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    24.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Heart Stop --- Part 4

    genre: younghoon x gn!reader, single parents!to lovers, superhero!au, fluff

    warnings: mentions of toxic relationships and exes

    word count: 2.6k

    summary: your child comes home from school one day begging for a playdate with their new friend - whose dad happens to be an intimidating and reserved hero. You approach him expecting the worst, but he’s more interested in you and your past than you realize. What could come of this unexpected encounter?

    Rei looked over at Mei, her feet swinging wildly underneath her desk. The last lesson of the day was moving too slowly, especially since the girls were excited for their first playdate at Rei’s house. Sighing, Rei put her head on the table, hoping that not looking at the clock would make time move faster. All she wanted was to run home to play dinosaurs with Mei-

    “Alright everyone,” Teacher Park said, “It’s time for us to pack our bags and line up!”

    Rei nearly shot out of her chair, shoving everything in her bag and eagerly waiting for her name to be called for the line.

    “Don’t forget to practice adding and subtracting,” Teacher Park shouted over the sound of students packing their things, walking to stand next to the door and beginning to call names.

    “Mei L/N!” he said, nodding as she ran up to him, “You’re going home with Rei today, right?”

    “Yes, Teacher!”

    “Awesome! Go stand next to the door for me, please!” he said, holding his hand out for the daily goodbye high-five, which Mei gladly gave.

    “Rei Kim,” he said, a bit startled by the speed at which Rei ran up to him, “You two can stand next to each other in line today!”

    Holding out his hand yet again, Rei reared back to give a big high-five. Upon impact, however, Teacher Park’s arm jolted back suddenly, startling Rei a bit.

    “Sorry,” he said with a grin, shaking out his arm, “You must be excited to go home today! That high-five had a bit of a shock to it.”

    Surprised at that, Rei looked down to see little electric sparks moving around her fingers. She smiled apologetically, shaking her hands to try and get rid of the electricity on her hands.

    “Sorry, Teacher. I didn’t mean it!”

    “I know you didn’t, and that’s okay! Now, let’s finish calling the line so you can go home.”

    He resumed calling the list of names, and Rei went to stand behind Mei, still wiggling her hands furiously. Mei turned to look at her actions, fascinated by the way her powers looked.

    “Hey Rei,” she whispered, tearing her friend’s attention away from her hands, “Is your daddy coming to get us?”

    Rei nodded her head at lightning speed, “Yeah! I can’t wait to show you my house!”

    “Me too,” Mei whispered, pointing to her backpack, “Baba doesn’t know, but I brought my dinosaur toy with me!”

    Gasping, Rei looked at the backpack, noticing that it was indeed much bigger than usual, her excitement rising again.

    “H-hey Rei,” Mei giggled, pointing to Rei’s hair, “I think you’re making everyone’s hair stand up.”

    Looking around the room, Rei also began to giggle as she saw that Mei was right, laughing even harder when Mei’s hair started to stand up and she tried to keep it down.

    “Okay, everyone,” Teacher Park said, clapping his hands to get the class’ attention, “Follow me!”

    Opening the door and walking out, the teacher led the line of students down the hallway, the class all laughing together as they all poked each other, finding the shocks of residual static electricity hilarious. When they finally got to the exit, Rei made sure not to touch the metal door, remembering that it could be dangerous with her power, and instead ran outside right behind Mei, immediately scanning the scene for her-

    “DADDY!” Rei shouted when she spotted Younghoon, running over to him with Mei trailing behind.

    Younghoon smiled at her, noticing the yellow bolts of electricity zipping around her arms and legs as she ran at him.

    “Hey there, Sparky,” he said, “Are you feeling okay right now?”

    Rei’s cheeks turned red, looking down at her hands.

    “Daddy, can you help me make it go away?”

    “Yes I can,” he said, opening the gate wide for her and Mei to walk through.

    “Mei,” Younghoon said, “Stand next to me, please. Rei has to get rid of some energy.”

    Nodding, Mei did as he said, her little hands clinging onto her backpack straps as she looked from Rei to Younghoon, curious of what was about to happen. Rei had walked a bit down the sidewalk and was now carefully watching her father.

    “Do you remember how to do it?” he asked, one of his hands slipping inside his jacket to grab onto something.

    Nodding vigorously, Rei’s hands balled up into fists.

    “It’s like a big punch!”

    “That’s right. Alright, watch carefully. You too, Mei.”

    Younghoon quickly removed his hand from his jacket, throwing a small piece of metal high up, which he then suspended midair with his power. The electricity around Rei charged up quickly; she stared at the little bar, quickly punching the air in the direction of the metal, a large lightning bolt erupting from her hand and striking the metal, dissipating into the sky above them. Mei watched this happen with eyes wide, completely enraptured by this display of power.

    “LOOK, I DID IT,” Rei shouted, jumping around the sidewalk in joy.

    “I’m proud of you, Rei,” Younghoon began, the metal finally falling from the air back into his hand, “Do you feel better now?”

    “Uh huh! No more shocks!” she said, wildly punching and kicking the air now.

    Mei erupted into applause, eyes shining with admiration for her friend.

    “Rei,” she cheered, “That was so cool!”

    “Thank you!” she replied, running back to her father and friend, “Did you see me? I was like a real hero!”

    Younghoon smiled, placing the metal back into his jacket, and reaching his hands out towards the girls.

    “You did amazing,” he said, “Now, both of you need to hold my hand so we can go home.”

    “Okay! Mei, wasn’t that so cool?” Rei said as they took Younghoon’s hands and began to walk down the sidewalk.

    “Yeah!” Mei agreed, swinging her arm as she walked, “You’re so amazing!”

    “You did do great,” Younghoon said, quickly squeezing his daughter’s hand, “Now we should practice using electricity whenever you want instead of just when you get excited.”

    Rei nodded, her face looking forward with determination, making Younghoon’s heart swell with pride. They walked in silence for a bit, until Younghoon felt Mei tugging gently on his arm.

    “Mr. Younghoon?”

    “Yes, Mei?”

    “Why did Rei have to hit that metal thing?”

    Younghoon thought for a moment, trying to figure out how to explain it to a child.

    “When Rei gets like that, she’s overflowing with electricity,” he began, looking down to make sure the kids understood, “So she needs to get it out quickly, or else someone might get hurt if they touch her, since electricity is dangerous.”

    Mei nodded knowingly, “Baba says I can’t touch electricity stuff, because it hurts.”

    Younghoon felt his ears warm up at the mention of you, but he carried on.

    “Y/N is right, which is why it has to get out of Rei fast. Electricity likes metal, so it’s easier for Rei to shoot her electricity at metal.”

    Mei gasped, leaning forward to look at Rei.

    “Rei, maybe you need my baba’s special gloves that they wear for electric stuff!”

    That might actually be helpful, Younghoon thought, before a question came to mind.

    “Mei,” he said, catching her attention, “What does your baba do with electricity?”

    “Building things!” Mei said, smiling up at the man, “Baba builds lots of things to help with sending packages!”

    “Like when they were a hero and made stuff?” Rei asked, her eyes shining in excitement.

    “Yeah! They have a special room for it and everything!”

    Younghoon cleared his throat, getting the attention of the children.

    “We’re here,” he said, directing them towards the door, “Come on, let’s go inside and wash our hands.”

    Walking inside and taking off their shoes, Mei looked up at Rei with a mischievous look in her eye.

    “Baba doesn’t know,” she said, “But I found a video on the internet of them doing hero stuff.”

    “Woah,” Rei gasped, pulling on Younghoon’s hand, “Daddy, can we watch the video?”

    “Hold on a minute,” he said, removing their backpacks and neatly placing their shoes next to the door, “You both need to wash your hands.”

    Younghoon would have been lying if he said he did not want to see the video; after hearing of your hero past, he had attempted to search for information online about you, but this proved to be impossible without knowing your hero name or agency. He had even asked Sangyeon if he knew anything, which only got him shrugs and more questions about his relationship with you.

    “Hey, Mei,” Rei said, speaking up just enough to be heard over the sound of water running, “I think my daddy likes your baba.”

    Mei stared at Rei with wide eyes, “Really?”

    “Yeah,” Rei whispered, “My daddy never wants to know anything about anyone, but he asks a lot of questions about your baba.”

    Mei gasped, “My baba asks a lot of questions about your daddy too! Maybe they like him!”

    “What’s going on in here,” Younghoon said, finding it suspicious the way the girls suddenly stopped talking, “You two have been washing hands for a long time.”

    “We’re talking about Y/N,” Rei said, turning the water off, “Can we watch the video now, please?”

    Looking down at the girls’ pleading faces, Younghoon felt his resolve wear down.

    “Fine,” he sighed, “Dry your hands, I’ll go turn my computer on.”

    “YAY!” Rei cheered, “Daddy, can you give me the towel ple-”

    “Wait! I wanna do it!” Mei said, her hands scrunched up in determination, “I wanna show my powers too!”

    Younghoon raised an eyebrow, unsure of what she meant by that, but he thought it would be best to not object.

    Mei clapped her hands together, surprising Younghoon when the hand towel suddenly appeared in her hands.

    “Just like baba taught me!” Mei beamed, handing the towel to Rei, who was clutching her friend’s sleeve and jumping around. Younghoon looked at Mei in wonder, realizing that she had inherited your power, and even more curious to see the video of your heroics.

    “Well, come on,” he said, walking towards the living room, “Let’s watch this video.”

    “OKAY,” the girls cheered, following behind Younghoon, sitting down on the couch on either side of him as he powered up his laptop.

    “Mr. Younghoon,” Mei said, poking his arm, “I can type it in! I remember how to spell the name!”

    “Alright, go ahead,” he replied, patiently waiting for her to type the name.

    Mei tapped the screen, “It’s this video!”

    Nodding, Younghoon clicked it, reading the title while the video loaded.

    “Hero transports runaway train,” he muttered, “Not giving any good details with a name like that.”

    Despite that complaint, Younghoon went silent as the video began, trying to keep his eyes open as long as possible to take in all of the details. The video showed a train speeding towards a train station, where another train was sitting and picking up passengers.

    “Oh my god!” the person filming screamed, the fear in their voice tangible. Suddenly, a figure leaped down onto a rooftop, before appearing on top of the speeding train.

    “That’s baba,” Mei whispered, making Rei and Younghoon lean closer to the screen. You moved your hands in a circle, making a glowing orange ring appear in the same pattern. Younghoon felt his breath hitch as the train came closer to the station, but you thrusted your hands forward, the orange ring launching forward and growing larger.

    “What is that-” the person filming said, stopping their sentence to inhale sharply as the train approached the glowing circle; Younghoon felt his heart beating as the train entered the ring, realizing that the train was disappearing through the portal. The person filming also seemed to notice, suddenly moving the camera to the tracks on the other side of the train station, gasping when the runaway train was coming out of a portal on the other side.

    Younghoon’s jaw dropped in shock, watching as you held the portal open until the entire train passed through, jumping onto the track and clapping your hands together to make the portal disappear.

    “And now, baba disappears,” Mei said happily, as you suddenly teleported somewhere and the video ended, “They’re so cool, right?”

    Rei nodded, “That was a huge train! Your baba is a super cool hero!”

    Younghoon slumped on the couch, in shock at what he had seen. He knew teleportation type powers were exhausting and for the users and extremely difficult to use with precision, but your control over it was nothing short of amazing.

    “That was incredible,” Younghoon said quietly, still staring at the computer screen.

    Mei jumped to stand on the couch, striking a pose like cartoon heroes did.

    “Some day, baba is gonna teach me how to do that! And I’m gonna be a cool hero too!”

    “Me too!” Rei exclaimed, also standing on the couch, “I’ll be a cool hero like daddy!”

    “We can be a hero team,” Mei gasped, her eyes sparkling while she imagined being a hero.

    Rei jumped over Younghoon’s legs, grabbing Mei’s hand and pulling her onto the floor.

    “Let’s go play dinosaur heroes!” Rei shouted, dragging Mei to her room, leaving Younghoon alone in the living room.

    He was still staring at the laptop, his hand moving to replay the video every time it ended, eyes desperately searching for any details that could be used to learn about your past.

    Y/N, he thought after several replays, Why can’t I find anything about you?

    He paused the video right when you turned towards the camera, staring at the small image of you and sighing.

    “Y/N...why do I always find myself wanting to know more about you?”


    You quickly pulled herself away from your work table, nose scrunching up as you let out yet abother big sneeze that startled the cat.

    “Gosh,” you said, rubbing your itchy nose, “Either someone has a lot to say about me or I’m suddenly allergic to you, Kitty.”

    The cat merely flicked its tail in response, and you sighed, hunching over your table again as you worked to send a package out. Once it was sent, you sat down on a chair, taking slow breaths to regain some energy, thankful that the work day was almost over.

    “Sometimes I wish I had all of my power, it would make work way less tiring,” you groaned, talking to no one - except Kitty, that is.

    “But then again, if I was at full power, I might still be doing hero stuff.”

