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    30.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Oh god I just now checked out the album versions and-

    Kick version 🤤🤤🤤

    #❄ talks#tbz#the boyz #the other two also look good #but i dont like pink that much so it was automatically not to be chosen #but still #im losing my marbles #UGHHHH #praying when i get it that ill pull at least one of my biases #options are chanhee #changmin#sunwoo#Younghoon#jacob#and hyunjae #but i defo wouldnt complain if i got someone else #everyone else is a strong bias wrecker anyways so 🦦 #bye i wont live in peace for once huh #dbm.txt
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  • letteredwings
    30.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    18:27 | TBZ Jacob x GN reader, vampire au, fluff, no warnings, .w.c 1.1k+

    You run down the street with summer rain showering you. It would be just your luck to get caught in it, though the smile on your face gives away to your childish side that you find it fun, being caught in the downpour. 

    Thought your trainers are starting to squelch and your clothes stick to your skin, the mute colour of the sky and the warmth the season brings being washed away by the cool drops does nothing to deter the giddiness you feel as you continue jogging to your destination about five minutes away now— 

    Your breath catches in the back of your throat, trapped, when you're abruptly picked up and you have no time to comprehend the way you zoom through the street, your surroundings beyond a blur until you stop mere seconds later in front of glass doors, now under the jungle green awning of your workplace. 

    Blinking away the dizziness you manage to focus on Jacob who's smiling down at you, obviously pleased with himself.

    "I feel sick."

    His smile disappears and his expression transitions from concerned to guilty when he realised it's his fault. Wincing, he carefully helps you to your feet, hands under yours in case you lost balance. "Sorry… I keep forgetting you're not used to that…"

    Your lips twitch into a smile and playfully you push against his shoulder (though it doesn't budge him at all). "You ruined my trip in the rain." You mock sadness. He sees right through it of course, a playful glint in his eyes when he bends slightly as if to pick you up again and says "shall I take you back then?"

    He smiles when you're laughter meets the melody of the raindrops hitting the floor. "Don't you dare." 

    Then you turn to open the cafe door, holding it open for him. He softly thanks you and you smile at him before leaving to head upstairs. Jacob follows your lead and he's half tempted to pick you up and race up the stairs when you purposefully move slowly, catching your not so quiet snickers. He pokes your leg and you squeal a giggle, finally moving up the steps faster. 

    Thankfully there are towels for you to dry off with before you change into your work clothes before the start of your shift. Jacob gets two out from the overhead cupboard, slinging one around his neck, turning to you where your hands already reaching out to take it. But he grins, brown eyes soft even moreso under the sunlight hitting them and melting them down into liquid chocolate when he avoids your hands and slings it around your neck himself, gentle when he uses his grip on the ends to pull you slightly forward, closer into his personal space.

    He keeps smiling down at you when he uses the towel to wipe away the droplets of water on your face, careful in his movements, making sure to dry behind your ears and down your neck. You can't believe he's smiling so sweetly when surely he can hear the turmoil he's putting your heart through. 

    Your throat is dry by the time he decides to leave you to it, biting his bottom lip when he tells you he'll see you downstairs, the sound of your heart like that of a deep bass track playing through speakers in the middle of the night. 

    Fully changed, you head downstairs with three minutes to spare before the start of your shift. 

    Since it's an evening shift, everything is already set up. The only thing to do is make sure tables are cleared and there's enough stock out front and of course to keep serving your customers.

    Though when you reach the bottom step you're distracted (as you usually are) by Jacob. 

    He's taken his usual Friday spot up on stage, guitar resting in his lap. This time his friend Eric has joined him. You lean against the wall, folding your arms with your head tilted and a soft smile.

    "This one goes out to a person who is very special to me. They always have a smile on their face, but I know they're filled with worries, like many of us. And they're one of the hardest working people I know. With this song I hope that I can bring them some comfort and that maybe they'll also let me ease their worries." His eyes find yours, they would always find yours even in the even chaos of crowds, and he smiles.

    His fingers strum against his guitar and soon his soft voice has the entirety of the cafe under the hypnosis of its charm.

    This sleep hormone that's coming one by one for 6 hours // I'll meet you in my dreams for a while. 

