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    #what the hell is a jigawatt ?! / ooc. #[ LIKE THEY HAVE THOR AND CAPTAIN CARTER AND STRANGE SUPREME if they have tchalla star lord im gonna di E ]
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    Black panther, okoye and shuri at the Cosi museum in Columbus

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    I wish a lot people didn’t delete there tumblr page .. y’all had amazing stories and I would go back and look for them and there gone…

    #black panther#tchalla #mbakuxblack!femalereader #mbaku#t’challa#m’baku #black panther imagines #tchalla smut#mbaku smut
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    Steve Rogers is truly a menace.

    He really stopped mid fight to look Tony dead in his face & said “you doin all this and yo parents still gon’ be dead” and then proceeded to jump him just SICK

    #I’m not the biggest Tony fan #but I’ll admit that was FOUL #cacw#marvel #captain America civil war #captain america#steve rogers#iron man#tony stark#tony stank#bucky barnes #the winter soilder #sam wilson#the falcon#black panther#tchalla#baron zemo
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    Redemption 17

    Summary: One person, a secret, and an ocean tore them apart. Six years later, they find their way back together. But a rekindled love, is not Redemption.

    Warnings: None

    Masterlist || 16 || 17 || 18

    “Good morning,” Zari puts on her best smile as she walks into the family dining room. She helped Aiden into his seat beside T’Challa before sitting across the table from Alua. “Goodmorning,” The Jabari noblewoman smiles back and continues eating. Conversation flows amicably back and forth like normal and T’Challa couldn’t thank Bast enough. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Alua or Zoe, but he had no idea how this breakfast would go. Especially since he had no desire to explain the full situation to anyone outside of those who already knew. “T’Challa?” the man fell from his thought cloud back to the table. He looked around to realize all the women in his life were staring at him. “Yes?”

    “I asked what you and Alua had planned for the day.” His mother repeated. “Oh, I was going to show Aiden the menagerie if you’d like to join,” the king offered before glancing at Zari, “you too Zari.” The woman looked up from the fruit she had resumed pushing around the plate, “Oh, I’d planned to head out to the market and to see my family too. I think it will be good for you and Alua to spend some time alone with Aiden. Especially since she will be joining the family soon enough,” Zari offered up a smile before turning back to her breakfast. “I would love that,” Alua chimed in hoping to break up the silence that had begun to settle over the table. “Zari, I think I’ll join you in the market and visit to your mother,” Ramonda continued around the table. “I’m assuming that you will be in your lab Shuri?” The queen raised an eyebrow. “Only with your kind blessing mother,” Shuri grinned, quickly finishing her plate. Ramonda shook her head as the princess stood to escape to her happy place, “Before you go Shuri, please get Aiden ready to head out with his father.”

    “But-” the princess opened her mouth. “I’ve got it, Queen Mother,” Zari spoke, earning a grateful look from the princess. She winked in response, “I’m not going to see him the rest of the day. I want to have a little time with him before we head off.” Aiden smiled up at his mom and Ramonda shook her head but laughed nonetheless as her youngest scampered out of the room before she could insist. “Come on buddy, you finished everything you wanted?” Zari caught her son’s attention who was finishing his last piece of fruit. “Look at you! Clean plate club!” the mother grinned and tickled her son. “Look, daddy?” He raised the dish to show his father who matched his mother’s enthusiasm. “I think that earns you a ride on a rhino if the herders agree.”

    Zari shot the king a look that she hoped conveyed her unease and he squeezed her hand under the table. She fought to ignore the electricity between them “It’s perfectly safe,” he reassured. “I’m trusting you,” she warned. “Let’s go get ready so you can see all the animals with Daddy.” Zari stood and escorted her son out of the room.

    An hour later Aiden was freshly bathed and dressed ready for his day. T’Challa knocked twice before entering, “You ready Aiden?” He smiled as his son ran over and hugged his legs. “Let’s go then,” He hoisted him up on his shoulders. “No daddy,” he wriggled around. “I wanna walk right now.”

    “Oh?” the king raised an eyebrow and looked up at his son who was leaning over his face. The kindergartner nodded and T’Challa shrugged before setting him back down. “Why don’t you go find grandma? I wanna talk to your mom before we leave.” Aiden nodded before skirting out of the room. “No running son,” T’Challa and Zari reprimanded at the same time. The couple laughed. When the following silence became unbearable under T’Challa’s gaze Zari walked around the bed to grab her purse. “I should get-”

    “Why did you do that?” the king moved closer to her cornering her against the wall. “What do you mean?” T’Challa moved even closer, practically pinning her against the wall. “You refused to go to the menagerie with us. Claiming you want Alua and me to spend time with Aiden.” the king leaned his head down so that his breath mingled with his love’s. “I- I do,” Zari stammered.

    “That’s bullshit.” the king replied cooly searching her eyes. “T’Challa someone might see.”

    “The door is closed.” He leaned even closer. His lips brushed Zari’s but his hands still held firmly behind his back. “If she is to become his stepmother then-”

    T’Challa captured her lips in a bruising kiss and instinctively Zari wrapped her hands around his neck. The king's hands ventured to her lower back before settling on her butt and pulling them pelvis to pelvis. “He will have only one mother,” the king growled. “But Alua,” Zari started.

    “Is in love with M’Baku as he is with her.”

    “How can you be-”

    “I asked her. We have agreed to try and figure out a way to change the agreement.” Zari looked up shocked and the king reveled in the feeling of still being in control of her body. “So your excuse stands today. Tomorrow, however, you are mine Zari.” The king searched her face for any signs of hesitation or defiance before stepping back and walking out of the room.

    A few moments later, Zari caught her breath and looked at the time realizing she was probably keeping Ramonda waiting. “What is wrong with me,” she sighed, grabbing her things and making her way out of the room. A few hours later, Zari and Isha were huddled in their childhood hideout. The window seat in Zari’s bedroom was more cramped than either of them remembered but the conversation at hand was more important. “I just think we’ve missed our timing,” Zari sighed. “ I feel like you are deciding that for him, Zar. I mean you’ve only been here a few weeks. Albeit a few horribly timed weeks, but I think you should cut him some slack.”

    “Yeah, but what if Bast is trying to tell us that she doesn’t approve?”

    “Or she is simply testing the strength of your love. Think about it. You all have been apart for years. It is easy to fall in love with the idea of the relationship you had with T’Challa. But maybe she is making sure you can actually still love the man he has become. Not just the man he was.” Isha rubbed her friend’s back as they watched her nephew run around the backyard.

    “I think I just need to give him some space. Take Aiden back to New York for a few weeks and once the marriage issue is resolved, send my baby back here until school starts.”

    “If that is what you truly believe is best, then I support you. Personally, I think you’re running from the fact that you’re still in love with T’Challa.”


