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  • What if

    You go and visit your tc during a class he is teaching. After the class ends he waves over at you indicating that you should walk over to him as he calls out your name. Everyone is leaving and as soon as the last person leaves the class. He seats you on his lap holding you tightly. He tilts your head slightly so he can have easy access to your neck kissing it gently.

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  • he is so attentive with mE it makes me feel special !!!

    first of all, i always arrive to the classroom before he does. so that day i wanted to write on the board before he was there, he arrived and also wanted to write the page in which we were going to work in (he never never NEVER does that) buT guess what? his marker didn’t work jskksk so i had to give him the one i was using. when he is confused he looks very cute !!!! he was completely dumbfounded

    later i had a question about a meaning of a word and i have to admit that i am very shy, i never ask things. anyways i took courage and kind of stuttered very low (? i didn’t even finish the word “teac…” he was saying something, but after hearing my attempt of trying to speak he stoped talking and lOoKeD aT mE af iF i WaS iN a SpoTliGHt, godddddd. he. was. only. focusing. on. me. his face lighted up and his eyes kind of changed ?? all of his attention was on me, he looked different as when another student asks him something. it felt precious.

    ah, i can’t get that moment off my mind

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  • I remember when my tc first came to our school last year, no one really liked him. I was the only who genuinely find this guy super charming and funny. Suddenly this year every one’s starting to like him so much and they’re all trying to befriend him. Like I don’t get it?? Yes he’s attractive and I’ve noticed it since the beginning but it confuses me why all of a sudden people are so fond of him???!?

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  • 21.02.20

    I got put on an important position thanks to my success in my school presentation! Because of that, I get to help out so much more in the school. Not only that, I have the perk of seeing D more often now.

    I saw H after being awarded that honour, and I smiled to myself. I’d like to think he played a part in boosting my confidence that day. Though he played no part whatsoever, he has changed my outlook on life for the better.

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  • Little “paranormal” update 💎

    Ok, so I got my period today and I have the WORST. CRAMPS. EVER.

    I called him to let him know I won’t be able to come to work or to my evening lectures today.

    He was a sweetheart, because he asked me if there is anything he could do to make me feel better. ❤

    After that, I made myself a tea, took some painkillers, tried going back to sleep (you know, stuff people do when they’re feeling sick) and as I was lying in bed, I reached over to the shelf above my bed and grabbed this little booklet with naughty fortunes, and took one just for fun:


    Then, as I was looking at it, chuckling to myself and thinking “Hmm, I wonder who could that be?” my phone vibrated and I got a WhatsApp message from HIM, asking if I was feeling any better and telling me I shouldn’t work from home, but instead, use the whole day for myself to recover faster 🙈

    Like, HOW COOL IS THAT??😍🥰🥰

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    haha I haven’t posted on here in a while. The last thing that i posted on here was my tc telling me had feelings for me after I graduated and then ghosting me.

    Well he started talking to me again but reconfessed to me WHILE having a gf and he still has one but he pushes me and is basically cheating on his gf from time to time online not in person, physically but it’s still not right and I feel guilty all the time but he justifies it by saying we are hardwired to want each other and I just don’t know what I’m doing anymore I’m 20 now and just as much of a dumbass as I was in high school and sometimes I wonder how I got myself into this situation

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  • [February|Blazing]

    Official M putting her arm around Bari tonight count: 3

    Holy shit, guys. Tonight was a night, both good and bad. Polar extremes. Tonight was a trip night, and you band kids know how crazy trips can get.

    We get to the place, and we’re all set up. I went up to M to ask her something, and she starts talking to the band. As she was talking, she just put her arm around me. I think I was visibly panicking. I remember my face changing rapidly in about three seconds. I looked at all of my friends, so I definitely gave myself away.

    A friend in my section and I have a lot of fun making fun of people, including M. I’m definitely mean to those I love, and she is no exception. I sneakily told her that she sucked, which got a fantastic reaction. We also pointed out her terribly selective hearing.

