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  • stay-tinystars
    02.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Just Stay Here

    Ship: Juhaknyeon (TBZ) x reader.

    Non idol, fluff, established relationship.

    Warnings: mention of nightmares, Chucky, and horror movies (non detailed). Cuddles

    Word count: 455

    A/N: I heard Haknyeon doesn't enjoy horror movies, and this came to me after having a nightmare myself.

    "Hey, are you awake?" Haknyeon whispered, as you felt a hand softly rub your uncovered arm. A small grin crossed your lips as you slowly opened your eyes, rolling onto your side to peer over the edge of the couch you were trying to sleep on. The sudden storm that came earlier this evening snowed in most of the city. Which turned the game night into a sleepover.  6 of you had found places throughout the living room of Sangyeon & Jacob's apartment, while the rest of the group found places in the two bedrooms. 

    "Well I am now" a breathy chuckle left your lips along with your soft words, the chuckle left quickly as Haknyeon's worried eyes met yours in the moon lit room. "Are you ok Haknyeon?"

    He shook his head, then his eyes quickly darted around the room. "I'm scared" , his voice barely audible. You patted the cushion beneath you as you slid back motioning for him to join you on the couch, which he quickly did. Letting you spoon him.

    "What's got you so scared? It's your friend's apartment babe." You wrapped your arm around him, he curled into your embrace.

    "I had a nightmare." His voice became slightly sturdier, as he tried to be tough.

    "Do you want to talk about it" you asked as you moved your arm from around him to cover him with the blanket you were using.

    "No. I just couldn't go back to sleep." He grabbed your hand wrapping your arm back around him. 

    "Is there anything you need me to do to help you sleep?" You asked as you intertwined your fingers with his.

    "Get rid of that stupid doll!" Haknyeon practically growled. Your brain started reeling. What doll was he talking about?

    "What do you mean?" You asked honestly confused.

    "Changmin's doll! He brought that damn doll, and it's not cute!" You looked over at the sleeping Changmin, cuddling with his Chucky doll, curled up on the bean bag chair. You softly shook your head, then nuzzled your head against his.

    "It's ok. I promise that movie was fake. And that the doll won't actually hurt you." You tried to hide the laughter behind your words.

    "Well he made me watch that stupid movie, then as I was going to sleep he put it in my face and said 'Cute'. That thing is terrifying! Not 'Cute' " he huffed, and you smiled.

    "Well I can't get rid of the doll. He loves that thing. Is there anything else I can do?" You questioned.

    "Just stay here with me" he let go of your hand and turned around facing you.

    "I will always stay with you" you smiled, then placed a small kiss on his nose.

    #the boyz fluff #the boyz imagines #the boyz juhaknyeon #the boyz haknyeon #the boyz drabbles #haknyeon x reader #haknyeon fluff#tbz haknyeon#tbz juhaknyeon#tbz fluff#tbz imagines#tbz drabbles
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    01.08.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #juhaknyeon#haknyeon#the boyz#tbz#kpopgfxnetwork#tbzinc#thrill ride#*mine #i didnt want to not post this bc hak did not have a lot of screen time 🤕
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  • letteredwings
    01.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    18:27 | Ju Haknyeon x GN Reader, vampire au, fluff, warnings for brief mentions of death, .w.c. 1.7k+

     "Will you do me the honour of going on a date with me, miss?"

    "No, I will not." 

    You've lost count how many times the lone vampire in your town has asked you out. You've got to hand it to him, he's persistent. As many times as he's asked you out is just as many times as you've turned him down. 

    But still, he asks in hope that maybe you'll change your mind.

    It's not as if you have anything against him being a vampire, that isn't it at all. The reason is much more simple and common than that. 

    You simply don't have time. Romance, letting someone new into your life, much less for love just not feasible at the moment. 

    The farm you now live on belonged to your grandparents and after your grandmother became to physically weak to keep tending to it and your grandfather became unable to keep up with looking after both her and the farm, it was decided that you, the only one in your family who still wanted to keep it alive, would take over it. 

    You've only ever helped your grandfather, so now that you're fully managing the whole place by yourself is it that you realise just how much there is to do. 

    Only after a month does your grandfather manage to convince you to put out an ad to hire a farmhand. 

    Though your town small, there's already plenty of families around with their own farms or many people who work the marketplace and at the town's shops, so you don't hear back from anyone as quickly as you would have liked. 

    But an entire week later and you hear back from the one person you least expected to.

    You're sitting in your kitchen, a mug of tea before you as you look out at the grassy fields when you receive the call. "Oh, Mr Ju— right, right, Haknyeon. Um. I have to ask, but are you wanting to do this for, well...other reasons? Like? Well, like the fact that you've been persistently asking me out." He laughs on the other end, the sound making an odd alien sensation pass through you. "You were? Oh… well I… I had no idea about that…. Fine.” You end up relenting. “Come by tomorrow around 12.”

    You sigh when you end the call. By what luck.

    Haknyeon proved he knew what he was talking about— he told you over the phone that he used to run a farm way back when with his family in Jeju. You admit you were skeptical on whether or not that was true— the richest man, no, vampire, in your town, living in a villa in the cliffside overlooking the sea and turns out he used to live a modest life.

    But when he came in and you gave him a trial run and he did everything you asked with ease, you knew he was telling the truth. 

    He’s come in four times a week for the last month, but that was more than enough for him to leave a lasting impression.  Even on your grandparents.

    “Why are you cooking? Sit down! Sit down! And you.” Your grandmother points an accusing finger at you. “Why are you letting him?” Your mouth drops open defensively and you’re so dumbfounded, you can’t even respond, especially when Haknyeon starts laughing behind you, his sleeves rolled up as he starts to stir the delicious smelling hotpot he’s making. “Grandma, you’re always cooking for me, even when you’re not well. Let me cook for once!” Your grandmother takes hold of his face and pinches his cheeks. “Fine, fine!” she says walking away to sit next to your grandfather at the table.

    You scoff a laugh. “I can’t believe I got the blame— I told you she’d have something to say.” 

    He laughs, shrugging. “It’s fun seeing you get in trouble— ow!” You know your playful slap on his arm didn’t hurt him and he knows you know, but he can’t help himself, laughing even harder when you roll your eyes. “Here, try this.” He brings a steaming spoonful of broth to, lightly blowing and then moving the spoon closer to you with a hand perched underneath it. Your heart jumps at the sudden action and Haknyeon hides his giddy smile, especially when your eyes avoid his as you take in the mouthful. 

    “Wow, that's good.”

    “Yeah?” He grins proudly, finishing up the hotpot. He turns off the stove and starts to zoom around to set up the table, startling everyone in the process.

    “You’re gonna give me a heart attack one day!” Your grandfather says, hand on his chest. 

    Haknyeon gives a sheepish apologetic smile when he places the hotpot at the centre of the table and starts to spoon it into bowls. “Sorry, sir. A peace offering?” He gives his sugar sweet smile when he places the bowl in front of your grandfather, who is actually secretly enamoured by the boy you’re sure he has started to view as a grandson. 

    “Well, I’ll never say no to food.” He says making you all laugh.

    “Sit down.” He hushes to you, still lingering behind him.  

    “Alright, bossy.” You whisper back playfully.

