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  • inaccurate-tbz
    30.07.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Kevin: would you rather be feared or loved?

    Jacob: easy. both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.

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  • stealanity
    30.07.2021 - 22 hours ago

    the boyz's reaction to sharing a bed with their s/o/crush for the first time

    genre : fluff
    request : Hi there!! 🤍 Can I request how The Boyz would react to sharing a bed with the reader for the first time? (As s/o or as just friends who like each other lol) Thank you❣🥰

    ✩ sangyeon !

    at first he's shy

    you guys have been dating for a few months now

    and this is the first time you go to sleep together

    you finally have a week's vacation just for you two

    so he's glad he can finally sleep with you in his arms

    when you are ready to go to bed

    you look so tired with your sleepy little eyes

    sangyeon felt his heart race, because of your cuteness

    so he slipped into bed, pulling you into his arms, and all his shyness flew away

    he couldn't take his eyes off you

    « sweet dreams my love. »

    ✩ jacob !

    he's so happy

    the first time he can sleep with you

    you spent the evening outside on a romantic date

    a fancy restaurant, a walk under the stars, hand in hand

    and when you got home, you offered him to sleep at your place

    so you changed into more comfortable clothes

    before slipping into your bed

    he didn't need to say anything that you slipped into his arms

    ready to spend the best night in your boyfriend's arms for the first time

    ✩ younghoon !

    he is not shy but he is not serene either

    he knew it would happen eventually

    but he is afraid to make a crooked movement

    so it is not him who initiates the idea, he just waits for you to offer to sleep with you

    and this day is finally coming

    he's excited about it but he tries not to show it

    but his big shy smile betrays him <3

    guiding him to your bedroom by pulling on his hand

    you quickly invite him to jump on your bed with you

    what he does

    and you take the opportunity to slip against him, your head resting against his chest

    he is sure you can hear his heart pounding

    ✩ hyunjae !

    a TEASE

    he's not your boyfriend, but you guys behave like he is

    so one day, on vacation with him and friends

    your best friend scheming to take you a room together with just one bed

    what a cliché

    anyway, hyunjae is more than happy to be able to sleep with you

    it's the first time, but he's not shy about it at all

    because he knows he will be able to annoy you even more this way

    but he didn't expect your first night to start with a pillow fight

    and he didn't expect you to fall on top of him

    your little battle was over when you heard the people in the next room knocking on the wall

    causing you two to go off in endless laughter

    after a few long minutes of talking, you end up falling asleep in each other's arms

    ✩ juyeon !

    listen, juyeon is slow

    he doesn't understand right away when you, his crush

    tells him that you will have to sleep together because of the lack of space

    and when he finally reacts, he opens his eyes big like « really? »

    he just nods

    because he doesn't really care

    despite the fact that he will think about it all evening until the time comes

    when you both walk to your room

    your hand hanging on his

    he follows you silently until you two are lying in your bed

    and that's when you slip into his arms

    your tired face falling asleep against his chest

    and his hand mechanically stroking your hair

    a smile spreads on his lips

    looking at your peaceful face while you sleep

    ✩ kevin !

    at first, he doesn't understand

    i mean, he understands but

    he's like « what are you talking about dummy? »

    so you have to tell him that he is going to have to sleep with you tonight because the guest room will not be free

    he is your boyfriend but you have never slept together before because your parents disagreed

    but tonight some friends of theirs are going to occupy the guest room, so kevin is going to have to sleep in your bed

    with you

    he was stressed all evening

    knowing your dad was watching him with killer eyes

    but once in your bedroom

    after a long loving kiss, hide from other people's eyes

    he feels much more relaxed and confident

    until the point of throwing himself on your bed with you, instantly pulling you into his arms

    ending up falling asleep in each other's arms watching a movie

    ✩ chanhee !

    he was shy about it at first

    but he pretended he didn't care then

    even though his heart was beating surprisingly fast in his chest

    he wasn't actually shy, he was just extremely respectful

    he was afraid that you would be embarrassed, since you were not in a relationship

    even though he knew you had a crush on him, which was mutual

    so he asked you several times if you were perfectly okay with sleeping with him

    and you could clearly see the worry on his face

    which made him extremely cute

    so to reassure him, you took him in your arms

    assuring him that there was no problems

    that you were totally okay with sleeping with him

    and he felt much better

    your words meant the world to him

    and your reassuring hand which clung to his, flew all his thoughts

    he was going to have a good night's sleep filled with sweet dreams

    ✩ changmin !

