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  • junjungsunwoo
    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Dear, My Boyz | Dear, Younghoon

    What happens when letters you wrote in the past about your old feelings were sent out?

    What’s going to happen when old feelings resurface?

    Word count;; 1.1k

    Genre;; fluff, angst.

    Warnings;; some *semi* deep talk about loving yourself and being yourself.

    Taglist;; @deobis-moon @geminirules @yuta-senpai @mingyuwus @jaxminskale @yourjaylaks @xxluckydreamsxx @taemin-jaemin @stealanity @zvae @chaoticdreaminisode @haruphoria @sunfics @m1ng-how @studioreader @lilyujin

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    Networks;; @k-dinernet @k-library @ficscafe @deobiwritersnet @tbznetwork @ultkpopnetwork @kpclub

    A/N;; hi thereeeee

    So I did some plot defining and made everything into a solid plan and found out I need at least 48 chapters to get to where I want the series to ends I was like “well I better start writing them soon” so here I am :))

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    Dear Kim Younghoon, The most popular student in Deodi High,


    I honestly have no clue how to start off this letter since there are just so many emotions that are brewing in me right now that I just don’t know what to write down.

    I feel like I could write for hours about everything I’m feeling right now, but at the same time- I can’t. I feel like I can’t find the perfect words to describe my feelings right now, and I feel like even if I did, I won’t know how to write a perfect letter anyways.

    I know that I won’t ever send this out anyways (because this is embarrassing), but I still want this letter to feel…right? Is that even the right word? I don’t even know. I want this letter too feel like it’s real, like it’s one that I’m going to have in my hand, and I’m going to hand it to you in person, that’s what I want this letter to be like.

    I guess I better stop rambling and start talking about what I’m really writing this letter for.

    I like you, Kim Younghoon. I like you maybe a lot, maybe just a bit, but it doesn’t matter, because in the end I still like you either way.

    You know, I feel like at this point, I really should start to feel more natural(?) at writing these letters (yes, letters there were more before you, sorry.) but I’m not. This still feels so fresh to me, so new and so..unfamiliar.

    Anyways, back to what I was talking about earlier,

    I like you, Younghoon, like one, but it’s going to turn into a liked later- well I hope it will.

    I’m not sure if you even remember who I am considering you’ve got basically the entire population of girls in our school begging for your attention, but, I’m y/n. Heo Y/n.

    I dunno if that name rings a bell in your head or not, so I guess it’s probably better if I just moved on huh?

    I always kinda knew who you were even before we met, I mean, who wouldn’t at our school? You were literally the most popular person in school. But I think I really got to know that one day in October of 2014, where you had to model for our school’s magazine(again) and I was there as a replacement photographer since the one they had called in sick that day. My brother (Hyunjoon, er- Hwall if that’s what you remember him by) was the one who recommended me to help out there.

    It was that day that I really got to know you under the calm, cold face you always had on whenever I saw you in the hallway. It was funny really, how I was so scared of you when you walked into the club room with your face cold and emotionless.

    But then it all changes when you started to talk. Your voice was so soft spoken, and so polite, as if you were talking to the teachers or something. It was then that I thought ‘oh what a nice person, he’s such a nice cute guy’ but then it changed again when you started to pose in front of the camera. It was as if you had a switch on you, and it felt like you changed into a completely new person again.

    You were so charismatic, so cool, and so handsome with your confidence overflowing all over your body. You were a natural under the camera and lightning, as if you have been doing this ever since you were born, and honestly, I won’t even be surprised if you told me you have been doing this since birth, that’s how good you were.

    I could still remember the small, yet deep conversation we had when we took a small break. Like how when you told me that the ‘you’ under the camera wasn’t really the ‘you’ that you are. You told me that the person under the camera was only someone that you wished to be, that he was a shadow, a font you put on in front of others so that you can ‘fit in’.

    I could still remember how deep your words hit me then. It was- it is something that I know that I’ll never forget. You made me open my eyes as to how hard I have been trying to satisfy the people around me, and how much I was losing myself while doing so. You made me realize that the person I ‘was’ was someone that was made up by lies that people around me- and that included myself too.

    You told me about your dreams for the future and you were so kind to me, giving me advice I never knew I needed all the while you encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to. You didn’t try to word your words so that you can hint at what I should do, you were transparent, completely truthful to your words.

    And maybe that’s when I started to have this thing called feelings bloom in my heart. Maybe it was the way you smiled at me when our break was over, or maybe it was the way you stood up first and offered your hand to help me up.

    Maybe it was even the way you changed so quickly when the camera was pointed at you. Or maybe it was when you said you wanted to walk me home, even though I lived in the opposite way you did because you were worried that I, a teenage girl, would walk home alone in the dark night of Seoul by herself. Or maybe it was a mixture of everything I mentioned just now and more.

    I really can’t tell you exactly when I started to like you, and I don’t think I can do that for anyone at all. Feelings are something that changes over time- like how I started to like [redacted] really fast out of nowhere and then it slowly died down when I started to like [redacted n.2] and how that died down when I started to like you.

    I’d be lying to myself if I said that I wasn’t scared of my feelings, because I am. I’m scared of liking you and [redacted] and anyone at all, because I never know when my feelings would die out. I’m scared, but it was you who taught me to just be myself so that’s why I’m here again, on this same desk, using the same pen, writing another letter, this time to you.

    So thank you Younghoon.

    For teaching me to love and be myself, and for letting me like you, even if it’s going to be for a short time only.

    Signed, Heo Y/N.

    @ junjungsunwoo, all rights reserved.

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  • changminurheart
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    i quit drinking. ( lee juyeon )

    it’s been a while since bad habits and hearts have been broken for you and juyeon. but who knew seeing him again at your friend’s wedding could hurt so bad you’d down that champagne flute if only he wasn’t the reason you quit drinking. for full experience listen to ‘i quit drinking’ by lany + kelsea ballerini

    he sees you before you’ve seen him. clad in a black suit, hair slicked back as he pats down his blazer. the chill autumn air of chanhee’s garden bites at the flash of his honey chest that peeks through the crisps of his white shirt. you’re sat down at a table a glass of champagne flute filled to the brim lying in front of you as your ring-less fingers find solace in a glass of water instead.

    his heart stops at the sight of you sitting in a dress made of yellow mesh and flowers, flowers holding your hair in place. it’s short now he notices. the straight black strands falling just short of your ears that are adorned with dangling pearls. a leg of yours is exposed and crossed over the other as your tongue wets your watermelon lips. the daisy crown makes you look angelic under the string of lights above and the sight of you staring at the dance floor causes juyeon’s breathing to stumble.

    you look gorgeous in this light, but you always have. and juyeon doesn’t know what hurts more, the fact that you look better than him or the fact that you look better without him. each thought drops his heart to the floor as he walks over it slowly to make his way to you.

    he should leave you alone, let you be especially after your last meeting consisted of shattering dishes and hearts. but he can’t once again lee juyeon finds himself undeserving of the attraction that’s pulling himself closer to you. he can’t find it in him to lose you again.

    the stars twinkling in the darkening sky blues guide him home to you at your table and he’s a second away before youngjae lands his hands on juyeon’s chests, blocking the flower path.