    Isha cut her friend off with a look, “I know you are and it’s okay. Just make sure that you are making this decision for him and Aiden, not just you being afraid to put yourself on the line.”

    “So you don’t think I should give him some space to figure it out?”

    “If you want to, you should. But I think you should reconsider not coming back with Aiden. I think you should come back to stay with him for the rest of the summer. Even if only to see me,” Isha added. Zari snorted as she hugged her best friend turned sister, “I missed you too Isha.”

    “Okay Mister,” Zari smiled at her son as he was tucked in his covers. T’Challa had been quiet the whole time they got him ready for bed. He’d kissed Aiden goodnight and headed out claiming he had something he had to finish in his office. The mother was slightly worried about what had put him in an off mood but decided to talk to him about it after. “Tablet off? Toys away? Teeth brushed? Ears and Toes cleaned? Night light on?”

    “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yep. Yes.” Aiden smiled back at his mom. “Alrighty then,” Zari pressed a kiss to his forehead. “I love you Aiden.”

    “I love you too mommy,” he kissed her cheek before she headed out of the room, making sure to turn the lights out before shutting the door. Next thing she knew she was pressed against the wall with T’Challa hovering over her again. “For Bast’s sake T’Challa! What on earth are you doing?”

    “I need to talk to you.”

    “You couldn’t have asked me like a normal person?”

    “You aren’t enjoying meeting like this? You seemed to enjoy it earlier.” The king raised an eyebrow and Zari felt heat rush to her cheeks. “What do we need to talk about?”

    “Us. Zari, I want you and not as a friend. Nor as a co-parent. I want you as my wife.”

    “But, you are already engaged.”

    “An engagement I am trying to end. Zari, I never thought I would see you again. If I had known that just a few weeks later I would find the love of my life again, we wouldn’t be in this situation. We’d be planning an engagement party for all of our friends and family.”

    The designer chuckled at the earnest truth that laced T’Challa’s insistence that they be married. “You didn’t know though. Now someone else’s life has been dragged into this mess-”

    “Someone who loves another as well Zari.” The king interrupted. “I know T’Challa,” the mother looked away and bit her lip. “I love when you do that,” The king leaned in closer and Zari couldn’t hold in her laughter.

    “Are you really this horny your majesty?”

    “Yes.” There was no hesitation in his voice and suddenly Zari felt the wind leave her lungs. She’d expected him to joke it away but she could tell something had shifted. He was done playing games. This was no longer the 18-year-old prince she’d known intimately years ago. Before her was a man, who knew exactly what he wanted and she was what his eyes were set on.

    “Oh,” her voice came out barely a whisper. “Zar, look at me,”’ the king lifted her chin. “What is keeping you from running away to elope with me right now.”

    “Besides your fianceé sleeping in a guest room down the hall?” Zari chuckled and the king frowned. “You’re avoiding the question again.” He stated and felt Zari squirming even more under his gaze. “Tell me what is truly on your mind, Zari.” He asked softly, only a step above pleading. “At every step you’ve been so willing to give up on this relationship so quickly. Why?” He searched her gaze.

    “A few weeks before I found out I was pregnant,” Zari started out softly, “you’d left something at my house. I came by the next day to drop it off and overheard your father speaking with one of the elders.”

    [6 years ago]

    Brinin Zana, The Royal City, Wakanda

    The Palace

    “Your majesty,” Zari froze as she heard voices coming down the hall. Not wanting to be caught leaving the Prince’s quarters unattended, she hid in an alcove close by. “Yes Semi.” King T’Chaka paused his walk to acknowledge one of the elders. “The rest of the council has asked me to speak to you about your son’s choice in a romantic partner if you will.”

    “Yes,” the king gestured for the man to continue speaking. “Many of the council members are afraid of the consequences that will occur if the two decide to wed one day.”

    “Wed?” Zari shook her head, “Who was thinking about marriage when college decision day was just around the corner. She prayed she could even make it through the rest of her final year of school with her head on straight.”

    “As you know,” the elder continued, “The girl is not of noble blood. If the two should wed, well it simply has not been done. The elders would like you to put a stop to this relationship if at all possible. To preserve the traditions of Wakanda.”

    “Is that all?” King T’Chaka glanced at the clock on the wall. “Well yes, your majesty.”

    “Good. Semi, they are just children. Infatuated with each other. As you and the council are aware, children are not expected to marry as young as we were when we were younger. Both of them plan to attend college before any discussions of a family begin.”

    Zari smiled, glad that the king at least seemed to understand the priorities of her and T’Challa. They weren’t even sure they’d be attending the same colleges for the next few years, let alone discussing a wedding or children. Though she and the prince had begun to explore the delightful method through which children were brought into the world. Zari fought the heat rushing to her cheeks at the mere thought of their escapades. “They are not even planning to attend the same schools as far as I understand. I highly doubt this relationship will last the separation and therefore, I will be doing nothing of the sort. My son is happy and the girl is a delight to have around. Now if they are still together in five years we will revisit the situation with both of the children involved and treated like the adults they are. Until then, my son will be allowed to enjoy this young love and it will end on its own timing.” The king dismissed the elder and continued on his walk in the hall. Leaving behind a Zari who was an odd mixture of pleased and hurt. Everyone was banking on her and T’Challa’s relationship failing? Sure she’d had her own doubts about her value in the eyes of the country as a royal, but it was different to hear your fears voiced out loud.

    Present Day

    “From then on, I felt like our relationship was on borrowed time. Even with Aiden it still is. The council will accept him, he is of royal blood. I am not.”

    “Zar,” the king reached out wanting nothing more than to comfort the woman he could tell was seconds away from retreating from him once more. “No, T’Challa. Unless you can look me dead in the eye and tell me that the council would feel any different about us being together now than they did back then… I think it is best that Aiden and I leave for a few weeks. Just so you can sort out the marriage contract. I will send him back to spend the rest of the summer with you.”

    Zari turned to walk away but T’Challa grabbed her wrist gently. “What about you?”

    “I don’t know T’Challa.” Zari offered a sad smile before vanishing off down the hall.

    “Come on baby, tell daddy you’ll see him soon,” Zari sighed as she watched her son sniffle his way through his hug with T’Challa. She loved how close the two had gotten and for a moment she wondered if she was doing the right thing by taking him away. It's just for a few weeks, she chastised herself. “Don’t cry son, it’s just for 14 days. Auntie Shuri taught you how to count that high. So every day, I want you to count down until I can come to get you okay.” The king wiped his son’s tears as the child nodded. “Okay,” Aiden mumbled and moved to take his mom’s hand. Ramonda, Shuri, Okoye, and Alua watched as the mother-son duo waved goodbye, T’Challa following close behind. At T’Challa’s signal, one of the Dora helped Aiden into the car while the king gently pulled Zari closer. “T'Challa, what about your family?”

