running, “I think my daddy likes your baba.”

    Mei stared at Rei with wide eyes, “Really?”

    “Yeah,” Rei whispered, “My daddy never wants to know anything about anyone, but he asks a lot of questions about your baba.”

    Mei gasped, “My baba asks a lot of questions about your daddy too! Maybe they like him!”

    “What’s going on in here,” Younghoon said, finding it suspicious the way the girls suddenly stopped talking, “You two have been washing hands for a long time.”

    “We’re talking about Y/N,” Rei said, turning the water off, “Can we watch the video now, please?”

    Looking down at the girls’ pleading faces, Younghoon felt his resolve wear down.

    “Fine,” he sighed, “Dry your hands, I’ll go turn my computer on.”

    “YAY!” Rei cheered, “Daddy, can you give me the towel ple-”

    “Wait! I wanna do it!” Mei said, her hands scrunched up in determination, “I wanna show my powers too!”

    Younghoon raised an eyebrow, unsure of what she meant by that, but he thought it would be best to not object.

    Mei clapped her hands together, surprising Younghoon when the hand towel suddenly appeared in her hands.

    “Just like baba taught me!” Mei beamed, handing the towel to Rei, who was clutching her friend’s sleeve and jumping around. Younghoon looked at Mei in wonder, realizing that she had inherited your power, and even more curious to see the video of your heroics.

    “Well, come on,” he said, walking towards the living room, “Let’s watch this video.”

    “OKAY,” the girls cheered, following behind Younghoon, sitting down on the couch on either side of him as he powered up his laptop.

    “Mr. Younghoon,” Mei said, poking his arm, “I can type it in! I remember how to spell the name!”

    “Alright, go ahead,” he replied, patiently waiting for her to type the name.

    Mei tapped the screen, “It’s this video!”

    Nodding, Younghoon clicked it, reading the title while the video loaded.

    “Hero transports runaway train,” he muttered, “Not giving any good details with a name like that.”

    Despite that complaint, Younghoon went silent as the video began, trying to keep his eyes open as long as possible to take in all of the details. The video showed a train speeding towards a train station, where another train was sitting and picking up passengers.

    “Oh my god!” the person filming screamed, the fear in their voice tangible. Suddenly, a figure leaped down onto a rooftop, before appearing on top of the speeding train.

    “That’s baba,” Mei whispered, making Rei and Younghoon lean closer to the screen. You moved your hands in a circle, making a glowing orange ring appear in the same pattern. Younghoon felt his breath hitch as the train came closer to the station, but you thrusted your hands forward, the orange ring launching forward and growing larger.

    “What is that-” the person filming said, stopping their sentence to inhale sharply as the train approached the glowing circle; Younghoon felt his heart beating as the train entered the ring, realizing that the train was disappearing through the portal. The person filming also seemed to notice, suddenly moving the camera to the tracks on the other side of the train station, gasping when the runaway train was coming out of a portal on the other side.

    Younghoon’s jaw dropped in shock, watching as you held the portal open until the entire train passed through, jumping onto the track and clapping your hands together to make the portal disappear.

    “And now, baba disappears,” Mei said happily, as you suddenly teleported somewhere and the video ended, “They’re so cool, right?”

    Rei nodded, “That was a huge train! Your baba is a super cool hero!”

    Younghoon slumped on the couch, in shock at what he had seen. He knew teleportation type powers were exhausting and for the users and extremely difficult to use with precision, but your control over it was nothing short of amazing.

    “That was incredible,” Younghoon said quietly, still staring at the computer screen.

    Mei jumped to stand on the couch, striking a pose like cartoon heroes did.

    “Some day, baba is gonna teach me how to do that! And I’m gonna be a cool hero too!”

    “Me too!” Rei exclaimed, also standing on the couch, “I’ll be a cool hero like daddy!”

    “We can be a hero team,” Mei gasped, her eyes sparkling while she imagined being a hero.

    Rei jumped over Younghoon’s legs, grabbing Mei’s hand and pulling her onto the floor.

    “Let’s go play dinosaur heroes!” Rei shouted, dragging Mei to her room, leaving Younghoon alone in the living room.

    He was still staring at the laptop, his hand moving to replay the video every time it ended, eyes desperately searching for any details that could be used to learn about your past.

    Y/N, he thought after several replays, Why can’t I find anything about you?

    He paused the video right when you turned towards the camera, staring at the small image of you and sighing.

    “Y/N...why do I always find myself wanting to know more about you?”


    You quickly pulled herself away from your work table, nose scrunching up as you let out yet abother big sneeze that startled the cat.

    “Gosh,” you said, rubbing your itchy nose, “Either someone has a lot to say about me or I’m suddenly allergic to you, Kitty.”

    The cat merely flicked its tail in response, and you sighed, hunching over your table again as you worked to send a package out. Once it was sent, you sat down on a chair, taking slow breaths to regain some energy, thankful that the work day was almost over.

    “Sometimes I wish I had all of my power, it would make work way less tiring,” you groaned, talking to no one - except Kitty, that is.

    “But then again, if I was at full power, I might still be doing hero stuff.”

    You sighed as your computer dinged, signaling the last few orders of the day being placed, stretching and standing at your station.

    “I didn’t hate being a hero,” you explained, quickly grabbing the items you needed, “But I’m just too worried about Mei to do something as dangerous as that.”

    You quickly attached the label on a box, carefully reading the address before clapping your hands, taking a deep breath once it disappeared.

    “Maybe I wouldn’t feel so worried if I had someone reliable to support me, like Younghoon-”

    You went dead silent, a furious blush spreading across your face when you realized what you had just said, your eyes wide as you stared at Kitty, desperate to clarify the situation.

    “N-not that I like him or anything,” you stammered, “But I just think he’s dependable and responsible! I mean he’s a single dad and has a full time job!”

    You grabbed the last items, quickly packaging them while still talking to Kitty, who responded by tucking her feet under her body, resembling a loaf of bread.

    “Not to mention that he takes really good care of Rei, he's interesting to talk to, he’s kind and considerate - even if he does come off a little cold - he’s helpful, and handsome…”

    You trailed off, collapsing in your chair as realization washed over you, feeling like your heart had stopped. You slowly turned, looking at Kitty like you had a shameful secret you couldn't keep anymore.

    “Kitty...I think I have a crush on Younghoon.”


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    wc: <1000

    It’s been two weeks since you have met the beautiful stranger. 

    Two weeks of somehow befriending him and somehow you have yet to be the epitome of an embarrassment in front of him, regardless of the fact that your best friend just so happened to be a close friend of his also. Since then, whenever he had been in Rome he would always treat you to a cup of coffee, somehow making all your artist block go away as everything around him screamed colors that had yet to be painted.

    You find yourself taking mental pictures of the moments that you spent with him, and you think that maybe having him around all the time wasn’t too bad, if your creative juices were somehow coming back to you. Today was no exception as you sat down in your designated spot at the cafe, looking outside to stare at the rain pouring outside and you wonder how anyone could even walk in a weather that bad. 

    That was until the sound of the cafe’s door opening made you look up from where you were and you see a beautiful yellow umbrella coated with daisies on it entering. The owner of the umbrella was no other than the beautiful stranger you have befriended, and suddenly your eyes sparkle unknowingly at an idea that you could possibly sketch out for now. 

    Immediately grabbing your sketchbook that you had always carried around, you started sketching out a meadow that was filled with daisies and lavender, rows and rows of them under a clear sky from what you were able to draw with your pencil. However, in the small five minutes of sketching, you think that it’s empty as it was missing something from the scenery of the entire field of beautiful flowers.

    “Did you get an idea again?”

    Your eyes look up and you see him standing in front of you, a smile coating his lips as he hands you your coffee before taking the empty seat that was quietly reserved for only him. However the frown that appeared on your face had given him his answer as he watches you take a small sip of your drink before turning your sketchbook over to his view. 

    “Something is missing from this, am I wrong?” You say with a pout that now comes out from your tone, his eyes wandering over the sketch that you had beautiful drawn when you must’ve been waiting for him. 

    He thinks that it’s beautiful the way it is. 

    “It’s missing confidence, because I think it’s perfect like this.” He replies, and you could feel heat rush up to your cheeks considering the fact that you weren’t used to getting straight feedback like this; much less from someone like him. 

    You had told him before about how you came to Rome to look for inspiration again, a muse that could drive you to make the ultimate project that was worth creating, and he understood it from a creator’s point of view despite being creative in another form of art. That’s what made you both instantly click, besides the initial meeting that had you both stumbling for words to the other. 

    “Okay fine… Anyways, what song do you plan on singing today, Mr. Superstar? Anything new?” You mused, taking another sip of your drink and he shrugs in response before giving you a small smile while gesturing over to his guitar.

    “Your choice, any requests angel?” He asks you softly, making you hum in response and you instantly think of an answer that might be able to make you both feel creative in the moment.

    “Surprise me. Sing me a song that makes you feel happiest.”


    chapter five: sing me a song

    summary: you were looking for some sort of outlet to find yourself away from home as people would often say ‘when in rome’. however maybe the cute singer that you stumbled upon one day at the local cafe in rome could distract you with something to cheer you up and find yourself again.

    taglist: @vibecheckvernon​ @catboyeatr​ @sunwoowuvbot​ @sanshiine​ @gretzelle17​ @moonlightgrlkev​ @parfaitz​ @banhmi07​ @allyg-onz​ @mimaisiomai​ @seventeeneration​ @softforqiankun​ @caralice​ @fabshua​ @deobi-pabo​ @winterbeartaehyungbestboy​ @glxwingstar​ @anjcia​ @bat-shark-repellant​ @escapewriter​ @artfulbarnes​ @sunwoosideup​ @younggwingss​ @im-just-trying-to-survive-man​ @viastro​ @mahalau​ @strawr​ @shionwrites​ @dancingddays​ @deputyjuyeon​ @mochibabycakes​ @17scheol​ @misavenue​ @nlnkm​ @yeongwvnhi​ @180cmhyunjae​ @juhakfeedzz​ @404-incorrect​ @lisfangirl​ @woooooooosh8​ @chefmingyu​ @softyfor-sweaterpaws​ @cuppasunu​ @morauvmi​ @yunkiwii​ (want to be added to the taglist for a specific member, story or the entire series? click here or send an ask/dm to be added!)

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    The Girl I Haven’t Met | Sunwoo (tbz)


    Sunwoo wishes for the girl of his dreams. You wish he can see it in your eyes before it’s too late. 

    Italics are for flashbacks, past memories etc...

    A/N: This was from a request which suddenly turned into a full-out fic soooo I did my best. I got inspired suddenly and somehow, writing for Sunwoo ALWAYS brings out the best in my creativity hehehe. Let me know what you think! ENJOYYY!!!~ And psst, anon who requested this; Thank you!! <3


    Listening to: the girl I haven't met by Kudaisai


    Sunwoo is not cut out for relationships.

    He's known that in the worst way possible; through heart break. Nothing special. His girlfriend had decided that he wasn't good enough, had decided to find herself a man worthy of her taste, and Sunwoo -- without any valid reason to make her stay -- had allowed her to slip through his fingers.

    Sunwoo prides himself in the fact that he’s a hopeless romantic even though he doesn’t say it out loud. Serenades, love songs scribbled in the back of his notebook, conversations in the dark at three in the morning...those are the things he lives for, that makes him feel alive and connected to another soul. Yet, he’s been unlucky so far trying to find the girl of his dreams. The girl that ticks all of his boxes.

    “She doesn’t exist,” you tell him on the day of his breakup. 

    “She does,” Sunwoo mumbles into his wine glass. You’ve agreed to meet him at the bar you guys know off by heart, have gotten close and comfortable with all his breakup stories like a playlist of songs he puts on repeat. It’s normal for Sunwoo to reach out whenever one of his romantic adventures don’t end well -- and that has been happening a little too often for your liking.

    You’d been introduced to Sunwoo through your older brother’s mutual friends during a college party a few months ago. But it wasn’t until he had shown up at your house a few weeks ago with a drunk Changmin in tow that you’d gotten to have a good talk while your brother threw up his entire dinner and breakfast from that same morning.

    “You did this?” you’d asked him, Changmin’s distant retching echoing down the hallway and causing you to wince slightly.

    “Technically, it was Sangyeon’s fault,” Sunwoo had shrugged half-heartedly, a playfulness present in his eyes, “but I can’t say I’m totally innocent.”

    That day, Sunwoo had left the house at around six in the morning, and you had gone to bed with a smile lingering on your lips.

    “Sunwoo, girls aren’t like the ones in the movies. You’ll never find someone that’s perfect. She won’t always be pretty and kind and everything you want her to be,” you tell him now, watching as he downs the rest of his wine in a single gulp, “you’re only hurting yourself that way.”

    “How would you know?” Sunwoo’s eyes lifts up to meet yours, half-drunk with alcohol and blazing with fiery heartbreak. He doesn’t say it out loud but you know that he’s hurting on the inside, “maybe she’s just waiting around the corner. I just haven’t noticed her yet.”

    You’re right, you think to yourself as your gaze flickers back to the drink in your hand, you haven’t noticed me, after all.

    Being Sunwoo’s confidante had done you more bad than good when you’d realized your feelings had tipped over the edge. You know, without asking for any confirmation, that you’re far from his type. The girl he’s looking for is perfect and beautiful; both things that you, or any other girl for that matter, are not. He wishes for the type of girl that only exists in a man’s dream, carved into his desires and molded to perfection without any flaw existent. And you’re without a doubt too flawed, too imperfect, for Sunwoo to even blink your way.

    You ask Changmin once, an afternoon where you both are in the comfort of your home. A surprise, really, considering that Changmin now spends his entire free time with his new girlfriend.

    “What do you mean?” his tone is immediately suspicious and your stomach drops with panic. Shit, you shouldn’t have mentioned it.

    Quickly, you try to scramble for an answer, “I--uh--well, I mean. Has he ever...said anything about me?”

    “Why? Is he flirting with you?”

    “What? No, I--”

    “You don’t like him, do you?”


    Changmin stares you down, “Oh my god. You do.”

    “No I just-- I’m just curious you know. Since he seems to have a very specific type.”

    He’s not satisfied with your answer, but tells you nevertheless that Sunwoo has never mentioned you, not really. And that it’s awkward anyway, considering that you both are siblings.

    “I don’t wanna know whether he’s screwing you or not,” Changmin sniffs and you slap the back of his head in disgust with a roll of your eyes, “I wouldn’t tell you in the first place, you loser.”

    When Sunwoo brings over another girl at the party at Changmin’s flat a few days later, your heart practically falls out of you chest in a mixture of shock and surprise.

    Cornering him in the kitchen at some point in the evening, you ask, “who’s she?”

    You don’t mean to sound so accusatory and yet, he frowns at you in annoyance, “a friend I met. We take the same classes.”

    Obviously, the girl is a beauty to the eyes of society. With those full lush lips and long endless eyelashes that seem to weigh over two pounds. God knows how much of her features are real, but you’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt. Even when your heart breaks a little every time you catch her and Sunwoo nestled in a corner of the room.

    The familiar burn stings your nose, eyes feeling hot with the onset of tears. You’ve seen Sunwoo with countless other women before. It shouldn’t affect you that much. It’s just a crush. Or a love that you should quickly put out before it burns even hotter.


    “It’s like--no one really listens to me,” Sunwoo gazes at the darkness hanging above your heads like a blanket twinkling with a million glittering stars. The sky is clear tonight, giving you a full view of the entire naked galaxy and you let out a soft sigh, leaning back onto your elbows only to feel your arm brush his.