    It’s not the first time you’ve all ended up sitting down for a meal together. After his first official day at work when he had finished a day's work in mere hours, you were just getting lunch started when he ended up helping you with that too. Cooking with another person was weird enough, especially when that person was Haknyeon, but what was even weirder was the way it all felt natural. 

    Your grandparents had taken a liking to him immediately and he definitely made your grandmother perk up— she would cook for him most days he was around, which was a rare feat as of late, since she became ill. 

    Maybe that’s when your heart started softening around him.

    “God this is so good.” You moan, spooning more food into your mouth. 

    “Thanks. My grandmother taught me.” You look at him in surprise. The only time Haknyeon’s spoke of his family is when he initially told you that he used to work on the farm with them. 

    “That’s good!” Your grandfather says. “You should cook more, they say it’s the way to a man's heart, but it’s also the way to a womans, that’s how I ended up with the love of my life.” He grins fondly, placing a hand over your grandmothers.

    She giggles like a schoolgirl, throwing her other hand over his. “Best lamb I’ve ever had.” Your grandfather kisses her cheek and you can’t help but smile. 

    Dinner passes with playful banter and after it’s you who is excused by your grandmother. “You and Hak go take a walk while we clean up.”

    “I can do it in 2 seconds gra—”

    “Nonsense boy! Go on, do as you’ve been told.”  It must be odd to Haknyeon, who is centuries years old, to be called a boy and told what to do.

    He only smiles though. “Yes sir.” 

    The sun is out and spreads its light over the pasture you both walk along. There’s a light breeze that tousled Haknyeons hair. 

    It’s quiet for a while and you’re surprised when it’s you who speaks first. “Do you miss your grandmother?”

    He blinks at you, then looks forward with a faraway look in his eyes, a faint smile lifting the edges of his lips. “Always. I miss them all.”

    You hesitate with your next question. “If you don’t mind me asking... How…”

    “How did I become a vampire?” You swallow and nod. “There was this girl. I chased her around.” Deja vu. “Thought she was the love of my life. She lured me out one night. Revealed what she was and well… Basically left me for dead. Thought I was dead. But then I came back.”

    “God… I’m so sorry, Haknyeon.”

    He smiles, tilting his head at you. “Meh, that was years ago. Water under the bridge now.”

    You’re quiet for a moment. “And your family?” 

    He sighs heavily, looking down. “Things were different back then. For vampires I mean. There were no laws and certainly no living together in peace. And I… I was afraid. Afraid that I’d somehow hurt them too, so I left.”

    “That sounds so hard.”

    “It was.”

    “Being alone, too, I mean.” 

    He clears his throat, but says nothing else, and neither do you, so you keep walking in silence. 

    “You’re a natural on the farm. I guess it’s like riding a bike— you never really forget. “

    He smiles, nodding. “Yeah, it's natural for me. When I left home I— Y/N” 

    Your scream falls away with you when your ankle twists and you roll down a hill, Haknyeon not late in grabbing your arm, but not enough to stop you as you both end up rolling. You realise he has his hand around your head keeping you protected until you come to a stop with a huff, your body laying under him. 

    “Are you okay?” He asks urgently, the worry clear in his voice.

    You’re panting under him, wide eyes staring up at him; he looks beautiful, you realise, the clear sky making him stand out all the more, he looks like a painting. 

    “Y/n! Are you okay?” 

    You realise he’s talking, but all you can do is stare at him. 

    And then, compelled by something, your hand moves to the back of his head and you pull him down to his lips. His surprise spills against your lips, but just as easily he melts into you, eyes slipping closed as you press your mouths together. The pressure on the back of his head relieves a little and he pulls a breath away to stare down at you.

    For once, it is he who is speechless. 

    “Will you do me the honour of going on a date with me, sir?” 

    He laughs, his whole face lighting up like a thousand candles in church casting a warm evangelical glow on the surroundings. “That’s my line.” He whispers back, leaning closer. You smile. “May I kiss you again?”


    #im so soft for him :( hand in marriage mr ju?? #kdiner#kwritersworldnet#ficscafe#deobiwritersnet #ju haknyeon scenarios #ju haknyeon fluff #the boyz fluff #the boyz scenarios #tbz scenarios#tbz fluff #the boyz x reader #tbz vampires
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    hihi friends! i’m hosting a USA/WW GO for THE BOYZ THRILL-ING comeback from MUSIC KOREA! this does enter me into the fancall raffle but that’s not the end goal for me i’m just bound to kpopitalism 😵 sorting order will be based on domestic payments! form closes after AUGUST 3 11:59PM PST!
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    more details about the go is in the form itself! and if you can’t join, reblogs and shares on the other platforms are also v much appreciated!
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    31.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    meet dad!haknyeon

    pairing: dad!haknyeon x fem!reader | genre: fluff, dad au | wc: <500 | tw: food/eating/diets


    guys i’m not a jusadan BUT I JUST

    dad haknyeon is very wholesome



    THE LOYLS!! 

    that tiny human being growing inside of you was the product of your love

    he literally gets so soft over it every time he gets sentimental where you have to be the one controlling his emotions

    he also makes sure that you’re also eating as much as you should be because even though you have mentioned to him that you’re going to have bad stretch marks from the baby and food

    he is literally going to sit down and eat with you to make sure that you’re both healthy

    and you are, even after hours of going into labor on the day that your son was born

    baby kihyun, the most dramatic baby that you’ve ever encountered

    he keeps you and haknyeon up most nights and that’s only because he likes being in your hold

    will cry if he does not get anything that he wants, until you pull out the secret weapon

    aka his favorite elephant that his dad had gotten him from abroad on tour

    kihyun takes a lot of pride in his dad!!

    “my daddy sings and dances!! do you know who the boyz are??”

    kihyun then realizes, not every parent is an idol and is like :o

    ‘dad is special’

    when you actually were pregnant with your second child, your daughter jiwoo, it was haknyeon that had to be the one to ask kihyun his thoughts about having another sibling

    like most kids he didn’t like that

    sharing his toys? not today

    it wasn’t until haknyeon had sat with him while tucking kihyun in and it was kind of a sit down and talk kind of night

    “do you really not want a sibling? you don’t want to be a cool superhero for a little brother or sister?”

    “a superhero??”

    he then explains that being a big brother would be protecting them like a superhero and he was hooked

    because of course he wanted to be a superhero!!

    just like his dad :((

    “I wanna be a hero like you dad”

    *cues tears from both of them*

    safe to say that when jiwoo was actually born though that kihyun absolutely loved her

    making sure she was protected in his protection

    under both yours and haknyeon’s supervision of course :)

    but all wholesome things

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  • yourjaylaks
    31.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Haknyeon found her seated on her bay window, her knees brought up close so that her head could rest on it. He knew she was crying by the way her body ever so slightly hiccupped. It was so soft and so small but he had known her for too long to not be able to read her better than she could read herself. Silently, he went over to her and took a seat opposite to her. Her body immediately tensed but slowly relaxed when she peaked out from under her arms and met Haknyeon’s gaze. Her eyes were bloodshot, her eyeliner smudged. Haknyeon’s eyes softened and without a word, he pulled her into his arms, tightening his grip on her so she knew that when everyone else left, he would always stay. She sniffled, shaking her head.