    “Two members of my family are leaving. They can excuse my PDA just this once.” The king gently pulled Zari even closer by her elbows so that their foreheads touch. Tears start to slip down Zari’s cheeks and the king wipes them away. “And here I thought you weren't going to miss me.” Zari chuckled and punched the king’s chest. “I do truly love you T’Challa. I just can’t fight this fight again. I want us to end on our own timing, not because the elders won’t approve.”

    A tear sneaks out of T’Challa’s eye as he pulls Zari in for a hug. He holds her close, fearing that maybe this would be the last time they were this close. “I love you Zari,” He pressed a kiss to her forehead. She sniffled and hurried into the car before she could make a different decision.

    “When you love something, sometimes you have to let it go before it can fly back to you.” Alua hugged T’Challa from the side before walking off with Shuri who patted her brother’s shoulder. “Let’s talk,” Ramonda touched her son’s shoulder and he followed her into the parlor. “You know, this might be the worst decision you have ever made.” The Queen started after they had been served a late lunch. “Esh, what have I done?”

    “You let my future daughter-in-law just walk out of here. You didn’t even put up a fight.”

    “Mama, you didn’t even hear what the elders said about her when we were kids. I can’t put her through that again,” the king shook his head. “Well then change the traditions.”

    “I can’t do that.”

    “I thought you were the king?”

    “What if she says no?”

    “Then you can rest,” Ramonda pulled T’Challa’s hands into her own, “Knowing that you fought for her. But if you don’t get her back now, or at least try. You will always wonder, ‘What if I had just fought for her a little harder?’”

    “And Alua?

    “I’m sure you can think of a way to appease the Jabari. Besides, we both know the girl is in love with M’Baku. You’ll both be happier with different people. So stop making excuses and go. Zari is the one that is about to get away.”

    Taglist: @blackbypurpose @tchoking @sisterwifeudaku @wikiwakanda @royallyprincesslilly @90sinspiredgirl @thedelightfulone @autumn242 @purple-apricots @kumkaniudaku @queertrex @kaciidubs @halfrican-heat @skysynclair19 @dramaqueenamby @leahnicole1219 @kreolemami @mzbritt @derangedcupcake @chaneajoyyy @lalapalooza718 @ororowrites @leahnicole1219 @sarcastic-sunshines @sarahboseman @waitingonafriend-blog @faatassbitch

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    Dark Ages #4 (2022)

    written by Tom Taylor art by Iban Coello & Brian Reber
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  • why-i-love-comics
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    Dark Ages #4 (2022)

    written by Tom Taylor art by Iban Coello & Brian Reber
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    Dark Ages (2021) #4

    #ororo munroe#t'challa#storm#black panther#comicpanels#dark ages #me: ororo/tchalla was not well written and the divorce was stupid as hell #also me: THEY HAVE A KID THEY ARE IN LOVE
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    Natasha: Welcome to the team. Here we have fossil.

    Steve: *rolls eyes*

    Natasha: Fossil but the metal version.

    Bucky: Haha. Very funny.

    Natasha: There’s tin can.

    Tony: And this is why I’m in charge of nicknames here.

    Natasha: And the other tin can.

    Rhodey: You really couldn’t come up with another name?

    Natasha: Katniss Everdeen.

    Clint: Very creative.

    Natasha: Jekyll.

    Bruce: Not even surprised.

    Natasha: Thunder himbo.

    Thor: *flips Mjolnr in his hands* Thank you.

    Natasha: Spiderchild.

    Peter: Actually it’s man. Spider-Man.

    Natasha: Harry Potter 1 and 2.

    Strange: How original.

    Wanda: I’ll take that as a compliment.

    Natasha: Robot.

    Vision: I suppose there’s worse nicknames.

    Natasha: Cat.

    T’Challa: Not this again.

    Natasha: Bird.

    Sam: Leave my wings alone.

    Natasha: Bug.

    Scott: Yeah, I expected that.

    Natasha: Glowstick.

    Carol: Guess it could be worse.

    Natasha: And that’s pretty much most of us.

    Shang-Chi: Uh hi?

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    @museswithattitude​ asked:  “ i've always loved you. “ - Jasmine x T'Challa

    Of the political playmates that Jasmine had been forced to entertain as princess of Agrabah, the prince of Wakanda had always been her favorite. Perhaps that was because she'd met him well before her father had started looking for acceptable suitors for her. They'd been children spending summers playing together while their fathers strengthened treatise and fostered trade. He was the last person she'd expected a proposal from, and it was evident with the surprise on her face.

    Henna stained fingers wound their way into the sheer blue of the veil she wore with her lehenga.

    Was this why he'd called upon her? Why hadn't he gone through her father like the rest of them? Why did it have to be HIM at all?

    "T'Challa...tell me this isn't just because you need a queen." His recent rise to the throne had been a rocky one, it would make sense to seek out a political marriage for stability. But she wasn't interested in being sold to the highest bidder.

    Even if that bidder was him.

    #{ encounters ;; jasmine } #museswithattitude #museswithattitude ;; tchalla
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    Dress Up 9

    Summary: She’s not his fiancee, but no one needs to know...

    Warnings: None

    Masterlist || 8 || 9 || 10

    "Oh babycakes! We're so proud of you!" Sirobie's mom gushed once everyone made it inside the apartment safely, the paparazzi trapped outside of the building. "Thanks, Mama," the new college graduate smiled as all of her family members pulled her in for a hug. "Siri, Siri," Soleil tugged on her sister's gown to be picked up. "What would you like to eat?" Her father asked as he looked at nearby restaurants on his phone.

    "There's a good Italian place nearby, we could order three or four family-style meals. Some of my friends from Wakanda are coming and DaNiyah and Angela's families."

    "Sounds good to me," Naomi Johnson smiled as she smoothed down her daughter's hair while she played with her younger sister. "You guys get whatever you want, I haven't had anything I haven't liked since I've gone there."

    "Bet, I call first pick," Ahj yelled as he jumped over Sirobie's couch to join his dad in the kitchen. "Boy if you don't stop jumping over my furniture," Sirobie fussed and her father popped her brother on the back of his head. "Ow, jeez. It's not like it won't be my apartment in a few months anyway. "Says who?" Richard Johnson questioned as he scanned the restaurant menu. "I mean I'm coming to Howard anyway, why can't I just stay here?"

    "Nice try, but you've got to live on campus, your first year little brother." Sirobie laughed as her brother's cocky face fell. "Man what? I'm too pretty for communal bathrooms."

    Sirobie's mother took her youngest daughter into her arms and rolled her eyes at her son. "You'll get over it."