    You instantly pull away as he continues on, “they do, to an extent. But they don’t understand. They don’t get it. I just want to be with someone who gets me-- who laughs at the same jokes I do. What I had with my ex was good--but it wasn’t enough. In the end, I was relieved to see her go because I...I didn’t have the courage to break it off.”

    “You didn’t love her?”

    Your eyes fall onto his jawline, trace it down his adam’s apple. Swallowing hard, you look away, “I did. Just...maybe just not enough. Not in the right way.”

    At that moment, you feel his shoulder brush against yours and despite the initial tug in your gut to edge yourself away so that you don’t fall into the temptation of his warmth, Sunwoo’s scent, Sunwoo’s firmness and presence, is just too good for you to give it up. So you lean back ever so slightly, pulse jumping out of your skin when he re-adjusts himself so that you can lean in a little better even. You know, deep down, that this means nothing to him. And it is nothing, merely two friends spending time with each other.

    But to you, it means everything. And Sunwoo will never know.

    "So do you like her?” you blurt out without warning.

    The way Sunwoo blinks at you makes you realize how stupid you’re being. How is it any of your business?

    You hold his gaze though, secretly hoping he’d deny your question. But the way his smile reaches the corners of his eyes tells you everything. 

    And you hear the distant crack in-between your heartstrings, the familiar sting spreading through your chest.


    Then, your life turns around. Upside down, without warning.

    Changmin is in tears. The house, your family, is in entire chaos at the news. You don’t know how much time you waste cooped up in your room, crying until your eyes turn red and until you feel like your throat is on fire. It comes to a point where it hurts to have the tears dribble down your cheeks, burning the tender, swollen skin lining your eye sockets.

    Useless. Stupid. What’s the point?

    You don’t have the energy to check your phone. And you don’t expect anyone to reach out. All the friends you’ve made are just out of pure necessity of being in the same course, of taking the same classes and for the sake of exchanging notes. You hardly know anyone by name and don’t even expect them to realize you’re absent from class.

    That changes the instant there’s a soft knock at your door, followed by a familiar alto that causes your heart to skip a beat.

    “What’s wrong?” is the first thing that comes out of Sunwoo’s mouth. He sits at the edge of your bed and it hits you; how out of place he seems in the girly frills that make up your childhood bedroom.

    “Nothing,” you smile weakly back at him, “just caught a bad cold.”

    “How long have you had this? You could’ve told me.”

    You shake your head, not bearing the thought of telling him the truth and masking it as a half-lie instead, “maybe a few days ago? It’s a really bad one though, so don’t get too close.”

    “You’re such an idiot,” but he’s ruffling your hair as he says so, causing your heart to flare up inside your chest and blossoming with heats of pink across your cheeks.

    You duck away as he asks, “is this why you look like you’ve been bawling your eyes out?”

    "...Yeah.” If only he knew.

    In a panic to change the subject, you quickly switch to asking about his newest romantic interest, “so how’s your new girlfriend doing? What’s her name again?”

    “Ah Yubin?” Sunwoo shifts on the bed to face you, “yeah, she’s alright. We get along well and she’s gorgeous. I don’t know her that well yet though, so it’s hard to tell.”

    “Do you have a good feeling about it?”

    You try not to focus on the tightness in your chest, looking down at your hands in order to avoid his eyes.

    “Yeah,” you know without looking at him that his lips are pulled into that pretty grin that reaches his eyes and make his dimple appear at the corner of his mouth. That only encourages your stomach to tighten into knots of unease, “yeah, I do have a good feeling about it.”

    “Hey Y/N. How do you know when you’ve met the one?”

    It’s a Sunday morning and you’re walking back home after your morning jog with Sunwoo at your side. The air is misty and cold, a chill running up your arms now that you’ve cooled off and Sunwoo had offered his jacket like a gentleman. You hadn’t refused.

    You hum at his question, looking down at the alley basking in the golden glow of the sunrise coming up from behind the houses, “doesn’t it just...click somehow? Like, you can’t see yourself with anybody else now that you’re with them.”

    “Have you ever felt that?”

    You spare him a glance. Big mistake, for Sunwoo is already looking at you through eyes as big as a doe’s, wide and filled with open curiosity that causes your breath to stutter.

    “Maybe,” you look away, “I don’t know.”

    “Oh yeah? Do I know him?”

    “Of course you don’t.” Of course he does. How thick is this man?

    Very, apparently. For he keeps on pestering you, “wait--all this talk about romance and relationships--and you never told me about this?”

    “Why should I? You never asked,” you retort in an attempt to hide your flustered demeanour.

    “Have you told him?”

    “Of course not.”

    “Why not?”

    That makes you stop in your tracks. For a moment, you wish for the ground to swallow you up whole. Sunwoo stops a little ahead of you, looking back with such genuine confusion that it makes your heart ache and your pulse race.

    “Because he’d never like me back,” you whisper, eyes locking onto his, “at least, not in this lifetime.”


    Winter is just around the corner when you get admitted to hospital and you manage to evade Sunwoo’s horde of messages bombarding your phone for a total of four days until your brother finally bursts into your room, phone in hand and the said young man on the other end of the line.

    “Talk to him,” is the only thing that Changmin says before he swivels around and makes a dramatic exit out of the room, all of that to make you giggle. You had to admit that it’s been much easier going through the means of life with your brother around. Granted, you’re not sure what you would’ve done without him.

    That small moment of happiness flies out of the window the moment you press the device to your ear:

    “Y/N, what the fuck?”

    You wince. “Hey Sunwoo.”

    “I thought you were--you told me you were getting better!”

    “And I was!” you giggle despite your situation, “but uhm--I guess it got worse during the night. It was an emergency--”

    "You are so dead when I see you,” Sunwoo growls into the phone, “and why the fuck have you not answered any of my calls?”

    “Because I’m hospitalized, dumbass,” you can’t help but roll your eyes, “now stop worrying. I’m fine.”

    He grunts to signal that he’ll make do with that excuse for now, though you doubt that you’ll be able to keep your sickness a secret for long.

    One week in hospital turns to two. Then two turns into a month. Then another, and another. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you have something much worse than just a cold. Sunwoo is, to no one’s surprise, filled with rage by the idea of you lying to him, to which you retort that it was for his own good back then. It’s only when he finally pays you a visit after your chemotherapy session that all his anger dissipates.

    “I thought you hated hospitals,” you joke upon noticing his lingering stare on the IV tube attached to your right wrist.

    “I do,” his eyes flicker up to yours. You notice that they’re slightly swollen and you reach out shakily with your free hand for him to grasp it; he does after some slight hesitation before he settles himself on the edge of your bed.

    A silence swallows up the entire room, lest for the heart monitor signalling that you’re still alive.

    When Sunwoo speaks next, his voice is merely above a raspy murmur:

    “When were you planning to tell me?”

    You squeeze his palm, “I’m sorry. I just...” your breath is shaky, throat clogging up as you try to hold back tears, “I didn’t know how.”

    He doesn’t say anything. But he doesn’t have to, only squeezes back in comfort.

    In the following weeks to come, you are constantly bombarded with visitors, friends and family alike who wish you well and who are constantly showering you with food and gifts and god knows what. Your parents take turns staying with you even when you tell them not to, until Changmin decides that he’ll be the one in charge, having taken a sick leave from his job at the Dance Academy in favour of being by your side through the process. Soon, you fall into the routine of chemo sessions, walks in the hospital garden, and looking out of your window at the pale blue sky while nibbling on bits and pieces of food.

    It scares you, how easily you’ve adapted to this situation. And you know, that albeit the fact that everything feels normal, that your parents have been troubled with the hospital bills, that your mother cries herself to sleep at night, and that your brother -- despite his happy mask -- is slowly crumbling to pieces inside when nobody’s looking.

    And Sunwoo --oh, Sunwoo -- is having the time of his life with a girl that could’ve been you in another life.

    Not this, not this monstrosity of a naked head that stares back at you with a scowl whenever you dare look into the mirror.

    In times like these, you allow yourself to comb back through the countless memories; long and lazy summer days at Grandma’s place, bike rides around the neighbourhood with Changmin, strawberry picking with your family during vacation, getting bubble tea at odd hours with Sunwoo in-between classes.

    “What about soulmates?” Sunwoo looks over at your question, and you look back at him from your position on the grass, wondering how in the world someone can look so beautiful from this angle. With the tree leaves above his head and the sun shining down, you’d believe him if he’d told you he’s an angel from heaven.

    “What about them?”

    A soft wind ruffles through his hair. Your fingers ache to comb through those locks so badly.

    “Do you believe in soulmates?” you ask.

    “Dunno. I guess. But isn’t there this, like, theory that soulmates aren’t your lovers and stuff?”

    Closing your eyes to savour the warmth of the sun on your skin, you reply with, “I think it depends.”


    “On what you’re looking for in a lover.”

    Sunwoo is quiet for a moment. Then, he says, “oh. that’s one way of looking at it,” there’s a slight pause before he asks, “what do you look for in a lover?”

    It is at that moment that you open your eyes, only to realize he’s gazing down at you and out of impulse, your fingers tighten into fists upon your stomach, “friendship. I want to laugh with him. I want him to be my best friend.”

    But that’s not what you want to say. The words that are threatening to slip past your tongue are deadly, like poison:

    I want him to be you.

    “Best friend?” Sunwoo’s nose crinkles in the most adorable way, like a confused puppy, “that’s...”


    “Hm. Kinda,” he glances down at you then and you swear you feel heat travel through your chest, up your throat and through the back of your neck. “that would be like...going out with you.”

    He’s so clueless it’s ridiculous. You’re torn between wanting to cry or laugh.

    Biting down onto your lower lip so hard you fear you might draw blood instead, you’re quick to gaze at the expanse of green that surrounds the pair of you. In the distance, a couple sits on the bench, nestled close and hands intertwined like they’re never meant to let go. It makes your heart twist in your chest.

    “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”


    "Y/N, I really want you to meet her.”

    Those words pierce right through your chest. What the-- the monitor suddenly beeps, alerting Sunwoo’s attention towards your racing pulse.

    You’re quick to stop his advances, hands gesturing in wild circles to gain his attention, “it’s fine--it’s fine! There’s nothing, really.”

    “You’re not lying to me are you?” Sunwoo asks suspiciously. You don’t blame him, considering you had lied a few times.

    “I’m fine,” you gesture for him to sit down, which he does after a few more moments of hesitation. Sighing and leaning forward to press his elbows atop his knees, he cocks his head at you and it’s clear from his face that he’s waiting for a response.

    “I--uh, I don’t know Sunwoo,” you laugh nervously, dread creeping along your insides, “I don’t think I’m in any shape to meet anyone at the moment.”

    Heck, you’re barely holding on as it is.

    The doctor has given you a month at the most. Two, if you’re lucky. At the speed that the disease is spreading.

    Disappointment lies in his eyes, but he merely smiles at you before he nods, “that’s okay,” one of his hands reach out to squeeze yours, "I understand."

    You know he does. That hurts you even more, how understanding he is in comparison to the envy coating you entire heart green.

    He tells you stories about his week, about finishing up most of his finance exams and flunking out the one on economics because he claims the subject hates him. He talks about your friends; their new dates, the school gossip that would've made you snigger back in the day. Not now though. Now, you merely giggle and gaze out at the garden ahead of you in a daze, not comprehending that your time is ending sooner than you'd expect.

    "What is one thing you'd like to do?"

    Sunwoo's question brings you out of your trance.

    "Huh?" You blink at him.

    He repeats said question with a grin and suddenly, you're traveling back through time to that moment he's asked you the exact same question.

    "What is one thing you'd like to do? If you had one wish before dying?"

    Taking your gaze off the waves lapping up at the sand in favour of looking up at Sunwoo, you take in the shape of his lips, the gold sheen glimmering across his skin as the sun sets in the horizon.

    "One thing?" You ponder aloud, "I don't know. I'm sure you'd expect me to say something like meeting my celebrity crush or seeing the northern lights. That's what everyone says, after all."


    "But I'm simple," you smile then, "I want to be kissed properly. And I want...I want to make love with the person I love."

    "I want to be kissed," you murmur out without thinking before gasping out in horror, eyes flickering up to Sunwoo's.

    He, on the other hand, hasn't realized anything, "it hasn't changed huh?"

    You shake your head. Your heart practically gallops in your chest.

    "Okay so," he drags the word out and unconsciously smoothes down your hair at the back of your head, "who do you want to kiss?"

    You, you think.

    "No one in particular. Not at this moment."

    Something changes in his expression, though nothing else can be said when the doctor interrupts for your daily dose of medication. He reminds you of your deadline as he does so, and you try hard to ignore the alarm growing on Sunwoo's face.

    When the doctor leaves, the silence hanging in the air is so thick with tension that you'd willingly cut it with a knife. You keep your eyes on the fists you've made onto the blankets, avoiding the hot scowl the young man sends your way.

    "When...you weren't gonna tell me?" His voice is thick and raspy with silent anger.

    "I..." you trail off in a murmur, "I didn't know how to tell you."

    "Y/N how could you let me sit there and not!--" his hands fly to his hair to tug at his strands. He cries out in anguish, walks a few steps back and forth across the room, "a month? A month?!"

    "I'm so sorry."

    "You--I--God I'm so--" Sunwoo's body shakes, fists clenched at his sides, "so you weren't going to tell me?"

    "I was, I just-- It's hard for me," tears prick at your eyes, "I've barely come to terms with it myself, I--"

    A sob interrupts your words and all too soon you find yourself crying into Sunwoo's chest despite the fact that he'd been yelling at you this past minute. His chest, unlike his words, ia warm and comforting, and it makes you cry even harder knowinf that this won't last forever.

    "I'm sorry," you murmur brokenly after a few beats of silence. You hear him sigh into your hair. And then, the softest of touches pushing your hair away from your forehead.

    "It's alright," he doesn't sound angry. But he does sound tired, weary of what to say next. You don't say anything back, for there is nothing but a string of apologies lingering upon the tip of your tongue.

    I'm sorry.


    "C'mon! I wanna take a picture."

    "I look like shit--"

    "Precisely why I want that picture!"

    Grinning at Sunwoo through the viewfinder of your camera, you ignore his scowl, all too entertained by the smear of ketchup on his face, the piece of fry stuck to his bottom lip.

    He looks downright ridiculous and you love it.


    "Hey Y/N, close your eyes."

    You're barely able to open them at this point. The medicine flowing through your veins makes you dizzy and lethargic, and if it weren't for Sunwoo sitting on your bed then you'd already be off to dreamland by now.

    So you obey willingly, close your eyes without a fight.

    Silence. Sunwoo's weight shifts onto the bed as a whiff of warmth caresses your forehead.

    And then, the softest of lips pressing onto yours.

    All air leaves your body, muscles tensing with shock as you register his actions.

    Your eyes shoot open on impulse just in time to see Sunwoo lean back, the softest of peonies dusting his cheeks as you gape at him like an idiot.

    "What...was that?" Your words are barely above a whisper.

    "I thought-- I thought you said that was the one thing you wanted before..." he trails off, though the words imply nothing else but the impending death hanging around your neck.

    "Well yeah, but--"


    Keeping your eyes glued on the bed sheets, you murmur out, "but not if the feeling's not mutual."

    A pause ensues as you squeeze your eyes ahut with mortification. God, what an idiot. This just makes things twice as hard and you're not sure your heart can take it.

    It doesn’t make you feel any better when Sunwoo’s apology hangs in the air. 


    "What would you do if I died?"

    Sunwoo's face is contorted into a full-on scowl and you giggle at his expression, chucking a popcorn at his face. He ducks, scowl deepening tenfold as you repeat your question like you’re asking something as simple about the weather.

