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    pairing: lee juyeon x fem!reader

    genre: vampire au, slight angst, smut

    warnings: arguing, profanities, use of pet names, degrading, rough sex, tits/pussy slapping, handcuffs, fingering, spanking, hair pulling, orgasm denial, creampie (lmk if i missed anything)

    word count: 1.5k

    description: upset that juyeon comes home before dawn almost everyday, leaving you desperate and frustrated (emotionally and physically), you decided to stay up late and wait for him, only to find out what he really was.

    requested by anon - here!

    Taking another sip of red wine from your glass, you sighed for the hundredth time, looking at the clock as it read; a quarter past three. It was still dark outside. Only the howling wind and empty streets were seen and heard.

    You stood up, tightening the rope of the red silk robe you were wearing around your waist as you looked out of the window in your room, hoping for your boyfriend to show up soon.

    Juyeon was always clingy ever since you both started dating a few months ago. He would do everything with you. However, you started waking up every night to an empty space beside you on the bed.

    You ignored it at first, assuming that he’s just downstairs, getting something to drink, or taking a walk outside since you noticed that he really loved the nighttime. Juyeon would even force you to go on late-night walks with him, well, rarely.

    But this went on for weeks, and you would even catch him sneaking inside your bedroom at dawn, slipping beside you on the bed, pretending to be asleep. you couldn’t help but overthink whether he’s seeing someone else and cheating on you.

    Sighing once again, feeling exhausted, you turned around to get in bed already but was shocked to find Juyeon standing by the door. “hey baby... why are you still awake?” He sounded somewhat nervous.

    “why am I still awake?” You scoffed, feeling your anger and frustration rise. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you’ve been missing every night since... a few weeks ago?” Juyeon was taken aback by your sudden outburst, not knowing what to say.

    “I don’t even have a clue as to what you’re doing all those times!” Juyeon sighed, trying his best to stay calm as he brushed his hair back. “baby, I don’t want to talk about this right now. I’m tired, so plea—“ you cut him off.

    “why are you tired? are you fucking another woman? huh? are you cheating on me? are you tired of me?” you raised your voice as you let your emotions get the best of you. Juyeon’s eyes darkened, “oh so, you think I’m out fucking?”

    He took a step towards you. His jaw tightened, making you gulp. You were caught in surprise when he slammed you on the wall, “do you really want me to show you what I do every night?” his voice was dark and low, a tone that shows how angry he was.

    You loved how riled up he was right now, so you took this as a chance to rile him up more, “what? are you gonna show me how you fuck other woman?” you stared up at him, giving him a smirk that soon faded away as you saw his red eyes.

    “cat got your tongue, kitten?” Juyeon was now the one smirking, his fangs showing. You didn’t know how to respond. Should you be scared? excited? happy? that your boyfriend was suddenly a vampire? you don’t know. You didn’t even know if it was real, maybe it was just your imagination.

    “y-you’re a v-vampire..” you mumbled, still in shock as you traced your fingers over his fangs, feeling its sharpness. You somehow found it hot.

    “now kitten, give me one reason to stop myself from fucking you until you start begging and crying,” his grip on your hips tightened.

    You whimpered, closing the gap between your legs, suddenly feeling hot and needy by how Juyeon looked. He leaned down, face only a few inches from yours, teasing you as juyeon stared from your lips to your eyes, giving you another smirk.

    “I don’t think you deserve—“ Juyeon wasn’t able to finish his sentence as you suddenly pulled him into a kiss, but he pulled away, “well well, looks like someone’s about to get punished.”

    Juyeon picked you up, placing his hands under both of your thighs before throwing you on the bed, his fangs still on display, eyes flashing bright red.

    Juyeon hovered over you, ripping the robe off your body, seeing you wearing a set of red lace lingerie that matched your robe.

    Juyeon grabbed your breasts with both hands, slapping it and pinching your nipples. His hands suddenly went down to your clothed core, making you squirm.

    You tried to put your hands on your breasts, only to be stopped by Juyeon, “no touching baby.” You mewled from the feeling of Juyeon’s hands leaving your body, getting up from the bed to get a red furry handcuff.