    Violet over blue, close your eyes and feel it too // my body receives a signal, take a peak and do whatever you want.

    If I can see you, I won't be needing any light. // escape from reality and into my head. 

    Your ribcage closes in around your heart, making the muscle squeeze tighter in apprehension, in a lost awe at the sound of his voice, eyes unable to leave his drawn low and brows squinted together in focused passion. 

    His voice bleeds like it's own warmth into your skin, securing you in the comfort of it as you continue to listen and by the time he finishes you don't even realise that you're eyes have closed to focus on the sound and be carried away by it. 

    Jacob thanks everyone for listening to the first song, assuring they won't have to wait long for the next. He then thanks Eric for coming today, patting his shoulder, but then his focus retrains on you.

    Hopping off the stage, the short distance feels like a mile with how leisurely he walks toward you, but then he's finally in front of you and you're speechless. 

    "So?" He says. 

    "So, what?"

    He rolls his eyes, smiling. "What did you think?"

    Biting your lip, you look down in sudden shyness. "It was pretty. I always tell you your voice is nice… you did good."

    He's quiet for a moment, just listening to the way your heart thuds with the power of a thunderstorm, beating fast and hard within your chest. 

    Something he's noticed has happened more frequently around him in the last couple of months. 

    "So, will you?" 

    You look up at him now, confusion filling your eyes. "Will I what?" 

    He smiles, stepping closer and the action makes you sharply inhale, head moving back and thudding against the wall from the sudden movement. 

    "Let me help to ease your worries?" He asks quietly, the softness of his voice a caress to your ears, a gentle secret to be told to your heart it feels like. 

    Swallowing, you will yourself to keep eye contact. "How?" 

    He grins now, shrugging. "We could start with a date."

    "A date?"

    "A date." He nods.

    The thought brings a smile to your lips before you can process it and that's when you give you own nod. "A date." 

    #this one cute 🥺 also i adore his voice and love melatonin #kdiner#kwritersworldnet#deobiwritersnet#ficscafe #jacob bae scenarios #jacob bae fluff #the boyz fluff #the boyz scenarios #tbz fluff#tbz scenarios
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  • inaccurate-tbz
    30.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Kevin: would you rather be feared or loved?

    Jacob: easy. both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.

    #tbznetwork#the boyz #the boyz memes #incorrect the boyz #incorrect the boyz quotes #incorrect tbz texts #incorrect tbz quotes #incorrect tbz #the boyz kevin #the boyz jacob #tbz
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  • yourjaylaks
    30.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    “Jacob!” Y/N whined as she followed her boyfriend through the park, slowly. “Where are we going?” When Jacob first came to her, holding a blindfold, Y/N was excited. She loved surprises, but after an hour of being blindfolded, Y/N had about enough of it. She whined louder when Jacob stayed quiet. “Jacob, I’m begging you, please tell me where you are taking me.” Y/N yelped when Jacob came to an abrupt stop, effectively causing her to run into him. “Ow,” she muttered, rubbing her chin with the hand that wasn’t being held by him.

    “Okay,” she heard him say as he let her hand go. “Annnnnnnd, you can take it off now.” Y/N finally ripped the blindfold off and scrunched her eyebrows together in confusion. There was nothing in front of her. Jacob wasn’t there. No one else was there. It was completely silent, the sound of the birds chirping the only thing present. Y/N heard a cough and when she turned around, she sucked in a breath, her hand flying up to cover her mouth which was wide with the shock. Before her was Jacob, smiling as he knelt down on one knee, a ring in front of her. Jacob’s smile grew as he gazed up at her. 

    “I did want to write you a song,” he started off chuckling. “But I sing all the time. I figured this time I would tell you in words.” Y/N dropped her hands, smiling like there was no tomorrow. “Meeting you was the best thing to ever happen to me Y/N. I love you. I love your smile. I love your eyes. I love the person that you are. And above all, I love our story. I love how we met. I love how we laugh at the same thing. I love how we find comfort in each other. I love it so much because as each chapter passes, you make me fall in love with you over and over again and I never want to stop feeling like that. So, Y/N L/N, will you marry me and let me love you even more than I already do?” Y/N was at a loss for words after his confession. His words were more than enough and in that moment, Y/N wondered what she did to get so lucky with a man like him.