    “What kind of question is that?” he asks as he leans back against the edge of the couch. The romcom movie that you’ve chosen a few hours ago is left playing on mute, as it always does whenever you and Sunwoo find yourselves in the same room. 

    “Come on. Just answer it. Or are you scared?” You wriggle your brows.

    He scoffs at that, “what would you want me to do if you died then?” 

    You hum, leaning your jaw against your palm as you allow yourself to trace Sunwoo’s features alighted by the moving lights of the tv screen. He doesn’t know how beautiful he is, and you wonder how long will you be able to keep that to yourself until someone else comes and steals him away.

    “Well, first off: I’d want you to keep in touch with Changmin and my parents. I think they’d need the support after I’m gone,” you tick the list off your fingers, “then I’d like you to visit me at least once every six months. And bring daffodils with you every time you do okay? Or I’ll haunt you. And I like daffodils. They look cute. And then uh--please talk to my tombstone a little so that my spirit can hear what you have to say.”

    “You won’t have a spirit,” he deadpans, “you’d be dead.” 

    “You don’t know that!” you respond in mock offence. Holding your pinky out to him, you continue by saying, “okay so...will you? You gotta pinky promise.” 

    “That’s stupid.” 

    “Come onnnn.” 


    You pout, knowing that it’s exactly his weak point. Sunwoo just glares at you for a full minute before he finally relents with a sigh, leaning over to hook his pinky with yours, “there,” he murmurs, “happy now?” 

    You beam at him, “much so.” 


    You did like daffodils a lot.

    The day is cloudy, with hints of light rain dotting his worn-out denim jacket as he stands with daffodils in hand, eyes raking over your name engraved onto the tombstone. The rock is new and clean, looking fresh and quite out of place amongst the already worn-out tombstones surrounding the area, but Sunwoo knows it won’t be long until yours turn the same ashen brown colour filled with dirt. 

    It’s been two months, and he still hopes to turn around and see you standing there, all smiles and arms welcoming him into a hug. 

    Your last day had been downright terrifying. Horrible, if he were to say so himself. He’d seen you suffer throughout your various therapy sessions, had noticed your sunken cheekbones and the tired blue aprons lining the underside of your eyelids, your chapped lips. But on your last day, you’d barely had any energy to lift yourself up to greet him. 

    Your death was peaceful enough. Gone in your sleep, that’s what the doctors had told him when he’d been sane enough to listen to anyone but the singular alarm blaring through your heart monitor. 

    Still, it hits him in the gut. Every. Single. Time. 

    Crouching down to place the daffodils atop the tombstone, Sunwoo lifts his finger to the engraved letters making up your name as he tries to remember what it feels like to trace your face. 

    “She loved you.” 

    Changmin’s words slice the air, as swift and as aggressive as a knife drawing blood. It takes the younger man a minute to realize the weight of his statement. 

    When he does, Sunwoo’s eyes widen, “What are you-- What’re you talking about?” 

    “Exactly what you think I’m talking about,” Changmin answers without looking at him, gaze permanently fixed on the flowers lining your tombstone. People have already started dissipating now that the funeral is over, hushed abstract murmurs filling the void air that pulsates with the sound of Sunwoo’s pounding heartbeat. 

    “She loved you, though she never told you. She said she’d rather die than get rejected,” your brother continues though his voice is trembling, now hiding the hint of tears he desperately tries to hold in. 

    It feels like ice cold water has suddenly been dumped down Sunwoo’s back. It takes a moment for him to find the courage to ask: 

    “Why now?” 

    Changmin is silent for a moment longer, long enough that Sunwoo has the time to glance over his friend’s features, to notice the swelling of his eyes and the downward tug of his mouth, the pallor of his skin. 

    “That’s what she would’ve wanted.” 

    Idiot, Sunwoo thinks. What a big fucking idiot. 

    Maybe if you’d told him, he wouldn’t have spent his days telling you about the girls he’d loved back then. 

    Maybe if you’d told him, he wouldn’t have had to look so far for the girl of his dreams. 

    Maybe if you’d told him, he would’ve thought through time to change his heart in an attempt to make it yours.

    Maybe if you’d told him, you wouldn’t have left him behind so soon. 

    #sunwoo#tbz sunwoo#sunwoo imagines#sunwoo angst#sunwoo fluff #best friend au #tbz sunwoo imagine #tbz sunwoo x you #sunwoo x reader #sunwoo x y/n #sunwoo drabbles#sunwoo scenarios#sunwoo fanfiction#sunwoo headcanons#kim sunwoo #tbz x you #tbz fluff#tbz angst #the boyz scenario #the boyz imagines #the boyz soft hours #the boyz x you #the boyz fanfiction #the boyz x reader #deobi drabbles#tbzwritersnet#tbz writing#hyunjae#Changmin fanfic #juyeon x reader
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  • saenia
    23.07.2021 - 23 hours ago
    PAIRING ; bf¡sunwoo x fm!reader
    GENRE ; fluff, angst, suggestive (slightly)
    EPITOME ; an argument which lead to you ignoring sunwoo and being stubborn to him giving you sweet commendations
    WARNING(S) ; kissing, just making love but I don’t think it should be a warning,……….what? 🤔

    ‘I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to clean up your mess Sunwoo.’ you huffed out scolding him for the third time today. “I’ve been working all day, I’m exhausted, and I said I was going to pick it up later.”

    ‘You should’ve just picked it up then and there to get it over with!’ you snapped back. “Gosh y/n, calm down I told you I was going to do it, it’s not like it’s harming you in any way!”

    you both were yelling at each other which seemed to have lasted forever until you just walked away, annoyed with Sunwoos actions.

    You go into your office room slamming the door behind you.

    Trying to calm down by doing some of your work, it only seemed to have made you more frustrated, which lead to you silently sobbing in your elbow. you weren’t much of a crybaby but with all the pressure from your boss and the amount of papers you had to finish, you couldn’t help it.

    after a few minutes of you bawling your eyes out, you started to hear footsteps coming towards your way. You quickly wiped your tears from your face and straightened up just in time for Sunwoo to come through the door. He came closer to your seat and hugged you from behind resting his face in your neck.

    “Happy now? I cleaned up” he joked earning only silence. He looked at your face and realized why not even a chuckle came from you. “What’s wrong, berry?” He asked cupping your cheeks placing a kiss on your fluffy lips (´∀`)

    ‘stress..’ you worded out receiving a huff from sunwoo. he grabbed a chair nearby and sat next to you. he looked at you for a few seconds and spoke, “ I’m sorry y/n, I don’t know if it’s me that’s putting this stress on you I really don’t wanna be the cau-”

    ‘It’s not you, it’s my work, I shouldn’t have been slacking off.’ you cut him off fiddling with your fingers.

    “Come here” he motion for you to come sit on his lap grabbing your hips once you sit down. He then wraps his long arms around your torso pulling you into a pampering hug.

    You rested your head on his shoulder and enjoyed his warmth almost drifting off into a deep sleep before his voice beamed through your ears, “what’s that smell? Is that your new shampoo? it smells so good, it smells like, like,….strawberry cheesecake~~~

    🪐: “omg, please don’t come after meee (`_´)ゞ hsshehencjsjsjej, I know I know this oneshot is not really considered good as I can say, but I did try my best. And besides, this is my first writing :) I’ll try to make better stories later on as school is right around the corner ψ(`∇´)ψ so just look out for themmm 🥳

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    Love Foolish | Masterlist

    Please understand that updates may vary and are not constant as I have my own life outside social media, I will try my best as possible to update as much as I can!

    When two oblivious idiots fall in love with each other, what do they do? Y/n is head over heels for her childhood friend Sunwoo and Sunwoo is in love with y/n but he doesn't know. Their friends are all tired of the two being completely oblivious to their mutral feelings, but everything starts to get interesting when a new players was added into their love game.

    Pairing: Kim Sunwoo X Fem! Reader, ft. Jaemin of NCT 

    Cast: THE BOYZ, Jaemin of NCT, Heeseung of ENHYPEN

    Genre: Social Media AU, Fluff, Angst, Humor

    Status: Ongoing!

    Proflies - y/n simps |  

    If you’d like to be added onto the tag list for this series, please let me know!

    @ junjungsunwoo, all rights reseverd.

    #Love Foolish #Love Foolish Masterlist #sunwoo#Kim Sunwoo#The Boyz#tbz #the boyz fluff #tbz fluff #the boyz angst #tbz angst #the boyz sunwoo #tbz sunwoo #sunwoo x reader #sunwoo x fem! reader #sunwoo fluff#sunf=woo angst#sunwoo humor#SMAU#TBZ SMAU #the boyz smau
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  • sainthae
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    while there are numerous words people use to describe their journeys with love, you conclude 'selfish' is the one that fits you the most.
    (or where Sunwoo discovers the honor of selfishness in your light.)
    angst + fluff, happy ending.
    fwb to lovers au.
    chapters: 6/?
    all chapters

    kim sunwoo hasn't moved on from min soojin. he knows that, he's aware of his situation. but he is also aware of the longing feeling he gets when you're sleeping on his chest. he is aware how slightly hostile he gets when any other boy gets near you. he is aware of how the first person who came into his mind while thinking about prom was you. he is aware of this new wave of feeling that he's getting every time he is with you.

    but he is also familiar with the feeling of being rejected. the feeling of being left alone, the feeling of insecurity. he doesn't wanna get hurt again, and most importantly doesn't want to hurt you.

    and besides he knows you don't like him; he knows you're just looking for some fun and pleasure and he's pretty fucking sure you wouldn't date someone like him. a loser who won't realize his own worth.

    so, he isn't aware of the hurt in your eyes. the sight of him and soojin and met with you again at hyunjae's party tonight. you feel stupid, being a prom date doesn't mean anything. it doesn't mean he is over soojin and it definitely does not mean he's on love with you.

    it's the way his hands still tighten around hers and how her legs wrap around his waist. how her eyes taunt you as she smirks at you while his lips paint pictures on her neck.

    you didn't think you were going to get drunk tonight, but here you are.

    the glass is half empty, half full.

    you should tell him you like him.

    you don't need to ask haechan who he was talking about. practically the whole batch, who gave this situationship some attention, realized that you were head over heels for him. everyone but his heartbroken ass could see past your facade.

    im sorry but getting rejected is not what i want on the last year of my school life.

    the latter shrugs, spinning his red cup and watching the remaining liquid dance along with grace.

    you never know

    oh trust me, i know

    and haechan does too, but a slight feeling in his heart, the hopeless romantic alter ego of his begs to differ.

    he is taking you to prom i heard? why are you letting another girl get to him?

    you chuckle in misery.

    thats the girl he's in love with, if anything that her he wants to take to prom.. im just a second option haechan.

    and you're still going knowing that?


    your silence was almost demeaning, and it caused the latter to panic.

    i didn't — hey, i didn't mean it that way. i just think he should be aware of your true feelings because at the end of the day it's just you who's getting hurt and its —

    its selfish.

    he looks at you and remembers the conversation from that night, and he realizes. when you say you're selfish in love, it's that you want all the hurt to yourself, all the annul love to yourself. and at the end of the day it's you who decides what to take, pain or pleasure.

    ironically, its both this time.

    (y/n), let's go home.

    sunwoo's voice startles you to say the least. what's he doing here?

    you look back at him, his hair messy and puffed. slips swollen and necks covered. you almost cry, you feel pathetic.

    you're taking me home? i thought sooji—

    his eyes turn dark and you've realized you overstepped your boundaries. you can't turn away from it though, its too much now.

    that night, while you whimper and cry out his name on his bed, at the back of your head remains the last message haechan texted you.

    biology highs: you know, soojin still doesn't have a date for prom. and apparently, she had asked sunwoo but your boy said no. he was tongue down her throat before rejecting her offer as her date, a one way ticket to getting back together, why is that?

    why is that, kim sunwoo?

    #kim sunwoo fluff #kim sunwoo x reader #kim sunwoo #kim sunwoo angst #sunwoo fluff#sunwoo angst#sunwoo #sunwoo fluff angst #sunwoo au#sunwoo suggestive#sunwoo gifs#tbz angst#tbz #tbz x reader #tbz fluff
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  • sunlightwoo
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    fixer upper


    ☀︎ pairing: mechanic!eric x shy! g.nreader

    ☀︎ genre: strangers to lovers, fluff, a bit suggestive but it’s cute

    ☀︎ wc: <1000

    ☀︎ a/n: ... so true bestie HGUOERSGJNBEOSG I literally can never stop thinking about mechanic eric especially with the selfie book i bought for both him and sunwoo LOLOL

    send in prompts/requests here!!! (slow)

    Eric wishes that things were different with how often he had helped his uncle at his car shop. 

    The town that he had grown up in was beginning to get too small for him, meeting the same people that would come to the shop to try and flirt with him so that he could be their eye candy. However, with every person came the same response, where he just ignores them and brushes their shameless words without any hesitation, deeming him as the cute icy mechanic that was sweet enough to help out his uncle.

    “Is there anybody that can help me?” 

    The sound of a voice in distress knocks him out of his thoughts while sitting in front of the fan and his head turns to the owner of a voice standing at the front. Getting up from where he sat, he walks over to where you had stood, a frown coating your face as it seems as though you must’ve pushed your car all the way down here considering you had been out of breath while standing in front of him. 

    “What seems to be the problem?” He asks, glancing behind you to examine the car behind you and a puff of breath escapes your lips as you glared at the hood of your car, knowing that you should’ve agreed to carpooling with your friends when they had offered. 

    But you weren’t going to be third wheeling today if you wanted to live.

    “My car engine broke down, and I’m pretty sure it’s just because the battery had died.” You muttered, popping open the hood as smoke had puffed out from the car and it wasn’t until a hum escapes Eric’s lips that he realizes it might just be more than that. 

    “It doesn’t seem too bad, but I can take a look if that helps?” He offers, looking at you with an eyebrow raised and you nodded, turning to look back at him when you realized that the man in front of you was incredibly gorgeous. 

    And suddenly all words that were in your throat earlier seems to go away.

    He offers you a chair to sit in as he started to push your car onto one of the lifts in order to get a good look of your car, looking thoroughly to see if there was anything else to fix but nothing. You watched him carefully, unsure of what to say in the quiet shop as the sound of the fan that he had earlier was the only thing that you could hear, but you wanted to say something considering a guy that good looking was fixing your car. What were the odds that you’ll find someone him ever again?

    “How long have you been interested in cars?” You spoke up randomly, noticing how his eyebrows raise at interest while he slides out from beneath your car, sitting up to give you a small shrug before a small coats his lips at the memory of holding his first toy car when he was five.

    “Since I was a kid. Say, sweetheart, is this your way of flirting with me, by trying to get to where it hits home the most?” He muses, a smirk suddenly appearing at the corner of his smile and you could feel heat rush up to your cheeks as you could barely stutter out a response. 

    “N-No, I was just--”

    “Relax, cutie, I was just teasing you. Besides you seem too innocent to be out here on your own, and it is a small town. Did your boyfriend not come with you, in case this had happened?” He continues, getting up to start charging your car’s battery when you think that this might be an open opportunity to get to know him better. 

    “I actually came here alone, and without any lover, if that’s what you’re trying to get at. I was going to meet up with my friends and just so happened to pass by.” You reply, giving him the same shrug that he had given you earlier, and it seems as though you peaked his interest, considering his eyes were now focused on you. 

    You were different, he thinks to himself as he notices how you weren’t like most people who had openly flirted with him. You were more quiet, bold with your words, but still shy as you weren’t sure where you were treading in the waters, and he thought it was cute as he wanted to learn more about you despite being a stranger from another city.

    “Well in the mean time as we wait for your battery to charge, let’s get to know each other. The name’s Eric, and I am also, single.”