    “hyung,” eric’s eyes meet juyeon’s and whilst his heart is racing, fuelled by adrenaline eric’s demeanour is a giant red light.

    “eric, you look good,” a smile that doesn’t reach juyeon’s eyes.

    “hyung don’t,” he ignores and pleas instead, red hair blurring juyeon’s vision.

    “i need to,” juyeon bargains and eric’s grip on him is tighter.

    “i’ve seen her fall apart juyeon because she fell for you and i can’t let her go through that again,” he shakes his head, gaze flickering to you who’s now swirling the champagne but making no effort to take a sip.

    “i promise i’m just going to say hi,” and juyeon lets his hands up as a sign of retreat to which eric sinks his teeth in his lip.

    “hi’s always the start and it always ends with a goodbye, hyung” eric releases his grip and lets out a sigh before hardening his icy glare back on the elder. “i mean it,” another pause and he’s standing straighter “you ruined her and she deserves better.”

    juyeon’s left with a heart heavier than the world at eric’s words once the red head is out of sight and laughing with hyunjae. part of him is begging him to turn around and act like he’s never seen you and tonight’s never happened but he refuses. juyeon doesn’t believe in fate, he doesn’t believe every single thing happens for a reason but he’s a firm believer that if a door opens, he should at least take his chances and peek a head through.

    especially when that door is the owner of his favourite smile out of the seven billion souls that walk this earth, the owner of his heart even for the last two years he’s spent in your absence.

    so juyeon takes the first step of forever towards you.

    you don’t even notice he’s there, you’re busy watching chanhee and changmin dance it out by the pool, the latter twirling chanhee again and again and again until you’ve found yourself dizzy. a small smile slips on your lips as you chuckle softly to yourself.

    you’ve always wanted a garden wedding. there’s nothing more intimate than a small gathering as you kiss forever in a home you’ve made. and having dinner under the stars amongst flowers and friends you’ve known a lifetime only made your admiration for a garden wedding grow more.

    you’re so lost in your thoughts and soft smiles that the streams only broken once you feel a presence next to you. your gaze lifts off your friends and to the male beside you.

    you swallow nervously, mouth unable to form the words as two years feel like two seconds since you’ve last seen your ex-boyfriend.

    “hi,” he tests the waters with a grin- the only thing he’s a thousand percent sure you used to love. but that’s the past where you spent days under the covers, tangled in each other’s arms and not with the duvet like the insomniac present.

    “hi,” you whisper back, unable to trust your own voice and it’s almost pathetic how hard you do want to cry in this moment. it’s all overwhelming for you right now and juyeon senses your anxiety and is fussing for you.

    “here,” he slides the champagne flute in your direction and your hand clasps over his to stop it from reaching your lips. the skin on skin contact makes the caged butterflies dance euphorically in your heart. you’ve missed the familiarity of the touch but it only hurts you more.

    you abruptly let go, hands falling into your lap and the next words make you unable to meet his gaze, “i can’t, i’m six months sober” and a nervous smile stretches slowly across your lips again.

    juyeon’s heart lurches for the millionth time this evening. it’s endearing the way you’re fumbling with your fingers as you’re proud of yourself, it’s adorable how you’re sitting patiently like a child, admirable at how you’re on the verge of tears yet pulling yourself together like the strong woman you are.

    it also breaks at the thought of you turning to alcohol to feel something and he knows the feeling all too well. thinking you could stay drunk forever, the life of the party with ethanol and fake highs of life running through your veins. life of the party, bodies to bodies. dancing hard and waking up dizzy enough in the mornings to not notice the missing side of the bed- he only hopes you hadn’t tried filling his side of the bed like he has tried before.

    he can only nod in response feeling utterly stupid and useless. “congratulations, that’s incredible of you, i’m so proud,” he mumbles the last words afraid of how you’d take it but you smile gracefully again, bowing your head to say thanks. the sudden show of respect and manners draws the lines he’s trying to cross to reach you and he swallows once more.

    “you look amazing,” he breathes.

    “i don’t feel amazing,” you confess and he drops his shoulders to lean back.

    “how are you feeling?” he tries.

    “pathetic,” you answer, not making eye contact with him instead opting to stare up at the navy swirls of the sky, moon glittering above. “my ex boyfriend appears after two years and he doesn’t look like he became an alcoholic or an actual loser after he left. he looks amazing, way better than i think he ever couldve with me and i want nothing more to down that whole champagne glass but all i’m going to taste is the feel of your lips and i can’t do that to myself again,” you rush out through the shaky breaths and fingers that drum against your thigh.

    “i really can’t,” you shake your head and close your eyes wishing that this moment would just end and you’d be back to living the life without lee juyeon that utterly sucks but is better than the hole you were falling down a year ago.

    juyeon stills before he takes your flute and downs it all, you stare at him for the first time that evening. eyes wide, mouth slightly open and he coughs a little after the last sip.

    “he’s an ass,” his husky voice tries to clear itself but the hurt is taking over. “he’s a selfish prick that needed your attention and affection to thrive and become this person he’s not. he hasn’t been doing awesome at all,” he confesses and notices that you’re hanging on to every word, eyes refusing to leave his view.

    “i’ve stopped going downtown because i know you’re not there anymore,” a tear slips out his chocolate cat eyes, “he feels pathetic for even talking in third person but he really needs you to know that he regrets every moment he’s spent without you but then again you’re doing better without me and i can’t let myself break you again,” his head hangs low in shame.

    “ i really can’t,” he repeats with his own jittery fingers that want nothing more to hold your hands and never let go.

    “ju,” you whisper and he leans closer to you, afraid if he walks away he’ll never have this chance again. the nickname causes a frenzy within him and he fights the stretching smile and peeking pearly whites.

    “yes?” he faulters.