    “Yes,” she whispered. “It’s always going to yes.” Jacob’s eyes lit up at he rose to his feet and slipped the ring onto her finger, cupping her face as he brought her lips to his. Y/N’s kissed Jacob many times before, but this kiss was her favorite. Jacob pulled back but kept his arms around her, keeping her enclosed in his space. “If that was you with words, god knows what you would have done with a song?” she said, her voice light and jovial. Jacob kissed the tip of her nose, smiling.

    “Don’t tempt me Y/N. I will break into a song right here.” Y/N laughed, throwing her head back, her hair flailing in the wind. 

    “I’ve got a lifetime to tempt you now, what’s the rush.”


    #the boyz#tbz#TBZ#jacob bae#jacob #jacob x reader #jacob x y/n #jacob fluff
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  • stealanity
    30.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    the boyz's reaction to sharing a bed with their s/o/crush for the first time

    genre : fluff
    request : Hi there!! 🤍 Can I request how The Boyz would react to sharing a bed with the reader for the first time? (As s/o or as just friends who like each other lol) Thank you❣🥰

    ✩ sangyeon !

    at first he's shy

    you guys have been dating for a few months now

    and this is the first time you go to sleep together

    you finally have a week's vacation just for you two

    so he's glad he can finally sleep with you in his arms

    when you are ready to go to bed

    you look so tired with your sleepy little eyes

    sangyeon felt his heart race, because of your cuteness

    so he slipped into bed, pulling you into his arms, and all his shyness flew away

    he couldn't take his eyes off you

    « sweet dreams my love. »

    ✩ jacob !

    he's so happy

    the first time he can sleep with you

    you spent the evening outside on a romantic date

    a fancy restaurant, a walk under the stars, hand in hand

    and when you got home, you offered him to sleep at your place

    so you changed into more comfortable clothes

    before slipping into your bed

    he didn't need to say anything that you slipped into his arms

    ready to spend the best night in your boyfriend's arms for the first time

    ✩ younghoon !

    he is not shy but he is not serene either

    he knew it would happen eventually

    but he is afraid to make a crooked movement

    so it is not him who initiates the idea, he just waits for you to offer to sleep with you

    and this day is finally coming

    he's excited about it but he tries not to show it

    but his big shy smile betrays him <3

    guiding him to your bedroom by pulling on his hand

    you quickly invite him to jump on your bed with you

    what he does

    and you take the opportunity to slip against him, your head resting against his chest

    he is sure you can hear his heart pounding

    ✩ hyunjae !

    a TEASE

    he's not your boyfriend, but you guys behave like he is

    so one day, on vacation with him and friends

    your best friend scheming to take you a room together with just one bed

    what a cliché

    anyway, hyunjae is more than happy to be able to sleep with you

    it's the first time, but he's not shy about it at all

    because he knows he will be able to annoy you even more this way

    but he didn't expect your first night to start with a pillow fight

    and he didn't expect you to fall on top of him

    your little battle was over when you heard the people in the next room knocking on the wall

    causing you two to go off in endless laughter

    after a few long minutes of talking, you end up falling asleep in each other's arms

    ✩ juyeon !

    listen, juyeon is slow

    he doesn't understand right away when you, his crush

    tells him that you will have to sleep together because of the lack of space

    and when he finally reacts, he opens his eyes big like « really? »

    he just nods

    because he doesn't really care

    despite the fact that he will think about it all evening until the time comes

    when you both walk to your room

    your hand hanging on his

    he follows you silently until you two are lying in your bed

    and that's when you slip into his arms

    your tired face falling asleep against his chest

    and his hand mechanically stroking your hair

    a smile spreads on his lips

    looking at your peaceful face while you sleep

    ✩ kevin !

    at first, he doesn't understand

    i mean, he understands but

    he's like « what are you talking about dummy? »

    so you have to tell him that he is going to have to sleep with you tonight because the guest room will not be free

    he is your boyfriend but you have never slept together before because your parents disagreed

    but tonight some friends of theirs are going to occupy the guest room, so kevin is going to have to sleep in your bed

    with you

    he was stressed all evening

    knowing your dad was watching him with killer eyes

    but once in your bedroom

    after a long loving kiss, hide from other people's eyes

    he feels much more relaxed and confident

    until the point of throwing himself on your bed with you, instantly pulling you into his arms

    ending up falling asleep in each other's arms watching a movie

    ✩ chanhee !