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    ❊ warnings: some profanities

    wc: ±665

    Y/n pov

    "Girls, please step away from the court, you will play once the boys are done," Eunbi announced.

    You took your towel and bottle before walking towards Yujin, who already settled near the benches to get a good view of the match.

    "Time to look at hot dudes," Yujin winked as she hit your arm.

    "Hey! That hurt," You shrieked, "Besides, aren't you glad that we get to play as a team? Hot dudes aren't more important than me!"

    "I know we're gonna be a team, what i didn't know was that CKU's filled with hot dudes. Nobody can ever separate us I tell you, we have a special bond," Yujin smirked.

    "Ew," you slapped her cheek lightly and both of you giggled.

    Hwall, Eric, and Juyeon were given blue pinnies while Sunwoo and Jacob red ones. Sangyeon had told Juyeon and Jacob to become the point guards of each team in advance. He told them to distribute the ball evenly so he'll be able to see how well every single one performed.

    "One of you has to referee. I know nobody wants to volunteer so could you do the rock paper scissors quickly?" Sangyeon turned towards the members.

    The members huddled and did as told.

    "NO WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME," Haknyeon stared at his fist in frustration. He sighed and snatched the whistle from Sangyeon's palm.

    Haknyeon walked to the center of the court and blew the whistle. He then threw the ball in the air for the *jump ball.

    Y/n pov

    The game had started. Your eyes stayed on the court, watching the boys do the jump ball.

    You couldn't help but focus particularly on the boy who was jumping for the blue team. He was tall and lean. But what got your attention was his feline eyes. They looked sharp but also genuine.

    He got the first tap but the opponent took the ball.

    The ball's now in the red team's possession. The person holding the ball looked like he was experienced. You could barely decipher the name written on his back, but it looked a lot like 'Jacob'.

    Jacob had passed to several of his teammates already but they missed every single shot. So he took matters into his own hands and landed a three-point shot with a swish.

    "Damn," You thought, "Is he a shooter?"

    "Ya Yujin, wanna play a guessing game? Guess who's gonna make it in the team."

    "Heck yeah!"

    "That guy Jacob and the tall boy that started the jump ball," You said, "they're definitely gonna go in."

    Seconds after, a blonde boy from the blue team intercepted Jacob's pass and made a *fast break.

    "Ok, that blonde boy's defo going in. He's hella fast," Yujin said.

    "Ooh! That boy with the red hair too! He just stole the ball from the tall boy I mentioned earlier," You told Yujin, "That pale boy with the raven hair though, he made in so many jump shots near the *elbows."

    "Right, so Jacob, tall boy, blonde boy, red boy, and pale boy?"

    "Yep, the others aren't that good."

    Basically, only those 5 stood out, the rest were meh.

    fwheet. fwheet. fwheeet. 3 whistles indicated that the game had ended.

    "Fuck, it's us next. And there'll be so many people watching," You whined, eyes widened at the sudden thought.

    "Omygod Y/n, you're like the best player. You've got literally nothing to worry about. Hell, maybe the whole basketball team will go running after you," Yujin snapped.

    You took a deep breath and set your worries aside. It was time to focus on the game.

    *jump ball: A method of starting play or determining possession in which an official tosses the ball up between two opposing players who jump and try to tap the ball to a teammate.
    *fast break: a team attempts to move the ball up court and into scoring position as quickly as possible, so that the defense is outnumbered and does not have time to set up.

    ❊ synopsis: for years of being a basketball prodigy, everything seemed easy for you, but things change when you need to take on a whole new challenge on the court: to face 12 men with immaculate talent for sport and unbelievable good looks.

    ❊ pairings: fem!reader × tbz!ot12

    ❊ a/n: it's very hard to explain basketball in writing 😭 im sorry if it turned out bad but i tried my best 🤧

    ❊ taglist: send an ask or a message to be added in the taglist! (or if you're shy form's here 😉) @suzy-rainbow @jaerisdiction @sohnday @mingiandbaconjam

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    ⠀ ⠀ “TIMESTAMPS”

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    SYNOPSIS : y/n makes a decision to call hyunjae, their one and only ex-boyfriend, to escort them to the airport in hopes of getting one last goodbye before leaving the country
    PAIRING : exboyfriend!hyunjae x genderneutral!reader
    PERSPECTIVE : 2nd person omniscient
    GENRE : (strangers to friends to lovers to) exes to strangers, supposed to be pure angst idk what happened, some fluff, tossed in like two sentences of humor take it or leave it, more bittersweet than angst ig idk someone pls save me
    WARNINGS : a lot of flashbacks and reminiscing, there's like one suggestive part, whatever's italicized is a flashback of some sort (because the back and forth can get confusing)
    WORD COUNT : 6.4k+

    우리 아름다웠던 goodbye | NAVIGATION

    tagging @nilesig because i'm still expecting haknyeon pics

    Usually, on days like this, you’d be able to spot a hint of the soft blue that most claimed as their favorite color through the snow, it being both a calm and comforting day despite the gentle cold the weather brought. There would be no wind, causing the snow to eloquently fall down onto the ground without much movement.

    This fairytale-like setting brought families out of their houses, everyone being layered with thick long sleeves and turtlenecks whilst topping it off with a zipped up padded jacket. Knitted hats were snuggly wrapped around the children’s heads and had scarves nearly choking them by the necks.

    The kids would be running around in their front yards while their parents lounged out on the decks, conversing with one another as they supervised the running fetuses that were attempting to catch the crystalized flakes with their tongues. Those same kids would also pick up a chunk of snow with their bare fingers before choosing a kid to chuck it at, laughing when their target landed face first into the snow due to the impact of the snowball.

    Oddly enough, today was different. When you peered past the translucent drapes and through the window by your seat on the sofa, there was absolutely no one in sight. Cars were the only ones that would be passing by the line of houses, their headlights shining through the flecks of snow.

    You figured it was because of it being currently winter break, so it was likely that most were spending their days indoors, spending the holidays with their families.

    But you couldn’t help but wonder if the weather was like this because of what day it was today.

    You’ve been planning on leaving the country ever since middle school, deciding that traveling the world would be an occupation you’d love to have.

    Today would be the day you’d say goodbye to your home and all your close friends, and you had already given your parents a warm farewell before they headed off to work. It was no wonder that the weather had decided to represent the way you were feeling inside. The dream of leaving this country was something so beautiful, but once you stepped out, the coldness and reality will eventually hit you.

    You haven’t stepped out just yet though, too afraid for what’s to come. It was planned for you to leave for the bus three hours ago, but with the current weather conditions, you figured that it’d be better if someone accompanied you to the airport instead.

    So, you made an impulsive decision to call your one and only ex.

    You flinched with each number your fingers pressed into your phone, cringing at how instinctive every movement was. Hearing his number being dialed in made you realize what you had done, and the possibilities of what could happen started filing into your head.

    You were calling someone that you hadn’t spoken to in the past three years, and therefore led you to not knowing what to expect. Anything was bound to change in that period of time, and you had no knowledge of his current whereabouts. You were sure he wasn’t even aware of you leaving the country on this very day, and you wouldn’t blame him if he immediately turned down your question with a ‘no’.

    Unexpectedly, he picked up, and it instantly created an awkward atmosphere through the call, no words being able to leave either of your mouths. Hyunjae knew it was you despite how hard he worked in order to forget your phone number and was most definitely surprised at the sudden phone call, not expecting you to remember him at all.

    But then again, how could you forget the one person that once made you the happiest being on earth?


    The silence continued from the other side of the line, and you wondered if Hyunjae even wanted to speak with you at all.

    “It’s Y/N.”

    “I know.” His tone was filled with sorrow, making your heart drop into the pit of your stomach.

    Your fingers grazed over the red button, realizing that calling him was a mistake, but you stopped when you heard him say ‘hi’.

    A smile wistfully found its way to your lips, forcing the corners of your lips to tug upwards. “Guess what?”


    You paused, struggling to let the words slip past your lips. Crazy how it’s only been three years, yet Hyunjae still managed to turn you into a stuttering mess.

    Eventually everything slipped out of you, explaining you needed a ride to the airport.

    Three years. Three years since you’ve both last interacted, and out of all the friends you had, you called him first.

    But Hyunjae didn’t question it.

    He didn’t question it because he knew. He still remembered the day when you sat together at lunch, explaining your life goals to one another. A shocked expression took over his features that day, begging you to let him be the one to give you a memorable, beautiful goodbye when you leave the country.

    So here you were, seated in one of your parents’ sofas as you waited for Hyunjae to arrive. He stated that he moved a few cities away from where he originally lived, but he said that it wasn’t a problem and he’d be able to make it to you in time. It wasn’t like you’d be late regardless, knowing that your flight would take off in around six to eight hours from now.

    With a frown, you rose from the sofa and made yourself some hot chocolate in the kitchen. When you returned, you had a knitted blanket over your legs and a book in one of your hands to distract yourself, allowing the time to pass with ease. Though, the distraction wasn’t able to do much considering your eyes had the tendency to dance over every single sentence within the book, making you unable to focus especially with the bubbly anxiety forming inside your stomach. You closed the book and let it rest in your lap, reaching over to wrap your hands around the mug on the table beside you. Your gaze lingered out the window as you took a sip from your drink, recalling the times you’ve spent with Hyunjae.

    A friend of yours was celebrating their 10th birthday, and just like today, it was also snowing. The only difference was that the gentle snow storm held more joy with kids screaming the happy birthday song after being wrapped around the kitchen table. In the middle of the song, a group of boys barged through the front door, scaring absolutely everyone.

    Apparently your friend’s brother invited his friends to crash his twin sister’s birthday party, Hyunjae being one of them.

    When the group of kids dispersed into the living room, Hyunjae joined you on the couch with his nose scrunched up.

    The other kids were distracted with an intense, loud game of mafia, but Hyunjae had his eyes on you, taking in your facial features as you watched the group of kids having fun.

    The gaze you were receiving from the strange kid creeped you out, growing uncomfortable with every second that passed. Unintentionally, your body curled up against the armrest of the couch, your hands resting easy in your lap while ignoring his presence all together.

    ‘I know you’ was what he had said, a puppylike tilt of his head following after his words. He then continued to claim that you were both in the same class, when in reality you weren’t. So you told him exactly that, stating that you had a different teacher.

    He refused to listen to your claims, shaking his head while saying you were that one kid who stole his eraser in the middle of a test.

    When you asked him what your name was, his face turned pale, frozen as he tried to remember. Soon enough, his eyebrows raised and a string of apologies ran past his lips. He hid his face with the cushions provided, making you burst out in laughter.

    It was then when you eased up to him, forgiving him so he would stop apologizing. Hyunjae then took it as an invitation to pester you about your name, asking for it repeatedly as he was truly invested in who you were.

    You motioned the zipping of your lips, keeping them sealed as he begged through whines, his bottom lip jutted out in an attempt to guilt trip you into telling him your name.

    One of his friends, Jacob, noticed him bothering you and pulled him into the new game of twister they were playing, mouthing apologies your way.

    You never really caught sight of him after the event occurred until fifth grade. You didn’t share a class with him, but you noticed that he had recess during the exact same time as you.

    He was the one that spotted you on the playground first, running over to you and your group of friends to ask for your name. It caused a mischievous grin to be slapped onto your face, and soon enough Hyunjae would be chasing you around the playground, repeatedly yelling ‘hey!’.

    It was all fun and games, really. He knew you were messing around with him and it’d be a lie if he said he didn’t enjoy it, which explains why he never bothered to ask for your name from your friends.

    Though, all things come to an end, and eventually you had to say goodbye when recess ended, leaving Hyunjae breathless and without a name.

    But instead of the usual goodbye, he’d scream out to you, waving his hands in the air in order to garner your attention.

    “See you later, Alligator!” he shouted, earning coos from both of your classmates.

    It didn’t affect you at all, especially when you were wearing the biggest smile because of him. You loved the new friend you’ve made even if you didn’t know his name. You only remembered the curls in his brown hair and the smile he’d have adorning his lips whenever his eyes met yours, and those truly meant more than a name you may forget in the long run.

    You quickly responded with a “In a while, Crocodile!” before skipping off with your class into the school building, thinking about him for the rest of the day.

    As cliché as the farewell was, it became a thing between you two whenever recess ended. He’d be drenched in sweat with how much he ran after you, hands on his hips while he took his time catching his breath. Though, he’d still scream out to you whenever he could, making sure to give you the biggest farewell before your classes parted ways.

    If Hyunjae was truly curious enough, he could easily make his way to any of your classmates and ask for your name, but he didn’t and neither did you. It was like the whole world had disappeared when recess arrived, leaving you two exhausted after running around without anyone bothering you guys for thirty minutes.

    So this resulted in you calling each other ‘Alligator’ and ‘Crocodile’ whenever you had to address one another at the playground. Even during lunch, if he spotted you, he’d scream ‘ALLIGATOR’ and toss a juice box your way as a treat.

    You’d do the same in return, except you expected your bag of cheetos to hit him smack dab in the middle of his face.

    You missed every time, but it didn’t stop you from doing it the next time.

    As expected, you both drifted from each other when summer break arrived, and you had forgotten about him as you were too caught up in the worries of starting middle school.

    You never saw him in the halls, but there was a chance you never even recognized him in the first place considering you both received maturing features when the years passed.

    In your first year of high school, you ended up in the same chemistry class as Mr. Crocodile. You didn’t even know it was him when he became your deskmate, both interacting with absolutely everyone in the class except with each other. You were mainly laid back, and it’s what made you so likeable, while Hyunjae was loud and outgoing.

    This caused you to always have his back turned towards him, and he never even noticed due to being occupied with all the jokes he cracked during lessons the teacher would give.

    There then came a day when you were forced to be paired up with your deskmate for a lab experiment, leaving you to do most of the world while your partner messed around with his friends, once again paying no mind to your existence.

    His name would be called out by the teacher and was told that he should be focusing on the experiment and not his friend making continuous spills all over their desks.

    With a sullen expression washed over his features, he turned around in his seat, propping his head up in the palm of his head as he looked at what you were doing. His eyes were mainly trained on your fingers, watching you transfer the contents from the beaker into the graduated cylinder. His gaze slowly trailed up to your face, snorting at how immersed you were into writing the details of the experiment into your notes. When the pencil fell from your fingers to pick up the cylinder in your hands, his face slowly morphed from boredom into shock, almost knocking over the beaker you had placed down minutes ago.

    You didn’t notice him whatsoever, watching the liquid bubble up within the cylinder before dying down. Hyunjae continued to be left speechless, staring at you just like he did that time he met you.

    His eyes traced your movements over to the sink, dumping the liquid into it before making your way back once you had taken your safety goggles off. That was when you noticed him fully staring at you, and you couldn’t help but cringe with the way he practically squinted at you.

    “Alligator?” he whispered.

    You seemed taken aback by the sudden animal name, snorting as you moved to clean up your shared desk with Hyunjae. “Y/N, actually,” you retorted, placing everything back into the box before turning to Hyunjae, telling him to hand over his goggles.

    He stood up next to you and did as you told, handing them over to you. It was then when you gaped at the sight of his face, forgetting to retrieve the goggles from his face to put into the box. “C-Crocodile?” you stuttered, hesitant if he truly was the kid from two years ago.

    “Hyunjae, actually,” he mimicked, flashing you the same smile you remembered. He put the goggles into the box yet never removed his eyes from yours, leaving you stunned.

    He leaned in closer, his face being mere centimeters from yours.

    You stared at him in pure shock, and the students started racing out of the classroom right when the bell rang, leaving just you two and the teacher left in the classroom.