    “waking up sober would feel nice if only i could sleep at night,” a tear glistens as it rolls down your cheek. instinctively he reaches out to wipe it away yet his touch lingers and his palm finds itself at home, cupping your cheek. you lean closer into his touch, feeling the warmth of the love you’ve been conditioned to miss.

    “y/n,” and you both close your eyes.

    “we shouldn’t do this,” your whisper is the first to break the silence and it shatters his glass heart even more because he knows it’s true. the stars disappear in the evening darkness and the buzz of the wedding is slowly dying down. guests are leaving and goodbyes are already filling the air. soon enough juyeon and you are going to be heading back to the lives you lived before each other and juyeon wants to cry with his entire being.

    he’s just got you, he can’t let you slip away again.

    “let me take you home?” he asks hopeful, heart resting when you nod and let him lead you to his car.

    it cracks slowly from the moment eric kisses your cheek goodbye to when you type your new address in his gps that feels world away from his apartment that used to be the safe haven for lazy sundays to when he walks you to the door and you say your goodbyes.

    “wait!” he calls out a second before you’re about to shut the door on his once more.

    “would you ever give it another go?” with me.

    you press your lips together and your gaze flickers as you think carefully.

    “maybe one day when i’m mentally sober and clean too,” you smile. “but thank you for breaking my heart and the bad habits,” you chuckle lightly.

    and lee juyeon clings to your words all the ride home and the rest of his life. just maybe.

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  • hiddendelivers
    22.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    The Boyz Q: Health Check-up (10/21) - Tarot Reading

    hii can you do a reading on changmin's current energy? (from the boyz) he is one of those idols I worry sometimes because I feel like he may be a bit anxious or something like that, but I don't know if I am just being too paranoiac (sorry for my english)

    hello! i did a health check-up reading for him, hopefully that fulfils your request — 🥀


    ace of wands, knight of cups, ace of cups, 8 of wands

    i would say that changmin is doing really well! they're gearing up for the comeback & i can tell you that he's working really hard for it, really prepared to commence this new comeback! i was actually very surprised when i saw this spread because he's very healthy & excited right now, lots of cards showing new beginning so it's perfectly timed with the comeback. there might be some setbacks like last minute choreograph change for example but he's moving really fast with it


    10 of swords & king of wands & queen of swords all reversed

    interestingly enough his mental health is the exact opposite. he has a lot of burden, he feels burnt out & is not in a very good headspace right now. he's highly critical of everyone & himself, lots of unrest & even insecure. it's really strange how he can be so physically healthy & prepared but mentally in such a bad place


    the magician reversed, 6 of swords & 5 of pentacles

    i decided to ask what is affecting his mental health because i didn't understand the extreme opposition of his physical & mental health. ultimately, i think changmin feels stagnant. i think that his physical is in tip top shape & he's excited for new projects because he's feeling stuck—similar to avoiding & thinking that by occupying himself physically with the comeback or something, he'll get mentally better. he's trying to move on to better things, but he's extremely insecure about it so i understand why he is creatively insecure & burnt out. he's kind of busying himself & excited to start new projects so he can feel reignited

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  • shionwritings
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    ❀┊first time sleeping at his/your house + in the same bed (the boyz)

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ sangyeon ៹

    ⌲ he invited you over to his house as he wanted to take a new step in your relationship

    ⌲ he seemed so calm to you but inside... he has never felt more nervous

    ⌲ the fact that the maknaes (eric & sunwoo plus kevin lol) kept teasing him didn't make it much better

    ⌲ when you arrived, the both of you went to watch a movie on his sofa along with some snacks and pizza

    ⌲ you both eventually ended up sleeping on the sofa, cuddling <3

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ jacob ៹

    ⌲ he actually took you on a date

    ⌲ you both spend time outside, in the nature having fun

    ⌲ you were veeeery tired and he took you to his home

    ⌲ you couldn't keep awake, so you slept in while you went by car

    ⌲ he carried you from his car to his bed

    ⌲ the cutie he is he didn't want to make you uncomfortable in any way so he chose to sleep on a small sofa that was located in his room UwU

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ hyunjae ៹

    ⌲ he invited himself over to your place

    ⌲ you both watched a movie on your bed

    ⌲ you eventually started sleeping and after him admiring the sleeping you he slowly drifted to sleep too

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ younghoon ៹

    ⌲ he picked you up from school/work because he wanted to spend the evening with you

    ⌲ you both already planned that you will stay with him until the next morning

    ⌲ you went to do a bit of shopping and eating before returning home (at a late point) and sleeping together in his bed

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ juyeon ៹

    ⌲ you couldn't sleep because of nightmares so you called him

    ⌲ he came over to your place and tried to get you to be tired

    ⌲ he eventually succeeded and you drifted to sleep

    ⌲ he just stayed at your place

    ⌲ (you were sleeping in one bed, but like you underneath your blanket and he above?)

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ kevin ៹

    ⌲ you actually went on a trip

    ⌲ he missed the sight of nature so you went to jeju (some pics on the next slice so yk what jeju is like)

    ⌲ you had a small vacation house located near a forest

    ⌲ you slept in the same room and bed, but you had seperate blankets

    (totally not inspired by that tbz house ep where he talked about how he misses canadas nature)

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ chanhee ៹

    ⌲ he wanted to improve in cooking so he asked you to teach him a bit

    ⌲ you invited him to you and you spend a long time cooking and baking

    ⌲ after cleaning, the both of you were so tired that you layed down on the sofa for some minutes but you both eventually drifted away to sleep

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ changmin ៹

    ⌲ it was planned

    ⌲ you invited him over to your place

    ⌲ you wanted to spend the weekend together because you hadn't seen each other in a long time because of schedules

    ⌲ you layed down on your bed

    ⌲ you originally planned to watch a movie but in the end, you only talked about many things

    ⌲ you somehow kinda slept in at the same time

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ haknyeon ៹

    ⌲ he took you on a themepark date and to his home for you to stay over because he was sorry for having so many schedules that he couldn't meet you

    ⌲ you went home afterwards ordering some food to eat before going to sleep

    ⌲ just imagine: he started sleeping before you did. while you were admiring his face and the fact he is yours, he opened his eyes again and pulled you close to him hugging you tightly (i'm in love)

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ sunwoo ៹

    ⌲ it was an accident...