    Juyeon held your hands together on top of your chest before cuffing them, “there. much better,” he teased. Juyeon took his shirt off, revealing his perfectly toned body.

    Continuing with what he left earlier, he completely took the lingerie off your body. Juyeon started rubbing your clit, slowly sliding down your hole before inserting two fingers, making you gasp at the sudden feeling.

    “shit! J-juyeon..” you cried out, bucking your hips, but Juyeon held you down, stopping you from moving. He added a third finger while his thumb went to your clit. Your moans and whines filled the room as you felt your orgasm getting near.

    Sensing that you were close, Juyeon withdrew his fingers. “if you want to cum, I want it to be on my dick baby, so be patient.”

    “get on all fours,” you quickly turned around, ass facing Juyeon, letting out a yelp when you felt a slap on your ass, “fuck, I can just slip my cock inside with how wet you are right now.” another slap landed on your other cheek.

    “Juyeon, please just fuck me already...” you desperately wiggled your ass in front of him, earning another slap instead. “I said be patient, didn’t I, babygirl?” you cried out as he spanked you again.

    Juyeon made you count his spanks until he was satisfied with your red, almost bruised ass. You heard him shuffling, followed by his pants hitting the ground.

    He massaged your ass with one hand while the other stroked his hard cock that was already leaking with pre-cum. You moaned, feeling Juyeon’s tip on your entrance.

    “is this what you want, kitten?” you gave out a desperate nod, followed by a faint ‘yes’ as Juyeon continued to tease you by rubbing his cock on you and pushing his tip inside, making you needier.

    Your mouth went agape when Juyeon suddenly slammed into you, burying your face on the pillow while gripping the sheets with your hands still cuffed together.

    "You like this don't you? How my cock ruins your pretty little hole, mhm? kitten?" He grabbed a fistful of your hair in his hands, pulling your head up. "a-ah.. y-yes, fuck!" his grip on your hair was tight enough to make you feel pain, but the pleasure you were feeling right now was much more powerful.

    Juyeon pounded in you at a brutal pace, pushing deep inside you as if almost abusing your hole, unholy noises coming out of your mouths.

    "oh, my g-god! J-juyeon... right there!" your words came out almost strained, feeling Juyeon's dick hit your g-spot repeatedly. The lewd sound of skin slapping and your wet pussy mixed with your moans and grunts, filling the room.

    Juyeon let go of your hair as he held your hips with both hands to keep you steady, pulling out to turn you back around before slamming back into you, holding your thighs up to your chest.

    "are you gonna take all my cum inside you? stuff you up until this little pussy of yours is dripping full of my cum?" he slapped your cunt, making you arch your back.

    "yes p-please, cum inside me.. w-want all of it inside me." Juyeon growled, feeling his cock twitch as his hips snapped, ropes of white seeds coating your walls as he continued bucking his hips into you.

    You let out a high-pitched moan when you felt a coiling tension on your stomach, clenching around Juyeon. "is my dirty little slut about to come?" he cooed, leaning towards your face before kissing you.

    "p-please, let me cum..." you begged as soon as Juyeon pulled away from your swollen lips. "should I? you've been a very bad kitten," he rubbed your swollen clit, making your thighs shake.

    "f-fuck, Juyeon, p-please!" you cried out, desperate for release. “cum on my cock baby, come on.” Juyeon slapped your pussy, making you lose your sanity as your body shook, your liquids coating and dripping down Juyeon’s cock.

    He pulled out carefully, making sure that none of his fluids drips out. You stared at the ceiling, too worn out to even move as you felt Juyeon remove your handcuffs before going to the bathroom.

    He came back, gently cleaning you up with a wet cloth. You stared at him as he wiped your lower body. His eyes and teeth were back to normal.

    Juyeon looked up at you when he finished, putting the wet cloth aside before leaning down to kiss your forehead.

    “Let’s talk later when you wake up, okay? I know this was a lot to take in. Get some rest first.” You nodded, eyes already closing as you drifted off to sleep.

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  • sftwrmfics
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    series: get away (teaser)

    Pairing: Juyeon x Y/n

    Genres: angst (the more the better), fluff

    Summary: Y/n is a straight-A, honors student who has no time for a relationship. So, when Juyeon, the infamous campus player, starts going after you, you decide to act interested and play along, hoping that this will be done and over with quickly. But things don't turn out the way you hoped they would.