    "Just look at it as a right of passage," Sirobie shrugged, finally taking off her gown and cap. "Wait, wait," her mother frowned, "I wanna take some more pictures when the girls get here."

    "Mama," the filmmaker whined. "Mama," Naomi mocked her eldest, "Just go hang it up and be ready to put it back on when everyone else gets here."

    "Fine," Sirobie sighed and went into her room to hang up her gown, not before grabbing Soleil's hand as she insisted that she walk with her. "Siri, I wanna come stay with you," Soleil pouted as her sister hung her garb up in the closet. "What? You won't miss your friends at school?"

    "Nope," the four-year-old shook her head. "Well what about mama and daddy, they'd miss you."

    "No they won't, they'll have Ahj."

    "Well, you remember how I left home and you only saw me ever so often?" the preschooler nodded. "Well, Ahj is about to do that too. Mama and daddy are gonna need you."

    "Oh, but I wanna see you."

    "Well how about I see if you can stay with me for a few weeks before I start working. How does that sound?" Sirobie smiled and pinned the graduation cap to her little sister's clacker balls and twists. Soleil nodded and a little grin lit up her face. "When will I get to meet Challa?"

    Sirobie froze as her little sister giggled at her reflection with the too big hat on. For a moment, she'd forgotten that Soleil had met and instantly loved the king over the phone. "I wanna see his big house."

    "I don't know soso," the big sister sighed.

    "Are you sad?"

    "Yeah, just a little."

    "Cause you miss Challa?"

    "Yeah, but it's more complicated than that little one."

    What's compicated?"

    "It means it's hard to understand munchkin."

    The little girl nodded but the doorbell interrupted her before she could ask another question. "Let's go see who's at the door huh?"

    "Okay!" the little girl bounced out of the room and Sirobie sighed.

    "Eshe! Kasigo!" Sirobie's face lit up as two of her former lady's maids turned friends took off their coats at the door. "My lady," Eshe greeted and both of the women dropped into a curtsy. "Please. Just Sirobie. I'm back to being a normal person again." The former student clarified as her mother, father, and brother looked at her like she had grown two heads. Soleil however, was beaming at the thought that her older sister might be a real-life princess.

    "Siri! Are you a princess!"


    "Respectfully, Lady Sirobie, you will always be our princess." Eshe smiled and Kasigo nodded in agreement. Sirobie blushed and Soleil squealed. "Does this mean I am a princess too?"

    "Well of course little one," Kasigo curtsied before Soleil and Eshe followed suit. "Ehse, Kasigo, this is my little sister, Soleil. My parents Richard and Naomi Johnson. And my little brother Ahj."

    "A pleasure to meet you all," the two women nodded. "You as well. Thank you for taking care of my baby while she was away." Mrs. Johnson smiled and hugged each of the ladies. "It was our pleasure," Eshe reassured the women. "It is lovely to meet you both as well, but would anyone mind explaining why you are calling my daughter a princess?" Richard Johnson interrupted the exchange.

    "Why don't we all sit down first?" Naomi pushed her family towards the couches. " Well Daddy, remember when you called and I said that I was being well taken care of, and not doing anything illegal?"

    The father raised an eyebrow and Sirobie knew she needed to get to the point quickly. "The future Queen of Wakanda went missing abruptly, Princess Kamyra, and since apparently, we are doppelgangers for each other, the royal family paid me to be a stand-in until they could locate her. Hence, Kasigo and Eshe, my former lady's maids."

    "Yes, we know that your daughter is not a true royal family member, but she is just as graceful, well-spoken, intelligent, kind, caring, funny, and beautiful as any of the best ones we have ever met. Everyone loved her during her time in the country." Eshe elaborated.

    "Therefore, we continue to honor her by calling her by her title. Given by the Queen Mother and the king themselves." Kasigo finished. Everyone turned to Sirobie's father and brother, "So the king at the press conference, he was telling the truth?"

    Except for the part he omitted where they asked me to stand in," Sirobie nodded.

    "Why did he lie?"

    "It is complicated Daddy. There is a lot going on in Wakanda and he did it for my safety."

    Richard sighed and looked around the room. "Well, this is not how I envisioned this night going." Everyone laughed as the father glanced down at his phone. " I am just glad you are home safe baby girl. I am so proud of you. You're my princess too." The father and daughter embraced. "Thank you, Daddy."

    "Come on Ahj. Let's go grab this food." The two men shrugged back on their coats but before opening the door her father paused, "When will I get to meet this king?"

    "You already did Daddy. T'Challa."

    "Sirobie Johnson, you had me on the phone calling a king by his first name?"

    "Daddy, he told me to. I couldn't exactly tell you who he was."

    "Jesus Christ the situations y'all put me in," Richard grumbled as he and Ahj headed out the door. The women left behind could do nothing but laugh. Once the quiet settled over the apartment again, Eshe hopped up and grabbed a box she had placed on the floor near her coat. "We brought gifts. The first one is from Queen Mother and Princess Shuri."

    Sirobie beamed at the mention of Ramonda and Shuri's names. "They send their regrets that they couldn't make it to your graduation in person."

    "I will have to send a card back with you two," Sirobie beamed and carefully unwrapped the intricate vibranium box. Pressing her finger to the lock scanner she gasped as a tiara emerged from the dark purple velvet lining of the box. "Oh my goodness," Sirobie breathed in awe of the delicate tiara. "They thought you might like a more western-style tiara with a little Wakanda flair," Kasigo revealed. In the center of the tiara was a heart-shaped herb and lined on each side of the crown, surrounded by diamond-encrusted leaves was the flower of each of the tribes. "I love it so much," The graduate fought back tears but started laughing when she noticed how big her little sister's eyes had grown. "Don't laugh at my baby," Naomi Johnson laughed and accepted the crown from her eldest so that she and the youngest could admire it.

    "They also sent a card but requested that you wait until you are alone to read it." Eshe handed over an envelope. Sirobie nodded and moved on to the next gift in Eshe's hands. "This one is from us, Lesedi too. She is sorry she could not make it."

    "She is here in spirit." Sirobie smiled and felt the grin grow even larger as she realized it was a scrapbook of her time in Wakanda. "Guys," she sniffled as she flipped through page after page or her getting ready for balls and dinners, dates with T'Challa, painting, sketching, hanging out with Shuri, and taking tea with the queen. The last photo was one of her putting the finishing touches on T'Challa's portrait. Her engagement ring glistened on her left finger in the sun. "I love it. I didn't even know you guys were taking photos," Sirobie grinned.

    "We remembered you saying you used to love scrapbooking, so we thought that one day, you might want some of your memories from Wakanda." Kasigo smiled, "It was Lesedi's idea."