    “I finally know your name.” His smile never faltered while his mind kept repeating your name over and over as you analyzed his features before finally accepting defeat.

    “I guess you do.”

    You made the first move to pull away, bringing your books into your arms before rushing out of the classroom, but you didn’t miss the way Hyunjae called out to you.

    ‘See you later, Alligator!’ was what he had screamed.

    It was funny, really, how easily you managed to capture Hyunjae’s attention after that scene.

    He did his best to make you look at him by being an even louder student than the one he was before, laughing at every single joke his friends would make. He’d then peek over at you to see if you’d reacted to the jokes he spurted out himself.

    You ignored him to the best of your abilities, but that didn’t stop you from smiling whenever you heard his booming voice throughout the classroom. Even when the teacher assigned different seats for the entire class, he still could make you laugh despite being across the room from you.

    Though, you often trained your eyes on something else so whenever Hyunjae looked over at you, he’d frown, believing that you were smiling because of something, or possibly someone, else.

    On another note, it seemed lame to know people’s names, especially those who weren’t even your friends, so Hyunjae continued calling you ‘Alligator’ whenever he spotted you in the halls.

    You’d respond by calling him ‘Crocodile’, speeding right past him before revealing the smile you’ve been hiding from him. You loved the attention he gave you, as it would always be the smallest things that made your heart race, reminding you of the times he chased you around the playground.

    The buzz from your phone shook you out of your wandering thoughts in your memories, making you blink multiple times before averting your attention to your device being faced down on the table.

    You were in no rush to check it, bringing the mug to your lips to take one last sip of your hot chocolate before checking what Hyunjae had messaged you.

    As expected, Hyunjae stated that he had arrived and was waiting outside of your house.

    You texted him back saying that you needed a few minutes to clean up real quick, and he only left you on read without a response.

    So you trudged over to the kitchen with the mug in your hand, running it under the hot water. As much as you tried to ignore it, your heart was pounding in your chest at the thought of seeing him again with your stomach churning due to the anxiety the thought had brought.

    You wondered if anything about the boy had changed, or if he still had that small car you’ve grown to love.

    When you were in a relationship with him, some of your friends would ridicule his car for being too small and broken down. Little did they know it was basically your second home and something that meant the absolute world to Hyunjae.

    One day after school, Hyunjae came sprinting over to you after he had spotted you exiting the school, taking your hand in his before having you run with him through the students crowding the parking lot. He dragged you to an old, ragged car, saying that it was his father’s and it was for him to keep.

    He was so excited knowing that he had just received his driver’s license a few days prior, making you extremely happy.

    Even if it didn’t have the best appearance, it did bring you the best memories.

    Being high schoolers in love led to late night drives down the empty streets that exited the neighborhood.

    Each night, Hyunjae would appear right in front of your house, spamming you with text messages to come look out your bedroom window. When you did, you’d find him dancing under the streetlight despite the lack of music, urging you to come down and join him.

    It was risky, nonetheless, but you were always successful in your attempts to sneak out, leaving through the backdoor and running into Hyunjae’s arms when you made it out.

    He would then bring your hands into his, interlacing his fingers with yours before pulling you under the single streetlight that stood in front of your driveway. He’d twirl you around in the worst attempt possible, letting out a loud cackle when you had to clutch onto his shirt after having your feet stumble over one another. You’d shush him with the smack on his chest for being too loud in the middle of the night, reminding him about your sleeping parents in the house you two stood right in front of.

    And with a kiss on the nose, he’d rush you into his car and drive you around the neighborhood as you guys reminisced the days where you didn’t know each other’s names whatsoever, yet somehow managed to grow attached to one another. He even brought up the fact you were both seated together in chemistry and didn’t even care to acknowledge each other until halfway into the year, and you playfully slapped his shoulder, blaming him for the lack of attention.

    You two were now seniors, and although he hasn’t asked you out just yet, it felt like you two had been dating the past few years. Hyunjae started calling you pet names in private, and always sprinkled kisses onto your face whenever he could.

    Hyunjae pulled over into the school’s empty parking lot when the rain started to decorate his windows, continuing your previous conversation. It then led to arguing over who was the more popular student at school, and the bickering led to Hyunjae reaching over to your seat, tickling you in order to shut you up.

    You squealed at the attack, grabbing his wrist to stop him before doing the same back to him. He’d scream with laughter, making you feel ever so comforted through the storm happening outside of his car.

    The small fight somehow ended up with you in his lap with your fingers entangled in his curls, only being able to focus on the way his lips tasted amidst the rain pelting down onto the hood of the car. He’d then pull away, breathless, officially asking you to be his significant other.

    You nodded rapidly in response to his question before bringing him back in for another desperate makeout session, loving the way Hyunjae’s finger sneakily hooked onto the waistband of your jeans.

    You shook the cup of its tears into the sink and carefully placed it in the dish rack for it to dry. Your eyes skimmed the kitchen, growing uneasy over the fact you wouldn’t be able to come back to see the place you’ve grown up in.

    But you didn’t want to linger in the kitchen for any longer, going back to your spot to fold the blanket. After shoving the book into one of your two only suitcases, you took in a deep breath, still not being able to comprehend the fact you’ll be moving across the world.

    After swiftly putting on your coat and your winter gloves, you pulled the door open.

    And there stood Jaehyun, or Hyunjae as he wanted everyone to call him, with the little car that you had missed all those years. He didn’t even notice you standing at your door, too occupied with how nothing about the same neighborhood had changed. He was kicking at the snow beneath his feet, eyes wandering all over and eventually caught onto the single streetlamp that stood outside your house.

    Even from afar you could see the strands of his curls peeking out from under his beanie, the tall male leaning against the car door with his hands shoved into the pockets of his padded jacket, waiting for you to exit your house.

    It was hard to believe he was the one who spoiled your heart with all the love imaginable in the years you’ve dated before slowly choosing to tear it up into pieces right in front of you, leaving it behind in the dust before walking away.

    You were the only person able to glue your heart back together, and you were sure you were over your one and only love, but seeing him made you feel the pain it’s been through all over again.

    The snow was elegantly dancing in the air around you when you stepped out of your house, pulling your suitcases past the door before closing it behind you. Your footprints followed you through the thin layer of snow as you strolled down your driveway, slowly garnering Hyunjae’s attention.

    He looked at you in awe, noticing the small details on your face that had never changed the last time he saw you.

    A pang of guilt then stabbed at his heart when realizing that the last time he saw you was when you were on your knees in your apartment, begging for him to stay with you.

    You never contacted him since then, leaving Hyunjae alone with his studies.

    Truly, you were thankful he ended the relationship rather than leading you on without any feelings to spare, at least from what you presume, but you still wished he stayed and gave you a chance instead of choosing to dump you because of his failing grades.

    The sparkle in his eyes disappeared at the realization that you were no longer his anymore. It’s been three years, but Hyunjae’s been so focused on himself that he had forgotten about what love felt like until he saw you walking through the snow.

    He became absent as he spoke to you, telling you to get inside the car to warm yourself up while he brought the suitcases into the trunk.

    The nostalgic scent of Hyunjae’s cologne invaded your senses right as you pulled the car door open, the warmth enveloping itself around you once you settled into your seat.

    Your eyes immediately started to roam around the inside of his vehicle when you closed the door shut, and granted, absolutely nothing has changed even after three years. His dashboard was never cleaned of its thin layer of dust, and the accessory pockets on the car doors were still filled with crumpled pieces of paper and balled up empty chip bags.

    Yet somehow you felt comforted in the seat that was always meant for you, missing the way its soft fabric would be pressed up against your back as you conversed with Hyunjae.

    Even if it was only Hyunjae’s car, so many memories have been shared in the front two seats. More often than not, you’d decide to mess around and sprinkle a kiss or two on his cheek while he was busy driving, throwing yourself into a fit of giggles whenever he became distracted.

    You’d think Hyunjae would at least clean up, but based on the way nothing had changed, it was easy to tell that Hyunjae hasn’t moved on.

    Either that, or he had moved on, but only with himself. The dangling keychain that hung from his rearview mirror made it clear that Hyunjae has never had another significant other, especially knowing how much it meant to the two of you.

    It was a souvenir that you both had bought at one of those boardwalk shops by the beach you often frequented with Hyunjae. He thought it was cute and even said it reminded him of you.

    Knowing that he never removed it made you question if he was just too lazy to do so or if he still had lingering feelings for you. As much as you wanted to believe the latter, Hyunjae was always known to be on the lazier side which explains the state his car is currently in. He was never the sentimental type either, so you were sure it was only seen as a decoration to him despite him always mentioning how much the dinky thing meant to him.

    Not to mention, Hyunjae was the one who ended the relationship. He was the one who made the choice to let go of you, wanting to focus on his college studies rather than his already breaking relationship.

    The moments he shared with you and you yourself became nothing but a memory to him, ones that he allowed to be faltered in his mind as he continued to move on.

    Hyunjae was someone you thought you understood, yet in reality you probably didn’t know him at all.

    It left you in shambles knowing that he chose college over you.

    You would’ve understood if he told you he was struggling, and you’d most definitely give him all the time in the world.

    There’s a possibility he used it as an excuse to cover up his disappearing feelings, and you didn’t blame him. You just couldn’t. Feelings come and go like the wind, leaving the world with absolutely no control over it.

    Before you could let your thoughts mindlessly wander off into your breakup for any longer, the car door to the driver’s seat swung open. You hadn’t even noticed the sound of the trunk being closed as you were too lost in your own thoughts and dealing with an aching heart.

    Hyunjae pursed his lips after starting the car, choosing to stay silent as he drove out of the neighborhood. He asked no questions about where you’re moving to or what you plan on doing for a career. He didn’t even ask if you plan on keeping him in contact despite already knowing the answer.

    Your eyes fixated on the houses that Hyunjae drove by, mentally saying goodbye to each and every single one of them. It was beautiful seeing them adorned with the snow, gentle layers piling on top of one another on the roof.

    The snow used to be so comforting to you as it would remind you of the day when you met Hyunjae, but it became something you dreaded, hating the way something so beautiful could become something so dangerous and aggressive.

    The only voice that could be heard throughout the car was Hyunjae’s phone due to him pulling up the directions to the airport. It was agonizing to hear with each turn the voice said to take, knowing that you were getting closer and closer to leaving Hyunjae’s life.

    Not like he had left you three years ago, but still.

    Your eyes were filled with sorrow when realizing that you’d never see him again. When you wave him goodbye and enter the airport, you’d break all contact with him and create a new life for yourself. You’d no longer have to check his instagram to check up on his well being, and you’d no longer have to worry about seeing him again.

    As much as you considered him as the main love interest of your life story, there comes a place and time when you have to realize that your high school sweetheart would only remain in a chapter of your book, and he wouldn’t last forever.

    When reaching the frenzied streets of the city, you realized that Hyunjae had never taken you on drives like these. The drives you shared with Hyunjae were always under the stars and down an empty road, whispering sweet nothings to one another as you could only fall deeper in love with the man sitting next to you.

    Your body was pressed up against the car door with your head resting against the window. Your eyes fell shut as you listened to all the honking and noise that filled the city, only reminding you of the breakup that fell between you and Hyunjae at your apartment.

    You flinched with every screech of the tires from outside the car, each and every loud noise representing how you felt when Hyunjae left you. Your hands were resting easy in your lap like always, but your fingers were clenched up into fists, hating how memories from three years ago are coming straight back to you, regretting having even thought of Hyunjae as an option to call in the first place.

    It wasn’t hard to notice your broken state, Hyunjae having nothing else to do except drive and occasionally checking to see how you were doing in the passenger seat. He knew you always curled up against something whenever you felt uncomfortable, and you kept your eyes closed in an attempt to calm yourself down from whatever you were thinking about. This often happened when you had nightmares in the middle of night considering you had nothing to lean against besides Hyunjae. He didn’t mind though, gladly bringing you into his embrace so you could rest your head against his chest.

    He cared about you so much, and he still does. Sure, there are days that he continues to live on like the breakup hadn’t affected him, but he knew he regretted everything the moment he left your apartment. It was selfish of him to leave you just because he was at the lowest point in his life, and he would’ve taken you back in a flash if you had called him, but you never did.

    The air between the two of you was laced with sadness, your legs struggling to find a comfortable position in the spot you were in.

    Without even knowing, you had fallen asleep. Hyunjae gently shook you awake by your shoulder, stating that you both were nearing the airport.

    You rubbed your eyelids, thanking him through a whisper. He kept silent, and your gaze went back out the window, realizing the snow had lessened. It was still falling, but it wasn’t as heavy as before. Your hands were buried in the pockets of your coat, gazing at your surroundings.

    The curved walls of the airport eventually came into view upon arrival, and despite the sun already settling below the horizon, it felt as if it continued to be daytime with the amount of light illuminating from the glass windows.

    The car slowly came to a stop in front of one of the entrances. Hyunjae already left the car, but you were still buckled into your seat. Unlike the frantic crowds that you’ve seen while arriving at the airport during the daytime, people were easing into the entrances while sharing casual conversations, their mouths being buried behind their scarves as they held the hands of their loved ones.

    The sight was then blocked with Hyunjae’s figure, the boy pulling the door open for you. “Need me to help you?”

    You blinked at his question, swearing this had been the most he’s said to you in the past few hours. His eyes were diverted towards your seatbelt and you realized it shortly after, shaking your head in response before removing yourself from his car.

    No words were exchanged between the two of you when you walked to the back of his car. You stood there behind his car, waiting for him to arrive. He smiled warmly when approaching you and gently grabbed your shoulders, pulling you back a few steps before allowing the trunk to open.

    “You always stand too close to the car,” Hyunjae murmured, pulling out one of your suitcases. You were left in shock at how he remembered how you’d somehow always get hit whenever Hyunjae opened the trunk, his endearing tone making you melt despite the cold weather.

    You laughed at the realization, making him smile.

    And then it happened.

    Him handing you your suitcases was your cue to leave.

    Him handing you your suitcases was his cue to hop back into his car.

    So why did neither of you move from your spots?

    ‘I love you’ was what you wanted to say when you noticed that Hyunjae hadn't budged. You wanted to step forward and pull him into your arms so you were able to lean in and mold your lips against his.

    But what you feared the most was that none of your actions would be reciprocated. He wouldn’t let his lips dance with yours like they used to, and his hands wouldn’t wrap around your waist to pull you closer.

    And most important of all, it would be impossible for him to utter ‘I love you too’.

    But little did you know that he would do absolutely everything and more. He would pull you into his chest and allow your tears to seep into the layers he was wearing beneath his unzipped jacket. Even if your relationship wasn’t for forever, he would hold onto this memory, wishing for his last moments to be with you to be something he’d smile yet also cry over. He’d tell you how much he loved and loves you, giving you one last kiss on your lips before you disappeared from his life.

    But none of you acted upon your resurfacing feelings after seeing each other, standing there like trees that have been through thick and thin together yet made no actual attempt to communicate or get closer.

    You didn’t know what to do. A simple ‘goodbye’ couldn’t slip past your lips, and your feet felt as if they were restrained with vines that erupted from under the concrete, not allowing you to move one single inch from your spot.

    Hyunjae didn’t even close his trunk and instead basked in the surrounding sounds of the airplanes taking off in the middle of the night, knowing that you’d be in one of those in the next few hours. You wouldn’t be coming back, and you would no longer live in that very house he visited every single night just to see your smile.

    You missed him. You missed his kind appearance that made everyone fall for him and the lips that would kiss the tears off of your face when you watched High School Musical together.

    Now, he was deemed a stranger in your eyes, but this was a stranger that you shared countless of memories with. A stranger that you wanted to date again, one that you wanted to be with forever.