    Word Count: n/a

    Number of Chapters: 15-20?

    Warnings: None, but I literally wrote 70% of this fic in like four hours because I was inspired after reading tons of player!tbz fics haha

    Nobody expected it at all. Not even you.

    How you were currently holding hands with Juyeon during your first date with him was beyond you. But, here you were, doing just that and laughing over the joke he made about the movie that you two were about to watch.

    It all started about a week ago.

    You were cooped up in the library, reviewing notes from your latest lecture while munching one of your favorite candy bars. It was the afternoon, so there were more people here than usual, studying or silently chatting with their friends. However, everyone was pretty much quiet, making it easy to get focused.

    Pretty engrossed in reviewing, you slightly flinched in surprise when a group of boys had entered the library with a fit of laughter. Everyone around you, including yourself, shot the group of three boys looks of annoyance and, immediately, they quieted down, still snickering between themselves as they walked past you and took a seat a few tables behind you.

    Thinking that you wouldn't be able to hear them, you relaxed in your seat. But, your eyebrow twitched when you realized that could you hear what they were talking about, even though they were loudly whispering.

    "Are you still with that girl..." One boy brought up as soon as they sat down. "Uhm... what's her name? Jiyeon? Jisoo?"

    Frustrated, you tried turning further away from them, but, unfortunately, you could still hear them.

    Another boy hummed in thought. "Are you talking about Jiwon?" It seemed like he got a response as he amusedly replied. "Pfft, no, duh. I dumped her, I think, yesterday," the boy questioned, "because she was getting boring."

    You could hear some rustling, shrinking further into the chair.

    "Oooooh, Juyeon, you heartbreaker." The boys joked around and laughed as quietly as they could.

    You had enough as you couldn't focus on your notes. So, you rummaged through your back for headphones and slipped them on, putting the volume up to blast your favorite study playlist, and continued to review your notes.

    #the boyz#juyeon #juyeon x reader #the boyz fanfic #tbz fanfic #the boyz scenarios #tbz scenarios #the boyz imagines #tbz imagines #posting this to show my commitment #let's gooo #this is what i get for not posting in my months when i said that i would
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    dino world domination 2021 i’ve been telling you ALL

    #i can't stop thinking about him #also someone left these tags on my gifset and i think i'll have this tattooed on my forehead <3: #'dino carrying the weight of the kpop industry on his shoulders has made him built like a mf super hero' #godDDD HE!!!!!!! #i was literally giffing when the video came out and i felt like i blacked out not even 5 secs into it JDSJKSDKJSD #DINO AND JEONGHAN??????? HELLO????????????? #now idk what to do w these frames fdjkjkdfdfj maybe i'll make the other sets tmr #anyway.. the fit <3 #THE CONCEPT #ok but most importantly the man he is today <3 #god i'm down so bad help me pleasE #how did they know that was one of my favorite fits AND concepts :/ #when i saw juyeon in a shirt like that i almost punched the air and i dont even stan tbz bUT SEEING DINO IN A SHIRT LIKE THIS??????????????? #ripping my hair out bye #i'm gonna keep the verbal diarrhea to myself now just wanted to remind y'all <3 dino world domination 2021 #mwah #literally the best day of my week happy leo szn <3 #y.txt
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    The Boyz reaction

    you trying to end your life

    pairing: yandere!the boyz x reader

    genre: yandere au, angst

    requested: yes

    warnings: the title says it all, mentions of pills, guns and knives

    Please do not read it if you're not comfortable with it!

    a/n: like the anon suggested, this is a part two of this reaction, but it can be read alone (I think?)

    masterlist 🌸


    the moment he saw you laying on the floor his heart stopped
    he ran to you and rushed to the hospital, he didn't cared about anything else but saving you
    he was praying that it wasn't too late and held your hand the whole time
    as soon as you opened your eyes he hugged you so strongly you almost choked
    "thanks god.. I thought I lost you.."