    “You know, for a second I let myself hope,” she whispered so quietly Haknyeon almost missed it. “I let myself believe that there was a chance he would love me.” She snorted, laying her head against his chest. “Maybe that’s why I told him how I felt. Maybe I’m just stupid. But I told him and I’ve ruined us.” Haknyeon rubbed soothing circles on the small of her back.

    “Sometimes relationships need to be ruined. How else are you going to weed out the good from the bad?”

    “I know,” she muttered. “I just wish it didn’t hurt so much.” Haknyeon thought for a minute. He thought about how badly she was hurting. He thought about the dirtbag that turned her down. He thought about the millions of people that never recover from heartbreak. He thought about his own heartbreak and how he was once where the girl in his arms found herself in. He pulled away from her, cupping her face so that she was forced to look at him.

    “Honest feelings and bad timing is often the most painful combination. But you know what? Feelings fade. Time moves on. And you will too. What’s a little bit of pain for happiness down the road?” She nodded, wiping the tears away and smoothing her hair down.

    “How did you move on?” she asked. Haknyeon answered immediately, catching her off gaurd.

    “Time. Time heals everything.”


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    haknyeon 🖤
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    [31072021] TWITTER 🕊

    Haknyeon 🍊

    “it’s a camera that New recommended, how’s it??”

    #haknyeon#juhaknyeon #the boyz haknyeon #the boyz juhaknyeon #the boyz#tbz
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    ꒰ ˀˀ ↷ haknyeon ; ddd mv ”♡ᵎ ꒱

    like/reblog | @nekdnblock

    don’t repost our work or claim it as yours

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    30.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Love Notes

    Summary: People usually mistake Slytherins are the mean and nasty ones. Nobody told you that you would be stuck with the loud and obnoxious boy from Gryffindor. One day during your fifth year, you started receiving anonymous notes in your books, pockets, table, etc. The question is, who gave them to you?

    Theme: Hogwarts au, enemies to lovers

    Genre: fluff, angst [not really]

    Warnings: none

    WC: 4.9k

    Pairing: Gryffindor!Haknyeon x Slytherin!FemReader

    a/n: Hi again :) I've been binge watching Harry Potter movies for the past few days and I love it so much. So here's a little Hogwarts fic with Hakkie! Do send me requests if you have any! I'm open to reading them :)

    Going to Hogwarts was probably the best thing to happen to you. And getting yourself sorted into Slytherin house was also the best thing to ever happen to you. Except, nobody told you that you would have a horrendous time being in the same classes as the loud and obnoxious boy from Gryffindor.

    His name?

    Was Ju Haknyeon.

    “Did you lose your way to class again today?” Haknyeon teased when you arrived at your seat that just so happens to be right in front of him. You were in your fifth year and yet he has never once gone a day without getting on a single nerve on your body.

    “Did you lose your pacifier on your way here cause you can’t seem to keep your mouth shut.” You scowled at him only to earn a soft chuckle from him.

    “Look who’s talking now…” Haknyeon smirks, earning a kick to his desk from you. Your seat partner and also one of your close friends, Wooyoung couldn’t help but roll his eyes at the said boy.

    Professor Snape finally dismissed the class as everyone quickly scrambled out of the room. You were walking with Wooyoung and Yeosang as the former began rambling about his terrible date yesterday when you suddenly felt an arm over your shoulder. The last person you hoped for it to be, ends up proving you wrong the minute he spoke.

    “Hey hey, have you practiced for the Quidditch game this season? Wouldn’t wanna lose your Quidditch title to other houses.” Haknyeon whispered into your ear, making you push his face away.

    “Do you ever shut up?” You said as he smirked, casually pursing his lips into a kissy face.

    You rolled your eyes at him, elbowing his stomach to make him leave your side. Haknyeon left your side for a brief moment before coming back to you to stop in front of you while leaning down a little to match your height. Once he was right in front of you, he smirked cheekily at you.

    “I won’t shut up when I’m with you, darling.” He whispered.

    You cupped his face with both hands, only to lean in to let your lips hover over his as you whispered under your breath, “Don’t make me do it for you, sweetheart.” The moment you pulled away from him and began to walk away, Haknyeon could’ve sworn he felt his heart skip a few beats.

    “Now, class, please open to page 367.” Professor McGonagall announced as you heard the sounds of pages being turned. You did the same, flipping the pages a few at a time until a slip of note drops out from your book. It was a pretty blue colour that has been folded into the shape of a flower.

    “Did you put this in my book?” You asked Wooyoung who was seated beside you, only for him to shake his head. Just then, a voice came from behind you.

    “Oh look, the Slytherin’s princess got herself a love note.” Haknyeon said. It annoyed you to the point where you had to cast a spell on him from under your desk to shut him up for 2 hours. A few weeks have gone by and you have been getting anonymous notes slipped into your textbooks, locker, and sometimes even in your coat pockets.

    However, all the notes always end up in your bag, never touched or read before.

    It was a Thursday afternoon and you were just walking into your Transfiguration class when a female student from Hufflepuff came up to you giddily excited as she informed you what she saw.

    “Omg Y/N! Someone gave you a rose and a letter! It’s on your desk!” She squeaked, allowing a couple of eyes to land on you, who was standing at the back of the class with Wooyoung and Yeosang. With that being said, you glanced over to your desk to find that she was right.

    However, you noticed that Haknyeon’s table was empty. Maybe he finally got sick and couldn’t come to class today.

    “The Slytherin’s princess got a gift today huh? That’s new.”

    Maybe not.

    Haknyeon said casually as he strolls past you with his hands tucked into his pant’s pockets while he makes his way over to his desk. You rolled your eyes at the back of his head before walking up to your desk and soon took the rose and note only to stuff it in your bag.

    “Why don’t you read it outloud for all of us to hear, darling? I’m sure your admirer would love to see the way your eyes turn into heart shapes for them.” Haknyeon smirked.

    You couldn’t lie, Haknyeon has in fact gotten slightly more manlier in built and also a bit more nicer looking in terms of his face features.

    Which is why you’d be damned if you admitted out loud that your heart did a little flip when he smirked at you.

    “The last person I’d wanna read it aloud to is you so no, that won’t happen.” You grumbled before sitting down at your desk. Wooyoung couldn’t help but chuckle as he told you about Haknyeon's offended face he made after you said that.

    A few hours later, everyone was making their way back to their common rooms after dinner. You were just walking towards the Slytherin’s common room when Felix spoke up to you, “Hey, is it true you’ve been getting love notes from someone in class?”

    “I don’t know what they are, I’ve never opened them.” You confessed, earning a few gasps from your friends.

    “Aren’t you even a slight bit curious?” Minho asked.

    “Look, I doubt it’s even real. It might just be a prank from someone. I don’t know…” You said almost confidently.

    “Oh come on, just open one and see what it says. It doesn’t hurt to read one.” Wooyoung encouraged you as you rolled your eyes at him. It was already after hours. Everyone was asleep except you. So you quietly tip-toed your way to the living area, only to sit near the green fireplace with your bag filled with the notes you kept for the past 5 weeks. You took one of the notes out and soon unfolded it one after another.

    “You look pretty today.”

    “Your eyes sparkle like the green flames of your house.”

    “You make me forget why I’m in this class.”

    “Your smile could cure my sadness.”