    he is caught between two moods

    excitement, because it's the first time he's going to sleep with you

    apprehension, because he is afraid of being too clingy

    not like you don't like it when he's clingy

    with your friends, you decided to all sleep together in the living room, to watch some movies

    and you absolutely wanted to share your mattress with changmin, not with someone else

    and he could only accept, seeing your cute face begging him

    so you spent the evening hanging on to each other

    your fingers playing mechanically with his

    your head on his shoulder, until you almost fall asleep

    and that's when everyone decided to sleep, taking a seat on their mattress

    and changmin could feel his heart pounding as you hugged him

    the room darkened, like no one could see you

    your face nestled in the crook of his neck and your hand hanging on the edge of his t-shirt

    he felt so happy, but so excited that he had a hard time falling asleep

    ✩ haknyeon !

    hak is like « okaaay? » with a nervous laugh

    because yea, he's your boyfriend

    but it's the first time he's going to share a bed with you

    not as if he didn't like the idea

    just because it was a new stage in your relationship

    so before coming to your place, he has prepared everything he needs to make the evening go well

    checking his bag several times so as not to forget anything

    but since when was he so stressed?

    you immediately noticed something unnatural in the way he smiled

    so you asked him to explain to you what tense him this much

    and he finally explained to you that he wanted your first night together to go well

    feeling your heart melt under his words, you hastened to reassure him by hugging him

    leaving sweet kisses on his cheeks

    haknyeon now felt more confident, ready to have a good night's sleep in your arms

    ✩ sunwoo !

    sunwoo was your roommate

    having a problem in your shared apartment, you now had to sleep in a hotel room for a few days

    bad luck, there was only one room left with a single bed for both of you

    at first he suggested that he will sleep on the chair

    but you refused, knowing that you were going to stay here for a while

    so he gave up the idea of ​​the chair

    and secretly, he was happy to be able to sleep with his crush

    and you were pretty happy to be able to sleep with your crush

    so when it was time to sleep, sunwoo felt his heart beat faster

    and you slipped into the sheets, with him

    the room being quite cold, you got cold quickly, which he noticed

    so hesitantly, he slips his arms around you to pull you against his warm body

    « i could get used to it, you know? »

    your words made him blush

    just kissing your forehead wishing you good night

    ✩ eric !

    baby is shy

    but not that much

    you've known each other for a long time, it was bound to happen

    and he doesn't care

    because he will be able to hug you all night long

    using as an excuse that you are his living blanket

    not to bother you by the way

    because cuddling eric was one of your favorite hobbies

    so he looked rather confidant even though his heart was racing in his chest

    obviously, you had already spent evenings in each other's arms, with a few kisses here and there

    but sleeping together was something else

    so when you both found each other in your bed

    you had to get closer to him yourself

    placing a soft kiss on his cheek to reassure him

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  • simplyadoretheboyz
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    kevin behind photos from their “drink it” mv 🍷
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  • tbznopsd
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    usernames: kebjae kebinjae milkevni moonljae kevnhjae hyunjaekev leejaehkev all the usernames were created by me and in the moment i published them they were all available!! if u use please let me know. like or reblog if you save ♡  

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  • sunlightwoo
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    meet dad!kevin

    pairing: dad!kevin x fem!reader | genre: fluff, dad au | wc: <500

    the chaotic good dad that nobody (everyone) expects to be and is proud of his efforts as a dad

    when your first son, Will, was born he was buffering

    like literally he looked as though he was a buffering screen LOLOL

    but when it kicked in that he was a dad, his ultimate goal was to be the best dad there is

    “i’ll be okay taking care of him don’t worry!!”