    he was already worried with you so he kept checking on you every minute
    he went to your room and saw you throwing the pills inside your mouth
    "what are you doing?! spit that out!" he grabbed your face so you wouldn't swallow it
    you never saw him so desperate so you were in shock as much as he was
    you spat it out and he threw the bottle away hugging you tightly
    "oh my god don't do this..."


    he woke up and realised you weren't by his side
    he went to look for you and found you in the bathroom unconsious
    he ran to the hospital fearing it was too late, he was already crying so much he couldn't even talk to the doctor
    "wake up please babe.." he was laying his head by your side, after some hours he felt you moving and he starts crying even harder
    "how could you do this to me?" 


    you were heading to your room and Hyunjae suddenly stops you midway hugging you
    he feels something on your back and takes it to see what it was
    "what the fuck is this?" he says holding the gun looking at you with his eyes wide open
    he will lock it somewhere else so you can't take it again
    "please don't try this ever again"


    he went to your room and found you sitting on your bed opening the medicine bottle
    at first he thought you were just feeling sick but he knew what you actually wanted to do when he looked at your expression
    he ran to you and smacked your hand, dropping all the pills on the floor, he grabbed your shoulders making you stand up and look at him
    "how can you even think about leaving me like this?"
    he keeps staring at you waiting for your response, but since you didn't reacted he just hugged you
    "just because I said I couldn't do it, it doesn't mean you can sweetie"


    he heard the noise of the door opening and he ran after you
    you started running once you were out, going straight into the middle of the street but he pulled you before you could go any further
    "what do you think you're doing? why would you do this?" he said in shock almost yelling at you
    you started crying in his arms, he lowered his tone while caressing your hair
    "is it because I was too rough with you or what?"
    he will be extra careful with you from now on


    you barely got out of your bed so he was really worried about you
    he tried to give you space but at the same time he didn't wanted to leave you alone
    he bought some medicine to you so you could feel better but what he didn't expected was that you would take so many at once
    he quickly stopped you and took it away from you
    "I'll do anything you want.. but please don't do this"


    he realised you were acting weird so he was already on alert
    when he saw you grabbing the knife he already knew what you were trying to do
    he knocked it away from you and held your shoulders
    "if I said I can't kill you is because I can't live without you, did you even thought about me before doing this?!"
    you start crying so he just hugs you "you know I love you more than anything, just stay with me ok?"


    he couldn't find you anywhere in your shared apartment so he went to look you outside
    he remembers what you said to him a few days ago so he looks at the terrace
    his heart was beating so fast when he finally found you
    he calls you making you look at him and he drops on the floor
    "please don't.. don't leave me, I'm begging you please"


    he went to the kitchen and saw you taking a knive, so he thought you were going to cook or something
    but you were so shocked when you saw him, he knew there was something wrong
    "what you gonna do with that?" you can't answer him so you just look away avoiding his eyes
    he approached you and took it from your hand, he caressed your cheeks making you look at him
    "y/n.. if you die I'll die too.. do you want that?"


    he just came back home and went straight to your room
    "drop that! right now!" he yells as soon as he sees you holding the gun
    him yelling startled you and you dropped it more by accident, he took it from the floor and threw on a table far from you sighing
    "what the hell were you thinking?" he yells at you again and you start crying
    he approached you and hugged you
    "I'm sorry.. I didn't wanted to yell at you, I was just scared.."
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    the boyz juyeon layouts - ★ よりボーイズ 🍜

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    23.07.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #to my lovely readers 🤍 #au: a touch of ruin #tbz juyeon
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    Juyeon's memo pad selfies

    #next time he totally disappears from the picture #juyeon#tbz#lee juyeon #the boyz juyeon
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    23.07.2021 - 23 hours ago
    PAIRING ; bf¡sunwoo x fm!reader
    GENRE ; fluff, angst, suggestive (slightly)
    EPITOME ; an argument which lead to you ignoring sunwoo and being stubborn to him giving you sweet commendations
    WARNING(S) ; kissing, just making love but I don’t think it should be a warning,……….what? 🤔

    ‘I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to clean up your mess Sunwoo.’ you huffed out scolding him for the third time today. “I’ve been working all day, I’m exhausted, and I said I was going to pick it up later.”