    “If only the clouds would make way for a sunshine like you”

    “Don’t lose that smile, it’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen”

    “Are you a love potion? Cause I feel like I’ve fallen in love with you”

    You then happened to take out the note that was attached to the rose you got earlier in which it said;

    “A pretty flower for a pretty girl like you.”

    And the list goes on and on as you read them. However, one thing you noticed was the lack of initials, leaving these notes anonymous.

    “Who are you?”

    This question swirls in your head as you keep these notes in a little treasure chest your mom gave you for your 15th birthday.

    You were on your way to the Quidditch field to play for the Quidditch Tournament with your team members. Upon making it to the courtyard, you just so happen to bump into Haknyeon. You noticed the Red and Gold striped sweater, along with his pants and a cloak in contrast to your full Quidditch attire together with the arms and leg gears.

    “Hey guys, mind if I steal ‘yours truly’ for a moment? I promise I’ll bring her back to you guys in one whole.” Haknyeon smiles innocently to your friends, earning a few snickers from them but they nonetheless left you alone with him.

    Once they were out of sight, you turned to him with a frown.

    “What do you want now, Ju? And make it quick. I have a game to win.” You snapped, earning a chuckle from him.

    “Relax beasty, I won’t hold you back for long.”

    “So what do you want?”

    “You know this is a seasonal championship right?”


    “And this year’s winner will be titled the Season’s Champion, yes?”

    “O...kay?” You raised an eyebrow at him in question, not sure where this conversation was heading to.

    “So let’s make a bet.”

    You started to laugh as you clutched your stomach, afraid of growing six packs while you did that. Unfortunately, you didn’t get the same response from him which made you confused and eventually stopped.

    “A bet? You wanna make a bet? Sure. You’ll only be crying at the end of it cause Slytherin’s gonna take the prize home.”

    “Hmm, I wouldn’t be so sure if I were you. So let’s make a bet.” Haknyeon urges you again, to which you couldn’t help but agree just so you could prove him wrong.

    “Fine. If Slytherin wins, you’re gonna leave me alone for the rest of the year.” You said.

    “And if Gryffindor wins, you have to go on 3 dates with me.” He announced. You weren’t gonna lie, you were a little shocked by his proposal but you didn’t want to back out now so you shook hands on it.


    “Choi Jongho has gotten the snitch! Gryffindor wins!” Lee Jordan, the commentator from Gryffindor announced as you slammed your fist onto your broomstick. You’ve lost a few times before throughout your 5 years in Hogwarts but today was a little different as you had your bet with Haknyeon hanging by a thread.

    You were floating about 10 feet away from Gryffindor’s stand, your gaze naturally fleeting to the left only to lock eyes with the blonde haired devil from Gryffindor who had a smirk on his face before he mouthed something so clear to you.

    “I win.”

    You couldn’t even respond to him so you simply flew down and back into your pitch tent along with the rest of your teammates. After you were done with post-game preps, you all began to make your way back to your common rooms.

    It wasn’t until you were at the grand staircase that you bumped into Haknyeon and his friends. He gave you a cheeky little wink before snapping his fingers and soon, you felt a slip of paper magically appear in your hands.

    You kept it in your hands until you went back, only opening it when you were in your bed.

    “Nice game. I hope you don’t forget about our bet. See you at Three Broomsticks Inn, this Saturday. 12pm. Don’t be late. Oh, and, wear prettily ;) - JHN”

    You were definitely in for a treat.

    The day finally came as you made an excuse to your friends saying you couldn’t go with them to Hogsmeade because you promised to help Ginny with her Muggle studies. The minute they left, you got upstairs to change out of your pyjamas and into some comfortable jeans, a sweater, a denim jacket and a pair of worn out sneakers.

    You teleported to Hogsmeade using the Floo Powder your mom gave you just in case you needed to rush home due to an emergency.

    You arrived at a dark alley in Hogsmeade, making sure your friends weren’t around before you left the safety of that alley. Carefully walking past some villagers, you found your way to the Inn without getting caught. With one gentle push of the wooden door, you were immediately greeted by the bustling customers.

    You looked around the room to find for the devil who shall not be named and Lord Behold, he waves over to you from one of the tables across the room. You almost lost your footing when you saw what he wore.

    It was almost as if he knew what you were going to wear. He was wearing black pants with a denim jacket. Simple yet so good looking.

    You went over to him only to sit on his left where it was nearer to the edge of the semi circle couch.

    “You’re late, you know?” Haknyeon laughs.

    “Yeah but I’m here aren’t I?” You scoffed softly under your breath, earning a little giggle from him.

    “On our first date too? You’re a terrible one.” He joked.

    “Fine then. Go find someone who’s on time for your date, maybe they’ll actually arrive earlier than you.” Right before you could slide out of the seat, Haknyeon gently grabs your wrist to stop you.

    “Relax, I’m just kidding… Come on, butterbeer on me. Deal?” He asked, shaking his wallet in between his fingers as though telling you he really meant it when he said he’ll pay for it.

    Of course you couldn’t let this moment up, which is why you agreed to it. Unfortunately, right before he could slide out the opposite end of the table, your eyes flew over to the front doors where the bell chimed indicating a customer. That’s when you saw your friends walking in and you could’ve sworn they would see you in a matter of seconds if they just turned to the left slightly.

    “Oh shit!” You cursed as you grabbed hold of Haknyeon’s collar only to drag him out of the table and soon towards the back. Haknyeon was a little taken aback by your sudden aggression as he began to ask you a series of questions.

    You quickly pulled him behind one of the pillars, shoving him against the concrete wall as you peeked past the pillar.

    “Okay, if you want to kill me, at least do it when we’re in private.” He teased you.

    “Shut up. My friends are here. I lied to them saying I can’t join them.” You whispered, trying to see if your friends wouldn’t make it to the back. What you didn’t realize was the way Haknyeon was discreetly checking you out.

    “You know, for a Slytherin, you’re not as sly as you think you are. What makes you think they can’t figure out it’s you from a dist-”

    “Kiss me.”

    You suddenly spoke as he stared at you with wide eyes. He almost couldn’t believe his ears when you said that.


    “I said kiss me!” You loudly whispered but your eyes were frantically flickering back and forth to something behind him.

    However, right before you could yell at him, you felt him snaking his right arm around your waist while the other hand reached up to cup your cheek, pulling you into a soft and gentle kiss. You fluttered your eyelids close as he turned you so that his back would be facing the open area while your smaller form gets shielded from the public eye.

    You could hear your friend’s voices getting closer and closer and eventually made their way past Haknyeon’s back. You could’ve sworn you heard some of them snicker and scoff at your unknown presence.

    Once they are gone, Haknyeon pulls back from you with the softest sound as he caresses your cheek for a moment.

    Suddenly your heart was picking up speed against your chest. You locked eyes with him for a second or two, feeling him tilt his head slightly to make his lips brush over yours again purposely before pulling away completely.

    “I reckon we should leave?” He chuckled, making you nod.

    “Yes please.”

    With that being said, he let you leave the hiding spot first, making sure he used his body to block you from unwanted view.

    A few hours passed where he took you to a few of his favourite shops in Hogsmeade, including some personal spots around town where he usually goes when he needs space to be by himself. You were now making your way back to the castle as you both managed to not quarrel for more than a minute of being with each other.

    You must admit, it was nice getting to know Haknyeon better instead of fighting with him like usual.