    ⌲ the members somehow couldn't wake him up so they called you. i mean they did "wake him up" but it didn't really last sksksk

    ⌲ you tried to softly wake him up but he hugged you and basically used you as plushie-

    ⌲ so you were forced to stay in his bed

    ⌲ because of missing sleep, you started sleeping soon after

    〔𖤐〕 —⨾ eric ៹

    ⌲ you meet at your house

    ⌲ he was busy and tired so you wanted to watch a movie with him and eat something for him to have a calm evening

    ⌲ he maybe was too tired and started sleeping next to you on your bed

    ⌲ you just layed down next to him and slept as well

    Ⓒ shion3iye ; 22 october 2021

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  • junjungsunwoo
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dear, My Boyz | Short-lived dreams.

    What happens when letters you wrote in the past about your old feelings were sent out?

    What’s going to happen when old feelings resurface?

    Word count;; 1.1k

    Genre: fluff, angst.

    Warnings: none that I know of :)

    Taglist;; @deobis-moon @geminirules @yuta-senpai @mingyuwus @jaxminskale @yourjaylaks @xxluckydreamsxx @taemin-jaemin @stealanity @zvae @chaoticdreaminisode @haruphoria @sunfics @m1ng-how

    Ask to be on the tag list here!

    Networks;; @k-dinernet @k-library @ficscafe @deobiwritersnet @tbznetwork @ultkpopnetwork @kpclub


    Sorry this took so long, I half way lost inspiration and motivation for this series but recently I got ideas and wanted to start working on this more so please do look forward to more chapters later in the future!!

    back. <- | m.list | -> next.

    -> main masterlist. | the boyz masterlist.

    Closing the door to his small, yet cozy apartment building, Jacob collapses onto the comfort of his couch in the middle of his living room. His entire body was sore from all the work he had done throughout the day.

    Remembering all his responsibilities as an adult, Jacob quickly sits up from where he once laid, picking up the pile of letters on the small coffee table in front of him.

    Bills, bills, bills, taxes, taxes, more bills…

    Jacob quickly skims through the pile of letters as the weight on his shoulders feels more and more heavy with each letter of bills or taxes he sees. Numbers float around his head as he tries to see how much money he would have left from his pay after he paid off all of his bills and taxes.


    Stopping his hands, Jacob stops at a letter with his name handwritten on, unlike the other letters where his name was typed or stamped on. The letter was old- the envelope with very light tints of yellow, and it was slightly crumbled, but not to the point where he couldn’t tell what was written on the letter.

    Taking the letter out of the pile, Jacob leans back onto his couch before carefully examining the small, weightless letter. The writing was cute, it was slightly messy- as if the person who was writing this was nervous at the time. Turning the letter around, Jacob was greeted with the writer’s name;

    Heo Y/n.

    It was a name that rang a bell inside Jacob’s head. It was familiar and yet it wasn’t, the name tugged at a corner of Jacob’s brain, as if unconsciously, he remembered the owner of the name. Grabbing a knife, Jacob carefully opens the envelope, trying hard to make sure that the envelope doesn’t rip so he can keep the letter as a keepsake after.

    His heart beats in both excitement and nervousness as the white folded piece of paper finally reveals itself. Pulling the piece of paper out from the slightly yellow envelope, Jacob carefully unfold it, as if it was as delicate as glass. Taking a deep breath, Jacob begins reading.

    Dear Jacob Bae,

    The model student of Deobi Highschool,

    I..really can’t believe I’m here again, writing another letter, but uh- hi? Jacob.

    Finishing the letter, Jacob could feel his face redden and turn warm. He’s never gotten such a personal letter before, nor has he ever received such a sincere letter all for himself.

    Memories of you flushed into his head, all the times the two of you would spend hours in your room just singing English songs while Jacob corrects your pronunciation every now and then or all of the times when you would nearly fall asleep from the constant studying you did during the day.

    Those were fun times. It was through helping you learn with music that he found what he grew to love and do now- become a teacher, specifically a music teacher. Jacob could remember clearly now, all of the times when he would feel so much joy in his repeating life while he taught you, how he found you to be such a fun and amusing student to teach and help. It was through helping you that Jacob learned to combine his two passions into one; music and teaching.

    Although like in your letter, Jacob once wanted to drop everything he was doing at the time to pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, he knew he couldn’t. Jacob, even though he was young at the time, knew how much stress he would have to go under if he wanted to become a singer, how toxic the industry can get the more fame he got. He also understood that by becoming a singer, he was betting a lot of things in his future and young Jacob didn’t want to take the chance. Even now, Jacob isn’t regretting anything. He was happy where he was now, he had a stable income, a roof over his head, and hid fridge was alway full with food, Jacob was satisfied with where in life he is now, and he believed that, this was all he needed.

    Feeling a small tug at the corner of his heart, Jacob reads the letter again, and his heart flutters at the thought of you confessing your feelings for him. Even though your feelings towards him were short lived (or so he thought) he was glad that he could be someone special to you, even if it was for just a second. He was happy that he had made such a big impact on you where you were to the point of writing a letter for him about his feelings. Jacob did however, felt a little disheartened to know that he wasn’t the first to be written a letter, but he was just happy that he was your second.

    Putting the letter back into the small envelope, Jacob goes into his bedroom and into the small walk-in closet he had, where he had hidden a boss of his old things. Fishing an old phone from the box, he tries to open it but finds it out of battery. He plugs a charging port into the phone and puts it down as he lets it charge.

    Going even deeper into the box of old things, Jacob pulls out a small polaroid picture. It was once of him, your brother and you. It was simple, really, it was a picture where the three of you were smiling as you huddled around a small cake that your mom made after learning that it was Jacob’s birthday. That day was one of the best memories Jacob had as a teenager, and it was a simple gesture that made him feel the happiest.

    Grabbing the phone again, Jacob tries to turn it on again, this time, the phone turns on. As Jacob’s heart beats faster every second, he opens up the message app that he hasn’t touched in ages, he clicks on the old, yet familiar name that he was once so close with.


    Hey y/n, I don’t know if you still remember me or not, but I’m Jacob? The guy who used to tutor you in English? Sorry if this was sudden, I just wanted to see how you were doing after getting your letter :) 6:53PM

    Putting down the phone, Jacob could feel his heart beat like crazy. His head flashes all the time where you would smile at you with your eyes sainted a bit, and your nose scrunched. A unconscious smile makes it’s way up his face as his face reddens once more.


    Jumping from the sudden sound, Jacob turns back to the phone quickly, his eyes open in surprise, never expecting you to reply.

    @ junjungsunwoo, all rights reserved.