    But it was already too late. Your flight was booked, and he was no longer yours.

    And this was going to be the beautiful goodbye that Hyunjae had always intended on giving you. This beautiful goodbye would be forever imprinted in your mind once you leave, and this beautiful goodbye was going to be nothing.

    What hurt you the most wasn’t the fact that this would be your last goodbye towards one another, but the only goodbye you’ve ever received from Hyunjae.

    Throughout his years knowing you, he’s never once said goodbye to you.

    And you didn’t want this moment to be the first.

    “See you later,” you blurted.

    You could see him freeze up, slowly shifting his gaze from the airplanes over to your standing figure.

    “See you later?”

    “Yeah. See you later, Crocodile.”

    As much as Hyunjae wanted to look away, his eyes couldn’t move from yours. He saw your eyes tearing up as hands reached for the handles of your suitcases. He knew it was your time to leave, and that this was your way of saying goodbye forever.

    “In a while, Alligator.” It was a whisper, but a farewell nonetheless.

    So perhaps this wasn’t the beautiful goodbye neither of you had imagined. It wasn’t a kiss on the cheek or a hug with sweet wishes, but it was the one you received, and the moment you turned your back against him with your suitcases tailing after your steps, it became an everlasting memory that couldn’t be altered.

    A/N : this was meant as a timestamps to practice using imagery not a 6k word mess of a fic 😭 ALSO I NEVER REALIZED HOW MUCH THIS RELATED TO GOODBYE BY TBZ??? i only used it for the title LMAO
    #our beautiful goodbye `` oneshot #ficscafe#kdiarynet #the boyz hyunjae #lee jaehyun #the boyz hyunjae fluff #the boyz hyunjae angst #tbz hyunjae#hyunjae imagines#hyunjae scenarios #hyunjae x reader #hyunjae au#hyunjae fanfiction #the boyz x reader #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz au #the boyz drabbles #the boyz timestamps #the boyz oneshots #hyunjae drabbles#hyunjae timestamps#hyunjae oneshots
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  • sunlightwoo
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    summer love


    ☀︎ pairing: sunwoo x g.n reader

    ☀︎ genre: strangers to acquaintances, fluff, high school au

    ☀︎ wc: <1000

    ☀︎ a/n: *sweats* byok sunwoo has the strongest grip on me i swear, however this was cute (i think) so hopefully i did him justice

    send in prompts/requests here!!! (slow)

    Summer vacation.

    The two words that seemed so far away now that you were back in school, the first day of your senior year that was supposed to be filled with memories to be made. However, the reminescents of your summer had lingered on in your mind for a good majority of your morning, even while you were with your friends, because of the one boy that you just so happened to meet that one day when you were away.

    You don’t think you could ever forget him if you could, because of how alluring his presence was and the effect that his touch had on you. Kim Sunwoo, a name that you could never get tired of saying, as you remember all the summer nights you’ve spent with the mischievous stranger you had memorized so easily, and you think you’d never find a love like his anymore.

    “Watch out!” 

    The sound of someone’s voice knocks you out of your thoughts as you realize that you were suddenly moved out of the way of someone’s catastrophe. The grip that your savior had on your shoulders was firm, but not too hard where it would hurt you as your eyes were greeted with vibrants of blue. Looking up, you notice that it was a familiar sight to remember as a smirk was slowly drawn onto their face when you looked at them. 

    “Didn’t think that I’d have to save you again, darling, and on skates too.” He chuckles quietly, brushing your hair out of your eyes and you blinked for a moment before a smile crosses your face at the timely manner that he just so appeared in front of you. 

    He was someone that you knew was trouble; you had known that months ago from the first day that any moment spent with him could go either way considering he was always up to no good, however with you he was different. Boyish grins and affection that can only come from him was all that you have ever gotten and it was one summer night that you remembered so vividly that he confessed to you under the stars near the ocean about falling for you at first sight.

    “It was just luck. Besides, what are you doing here anyways? Afraid that I’m going to fall for someone else that isn’t you?” You tease, crossing your arms in front of your chest when suddenly he pulls you closer so that you were almost nose to nose as he keeps two fingers on your chin so that you were only focused on him rather than anyone else around you. 

    Like he always made it out to be.

    “Well I’m new here as of today, and I had to make that you aren’t falling for anyone else, so can you blame me?” He asks, making sure that your eyes were locked onto his until the sound of the bell starts for the rest of the day to occur, your eyes slightly wavering as you notice everyone else was starting to head inside. 

    “Well then, let’s see what you’re like here then. Luckily for you, I’m the best welcome committee in the school, which means you’re stuck with me all day.” You tease, locking his hand that was previously on your chin into your own hand and he gives you a more impressed look on his face, one that you both knew was held with unspoken words that meant the same to one another.

    “Okay, show me. What else do I have to learn about you, besides the fact that you’re in love with me the same way that I have fallen hard for you.”

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  • uwu0clock
    22.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    I Like You a Latte • Lee Juyeon

    genre: fluffyflufffluff + barista!Juyeon

    summary: Juyeon has an internal panic when you order a latte for here.

    warnings: mild language 

    wc: 888

    a/n: Thank you Tessa @softyfor-sweaterpaws for sending me this post and thank you ig for this barista!Juyeon edit 😳💓 I... think I finally accept him as part of my bias line, look away pls, I’m fond. Hope u enjoy ♡


    Today’s the day.

    That’s what Juyeon repeats to himself as he wipes down the counter in broad strokes. He flips the ‘closed’ sign to ‘open’. He starts writing out the daily specials. He hears the clatter of bells indicating a customer.

    “Hey Ju!”

    Juyeon looks up and blinks, careful to mask his expression.

    You approach the counter with that special bounce in your step. “How’s it going today?”

    “Pretty good,” he smiles, better now that you’re here.

    “What can I get for you?”

    “Hmm I think I’ll do the special- the cinnamon latte? I’ll take it for here too, I have a bit of time to chill before my next class.”

    “Yeah sure! I’ll bring it out to you in a minute” his eyes trail after you for a moment before he shakes himself awake to get started on your coffee.

    Today really IS the day, okay, holy shit.

    Although he’s panicking, Juyeon grabs what he’s specially prepared for an occasion like this while working up the courage to actually go through with it. He contemplates dumping your coffee out and abandoning his plan more than once, but knows it would be foolish. For the finishing touch he attempts latte art, but with his hands shaking as they are, it just ends up looking like a bunch of swirls. He knows you won’t mind anyway.

    Placing your cup on the tray he makes his way to you, inch by inch, white knuckled holding the edges for fear of accidentally spilling or tripping and making a fool of himself in front of you.

    “Here you go,” he says as he approaches, careful not to startle you.

    You’ve got your laptop open in front of you to work on some things, headphones in, an important looking document filled with numbers that make his head spin. It really does seem like you’re staying a while, which could either mean good or bad news for Juyeon. 

    You look up, flashing a blinding smile that makes the breath catch in the back of his throat. You blink prettily as you say your thanks, Juyeon offering a stuttered “no problem” accompanied by an awkward smile and wave bye, trying to make his heart calm down as he retreats back to the counter. 

    He knows he keeps glancing at you, paranoid, he just hopes you can’t feel it. His coworker Kevin does, however, lightly jabbing him in the side and about to send him to go do dishes before he notices the swarm of customers heading towards the café. 

    Juyeon’s eyes widen and fill with dread upon glancing at the clock and seeing it is, indeed, 9 am, and the big lecture hall nearby has just let out a horde of tired STEM students desperate for caffeine.

    The next hour is non-stop, filled with hi what can I get you, the sound of the register, and dishes clinking as Juyeon buses the tables. They’re so busy that he doesn’t even see you leave despite his paranoia. 

    The fact that you didn’t say anything means you didn’t see it…

    Although he was nervous to do it, he can’t help but be a little disappointed as he walks over to clear your table. He takes your cup, empty, and sighs looking at the script specially printed on the bottom.

    I like you

    He’d ordered it special and begged his boss to keep it in a cupboard just in case you came by. Just in case you ordered a hot drink. And just in case you drank it here...

    You’d been a regular at this café since the start of the semester, coming by every Tuesday and Thursday for your early morning classes. Instead of getting mad, you’d laughed it off when Juyeon got your order wrong, saying it had tasted even better than what you ordered, giving your compliments to the chef while he had blushed and apologized profusely. On one of the slow days you’d seen him reading your favorite book at the register, and spent the rest of your time talking with him about symbolism and meaning long after you’d finished your coffee. It wasn’t often you lost track of time during a conversation.

    He’d unknowingly fallen for that spark in your eye as you talked about something that excited you, and how intense they were as you listened to him. No matter how early it was or how bad your morning was going, you always walked in with that gorgeous smile on your face and greeted him, sending the butterflies in his stomach scattering.

    Eventually he had to wonder why his heart sped up when his fingers brushed yours, and why he was disappointed when you didn’t come by that day you were sick.

    Juyeon where’s your lover? Kevin had quipped.

    They’re not my lover- he’d blushed back, pondering the truth of the statement. He wanted you to be. So why didn’t he do anything about it?

    Leading him here. Standing in a, now, near empty coffee shop, empty cup in his hand.

    And a post-it note on the table?

    He gulps as he picks it up, making out your handwriting and his name.

    Sorry Juyeon, I’ve gotta run and I didn’t want to bother you during rush hour! I’ll see you Thursday :)

    p.s. you make a great latte


    I like you too... xxx-xxx-xxxx


    #deobiwritersnet#juyeon#lee juyeon#juyeon fluff#juyeon scenarios#the boyz#tbz#tbz juyeon #the boyz juyeon #the boyz scenarios #the boyz imagines #the boyz drabbles #the boyz oneshots #juyeon imagines#juyeon drabbles#juyeon oneshots #the boyz fluff #tbz writing #juyeon x reader #barista!juyeon #this one reminds me of Wings and idk how that makes me feel dhjfdbj im just as head over heels #my works
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  • ju-kev-nyeon
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    TBZ reactions to you forgetting what day their birthday is

    (not exactly an au but let’s just pretend you can’t look up their birthdays online bc they’re idols lol)


    lowkey hurt. (you meanie -_- ) like one day you were sitting together talking and you were like “oh my goodness I’m so excited for my birthday in a few months bc it’ll be a reason for us to get the day off and spend all day together and he’ll be like “we could do that for my birthday too!” and you’d be like “.....yeahhhhh!!!!! but ummm when is your birthday?? I’m really sorry I forgot. I’m terrible at remembering dates and stuff” and he’d be like “in two weeks” and you’d instantly feel so bad bc this poor boy deserves better (you meanie x2) you’d keep apologizing and he’d forgive you in his heart but he’d pretend to be sad the rest of the day just to make you feel bad ( as you deserve ) and you’d like make it up to him by planning this super sweet day with him and get him the awesomest gift and he’d tell you he wasn’t actually mad at you for forgetting but you’d make sure never to forget any important date again bc having sangyeon sad/upset with you was too heart wrenching,, even if it was just a joke.


    you’d be like going through your calendar at the beginning of the year making sure you have everyone’s birthdays put in correctly and you’d casually ask him when his was and he’d be like “????” thinking it was a joke since y’all had been dating for like 3 years. and then you’d look up and realize how awful you must seem for not remembering so you’d make excuses like “i knowwww when your birthday is i’m just double checking….*blushes*” jacob would start giggling and then come sit beside you and hug you and be all sweet and say something like “ahh it’s alright! don’t feel bad at all!” but then he wouldn’t tell you to make you feel bad and you have to go searching through your pictures from last year to find the right day. he’d just laugh bc he knows you didn’t forget bc he’s not important,,, you’re just kinda forgetful. he’d tease you about it a lot. maybe he’d pretend to forget your birthday one day just to get back at you lol.


    he would think you were joking at first and be like “stahpppp you know when my birthday is!” and you’d be like “ummmm hoonie i don’t actually” and then he’d just be like shocked and a little hurt and then he’d start explaining to you about how his birthday was in fact the DAY OF HIS BIRTH INTO THIS WORLD and without his birthday there would be no Kim Younghoon. and you’d just be like “i know...why birthdays umm..are important hoonie” but he’d keep lecturing you about why you should remember and you’d feel so bad. he wasn’t upset,,, just shocked you could forget something like that. eventually you’d be like “i understand hoonie” and make an excuse to leave the room and then you’d call chanhee and desperately ask him to tell you when hoonie’s birthday was. chanhee would laugh at you but finally give in and then you’d rush back to hoonie and be like “BAEEEEEE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS AUG. 8TH!!!!!!” and he’d be like “duhhh” anyways,,, you’d avoid bringing that situation up with him or chanhee bc it was too embarrassing.


    after he realized you were serious he’d just laugh in your face. like he wouldn’t be hurt at all he’d just think it was hilarious,, especially since you were so flustered about it and embarrassed for forgetting. he’d go on and on with you about how you “ForGOt HiS biRthDay” and you’d be pretty sure it was in the first half of Sept. but you just weren’t 100% positive, but he wouldn’t tell you and he wouldn’t let any of the other boyz tell you either. then at the end of the day he’d ask for your hand and you’d give it to him...a little afraid of what he was gonna do with that black marker he was holding. he’d write “SEPTEMBER 13TH 1997” in bold thick lettering on your wrist. and you’d be like “SKJDKDJFKSJDH WHY’D YOU WRITE THAT SO BIG WITH A MARKER??? NOW IT WON’T COME OFF!!!!” and he’d just laugh and be like “well,,, hopefully you won’t forget my birthday now!” then he’d kiss you on the cheek and run away for his life.


    clueless,,, he’d be like “you forgot my birthday?? for real? this isn’t a prank?” and you’d be like “i’m sorry T-T” he’d do that face like he’d just blink a couple of times looking at you with a slightly disappointed blank face like “ur serious bae?” and you’d try so hard not to laugh bc he looked so funny and cute but you’d feel so guilty. so you’d go on to explain that you were just having a “blond moment” and you couldn’t think of it. you knew when his birthday was...you were just blanking out right then. so you’d change the subject and cross your fingers that you would remember his birthday later and then you’d write it down 30 different times in different places and add a reminder for his birthday and a reminder to remember his birthday bc,,, you never wanted to admit to juyeon that you actually forgot his birthday. he was always so good at remembering all the important dates that had anything to do with you,,, so you wanted to be better at remembering as well 


    he’d be so butt hurt over this oml. he would 100% never tell you and just sulk all day bc he always makes such a big deal out of your birthday that takes weeks of planning and you just ??FORGOT?? his???? a baby lol. even after you remembered and very loudly exclaimed “OOOOHHHHH YEAHHH OFC!!!! HOW STUPID OF ME FOR FORGETTING” he’d still sulk. you’d have to do some serious explaining of yourself and apologizing and everything. he’d watch you put it in your calendar and turn on reminders every day for a week leading up to his bday. would quiz you randomly after that asking you if you remembered his birthday. you’d have to prove your loyalty to him by remembering some small detail about him that was super important to him before he would completely forgive you.


    disappointed but not surprised lol. would just roll his eyes and be like “why must you be this way?” you’d feel bad,,, but not like super embarrassed bc he wouldn’t make a big deal about it. would tease you a little bit and pretend to be hurt,, but you would know he was just pretending. would ask you if you remembered other ppl’s bdays and when you could,,, he’d tease you even more “i feel like i should be jealous, y/n, that you remember juyeon’s birthday so quickly but not mine...your own bf of 2 years” he’d keep asking you randomly throughout the day if you could remember,,,, and when you finally did remember ( or you secretly asked on of the other boyz ) he would stop teasing you as much and just tell you you had to get a certain (expensive) gift for his birthday to make up for forgetting lmao