    You sighed as your computer dinged, signaling the last few orders of the day being placed, stretching and standing at your station.

    “I didn’t hate being a hero,” you explained, quickly grabbing the items you needed, “But I’m just too worried about Mei to do something as dangerous as that.”

    You quickly attached the label on a box, carefully reading the address before clapping your hands, taking a deep breath once it disappeared.

    “Maybe I wouldn’t feel so worried if I had someone reliable to support me, like Younghoon-”

    You went dead silent, a furious blush spreading across your face when you realized what you had just said, your eyes wide as you stared at Kitty, desperate to clarify the situation.

    “N-not that I like him or anything,” you stammered, “But I just think he’s dependable and responsible! I mean he’s a single dad and has a full time job!”

    You grabbed the last items, quickly packaging them while still talking to Kitty, who responded by tucking her feet under her body, resembling a loaf of bread.

    “Not to mention that he takes really good care of Rei, he's interesting to talk to, he’s kind and considerate - even if he does come off a little cold - he’s helpful, and handsome…”

    You trailed off, collapsing in your chair as realization washed over you, feeling like your heart had stopped. You slowly turned, looking at Kitty like you had a shameful secret you couldn't keep anymore.

    “Kitty...I think I have a crush on Younghoon.”


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    wc: <1000

    It’s been two weeks since you have met the beautiful stranger. 

    Two weeks of somehow befriending him and somehow you have yet to be the epitome of an embarrassment in front of him, regardless of the fact that your best friend just so happened to be a close friend of his also. Since then, whenever he had been in Rome he would always treat you to a cup of coffee, somehow making all your artist block go away as everything around him screamed colors that had yet to be painted.

    You find yourself taking mental pictures of the moments that you spent with him, and you think that maybe having him around all the time wasn’t too bad, if your creative juices were somehow coming back to you. Today was no exception as you sat down in your designated spot at the cafe, looking outside to stare at the rain pouring outside and you wonder how anyone could even walk in a weather that bad. 

    That was until the sound of the cafe’s door opening made you look up from where you were and you see a beautiful yellow umbrella coated with daisies on it entering. The owner of the umbrella was no other than the beautiful stranger you have befriended, and suddenly your eyes sparkle unknowingly at an idea that you could possibly sketch out for now. 

    Immediately grabbing your sketchbook that you had always carried around, you started sketching out a meadow that was filled with daisies and lavender, rows and rows of them under a clear sky from what you were able to draw with your pencil. However, in the small five minutes of sketching, you think that it’s empty as it was missing something from the scenery of the entire field of beautiful flowers.

    “Did you get an idea again?”

    Your eyes look up and you see him standing in front of you, a smile coating his lips as he hands you your coffee before taking the empty seat that was quietly reserved for only him. However the frown that appeared on your face had given him his answer as he watches you take a small sip of your drink before turning your sketchbook over to his view. 

    “Something is missing from this, am I wrong?” You say with a pout that now comes out from your tone, his eyes wandering over the sketch that you had beautiful drawn when you must’ve been waiting for him. 

    He thinks that it’s beautiful the way it is. 

    “It’s missing confidence, because I think it’s perfect like this.” He replies, and you could feel heat rush up to your cheeks considering the fact that you weren’t used to getting straight feedback like this; much less from someone like him. 

    You had told him before about how you came to Rome to look for inspiration again, a muse that could drive you to make the ultimate project that was worth creating, and he understood it from a creator’s point of view despite being creative in another form of art. That’s what made you both instantly click, besides the initial meeting that had you both stumbling for words to the other. 

    “Okay fine… Anyways, what song do you plan on singing today, Mr. Superstar? Anything new?” You mused, taking another sip of your drink and he shrugs in response before giving you a small smile while gesturing over to his guitar.

    “Your choice, any requests angel?” He asks you softly, making you hum in response and you instantly think of an answer that might be able to make you both feel creative in the moment.

    “Surprise me. Sing me a song that makes you feel happiest.”


    chapter five: sing me a song

    summary: you were looking for some sort of outlet to find yourself away from home as people would often say ‘when in rome’. however maybe the cute singer that you stumbled upon one day at the local cafe in rome could distract you with something to cheer you up and find yourself again.

    taglist: @vibecheckvernon​ @catboyeatr​ @sunwoowuvbot​ @sanshiine​ @gretzelle17​ @moonlightgrlkev​ @parfaitz​ @banhmi07​ @allyg-onz​ @mimaisiomai​ @seventeeneration​ @softforqiankun​ @caralice​ @fabshua​ @deobi-pabo​ @winterbeartaehyungbestboy​ @glxwingstar​ @anjcia​ @bat-shark-repellant​ @escapewriter​ @artfulbarnes​ @sunwoosideup​ @younggwingss​ @im-just-trying-to-survive-man​ @viastro​ @mahalau​ @strawr​ @shionwrites​ @dancingddays​ @deputyjuyeon​ @mochibabycakes​ @17scheol​ @misavenue​ @nlnkm​ @yeongwvnhi​ @180cmhyunjae​ @juhakfeedzz​ @404-incorrect​ @lisfangirl​ @woooooooosh8​ @chefmingyu​ @softyfor-sweaterpaws​ @cuppasunu​ @morauvmi​ @yunkiwii​ (want to be added to the taglist for a specific member, story or the entire series? click here or send an ask/dm to be added!)

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    series: get away (teaser)

    Pairing: Juyeon x Y/n

    Genres: angst (the more the better), fluff

    Summary: Y/n is a straight-A, honors student who has no time for a relationship. So, when Juyeon, the infamous campus player, starts going after you, you decide to act interested and play along, hoping that this will be done and over with quickly. But things don't turn out the way you hoped they would.

    Word Count: n/a

    Number of Chapters: 15-20?

    Warnings: None, but I literally wrote 70% of this fic in like four hours because I was inspired after reading tons of player!tbz fics haha

    Nobody expected it at all. Not even you.

    How you were currently holding hands with Juyeon during your first date with him was beyond you. But, here you were, doing just that and laughing over the joke he made about the movie that you two were about to watch.

    It all started about a week ago.

    You were cooped up in the library, reviewing notes from your latest lecture while munching one of your favorite candy bars. It was the afternoon, so there were more people here than usual, studying or silently chatting with their friends. However, everyone was pretty much quiet, making it easy to get focused.

    Pretty engrossed in reviewing, you slightly flinched in surprise when a group of boys had entered the library with a fit of laughter. Everyone around you, including yourself, shot the group of three boys looks of annoyance and, immediately, they quieted down, still snickering between themselves as they walked past you and took a seat a few tables behind you.

    Thinking that you wouldn't be able to hear them, you relaxed in your seat. But, your eyebrow twitched when you realized that could you hear what they were talking about, even though they were loudly whispering.

    "Are you still with that girl..." One boy brought up as soon as they sat down. "Uhm... what's her name? Jiyeon? Jisoo?"

    Frustrated, you tried turning further away from them, but, unfortunately, you could still hear them.

    Another boy hummed in thought. "Are you talking about Jiwon?" It seemed like he got a response as he amusedly replied. "Pfft, no, duh. I dumped her, I think, yesterday," the boy questioned, "because she was getting boring."

    You could hear some rustling, shrinking further into the chair.

    "Oooooh, Juyeon, you heartbreaker." The boys joked around and laughed as quietly as they could.

    You had enough as you couldn't focus on your notes. So, you rummaged through your back for headphones and slipped them on, putting the volume up to blast your favorite study playlist, and continued to review your notes.

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    cmds 48/50: in which Jacob dirty talk you through his touches.

    jacob x f reader

    warnings: queued. It's kinda dirty ya know. wouldn't call it a smut tho. Fingering (f). Mentions of oral (f) and a lot of dirty talking. Jacob acts like he wants to eat you whole. Typos everywhere because it's my signature move. did I make it obvious that I'm biased in this one?

    You felt like you were about to melt. A shaky breath threatening to escape from your trembling lips after Jacob slowly pulled his fingers out your mouth. Fingertips lingering and pressing down on your tongue for a bit longer than usual before brushing them against your bottom lip.

    Making a mess, leaving a wet trail behind as he traced down your jaw, then your neck and down the valley of your breasts before going even lower, tapping them against the skin of your hip as a small smile sat on his lips.

    “Who would've thought you'd look so beautiful helpless like this?” the boy breathed out, the hand on your thigh caressing your tender skin as he watched you, giving you a small squeeze. Cock swelling up in his pants at the sight of your body squirming on his lap.

    He hooked his wet fingers under your panties, tugging it upwards so roughly that it almost ripped, a small whimper coming out of your mouth as it brushed harshly against your clit. Jacob didn't seem to mind, though. Eyes already focused on the way the tiny fabric was molded around your puffy lips and how it was easy to see how wet you already were as a dark spot slowly spread through your panties. He smiled, eyes back at yours.

    “What a naughty girl” Jacob mocked you, shaking his head while his fingers moved lower, your pussy throbbing and clenching impossibly tighter in expectation.

    You were sure he could feel your skin buzzing at this point, feeling dazed and needy as you stared back at the boy under you, mouth falling open when he cupped your pussy with a grunt, experimentally running his fingertips around your velvety lips before dragging the up, to your clit. Jacob's brow furrowed at first, but an wicked look quickly replaced his bemusement.

    “You got this wet just from sucking on my fingers?” his smile only grew as he took in the embarrassment that washed over your features. Looking so cute and almost too pure. He just wanted to fucking destroy you when you looked like this. His tone was awfully breathy and caught in his throat when he opened his mouth again. “you're soaked, princess”

    You whined at his words, his eyes practically devouring you with how he eyed you, body on fire.

    Jacob slowly worked his fingers in small, tight circles around your clit, not being able to stop himself before the words were escaping him. “fuck, I can only imagine how good you're gonna take my cock.” he grunted, grinding his hips up so you could how hard he was under you, how it twitched and pulsed, seeking for the warm and soft feeling that graced his fingers instead.

    He hummed when your hips moved, trying to feel him again as he slowly applied more pressure on your clit, a lopsided smirk on his lips “you want it?” Jacob's brought the hand on your thigh to your face, cupping your cheek almost too lovingly as he urged you closer, feeling his smile against your lips as he kissed you, swallowing a moan before it could escape from your mouth when he removed his fingers from your clit just so he could slowly push them into you, leaving his thumb to play with your clit instead.

    Jacob grunted when you dug your nails into his naked chest, his own need almost taking control over his actions as he pressed his lips against harder, sucking on your tongue with a loud moan as he let you sat there, walls tightening around his with every kiss, fingers knuckles deep, unmoving, inside you all while his thumb toyed with your clit. Fuck, he was going insane.

    “fuck...gonna take my cock like this?” Jacob pulled back, feeling breathless as he stared at your face contorted in pleasure, a moan in the form of his name falling from your mouth as he started to pump his fingers into you. He shook his head, bewildered. “tight. tight. so fucking tight. What am I gonna do with you?” the boy asked with a breathless laugh, nibbling on his bottom lip as he admired the way that your hands cupped your boobs, half-lidded eyes staring at him.

    So beautiful. Jacob chuckled again, not even finding it funny when his other hand pushed your panties to the side to expose your pussy to his eyes, cock leaking in his pants at the sight of the mess in between your tight as the loud, wet noises greeted his ears. The sound that came from his throat sounded like a growl, jaw clenching as he ducked his face to get a better look “fuck this pussy is so greedy that I just want to flip you over and fuck you until you're crying” he licked his lips, savouring the sight before him before staring up at you again, raising his brows “would you like that?”

    You nodded, words almost failing to leave your mouth when he curled his fingers upwards, rings around the digits only adding to your pleasure “yes, please”.

    “mmmh, you like the thought of my fat cock being buried inside this tight cunt?” Jacob hummed when you cried out, pleased with how your body reacted to his words, how responsive you were being. “what a naughty girl” he repeat his words before fastening his pace, watching you start to fall apart under his touch with a smirk.

    “I promise you I'm gonna fucking destroy you one these days” he nodded, hand now touching your waist and pulling you against his chest so you could lift your hips further in the air. Knees burying into his couch as you tried to spread your legs a bit more to take his fingers. “whenever I feel like you're ready...” Jacob continued, feeling you drool over his chest as his fingers fucked into you harder, messily rubbing his thumb over your clit while you sobbed, body tensing and pussy clenching at his relentless moves.

    “whenever I feel like you're ready to take my cock I swear you're fucking done. I'll make you sit and bounce on my cock until you're full of my cum. I'll make you feel my cock all the way down your throat and tight pussy even after pulling out.” Jacob gritted through his teeth, feeling the constant flutter of your walls around his fingers as he moved his hand far up, grabbing your hair and giving it a harsh tug so you could stare at him. Hips thrusting in the air, cock strained and twitching at the sight of your agape lips, hair sticking to your face, body sweating on top of his. A fucking sight to behold.

    “wanna cum?” he chuckled when you mouthed a 'please' but couldn't voice it.