    It has been four days since your first date with Haknyeon and again, you still received the notes. This time, it said;

    “You’re cute. Can I keep you?”

    With that, you couldn’t help but let out a soft chuckle.

    “What? Did the person who gave you those letters finally revealed himself?” Wooyoung asked from beside you, only for you to show him the note.

    “No, but isn’t it tiring to keep thinking of cheesy love notes to write almost everyday?” You whispered to him upon hearing Professor McGonagall enter the class.

    “Well, I would say this person is totally head over heels for you to even write these from day 1.” Wooyoung speaks utter nonsense most of the time, but maybe he made some sense today.

    You were on your second date with Haknyeon, as he promised to take you on a ride. What ride might I ask? Not just any ride. He was taking you on a ride on a Hippogriff.

    “Are you sure we won’t get in trouble for this? I really don’t want to be expelled.” You warned him as he laughed at you.

    “Aren’t you being a little too goody two shoes for a Slytherin?” Haknyeon teased, only to get a good slap to his arm from you.

    “Say anything stupid again and I swear you’ll be the one swimming in the lake with the damn Lochness.” You threatened as he raised his arms in a surrender but there was a wide grin on his face. Something you’ve grown to adore these days.

    With that, he soon hops on the magical creature easily, leaving you nervous. Haknyeon had his hand extended out for you to take but you were afraid.

    “Y/N come on, we don’t have forever!” He said.

    “What if I fall?” You panicked but you ended up unconsciously whining, making him giggle.

    “I won’t let you fall. I promise. Now come on, darling.” Haknyeon jerks his hand to you again, only for you to stare at it for a bit before you finally take his hand into yours. He easily pulled you up and onto the animal’s back. You sat in front of him while you gently grabbed onto the creature’s neck, being careful that you don’t accidentally harm it.

    “Okay Buckbeak, show us whatchu got.” Haknyeon said as he gave the creature a few pats to its belly and soon, the creature took off flying into the sky. You let out a scream, hugging the neck tightly while Haknyeon holds onto nothing.

    He clearly had more experience than you in terms of flying on this creature’s back.

    You had your eyes closed the entire time even when you felt the smooth glide across the air. Still being stubborn to open your eyes, you felt him tap your shoulders.

    “Y/N come on! Open your eyes! You’re missing out on the view!” His voice sounded so excited behind you, it almost made you believe it wasn’t the same boy who has been a living nuisance to you all these while.

    “No way! I’m just gonna panic even more if I see how high we are!” You yelled over the loud gush of wind that might be rendering your hearing.

    “I promise we’ll be fine, just open your eyes! Trust me!” Haknyeon reassured you as you felt him gently slide his hands down your arms and onto your wrist to pull them away from the creature’s neck. You shook your head desperately, hoping he’d leave you alone. Unfortunately for you, he didn’t.

    Instead, he thought it would be a good idea to scare you. Maybe that way you’ll finally open your eyes.

    And you did.

    Because the minute you heard him yell for help, you immediately opened your eyes and turned around only to find him seated firmly on Buckbeak’s back with his arms crossed over his chest.

    “You bloody piece of shit!” You huffed in annoyance as you turned back around only for Buckbeak to playfully tilt his body up to make you fall back slightly. That’s when a string of curses left your lips while you desperately grabbed onto its neck.

    “Don’t do that Buckbeak!” You scolded the animal, only to get a little sound from him. Just then, Haknyeon decides to challenge you.

    “Wanna know what it feels to fly?”

    “Uhh, no?”

    “It’ll be fun. Here.” Haknyeon said as he slowly reached over to grab your wrists while his firm chest softly pressed against your back but for some reason, it made you feel some sort of safety.

    “W-What are you doing?” You stuttered, only for him to smile and soon spoke into your ears leaving a soft tingling feel to your skin.

    “Just trust me.”

    With that being said, he gently spreads your arms out on either side of you, making them act like wings for you. As Buckbeak glided through the air, you imagined you were flying until you heard him whisper into your ear, “Close your eyes.”

    You did as he said, only for it to enhance the imagination. A smile naturally appears on your lips as you completely didn’t see the way he was staring at you from beside you. Ignoring the way his hands found your waist and left it there for the rest of the ride.

    It was your third and final date for the bet you made with him. For some odd reason, you didn’t want it to end but of course you couldn’t tell him that. So when you met him at the lake, you looked slightly down and he noticed. Haknyeon wouldn’t let this slide easily which is why he decided to tease you about it.

    “What’s with the long face, darling? Already attached to me?”

    You scoffed as you approached him by the swing only for you to take a seat at the wooden plank beside his seated figure on the grass patch.

    “So what? This was just for the bet anyway.” You mumbled under your breath, not realizing that he heard you.

    The next few minutes went by like how your previous dates went. Constant teasing, playful jokes and banter, friendly chats and even random fights that involve you throwing a handful of dead leaves at him while he scoops water from the lake and proceeds to toss it at you.

    At the end of this short date, you had just arrived at the end of the wooden bridge when he wraps his fingers around your wrist to stop you from walking any further.

    “I just remembered I promised my friends I’d meet them at the Three Broomsticks Inn in like 5 minutes so I have to leave you from here on.” He said.

    “Right…” You said, your voice sounded a little sad.

    “I guess the bet’s over. Thanks… for... well, going on the dates with me.” Haknyeon said, eyes flickering back and forth between your eyes and the wooden panels behind you.

    “A bet’s a bet right? I’d be a wimp if I didn’t do it.” You smiled.

    There was a beat of awkward silence as you got ready to leave when he said something that made your stomach flip.

    “That’s it? No goodbye kiss? I thought this was a date?” Haknyeon pouted, keeping his gaze on you as stable as possible. You almost couldn’t believe your ears.

    Did he just ask you for a kiss?

    “I… Umm… Okay?” You stuttered in confusion, earning a soft little giggle from him.

    However, the nerves soon disappear the minute he takes a step closer and soon wraps one hand around your waist while the other cups your face before he leans down to let his lips seal yours. You instantly fluttered your eyes shut, letting your hands rest on his chest.

    The kiss felt so genuine, you almost forgot how you used to fight with this same boy 24/7. Haknyeon smiled against your lips as he pulled back for air shortly before kissing you again.

    His lips were intoxicating, you almost forgot how to breathe. Haknyeon gives you a cheeky little lick to your bottom lip as he soon pulls away from you, leaving you breathless. You pressed your forehead softly against his as you kept your eyes shut, too embarrassed to look at him at this point.

    His chuckle fills your ears as he cups your face with both hands and whispers against your lips.

    “Go. Be safe. Avoid the common grounds, that’s where Filch always lurks around.” Soon after, he gave your lips another peck before you felt wind whooshing around you. Immediately, his touch left you and it almost made you crumble to the ground.

    What did he do to you?

    A few days later, you were just having lunch with everyone else at their respective house tables and your friends surrounded you when you saw a note slipping past from under your plate. A pretty baby blue one that is. You carefully unfolded it, only to see it read;

    “I realized I was thinking of you, and I began to wonder how long you’ve been on my mind. Then it occurred to me: Since the day I met you, you’ve never left.”

    For some reason, those words meant something to you.

