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  • I have a concussion so trying to talk to him is tragically hilarious.

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  • This is my favorite (stolen) meme from now on:

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  • I’m kind of stoned rn……but no shit, my brother’s weed guy just came into our house and started threatening us because he apparently sold us “too much” but yeah, basically just shit myself because I’d just took a puff and this fucking guy was coming to our house in the middle of the night so I was like “w-w-what the fuck is going on?!?!” in my head tho but also I cant tell if I’m thinking out loud and my family can hear me thinking about my teacher crush right now. Anyway I’m stone right now so please don’t @ me about the spelling and grammar in this piece of writing

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  • so today me my classmate/friend and my teacher crush had a really good time chatting and now he liked my Instagram post??????????????

    please can we be friends????

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  • image

    Jeffrey Dahmers shrine drawn by the man himself. Dahmer carefully put the shrine together using 2 full human skeletons and other items. Dahmer would then sit on the black chair and masturbate over his shrine.

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  • image

    Amber Tuccaro is part of the alarming number of MMIW (Missing & murdered Indigenous women) in Canada. Amber is a part of the Mikisew Cree First Nation and was last seen hitchhiking in Nisku, Alberta.

    Amber had travelled there with a female friend, Evangeline and her 14 month old son Jacob, the two had planned to stay outside of Edmonton for the night before going into the city the next day. She was excited about this trip as this was her chance to look at apartments and possible job opportunities.

    Accounts vary but we know that Amber left her hotel room between 7:30pm and 8:30pm on August 17th 2010, witnesses saw her getting into a car with an unknown male driver. It wasn’t until 2 years later in 2012 that horse riders came across the skeletal remains of Amber, just days before she was found the RCMP had released a 1 minute audio clip where Amber and the driver can be heard arguing.

    She asks where he’s taking her as she’s pretty sure that they were headed into a more remote part of town, after an exchange the clip cuts off abruptly.

    Amber’s case has brought to the forefront many questions about how the RCMP treat Indigenous women and Indigenous communities, it took Amber’s mother 4 months to have her listed as a missing person. As of 2020, Amber’s killer is still at large and many fear that he may strike again.

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  • Does anyone have any meme suggestions/requests, ya boi’s content is going dry rn 👁👁

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  • “can i move seats, ms?”

    i asked before we got inside our english classroom. i sat next to my friend, o , and even though i care for him dearly, he does not know when to shut up in class.

    “yeah, and she could swap with me!” piped in my other friend, d. 

    he looked at me and i smirked. d and o just got into a relationship today. so not only was i able to escape from my friend’s incessant chattering, he could sit next to his boyfriend.

    e has been our teacher for almost two years now and knows about how i struggle sometimes in class because of o’s chattering. i always declined the offer to move but i couldn’t take it anymore.

    “yeah, of course,” she said, stepping inside.

    the class followed in after and i settled down in my new seat, surprising my friends who expect d to be there instead of me.

    e began doing the register, with my name coming up first. in our class, we’re allowed to greet her in different languages if we want to so i speak in my home language, tagalog (though admittedly i’m not every fluent). 

    i accidently said “good morning” rather than “good afternoon” and e giggled.

    e actually giggled.

    and oh my goodness, i could not believe what i heard.

    it was so damn adorable.

    she swiftly moved onto my next classmate, but i couldn’t stop thinking about what happened.

    as she went through everyone’s names, it then hit me i was sitting right in front of where e sits. i began to get flustered and my friend beside me smirked, almost as if she could read my mind.

    i was still staring at e when she finished the attendance and when she looked up, we were looking at each other.

    i looked away, quickly of course, and looked down at my watch.

    for some reason, that moment made my heart swoon. 

    the things that happened to me, they were little things. things the average person doesn’t think about. but regardless,

    i spent the whole lesson thinking about those little things.

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  • Jesus Fricken Christ

    i thought my account would have died by now due to covid but apparently the tc community is going strong still. I will go back to updating eventually since I am doing virtual learning but as soon as i get back to in person i hope to get the same energy


    thanks so much for 70 followers

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  • 1) Last year he mentioned that he has a drum kit in his garage and last lesson whilst he was waiting for people to finish their work, he was using his hand a whiteboard marker and was tapping a drum beat on his thigh and I kept watching him just  s l a p  his thigh and I just-

    2) He’s talking about getting a dog? Adorable.

    3) I stayed behind to talk about books (again) and there was another student sat at the back of the room because she was waiting to be picked up to go home and he was talking to me with a smile on his face and then he asked if I go on a bus home and he looked visibly happy when I told him that It’s normally late so I can stay behind for as long as I want and I even have an excuse to talk to him tomorrow because I told him I’d show him these new books covers that are coming out soon.

    4) As I was leaving, he told me that he really likes talking to me and thanking me for constantly contributing to the lesson 🥰🥰

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  • I realized today that my ex and my tc are exactly the same person. My tc had a bitchy day when she talked to me on friday. She pointed stuff out that was just useless and made me mad so I just left 🤭 then yesterday I saw her in the hallway and she completely IGNORED me. Today I saw her again and as we were walking past eachother I saw her smiling/smirking behind her mask. It showed because her eyes had those cute wrinkles around them and you could obviously see that she was smiling. It always gives me that “I loved that I made you mad some days ago but now I am done ignoring you and I see you’re still weak for me whenever I just smile at you” vibe. I LOVE but I also HATE it (but more love hehe)

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  • Do you ever see your tc’s neck and just think “wow i wanna put my hand on the back of their neck and kiss their cheek” because I CAN’T STOP

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  • reasons to email your tc because we’re out here struggling 😔✌✨


    • ask about any deadlines
    • ask questions about the material
    • honestly just asking for help in general
    • ask about grades/if you’re doing badly in their class, what you can do to get better
    • ask if they offer extra credit (just don’t be weird about it because some of y'all- yikes)


    • check in on them!! teachers are going through a lot right now and it doesn’t hurt to make sure they’re doing alright
    • you could also add that if they’re overwhelmed with work, that you wouldn’t mind helping them out (obviously depends on circumstances but it can be as simple as cleaning up their room or grading papers if you’re back in school)
    • talk to them about something related to their field. for example, if they’re a science teacher, ask them if they’ve heard about the signs of life on venus that was recently discovered
    • recommend them something that reminded you of them! it could be something like a book, movie, etc.
    • if you’re struggling in a class that is in their subject, reach out!! especially if you work better with your tc than your current teacher.
    • ask about something personal but not too personal- example, if they work a second job, ask how that’s going, what’s it like, why the chose that, etc. have a conversation about them but don’t cross boundaries!

    feel free to rb with more ideas!!

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  • WHEN did I out of ALL OF US GAYS become the V simp helpline?

    That’s it, no context offered, I’ll have y'all wonder over that. I read this post on sharing too much information in the TCC anyway, it kinda busted my motivation to write longer posts like I used to. Maybe one day.

    Oh, and another day, another flannel.

    ~ S ♡, IX.29.

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  • today on: ‘do i want a phd or am i just stealing another personality trait from my tc??’ 

    or am i just putting off making actual money to keep doing university courses because the only thing that still vaguely sparks joy is learning?? lmao if only i knew

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  • Walked by him for the first time in over a week. Meaning he’s back at school :)))

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  • also it’s about a year since i developed a crush on T? so that’s fun

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  • J wore odd socks again yesterday. He does it on purpose and it’s adorable. He even makes those colours match the rest of the outfit he’s wearing. He’s absolutely delightful 🥺🥰

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