    ‘You should’ve just picked it up then and there to get it over with!’ you snapped back. “Gosh y/n, calm down I told you I was going to do it, it’s not like it’s harming you in any way!”

    you both were yelling at each other which seemed to have lasted forever until you just walked away, annoyed with Sunwoos actions.

    You go into your office room slamming the door behind you.

    Trying to calm down by doing some of your work, it only seemed to have made you more frustrated, which lead to you silently sobbing in your elbow. you weren’t much of a crybaby but with all the pressure from your boss and the amount of papers you had to finish, you couldn’t help it.

    after a few minutes of you bawling your eyes out, you started to hear footsteps coming towards your way. You quickly wiped your tears from your face and straightened up just in time for Sunwoo to come through the door. He came closer to your seat and hugged you from behind resting his face in your neck.

    “Happy now? I cleaned up” he joked earning only silence. He looked at your face and realized why not even a chuckle came from you. “What’s wrong, berry?” He asked cupping your cheeks placing a kiss on your fluffy lips (´∀`)

    ‘stress..’ you worded out receiving a huff from sunwoo. he grabbed a chair nearby and sat next to you. he looked at you for a few seconds and spoke, “ I’m sorry y/n, I don’t know if it’s me that’s putting this stress on you I really don’t wanna be the cau-”

    ‘It’s not you, it’s my work, I shouldn’t have been slacking off.’ you cut him off fiddling with your fingers.

    “Come here” he motion for you to come sit on his lap grabbing your hips once you sit down. He then wraps his long arms around your torso pulling you into a pampering hug.

    You rested your head on his shoulder and enjoyed his warmth almost drifting off into a deep sleep before his voice beamed through your ears, “what’s that smell? Is that your new shampoo? it smells so good, it smells like, like,….strawberry cheesecake~~~

    🪐: “omg, please don’t come after meee (`_´)ゞ hsshehencjsjsjej, I know I know this oneshot is not really considered good as I can say, but I did try my best. And besides, this is my first writing :) I’ll try to make better stories later on as school is right around the corner ψ(`∇´)ψ so just look out for themmm 🥳

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    210619 SCAR ✦ JUYEON
    #the boyz#tbz#tbznetwork#juyeon#lee juyeon #not my best work but look at boy
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    lee juyeon for dazed korea, august 2021

    #hold the FUCK up #HELLOOOOOOOOOO????????? #SHUT THE FUIDHVIJCLCV SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP THIS IS ICONIC AS SHIT #FUCKING HELL#the boyz#juyeon#dazed korea#magazine#my post #the choices in here are insane I DID THEM ALL #I WAS THE PHOTOGRAPHER THE STYLIST THE MAKEUP ARTIST FOR THIS #are we kidding #the heels im going feral #tbz#tbz juyeon
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    juyeon for dazed korea 🖤 (look at him in heels & the mullet!!! also here are some bonus b cuts from the photoshoot posted by the photographer)
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    lee juyeon for dazed korea

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    reading this junew fic and i just think chanhee u lucky b*tch dndnsnsn THEY'RE SO CUTE I CAN'T (juyeon as a cat dad to 5 pls hold me im crying)

    also i have such a huge soft spot for junew in reality, really one of my absolute favorite pair dynamics in tbz ;-; love how anyone can write that out and pin down those dynamics albeit ofc with a romantic head canon and i think that's even cuter ;o;

    #not a rant #gushing #gushing over junew #fic thoughts#tbz#tbz ship#juyeon#chanhee #tbz has my favorite 98line tbh
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  • mingkii
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Winter Nights ─✎ 이.주연

    𑁍. Lee Juyeon x Fem!Reader
    𑁍. Words: 0.7k
    𑁍. Genre: Angst, break up au (?)
    𑁍. Warnings: mentions of death
    𑁍. Summary: Your ex boyfriend visits you after a while, soaking wet from the cold snow falling, just why your place? Maybe fate wanted to bring you two close again.

    "what in the world"

    "Can I stay over?"



    The person you least expected to be at your doorstep right now, the man you swore you never wanted to see again.

    Lee Juyeon stared blankly at you, waiting to be invited in your home.