    It was as though you knew this person and have created some sort of a bond with them. And yet, you still don’t know who. However, you do now have a little suspicion on who it was and who these notes belonged to. So to test your theory, you looked up from your table, almost immediately catching the eyes of the same pair of brown ones you’ve grown accustomed to.

    Haknyeon was already staring like he knew you were going to find him. What surprised you the most is the fact that he didn’t even flinch when you caught him.

    You held eye contact for a second before you got cut off by Wooyoung putting a scoopful of mashed potatoes onto your plate. You gave the boy a little smack to his head, earning a choke from him. When you looked back over to Haknyeon, he was already talking to his friend with the back of his head facing you.

    A few hours later, you were having your Potions class when a note popped out of nowhere from under your book. To avoid getting minus points from Snape, you quickly shoved the note into your cloak pocket and yet you still got called by the Head of Slytherin for not paying attention.

    Therefore, having to serve detention.

    You could only curse him in your head while you cleaned every single flask and cauldron pots till they were spick and span.

    Once you were done, you left the room only to find Haknyeon leaning against the wall with one leg bent to rest his foot on the wall. He was busy playing with his Patronus charm when his eyes flicked up upon hearing the door open.

    “Haknyeon? What are you doing here? Don’t we have Transfiguration right now?” You loudly whispered as you approached him only to drag him towards the end where you were hidden from Snape’s office door. Once you were hiding behind the pillar, you turned to peek past the wall with Haknyeon right in front of you.

    The hallway was empty thanks to the classes going on currently but that doesn’t mean you were free from not being caught out of class.

    “I told Professor McGonagall I’m having stomach aches so she excused me to go to the hospital wing.” Haknyeon explained, only for you to frown.

    “And why were you waiting outside Snape’s office, might I ask?”

    “To see you.”

    “You couldn’t wait till I come to class?” You asked with a slight tease in your voice.

    “Needed to see you right after detention, so that I could do this.”

    With that being said, he easily captures you into a kiss. You sighed through your nose as you cupped his neck to pull him closer to you. Haknyeon wraps his arms around your waist, letting himself trap you against the wall and his body. You changed your head positions to be at a slightly more comfortable state, feeling him squeeze your sides.

    Just then, he pulled away for a breath, making it easy for you to slip in the question.

    “All those notes were from you, weren’t they?”

    Haknyeon grew quiet for a moment but then decided to just come clean with you. After all, that’s what he has been wanting to do anyway.

    “Are you disappointed?”

    “I would be if you told me this 4 weeks ago… But now? Not so much.” You smiled.

    “Really?” He asked.

    “Would I do this if I was disappointed?” You asked only to kiss him again. Haknyeon smirks against your lips as you feel him lift you up and spin you around. When he placed you back down, he gave you a peck on the lips and soon spoke up.

    “Should I stop giving you notes then?”

    “Go ahead. Cause I’ve already won the prize.”

    “You sure have.”


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    #deobirevival week 5: favourite songs [2⁄2] (in no particular order)  ♡

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    No Doubt in Us

    Chapter Six (PART 2) - Looking Back to Move Forward (2)

    Fiance!Haknyeon x Fem!reader

    Masterlist | Prev | Next

    Synopsis: Life is great, you have your dream job, you finally got your first big break, and you are now engaged to the love of your life. Happier than you’ve ever been, you live life one day at a time. Then one day a terrible accident happens leaving you in a coma. Where you finally awake, everything is not as you remember. Amnesia takes away 3 years of your memory, forgetting your beloved Fiance. Faced with a reality that seems unreal, as your mind is stuck in a past with uncomfortable memories, your future with him is uncertain.

    Send me an ask if you want to be put on the taglist for this series

    Taglist:@my-summer-night @deputyjuyeon @juhaktheoneforme @sunqnew

    CW/TW: talks of an old stalker, harassment, violence (from sangyeon and stalker)

    Word count: 4K+

    Looking at your Instagram account you regretted your habit of deleting your old posts. The image previews you saw were all unfamiliar. You thought about Chanhee’s words, you wanted more than anything to move on, but you felt the need to defend your way of thinking even if it wasn’t completely right. Maybe looking through these would help you make a decision, so you clicked on the oldest post.

    Almost all the posts had mentioned Haknyeon, how you interacted with and talked about him, it was obvious you were head over heels for him, there wasn’t any doubt in your head he felt the same. You felt a lump form in your throat, you seemed very happy with him, so free from the trauma, safe? Chanhee said to believe in the you that chose him, seeing the love you had for him displayed in front of you so plainly, you did trust him so much. It suddenly hit you, finally realizing just how terrible you’ve been to him. You’ve been so selfish not for a second taking into consideration how he’s doing.

    You never apologized for what you did at the hospital, just how awful he must have felt in that moment when he was waiting for you so earnestly for you to wake up. The talk you had together, was all one-sided, you didn’t ask what he wanted to do, how he felt about the situation, you just said what you wanted. Even though you don’t know him, he is like a stranger to you, he didn’t deserve to be treated like that. You felt tears plop on your chest, you didn’t know when you started crying.

    You felt sorry for Haknyeon and yourself. Hurting him was never your intention, but you were sure that’s exactly what you were doing. Why did you have to lose your memory? You found yourself yearning for that happiness that freedom. You wanted to apologize to him, you wanted to move forward.

    Roughly wiping away your tears you calmed yourself down. Chanhee was right, wasn’t he? Even if we don’t stay together, It would be better for me to remember everything. I want to try and take a chance on him again. You thought about how you would apologize to him when he came back.


    The sound of the door unlocking interrupted your thoughts. You got up from the couch and moved closer to the door. As it opened your eyes met with the back of Haknyeon’s head, facing the person behind him as they pushed him into the house. The person behind him faced you, giving a smile in greeting. This must be Hyunjae.

    Seeing this, Haknyeon followed Hyunjae’s eyes turning around almost jumping in surprise. He didn’t expect you to be waiting by the door and he stopped in his tracks. His eyes scanned over you, it had been too long since he got a proper look at you, admittedly that was his fault. He noticed that your eyes seemed to be puffy. Was she crying?

    He was brought out of his thoughts when Hyunjae pushed him forward. “I’ve brought Haknyeon as per Chanhee’s request,” Hyunjae said in a tone like he was stating serious orders. It made you smile a little.

    “Thank you, Hyunjae.” He nodded back at you.

    “I hope you two can... figure things out. Bye.” He waves his hand at you and pats Haknyeon’s back as he leaves.

    “Let’s sit down, we need to talk.” Saying this you step out of the way letting him go ahead of you.

    “Yes, we do.” Haknyeon sits in the same spot as last time. This time instead of sitting on the couch again you sit on the floor across the coffee table so you both are at eye level.

    “I know I was the one that did most of the talking last time, but can I go first again, I need to say something important.”

    “Yes, go ahead.” He had some important things to say too, but to him, you were a priority.

    “First, I wanted to apologize. I’m sorry for the things I said and did at the hospital. I’m sorry for being selfish,” you clenched your hands together as they rested on the table. “I’m sorry for pushing you away. I’m sorry for not being able to trust you. I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done since I woke up.”

    “I need to apologize too. I’m sorry that I left you home this whole time when I could have been helping you. I was selfish, too scared to see you, I’m sorry that I didn’t put you first, considering your situation. I’m sorry that I wasn’t honest with you and didn’t say what I felt.”