    “then cum for me, princess” he kissed your parted lips, loving how you desperately pinched your nipples and rolled them in between your fingers as your mouth fell open, breathy moans leaving your throat as your hips tried to match his pace. “that's right. I can feel it, baby, cum all over my fingers. Cum for me.”

    Jacob whispered, kissing your neck as you felt the warmth spreading throughout your body, muscles tensing. The boy hummed, fingers running through your hair before resting his hand against the back of your neck, pulling you closer to his kisses as he planted open mouthed kisses all over you. Only pulling away to watch your face contorted in pleasure as you came with his name on your lips. A satisfied hum leaving his own as he slowed his pace, helping you ride your orgasm while small, pretty whimpers came from your mouth. Bringing you closer by your neck, forehead touching yours.

    “I love watching you cum” he commented, pulling his fingers out painfully slow to have you whimpering again.

    Pussy clenching around his fingers one last time before feeling him tap his palm against your swollen lips, a smile making its way to his face as he let you sit on his lap again, eyes widening when he brought his fingers to his mouth and started to suck on them with a hum. His right hand back at your thigh, rubbing small circles around the skin whilst you felt your body heating up once again.

    “delicious.” Jacob licked his lips after pulling his fingers out with a loud 'pop', dark eyes watching you as you tried to catch your breath.

    Cock painfully hard as his wet fingers ran over the curve of your waist. Eyes following his every move, only staring back at you when he touched your boob and elicited a quiet moan from you.

    “you're delicious” Jacob repeated, jaw clenching as he grew impatient, needier. “wanna taste you” he leaned closer, licking a stripe up the valley of your breasts before wrapping his mouth around your nipple. Hand on your waist tugging you closer to him, your bare pussy rubbing against his dark jeans and covered cock making you shudder and grab his hair. “wanna taste all of you” he mouthed against your nipple before moving onto the other, kissing, licking, desperately sucking on it “gonna eat you out so good, baby.” Jacob moaned out, feeling so fucking horny that he thought he'd lose his mind if you moaned his name again.

    The boy reluctantly pulled away from your boobs, fingers digging into your skin as he stared up at you, the determination in his eyes making your pussy clench around nothing as soon as he opened his mouth.

    “want to make you cum again, is that okay, princess?” Jacob's hands felt your body up, smirking when you nodded. A wolfish look in his eyes as he removed himself from you, voice dangerously low. “lay down for me.”

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    Hood Pt. 81.5 Bonus Picture; After All the Music

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    taglist: @grassywoozi @solarwonux @clloudonmarz @banhmi07 @diamondsvts @minghaocouture @chaoticdeobi @raethethey @shoshishua @yveseulip @gratefulmaria @uglyratlmao @crimson-chej @haotheheckk @woozisnoots @smileyjisung3 @thati27 @sunlightwoo  @elysianana @chefmingyu @give-seconds @seungsanhun @qveerean @sknyuz @s33saw @binniebutter @escapewriter @muchomango @wavesmp3 @kswflwr @yvesaccharine @chiefturtlebonkghost @hao-ling @lolibaaae @lilacdreams-00 @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @anothershorthuman @artfulbarnes @still-lonely @crispy-chan @bbangsoonie @parfaitz @gyujaehyun @hyunjaethereal @lovehyuckz-main @geniejunn @kittkyu @miingxuxi @sweethoneyhansol @tenderfrailty

    #the boyz smau #the boyz social media au #tbz smau #tbz social media au #kpop scenarios#kpop imagines
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    Hood Pt. 83 - Me, Myself, and I

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    Creker University has it all — premium education, respected faculty, even a revered partnership with OneAll charity. There's just one problem. A mysterious hooded figure has made it their personal mission to flip CKU's golden reputation on its head. With "Hood's" most recent crusade, people — staff and students alike — are itching to find out exactly who this hooded vigilante is. Little does anyone know, Hood is much more than meets the eye.

    taglist: @grassywoozi @solarwonux @clloudonmarz @banhmi07 @diamondsvts @minghaocouture @chaoticdeobi @raethethey @shoshishua @yveseulip @gratefulmaria @uglyratlmao @crimson-chej @haotheheckk @woozisnoots @smileyjisung3 @thati27 @sunlightwoo  @elysianana @chefmingyu @give-seconds @seungsanhun @qveerean @sknyuz @s33saw @binniebutter @escapewriter @muchomango @wavesmp3 @kswflwr @yvesaccharine @chiefturtlebonkghost @hao-ling @lolibaaae @lilacdreams-00 @winterbeartaehyungbestboy @anothershorthuman @artfulbarnes @still-lonely @crispy-chan @bbangsoonie @parfaitz @gyujaehyun @hyunjaethereal @lovehyuckz-main @geniejunn @kittkyu @miingxuxi @sweethoneyhansol @tenderfrailty

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    The Boyz reaction

    you trying to end your life

    pairing: yandere!the boyz x reader

    genre: yandere au, angst

    requested: yes

    warnings: the title says it all, mentions of pills, guns and knives

    Please do not read it if you're not comfortable with it!

    a/n: like the anon suggested, this is a part two of this reaction, but it can be read alone (I think?)

    masterlist 🌸


    the moment he saw you laying on the floor his heart stopped
    he ran to you and rushed to the hospital, he didn't cared about anything else but saving you
    he was praying that it wasn't too late and held your hand the whole time
    as soon as you opened your eyes he hugged you so strongly you almost choked
    "thanks god.. I thought I lost you.."


    he was already worried with you so he kept checking on you every minute
    he went to your room and saw you throwing the pills inside your mouth
    "what are you doing?! spit that out!" he grabbed your face so you wouldn't swallow it
    you never saw him so desperate so you were in shock as much as he was
    you spat it out and he threw the bottle away hugging you tightly
    "oh my god don't do this..."


    he woke up and realised you weren't by his side
    he went to look for you and found you in the bathroom unconsious
    he ran to the hospital fearing it was too late, he was already crying so much he couldn't even talk to the doctor
    "wake up please babe.." he was laying his head by your side, after some hours he felt you moving and he starts crying even harder
    "how could you do this to me?" 


    you were heading to your room and Hyunjae suddenly stops you midway hugging you
    he feels something on your back and takes it to see what it was
    "what the fuck is this?" he says holding the gun looking at you with his eyes wide open
    he will lock it somewhere else so you can't take it again
    "please don't try this ever again"


    he went to your room and found you sitting on your bed opening the medicine bottle
    at first he thought you were just feeling sick but he knew what you actually wanted to do when he looked at your expression
    he ran to you and smacked your hand, dropping all the pills on the floor, he grabbed your shoulders making you stand up and look at him
    "how can you even think about leaving me like this?"
    he keeps staring at you waiting for your response, but since you didn't reacted he just hugged you
    "just because I said I couldn't do it, it doesn't mean you can sweetie"


    he heard the noise of the door opening and he ran after you
    you started running once you were out, going straight into the middle of the street but he pulled you before you could go any further
    "what do you think you're doing? why would you do this?" he said in shock almost yelling at you
    you started crying in his arms, he lowered his tone while caressing your hair
    "is it because I was too rough with you or what?"
    he will be extra careful with you from now on


    you barely got out of your bed so he was really worried about you
    he tried to give you space but at the same time he didn't wanted to leave you alone
    he bought some medicine to you so you could feel better but what he didn't expected was that you would take so many at once
    he quickly stopped you and took it away from you
    "I'll do anything you want.. but please don't do this"


    he realised you were acting weird so he was already on alert
    when he saw you grabbing the knife he already knew what you were trying to do
    he knocked it away from you and held your shoulders
    "if I said I can't kill you is because I can't live without you, did you even thought about me before doing this?!"
    you start crying so he just hugs you "you know I love you more than anything, just stay with me ok?"


    he couldn't find you anywhere in your shared apartment so he went to look you outside
    he remembers what you said to him a few days ago so he looks at the terrace
    his heart was beating so fast when he finally found you
    he calls you making you look at him and he drops on the floor
    "please don't.. don't leave me, I'm begging you please"


    he went to the kitchen and saw you taking a knive, so he thought you were going to cook or something
    but you were so shocked when you saw him, he knew there was something wrong
    "what you gonna do with that?" you can't answer him so you just look away avoiding his eyes
    he approached you and took it from your hand, he caressed your cheeks making you look at him
    "y/n.. if you die I'll die too.. do you want that?"


    he just came back home and went straight to your room
    "drop that! right now!" he yells as soon as he sees you holding the gun
    him yelling startled you and you dropped it more by accident, he took it from the floor and threw on a table far from you sighing
    "what the hell were you thinking?" he yells at you again and you start crying
    he approached you and hugged you
    "I'm sorry.. I didn't wanted to yell at you, I was just scared.."
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  • choideobi
    23.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    HIDE & SEEK pt. 2 of tag, you're it !

    p: yandere!younghoon x reader | g: angst, yandere themes | wc: 1.2k


    "Let's play a game of tag. And now, I'm it."

    Heart thumping so loud, you pushed your legs to get out of the room and out the door. Looking left and right to the empty hallway, your mind was all over the place to make a decision as to where you could go. Who could help you?

    You can't just knock on people's door and tell them that your crazy possessive boyfriend is trying to hurt you, even with the blooming purple bruises on your skin, he can just tell them that you're drunk and delusional. The scary part was that people would believe him.

    People will fall for his doe eyes, sweet voice and gentle gestures. You were one of the people that had believed him. It was so easy for him to manipulate you and everything was so sweet in the beginning until he got too obsessive with you and played you like you're just a teddy bear.

    Choking back a sob, you ran down the stairs instead of taking the lift until you reached the apartment building’s parking lot. Brain empty of the places you can go to ask for help, you chose to hide behind the cars hoping that the dim atmosphere can get you away from him.

    Every inhale you took was punctuated with a sob, it was hard to breathe when your chest was tightening again. With trembling limbs, you crawled from the back of an suv to see if he had caught up to where you were.

    In your mind you hoped that he thought you had gone away from the building. Maybe you took a taxi or a bus to get away from him. You hoped so, so you can get back into your apartment and probably rest if given the chance before packing your stuff up and taking a plane ticket somewhere. A rash decision you were planning in your mind but whatever it takes to get you away from that psycho of a boyfriend.

    But the cloud vision of your plan was blown out when you heard the heavy double doors to the parking lot open and you heard heavy footsteps out of it. From behind the black vehicle, you dared to take a peek at him, hands in his pocket and when he started to whistle and looking around, you drew back with a gasp.

    The whistling somehow sounded so loud it pierced your eardrums even with him being meters away from you. What do you do now? Where do you go?

    “[Y/N] where are you~ Come out, come out wherever you are~” his deep voice echoed throughout the dark space. Then his footsteps walked past the car you were hiding behind.

    Biting on your curled index finger to keep you from shutting down, you took the chance to crawl to the next car, going opposite of him. If you could make it back to the door you can run and hide somewhere else.


    The sound of his booming voice made you freeze and also scream if it weren't for the finger you were biting. You knew if he did that again you were going to faint by how fast your heart was beating.

    “Come one, [Y/N]. Let me take you home and we can forget about this.”

    His voice sounded to be getting further from you. Good, you saw a chance to escape him

    Getting behind the third car, you were four more cars away from the door, and you just had to run across to the door, and he was getting further back to the spacious parking space.

    “If I count to three and you're still not going to give up, you're not going to see sunlight when I get you. I promise.”

    Your jeans and blouse were dirty from crawling on the cold concrete ground, but you were only three cars away now. Staying silent for a while to catch your breath, you listened if he was moving around or not.

    You can't hear a sound. It has gotten very quiet now. Which made you worry more because you don't know where he was.

    Screw you, Younghoon.

    Then you heard him.


    So close to you, and you were so close to the door.

    Two more cars.

    Shallow breaths, mind going blank. Palms full of scratches, knees stabbing you with pain.

    So close.


    One more car.

    His voice got closer, but you didn't hear his footsteps.

    Visions blurring with tears, you pushed your back onto the side of the last car. Knees bending, with your arms on your side you were getting ready to push yourself up and make a run for the door.

    Taking two deep breaths, you held on the last one, closing your eyes for a moment.


    He whispered, next to your ear.

    “I found you.”

    All of your hopes of escaping vanished when you saw his smile.

    Still, you tried to run away. Trying to stand up.

    But was stopped when he pulled you down by your ankle, making you lose, balance and fall, turning on your back.

    “Let go of me!” Trying to kick his hand off of you with what's left of your energy was nothing to him. Pulling you towards him like you weigh nothing, he then pinned down your legs with his knees, putting pressure on your bones, making you cry out in pain. Screaming for someone to help you.

    “There's no one here that can help you. I'm the only one here, Sweetheart.”

    That didn't stop you, instead you screamed louder.

    In the midst of you crying, screaming and thrashing around under him, you didn't notice that Younghoon had taken out a piece of white cloth and a bottle of chloroform. Pouring the clear liquid onto the clean white cloth.

    When his weight on your ankles lifted, you turned your head towards him. Through your teary eyes he started to get on top of you. That's when you see the cloth in his hand.