    “of course i’m not gonna feed our son ice cream-”

    “kevin he’s literally 2, he can’t.”

    but he knows what he’s doing

    and little will looks out for his dad too, as much as to his knowledge at the fresh out the womb age

    however when your twins, jack and ana are born a while later after will is 2, this is where everything is chaotic

    by the time that all the kids are able to talk, kevin makes sure to play a bunch of disney songs early in the morning to wake them up for school

    like he did w the members in ny with the lion king

    yeah every morning he’s blasting some sort of musical or disney track to start the day

    cute little lunch boxes are made by the both of you and there’s always two handwritten notes that are in everyone’s meal

    one from you and one from him

    and you both also make some for each other also so that it can motivate the other for the day

    it’s honestly so cute and wholesome

    like a bad day? don’t worry mom and dad gotchu

    bad day at work? your soulmate got it

    and there’s always little scribbles too

    but kevin is always down for family town which is always wednesday to uplift everyone’s midweek moods

    and you make sure you all get out of the house every saturday night so you’re not always cramped up in the house doing your work without breaks

    so as chaotic everyone may be in terms of schedules and finding out where everyone else may be

    the moons are always ready to be there for each other when in need and that’s all that matters

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  • jaeismn
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    • 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐮𝐬𝐞/𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞 [🪴] •

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  • yourjaylaks
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Y/N’s lips curled into a smile as her pen danced across the pages of her journal, scratching the paper. Slowly but surely, the pages of her journal had started to become full with the story that Y/N had so carefully constructed. Each line held meaning behind them. Each character was created with thought and love and purpose. Each scene unfolded in a way that only Y/N thought off and as she kept writing, the more she delved into her own little world, closing off any sense of what was happening around her. So when Y/N felt a cold breath on the nape of her neck, her breath hitched in surprise, her eyes wide and her heart beating erratically. But when she realized it was Kevin behind her, her breathing calmed and a sense of relief and comfort washed over her. She hadn’t seen him in almost a month and the fact that he was here, standing before her brought her a sense of joy words couldn’t explain. Throwing her pen down, she jumped up and gave him a hug, wrapping her arms tight around his neck. 

    “How long have you been standing there?” she asked, her voice muffled by the fact that she was burying her face in the crook of his neck. 

    “Not long,” he whispered back, cradling her head. 

    “I’ve missed you.”

    “Me too, sweetheart. Me too.” Kevin set her back down and took a seat by her, his eyes training over her work. Y/N watched him with a curious gaze as his face broke into a smile, his eyes rereading the same line. “Every cell in my body is telling me that you are my happily ever after,” he murmured out loud, looking back up at her. Y/N smiled shyly, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. He reached over and pressed a soft kiss on her lips. “I couldn’t have said it better myself.”


    #the boyz#tbz#TBZ#kevin moon#kevin #kevin x reader #kevin x Y/N
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  • escapewriter
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    part 14 - fred

    Lost Cities : Betrayal

    kevin x reader

    genre : smau, fluff(ish), humor, angst, they’re pen pals :D , strangers to friends, friends to lovers to enemies.

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    ⤷ The only rule of the pen pal organization was that you were never supposed to meet your assigned partner to protect everyone’s safety. However, you learned to love the adrenaline that came with breaking the rules.

    #deobiwritersnet#newskynet#destinyversenet#ficscafe#the boyz #the boyz smau #the boyz social media au #the boyz imagines #the boyz reactions #the boyz scenarios #the boyz kevin #the boyz kevin moon #tbz kevin #tbz kevin moon #kevin moon#tbz#betrayal au
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  • hy5ha
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    sometimes tears work ✔️ like or reblog if use

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    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago
    kevin update: #soon
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  • seongyeonsart
    29.07.2021 - 2 days ago


    pairing: kevin moon x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    warnings: impregnating kink, slight nipple play (pls lmk if i forgot some other stuff), reader is on pills

    word count: 0.5k

    description: kevin does not really like the idea of not being safe but you really wanted to try something new and exciting.

    requested by anon - i accidentally deleted it i’m so sorry (눈_눈)

    You and Kevin had always been very careful and safe when it comes to having sex since being parents at a young age isn’t on your plans yet.

    But today was different. You both wanted to try something new.

    “You’re on your pills, right?” You nodded, kissing Kevin as you laid him down on the couch, hands quickly unbuckling his belt, palming him through his pants.

    “You’re driving me insane, baby.” He bit his lips, watching you take his now erect cock in your hands. “Do I?” You looked at him innocently before licking a stripe on his tip, making him groan.