    “No, but you wouldn’t have done any of that if it weren’t for me.” Your face was full of remorse. Haknyeon put a hand over your clenched ones, pulling you out of your self-loathing. He pulls his hand away after catching your attention.

    “Don’t say that y/n. We could play the blame game all day long, but we both did some wrong things, in the end. I think… instead of trying to blame ourselves, we should try and right our wrongs.” You look into his eyes and slowly nod your head, his words giving you the courage to say the rest of what you need to say.

    “I’ve told you about my stalker before, haven’t I?” Haknyeon is shocked that you brought up that topic suddenly.

    “Yes, a long time ago. But why are you bringing this up, did something happen?” He became a lot more concerned.

    “No, thank God. I-I just need to tell you about it.”

    “What? I already said you told me, you don’t have to, I know.”

    “I know. I’m doing this for me. I think if I don’t talk about it with you, then I won’t be able to move on. Sorry.”

    “Don’t apologize for that, just… please, don’t push yourself.” He could tell you were very serious about wanting to tell him. If it was going to help you, he wouldn’t tell you not to do it, but he still didn’t feel good about it. He remembers just how hard it was for you to tell him the first time.

    “Mh,” you take a deep breath to calm your nerves, calling these memories to the forefront of your mind. “I had a co-worker I was acquainted with. I would only see him the few times I went to discuss business at my company, we chatted a few times. One day he asked me out on a date and I thought, why not, he doesn’t seem like a bad guy. So we went on a date, it wasn’t too bad, so we went on another.

    “After the second date, I realized we wouldn’t be a good fit for each other. So when he asked me on another date I said, no, I didn’t want to string him on when I wasn’t interested anymore. I thought he took the rejection pretty well, soon after I started getting a lot of messages from him. I didn’t think much of it at first cause we had become a little closer, there shouldn’t have been a problem just being friends, but then he started asking questions that were too personal and intrusive. It made me uncomfortable and I asked him to stop, but the same kind of messages kept coming so I blocked him. I didn’t see him again till I came back to the company, but we didn’t talk to each other, so I thought that he was over me and that was the end of it.” You rubbed and squeezed at your hands.

    “Just breathe, you’re doing great.” Following his words, you take another deep breath.

    “Me and Chanhee’s apartment building wasn’t too far from my company and we didn’t have a car, so I would just walk there. On my way back I felt like someone was looking at me, following me. I thought I was just paranoid, there were so many people on the street at this time there is a lot of people going the same way as me, and I went home without a problem. After that, I would get that feeling a lot when I was outside, but I never noticed anyone out of the ordinary, so I didn’t know if I was just being paranoid. There were times I was so scared I would go into the nearest building and call Chanhee so I wasn’t alone. I stopped going out as often as I did.

    “Eventually, a box addressed to me came, inside it was a note that said, ‘let’s meet soon.’ There were also pictures of me walking outside… and one of me and Chanhee talking on the balcony, his face was X-ed out.” Your face twisted as you thought about back then. It wasn’t just you that was in danger, Chanhee was too and you had no idea who you should be looking out for.

    “It’s okay, you’re okay, Chanhee is okay. You can stop if it’s too much,” Haknyeon said with concern, he wished he could hold you and comfort you like the first time you told him.

    “No, I’m almost done. Chanhee said we should keep it as evidence, take it to the police but we couldn't do anything because we didn't know who it was. When we could, we would go out together to do even the smallest of errands so we wouldn't be alone. One of the days we went out together to buy some stuff from the convenience store, Chanhee was busy that day so it was a little late. We realized we forgot to buy something while on our way back, we were pretty close so we walked back.

    “I waited by the corner outside with the bags so we wouldn't look like we were stealing or anything, while Chanhee went back inside. Then I began to feel uncomfortable being out by myself, others were walking out every once in a while but not many. So I decided I would just go in too, but someone pulled me back before too long. It was him, the one I went on a date with. I didn't suspect him at first, but I told him I needed to go.” You closed your eyes, heart-pounding, reliving the moment again.

    “He didn't let go, so I said it again, but I was upset that time. He grabbed my face saying that he waited so long to meet me again. I knew this wasn’t some coincidence at this point, that man was the one stalking me, so I tried to retaliate by swinging the bags in my arms at him and yelling. I could only keep him away for a little bit before he got the best of me, taking the bags from me. He pushed and held me against the wall.

    “I don’t know exactly what he was planning to do to me, but It was thanks to your friend..., our friend, Sangyeon, that nothing else happened to me. He pulled him off of me and asked if I was okay and if I knew him. All it took was a word from me and Sangyeon decked him." A sneer came to your face thinking about Sangyeon giving that man what he deserved. You found yourself wishing you could have gotten a few hits on the disgusting prick yourself.

    Looking at your expression, Haknyeon was a little surprised. Compared to the last time you told him you seemed to be a lot more ticked off and agitated. It was understandable because he felt the same. Haknyeon wasn’t a violent person, but that man would have to count his blessings if Haknyeon ever saw him. He also felt incredibly grateful to Sangyeon again.

    "Thank you for telling me again, but why did you feel you needed to tell me specifically?"

    "Well, that's part of the second thing I wanted to talk to you about. That whole situation is the reason I was pushing you away, I was scared, I didn't know if I could trust you, I was too afraid to try. I looked through some things and I came to realize that I was in love with you and I trusted you a lot." The words that came out of your mouth were exactly what you thought but saying it that bluntly was a little embarrassing, it was like a confession.

    "Mhh." Haknyeon felt a little embarrassed by her words too, covering his mouth with his hand discreetly, he felt a smirk coming to his face.

    "Well um, I want to move on, I don't want to be held back by those bad memories. Chanhee said that regardless of what happens in the future it would be best if I could try to remember the things I’ve forgotten. There isn’t much I can do if I don’t remember, but I won’t try to avoid my past anymore. I have a question and I think I already know the answer, but I want to hear you say it, so I know we can do something we both want to try. Haknyeon, do you love me?” Haknyeon shifted in his seat and he put his hand back on the table.

    “Yes, I love you.” Your eyes met his steadfast gaze, he was so serious at that moment.

    “Then if it’s okay with you, can we try again?”

    “Do you mean try dating again?” Haknyeon tilts his head to the side.

    “Yes.” Haknyeon laughs a little.

    “Ah, that’s what I was going to ask.”

    “I can’t promise that I can give you my full trust immediately or that I will fall in love with you again, but I’ll try to be more open with you.”

    “y/n you don’t have to push yourself to open your heart to me when you don’t feel ready. We are partners, so we will work together to make this work. I will also work hard to gain your trust and be someone that you can be comfortable around.”

    “That’s… right.” You gave a small smile, he really is so kind and understanding of your feelings.

    “I love you, but I don’t want my feelings to burden you. If there comes a day when you feel like I’m not right for you anymore…, then just let me know. I won’t try to keep you by my side.”

    “... What about you? We are engaged, we had the intention of spending the rest of our lives together. Will you be okay?” He said it with such ease it put a bad taste in your mouth.

    “No, I won’t be okay.” Haknyeon’s eye trialed down looking at his hands. “It hurts to even think about you not being with me. But I don’t want you to stay with me because you feel burdened by my feelings, but because you love me. Knowing that you stayed because of guilt or pity, that would hurt more than just letting you go. If being with me only makes you unhappy, you might even come to resent me and that’s the last thing I want.”