    Laughs when you ask when his birthday is and then after a minute he’s like “wait--- you were being serious???” and you wouldn’t want to admit it bc you know he can get offended easily over certain things sometimes so you’re like “well...i mean...i know when it is...i just can’t..umm...remember...right now….” *nervous laugh* he wouldn’t exactly be upset..more surprised and a little confused like how do you literally forget your own bf’s birthday you weirdo. he’d just give you this judging look like “????” and that would make you feel even worse than if he openly was offended...somehow. anyway you’re like “i’ll just----- wait until it comes back to me...never mind” and you’ll quickly walk away or change the subject bc you hate having him look at you like you’re the biggest idiot of the century. changmin’s just like “this girl. what a strange person I’m dating”


    he would be sad,,,like “oh my goodness, how did she forget???” I feel like he tends to overthink so he’d just be so astounded and depressed that you had forgotten such an important fact about him. so he begins to ask you other questions about himself to make sure you hadn’t forgotten everything about him like “what’s my mom’s name” “what year was I born” “when did we start dating” “what’s my favorite food at the moment” etc etc. and you just feel so terrible bc this poor buy is convinced that you don’t love him anymore and he just :(((  

    [i’m sad writing this y’all ;-; ] 

    so anyways,,, you’re like “listen hak,,, the reason i’m randomly asking when your birthday is is bc it’s my literal password and i forgot. I forget everything. you should know that by now T___T it’s not bc I don’t think it’s important to remember.” and hak would be like uwuwuwuwuwu “my birthday is your password?? that’s so cuteeee!!! <3 and then he’d tell you and forgive you bc,,, hak is like that


    butt hurt pt.2. he’d sulk and sulk. “You can’t remember my own birthday baby???” pouts. you’d have to explain yourself thoroughly and even though he knows you sometimes forget important things,,, he’s still surprised and slightly offended. would say something like “you’re not allowed to have any kisses until you remember” and normally that wouldn’t be that bad of a threat bc you were sure you’d remember after a while,,, but you didn’t want him to be even more offended than he already was so you pretended to be heartbroken by this threat and started to act all desperate to find out his birth date (even though you originally just wanted it to put on a little drawing you were working on beside your bday lol ) and so you’ll like all frantically call chanhee on the phone asking when sunwoo’s birthday was (making it seem like a secret from sunwoo even though you made sure he heard) and then you proudly went to sunwoo and told him you remembered the date and by then he was laughing bc he realized how silly he was for being so sad. (you got a kiss on the top of your head for “remembering” lol)


    lowkey confused and highkey amused. you forgot his birthday??? lol. Is how he thinks. so like one day you were just talking with him and he was telling stories about his birthday a few years ago, before you started dating… and then you realized that you could not for the life of you remember when his birthday was...you were pretty sure it was in december...but that’s all you could remember so you asked him after he was done telling you a story. and he laughed and was like “duhhh it’s December 22nd” and you were like “OOOHHHHHH YEAHHHHH HOW COULD I FORGET???” and then he was like “wait--- you actually forgot??” and you were like “Ummm yeahhh,,,,, sorry ;-;” and then he was like “SHOOT i shouldn’t have told you so i could use that as a bribe against you!!” and you just [-_-] anyways he’ll randomly think of that throughout the day and be like “omg guys my own gf forgot my birthday. none of y’all have it as hard as i do” and then he’d pretend to be sad lol.

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  • sowhatwehotwe-tyong
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    ↳ you better know: masterlist + chapter 1 + chapter 2

    GENRE: Hyunjae x Reader, Social Media!AU, Fluff, Minor Angst, Unrequited Love

    SUMMARY: Summer vacation has finally begun after a quite demanding semester at university, so, to rest, you decide to spend it at your hometown with your high school friends and family and even your first love and best friend, Ju Haknyeon, who never really liked you back. After getting a temporary summer job at the local tennis club, you meet Lee Jaehyun, who seems awfully familiar for some unknown reason.

    WARNING: i tried as hard as i could to make this fic gender neutral! so i apologize if there are any inconsistencies in terms of pronouns!

    A/N: first chapter is herrreeeeeeeeee ALSO IMPORTANT! if you’d like to join the taglist for this fic, please click here or send an ask!

    TAGLIST: @artfulbarnes @sohnday @fairycob @flwrtbz @w8nuzone @jaerisdiction @bloom-bloom-pow @wooyoung-a @zwiehe @deputyjuyeon @lucentchan @a-tinydeobi @softforqiankun @skiez

    #f: you better know #deobiwritersnet#destinyversenet #the boyz imagines #the boyz ff #the boyz series #the boyz fake texts #the boyz fic #the boyz fanfic #the boyz fluff #tbz fanfic #tbz fake texts #the boyz smau #the boyz social media au #the boyz sns au #tbz smau #tbz social media au #tbz series #tbz sns au #hyunjae fluff#hyunjae series #hyunjae x reader #hyunjae x you #hyunjae edits #ju haknyeon x reader #ju haknyeon imagines #lee jaehyun x reader #lee jaehyun scenarios #ju haknyeon scenarios
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  • fluttering-tbz
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    - ˙ᵕ˙ my forever -

    100 special ; ♡⋆.ೃ࿔*

    prompt 🧁 while at a gathering with sunwoo and his friends, you remember the beginning of your guys’s relationship.

    pairing 🧁 idol!boyf!sunwoo x gn!reader

    genre 🧁 fluff, bit of angst + crack

    word count 🧁 2.5k

    warnings 🧁 mentions of food

    { a flutter note 💌 there is a ramble at the end of this hehe it’s just me being thankful…IN ANY CASE does anyone else eat cupcakes like the way i describe here?? please tell me i’m not alone- anyways yes this one will be cheesey, bare with me !!}

    not all types of frosting were made equal. some may be more thick, more airy, more sugary, more fruity, more cloud-like - they just aren’t all meant to be the exact same.

    these cupcakes were no exception.

    to celebrate an extremely successful comeback with sunwoo and his group, the boyz, their company had thrown them a party. it was a beautiful saturday afternoon - the sun was out but it wasn’t harsh on the skin nor did it make one sweat in their place. it was just perfect as the breeze turned down the humidity and the clouds added shape to the light blue sky that hung above you all. the party was open to close friends and, since you were there, partners as well.

    back to the cupcakes. they had looked delicious on the stand - a variety of red velvet, chocolate and vanilla. each was topped with an unknown frosting (was it buttercream? cream cheese? meringue? you weren’t a baker, so how would you know from a a few feet away?) and sprinkles that took shape of multi-colored stars.

    the main course was done and so you had gotten yourself exactly three cupcakes to try each flavor. your lips met the icing, which was a disappointing experience, to say the least.

    the icing was stiff and it literally felt like sweet butter was slapped on top of the cupcakes to be called ‘frosting.’ it didn’t deserve the title, you remarked mentally.

    although, every problem had a solution.

    you dismantled your cupcake; separating the cake part of the cupcake into halves and placing one half on top of the frosting. it didn’t squish the frosting like you wanted to - it was way too hard. your fingers were now messily decorated with red crumbs as the cake itself was sticky of sorts.

    were cupcakes that hard to make?

    too absorbed in your dilemma, you had forgotten you were sitting at a table surrounded by sunwoo, eric, younghoon, kevin and jacob. they were all staring at you - either with confusion or disgust.

    “…what?” you questioned, unable to understand what was so weird. was something on your face? were your hands that dirty?

    “you literally just murdered a cupcake,” kevin exclaimed, hiding behind jacob, “how could you?”

    “i did not-“ you tried to defend your actions, but jacob chimed in.

    “well, you did just tear it’s body in half AND rearrange it…” jacob patted the playfully scared kevin, who peaked from his shoulders. upon seeing your cupcake-sandwich, he quickly hid his face again.

    “why do you guys have to put it in such a weird way,” you took a bite of your creation, “it’s perfect like this.”

    it wasn’t a lie - the ratio was perfect now. the blander cake was evenly divided on top and below the heavy, sweeter cream. now, the frosting was more edible.

    as you chewed on the dessert, you could tell some crumbs and cream were sticking onto your lips. your hands reached for a napkin but before that could reach your mouth, something else beat you to it.

    sunwoo kissed you over and over again, taking off whatever remnants of the cupcake was on you with each contact. once he was satisfied, he looked at your innocently.

    “go on, eat some more.” he smiled, waiting to get a chance to do it all over again.

    “i think i chose the wrong table to sit at.” eric pretend-barfed, excusing him from the table.

    “you need to stop watching romance movies.” you kicked sunwoo under the table, as punishment for making one of his members feel uncomfortable.

    “in my defense,” a more mischievous smile formed on his lips, “i read about doing this.”

    “kim sunwoo!” younghoon called out, an angry pout on his face. “tone it down!”

    “you’re just jealous your lover couldn’t come.” sunwoo teased. with a huff, younghoon was gone from the table too. you immediately caught on to what your boyfriend was doing - he was trying to get everyone annoyed enough to leave you two alone. what a child, you thought.

    sunwoo’s eyes glared at jacob and kevin, who were preoccupied on their phones. a clear ‘ahem,’ from him got their attention.

    “there’s nothing else to do here,” kevin waved his hand away at you guys, “so goodluck getting rid of us.”

    “did you know, i could dismantle more than just a cupcake?”

    “did you know, i don’t-“

    “alright CHILDREN,” jacob stood up, “break it up. kev, let’s go say hi to other people.”

    finally, the two of you were alone as kevin obeyed (but, he didn’t miss the opportunity to throw a funny face at you behind jacob’s back, with his tongue sticking out and eyes in different directions because he is in fact, child x2). you were going to take another bite of your cupcake when you realized it had magically disappeared from your plate.

    not so magically, though.

    sunwoo waved your cupcake in front of him, his eyes round and his cheeks an equal shape as he chewed away on your cupcake. he had purposely made a mess, hoping you’d kiss off the crumbs, just like he had.

    instead, you took a napkin and dabbed them away, earning a pout from him. after cleaning him up, you used your fingers to turn his frown into a smile and once it stayed, you rewarded him with a kiss. still sweet with frosting.

    “your highness,” sunwoo said suddenly, getting down on one knee and bowing as he held out his hand, “would you care for a dance with your prince?”

    the music that was playing from the dj’s space was not anything close to slow-dance music and so you replied, “sorry, i don’t slow-dance to D.D.D.”

    he perked up to your denial and realized the situation. laughing, he dragged you to the dance floor and stopped by the dj, requesting for a song you couldn’t quite hear.

    the familiar instrumental of his song, berry, started playing through the speakers as he swayed you around the dance floor.

    “really, self-promo?” you giggled.

    “what, you said you wanted to slow-dance,” he bumped his head against yours, “so here we are, my love.”

    it was blissful. his scent invaded your senses as he pulled you close, wanting nothing more than to just be in the moment with you. moments like this were gifts with sunwoo - as an idol, in a way, he wasn’t just your boyfriend. his flirty and confident personality carried into his persona with fans and honestly, it didn’t bother you much. you loved teasing him for his cheesiness or see his fans erupt in chaos every time he’d pull a romantic line. or two. or three.

    but, at the end of the day, all you wanted was sunwoo. his arms around you, his scent mixing with yours, his kind words, his playful and unique dates - everything. it wasn’t something he was allowed to give you everyday though, since his schedule was unpredictable.

    your love had started back in high school, where you had found him rapping in a secluded classroom. you somehow heard his voice all the way from where you were and your feet just led you to him. he was shocked at first - and so were you. the poor boy was so young and yet had darkened eye bags and a frustrated look on his face. he was holding onto a notebook and a pencil was held between his teeth as he recited phrase after phrase.

    “how’d you find me here?” he asked, quickly taking the pencil out from his mouth.

    “you were uh, kinda hard not to hear.” you smiled and he shared it with you. he invited you closer since you had already discovered him and he explained himself. he was an aspiring rapper.

    “i have this performance,” he sighed, “do you know high school rapper?”

    “ah,” you nodded, “i’ve heard of the program. i don’t really keep up with it though, sorry.”

    “if i can get you to enjoy my rap, can you promise to watch it when i appear?”

    you looked at him, and despite his worries and struggles, you still saw a little kid with a dream in his eyes. it was like a soul of someone who was living life for the first time - full of curiosity and passion that seemed unmeasurable. sunwoo loved rapping and in that moment, you knew he was going to do everything to perfect it and do it as he pleased.

    as you nodded to his condition, he went off about the struggles of any other high schooler like you two, but built the foundation of his dream. his hunger for becoming a rapper. his heart beat with rhythm and playful lyrics, each accurately reflecting how he was feeling to be so young and yet to face so much.

    he saw you enjoying him, with a tapping foot and admirable smile. he found himself smiling too, adding a certain charm to his rap. you had forgotten he was just a stranger student to you - through his lyrics, you felt like you had known him for a long time. that’s what made him irresistible.

    it wasn’t long until you both grew feelings for each other; it was just the maintaining part that was so hard to do. sunwoo had such a bright future ahead and by that time, he had already been accepted as a trainee in a company. his training and practice meant less time for you two - and it was hard for sunwoo. training. school. time with you. tests. study. training until dawn hours. texting you a mixture of good-morning/goodnight messages since they were basically your good-mornings and his goodnight.

    one night, despite your love for him, you tried to break things off with him. it was late, and you guys were just at a cafe. sunwoo was tired and tried to keep up with you, but his heavy eyes were unavoidable. he woke up occasionally in the middle of your sentences or to the soft touches that graced his arm.

    “you can’t keep sacrificing yourself for me.” you whispered. now, sunwoo was fully awake.

    “what do you mean?” he intertwined your hands, “we’re okay. i’m okay! i love being with you. i love you.”

    “sunwoo..” you slid your hand out of his grasp, “this can’t work. you’re going to debut soon and the last thing you need is me on top of all that. i’ll always support you, of course. i’ll stream your stuff, buy your-“

    “don’t talk like that. please.” his eyes were glassy, the thought of losing you impossible to him. you were his #1 supporter - without you, who knew what would happen to him.

    “like what?”

    “like we’re breaking up. like you’re giving up on us. we love each other so much and you know it,” a tear fell from his eyes, “so please, don’t leave. i can’t do it without you.”

    “we don’t know what will happen when you debut, but i know we’ll have even less time. your members are so sweet and i know they’ll love-“

    he interrupted you as he leaned forward, a desperate kiss pressed against yours. he didn’t want to hear it. you were letting go when he needed you the most. that wasn’t love. sunwoo wanted to prove that he loved you far more than he could love his music. it was his passion, but you were his present. his future. his forever.

    he pulled away and held up a gummy, one that had been used to decorate the cake you two were supposed to be sharing. it was in the shape of a heart and he held it up closely for you to see.

    “you don’t want to do this. i know you don’t. you’re just scared of us falling out of love but i promise you, i won’t. i may not be able to spend all my time with you,” he tapped on the gummy, “but you’re gonna be in my heart. when i’m having a hard time, i know i can call you. when i need inspiration, i’ll think of you. when i have good news, you’ll be the first to know. when you need to see me, i’ll find a way.”

    “baby…” you swiped your thumb against his cheek, admiring just how lovely he was. he leaned into your touch, sighing in relief that you weren’t backing away anymore.

    “i know you’re going to have to sacrifice even more than me just for us. i can’t force you to do that - if anything, you deserve someone that gives you all their time,” he clicked his tongue, “so i’ll understand if you can’t do this anymore.”

    “i’m sorry.” you were a teary mess now, “i shouldn’t have given up.”

    “hey, hey it’s okay. we’re going to be together and get through this. i’ll always be here for you.” he kissed your hand and then wiped your tears. what on earth did you do to deserve him?