    “Come here,” he pulled you up, both of you moaning when you felt his dick on your clothed pussy. You were only wearing panties and Kevin’s shirt since it was a Sunday, and you didn’t have any plans to go out.

    He pulled you in another deeper, harsher kiss, squeezing your ass, making you gasp. Kevin pulled your (his) shirt over your head, knowing that you weren’t wearing a bra before throwing it to the floor.

    He started kissing your neck down to your collarbone and sternum while keeping eye contact with you. You bit your lower lip when he suddenly sucked on your nipple, licking and gently biting on it.

    Your hands gripped on his hair as he continued to play with your nipples, massaging your breasts at the same time. Kevin released your nipple with a pop before kissing you once again. His hand went down to your now wet core, rubbing your clit against your panties, making you moan in his mouth.

    "Fuck, you're this wet already?" You nodded, burying your face on his neck, feeling a bit embarrassed. Kevin continued to rub your pussy through the thin fabric of your panties, making you squirm. "Kev, please.." you whimpered on his neck while nibbling on it.

    Your hand went to his cock, stroking it as he pulled your panties to the side. You positioned his tip on your entrance as you slowly lowered yourself into him while Kevin was gently holding your waist.

    Kevin groaned when he felt how completely wet you are, his grip on your waist tightening. You let out a moan. His cock was now deep inside of you. You started moving slowly, holding on to his shoulders.

    “Fuck Kev.. it feels s-so good” Kevin captured your lips on him, letting out soft moans in between as he held your sides to help you move. He started thrusting his hips harshly into you. His grip on you surely would leave bruises after. You threw your head back when you felt him hit your g-spot, moaning loudly, while Kevin sucked on your nipple.

    He stopped moving, making you whine as he laid you down on the couch before pounding back into you. You gasped, nails slightly digging on his back, wrapping your legs around his waist. "Baby, I'm close." Kevin's thrusts were getting sloppy as he was feeling his climax getting near.

    "Cum inside me, Kev. Please," you cried out. "As you wish," Kevin grunted with one last powerful thrust before emptying himself inside of you, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you also reached your climax.

    You were both catching your breath when Kevin fell on top of you while you caressed his hair. "Maybe we should do that more often now." Kevin was giving you quick kisses on your chest while staring at you with dark eyes, making you giggle.

    #uhm idk what happened to the title #i'm REALLY bad at thinking of titles #my apologies#the boyz#tbz kevin #the boyz smut #kevin x reader #kevin moon smut #kevin moon imagines #kevin moon scenarios #kevin moon oneshots #tbz imagines#tbz oneshots #the boyz scenarios #the boyz oneshots #the boyz imagines #kpop smut#seongyeonsarttbz
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  • escapewriter
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    part 13 - it’s too sweet isn’t it

    Lost Cities : Betrayal

    kevin x reader

    genre : smau, fluff(ish), humor, angst, they’re pen pals :D , strangers to friends, friends to lovers to enemies.

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    ⤷ The only rule of the pen pal organization was that you were never supposed to meet your assigned partner to protect everyone’s safety. However, you learned to love the adrenaline that came with breaking the rules.

    #deobiwritersnet#newskynet#destinyversenet#ficscafe#the boyz #the boyz smau #the boyz social media au #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz reactions #the boyz kevin #the boyz kevin moon #tbz kevin #tbz kevin moon #kevin moon#tbz#betrayal au
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  • escapewriter
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    part 12 - happy energy

    Lost Cities : Betrayal

    kevin x reader

    genre : smau, fluff(ish), humor, angst, they’re pen pals :D , strangers to friends, friends to lovers to enemies.

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    ⤷ The only rule of the pen pal organization was that you were never supposed to meet your assigned partner to protect everyone’s safety. However, you learned to love the adrenaline that came with breaking the rules.

    #deobiwritersnet#newskynet#destinyversenet#ficscafe#the boyz #the boyz smau #the boyz social media au #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz reactions #the boyz kevin #the boyz kevin moon #tbz kevin #tbz kevin moon #tbz#kevin#kevin moon#betrayal au
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    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    210728 8:07 a.m.


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