    “Let me go you fuck-”

    A sharp sting on your right cheek, ears ringing.

    Stunned, you could only look up at him with wide eyes.

    “Be a good girl and shut up will you?”

    There you lay under him like a lifeless doll. Defeated when he pressed the cloth over your nose and mouth.

    Soft sobs, and fresh tears came out of you as you tried to plead to him with your eyes to let you go one last time but you knew it was all hopeless.

    He had you now.

    In a weak attempt, you brought your hands up to his that was still pressing on your face. You did nothing but just held onto him, feeling your mind getting hazy by the second.

    Younghoon looked at you, his big eyes showed no emotions towards you as with his other hand, he started to brush your wet hair back and cupped your cheek.

    Your hand went to cover his, as if to pry it off of you, but you can feel yourself going away as a blanket of darkness covers you. And your eyes rolled back.

    “There, there. I'll take care of you, okay? Don't cry, my baby.”

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  • timextoxhajima
    23.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Nevertheless: Wishful Thinking [1]

    [chapter masterlist] *to be linked when all 5 chapters have been released

    synopsis: why would the college flirt want anything to do with the innocent heartbreaker? a [somewhat] nevertheless au featuring tbz's eric son young jae

    genre [per chapter]: suggestive material, mentions of alcohol, SMUT *this series is a smut series so* please don't read if you're uncomfy. if you're underaged and you still wanna read, i'm not stopping you. i don't care because that's your responsibility to know what's fiction and what's not.

    word count: 2.8k, half of which is probably filth

    taglist: @from-xero

    {this is a work of fiction}

    "i'm sorry, i just... i just don't see you that way."

    the boy tries his hardest not to choke (or sob) as he lowers his head, the bouquet of flowers in his hands crinkling when he brings it down to his side.

    he huffs, using his tongue to poke the inner sides of his cheeks as his grimace pulls out into a smirk.

    you look at him with utmost guilt, fingers awkwardly intertwined with one another as you scan the distraught on his face.

    "so..." he slowly nods, looking up from the floor. "not even the most popular person on campus can win you over, huh?"

    the label strikes a chord in you.

    honestly, you were just waiting for him to say those words. you hadn't expected the campus star boy to confess to you tonight, much less at his own graduation party.

    he was two years your senior and frankly way out of your league - leaving you with absolutely no clue how he came about to develop feelings for you.

    you had wondered if he was merely capitalising on your growing reputation as the 'innocent heartbreaker'.

    the pretty, new, freshman who just couldn't seem to stop heads from turning.

    one of those heads was his.

    wooseok scoffs, obviously unhappy and dissatisfied with your response.

    how dare the pretty freshman reject the hottest boy on campus?

    "okay," wooseok nods, still holding out the flowers to you. "at least take the flowers, would you?"

    grimly picking the golden-wrapped roses from him, you scan his eyes, glossed with a layer of tears as his nose sours.


    "no, don't," he interrupts you, sucking in a deep breath as he puffs out his chest. the yelling from outside his bedroom door calls the both of your attention.

    "the party's still going on until morning, are you staying?"

    with a light shake of your head, you hug the flowers close to your chest. your heart slows down, calming from the fact that he had brought you in here just to confess and not something else you were afraid of.

    the guilt sinks in when you realise you didn't trust wooseok all that much.

    "okay, well..." he clears his throat, rubbing the back of his neck. the silver shine off the school's logo on the varsity jacket glimmers under the room's ceiling light. "at least stay until we finish the first bottle of vodka? we have games later."

    "oh, wooseok, i can't-"

    "come on," he reaches forward and grabs your hands, his hands hot and warm. probably from the adrenaline he had to give himself to make this feat. "the first bottle."

    you look up from his fingers and at his face, his fringe covering his eyes and casting sharp-angled shadows all over his lids.

    your lips part, but before you can even utter a sound, he hops right in and exclaims with a grin on his face. "great! i'll see you around and come find me when you're leaving, okay?"

    the smile lines extend from the sides of his nose and down to his lips, the shadow lines on his cheeks shifting as he turns on his heels, hands sliding off yours.

    "i'll-" he points to his door, already reaching for the handle. "yeah. bye."

    wooseok pulls the door open for him to exit, and right before he can shut the door behind him, his eyes come between the gap to take one last look at you.

    the door clicks shut after he moves off first, and you're left with the roses in your arms, standing in the middle of his room, having just rejected the most sought-after bachelor in the school.

    looking down at the roses once more, your finger-pads rub against the velvet petals, heart aching for him.

    the neon lights in his room were casting a bright blue hue all over the walls and the carpeted ground, trophies for baseball and customised bats decorating almost every corner.

    you turn to his bed, thinking of leaving the flowers on the cushion and leaving quietly through his window.

    but your train of thought violently snapped into two when the party outside yells, followed by the loud thunking of the bass throughout the house.

    the flowers are a reminder of how shit of a person you are.

    you didn't ask to be a heartbreaker.

    people tend to think you find joy in rejecting the brave ones who get their feelings across but you don't. not at all.

    carefully laying the bouquet of flowers back onto his bed, you pull the door of his room open and step out into the hallway, the music blasting like everyone was deaf and hard of hearing.

    the crowd in the living room comes into view when you start walking down the stairs - everybody jumping on beat to the likes of superbass and people yelling the all-time classic rap.

    your knuckles whiten from gripping onto the wooden railings, unable to return yourself to the party when you've done broken the heart of the host himself.

    so you turn on your heels, deciding to return to his room and crawl out through his window - only to be met by someone else.

    "party's downstairs."

    if you were the innocent heartbreaker...

    then eric son was the vicious one - the male, sluttier equivalent of you.

    "oh, well... party's not for me," you offer a tiny smile, slightly embarrassed to be caught making a u-turn.

    eric tilts his head to the side, holding out an arm and resting it on the wooden railings. you lower your head, taking a step to your left in a bid to walk past him.

    but you're stopped yet again by his arm reaching out, palm pressing flat into the concrete as he looks down at you.

    you don't realise your fists are clenched (and sweating) until you rub them onto your dress.

    "look, eric- i- i had a bad day and i just-"

    "so walk out the front door," he raises a single brow, taking a step down and removing his hand off the wooden railing.

    your feet fumble around each other in a bid not to topple down the stairs. turning to face you, he forces you to step back to maintain the safe distance between you.

    "i don't want to make a scene-" the bad habit of picking your nails returns when your back hits the wall, and eric's standing an uncomfortable distance from you now.

    "oh," he lifts his free hand and mirrors the other, keeping your neck between his forearms. but you are the scene. you can't just... leave."

    a flustered chuckle runs through your throat as you lean your head back against the wall. "i don't have the time for this."

    "make time for me," eric cocks his head to the side and glances down near the bottom of your face. "you can tell me about your bad day."

    "i think i'll be fine on my own, thank you," carefully squatting and trying to shrink out from the wall-eric sandwich, your brows furrow as you shift.

    but eric son buckles his arm and halves the distance he has between your faces, the sudden surge forcing you back upright.

    now his breath is hot on your jaw and you turn away from him, lips pursed into a thin, tight line.

    "the 'innocent heartbreaker'," he gently hums, fingers reaching up to play with the curled locks fallen around your upper arms. the fleeting brushes of his skin across yours draw out chills, and a harsh inhale twitches your facial expressions to his liking. "i can see why boys would fall for this."

    with your eyes still glued to the party downstairs, you part your lips, wanting to explain yourself.

    then eric, with the weight of feathers, reaches up to your chin and tilts it towards him.

    his lips are parted as he slides his tongue across his teeth. he sighs softly, eyes travelling from yours to your lips and back up.

    by now, you can feel his breath on your philtrum.

    "you're pretty," he whispers, almost against your lips.

    and your stomach plummets when he pulls away completely, the cool air rushing in to replace the bodily heat.

    without breaking eye contact, even for a single second, eric pushes himself off the wall. lips drawn out into a wide smile, he adjusts his jacket and runs his hand through his hair.

    "but not that pretty."

    you don't realise your heart's racing until you feel your chest heaving, unknowingly panting from the unruly interaction the vicious heartbreaker has just provided you.

    the world finally seeps back into view and into complete perfect audio, the music finally rumbling through you again when your eyes trail after eric, walking into the crowd jumping in the living room.

    the taste of iron seeps out from the inside of your lips, and you dart your tongue across the mark that your teeth have left on your flesh.

    clearing your throat and shaking the thought of eric out of your head, you turn back up the steps and head back into wooseok's bedroom.

    the blue hues of the room start to sink into your consciousness again, the yellow shade of the bouquet wrap looking more like green under the lighting.

    you take a moment to fester - over wooseok, over your reputation, over eric.

    college just started and here you were, feeling guilty over something that wasn't even your fault.

    the final decision comes to rest on your fingers in the form of pulling wooseok's window open, carefully lifting your feet and crawling under the glass.

    now, troublemaker was playing, muffled but definitely loud enough to be heard at least 3 houses down the road. you climb onto the roof of his garage, eyes scanning to cars parked outside and along the road.

    you stride to the side where you know wooseok had a wooden plating attached to one of the walls, fake vines intertwined between the planks.

    it's a relief when your feet meet the concrete ground, and nobody was in sight - until you back up into someone's chest and you turn to find eric, again.

    "what in the world-"

    he cuts you off by grabbing your waist, slotting his lips between yours and holding your chin to align your faces.

    you were nearly bought into it, but the consciousness seeps back into you and you rip your face off his, palms one his chest with his hands still on your waist.

    "what do you think you're doing?"

    "i could ask you the same thing."

    "you already know I'm leaving."

    "you can't leave just yet."

    "why the hell not?"

    "because I'm not done with you."

    with a low huff, he hoists you up onto his hips, lips crashing onto yours as he walks you backwards, your shoulder blades hitting the wall where you had climbed down from.

    there's a gentle rattle when he keeps you up against the wooden planks, his palms riding the skirt of your dress up and over your hips.

    his fingers slide under the material of your underwear hugging your pelvis, hot skin gripping onto the flesh of your rear.

    then you hear a tear amongst the mess he's making on your lips, and the material of your underwear loosens.

    "what the-"

    "shh," he smirks, now turning his head into your neck to nip on your jaw. your chest heaves from the sensitivity, the fluttering sensation of his lips on your neck drilling chills all through you. "make a sound and everyone will know you couldn't say no to me."

    conscience returns to you for a split second.

    "eric- we can't-"

    before you can finish your sentence, eric drags the thin material out from under you and dangles it before you, his eyes clouded and dark.

    the darkened patch of material on your underwear washes your face in pink and heat.

    "you were saying?"

    your stomach plummets, and you now register the coolness on your core. eric smiles, rolling up the material to shove it into his pocket.

    "eric-" your fingers dig into his left forearm as they return to the wall by your head, his right carefully undoing his belt.

    the clink of the metal followed by the zipper coming undone forms a knot in your stomach already, then his fingers coming to spread your neediness all over you forces a sharp whimper up your lungs.

    "I've done nothing..." he shakes his head, sliding a single finger up and down your core. "and you are so wet."

    he lifts his finger from under your skirt, his fingers glistening under the sharp, fluorescent lighting.

    your hooded lids are just about tearing with the overwhelming ache that's throbbing through you, and he makes it worse by running his tongue all over his finger.

    eric's pride swells when a whine escapes your throat, and he presses himself into you, chest against yours with his hands digging into your thighs. your arms circle around his shoulders, pulling him closer for a deep, slow kiss.

    he prods against you, the throbbing ache spiking when his manhood rubs against your core. groaning into the kiss, your entire being squirms between him and the wall with the muffled music still blasting from the living room.

    he doesn't bother to wait for you before he finds his manhood and aligns it with your entrance, gently prodding before sliding himself in like it was meant to be.

    he buries himself inside you by holding your thighs around his hips even tighter, drawing a low and prolonged moan from your lips.

    eric pulls away, pressing his forehead into yours to let you breathe. but he finds some kind of sadistic pleasure when he pulls his hips away, only to slam right back in, earning a sharp yelp from you.

    "go any louder, princess, and i won't be the only one enjoying this."

    he grins to himself, licking his lips before diving into your neck and picking at all the right spots. every kiss and nibble earned him a moan or a mewl and it ruins your pride over and over to know that you had just broken someone's heart tonight.

    yet you were outside that someone's house, letting eric rail you like he owned you.

    your fingers claw and grip at his shirt as you feel your back jerk and rock against the wooden plank. with every thrust he offers you, he sounds like he's laughing and panting at the same time, the hot breath on your neck making you writhe in a guilty pleasure.

    he offers a few slower thrusts before grabbing your chin to look at him, eyes slightly fucked out and your thighs tired from keeping your body locked to his.

    slowly pulling out and sliding back in, he takes the time to revel in the way your brows furrow and your lips fall apart, your curled hair now a mess around your chest and shoulders.