    "I'll have to write her a personal thank you." Sirobie wiped her eyes. "Angela and DaNiyah's families will probably be here soon. I should go get dressed again."

    "I wanna go!" Soleil beamed. "We'll help as well." Kasigo and Eshe followed Amani into her room and Naomi Johnson laughed.

    Eshe worked deftly to fashion Sirobie's hair into an updo and the woman smiled, missing the expertise of her friend. "Siri," Soleil squirmed in her sister's lap, "you should wear your tiara!"

    "Maybe later Soso," Siriobie smiled. "No, we actually promised the queen you'd take a picture and we'd send it to her. We can do it quickly before everyone else gets here."

    "Yay!" Soleil beamed and Sirobie shook her head as the Tiara was pulled and pinned gracefully to her updo. "Wow, you look just like a princess." The four-year-old gasped. Amani stood and placed Soleil on the ground before admiring her reflection in the mirror. The milk chocolate silk of one of her Wakandan dinner gowns complimented her skin beautifully and the tiara and the Updo finished the facade. It did indeed look like she was staring at the reflection of a princess. "I- I have no words," she breathed and reached up to make sure she was still looking at her own reflection. I haven't looked like this in so long. Sometimes it feels like a dream."

    "I assure you it was not a dream," Eshe hugged her as Kasigo took Soleil's little hand in her own. A knock pulled them all out of her reverent silence, "Ro, someone is here and wants to see you-"

    Naomi Johnson paused as she looked at her oldest child for the first time dressed like the princess she'd always been to her mother. "Oh, my baby," tears pooled in her eyes and Sirobie giggled and pulled her mom in for a hug. "Oh, you look absolutely stunning. You ladies are masters of your craft," the mother praised and the women bowed their heads in gratitude.

    "Oh yes," suddenly Mrs. Johnson remembered why she had come in the room, "Someone is here to see you. They're in the living room."

    Sirobie frowned as Kasigo and Eshe realized who had joined them. "Okay, let me take off the-"

    "No! I want pictures before you take down all of their hard work. Leave it alone until you come back."

    "Mama," Sirobie found herself whining once more but Naomi Johnson ignored it. "Go on, shoo."

    "Mama!" the artist stumbled before she felt some familiar hands steady her. "Entle." She turned and came face to face with the man she thought she would never see again. "Your majesty," She stepped out of his reach and his face fell. "You look breathtaking," the king cleared his throat, fighting the urge to freeze. The vision in front of him did nothing to stop help.

    Siriobie found herself blushing before straightening her face once more, "What do you want your majesty?"

    "Please Sirobie. You know that it will always be T'Challa to you."

    "Your majesty-"

    "You aren't wearing your ring," the king interrupted. He felt his heart drop at the thought that she had completely written the two of them being together off forever. "I couldn't exactly wear it to my highly televised graduation where everyone wanted a photo of me could I?" Sirobie sneered, anger at the reminder of the hurt he'd caused returning. "Sirobie, there is nothing I can ever say that will make up for what I have done, but I am truly sorry. I just wanted to keep you safe."

    "I know T'Challa, but you blew up my life. I don't even know if I still have a job if we're being honest. The key to being on a film set is secrecy. They can't have a crew member and cast being stalked by paparazzi."

    "I found the information on your job and called. I personally explained and smoothed everything over." Sirobie felt her mouth fall wide open, "Well explained everything except the part where I am madly in love with you. I did not think that it was appropriate for-"

    "T'Challa, you didn't have to do that."

    "Yes, I did. I know how badly you want this job. This career. I refuse to be the reason that is stolen from you. No matter how much I truly just want you to move back to Wakanda with me."

    "I couldn't either way T'Challa. I couldn't watch you marry and have kids with-"

    "We were able to break the contract. I won't be marrying anyone anytime soon."


    "Kamyra's family tried to have me murdered. She and I got married and then annulled it right after. She's going off to college to get her degree."

    "Oh." Sirobie struggled to wrap her mind around the news that had just rushed from the king's lips.

    "Sirobie," the king got down on one knee again, "I know that you are not ready for marriage or settling down right now, and I would not be happy forcing you into this lifestyle without you getting to live your own life first, but I am in love with you. Have been since I first laid eyes on you painting on the terrace. I want to see where this goes."

    "What exactly are you asking T'Challa?"

    "Sirobie Johnson, will you be my girlfriend?"

    "We've got a lot to figure out. Including how to clear the air internationally, but, I would love to be your girlfriend T'Challa Udaku." Sirobie beamed as the king swept her up into a bridal carry. "T'Challa put me down!" she laughed. "Yay!" Soleil burst out of her sister's room jumping up and down. "My King," Kasigo and Eshe greeted.

    "T'Challa," Mrs. Johnson smiled, "Will you be joining us for dinner?"

    The king glanced at his girlfriend, "Only if it's okay with Sirobie."

    "If you're up for intense interrogations, I'd love to have you. You'll have to meet the family anyway."

    "Oh, I brought you a gift. We'll two really. The king pulled two small boxes out of his coat pocket. Smiling softly, Sirobie opened the first slender box and pulled out a delicate vibranium chain. "It's for your ring. I know you were using one of your old ones, but the promise was that I would buy you a chain before you left."

    "Thank you T'Challa," Sirobie smiled. "We can put the ring on it later," she promised before boxing it back up. "This one is kind of part two," the king admitted as Sirobie unwrapped a framed photo of the two on their first outing with the ring. Sirobie was playing the part of ecstatic fiancee' well in the photo as T'Challa had his arms wrapped around her waist and she with her hands on his chest. Ring glistening away in the lightbulb flashes. "This is one of my favorite photos of us," the king admitted.

    "Mine too," Sirobie cheesed.

    "Come on, before someone notices," Sirobie quickly pulled the King out of her apartment. His chuckle filled the hall as they escaped outside to the city streets. H Street in DC was bustling with recent Howard grads and their friends having one last adventure before adulthood fully set in. The girls themselves were planning to head out a little later, accompanied by the king of course, but Sirobie wanted him to herself for a little while before the night was over. "You wanna see campus or the city?" Sirobie grinned up at T'Challa as they came to a quieter fork in the road. "I wanna see the place that helped make you the amazing woman I am so blessed to call my own." The graduate felt her cheeks heat up as she turned left, guiding the king up the hill to the Mecca. Soon, the quick tour was done and they took a seat on a bench on the yard.