    He is in a thin sweater and sweats, you wondered, how is he wearing such thin clothing during a snowy night such as this.

    “Nice pajamas” he chuckled, staring down at your character pajamas.

    You rolled your eyes at his remark, your hands gripping the doorknob. You disliked him, in other words despised him. You hated everything about him. The way his eyes would hold the galaxy, his lips looked so soft they wouldn't compare to a feather but you hated him and it will always stay that way.

    "Please?” his fingers were cold as ice and his nose now looked like a tomato. His voice was now below a whisper, his beanie on the edge of losing its warmth. Even if you would rather jump through a window than stay in the same room with him, you still wouldn't let him freeze to death.

    "Come in" you said in defeat, gesturing to him to enter your apartment room. "go change, i have clothes that should fit you"

    "Do you...do you have a boyfriend?" he asked, a bit puzzled as you helped remove his winter coat. "God no, I just like wearing them when I'm home alone. Now go take a shower i’ll make some soup" he nodded as he left you alone in the living room and into the bathroom. It wasn't the first time Juyeon came into your apartment. It was one of many times but this time was different.

    At Least a few months ago you and Juyeon broke off and just became strangers. It was almost like it was just yesterday when he had left you for a girl he met at a cafe.

    "Y/n," you name was heard from the boy’s lips as he waddled out of the bathroom with an oversized shirt and pajama pants.

    "Here," you patted at the coffee table as you sat down. He followed your steps sitting down in front of you.

    The smile on Juyeon's face grew brightly as he saw the meal waiting for him. It has been awhile since he came over for your homemade soup, breaking contact from each other for a few months and you both haven't talked to each other since. Carefully pouring the hot liquid into the bowl he giggled slightly when the memory hit him.

    When your mother had always made her famous soup when you two were younger she’d always pour the dish into the guest bowl first before any other. The smile on his face quickly faded away. It's been at least 6 years since he had last seen your mother, "y/n" you hummed in response now putting the same liquid into your bowl. "How's your mom?" you placed the bowl down next to you as you continuously stirred the noodles with your chopsticks. "She's okay," you hesitated. and he sure knew it.

    He knows you like the back of his hand, he knows everything about you from your allergies to your weird habits. "y/n"' his voice was now below a whisper as he waited for you to answer.

    "She's dead juyeon." The lump in your throat caused you to almost choke out a sob. "I— I am so sorry, I didn't mean to—" his voice was sorrowful.

    "Is there anything you need?" 'yes and it's you' you thought. A sigh left your lips, slapping your cheeks lightly.

    "I'm fine" you exclaimed and you continued to eat. Juyeon spared a glance at you every once in a while. He had to admit it, you were beautiful. Everything about you was perfect. He hated seeing you around with other guys, how they made you laugh and that he wasn’t the one laughing with you.

    He would be lying if he said that he didn't regret breaking up with you. He would do anything to rewind and start over with you. But he knows how much he broke you and that it'll take time to mend things between you.

    He always wanted to embrace you in a hug but you've both drifted so far apart from each other. "Hey, do you want hot chocolate?"

    But maybe like the ingredients of making the perfect warm chocolate drink you can both swirl as one like the milk and the chocolate mix. with marshmallows of course, keeping each other warm on a cold winter night.

    #❪ 🦋 ❫ ─ drabbles #ficscafe#the boyz#tbz #the boyz juyeon #lee juyeon#juyeon imagines#juyeon scenarios#juyeon angst#tbz angst #the boyz scenarios #the boyz imagines #the boyz angst #lee juyeon x reader #juyeon x reader
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    nyu jyu kyu wink wave !