    "that's it, princess," he leans into your ear and coos. "tell me how good that feels."

    unable to form a coherent word in your head, you whine in response, pulling his face to yours and planting your lips onto his with every ounce of energy left in you.

    his hands fumble under your skirt and find your sensitivity, pressing his thumb flat onto you. the pressure jerks you upwards and he takes the opportunity to reposition himself, changing the angle ever so slightly.

    by some miracle, the tip of him buried inside you finds the magic spot, and when he picks up his pace, the knot starts to find you in eternal bliss.

    eric pulls away again, huffing as he thrusts himself into you, fingers flicking and abusing you as if your legs weren't already shaking and convulsing around his hips.

    "good girl," his breath is heavy on your jaw as he plants a few wet kisses there, his pants bringing you to some newer heights. your vision starts to fade into white with a few more thrusts and his fingers dig into your thighs when your lower body starts to spasm.

    muscles flexing, your entire body squirms and trembles as you meet your high.

    then eric hurriedly pulls out, the hot fluid dribbling all over the ground under you.

    while you come down from your high, eric's strained grunts rumble through his torso under your arms. the vein that popped out on his neck was still there, and your senses only allow enough for you to focus on eric now.

    he bites on his bottom lip and pushes his hair back with a deep inhale. he turns to you, eyes wide open and clear.

    "not such an innocent princess now, are you?"

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  • mae-gi-writes
    23.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    The Girl I Haven’t Met | Sunwoo (tbz)


    Sunwoo wishes for the girl of his dreams. You wish he can see it in your eyes before it’s too late. 

    Italics are for flashbacks, past memories etc...

    A/N: This was from a request which suddenly turned into a full-out fic soooo I did my best. I got inspired suddenly and somehow, writing for Sunwoo ALWAYS brings out the best in my creativity hehehe. Let me know what you think! ENJOYYY!!!~ And psst, anon who requested this; Thank you!! <3


    Listening to: the girl I haven't met by Kudaisai


    Sunwoo is not cut out for relationships.

    He's known that in the worst way possible; through heart break. Nothing special. His girlfriend had decided that he wasn't good enough, had decided to find herself a man worthy of her taste, and Sunwoo -- without any valid reason to make her stay -- had allowed her to slip through his fingers.

    Sunwoo prides himself in the fact that he’s a hopeless romantic even though he doesn’t say it out loud. Serenades, love songs scribbled in the back of his notebook, conversations in the dark at three in the morning...those are the things he lives for, that makes him feel alive and connected to another soul. Yet, he’s been unlucky so far trying to find the girl of his dreams. The girl that ticks all of his boxes.

    “She doesn’t exist,” you tell him on the day of his breakup. 

    “She does,” Sunwoo mumbles into his wine glass. You’ve agreed to meet him at the bar you guys know off by heart, have gotten close and comfortable with all his breakup stories like a playlist of songs he puts on repeat. It’s normal for Sunwoo to reach out whenever one of his romantic adventures don’t end well -- and that has been happening a little too often for your liking.

    You’d been introduced to Sunwoo through your older brother’s mutual friends during a college party a few months ago. But it wasn’t until he had shown up at your house a few weeks ago with a drunk Changmin in tow that you’d gotten to have a good talk while your brother threw up his entire dinner and breakfast from that same morning.

    “You did this?” you’d asked him, Changmin’s distant retching echoing down the hallway and causing you to wince slightly.

    “Technically, it was Sangyeon’s fault,” Sunwoo had shrugged half-heartedly, a playfulness present in his eyes, “but I can’t say I’m totally innocent.”

    That day, Sunwoo had left the house at around six in the morning, and you had gone to bed with a smile lingering on your lips.

    “Sunwoo, girls aren’t like the ones in the movies. You’ll never find someone that’s perfect. She won’t always be pretty and kind and everything you want her to be,” you tell him now, watching as he downs the rest of his wine in a single gulp, “you’re only hurting yourself that way.”

    “How would you know?” Sunwoo’s eyes lifts up to meet yours, half-drunk with alcohol and blazing with fiery heartbreak. He doesn’t say it out loud but you know that he’s hurting on the inside, “maybe she’s just waiting around the corner. I just haven’t noticed her yet.”

    You’re right, you think to yourself as your gaze flickers back to the drink in your hand, you haven’t noticed me, after all.

    Being Sunwoo’s confidante had done you more bad than good when you’d realized your feelings had tipped over the edge. You know, without asking for any confirmation, that you’re far from his type. The girl he’s looking for is perfect and beautiful; both things that you, or any other girl for that matter, are not. He wishes for the type of girl that only exists in a man’s dream, carved into his desires and molded to perfection without any flaw existent. And you’re without a doubt too flawed, too imperfect, for Sunwoo to even blink your way.

    You ask Changmin once, an afternoon where you both are in the comfort of your home. A surprise, really, considering that Changmin now spends his entire free time with his new girlfriend.

    “What do you mean?” his tone is immediately suspicious and your stomach drops with panic. Shit, you shouldn’t have mentioned it.

    Quickly, you try to scramble for an answer, “I--uh--well, I mean. Has he ever...said anything about me?”

    “Why? Is he flirting with you?”

    “What? No, I--”

    “You don’t like him, do you?”


    Changmin stares you down, “Oh my god. You do.”

    “No I just-- I’m just curious you know. Since he seems to have a very specific type.”

    He’s not satisfied with your answer, but tells you nevertheless that Sunwoo has never mentioned you, not really. And that it’s awkward anyway, considering that you both are siblings.

    “I don’t wanna know whether he’s screwing you or not,” Changmin sniffs and you slap the back of his head in disgust with a roll of your eyes, “I wouldn’t tell you in the first place, you loser.”

    When Sunwoo brings over another girl at the party at Changmin’s flat a few days later, your heart practically falls out of you chest in a mixture of shock and surprise.

    Cornering him in the kitchen at some point in the evening, you ask, “who’s she?”

    You don’t mean to sound so accusatory and yet, he frowns at you in annoyance, “a friend I met. We take the same classes.”

    Obviously, the girl is a beauty to the eyes of society. With those full lush lips and long endless eyelashes that seem to weigh over two pounds. God knows how much of her features are real, but you’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt. Even when your heart breaks a little every time you catch her and Sunwoo nestled in a corner of the room.

    The familiar burn stings your nose, eyes feeling hot with the onset of tears. You’ve seen Sunwoo with countless other women before. It shouldn’t affect you that much. It’s just a crush. Or a love that you should quickly put out before it burns even hotter.


    “It’s like--no one really listens to me,” Sunwoo gazes at the darkness hanging above your heads like a blanket twinkling with a million glittering stars. The sky is clear tonight, giving you a full view of the entire naked galaxy and you let out a soft sigh, leaning back onto your elbows only to feel your arm brush his.

    You instantly pull away as he continues on, “they do, to an extent. But they don’t understand. They don’t get it. I just want to be with someone who gets me-- who laughs at the same jokes I do. What I had with my ex was good--but it wasn’t enough. In the end, I was relieved to see her go because I...I didn’t have the courage to break it off.”

    “You didn’t love her?”

    Your eyes fall onto his jawline, trace it down his adam’s apple. Swallowing hard, you look away, “I did. Just...maybe just not enough. Not in the right way.”

    At that moment, you feel his shoulder brush against yours and despite the initial tug in your gut to edge yourself away so that you don’t fall into the temptation of his warmth, Sunwoo’s scent, Sunwoo’s firmness and presence, is just too good for you to give it up. So you lean back ever so slightly, pulse jumping out of your skin when he re-adjusts himself so that you can lean in a little better even. You know, deep down, that this means nothing to him. And it is nothing, merely two friends spending time with each other.

    But to you, it means everything. And Sunwoo will never know.

    "So do you like her?” you blurt out without warning.

    The way Sunwoo blinks at you makes you realize how stupid you’re being. How is it any of your business?

    You hold his gaze though, secretly hoping he’d deny your question. But the way his smile reaches the corners of his eyes tells you everything. 

    And you hear the distant crack in-between your heartstrings, the familiar sting spreading through your chest.


    Then, your life turns around. Upside down, without warning.

    Changmin is in tears. The house, your family, is in entire chaos at the news. You don’t know how much time you waste cooped up in your room, crying until your eyes turn red and until you feel like your throat is on fire. It comes to a point where it hurts to have the tears dribble down your cheeks, burning the tender, swollen skin lining your eye sockets.

    Useless. Stupid. What’s the point?

    You don’t have the energy to check your phone. And you don’t expect anyone to reach out. All the friends you’ve made are just out of pure necessity of being in the same course, of taking the same classes and for the sake of exchanging notes. You hardly know anyone by name and don’t even expect them to realize you’re absent from class.

    That changes the instant there’s a soft knock at your door, followed by a familiar alto that causes your heart to skip a beat.

    “What’s wrong?” is the first thing that comes out of Sunwoo’s mouth. He sits at the edge of your bed and it hits you; how out of place he seems in the girly frills that make up your childhood bedroom.

    “Nothing,” you smile weakly back at him, “just caught a bad cold.”

    “How long have you had this? You could’ve told me.”

    You shake your head, not bearing the thought of telling him the truth and masking it as a half-lie instead, “maybe a few days ago? It’s a really bad one though, so don’t get too close.”

    “You’re such an idiot,” but he’s ruffling your hair as he says so, causing your heart to flare up inside your chest and blossoming with heats of pink across your cheeks.

    You duck away as he asks, “is this why you look like you’ve been bawling your eyes out?”

    "...Yeah.” If only he knew.

    In a panic to change the subject, you quickly switch to asking about his newest romantic interest, “so how’s your new girlfriend doing? What’s her name again?”

    “Ah Yubin?” Sunwoo shifts on the bed to face you, “yeah, she’s alright. We get along well and she’s gorgeous. I don’t know her that well yet though, so it’s hard to tell.”

    “Do you have a good feeling about it?”

    You try not to focus on the tightness in your chest, looking down at your hands in order to avoid his eyes.

    “Yeah,” you know without looking at him that his lips are pulled into that pretty grin that reaches his eyes and make his dimple appear at the corner of his mouth. That only encourages your stomach to tighten into knots of unease, “yeah, I do have a good feeling about it.”

    “Hey Y/N. How do you know when you’ve met the one?”

    It’s a Sunday morning and you’re walking back home after your morning jog with Sunwoo at your side. The air is misty and cold, a chill running up your arms now that you’ve cooled off and Sunwoo had offered his jacket like a gentleman. You hadn’t refused.

    You hum at his question, looking down at the alley basking in the golden glow of the sunrise coming up from behind the houses, “doesn’t it just...click somehow? Like, you can’t see yourself with anybody else now that you’re with them.”

    “Have you ever felt that?”

    You spare him a glance. Big mistake, for Sunwoo is already looking at you through eyes as big as a doe’s, wide and filled with open curiosity that causes your breath to stutter.

    “Maybe,” you look away, “I don’t know.”

    “Oh yeah? Do I know him?”

    “Of course you don’t.” Of course he does. How thick is this man?

    Very, apparently. For he keeps on pestering you, “wait--all this talk about romance and relationships--and you never told me about this?”

    “Why should I? You never asked,” you retort in an attempt to hide your flustered demeanour.

    “Have you told him?”

    “Of course not.”

    “Why not?”

    That makes you stop in your tracks. For a moment, you wish for the ground to swallow you up whole. Sunwoo stops a little ahead of you, looking back with such genuine confusion that it makes your heart ache and your pulse race.

    “Because he’d never like me back,” you whisper, eyes locking onto his, “at least, not in this lifetime.”


    Winter is just around the corner when you get admitted to hospital and you manage to evade Sunwoo’s horde of messages bombarding your phone for a total of four days until your brother finally bursts into your room, phone in hand and the said young man on the other end of the line.

    “Talk to him,” is the only thing that Changmin says before he swivels around and makes a dramatic exit out of the room, all of that to make you giggle. You had to admit that it’s been much easier going through the means of life with your brother around. Granted, you’re not sure what you would’ve done without him.

    That small moment of happiness flies out of the window the moment you press the device to your ear:

    “Y/N, what the fuck?”

    You wince. “Hey Sunwoo.”

    “I thought you were--you told me you were getting better!”

    “And I was!” you giggle despite your situation, “but uhm--I guess it got worse during the night. It was an emergency--”

    "You are so dead when I see you,” Sunwoo growls into the phone, “and why the fuck have you not answered any of my calls?”

    “Because I’m hospitalized, dumbass,” you can’t help but roll your eyes, “now stop worrying. I’m fine.”

    He grunts to signal that he’ll make do with that excuse for now, though you doubt that you’ll be able to keep your sickness a secret for long.

    One week in hospital turns to two. Then two turns into a month. Then another, and another. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you have something much worse than just a cold. Sunwoo is, to no one’s surprise, filled with rage by the idea of you lying to him, to which you retort that it was for his own good back then. It’s only when he finally pays you a visit after your chemotherapy session that all his anger dissipates.

    “I thought you hated hospitals,” you joke upon noticing his lingering stare on the IV tube attached to your right wrist.