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  • honey-hao
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    day twenty one | k. sw | tbz

    content: dom!sunwoo, gn!reader, dirty talk, bondage (type unspecified), teasing, marking, ~200 words (shorter than normal, ik, my bad)

    “Aren’t you a sight?” Sunwoo laughs mockingly, trailing a feather-light touch up your side, his blunt nails tickling the skin, goosebumps rising as he moves closer to your hips. “Tied up like a pretty present for me, all at my mercy. What a lovely gift to come home to. Let me tie your hands and everything,”

    You smile up at him, sucking in a shaky breath as he nips your shoulder, leaving a hickey on the exposed skin before moving calculated kisses up to your jawline and ear. “Pretty, love how sensitive you are for me. Maybe I’ll blindfold you next time,” his voice is octaves lower than normal, husky and dark as he whispers, and you whimper at the idea, hips circling against nothing to search for friction. 

    “It’ll make you even more sensitive. Have you moaning so loud we get a noise complaint.” Sunwoo hums at the idea, fingers slipping to the apex of your thighs to tease you, his gaze dark as he watches you tug against your restraints, looking so pretty and needy for him, sweating and flushed with need. “Going to have fun with you.”

    #tbz smut #the boyz smut #tbz#the boyz#tbz scenarios#tbz reactions#tbz imagines#tbz drabbles #the boyz scenarios #the boyz reactions #the boyz imagines #the boyz drabbles #sunwoo#kim sunwoo #kim sunwoo smut #sunwoo smut
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  • halaboyz
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    00 | profiles #2.

    anti-romantic ༺ pr. 1 | pr. 2

    PAIRING: the boyz’ kim younghoon x fem! reader | featuring q, new, and dreamcatcher’s dami and siyeon GENRE: social media au, fluff, angst, attempt at humor and flirting NOTES: none <3 SCHEDULE: fridays.

    SUMMARY: flirting was one of the facades you put up to shield yourself with what they called love. you loved playing with people’s feelings, especially those who shook you off their shoulders. apparently, that’s what younghoon did.

    taglist: @nyujjan @jichanqz [open] permanent taglist: @deputyjuyeon @sunlightwoo @teuboyz @90s-belladonna @grassbutneo @skrtbabe @cosmiclele @flrtwoo @jaerisdiction @zvae @karsohn [send an ask to be included/removed on the permanent taglist <3]

    #the boyz#kim younghoon#younghoon #the boyz timestamps #the boyz scenarios #the boyz x reader #the boyz imagines #the boyz masterlist #the boyz smau #tbz x reader #the boyz social media au #kim younghoon scenario #kim younghoon imagine #kim younghoon imagines #kim younghoon x reader #younghoon x reader #younghoon imagines #kim younghoon smau #kim younghoon social media au #younghoon social media au #the boyz scenario #the boyz imagine #the boyz fic #kim younghoon scenarios #younghoon imagine#younghoon smau#younghoon scenarios#younghoon scenario
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  • halaboyz
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    00 | profiles #1.

    anti-romantic ༺ pr. 1 | pr. 2

    PAIRING: the boyz’ kim younghoon x fem! reader | featuring q, new, and dreamcatcher’s dami and siyeon GENRE: social media au, fluff, angst, attempt at humor and flirting NOTES: no way knowledgeable about the two dreamcatcher’s members personalities! used them as face claims as reader’s friends to explore a little bit more of ggs instead of the usual so if this doesn’t really reflect their personalities, i’m sorry in advance :) enjoy the smau <33 SCHEDULE: fridays.

    SUMMARY: flirting was one of the facades you put up to shield yourself with what they called love. you loved playing with people’s feelings, especially those who shook you off their shoulders. apparently, that’s what younghoon did.

    taglist: @nyujjan @jichanqz [open]

    permanent taglist: @deputyjuyeon @sunlightwoo @teuboyz @90s-belladonna @grassbutneo @skrtbabe @cosmiclele @flrtwoo @jaerisdiction @zvae @karsohn [send an ask to be included/removed on the permanent taglist <3]

    #the boyz #the boyz smau #the boyz social media au #kim younghoon #kim younghoon smau #kim younghoon social media au #younghoon#younghoon smau #younghoon social media au #the boyz x reader #kim younghoon x reader #younghoon x reader #the boyz scenarios #the boyz masterlist #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenario #the boyz imagine #the boyz younghoon #the boyz younghoon x reader #tbz x reader #kim younghoon scenarios #kim younghoon scenario #kim younghoon imagine #kim younghoon imagines #younghoon scenarios#younghoon scenario#younghoon imagines#younghoon imagine#tbz#tbz younghoon
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    kiss or kill? 🎃 the boyz — halloween special !

    plot : on the night of october 31, the students of cre.ker university are invited into a huge halloween party, organized by the director. but once there, here they are facing the biggest labyrinth they have ever seen. before entering the maze, they get a marker and a plaque with « k i _ _ . » written on it. the students, now skeptical, have no idea of ​​their uses, nor what awaits them behind is high hedges. but they know one thing : they are in front their worst nightmare.
    who do you think will survive?
    pairing : student ! reader x ot11 ! tbz
    genre : pure angst because it's a halloween special writing
    warnings : blood, so many deaths, just a lot of angst and a little bit of fluff, more to be added
    release date : dunno, but coming soon !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart @littleaprilcherryblossom
    taglist : fill this google form !
    #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz drabbles #tbz scenarios#tbz imagines#tbz drabbles#the boyz#tbz #ji changmin imagines #kim sunwoo imagines #choi chanhee imagines #lee sangyeon imagines #kim younghoon imagines #lee hyunjae imagines #lee juyeon imagines #kevin moon imagines #bae jacob imagines #eric sohn imagines #juhaknyeon imagines#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ lee sangyeon

    working in a daycare was not easy. between the children running everywhere and the stupid things they do all day long, it was never easy. but luckily for you, you had a colleague very well qualified for this job to help you.

    sangyeon had arrived a few months earlier, and he had directly sought to work here, claiming an unconditional love for children. and he didn't seem to lie : the kids adored him and so did you. sangyeon had taken a thorn out of your side by coming to help you, otherwise the daycare had threatened to close for more than a year already.

    and working with someone as helpful, kind and understanding as him, had awakened some feelings in you. you couldn't help but fall in love with each of his delicate gestures : the way he always took the time to eat with you, take care of you, heal you when you needed it.. he even sometimes offered to take you home when evening had already fallen in the city.

    as you finished putting away the last toys that were lying around the room, you giggled thinking back to a conversation you had with a friend earlier today : she informed you that it was the international kiss your crush day, suggesting that you share it with your colleague. your laugh caught the attention of sangyeon, who hastened to ask you why you were laughing all alone.