    "So, how do we make this work?'' Sirobie asked the moon their only company on the quiet green. "We take it as slow or as fast as you want," the king sighed pulling her hand into his. "Quite frankly," He glanced at the ring that was once again around her neck. A sly grin formed inside as his finger lifting the metal from her neck caused a quiet gasp to escape her lips. He chuckled lightly, twirling the ring around his finger. "If I could have my way, I would have already asked you to marry me once again," He admitted. The new Howard Alumna felt her heart racing as a cheshire grin covered his face. "As much as I would love that," she laughed before becoming a bit more serious, "I got my own life to live first T'Challa. I can't just live for you and Wakanda, just yet. I've got to be more than just his little wife," she sang a quick snicker following after. T'Challa looked at her blank-faced and she bit back another laugh, "Beyoncé jokes, gotta improve your knowledge on that if you're planning on spending eternity with me."

    "Oh, Beyoncé the singer? Shuri loves her." Sirobie simply shook her head and leaned on T'Challa's chest.

    "Before I forget," the king cleared his throat a little while later before they could head back up the stairs to Sirobie's apartment. They'd wandered around a bit more before deciding it was time to head back and get ready to go out with the girls. "This is for you. I called the loan company and, with your mother's help, was able to finesse your final balance number out of them. I believe this should cover it, and help you get started out in Los Angeles when you move." Sirobie felt her mouth drop open as the 10 digit number on the check became obvious. "T'Challa, I can't, this is more than enough to cover my debt. That's all you promised me. I can't take all of this," Sirobie shook her head and handed him the check back. "No, Sirobie, I wanted it to be a surprise, but your mom expressed her concerns about you being able to afford safe housing in Los Angeles, and I want you to be able to live wherever you want, safely. So I'm buying you a house. We'll you're buying you a house. I'm just gonna help, if you'll let me," the king rambled on as his girlfriend's eyes filled with tears. "I just want you safe," the king sighed as he pulled her in for a hug, "and having somewhere I can come to stay with you whenever I'm in town on business is another benefit."

    "I'd love to have you come stay with me and help me choose a house," Sirobie finally answered, accepting the check. "As long as you don't mind Soleil being around, I kinda promised she could come to stay with me for a while until I started working."

    "Of course," the royal smiled following Sirobie up the stairs to her apartment. "Besides," he whispered in her ear, stopping her from opening the door, "We'll have time for each other when she's sleeping." He placed a kiss on her exposed neck and delighted in the way she shivered under him. "Where are you staying tonight?" she turned to face him, pulling his face closer. "Ritz Carlton," T'Challa mumbled against her lips. "Good, I'm joining you," Sirobie grinned, finally letting him engulf her in a rough kiss against the door. Careful not to alert anyone inside what was happening just outside the door.

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    Starlight 16

    Summary: Amani is an orphaned heiress who’s spent most of her life raising her younger sister. T'Challa is a widowed King and Father. Neither of them is expecting much from their night at the Lotus. But the coming months have many milestones in store for these young adults. Will becoming a family be one of them?

    Warnings: Suicidal thoughts, miscarriage, depression.

    Masterlist || 15 || 16 || 17


    “No Darius please, I’m sorry,” Amani sobbed as she was shaken violently out of her dream.

    “Hey, Amani it’s me, entle, it’s me.” T’Challa rocked his girlfriend as tears poured down her face.

    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Amani wailed as Shuri, Amare, Ada, Okoye, and Queen Mother rushed into the room. “Shuri, Amare, take Ada to the dining room. You all start breakfast without us” Queen Ramonda ordered, helping to quiet the woman in her son’s bed. “Is Mani going to be okay?” Ada fretted as the two young adults led her out of the room. “She’s okay, she just had a bad dream,” Amare reassured, secretly grateful that T’Challa and his family were there to help shoulder the load of Amani’s night terrors. They started after her first rescue from Darius’s crutches and had faded after the older Okeke met T’Challa, but 3 months after the second attack they began terrorizing her sister again.

    “Honey, breathe baby, breathe,” Ramonda soothed as her son continued to calm his girlfriend silently with his hand on her back. Almost an hour later, the king was alone once again with his sleeping girlfriend. “Kumkani,” Okoye knocked apologetically. “We are already two hours late, we must leave soon.”

    “Where are you going?” Amani whispered. “I have some business in the mountains with the Jabari. I will be back before dinner. I promise.” The king caressed Amani’s cheek as her face visibly fell. “I understand,” she nodded. “I will be back as soon as I can.” The king slid from under her and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

    “Do you ever stop and think about how much your life is like coming to America now?” Amare asked her sister as they laid together on her and T’Challa’s bed. “Not really. I mean I guess it is.”

    “It totally is, and I’m so happy for you Amani. You are amazing.”

    “No, I’m not.” The older sister waved away her sister’s words. “Yes, you are!” Amare rolled onto her side. “You finished raising me. Took me in during your last two years of college. Survived an abusive relationship, a kidnapping, two miscarriages, and you still are able to put a smile on Ada’s face. Everyone’s face. You are extraordinary.” Amare laid back down and took her sister’s hand in her own. “Thanks, kid,” Amani offered a small smile and squeezed her sister’s hand.

    “We should get ready for dinner, T’Challa should be back soon,” Amare teased and pulled herself up from bed. “You go ahead,” Amani waved her sister on. “I’ll be there in a second, I’ve gotta use the restroom.”

    Amare nodded before heading out of the room.

    “My love, are you still in here?” T’Challa knocked on their bedroom door before entering to find it quiet. “Amani?” The king began to panic slightly as he moved through the space before he heard a groan from the bathroom. “Entle?” he pushed open the bathroom door to find the love of his life hunched over the toilet. “Are you alright,” he sat down on the floor and pulled her into his arms.

    “I’ve been throwing up all day. I don’t know what’s wrong,” Amani sighed and snuggled into his scent. “Did it start today?”

    “No, it's been a few weeks,” Amani mumbled. “Did you take another test?”

    “No, I just lost a baby T’Challa, I don’t even want to think about having another one.”

    “Amani, there’s no way you could be pregnant with a new baby right now.” T’Challa reminded her with a slight grin on his face. The heiress looked up in fear, “T’Challa you all said that they told you I lost the baby,” Amani sat up from his hold. “They did, but maybe it is worth having a second opinion here in Wakanda.”

    “I don’t know T’Challa.”

    “I know we don’t want to get our hopes up but it is best to know. Will you at least go for me?”

    Amani sighed and nodded. She watched as a grin grew on her lover’s face. He looked so happy and she couldn’t understand why she didn’t want to know if her child was still living. Maybe it was easier to live with its ghost than the responsibility of having to keep it alive for six more months. She was exhausted enough trying to heal herself, she didn’t know if she could handle taking on another person’s baggage.

    “My dear, are you alright?” The lunch table went quiet as Amani cleared her throat. “I’m okay, just a little tired.” Amani offered a small smile as Madiyson and Sakura eyed her suspiciously. “When does Marquis arrive?” Amani deflected the conversation back on to Madiyson and her boyfriend’s impending arrival. “He said at 4 this afternoon.” The former waitress smiled. “You think he’s gonna pop the question while you all are away together this weekend?” Shuri teased.