    “I do,” his eyes flicker up to yours. You notice that they’re slightly swollen and you reach out shakily with your free hand for him to grasp it; he does after some slight hesitation before he settles himself on the edge of your bed.

    A silence swallows up the entire room, lest for the heart monitor signalling that you’re still alive.

    When Sunwoo speaks next, his voice is merely above a raspy murmur:

    “When were you planning to tell me?”

    You squeeze his palm, “I’m sorry. I just...” your breath is shaky, throat clogging up as you try to hold back tears, “I didn’t know how.”

    He doesn’t say anything. But he doesn’t have to, only squeezes back in comfort.

    In the following weeks to come, you are constantly bombarded with visitors, friends and family alike who wish you well and who are constantly showering you with food and gifts and god knows what. Your parents take turns staying with you even when you tell them not to, until Changmin decides that he’ll be the one in charge, having taken a sick leave from his job at the Dance Academy in favour of being by your side through the process. Soon, you fall into the routine of chemo sessions, walks in the hospital garden, and looking out of your window at the pale blue sky while nibbling on bits and pieces of food.

    It scares you, how easily you’ve adapted to this situation. And you know, that albeit the fact that everything feels normal, that your parents have been troubled with the hospital bills, that your mother cries herself to sleep at night, and that your brother -- despite his happy mask -- is slowly crumbling to pieces inside when nobody’s looking.

    And Sunwoo --oh, Sunwoo -- is having the time of his life with a girl that could’ve been you in another life.

    Not this, not this monstrosity of a naked head that stares back at you with a scowl whenever you dare look into the mirror.

    In times like these, you allow yourself to comb back through the countless memories; long and lazy summer days at Grandma’s place, bike rides around the neighbourhood with Changmin, strawberry picking with your family during vacation, getting bubble tea at odd hours with Sunwoo in-between classes.

    “What about soulmates?” Sunwoo looks over at your question, and you look back at him from your position on the grass, wondering how in the world someone can look so beautiful from this angle. With the tree leaves above his head and the sun shining down, you’d believe him if he’d told you he’s an angel from heaven.

    “What about them?”

    A soft wind ruffles through his hair. Your fingers ache to comb through those locks so badly.

    “Do you believe in soulmates?” you ask.

    “Dunno. I guess. But isn’t there this, like, theory that soulmates aren’t your lovers and stuff?”

    Closing your eyes to savour the warmth of the sun on your skin, you reply with, “I think it depends.”


    “On what you’re looking for in a lover.”

    Sunwoo is quiet for a moment. Then, he says, “oh. that’s one way of looking at it,” there’s a slight pause before he asks, “what do you look for in a lover?”

    It is at that moment that you open your eyes, only to realize he’s gazing down at you and out of impulse, your fingers tighten into fists upon your stomach, “friendship. I want to laugh with him. I want him to be my best friend.”

    But that’s not what you want to say. The words that are threatening to slip past your tongue are deadly, like poison:

    I want him to be you.

    “Best friend?” Sunwoo’s nose crinkles in the most adorable way, like a confused puppy, “that’s...”


    “Hm. Kinda,” he glances down at you then and you swear you feel heat travel through your chest, up your throat and through the back of your neck. “that would be like...going out with you.”

    He’s so clueless it’s ridiculous. You’re torn between wanting to cry or laugh.

    Biting down onto your lower lip so hard you fear you might draw blood instead, you’re quick to gaze at the expanse of green that surrounds the pair of you. In the distance, a couple sits on the bench, nestled close and hands intertwined like they’re never meant to let go. It makes your heart twist in your chest.

    “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”


    "Y/N, I really want you to meet her.”

    Those words pierce right through your chest. What the-- the monitor suddenly beeps, alerting Sunwoo’s attention towards your racing pulse.

    You’re quick to stop his advances, hands gesturing in wild circles to gain his attention, “it’s fine--it’s fine! There’s nothing, really.”

    “You’re not lying to me are you?” Sunwoo asks suspiciously. You don’t blame him, considering you had lied a few times.

    “I’m fine,” you gesture for him to sit down, which he does after a few more moments of hesitation. Sighing and leaning forward to press his elbows atop his knees, he cocks his head at you and it’s clear from his face that he’s waiting for a response.

    “I--uh, I don’t know Sunwoo,” you laugh nervously, dread creeping along your insides, “I don’t think I’m in any shape to meet anyone at the moment.”

    Heck, you’re barely holding on as it is.

    The doctor has given you a month at the most. Two, if you’re lucky. At the speed that the disease is spreading.

    Disappointment lies in his eyes, but he merely smiles at you before he nods, “that’s okay,” one of his hands reach out to squeeze yours, "I understand."

    You know he does. That hurts you even more, how understanding he is in comparison to the envy coating you entire heart green.

    He tells you stories about his week, about finishing up most of his finance exams and flunking out the one on economics because he claims the subject hates him. He talks about your friends; their new dates, the school gossip that would've made you snigger back in the day. Not now though. Now, you merely giggle and gaze out at the garden ahead of you in a daze, not comprehending that your time is ending sooner than you'd expect.

    "What is one thing you'd like to do?"

    Sunwoo's question brings you out of your trance.

    "Huh?" You blink at him.

    He repeats said question with a grin and suddenly, you're traveling back through time to that moment he's asked you the exact same question.

    "What is one thing you'd like to do? If you had one wish before dying?"

    Taking your gaze off the waves lapping up at the sand in favour of looking up at Sunwoo, you take in the shape of his lips, the gold sheen glimmering across his skin as the sun sets in the horizon.

    "One thing?" You ponder aloud, "I don't know. I'm sure you'd expect me to say something like meeting my celebrity crush or seeing the northern lights. That's what everyone says, after all."


    "But I'm simple," you smile then, "I want to be kissed properly. And I want...I want to make love with the person I love."

    "I want to be kissed," you murmur out without thinking before gasping out in horror, eyes flickering up to Sunwoo's.

    He, on the other hand, hasn't realized anything, "it hasn't changed huh?"

    You shake your head. Your heart practically gallops in your chest.

    "Okay so," he drags the word out and unconsciously smoothes down your hair at the back of your head, "who do you want to kiss?"

    You, you think.

    "No one in particular. Not at this moment."

    Something changes in his expression, though nothing else can be said when the doctor interrupts for your daily dose of medication. He reminds you of your deadline as he does so, and you try hard to ignore the alarm growing on Sunwoo's face.

    When the doctor leaves, the silence hanging in the air is so thick with tension that you'd willingly cut it with a knife. You keep your eyes on the fists you've made onto the blankets, avoiding the hot scowl the young man sends your way.

    "When...you weren't gonna tell me?" His voice is thick and raspy with silent anger.

    "I..." you trail off in a murmur, "I didn't know how to tell you."

    "Y/N how could you let me sit there and not!--" his hands fly to his hair to tug at his strands. He cries out in anguish, walks a few steps back and forth across the room, "a month? A month?!"

    "I'm so sorry."

    "You--I--God I'm so--" Sunwoo's body shakes, fists clenched at his sides, "so you weren't going to tell me?"

    "I was, I just-- It's hard for me," tears prick at your eyes, "I've barely come to terms with it myself, I--"

    A sob interrupts your words and all too soon you find yourself crying into Sunwoo's chest despite the fact that he'd been yelling at you this past minute. His chest, unlike his words, ia warm and comforting, and it makes you cry even harder knowinf that this won't last forever.

    "I'm sorry," you murmur brokenly after a few beats of silence. You hear him sigh into your hair. And then, the softest of touches pushing your hair away from your forehead.

    "It's alright," he doesn't sound angry. But he does sound tired, weary of what to say next. You don't say anything back, for there is nothing but a string of apologies lingering upon the tip of your tongue.

    I'm sorry.


    "C'mon! I wanna take a picture."

    "I look like shit--"

    "Precisely why I want that picture!"

    Grinning at Sunwoo through the viewfinder of your camera, you ignore his scowl, all too entertained by the smear of ketchup on his face, the piece of fry stuck to his bottom lip.

    He looks downright ridiculous and you love it.


    "Hey Y/N, close your eyes."

    You're barely able to open them at this point. The medicine flowing through your veins makes you dizzy and lethargic, and if it weren't for Sunwoo sitting on your bed then you'd already be off to dreamland by now.

    So you obey willingly, close your eyes without a fight.

    Silence. Sunwoo's weight shifts onto the bed as a whiff of warmth caresses your forehead.

    And then, the softest of lips pressing onto yours.

    All air leaves your body, muscles tensing with shock as you register his actions.

    Your eyes shoot open on impulse just in time to see Sunwoo lean back, the softest of peonies dusting his cheeks as you gape at him like an idiot.

    "What...was that?" Your words are barely above a whisper.

    "I thought-- I thought you said that was the one thing you wanted before..." he trails off, though the words imply nothing else but the impending death hanging around your neck.

    "Well yeah, but--"


    Keeping your eyes glued on the bed sheets, you murmur out, "but not if the feeling's not mutual."

    A pause ensues as you squeeze your eyes ahut with mortification. God, what an idiot. This just makes things twice as hard and you're not sure your heart can take it.

    It doesn’t make you feel any better when Sunwoo’s apology hangs in the air. 


    "What would you do if I died?"

    Sunwoo's face is contorted into a full-on scowl and you giggle at his expression, chucking a popcorn at his face. He ducks, scowl deepening tenfold as you repeat your question like you’re asking something as simple about the weather.

    “What kind of question is that?” he asks as he leans back against the edge of the couch. The romcom movie that you’ve chosen a few hours ago is left playing on mute, as it always does whenever you and Sunwoo find yourselves in the same room. 

    “Come on. Just answer it. Or are you scared?” You wriggle your brows.

    He scoffs at that, “what would you want me to do if you died then?” 

    You hum, leaning your jaw against your palm as you allow yourself to trace Sunwoo’s features alighted by the moving lights of the tv screen. He doesn’t know how beautiful he is, and you wonder how long will you be able to keep that to yourself until someone else comes and steals him away.

    “Well, first off: I’d want you to keep in touch with Changmin and my parents. I think they’d need the support after I’m gone,” you tick the list off your fingers, “then I’d like you to visit me at least once every six months. And bring daffodils with you every time you do okay? Or I’ll haunt you. And I like daffodils. They look cute. And then uh--please talk to my tombstone a little so that my spirit can hear what you have to say.”

    “You won’t have a spirit,” he deadpans, “you’d be dead.” 

    “You don’t know that!” you respond in mock offence. Holding your pinky out to him, you continue by saying, “okay so...will you? You gotta pinky promise.” 

    “That’s stupid.” 

    “Come onnnn.” 


    You pout, knowing that it’s exactly his weak point. Sunwoo just glares at you for a full minute before he finally relents with a sigh, leaning over to hook his pinky with yours, “there,” he murmurs, “happy now?” 

    You beam at him, “much so.” 


    You did like daffodils a lot.

    The day is cloudy, with hints of light rain dotting his worn-out denim jacket as he stands with daffodils in hand, eyes raking over your name engraved onto the tombstone. The rock is new and clean, looking fresh and quite out of place amongst the already worn-out tombstones surrounding the area, but Sunwoo knows it won’t be long until yours turn the same ashen brown colour filled with dirt. 

    It’s been two months, and he still hopes to turn around and see you standing there, all smiles and arms welcoming him into a hug. 

    Your last day had been downright terrifying. Horrible, if he were to say so himself. He’d seen you suffer throughout your various therapy sessions, had noticed your sunken cheekbones and the tired blue aprons lining the underside of your eyelids, your chapped lips. But on your last day, you’d barely had any energy to lift yourself up to greet him. 

    Your death was peaceful enough. Gone in your sleep, that’s what the doctors had told him when he’d been sane enough to listen to anyone but the singular alarm blaring through your heart monitor. 

    Still, it hits him in the gut. Every. Single. Time. 

    Crouching down to place the daffodils atop the tombstone, Sunwoo lifts his finger to the engraved letters making up your name as he tries to remember what it feels like to trace your face. 

    “She loved you.” 

    Changmin’s words slice the air, as swift and as aggressive as a knife drawing blood. It takes the younger man a minute to realize the weight of his statement. 

    When he does, Sunwoo’s eyes widen, “What are you-- What’re you talking about?” 

    “Exactly what you think I’m talking about,” Changmin answers without looking at him, gaze permanently fixed on the flowers lining your tombstone. People have already started dissipating now that the funeral is over, hushed abstract murmurs filling the void air that pulsates with the sound of Sunwoo’s pounding heartbeat. 

    “She loved you, though she never told you. She said she’d rather die than get rejected,” your brother continues though his voice is trembling, now hiding the hint of tears he desperately tries to hold in. 

    It feels like ice cold water has suddenly been dumped down Sunwoo’s back. It takes a moment for him to find the courage to ask: 

    “Why now?” 

    Changmin is silent for a moment longer, long enough that Sunwoo has the time to glance over his friend’s features, to notice the swelling of his eyes and the downward tug of his mouth, the pallor of his skin. 