    « ahh it's nothing, one of my friend told me this morning that today is the international kiss your crush day. » — you explained to him while pivoting towards him, offering to sangyeon the most beautiful of your smiles. « and so, did you do it? » — shaking your head negatively, you slowly approached him, hands innocently hanging on your back, like a little girl.

    « no, i'm not sure of his reaction. » — sangyeon took a step towards you, sliding a lock of your hair behind your ear, using his delicate fingers. « you will never know if you don't try. » — he was right, and that's why you stood on your tiptoes, coming to mingle your sweet lips with his, as his hands slid over your flushed cheeks.

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #sangyeon imagines#sangyeon scenarios#sangyeon drabbles#sangyeon timestamps #lee sangyeon imagines #lee sangyeon scenarios #lee sangyeon drabbles #lee sangyeon timestamps #sangyeon#lee sangyeon#the boyz#tbz #the boyz sangyeon #tbz sangyeon #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz drabbles #the boyz timestamps #tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#tbz timestamps#tbz drabbles#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ bae jacob

    your dream has always been to know how to play guitar like a pro, and to be able to have the opportunity to perform in a room full of people. so in a burst of excess, you decided to pay yourself guitar lessons. everything started well, you learned fast, and your teacher was satisfied with your efforts. but what you hadn't planned was to have a crush on your guitar teacher.

    jacob was irresistible, everything about him was sweet : the way his fingers strummed the strings of the guitar, his way of explaining the chords to you, his voice accompanying the notes.. nothing could stop you from falling heavily for him.

    for several weeks, your gaze towards jacob had changed, it was sweeter, accompanied by unparalleled adoration. and you had decided that today would be the day you would take the first step towards him, waiting patiently while repeating a few songs with your guitar.

    as jacob now stood behind you, helping you place your fingers correctly on the strings, you deviated your attention from his hands to observe the profile of his angelic face. jacob's features were perfect, bathing in the glow of the setting sun, giving you a perfect picture that will forever be etched in your memory. he finally let his benevolent gaze fall on your pretty face, and you could feel his hot breath crashing against your lips. with a hesitant gesture, you come and place a butterfly kiss on his lips, leaving him in a slight state of shock.

    you were not sure of your gesture, but the urge to kiss him was too present for you not to try, so you explained to him in a trembling voice, nervously strumming the strings of your guitar : « it's october 19, it's the international kiss your crush day.. ». and suddenly, jacob's shocked look turned into a soft gaze full of love for you.

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #jacob imagines#jacob scenarios#jacob drabbles#jacob timestamps #bae jacob imagines #bae jacob scenarios #bae jacob timestamps #bae jacob drabbles #jacob#bae jacob#the boyz#tbz #the boyz jacob #tbz jacob #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz drabbles #the boyz timestamps #tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#tbz drabbles#tbz timestamps#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ kim younghoon

    everyone knew about your crush on your best friend's big brother. well, everyone except him. but to be honest how could you resist him? younghoon had the most infectious smile and laughter in the world, it was impossible to resist his charm. he always took care of you, he always stood up for you, and dried your tears when no one else did.

    so after learning that today was the international kiss your crush day, you decided to reveal to him your feelings buried for way too long now.

    installed on the sofa in your best friend's living room, watching a horror movie that gave you goosebumps, younghoon's hand naturally caressed yours to reassure you, hidden under the plaid that covered your bodies so that your best friend will not notice a thing. note, she looked sound asleep against the armrest of the sofa.

    leaving the movie aside, your sweet eyes landed on younghoon's perfect profile : he looked unreal in the light of the tv. « younghoon? » — the main concerned swiveled his face towards you, looking at you without letting go of your hand. « you know.. it's the international kiss your crush day, today.. » — your voice became shy as you spoke, while you nervously played with younghoon's long and delicate fingers.

    « so.. can i kiss you? » — you clearly weren't paying attention to your best friend sleeping next to you, all your thoughts were on the boy sitting next to you. a smile dawned on younghoon's lips, who positively nodded, slowly approaching you. in a fraction of a second, his soft lips mingled with yours, making your dreams come true.

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #younghoon imagines#younghoon scenarios#younghoon drabbles#younghoon timestamps #kim younghoon imagines #kim younghoon drabbles #kim younghoon scenarios #kim younghoon timestamps #younghoon#kim younghoon#the boyz#tbz #the boyz younghoon #tbz younghoon #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz timestamps #the boyz drabbles #tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#tbz drabbles#tbz timestamps#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ lee hyunjae

    you had spent the day quietly installed on your sofa, laziness consumed you little by little during your day off. scrolling through your phone while watching a series of which you didn't know the name, a particular message caught your attention. earlier today, your best friend sent you a screen of a tweet which said that today was the international kiss your crush day.

    rolling your eyes, you chewed your lower lip nervously, before being disturbed by someone knocking on your door. not waiting for anyone, you got up slowly to reach your front door, facing the tired face of your next door neighbor.

    here he is, your crush. lee hyunjae had caught your attention from the first day he moved in. he undeniably had everything to please : a dream body with the face of an angel, a warm and huge heart, an adorable personality, and an unparalleled kindness.

    « what's up, jae? » — your voice seemed to call out to him, as he scratched the back of his neck : « do you have any sugar? i want to make pancakes but i have no more sugar.. ». positively shaking your head, you walked to your kitchen to grab the packet of sugar, handing it to your neighbor with a sweet smile.