    “i won’t give up anymore. i love you too much to do so.”

    “good. ‘cause, just in case you didn’t know, you weren’t going to find someone who loves you more than i do.” his words sent you both into laughter, the tears in both of your eyes falling as happier ones.

    since then, you hadn’t left each other’s sides. sunwoo was always good with keep his word.

    sunwoo’s song came to an end and you were brought back to reality. it didn’t matter if it was the past or the present, sunwoo was there. he always was.

    “do you always have to look at me with so much love?” sunwoo giggled, leaving a ‘boop!’ on your nose.

    “whatever,” you hit his shoulder, “let’s sit down, my legs are killing me.”

    “shall i carry you back to your seat?” he offered, wiggling his eyebrows.

    “if you do that, i’m never speaking to you again.”

    “now, i can’t have that.” he snaked his arms around your waist, giving your neck a kiss.

    you noticed the cupcakes you had left on the table were untouched. “i can, however, offer you cupcake-sandwiches.”

    “will you kiss me if i make a mess?”

    “probably,” you ruffled his hair, “the frosting tastes much better on you.”

    he excitedly made his way to the table, sitting down first. his eyes lit up as you approached, eager to dance with your lips once more.

    as you sat down, the dj announced, “this next song was requested by kevin! he says its for a special duo.”

    ‘kiss me more’ by doja cat came on, sending a fit of laughter throughout the crowd. sunwoo and you knew it was for you two and while you blushed with embarrassment, sunwoo stood you up and kissed you proudly. especially to the chorus, he pecked your lips to the beat.

    lips centimeters away from each other, he leaned his forehead onto yours, “and suddenly, i love kevin-hyung even more now.”

    “ah, i see how it is,” you sat back down, “i’m being replaced.”

    “hm? well, not yet,” pure shock ran across your face as he said that, “i’m thinking of replacing our dating status to marriage one day.”

    “sunwoo, don’t play with me like that!” you shook your head, laughing. when that day would come, you knew exactly what you answer would be. there was no doubt in your mind when it came to your forever boy.

    ✎… now writing fluttering-tbz’s thank YOU 💟

    when i first opened this blog, i wasn’t confident with my writing. i was planning on reading and finding more blogs but, i’ve enjoyed writing ever since i was young and so i was like heh! why not <3

    i’m extremely grateful for every interaction and reaction you guys leave for my fics. i know there’s still so much room for improvement but you know, the most motivating thing for me is my notifs showing a new reader liking/reblogging one fic of mine, finding a few more and then decide to follow me. it sounds weird haha but it truly makes me happy to know someone enjoys my writings that much!!

    i tend to overwrite WHOOPS so i just want to say thank you SOSO much for a 100 friends! i’ll continue to write and feel free to leave suggestions or requests for me! and, don’t be shy to befriend me through messages or asks ^_^!! at the end of the day, i’m just nini. so, yeah, take care and in case no one has told you today, you are loved. very much so.❣️

    #the boyz imagines #the boyz x reader #the boyz x you #the boyz fluff #the boyz kim sunwoo #the boyz sunwoo fluff #the boyz sunwoo x reader #the boyz sunwoo imagines #tbz sunwoo#tbz fluff #tbz kim sunwoo #kim sunwoo fluff #kim sunwoo imagines #kim sunwoo x reader #the boyz scenarios #sunwoo scenarios
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  • sunyusies
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    so the ask box is open as always !.. send me a song & tbz member n i’ll write a fic with the genre of your choice!

    so.. song + member + genre (f,m,a,s) <3

    alternatively: random + member + genre for me to shuffle my playlist and write based on that !

    atm i pretty much only write for the boyz! but i do plan on writing for other groups soon <\3

    #kpop imagines#kpop requests#tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #the boyz smut #kpop soft hours #kpop hard hours #kpop drabbles #the boyz fanfic #kpop fanfic #kpop x reader #the boyz x reader #the boyz fluff #the boyz angst #the boyz x you #the boyz drabbles #kpop smut
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  • moonflwwer
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    lee jaehyun » fluff and a bit of angst? » 273 words » requested » warnings: none

    "and there you go." jaehyun stands up from completely trying the tent to the ground. "ready for some napping." he opened his arms, embracing you tightly.

    you let go the moment you heard your phone go off. a notification from your work email so you immediately tried to open it despite having barely any service in the middle of the woods.

    "I thought we came here so we could escape work for a while." jaehyun stated looking over your shoulder to the phone in your hands. you turned around and read his disappointed face when your phone went off again, distracting you once more. jaehyun sighed and walked back to the car where the rest of the stuff was to assemble.

    after responding to the email, you walked back to the camping site where jaehyun was sitting on his chair by the fire, staring at it blankly, the light of the sunset on his skin. sitting next to him, you called his name "jaehyun," but he doesn't budge. you moved closer to him placing your chin on his shoulder "jaehyun,". not a single move. you sighed sadly. "jaehyunie~" you called with your cute voice. "I'm sorry~"

    jaehyun bit his lip to stop the smile to come out but he couldn't. he couldn't resist your cuteness. you smiled widely the moment you saw his and clapped excitedly. "I hate you, hope you know that" he joked. you hugged his side, your head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I'll turn off my phone. no more work"

    jaehyun kissed the top of your head and you just stood there, watching the sunset in each other's company.

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  • choideobi
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    p: hyunjae x reader | g: fluff | wc: 822



    Walking into the living room where you were laying down on the sofa with your legs danggling over the arm rest, Hyunjae saw you smiling up at the screen of your phone that you held above your face with two hands. Intrigued about what you were watching he walked closer to you until he can hear the song that was playing. Hm, you were watching your favorite group's recent comback stage. He made a face at you. Suddenly feeling jealous that you were smiling at another man. Or, men.

    The corner of his lips turned down more when you giggled as he sat himself down on the sofa beside the top of your head. One hand drapped over the headrest while the other began stroking your hair he asked you, "[Y/N] baby what are you watching?" his voice wasnt too excited. You heard that tone, he does it when he's jealous.

    Keeping the smile on your face, more so now that you knew he was jealous, you turned up your head to meet his puppy eyes. "Oh, I'm watching this new comeback and it's so good!". Facial expression not changing, he just hummed out a sound of acknowledgement. You wanted to laugh. He's so cute when he acted jealous.

    Deciding to tease him more, you further gushed about your favorite group after turning your head back to your phone. A new stage of the same song played. "They did an amazing job with this. The song is so catchy with the whistling and my bias voice is just, urgh. Im in love," All the while you continued to ramble about your crush towards your bias to your boyfriend, he couldn't take it anymore when he snatched your phone from your hand, earning a disbelief 'Hey!' and putting it behind his back. The song stopped." What gives Jae?" crossing your arms over your chest, you looked up at him with a pout and furrowed eyebrows.

    Looking down at your now cute angry face, a satisfied smile replaced his sulky one before. Happy that he got you to shut up about your crush. The hand that was on the headrest moved to bop you on the nose, "Nothing".

    "Give me my phone back," rolling your eyes at him, you demanded.

    "No." he replied with that smug smile still on his face. If it was any other human being you wouldn't hesitate to throw hands but this was your jealous boyfriend being petty.

    Both having a staring contest, it broke when he said, "I'll give it back. Only if you tell me the right password".

    Scoffing, you could not believe that he had gotten to this point in your relationship. "Seriously?" raising an eyebrow at him, you asked him. Again, he hummed at you.

    "Can I have my phone back now hm?" looking at him expectantly. To your surprise, but not really, he shook his head no. Childish much. There was this glint in his eyes and you can read what he wanted. Since you knew that he was being jealous you decided to give it to him. How can you not?

    Erupting in a fit of giggles, Hyunjae brought up his hands to cover yours while you swing his face left and right. Loving the way his eyes nearly closing and his perfect teeth showing, you continued," You are so precious, the love of my life, the moon to my stars, the rainbow after my rainy days. I love you I love you I love you, my big baby," stopping your action, his giggles died down.

    Sitting on your knees, you leaned down to his face and angled your head. The kiss was somewhat passionate because you had another idea in mind though. Rolling his jaw, Hyunjae grabbed your waist and pulled you onto his lap. You tried your best to keep your mind focused and not surrender to the giddy feeling you felt right now.

    Sitting up on the sofa, you moved around to him now sitting crossed leg sideways so your knees were pressing into his side. Giving him a smile that you usually do when you were talking to a baby, you cupped his face for him to look at you. "Please give me back my phone oh my sweet, adorable, pretty, amazing, talented, handsome boyfriend,"

    In the midst of your sudden make out, you moved your hands that was on his face down his neck to his shoulders and along his back. At this his fingers gripped harder on your waist. When your fingers grabbed ahold of your targeted object, you broke off the kiss leaning back out of his grip and jumped off his lap. Miraculously, you didnt stumble backwards.

    "Come back here [Y/N]! You owe me something!"

    "That's not fair! You tricked me how dare you!" face turning back into sulking, he slowly got up from the sofa.

    Eyes widening, chest spiking with sudden fear, you turned around so fast you almost hit the corner of the low coffee table before running through your apartment where Hyunjae cant get you. Both of your laugh filled the atmosphere.

    "No! Not until I finish watching all of their stages and interviews!"

    Consufed by the abrupt halt, he looked up at you with his redden lips, eyes of that of a puppy that lost his treat. "Hah! Got you!" holding your phone out to his face, you smiled in victory.

    #the boyz imagines #the boyz x reader #the boyz timestamps #the boyz scenarios #the boyz fluff #tbz imagines #tbz x reader #tbz scenarios#tbz timestamps#tbz fluff#hyunjae imagines#hyunjae scenarios#hyunjae timestamps#hyunjae fluff #lee hyunjae imagines #lee hyunjae x reader #lee hyunjae scenarios #lee hyunjae timestamps #lee hyunjae fluff #the boyz#tbz#hyunjae#lee hyunjae #the boyz hyunjae
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  • fluttering-tbz
    21.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    - ᵒᴥᵒ shoulder -

    prompt 🌜sangyeon leaves you to get food and when he returns, he finds you on another member’s shoulder, fast asleep. it’s only fair he gets even.

    pairing 🌜idol!boyf!sangyeon x gn!reader

    genre 🌜 fluff!

    word count 🌜1k

    warnings 🌜 mentions of food

    { a flutter note 💌 i’m craving this certain, korean chicken so uh, cravings?? somewhat?? satisified?? okay yeah enjoy LMAO }

    “i’m hungry.” hyunjae whined. you were visiting your boyfriend, sangyeon’s, dorm but when you got there, some of his members were preoccupied around the TV playing a game. more specifically, him, jacob, hyunjae and eric. though, sangyeon was more on the watching side rather than the actual playing side.

    “then go get some food in the fridge,” eric said, eyes still glued to the TV, “i think there’s some chicken and pizza from the other day.”

    just then, chanhee and haknyeon walked past the screen holding a plate full of food that eric just mentioned. the boys groaned at the interference to their game, which earned them silly faces from the passing by members.

    “…i guess not anymore.” eric laughed and continued to smash his thumbs against his controller. hyunjae didn’t say anything more until the match on the screen finished.

    “sangyeon-hyung, you should get us food!”

    “why do i have to get it?”

    “you’re not playing anyways,” hyunjae huffed. he then looked to his side where you were sitting and a mischievous smile appeared on his face. “your lover here is hungry too.”

    “what? when did i-“ you spoke up, flustered at the comment.

    “‘like, all i’ve heard was a stomach rumbling the entire game.” as soon as hyunjae said that, you poked his side.

    “see? someone is getting grumpy.”

    “hyunjae if you don’t shut up right now.” you glared. you knew that hyunjae was starving and was just using sangyeon’s soft spot for you against him. but, the last thing you wanted was to be away from your boyfriend.

    “okay okay,” sangyeon chuckled, “i’ll get us some food. wanna come baby?” he got up and looked at you, his eyes hoping you’d say yes.

    as much as you wanted to go on a late night drive with him, you had to admit, you were feeling sleepy.

    “i’m feeling a bit tired, maybe next time?” a yawn escaped your lips and just about anyone could tell you were indeed, tired.

    he nodded but couldn’t help but let out a sigh, sad he couldn’t spend some alone time with you.

    “it’s okay, get some rest. you can always use my bed - the couch can be uncomfortable with two guys taking up most of the space.” he joked, gesturing to jacob and hyunjae now on both of your sides. you nodded and sangyeon leaned down to kiss your forehead before leaving to get some food. you figured you’d stay awake just long enough for him to get back and then fall asleep in his arms, as soon as possible.

    but, you underestimated your tiredness as the clock slowly approached 12am.

    multiple yawns kept coming from you and you felt slightly embarrassed without sangyeon. but, the boys didn’t seem to mind as they just kept gaming.

    jacob however, mindlessly looked at you and noticed your struggle to stay awake.

    “you can sleep on my shoulder, if you want.” he whispered.

    “no, no it’s okay. i’ll just wait for sangyeon.”

    jacob then leaned back further into the couch and tapped his shoulder, welcoming you. unable to fight your tiredness any longer, you mumbled a ‘thank you’ and let yourself doze off.

    it could’ve been a few minutes or a whole hour that you took to nap. you had woken up to the sound of the front door clicking open and the boys greeting their returning member with cheers. your eyes remained close, their heaviness too strong for you to resist. from the slight flexes in jacob’s arm as he played, you could tell he stayed true to his word and let you rest on him.

    “cobie, are you trying to steal the love of my life?” you heard sangyeon’s voice tease as he moved a few pieces of hair out of your face. his thumb danced it’s way onto your cheek and you just knew he was smiling as he did so.

    “what can i say, i’m a good pillow!” jacob laughed.

    hyunjae had probably left the couch to get some chicken because you felt the other side of the couch dip. then, sangyeon’s familiar hands gently repositioned your head from jacob’s shoulder to his own.

    “go eat the chicken.” sangyeon shooed jacob away and the loudness faded away into the kitchen. it was just the two of you now.

    you expected sangyeon to speak to you, anything that would lull you back to sleep. you knew you were going to anyway - his cologne was inviting and the softness of his sweater felt like a cloud. but, in any case, your boyfriend stayed silent.

    suspiciously silent.

    you decided to peak an eye open to see what he was up to. sure enough, your instincts had been right. facing right back at you was sangyeon’s phone, the camera clicking away at what was once your sleeping state. he was smiling, obviously enjoying the opportunity to catch you so peaceful. to him, you looked the most precious when you were stress-free.

    plus, he wanted to remember you when you were on peaceful on his shoulder - not someone else’s.

    he quickly realized that he was caught in the act as he saw your opened eyes. you rested your chin on his shoulder, facing his shy face.

    “hi butterfly.” he smiled, kissing your nose.

    “no sweet talk,” you ruffled his hair, “you better delete those pictures.”

    “and what if i don’t want to?” he smirked. his face moved closer, your lips ghosting each other. you took a moment to look at them, admiring how soft and pink they looked so close to you now.

    he bit his lip as you looked, wanting nothing more but to close the thin air between you two. his soft eyes reflected his intent.

    “then,” you smiled, “i’ll haunt you in your dreams tonight!”

    playing along, sangyeon yelled in fear, running around the dorms as you chased him around. your arms were stretched out, as if you had just risen from the dead. as you breezed through the kitchen, the other members cluelessly watched your chase, pieces of chicken being slowly chewed in their mouths.

    “i’m scared of being in love.” jacob remarked.

    “me too,” eric shook his head, “i don’t want to turn into a zombie. i’ve already been a wolf and a vampire.”

    hyunjae threw down his now finished piece of chicken and sighed, “i’m done with the identity crisis. someone pass me another chicken.”

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