    His voice had a slight tremble to it. He brought his hands up to cover his eyes, apologizing. You wanted to do something, but you weren’t sure what you could do to comfort him.

    “Don’t apologize, I understand. Let’s… just try to live life in the moment and instead of worry about what could happen in the future, we can try to make the best of the present.” Maybe your words were a little hypocritical, but you would try your damndest to live up to them. Haknyeon sniffles and nods at your words, still covering his eyes. He inhales deeply.

    “I’m okay I’m okay.” You weren’t sure if he was saying that to you or himself. He rubs at his eyes then pulls his hands away and tries to give you a reassuring smile. This was a truly pitiable man.

    “Alright alright, let’s stop being so depressing right now. Um, question. I’ve been wondering how you were able to avoid me so easily?” This is a little more light-hearted, right?

    “Oh, well you are a pretty deep sleeper, and I figured out your sleeping schedule a long time ago, well at least when you aren’t working.”

    “What about the shower?”

    “We have showers at the dance studio, so I would just take a bunch of clothes.”

    “So sneaky.” You say playfully while pouting your lips.

    “Hey, I’m about as sneaky as you.”

    “I feel like that doesn’t really help your case.”

    “...Touche. You are pretty sneaky too.”

    “Oh my goodness, before I forget! My parents are coming over tomorrow around noon, sorry for not telling you.”

    “Oh actually, your mom texted me and told me.” You give him an inquisitive look.

    “Are you close with my parents?”

    “Not to brag but they kinda love me.” Haknyeon displayed a smug smile on his face.

    “Ha, really now? We’ll have to see about that.” You yawned after those words. You weren’t too tired yet, but you figured it’s better to sleep now and wake up early, to get the house in order, for your parents' visit. “I think I’m gonna go crash now. I need to wake up early and clean up the house a little bit before my parents come.”

    “I can help you then.” You smiled at the offer.

    “Thanks.” You stood up stretching in place, needless to say between the two of you sleeping together in the same bed was a little too intimate, though you still felt bad about making him sleep on the bed all this time. I’ll make it up to him soon! “Also, if you didn’t get to eat yet there are still some leftovers in the fridge.”

    “I ate before I got here.” Courtesy of Hyunjae, he thought food would cheer Haknyeon up and give him a little more time to think.

    “Mh, Good night then.” You got out of his way so he could take the couch.

    “Goodnight, y/n.” You were comforted by the gentle smile he showed you. Maybe we can make this work. You turned your back to him going upstairs to your room. Plopping yourself on the bed, you moved around making yourself comfortable, pulling the blanket over you.

    Sleep did not take long to come to you, but it wouldn’t be peaceful.

    You jolted awake with a sharp intake of breath. You could only be thankful that the nightmare wasn’t related to that incident. Fully awake now you felt hyper-aware of everything. The hum of the a/c and rustling of the leaves blowing in the wind, the shadows that danced across the room walls from the window, and how small you felt in this big bed.

    You check your phone for the time, 1:26 a.m., and decided that you couldn’t sleep up here tonight. Sitting up and moved closer to the big window, looking out into the living room where you saw Haknyeon sleeping cramped on the couch. Crawling out of bed you take the comforter and your phone with you. You didn’t have any intention of waking Haknyeon up, seeing and hearing the presence of another person around you was enough to calm you down. You quietly laid the blanket out close to the couch.

    Laying in one half you use the other half to cover your body. It wasn’t as comfortable as the bed, but you felt better as you listened to Haknyeon’s soft breathing. You take a deep breath and close your eyes, relaxing, letting yourself slowly fall back to sleep.


    Haknyeon turned on the couch, well, as much as he could. Moving positions was a hassle and tended to wake him up for a bit. After turning he laid there for a few seconds then let a deep sigh through his nose out, restroom. Shifting up he gets off the couch, eyes almost closed as he tries to make his way to the restroom. He didn’t expect to trip and fall on the ground, completely waking him from his stupor.

    “Owww.” A groan came out from the object he tripped on and out popped, y/n’s head from under the blanket, sending a frown to Haknyeon. He squints his eyes trying to focus on you, making sure he isn’t still dreaming. His eyes went wide when he realized you were actually there and he scrambled to his feet, going to your side.

    “Oh my God, honey, uh, y/n, I’m sorry!” Well, you were fully up again, and it didn’t feel like you got any more sleep.

    “It’s whatever, I’m fine,” you say with a pout. Haknyeon could tell he upset you and he felt terrible. Who wouldn’t be upset about being kicked while sleeping, even if it was an accident? “Are you okay?”

    “Huh, oh yeah, I think so.” He smiled apologetically at you. It was an accident so you couldn’t stay mad especially when he looked at you like that.

    “Why did you wake up?” Haknyeon wondered why that was important right now, but he still answered you.

    “I needed to use the bathroom.”

    “Go then.”


    “Go. I’ll still be here when you get back.” You looked like you accepted your fate of getting little sleep tonight. Haknyeon left for the bathroom and you sat up, uncovering yourself. You take the comforter and spread it across the floor. You go to get the pillows left in your room, bringing them downstairs.

    The living room still bathed in darkness, you made your way back to the makeshift bed, placing the pillows a reasonable distance from each other. Taking one spot, you lay back down waiting for Haknyeon. When he comes out of the bathroom he sees you laying there looking off to space.

    "What's going on? Why did you come down here?" He says as he walks up to your laying body and looks down at you.

    "I had a nightmare…"

    "Do you want to talk about it?"

    "No, I'm fine and don't worry it wasn't about that. I was just a little scared to sleep alone after it…" Okay, that was way more embarrassing to say out loud than I thought.

    "And what about that?" He points at the pillow next to yours.

    "Well, I was hoping that you would keep me company and I figured that the floor would be better than our small couch. You don't have to sleep like a sardine over here." The last part sounded like you were trying to convince him, which sounded a little funny to him.

    "Are you sure? This is like the same as sharing a bed isn't it?"

    "No, it's not, we're on the floor. Plus my pillow is here and yours is over there, they aren't exactly next to each other." The mental gymnastics you went through to try and differentiate the two. Haknyeon wouldn't argue it if you were comfortable with it.

    "Alright, let me get some blankets." Haknyeon goes to the small storage closet and pulls out two blankets. Walking back he takes the spot across from you, handing you a blanket and awkwardly laying down. "Can you not fall asleep?" You both cover yourselves.

    "Hmm, I think I was asleep for a while, but then there was the nightmare. After that, it took me a long time to fall asleep. Then you woke me up, but it honestly felt like I didn't even get an extra second of sleep. So, I feel like I'm completely awake right now."


    "It was an accident, I forgive you." You turn your body to the side facing Haknyeon. "Anyways, can we talk for a bit? If you're tired it's fine, we don't have to."

    "Lucky you. I also happen to be very awake right now. What did you want to talk about?"

    "I don't really know much about you. Tell me about yourself."

    "Be more specific."

    "Uh, like your favorite color or your hobbies." Haknyeon smiled, these questions were like basic first date questions. He answered your questions thoughtfully, both of you having moments where you went on long tangents, hours passing you both by without notice. The sun starts to peek through the horizon, making the room brighter little by little, going unnoticed as you both happily chat with each other.

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