    « ahh thank you, you're my life savior. » — you took the time to observe him lightly, his sweet smile making your heart beat faster than normal. thinking about your friend's message, should you kiss hyunjae today? maybe this was the right occasion to let him know about your feelings.

    as he started to walk away, you grabbed his wrist, forcing hyunjae to turn towards you again. and without wasting time, you hoisted yourself up on your tiptoes to kiss his lips tenderly. when you finally pull away from him, your hands resting innocently against his muscular chest, you observed his gaze slightly lost. « it's the international kiss your crush day today so.. » — in a benevolent smile, hyunjae slipped his delicate hand into yours, before leaning towards your ear : « maybe you should come and make these pancakes with me, don't you think? »

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #hyunjae imagines#hyunjae scenarios#hyunjae drabbles#hyunjae timestamps #lee hyunjae imagines #lee hyunjae scenarios #lee hyunjae drabbles #lee hyunjae timestamps #lee hyunjae#lee jaehyun#hyunjae#the boyz#tbz #the boyz hyunjae #tbz hyunjae #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz drabbles #the boyz timestamps #tbz scenarios#tbz imagines#tbz timestamps#tbz drabbles#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ lee juyeon

    you used to come to this cat cafe every day after school, but not for their amazing baking or for doing your homework, no, you came only for the beautiful cat eyes of the young waiter.

    juyeon was arguably the most attractive waiter at this cafe, he was both adorably cute and extremely sweet. he never miss an opportunity to make you laugh and smile, even on the toughest days, he was always ready to change your mind and cheer you up.

    and there were days like today, when the coffee was deserted, allowing juyeon to invite himself to your table for a latte coffee. a little cat installed on his thighs, he was the perfect representation of the perfect boyfriend for you. his smile was way too contagious, making the tips of your ears blush just because your heart was beating way too fast for your liking.

    today was a special day, because knowing that it was the international kiss your crush day, you had decided to take a step towards juyeon while respecting the tradition of this day.

    looking around to see if there was no new client in sight, you slowly approached juyeon to come and sit next to him. his arm slipped mechanically around your waist, giving you a better space to stroke the sleeping black and white cat on his lap. but you had another idea in mind : in a moment of inattention on his part, you lifted your face to him, placing a butterfly kiss on juyeon's rosy lips, before going back to your occupations as if nothing had happened.

    « y/n..? » — his sweet honeyed and questioning voice made you blush, and you thanked him inwardly for being taller than you so he couldn't see your blush. « it's international kiss your crush day.. » you explained the situation in a small voice, and you were surprised to feel juyeon's hand cling more firmly to your waist, pulling you against him, allowing you to snuggle up in the warmth and softness of his arms.

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #juyeon imagines#juyeon scenarios#juyeon timestamps#juyeon drabbles #lee juyeon imagines #lee juyeon scenarios #lee juyeon drabbles #lee juyeon timestamps #juyeon#lee juyeon#the boyz#tbz #the boyz juyeon #tbz juyeon #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz drabbles #the boyz timestamps #tbz scenarios#tbz imagines#tbz timestamps#tbz drabbles#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ kevin moon

    working in a music production house meant rubbing shoulders with new rising stars. one of your boss' new little ones caught your attention : kevin moon had an angelic voice similar to a haunting siren song.

    discovered a few months on youtube, his humor and his voice had not failed to seduce more than a million people, including you. moreover, he had excellent musical tastes, proving once again that the music industry was made for him.

    accompanying kevin for an important event of his career, you sipped an iced coffee in the back of the car, while he scrolled through twitter. « hey, y/n, do you know what day it is today? » — shrugging, turning your face to his, your eyes deflected to kevin's phone screen, proudly showing you a tweet he just found. international kiss you crush day? why was he showing you this? was it so blatant that you had a crush on him?

    « okay and? » — camouflaging yourself behind your hair so as not to show the slight pinkish tint that your cheeks were taking, a light laugh left the barrier of kevin's lips. « did you kiss your crush today? » — you giggled, finishing your coffee in one go before returning your attention to the guy sitting next to you : « how does that concern you, mister? »

    you didn't expect kevin's face to end up so close to yours in a split second, his breath crashing into your face. « yes, it concerns me because you haven't kissed me yet, so i'm worried. » — a smirk took place on his lips as he saw you blush all the more, causing you to want to hit him very hard. but you finally made the decision to reduce the distance between your faces by coming to kiss his lips, for a few seconds, before you walk away and tilt your head to the side : « satisfied? ».

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #kevin imagines#kevin scenarios#kevin timestamps#kevin drabbles #kevin moon imagines #kevin moon scenarios #kevin moon drabbles #kevin moon timestamps #kevin#kevin moon#the boyz#tbz #the boyz kevin #tbz kevin #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz timestamps #the boyz drabbles #tbz imagines#tbz scenarios#tbz drabbles#tbz timestamps#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ choi chanhee

    you had obtained the internship you dreamed of, within a large and very famous fashion magazine. working for this magazine could open countless doors for you in the fashion world, and you intended to put all the chances in your side to get good reviews.

    but after a few exhausting weeks you started to completely lose your motivation, you just wanted to sleep and rest, but you kept going because one of the employees knew perfectly well that his smile could rekindle the little flame in you.

    choi chanhee, the magazine's official marketing director, immediately took you under his arm upon your arrival. he found your energy and dedication incredible, and you had no choice but to follow him everywhere. not to displease you, on the contrary, but you would have preferred that his smile didn't melt your heart like an ice cream under the sun.

    you didn't feel really well today, a lump in your stomach wouldn't go away, and chanhee noticed it right away. taking advantage of a moment of inattention on the part of your colleagues, he slipped his hand into yours, pulling you up to his private room. he hastened to bring you a glass of cold water, settling down next to you, bringing his perfect hand to your forehead to see if you have a fever. this simple gesture made you lose your mind, and without realizing it, your lips slipped against his in a warm and tender kiss.

    you felt chanhee's hands gently rest on your cheeks, making you realize your gesture, finally pulling away slightly from him. as he watched you tenderly he slowly approached your ear, uttering those words that made you blush : « today, it's international kiss your crush day, no? »

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #chanhee imagines#chanhee scenarios#chanhee drabbles#chanhee timestamps #choi chanhee imagines #choi chanhee scenarios #choi chanhee timestamps #choi chanhee drabbles #choi chanhee#chanhee#the boyz#tbz #the boyz chanhee #the boyz new #tbz chanhee#tbz new #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz timestamps #the boyz drabbles #tbz scenarios#tbz imagines#tbz timestamps#tbz drabbles#kpop #kpop the boyz #kpop tbz#kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ ji changmin

    you had the chance to pass a competition to enter a prestigious dance school, it was your dream since childhood, and you were on the verge of reaching it. but you didn't plan to have to take the duet test with another student in your current class.

    ji changmin was without a doubt, the best partner you could have hoped for : he had the best grades, the best reviews, the best skills, he was made to begin in the dance world.

    after long hours spent together rehearsing your dance, ensuring that your every move is perfectly coordinated, you saw a new feeling born in you. the one of the sweet heat in your stomach and the pounding heart every time you saw changmin smile, the one of shaking hands and chills running down your spine whenever changmin's hand was in yours, just like now.

    repeating the last line of your choreography, you ended up in each other's arms, one of your hands clasped together, facing the large mirror in the dance room. when changmin finally let his body fall to the ground, die tired, applauding your common efforts, you imitated his movements to find yourself near him. even covered in sweat and a messy hair, he was still the most breathtaking boy in this school.