    “That’s what she would’ve wanted.” 

    Idiot, Sunwoo thinks. What a big fucking idiot. 

    Maybe if you’d told him, he wouldn’t have spent his days telling you about the girls he’d loved back then. 

    Maybe if you’d told him, he wouldn’t have had to look so far for the girl of his dreams. 

    Maybe if you’d told him, he would’ve thought through time to change his heart in an attempt to make it yours.

    Maybe if you’d told him, you wouldn’t have left him behind so soon. 

    #sunwoo#tbz sunwoo#sunwoo imagines#sunwoo angst#sunwoo fluff #best friend au #tbz sunwoo imagine #tbz sunwoo x you #sunwoo x reader #sunwoo x y/n #sunwoo drabbles#sunwoo scenarios#sunwoo fanfiction#sunwoo headcanons#kim sunwoo #tbz x you #tbz fluff#tbz angst #the boyz scenario #the boyz imagines #the boyz soft hours #the boyz x you #the boyz fanfiction #the boyz x reader #deobi drabbles#tbzwritersnet#tbz writing#hyunjae#Changmin fanfic #juyeon x reader
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  • escapewriter
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    part 11 - why are you suddenly smart?

    Lost Cities : Betrayal

    kevin x reader

    genre : smau, fluff(ish), humor, angst, they’re pen pals :D , strangers to friends, friends to lovers to enemies.

    prev : next



    ⤷ The only rule of the pen pal organization was that you were never supposed to meet your assigned partner to protect everyone’s safety. However, you learned to love the adrenaline that came with breaking the rules.

    #deobiwritersnet#newskynet#destinyversenet#ficscafe#the boyz #the boyz smau #the boyz social media au #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz reactions #the boyz kevin #tbz kevin #the boyz kevin moon #tbz kevin moon #kevin moon#kevin#tbz#betrayal au
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  • tinisprout
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    No Doubt in Us

    Chapter Six (PART 1) - Looking Back to Move Forward (1)

    Fiance!Haknyeon x Fem!reader

    Masterlist | Prev | Next

    Synopsis: Life is great, you have your dream job, you finally got your first big break, and you are now engaged to the love of your life. Happier than you’ve ever been, you live life one day at a time. Then one day a terrible accident happens leaving you in a coma. Where you finally awake, everything is not as you remember. Amnesia takes away 3 years of your memory, forgetting your beloved Fiance. Faced with a reality that seems unreal, as your mind is stuck in a past with uncomfortable memories, your future with him is uncertain.

    Send me an ask if you want to be added to the taglist for this series.

    Taglist: @my-summer-night @deputyjuyeon @juhaktheoneforme @sunqnew
    #the boyz#tbz #the boyz social media au #the boyz smau #tbz smau #tbz social media au #juhaknyeon#ju haknyeon#haknyeon #the boyz haknyeon #tbz haknyeon #the boyz scenarios #tbz scenarios#tbz fanfic #the boyz fanfic #the boyz x you #the boyz x reader #tbz x you #tbz x reader #tbz imagines #the boyz imagines #the boyz fake texts #tbz fake texts #haknyeon fluff#haknyeon angst#haknyeon fanfic#Haknyeon smau#my writing #No Doubt in Us
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  • sunlightwoo
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Devil’s Love Masterlist

    ✰ summary: life couldn’t get any better as you try to find all excuses to leave your husband, choi san. you were perceived as the lucky woman, the lady that had it all because her husband was rich and powerful in the business industry. however you and another person both know that, that isn’t true, and you were willing to do anything to make sure he gets exposed for it.

    ✰ genre: mafia/rich people au, hints of fluff and angst, maybe some suggestive language (i’ll mark the chapters as we go), mentions of mafia activity and death

    ✰ pairing: ex-husband/mafia!san x fem!reader x first love/assassin!sunwoo

    ✰ started: 08.27.21      ✰ ended: tba

    ✰ updates: every friday until further notice!

    ✰ a/n: hehe i got too impatient to honestly post the masterlist for this but welcome to my secret project that i’ve been plotting for weeks now :) i’m excited to bring this fic to you guys as it’s going to be more written dialogue rather than texting, however it does mean a lot to me!! it is inspired by penthouse in some ways, and it will have some aspects of the mafia life in it, in which i do not condone !! however if you’d like to be added to the taglist of this series, send an ask/dm or just click here to add yourself!! 




    ✰ 1

    ✰ 2

    ✰ 3

    ✰ 4

    ✰ 5

    ✰ 6

    ✰ 7

    ✰ 8

    ✰ 9

    ✰ 10


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  • ava-achlys
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Heylo my lovelies ❤

    I'm not officially back yet but I just wanted to post this requested Haknyeon piece real quick.

    Hope you enjoy it and I hope to be back with requests and original content soon!

    🤍, Achlys

    #the boyz #the boyz smut #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #ju haknyeon#haknyeon smut #achlys: tbz imagines
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  • ava-achlys
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #achlys: tbz imagines #the boyz #the boyz smut #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #ju haknyeon#haknyeon smut
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  • ava-achlys
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Boyz NSFW Scenarios

    Ju Haknyeon - Teach Me [Requested]

    Request: Reader is experienced/bad girl and Haknyeon is innocent and wants to learn about sex. They meet at bible study.

    virgin! Haknyeon x mean girl! reader

    Warnings: corruption kink, losing virginity, underage sex, unprotected sex, mild humiliation, slight dubcon

    Thanks for the request love, I hope you enjoy!💕 Also goes without saying, don't manipulate/coerce someone into doing sexual things if they're not ready or comfortable yet okay? The bad girl reader trope was requested 😅

    Haknyeon is willing to learn, and who would make a better teacher than his crush, you?

    You blink blearily, barely registering the pastor's teachings, and subtly stifle a yawn. You look around the room to find some sort of distraction and a certain boy catches your eye. Haknyeon is furiously scribbling in his notes, listening intently to the pastor. You scoff slightly at how earnest he looks, catching his attention. He glances over to you, meeting your eye and flushes pink as he shoots you a shy smile, before going back to scribble in his notebook. How cute.

    Finally, the pastor dismisses your class, and you're the first one out the door. A patter of footsteps sounds behind you and Haknyeon appears, slightly out of breath. "Hey!" he beams, still rather pink in his cheeks. You nod curtly at him and continue walking. "Mind if I walk you home?" he chirps, still ever so cheerful despite your disinterest. You give a non-committal shrug, and he takes that as a yes, falling into step with you, babbling about everything, from what happened during class, to what he's going to have for lunch. You're barely listening, but you're watching him. Everyone at Sunday school (and your high school friends) knew he had a massive crush on you since middle school, but he was never very subtle about it to begin with.

    High cheekbones, golden skin, sparkly clear eyes and full pink lips. He wasn't really your type, far too naive and innocent, but you suppose he was rather cute. Your eyes travel downwards, and nearly bulge out of their sockets. The dorky boy you knew as a pre-teen was barely recognizable. Instead, he'd grown much taller, shoulders broad and fuck, thick thighs and perky ass flaunted in his tight blue jeans. His white button-up was clinging to his broad frame, his strong biceps peeking through the translucent sleeves. You feel your heart skip a beat as you take it all in, wondering when exactly he changed and why you hadn't noticed it sooner.

    "We're here! I hope you have a great day, I'll see you tomorrow at school?" Haknyeon grins, and you snap out of your shameless staring. You finally decide to humor him, and give him one of your most dazzling smiles. You brush your hand against his arm, and Haknyeon shivers, breath hitching as your fingertips graze against his skin, blushing an even deeper red. You thank him for walking you home, and shut the front door with a final wink, leaving Haknyeon speechless on your doorstep. You spend the rest of the afternoon thinking about how attractive he suddenly seems to you, hand slipping under your waistband, fingering yourself as your imagination went wild, picturing yourself underneath him and more. You hadn't gotten laid in a while, and now you've decided on your target; the cutie from Sunday School.

    The next day at school you decide to mess with him a little. You linger at his desk to make small talk, his usual chatty and confident demeanor suddenly faltering now that you're giving him your full attention, keeping eye contact throughout the whole conversation. You continue this through the week, getting bolder each time. You'd plop into the seat next to him at lunch, you'd lean just a little too close to him when you talk, you'd walk home together, hands accidentally brushing against each other's. You enjoyed the way he gets all nervous and riled up just for you, sparking a new interest in the boy. All the boys you've been with before have been the popular jock type, typically dominant in bed. Haknyeon seemed like a nice change, the goofy but good-natured kid that everyone liked; meek, submissive and eager to please, just for you. You can't wait to play with him.

    Friday afternoon finally rolls around and your grand plan is about to fall into place. Your friends shake their head wearily when you told them what you were going to do, but they're used to it by now. You catch him after school, which was easy considering he was waiting patiently for you, like a little puppy outside your classroom. You hook your arm around his and head home together like you have all week, and yet another round of pink dusts his cheeks when you touch him. You're almost home when you exclaim "Ah! I forgot to ask if I could borrow your notes for bible study! I wasn't paying attention at all last week, and I don't wanna get in trouble the next lesson," pouting cutely.

    Haknyeon lights up, enthusiastically offering to let you copy his notes. "You can have mine! But they're at home, do you wanna come over?" He gushes, pausing when he realizes what he said. "O-or I could, uhh, send you the pictures of my notes tonight?" He stammers, rubbing his neck in embarrassment. You beam at him, like he's your hero, clutching his arm. "I'd love to come over, Haki! Thank you so much, you're a lifesaver," you croon, secretly enjoying the way Haknyeon turns crimson at the new nickname and skinship. You detour to his house and he leads you up to his bedroom, the empty house rather quiet except for the idle chat from the two of you.

    He stands awkwardly as you enter his room, movie posters lining the walls and his books neatly arranged. "Would you like a soda? Cookies maybe? Make yourself at home, sit wherever you like! I'll go get my notebook," he rambles. You plop onto the edge of his bed, making yourself comfortable, patting the space next to you. "No need for that, Haki, thank you," you smile sweetly at him. He nods and starts looking around for his bible study notes, finally picking up the cute orange spiral notebook he always carries to bible study classes. He turns around, triumphantly holding the book, and promptly drops it when he sees what you're doing.

    "W-what are you doing?" He whispers, his voice failing him as he gawks at you unbuttoning your blouse, exposing your lacy black bra. "Nothing, sweetie, why don't you come over here. Leave the book," you smile at him, beckoning him over with a crooked finger. Haknyeon walks over to you in a trance, his eyes never leaving your chest. He sits next to you as you take your blouse off and chuck it on the floor, pushing your chest out for him to take a good long look. You're gorgeous and you know it, and Haknyeon definitely thinks so. He gulps audibly and seems to snap out of it for a second. "Are you warm? I-i'll go turn on the AC!" he tries to get up but you pull him back down and into a fiery kiss.

    He lets out a surprised squeak that quickly turns into a moan, eyss fluttering shut as you move your lips passionately against his, tongue licking into his parted lips. His hands are balled into clammy fists, not knowing where to put them. Blood is thundering through his veins; he can't believe his first kiss is with someone he'd been in love with for so long. His eyes remain shut as you pull away, wiping the spit from your lips, appreciating the dreamy look on his face. If he gets this much pleasure from a mere kiss, then you can't wait to see what happens later.

    You carress his thighs with your hand, and he opens his eyes. Your fingertips dance across the muscles in his leg, hovering dangerously close to the tent in his pants. Haknyeon gasps, understanding what you're about to do, clutching your hand before it could wander any further. "N-no, we shouldn't be doing this..." he trails off in a terrified whisper. You turn cold immediately, feigning disappointment, and Haknyeon feels stabs of guilt when he shouldn't. "You don't like me anymore, Haki?" you pout, trying your best to sound hurt. His eyes turn round as saucers and he holds your hands close to his heart, his heartbeat thrumming beneath your touch. "No no! I still really like you, it's just... we're not supposed to do this until we get married right?" The sincerity in his voice and actions almost makes you give up the act and leave the boy alone. Almost.

    You carress his cheek and give him your best puppy eyes. "But we're going to get married one day, so it shouldn't matter anyway, right?" you bat your eyelashes at him, watching his eyes light up at the mention of marriage. You almost scoff at his naivety but you have to keep up the act. His sweet innocence is making you wetter by the minute and you'll be damned if you screw up the opportunity to play with your new toy. "Please, Haki? I really like you..." your trembling lips and puppy eyes have him crumbling, his resolve and devotion to his Lord ebbing away in the face of temptation that is you, the girl of his dreams.

    Haknyeon gulps and after a painstakingly long pause, he nods slowly. "Okay... but, do you know how?" Puzzled, you tilt your head. "How..?"

    "I've never done this before," he mumbles, avoiding your eyes. You giggle and press a kiss to his cheek. "Silly boy, I'll teach you everything you want to know." He gasps when you dig the heel of your palm into his bulge. "Aah, it feels weird. Good, but weird." he whispes, shutting his eyes. "Never touched yourself before, baby?"