    “I don’t know,” Madiyson blushed. “I am just excited to plan a baby shower.” Amani’s best friend smiled and rubbed her small bump. The king glanced at his girlfriend and squeezed her hand. The other occupants of the table looked on in pity as T’Challa leaned over, “Have you heard anything from the doctors?”

    Amani fought back the bile in her throat and shook her head quickly. “Please,” she addressed everyone and the other future mother, “It’s okay to talk about babies. I am so excited to be an auntie,” she reassured everyone before glancing back down at her plate. The rest of breakfast went by no easier. Conversations about baby due dates, genders, engagements, and color schemes continued with everyone tiptoeing around the questions on eggshells. By the end of the ordeal, Amani was mentally drained and the family felt like they’d run a marathon of words around everyone’s feelings. Barely holding it together, the heiress quickly excused herself to the gardens to be alone.

    Once she felt sure that no one had followed, a sob ripped through her chest. It’d been a week since she’d agreed to get a second opinion in Wakanda, two days since she’d convinced the doctor to let her tell the king, and ten minutes since she’d last lied to T’Challa about having the results. Her heart broke a little more every time she lied, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep this child. It went against everything she’d believed about herself in the past, but quite honestly, the cloud that hung over her day in and day out was large enough to make her question the safety of her child if it stayed with her.

    “This was always my favorite spot to cry as well,” Amani looked up embarrassed as Ramonda joined her in the garden. She wiped her face and offered a small smile. “Please, don’t stop on my behalf. I am just here to provide some comfort if I may,” the queen joined the southern girl on the bench. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” Amani cracked a few minutes later, tears streaming down her cheeks once more.

    Ramonda said nothing but pulled her closer. “It’s just like there’s this dark cloud hanging over me and I just can’t get happy. Like I should be over the moon right now-”

    “Why do you think that?” The queen interrupted. “My best friend is having a baby, she could be getting engaged, I’m having a baby-”

    “You’re having a baby?”

    Amani felt a knife twist in her heart, she’d wanted T’Challa to know first. “I just found out. I wasn’t feeling well so T’Challa arranged for me to get a second opinion and surprise,” She exclaimed half-heartedly.

    “But you’re not sure if you want to go through with the pregnancy?”

    Amani sighed and shook her head.

    “Does T’Challa know?”

    She shook her head again, “I want to tell him, but he’s so excited. It would break his heart to hear that I don’t know if I’m going to keep the child.”

    “You know, I am hearing a lot about others and very little about how you feel.”

    “I just, I don’t know if this baby is safe with me,” Amani admitted reluctantly. “Amani,” the queen turned to look her in both eyes, “Have you been having thoughts about-”

    “Please,” the girl begged, “I have but I can’t. Please don’t say that aloud.”

    “If you have been thinking about ending your life my dear, we need to talk about it.”

    Amani began crying once more, “ It terrifies me. I’ve only felt like this once and I vowed I would never go back there, and here I am and-”

    “You do not owe any of us an explanation. There is no way we could imagine what you’ve been through.” Ramonda pulled the young girl in for a hug. “I would like to get you some more help though. Perhaps some that can only be found outside of the castle walls. Just think about it please my dear. As much as I want this grandchild, I want you here safe and sound to raise it.” Ramonda hugged her daughter in love and wiped a stray tear of her own.

    A few minutes later she interrupted the comfortable silence that had formed, “Now, make whatever decision feels right for you, but you need to tell the child’s father. My son deserves to know. Not just about the baby, but everything.”She looked into the young woman’s eyes. Amani sighed and nodded. She could no longer avoid the inevitable.

    “T’Challa, can I talk to you?” Amani fumbled with her hands upon entering her boyfriend’s office. The moon shone through his large windows and her heart fluttered as he looked up and grinned. Some of the strain of the day melting away as he laid eyes on her for the first time since breakfast this morning. The heiress’s stomach churned after, the feel of acid rising in her throat as the thought of what she was about to admit out loud to her child’s father. The king looked so ethereal, surrounded by the pale glowing halo of the moon. Who was she to deny him the chance to be an amazing father once again? “Amani? Are you alright?” the rich baritone of T’Challa’s voice pulled her back into reality. “Yeah, I’m-,” She couldn’t do this. The prospective royal felt her emotions frantically backpedaling. What’s the worst that could happen? She’d have the baby, T’Challa would continue to love them both and, sure she would probably continue letting him down but she could make him happy at least this one last time.

    “My love?” the king called out once more. Worried and intrigued by what was distracting the usually laser-focused woman in front of him. “Huh? Oh, It’s fine. Nevermind. I shouldn’t have come it was stupid.” Amani backtracked and turned to head out of the door. “Hold on,” The king quickly reached out to pull her back to him. “You came all the way down to my office this late at night for something stupid?”

    “It’s nothing really,” Amani hid her face knowing that she was a terrible liar when T’Challa was involved. “Okay, come on,” the king pulled her over to his desk and onto his lap. “What’s going on? Did you get the results from the doctor?” T’Challa’s face brightened once again at the prospect of knowing whether or not he should be expecting another child soon. Amani felt her heart tear in two. Tears began streaming down her face before she could stop them. “Oh,” T’Challa’s face fell,” Oh my love come here. It is not over yet okay. We will get through this. We’ll give you time to heal and if you want to, in the future once we’re married and Ada is a little older we can try again-”

    Feeling her emotions getting the best of her, the former waitress decided to just blurt it out. “I’m still pregnant.” The king’s face contorted in confusion, waiting for Amani to explain the heart-wrenching sobs that were beginning to hiccup their way out of her throat. He rubbed her back in silence until she calmed slightly under his touch. “You were right, I never lost the baby, but I’m not sure that I still want to have this child T’Challa.”

    Even the moon seemed to lean closer to the window as the king let out a low whistle. Amani allowed the silence to linger for a while longer before nervously ushering it along, “Please say something T’Challa.”

    The monarch ran a hand over his head before hoisting her back securely on his lap, “What do you want me to say Amani?”

    “I don’t know. I mean. I don’t. I’ll just go-” She stood sadness lacing every movement.

    “Did I ask you to leave Amani?” The king stopped her.

    “Please stop thinking that when things get hard I’ll want to leave or that I want you to leave. I love you and that means I want to know what you are thinking at all times. I want us to talk through this okay?”

    The American woman nodded as tears pooled behind her eyes again. “Okay,” she nodded as T’Challa helped her to take a seat on the elevated window seal. Once he joined her he took a moment to study her face. “What’s really going on. You adore children.”