    he was shy about it at first

    but he pretended he didn't care then

    even though his heart was beating surprisingly fast in his chest

    he wasn't actually shy, he was just extremely respectful

    he was afraid that you would be embarrassed, since you were not in a relationship

    even though he knew you had a crush on him, which was mutual

    so he asked you several times if you were perfectly okay with sleeping with him

    and you could clearly see the worry on his face

    which made him extremely cute

    so to reassure him, you took him in your arms

    assuring him that there was no problems

    that you were totally okay with sleeping with him

    and he felt much better

    your words meant the world to him

    and your reassuring hand which clung to his, flew all his thoughts

    he was going to have a good night's sleep filled with sweet dreams

    ✩ changmin !

    he is caught between two moods

    excitement, because it's the first time he's going to sleep with you

    apprehension, because he is afraid of being too clingy

    not like you don't like it when he's clingy

    with your friends, you decided to all sleep together in the living room, to watch some movies

    and you absolutely wanted to share your mattress with changmin, not with someone else

    and he could only accept, seeing your cute face begging him

    so you spent the evening hanging on to each other

    your fingers playing mechanically with his

    your head on his shoulder, until you almost fall asleep

    and that's when everyone decided to sleep, taking a seat on their mattress

    and changmin could feel his heart pounding as you hugged him

    the room darkened, like no one could see you

    your face nestled in the crook of his neck and your hand hanging on the edge of his t-shirt

    he felt so happy, but so excited that he had a hard time falling asleep

    ✩ haknyeon !

    hak is like « okaaay? » with a nervous laugh

    because yea, he's your boyfriend

    but it's the first time he's going to share a bed with you

    not as if he didn't like the idea

    just because it was a new stage in your relationship

    so before coming to your place, he has prepared everything he needs to make the evening go well

    checking his bag several times so as not to forget anything

    but since when was he so stressed?

    you immediately noticed something unnatural in the way he smiled

    so you asked him to explain to you what tense him this much

    and he finally explained to you that he wanted your first night together to go well

    feeling your heart melt under his words, you hastened to reassure him by hugging him

    leaving sweet kisses on his cheeks

    haknyeon now felt more confident, ready to have a good night's sleep in your arms

    ✩ sunwoo !

    sunwoo was your roommate

    having a problem in your shared apartment, you now had to sleep in a hotel room for a few days

    bad luck, there was only one room left with a single bed for both of you

    at first he suggested that he will sleep on the chair

    but you refused, knowing that you were going to stay here for a while

    so he gave up the idea of ​​the chair

    and secretly, he was happy to be able to sleep with his crush

    and you were pretty happy to be able to sleep with your crush

    so when it was time to sleep, sunwoo felt his heart beat faster

    and you slipped into the sheets, with him

    the room being quite cold, you got cold quickly, which he noticed

    so hesitantly, he slips his arms around you to pull you against his warm body

    « i could get used to it, you know? »

    your words made him blush

    just kissing your forehead wishing you good night

    ✩ eric !

    baby is shy

    but not that much

    you've known each other for a long time, it was bound to happen

    and he doesn't care

    because he will be able to hug you all night long

    using as an excuse that you are his living blanket

    not to bother you by the way

    because cuddling eric was one of your favorite hobbies

    so he looked rather confidant even though his heart was racing in his chest

    obviously, you had already spent evenings in each other's arms, with a few kisses here and there

    but sleeping together was something else

    so when you both found each other in your bed

    you had to get closer to him yourself

    placing a soft kiss on his cheek to reassure him

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  • yukheijoy
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    crazy for them~

    notes | hyung line, yandere au, violence

    requested? | yes


    sangyeon looked down at you with wide eyes when you swore at another girl that was flirting with him
    you proceeded to pull his arm and drag him out of the area
    sangyeon couldn’t help but chuckle, much to your irritation
    “what’s so funny? do you like it when other girls flirt with you?!” “no no baby, not at all. i think it’s so cute when you want to keep me to yourself.” he smiled
    he pushed your hair back and kissed your forehead, letting you lean into his arms
    sangyeon smirked to himself, satisfied that you wanted him just as he wanted you