    "Really? Never jerked off thinking about me at night?" you tease, now slowly rubbing his growing bulge through his pants, causing him to tremble. He shakes his head shyly, soft moans falling from his lips. You unzip his pants and pull them down along with his boxers, just enough for his cock to spring free and your mouth waters at the sight. Thick, veiny, decently long and twitching with precum. "Fuck, baby look at you. Such a pretty cock. Am I the first girl to see it?" you trail a finger up his shaft and he bucks his hips, already too sensitive. He nods furiously and you giggle, finally grasping the base of his cock. "What an honor."

    You slowly drag your fist up and down his shaft, and he lets out a lewd moan, throwing his head back. You kiss his neck and decide to grab his hand, making him close it into a fist around his length. You wrap your hand around his and guide it up and down just as you've been doing. "Open your eyes and watch, Haki. This is how you jack off, yknow, when I'm not there to help you," you smirk, twisting your wrist every so often. His bottom lip quivers as he jerks himself, slowly gaining confidence to take over and stroke himself faster, moaning loudly as you switch to playing with balls instead, carressing and massaging them.

    Haknyeon cums unexpectedly, some of it spilling onto his shirt, all over his hands and some on yours too. You dip your fingers in his cum and suck on them, making sure he's watching the way your tongue laps eagerly at the sticky fluid. He's panting so harshly he might pass out, so you hold him close, his face resting on the plushness of your breasts as you stroke his hair. A few moments pass and his heart rate steadies, and he plants a grateful kiss on your lips, before shyly rubbing his neck, an awkward question on his tongue. You sense it, and you convince him to ask. "So how do girls... masturbate then?" He mumbles. You laugh sofrly at his question, spreading your legs wide so he can see how wet your panties have gotten.

    You take your panties and skirt off and start playing with yourself, middle finger toying with your clit before dipping into your folds. "I always pretend it's your cock inside me instead of my fingers, Haki, but I have to make do with what I've got." you drawl. You can't miss the way Haknyeon's eyes follow the movements of your fingers, rubbing yourself desperately pinching and flicking your swollen clit, moaning shamelessly just to rile him up. Indeed, he's hard again, cock standing proud against his soft tummy. "I'm really close baby, but I don't wanna cum without you," you whine. He licks his lips, his voice hoarse with excitement. "What do you want me to do?"

    "Fuck me."

    He wastes no time scrambling over to you, pressing his tip into your folds. You gasp, nails scratching at his arms at the sudden intrusion. "Fuck, fuck, wait baby you c-can't stick it all in at once- aaAHH!" you squirm as you feel every inch of his thick cock stretching you out, thrashing beneath him in a mix of pleasure and pain. Haknyeon hovers above you panting, gripping your hips as he slowly bottoms out, your walls clenching deliciously around him. You can feel your skin start to bruise with how hard he's pressing into your flesh, but you like it. "Mmmhh, you're so big, baby, stretching out my cunt like that. Gonna fuck me good? I'll teach you how, baby, don't worry," you smirk once you've adjusted to his size. He starts thrusting shallowly, and even that is toe-curling pleasure, the drag of his cock against your walls like ecstasy. He picks up speed with your encouragement, neither of you going to last long. He fucks you harder and faster, the wet sound of his balls slapping against your ass like music to your ears.

    "F-fuck you're already so good at this, a natural, huh, baby? You learn s-so quickly, fucking me so good like the little - ah - fucktoy you are. How does my p-pussy feel after dreaming about it for so long?" your words stilted by the force of his thrusts. He sobs, actually grateful that he gets to have a taste of your pussy after loving you from afar for so long. "So good, you feel amazing, ahhh, thank you my love," he mewls as he pummels into you. "Make me cum first, Haki," you command. He nods shakily, biting his lip with the effort of staving off his orgasm that it's starting to bleed. You cum all over his cock screaming, almost forcing it out with how hard your pussy tightens. He whines, pulling out and roughly jerking himself off, shooting spurts of cum on your tummy, emptying his balls with a loud groan.

    He collapses onto you, exhausted but grateful. Your head is spinning from (surprisingly) the best orgasm you've ever had, and your legs feel like jelly. At least you're looking forward to the pretty finger-shaped marks on your legs and hips to remind you of the fun you had today. Haknyeon is almost falling asleep on top of you so you push him away before he suffocates you. He grins dreamily at you, his eyes glassed over and looking thoroughly fucked out, euphoric that he lost his precious virginity to his first love. He looks so sweet and grateful that you almost feel bad for saying everything you had said to get him tl fuck you. Again, almost. You press another soft kiss to his lips and watch as his eyes flutter shut, a dopey smile on his lips as he falls asleep. You quickly clean up and get dressed, snatching up his orange notebook and sneaking out before his family got home, wincing at the soreness in your lower region.

    Sunday comes around and you return Haknyeon his bible study notes with a wink, and he smiles brightly at you, completely forgiving you for leaving him to wake up alone, sweaty and covered in cum two days ago. He walks you home again after class, and again the next day after school, and the next day and the next. As much as you don't see a real future with Haknyeon, you decide to roll with it and keep him happy, as long as it promised you earth-shattering orgasms in the form of after school 'study sessions' or bathroom quickies during lunch.


    Haknyeon knows. He knows you never truly liked him the way he loves you. He knows you're just using him for a good time, but he thinks, no, he hopes, that if he lets you do whatever you want with him, that maybe, just maybe, you'll start to like him too.

    A/N: I think I got too carried away with this one too, sorry 😅 poor bb Haki ❤

    #achlys: tbz imagines #the boyz #the boyz smut #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #ju haknyeon#haknyeon smut
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  • sunlightwoo
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    fixer upper


    ☀︎ pairing: mechanic!eric x shy! g.nreader

    ☀︎ genre: strangers to lovers, fluff, a bit suggestive but it’s cute

    ☀︎ wc: <1000

    ☀︎ a/n: ... so true bestie HGUOERSGJNBEOSG I literally can never stop thinking about mechanic eric especially with the selfie book i bought for both him and sunwoo LOLOL

    send in prompts/requests here!!! (slow)

    Eric wishes that things were different with how often he had helped his uncle at his car shop. 

    The town that he had grown up in was beginning to get too small for him, meeting the same people that would come to the shop to try and flirt with him so that he could be their eye candy. However, with every person came the same response, where he just ignores them and brushes their shameless words without any hesitation, deeming him as the cute icy mechanic that was sweet enough to help out his uncle.

    “Is there anybody that can help me?” 

    The sound of a voice in distress knocks him out of his thoughts while sitting in front of the fan and his head turns to the owner of a voice standing at the front. Getting up from where he sat, he walks over to where you had stood, a frown coating your face as it seems as though you must’ve pushed your car all the way down here considering you had been out of breath while standing in front of him. 

    “What seems to be the problem?” He asks, glancing behind you to examine the car behind you and a puff of breath escapes your lips as you glared at the hood of your car, knowing that you should’ve agreed to carpooling with your friends when they had offered. 

    But you weren’t going to be third wheeling today if you wanted to live.

    “My car engine broke down, and I’m pretty sure it’s just because the battery had died.” You muttered, popping open the hood as smoke had puffed out from the car and it wasn’t until a hum escapes Eric’s lips that he realizes it might just be more than that. 

    “It doesn’t seem too bad, but I can take a look if that helps?” He offers, looking at you with an eyebrow raised and you nodded, turning to look back at him when you realized that the man in front of you was incredibly gorgeous. 

    And suddenly all words that were in your throat earlier seems to go away.

    He offers you a chair to sit in as he started to push your car onto one of the lifts in order to get a good look of your car, looking thoroughly to see if there was anything else to fix but nothing. You watched him carefully, unsure of what to say in the quiet shop as the sound of the fan that he had earlier was the only thing that you could hear, but you wanted to say something considering a guy that good looking was fixing your car. What were the odds that you’ll find someone him ever again?

    “How long have you been interested in cars?” You spoke up randomly, noticing how his eyebrows raise at interest while he slides out from beneath your car, sitting up to give you a small shrug before a small coats his lips at the memory of holding his first toy car when he was five.

    “Since I was a kid. Say, sweetheart, is this your way of flirting with me, by trying to get to where it hits home the most?” He muses, a smirk suddenly appearing at the corner of his smile and you could feel heat rush up to your cheeks as you could barely stutter out a response. 

    “N-No, I was just--”

    “Relax, cutie, I was just teasing you. Besides you seem too innocent to be out here on your own, and it is a small town. Did your boyfriend not come with you, in case this had happened?” He continues, getting up to start charging your car’s battery when you think that this might be an open opportunity to get to know him better. 

    “I actually came here alone, and without any lover, if that’s what you’re trying to get at. I was going to meet up with my friends and just so happened to pass by.” You reply, giving him the same shrug that he had given you earlier, and it seems as though you peaked his interest, considering his eyes were now focused on you. 

    You were different, he thinks to himself as he notices how you weren’t like most people who had openly flirted with him. You were more quiet, bold with your words, but still shy as you weren’t sure where you were treading in the waters, and he thought it was cute as he wanted to learn more about you despite being a stranger from another city.

    “Well in the mean time as we wait for your battery to charge, let’s get to know each other. The name’s Eric, and I am also, single.”

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  • mingkii
    22.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Winter Nights ─✎ 이.주연

    𑁍. Lee Juyeon x Fem!Reader
    𑁍. Words: 0.7k
    𑁍. Genre: Angst, break up au (?)
    𑁍. Warnings: mentions of death
    𑁍. Summary: Your ex boyfriend visits you after a while, soaking wet from the cold snow falling, just why your place? Maybe fate wanted to bring you two close again.

    "what in the world"

    "Can I stay over?"



    The person you least expected to be at your doorstep right now, the man you swore you never wanted to see again.

    Lee Juyeon stared blankly at you, waiting to be invited in your home.

    He is in a thin sweater and sweats, you wondered, how is he wearing such thin clothing during a snowy night such as this.

    “Nice pajamas” he chuckled, staring down at your character pajamas.

    You rolled your eyes at his remark, your hands gripping the doorknob. You disliked him, in other words despised him. You hated everything about him. The way his eyes would hold the galaxy, his lips looked so soft they wouldn't compare to a feather but you hated him and it will always stay that way.

    "Please?” his fingers were cold as ice and his nose now looked like a tomato. His voice was now below a whisper, his beanie on the edge of losing its warmth. Even if you would rather jump through a window than stay in the same room with him, you still wouldn't let him freeze to death.

    "Come in" you said in defeat, gesturing to him to enter your apartment room. "go change, i have clothes that should fit you"

    "Do you...do you have a boyfriend?" he asked, a bit puzzled as you helped remove his winter coat. "God no, I just like wearing them when I'm home alone. Now go take a shower i’ll make some soup" he nodded as he left you alone in the living room and into the bathroom. It wasn't the first time Juyeon came into your apartment. It was one of many times but this time was different.

    At Least a few months ago you and Juyeon broke off and just became strangers. It was almost like it was just yesterday when he had left you for a girl he met at a cafe.

    "Y/n," you name was heard from the boy’s lips as he waddled out of the bathroom with an oversized shirt and pajama pants.

    "Here," you patted at the coffee table as you sat down. He followed your steps sitting down in front of you.

    The smile on Juyeon's face grew brightly as he saw the meal waiting for him. It has been awhile since he came over for your homemade soup, breaking contact from each other for a few months and you both haven't talked to each other since. Carefully pouring the hot liquid into the bowl he giggled slightly when the memory hit him.

    When your mother had always made her famous soup when you two were younger she’d always pour the dish into the guest bowl first before any other. The smile on his face quickly faded away. It's been at least 6 years since he had last seen your mother, "y/n" you hummed in response now putting the same liquid into your bowl. "How's your mom?" you placed the bowl down next to you as you continuously stirred the noodles with your chopsticks. "She's okay," you hesitated. and he sure knew it.

    He knows you like the back of his hand, he knows everything about you from your allergies to your weird habits. "y/n"' his voice was now below a whisper as he waited for you to answer.

    "She's dead juyeon." The lump in your throat caused you to almost choke out a sob. "I— I am so sorry, I didn't mean to—" his voice was sorrowful.

    "Is there anything you need?" 'yes and it's you' you thought. A sigh left your lips, slapping your cheeks lightly.

    "I'm fine" you exclaimed and you continued to eat. Juyeon spared a glance at you every once in a while. He had to admit it, you were beautiful. Everything about you was perfect. He hated seeing you around with other guys, how they made you laugh and that he wasn’t the one laughing with you.

    He would be lying if he said that he didn't regret breaking up with you. He would do anything to rewind and start over with you. But he knows how much he broke you and that it'll take time to mend things between you.

    He always wanted to embrace you in a hug but you've both drifted so far apart from each other. "Hey, do you want hot chocolate?"

    But maybe like the ingredients of making the perfect warm chocolate drink you can both swirl as one like the milk and the chocolate mix. with marshmallows of course, keeping each other warm on a cold winter night.

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