    « changmin.. » — as he mumbling yes as an answer, eyes closed, you observed the features of his face before sighing lightly. « we're gonna be selected, right? » your sentence caught his attention, rotating him to come near you and gently stroke your cheek : « obviously, we're the best, you know. »

    your thoughts were racing in your head, thinking back to the fact that today was the international kiss your crush day. you should do it, right? so, slowly approaching your face to changmin's, you placed a light kiss against his lips. a tender and sweet kiss, from which he didn't move away.

    when your lips pulled away from his for lack of breath, you get lost in the beauty of changmin's black eyes. « it's international kiss your crush day, you know? » — your sentence made him smile, and he slowly nodded before leaning in to kiss you

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
    #changmin imagines#changmin scenarios#changmin timestamps#changmin drabbles #ji changmin imagines #ji changmin timestamps #ji changmin drabbles #ji changmin scenarios #ji changmin#changmin #the boyz q #tbz q#the boyz#tbz #the boyz imagines #the boyz scenarios #the boyz timestamps #the boyz drabbles #tbz scenarios#tbz imagines#tbz timestamps#tbz drabbles#kpop#kpop tbz #kpop the boyz #kpop imagines#kpop scenarios#kpop drabbles#kpop timestamps
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ ju haknyeon

    the end-of-year exams were fast approaching, and not to lie, you still had a lot to learn to succeed. especially in mathematics. to avoid disaster, you signed up for a support class every evenings after school, with the best math student in the whole university : ju haknyeon.

    obviously you took these lessons very seriously, knowing that your future almost depended on it. but after a few lessons, your attention started to drift away from the algebra to get lost in haknyeon's angelic smile. his purely benevolent heart got the better of you, his rocky but soft voice had bewitched you, and enveloped your heart in all its kindness.

    currently seated at one of the tables in the university library, you observed without saying a word, the sleeping face of your support professor, resting quietly against the pages of his notebook. your chin planted in the palm of your hand, you wondered : « what should i do.. wake you up or let you sleep? you look tired.. » a sigh left your lips, lost far in your thoughts, locked in an impassable bubble.

    your eyes shifted slightly to his perfect lips, and you suddenly remembered that today was the international kiss your crush day. laying your chin against the table, your face slightly closer to haknyeon's, you asked yourself a new question : « international kiss your crush day, ugh? should i wake you up with a kiss like in sleeping beauty? ».

    advancing your face more towards his, you ended up placing a chaste kiss on haknyeon's lips, just a little butterfly kiss. then, moving away slightly from him, you came face to face with a smirk painting his lips : « i heard everything, i was not sleeping. » — causing you to blush like crazy.

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
    permanent taglist : @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ kim sunwoo

    soccer practices was never easy. and they were even less when your attention was always focused on something other than the ball. why did the boys soccer's team have to share the land with the girls team? it was a real slaughter. and as the captain, your attention had to be 100% on the game, not on any particular boy.

    kim sunwoo was the cause of your rambling, and nothing seemed to catch your attention more than him. he was incredibly handsome and incredibly gifted, the soccer ball was worth gold between his feet. he was also a captain, and you still had a long way to go to reach his level.

    a sigh left your lips when you felt one of your comrades slap your back repeatedly : « do you know what day it is today? ». frowning at his question, you shrugged your shoulders, crossing your arms across your chest, as she let a soft, crystalline laugh escape her lips. « it's october 19, it's the international kiss your crush day. » — not seeing where she was going with this, you let your gaze wander on the soccer field, pretending to ignore her words. « listen, if i set a goal, you will kiss kim sunwoo. », but you didn't have time to retaliate that she had already placed herself behind the ball, ready to try to send it into the goal.

    you suddenly seemed much more focused, watching her every move carefully. inside, you hoped she would miss that goal, but you also expected her to do so, because you knew very well that without her help, you would never have taken a step towards sunwoo. when her foot crashed into the ball, you closed one eye, briefly observing the trajectory of the ball to see that it had landed perfectly in the goal. a sigh left your lips as she swiveled towards you, a victorious look on her face, beckoning you to go do it.

    arming yourself with all your courage, you swiveled to walk on the field, joining the boys' side. « yah, kim sunwoo ! » — your call immediately caught sunwoo's attention, trotting towards you announcing a slight time-out to his teammates. « what? » — he said, before being caught off guard by your hand which grabbed the collar of his t-shirt, pulling his face close to yours to crush your lips against his.

    after a few seconds you moved your face away from him to observe his slightly shocked reaction. « it's international kiss your crush day.. » — your trembling voice made him melt, and despite the screams of your respective coaches, ordering you to stop this right now, he slipped his hand against your cheek, brushing the tip of your cold nose with his : « then, kiss me again. »

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
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  • stealanity
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    international kiss your crush day ✩ eric sohn

    lying on your best friend's bed, you scrolled through your social medias, his head resting on your stomach. eric seems at the verge of falling asleep, cradled by your fingers slowly stroking his hair. it must have been around 11:30pm, and it had been a long day for both of you : between lessons and sports training, the day had been tiring.

    « what are you doing on your phone? » — his sleepy voice made you smile slightly, and you guided your fingers up to his cheek to tenderly stroke the latter. « just scrolling through twitter. » you answered, finally dropping your phone on the mattress when eric finally looked up at you. « something interesting? » — you blush slightly at his question, shrugging your shoulders while letting your head fall to the side, tracing the curve of his jaw with your fingertips. « mhh.. just that tweet that says that today is the international kiss your crush day.. » — this simple information piqued his curiosity, making him straighten up to keep himself closer to you.

    « so, did you kiss your crush today? » — shaking your head negatively at eric's question, your t-shirt suddenly caught your full attention, playing nervously with the latter's hem while speaking up : « not yet. »

    you saw him look at the time on his watch, and open his eyes wide, before placing his hands on either side of your hips. « what are you waiting for? the day will soon be over! » — a smile took place on your lips, and you finally dared to lay your gaze full of adoration on his pretty face. « what if you're my crush, eric? » — your question made the tips of his ears blush, but he quickly recovered his confidence by bringing his face closer to yours, brushing your cheek with the tip of his nose.

    « then i would tell you to kiss me before the day is over. » — and in this way, your cold hands ended up on eric's warm cheeks, mingling your lips in a passionate and breathtaking kiss.

    international kiss your crush day masterlist !
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