    Later, we experienced some tragedy in the band, regarding our equipment. My heart broke, seeing M’s soul absolutely crushed. I was one of the people who helped take stock of the situation. I had to break some unfortunate news to her, and I will never forget what I saw. It was like I could feel the Earth’s rotation, the ground was absolutely spinning, and the sky came crashing down. She turned around and walked off, then just stood there, absorbing her tangled thoughts and emotions. My heart broke once again, as I stared at her back, which rapidly decreased in size as she walked further and further away. When she came back, she was obviously shaken and angry. I asked her if she needed a hug, to which she said she didn’t. She then proceeded to hug me. She squeezed, and her fingers tightened on my shoulder. I could tell she was really distraught. On the bus, I shed a few tears. Unfortunately for me, she asked me some questions while I was crying, so she had to see me fervently wiping tears from my face. Afterwards, she came up to me, looked me in the eyes with her stupidly gorgeous ones, and asked me if I would be okay. I told her I was fine and that I had laughed it off, but something in her eyes asked are you sure?

    Afterwards, she thanked me for trying to comfort her, and hugged me again. This one lasted longer, as we both reveled in our emotions for a bit. My head fell on her shoulder/chest, and her head was on mine. For the first time, I could smell her, sharply fresh and clean. It was a smell I could never get tired of. Earlier, a friend had told me that I smelled like mint, so I hope that’s what M picked up. We both shook in fake sobs.

    So tonight was quite interesting. Tomorrow is going to be even more interesting, I think.

    Oh, and she put her hand on top of mine twice.

    -Emotional Bari

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  • image

    Find Nancy Leichner and Pamela Ann Nater;

    october 2, 1966 in altoona, florida, united states. twenty one year old nancy and twenty year old pamela were new friends getting to know each other at their diving club. the club was hosting a picnic at alexander springs, to which nancy and pamela had each invited their partners. between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon, nancy and pamela went into the woods together. they wanted to jaunt down a hiking trail, and intended to be back soon. they left their purses and shoes with their partners, as well as nancy’s glasses and some of their clothes. the club and their partners searched extensively for them when they had not returned by the end of the picnic. nancy and pamela had been prepared to swim, but it is not believed they disappeared while swimming - the water had been too cold for anyone that day, and authorities believe the pair were too trained of swimmers to have accidentally drowned in such a safe area. in 2007, authorities announced that they had some evidence to believe that late serial killer gerard schaefer junior had to do with the disappearance of nancy and pamela. their cases were subsequently closed. nancy and pamela’s remains are still missing.

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  • he’s so hot and cold??

    literally yesterday he barely talked to me and when i went to ask him something after school he kinda just pushed me aside (to be fair, he did have work to do, but he was being kinda rude about it imo)

    but today we talked a lot, he stood close to me the entire time and overall was incredibly pleasant (by N standards). i even stayed after class for a couple minutes and we kept talking

    he’s so unpredictable but that’s the fun in it i guess??? like mister, just tell me that you hate me or love me. stop playing games, it’s exhausting

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  • Imagine…

    Your TC in a wet t-shirt.

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    I can’t believe how supportive you guys are! My followers have doubled in such a short time, I love you all so much. Whether you came here because I was an active member of the community, for my imagines, my journal entries, or all of the above I thank you from the bottom of my lil’ hedgie heart. It makes me happy to see that the community is still kicking, and that so many people are interested in my blog. You guys keep me posting, and mean more to me than I can say.


    Originally posted by lissfreeangel

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  • What if

    It’s a quiet and relaxing day you and your tc are in bed together. He cuddles you with one hand and is playing with your hair with the other. Not in the playful kind more of a soothing gentle time making you feel relax and sleepy he starts to hum a soft song to you as you start to drift off to sleep he kisses your forehead as you close your eyes.