    “angel, please calm down.” jacob sighed softly, taking your hand in his
    “but she was hitting on you in front of me! i’m upset!” you angrily replied, feeling as if jacob didn’t care
    jacob just frowned and squeezed your fingers, “i only have eyes for you angel, you know that.”
    you just grumbled, “you better.” and jacob pulled you into his embrace, pressing gentle kisses to your face
    within minutes, you finally calmed down and jacob smiled, “all better?”
    you nodded in reply and jacob scooped you up in his arms, “good, let’s go get something to eat, okay baby?”


    younghoon flinched back in shock when you tackled a girl to the ground and began slapping her
    he managed to somehow pick you up and drag you away
    “why did you do that?” younghoon seemed worried instead of angry or afraid, you had never snapped like that before
    “she was staring at you! i don’t like other girls looking at someone who belongs to me.”
    younghoon just nodded slightly and took you home to bandage your hands
    the entire time, he just stared at you, with a grateful smile on his face


    hyunjae grabbed your waist and pulled you back into your seat
    “uh-uh, where do you think you’re going?” he quirked an eyebrow at you
    “i wanna go tell that bitch over there to wink at someone else.” you sharply replied
    jaehyun threw his head back laughing before kissing your neck
    “she wishes she could pull me, you know you’re the only person in my life.” he reassured you
    hyunjae cherishes that for the rest of the week, the feeling of you slowly growing to obsess over him felt great
    #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #tbz reactions #the boyz reactions #yandere the boyz #yandere tbz#sangyeon imagines #jacob bae imagines #younghoon imagines#hyunjae imagines
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    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    jacob behind photos from their “drink it” mv 🍷
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    chapter eight: greece

    summary: you were looking for some sort of outlet to find yourself away from home as people would often say ‘when in rome’. however maybe the cute singer that you stumbled upon one day at the local cafe in rome could distract you with something to cheer you up and find yourself again.

    taglist: @vibecheckvernon @catboyeatr @sunwoowuvbot @sanshiine @gretzelle17 @moonlightgrlkev @parfaitz @banhmi07 @allyg-onz @mimaisiomai @seventeeneration @softforqiankun @caralice @fabshua @deobi-pabo @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @glxwingstar @anjcia @bat-shark-repellant @escapewriter @artfulbarnes @sunwoosideup @younggwingss @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @viastro @mahalau @strawr @shionwrites @dancingddays @deputyjuyeon @bloom-bloom-pow @mochibabycakes @17scheol @misavenue @nlnkm @yeongwvnhi @180cmhyunjae @juhakfeedzz @404-incorrect @lisfangirl @woooooooosh8 @chefmingyu @softyfor-sweaterpaws @cuppasunu @morauvmi @yunkiwii (want to be added to the taglist for a specific member, story or the entire series? click here or send an ask/dm to be added!)

    cannot tag: @etherealbyeol @dazzlinggirl25 @unicornlay278 @enterdolphinscream @svteencarat @seungminimini @linnyboo12 @taegurl-ne @kebluver @yiuwan @givememunjang

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    #deobirevival ♡ week 5: favorite lyrics — birdcage, jacob bae

    #the boyz#jacob#tbzinc#tbznetwork#deobirevival#kpopgfxnetwork#jacob bae#mgroupsedit#idolsincedits#tbz #jacob the boyz #*gifs#*gfx#*jacob #rue.dr #*tbz #IDEK WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DO OKAY #i opened ps and went like okay bish let's not skip this week when you are either way wasting time and this turned up <3333 #show this some love your girl doesn't normally do gfx because she has no idea what to do soooo... #love how both the times I've done gfx ever it's for this boy here <333
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    jacob 🖤
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    ★. .⁺ 。゚‧ ∗ ## ໒ ׁ⸼더보이즈, pt.2 ‹3

    ✰ headers made by me ✰

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    210728 8:07 a.m.


    [1-3] [4-6] [7-9]

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