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  • modeljujae
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    Juyeon in Balenciaga Winter 2021 for Dazed Korea

    #the way he makes these outfits look good!!! #you could put him in any clothes and he would make it work #model ju#lee juyeon#juyeon#tbz#tbz fashion
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  • sunhee-cloud
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    members : lee sangyeon; bae jacob; kim younghoon; lee jaehyun; lee juyeon; moon kevin x gn!reader warnings : my shitty attempt at doing poetry <3 a/n : there's a second part waiting in my drafts ._. i just need to finish haknyeon, sunwoo and eric and i'll post it~ hope you enjoy <3

    SANGYEON warm smiles and proud gazes after every accomplishment - biggest and smallest - and even warmer hugs after long, tiring days. forehead kisses and movie nights whenever his tight schedule allows him to have a day with you. him loving the way you understand his situation and support him no matter what and you adoring the way he still tries to show you his love despite the short time you have together. fancy dates in which he treats you like royalty and play-fights in the car on your way back home. and, oh, the smile you have before letting yourself slip into a peaceful slumber between his arms makes everything worth it.

    unwavering attention as you talk about your insecurities and the sweetest words reminding you as to why you’re still perfect no matter what. trot songs battles when you both fail to find sleep and waking up in the living room to the scent of your favorite meal being prepared. him doing whatever he can just to meet up with you no matter how tight his schedule is after arguments because just can’t allow himself to lose you. and you just can’t refuse him after seeing his strong surface falter down to a much more vulnerable one.

    the proudest look in his eyes after he finally introduces you to the rest of the members and the happiest of smiles you’ve ever got to see when you grow an unbreakable bond with them. ignoring his members teasing him when you become clingier in your sleepy state while having a movie marathon with the rest of the boys. and them adoring the way you care for them and feeling the happiest for their leader. because their leader truly deserved all of your love.

    JACOB fleeting glances from the other side of the room during gather-ups with the rest of the members and shy smiles whenever they playfully call you two lovebirds. holding your hand under the table during dinners with the boyz and feeling his thumb caress your skin from time to time. timid kisses in the morning and long hugs after tough days. having kevin tease you all day, all night but you knew it was out of happiness for his fellow canadian member. him playing the guitar and subtly showing off his skills and cooking snacks you’ve been craving at ungodly hours. and with the way the moonlight hit your face so perfectly, making your features look ethereal, he couldn’t feel anything but lucky.

    thumbs wiping away your tears and having him baby you for hours - sometimes days - when you don’t feel the best. preparing your meals and making sure you ate and took care of yourself while he was at work. feeling giddy inside once he spots you in the practice room, greeting him and the members with snacks and drinks and the loveliest smile he’s ever got to see. him shyly taking your hands in his and apologizing in the softest voice after misunderstandings and you just cannot not accept his apology - not when the weight of the love he holds for you drops onto you when meeting his gaze.

    stargazing dates - in which he stares more at you than at the stars - and game nights with the members that often turn into chaos as he holds you close to him while you laugh at their childishness. him teaching you how to play the guitar and having him laughing at your pouting form when you get it wrong. but how can you stay mad when his hand ruffles your hair and his lips kiss your pout away while offering his angelic smile?

    YOUNGHOON cuddly mornings and sweet words being whispered in your ear when you wake up. and if his schedule doesn’t allow him to stay longer in bed in your company, he leaves little notes all around the house for you to search and read with a wide smile on your face. hugging you tightly against his tall frame after he discovered that you keep his notes in a little box, re-reading them when you miss his warmth and soft voice. cafe dates and indoor ones during which you spend the day baking all kinds of bread and either ending up fighting using flour or spending the evening twirling around the kitchen - sometimes both, as you laugh when he leans down and kisses your flour-covered nose, making him scrunch his own at the powder on his lips.

    not being able to contain his tears as he listens to you opening up about your deepest secrets, tightly holding you against him and trying to shush down your and his cries, kissing your forehead more than you could count. leaving you your favorite home-made bread and an apology note after arguments, running into your arms after you’ve told him that you’ve forgave him and cuddling against your chest all night long, afraid that he’ll lose you. reassuring him that you’ll never leave when he feels that he isn’t spending as much time as he should with you - despite it not being his fault - and kissing his pouty lips and tears away - but he never forgets to send you a long i love you message the next day the moment he has a break.

    hanging out with the bermuda triangle whenever their schedules allows them to, chuckling at hyunjae’s teasing and juyeon’s gullibleness when you play a prank on him. biting back at jaehyun when you see your boyfriend’s flustered expression - but you know his friends don’t want him to be uncomfortable, they’re just so happy for him to have found the person that completes him.