    Originally posted by heartsnmagic

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  • 02.20.20

    Gosh so much happened today let me tell ya. So I started off the day walking around with @tccinematicuniverse looking for our tc then we realized he is bisy with retakes made me a little sad that I didn’t see him in the morning, but I felt happy again remembering I get to see him during study hall hours to retake my test. I walked into his class during study hall with a semi doofy smile/grin on my face and then @tccinematicuniverse started telling mr.R to show me something he then said “I don’t want to ruin the suprises” which left me in anticipation throughout the retake. He finally should me and

    Oh my fucking god jesus christ

    He was so fucking adorable I almost burst out. I almost literally died on the spot. After study hall me and Sonkia ate at the staircase to see if we could get more sightings of him sadly we didn’t. I obviously went looking for him during my other class periods caught him a few times. When I finally got to his class there was a fucking girl trying to take all his attention and such so I raised my hand and tried to keep him at my area as much as possible. He wrote on my paper used my pencil wore his glass he was very close to me. My friend that seat next to me manage to keep him near us even longer since he was trying to solve her riddle. When he was trying to solve it he was wearing his glasses and looked so flustered I literally was grinning and semi blushing like a idiot. When class ended we showed him the answer and he told us it was unfair and such seeing him not wanting to be wrong was so cute and adorable. I just don’t want him to think I am making fun of him. I get to see him teach another class tomorrow during 5th period wish me luck.


    Originally posted by ruruedits


    Originally posted by yazzydream

    Gonna start a new thing and add some music of how I feel each day I see my tc adding my fave lyrics to each song

    “Love feels like war”

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  • Me after looking at the TCC and finding “Columbiners”.


    What is life anymore

    #TCC meme#tcc#help me #my poor soul #what is life #columbine#columbine meme #wtf is wrong with people
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  • Sometimes I wonder if I’m in love with him or just the version of him I’ve made in my mind. But then he would speak to me, and I’d know I’d fallen for the real him. For my history teacher. When he left I hardly spoke all day and cried when I got home. Don’t let your tc leave without anything happening. I barely spoke to T before he went. I know I’ll never see him but he’s still in my thoughts. He’ll forever be in my thoughts.

    I miss you T

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  • Stop looking at me like that. I get it, you rule.

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  • 2.20.20 (February 20th, 2020) Lots of twos today.

    Today was a good day regarding my TC. I got to see him in the hall a few times, and I got to be with him for two and a half periods! Though I did get some idea about my “competition” during the extra two periods.

    3rd period, aka when I see him, I saw him standing next to his door like usual, but today he literally knocked the wind out of me. He was wearing reading glasses!!!!!!!


    Originally posted by abasketofgifs

    It was literally so unexpected that all I could do was gasp and point!!! I made him put them on for me when I got inside class and he looked SOOOOOO ADORBS!!!!

    We were still doing the same stuff as yesterday and the day before, but we did have some playful banter like always.

    Then me and @strongurgetogettctonoticeyou went to his advisory, and I literally walked Mick to the desk and tried to get R to put the glasses on. He said he didn’t want to “ruin the suprise,” so all advisory we sat there in anticipation waiting for him to put them on. I eventually got him to do it, and me and Mickey were giggling like schoolboys who just saw panties for the first time.

    The look on R’s face was just so damn adorable… He had these kind of big doe eyes, like he was insecure when he wore them. I feel bad, I don’t want him to think I am making fun of him! Perhaps when I write his birthday letter I’ll apologize in it.

    I came back to his class in 5th period since I had a sub, I just marked myself present and then went over to go visit R in his classroom, since he said I can come over whenever. We talked occasionally, but it was hard to grab his attention, especially in a class I was unfamiliar with. I missed my other class.

    I saw him again on my way to 7th period, and we chatted outside the class he was subbing for. I made him put on his glasses for me one more time before I left for my own class. That’s our thing now.

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  • I feel like its necessary to post this since the tcc community still has a pretty negative stigma, I DONT WANT TO ENGANGE IN ANYTHING BEYOND A STUDENT -TEACHER RELATIONSHIP with m

    And I dont support pedophelic relationships

    The thoughts and feelings I have at the end of the day simply are just… thoughts and feelings. And I’m aware nothing beyond that is appropriate

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  • He greeted on my birthday btw

    few months ago

    and i just ssknskwndjjsowkwjyjeownd

    idk just remembered.

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