    The king wiped the newly emerging tears, remembering how sensitive Nakia was during her pregnancy as well. The slightest thing could set her off crying. Or screaming. Usually crying. “I don’t think this child is safe, T'Challa.”

    A fire sizzled across the father’s features, “Darius is dead, and you know I will do anything. Anything to protect you two.”

    “I know T’Challa, but it is not an outsider I am afraid of.”

    “What do you mean? Has someone here threatened-”

    I don’t think this baby is safe from me T’Challa. Lately, I’ve been-” Amani gulped, not ready to admit this out loud again for the second time today. “I have been having visions and daydreams about killing myself T’Challa. I can’t stop them. It’s like I'm doing, well okay at best and then they just appear. Out of nowhere.”

    Tears warbled her lower lip as the king grappled with the words that had just left her mouth. “I- I don’t even feel safe from myself and I’m struggling every day to keep myself alive. The thought of adding another person I’m responsible for to the mix. It’s just too much. It’s too much T’Challa.” Amani felt the dam of her emotions crumble and she succumbed to the flood. T’Challa pulled her in close after she let the pain of her secrets flow. He knew that she had not seemed like herself lately, but he presumed it was just post-traumatic stress from her ordeal. He knew he should have pushed harder for her to seek professional help after, but she insisted she just needed time. Now she was here in his office sobbing. Admitting to having thoughts about killing herself and by consequence, their first child. For the first time in a long time, T'Challa Udaku was terrified and he had no idea what to do about it.

    He hugged his girlfriend even closer as he thought about the engagement ring that was tucked away in the royal armory. He knew this was not the most appropriate time to think about needing to cancel his plans for them this Thursday but it helped keep him rooted to earth in a moment where he wanted nothing more than to spiral like the woman on his lap. Cancel engagement dinner. Consult with Diyna, head priestess of the temple. Cancel and postpone all meetings tomorrow. Find mother. Scratch that. Get Amani safely to their room and message his mother that they needed to talk as soon as possible. Pray to Bast that Okoye and Mother are not sleeping. He created a mental checklist and sighed. He had a plan of action and all he needed to do now was follow it.

    Amani woke up hours later, the moon still making its slow descent across the sky. T’Challa was nowhere to be found even though she knew he’d been there when she fell asleep. Something pressed against her bladder and she sighed, moving to head to the bathroom. Her feet touched the cold stone and she groaned hoping to shuffle quickly to the bathroom and back. As her foot went to take the next step a familiar searing heat electrified her body. Her face twisted in horror as the events from years ago began to repeat themselves. “No, no, no, no please,” she chanted over and over as she sank to the floor. Her steady plea turned into a gut-wrenching wail as her second child passed over to that great beyond without her. With it went the last shreds of her sanity.

    It'd been three weeks. The king paced the corridor outside of his daughter’s room. 21 days and he still had not found a way that felt appropriate to comfort his wife. The news of this miscarriage tore him apart more than he could ever begin to show, but Amani had lost it. She insisted it was punishment for having doubts about keeping their miracle baby and no matter who tried to reassure her, she wouldn’t believe anything but that she was responsible. She’d withdrawn from everyone including the monarch who finally decided to knock on Ada’s door. He made his way into the room only to be shushed by Amani, who was rocking the soon to be 6 year old to sleep. “Shh, she’s sleeping,” she crooned, watching as Ada’s chest rose and fell.”

    T’Challa walked over squatting before her, heart breaking at the sight, “I know, but I was hoping to talk to you.” Amani tore her eyes from Ada to look at his chest avoiding all eye contact. She hadn’t looked him in the eyes in days. The specialist from the center thought it was a sign of devaluation. She no longer felt she was worthy of T’Challa being her partner. It was the most absurd thing he’d heard in his life. If anything, he owed her the world. “Why?” Amani uttered, turning her gaze back to the sleeping Ada. “I can’t leave the baby,” she reminded and the king nodded, looking at his school-age child in her lap. “Just for a moment,” he waved Okoye into the room. “Okoye will watch her for you.”

    A few beats passed before the mother nodded, allowing Ada to be handed over to Okoye. The warrior and T’Challa breathed a sigh of relief as the king was able to lead Amani out of the room and into the hallway. “Did I mess up again?” the woman mumbled once the door was shut, separating them from Ada. “No,” the king reassured, “But I want to get you some help. So you can feel better. You’re tired and barely eating.”

    Amani remained silent and the king took it as a sign to continue, “Please think about it.”

    He handed over a brochure and the older sister gingerly flipped through it. For the first time in weeks, something other than Ada brought a slight smile to her face. “I thought you might like it.”

    “They can help me feel better?”

    The king nodded and Amani flipped through the pages once more. “What about the baby, I can’t leave her. She-”

    “Will be fine.” The king reassured. “Let me take care of her, I just want you to feel better okay?”

    Amani started to shake her head before letting her shoulders sink and she sighed. “Okay.”

    “It’s just a month okay?” Amani hugged her little sister who had tears in her eyes. It’d been two days since she had agreed to go to a therapeutic rehabilitation center. Yesterday, T’Challa had called and luckily they still had a spot available for Amani to join them. She couldn’t deny that fear was grating on her nerves, but there was a little ember of hope burning. Maybe soon, she’d feel better than she ever had. The prospect excited her. She squeezed Amare one last time before hugging her two best friends and Ada one last time. She’d already hugged Queen mother and Shuri goodbye as they had agreed to sit in on T’Challa’s meetings so that he could escort his beloved to the center.

    “Wait, someone is missing?” Amani froze looking over the people she loved who had gathered to see her off. “You said goodbye to Ada this morning,” Amare sniffled and Amani couldn’t help but pull her into another hug. This was the first time the older sister would be leaving the younger one since their parents had passed. “I know,” the business owner thought back to the tears that had defined her morning as Ada was reluctant to let her go. It had been a miracle T’Challa had convinced her to go to school at all. Though, Amani couldn’t deny that the fact that she would be missed did warm her heart.

    “I meant my niece or nephew,” she smiled softly and pulled Madiyson and her prominent baby bump into a hug. Soon, they’ll be here in person for me to meet.”

    Everyone looked on slightly in shock, none more so than Madisyon who had avoided showing her friend her bump since the incident a month ago now. “What?” Amani pulled back and blanched, hoping she hadn’t said anything wrong. “Nothing, I- we should get going so we can check in on time.”

    Amani nodded and smiled at her family once more before allowing herself to be helped into the car. It’s only for a month,” she sighed as the car pulled away from the curb. Fighting back tears as she watched her family disappear. She hoped this month went by quickly so that she could come home, a stronger person. Ready to embrace all of the new changes that were coming her way. For the first time in months, a full-blown smile graced her features and she squeezed T’Challa’s hand. The world seemed just a bit brighter, even if only for a moment.

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