    HYUNJAE loud laughter and playing pranks on each other. having him spinning you around the narrow space in your kitchen, dipping you and pretending he won’t catch you but still does when you’re inches away from hitting the ground - and him starting to act all high and mighty as if he were your knight in shining armor. hearing him giggle between kisses and feeling his smile against your lips and his arms holding you closer, closer, closer. having him teaching you the group’s choreographies and laughing loudly at your failed attempt at copying his move. but, since he refuses to make you upset, he calms his laughter the best he can and comes right behind you, slowly teaching you the moves you struggled with.

    he knows you by heart and quickly notices when something is wrong. him hugging you tightly against his chest as you open up about your struggles and insecurities, voice slightly trembling as he reassures that “i’ll always be here for you, love” and “if i’m not here you can hit me.” arguments with him are the pettiest yet thankfully the shortest - he easily realizes he was being childish and apologizes to you. him cooking your favorite meal as a way to say sorry and how can you refuse him when he looks like an angel, smiling up at you with a rosy hue dusting over his cheeks, eyes almost shining so bright with expectation.

    “protecting” you from the members once he finds the courage to introduce you to them, arms shielding you from the excited eric and the proud jacob. pouting when you don’t give him enough attention, too busy dealing with a loud maknae, and jokingly saying that he’ll stop bringing you to the dorm if it means being ignored for the whole time you’re there. but of course, with a small peck on his cheek and a few reassuring words, he’s back to spoiling you more than you need.

    JUYEON clumsy love confessions in the peaceful silence of the night and shy smiles hidden in the crook of your neck. comparing hand sizes every two minutes just for him to coo at how you are smaller compared to him and how cute your hands were compared to his bigger ones. koala hugs whenever you try to leave your shared-bed a tiny bit earlier than usual and him using all of his weight to drop on top of you after a particularly long, tiring practice. laughing at your failed attempts at trying to look as cool as he did on stage and having him teach you how to be “as cool and as amazing as me,” and hearing him playfully brag about how “i’m the best teacher you could ever have, you know? handsome and talented.”

    bear hugs and awkward yet meaningful reassurances when you open up about your insecurities. thumbs quickly wiping away your tears after arguments as he ignores how his own eyes start to well up with salty droplets, strong arms holding you close against his chest as he apologizes way more times than necessary. shy little pecks on your cheeks and even shyer hands extending towards yours, a small wrapped up apology gift in them. and of course you accept it, a little chuckle falling from your lips as you wrap your giant boyfriend in your embrace.

    countless teasing remarks from the members as he hid himself behind you for them not to see his embarrassed expression. watching you getting closer to them with a little smile on his lips as he felt as if his heart was finally full. his clinginess resurfacing out of nowhere once you two are alone, arms wrapped tightly around you as he nuzzled his face in your neck, finally getting the attention he was impatiently waiting for as you were busy joking around with the members. and, eventually, basking in the warmth of each other’s embrace as you fell asleep, limbs tangled.

    KEVIN inside jokes and knowing smiles making the rest of the members confused. having him teaching you different art styles and snickering at your failed attempts to copy his work. 3am adventures every now and then and watching him getting scolded by his manager a few hours later, not knowing whether you should feel concerned and guilty or laugh at his attempt to keep himself from bursting in laughter. quoting vines and tiktoks while attempting to cook a proper lunch - and surprisingly, it came out good. making funny faces behind the camera whenever he does a vlive and him blaming the other members when he just can’t contain his chuckle.

    loudly supportive boyfriend reminding you about how you’re “the bestest thing that ever happened in my life.” feeling his lips kissing your tears away after tough days and quiet reassurances being murmured against the shell of your ear as he cuddled your body closer to his. finding your favorite snacks sitting on the kitchen counter along with a little drawing of your face next to them and your shy boyfriend timidly wrapping his arms around your waist, asking you to accept his apology after arguments - which you of course accept after playfully scolding him.

    laughter filling the dorm whenever you visit the members and not noticing his fond gaze as he watched you get along with the others. biting back at the members - mainly hyunjae and eric - who teased your boyfriend and hearing him chuckle beside you, his hand discreetly wrapping around yours. and despite being fed up with the members’ teasing, nothing could compare to the feeling of fullness in his heart, and nothing could ever replace it.

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