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  • skylariumrose
    24.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Part 2 of Of Blasters and Sabers, and the Words in Between! 😁


    In true fashion, the Disaster Lineage is at it again, only this time the 212th and 501st are along for the ride.

    Snippets of everyone settling into their new lives and roles with a bit of fun havoc thrown in.

    All chapters take place between Clone Cadets to Malevolence.

    AKA - 1st chapter; Obi-Wan and the 212th had have their moment to shine with their new command’ika, Tae’sie, but now it’s time to see how Anakin and 501st are handling the addition of Ahsoka.

    #oc jedi padawan #my fic #star wars the clone wars #commander cody #obi wan kenobi #tae'sie ah'dallir#ahsoka tano#anakin skywalker#captain rex #clone medic kix #Teth Five #clone medic helix #212th attack battalion #501st legion#tcw fanfic#character study#character growth#canon divergence #of blasters and sabers and the words in between #BSWB#codywan
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  • doseisama
    24.10.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    I‘m working on my Mandalorian OC

    I have nO idea how tf i‘m gonna color the beskar i never learned how to rly color stuff so please send help qwq

    And i still have to add detail to the arm thingy and the belt but I‘m lazy-

    I‘ll already working on their story idk if I‘ll ever post it tho

    #star wars fan character #star wars#sw#sw tbb #sw the mandalorian #the mandalorian#mandalorian#mandalorian oc#oc#din djarin#sw tcw #sw tcw fanart #x reader#FanFiction #star wars fanfiction #star wars fandom #darth maul#sith#jedi #sith is shit in different order #dathomir#savage opress#mother talzin#grogu#clan djarin
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  • obitine-week
    24.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    Day 7 - Family

    Last entry by Megan! Thank you for all the great art on this week!

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  • oxzebi997
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Day 19 Coruscant Guard

    This chapter is inspired by this fic

    Read it on AO3

    Rule 1: your paint is your shield, deviations get you noticed.

    Jek was… jealous. Standing on the bridge of the Venator class Star destroyer surrounded by clone soldiers with decorated armor and custom paint jobs and patterns. He and Rys wore almost completely blank matching sets of armor, only Thire had any kind of distinction, a few small patches of crimson around his middle. These matching patterns were a camouflage on Coruscant, for the safety of them and all their Guardsmen vod, but here in the field, they stood out like a sore thumb.

    Jek felt so out of place and noticeable that he barely noticed when the ship went under attack.

    Rule 6 The only people allowed to know your name are your brothers.

    The Jedi they were assigned to had been busy with holo calls reporting position and progress from the moment they stepped onto the Venator, and there were far too many men aboard the ship, (every one of them twice the height of this apparent Grand Master,) for him to notice the Guardsmen who followed him diligently.

    When Separatist forces attempted to shut down the operation, General Yoda told his men to retreat, taking only Thire, Rys and Jek with him to the moons surface. They filled in the small escape pod and sat in relative silence, he would never admit it but Rys was nervous. He was used to being on solid ground, not plummeting through an unknown atmosphere, he hated this.

    “Your names, I wish to know.” The tiny Jedihumphed softly, “so busy, I have been, failed I have, to get to know you three.”

    Rys froze in his seat, he noticed Jek did the same, they both cautiously looked sideways at their Lieutenant, who made a very quick decision. Trapped in a little pod in the vacuum of space, it seemed in this one instance that protecting his vod meant breaking a rule.

    “I’m … I’m Thire, sir. This is Jek, and Rys.” He didn’t indicate which of them was which, but the Jedi glanced at each of them when his name was spoken.

    “Yoda, I am. Glad to meet you, sorry I am, that this meeting has become a battle.” He smiled, and - swung his feet back and forth under the chair he was sitting on?

    Rys thought the shape of this creature was odd enough, but the speech pattern and behavior was even weirder. No wonder the Jedi usually kept this one planetside.

    Rule 5: Helmets on at all times

    Fox had warned them before they left, “follow every order, keep yourselves alive.”

    He had been there on Geonosis, he knew that the field was different from Guard work, Thire knew well enough that he’d be glad to know they were all safe, even if they’d broken the hard learned rules of Senate duty.

    “Remove your helmets, your faces I wish to see.” The little general had spoken as they sat, Thire hissing quietly at the pain shooting through his leg.

    He gave the lead, as the three glanced among one another.

    “Not much to see here, we all share the same face.”

    If Thire had felt uncertain when he’d been injured, now sitting here cornered, outgunned and now he didn’t even have the usual protection of his helmet, he was practically shaking here he sat, but he held it together for his men.

    Stories had come back to Coruscant from brothers on shore leave, from soldiers being transferred to the Guard; of the Jedi. It was a mixed bag, some of the Jedi were too comfortable on a battlefield, some of them were tranquil and warm, some were awful and cruel.

    Still, watching as the General used his lightsaber to turn a blaster rifle into a crutch for Thire, while telling them that in his eyes, through the Force, they were different from one another. He smiled at them and handed over the cleverly built new tool.

    Rule 4: The Jedi won’t help

    Rys had seen firsthand the heartache on transfers' faces when they realized how different things were on Coruscant; he had never imagined it was more than just shell shock.

    Yet this Jedi had told the three of them to stay out of sight and be safe, while he ran around like some kind of horror flick monster tearing through the droids like flimsy. He was amazing to watch, but it made Rys feel a little sick, this is what Jedi are capable of.

    General Yoda destroyed whole tanks and platoons with little effort until the Rollie’s showed up. One shot from the rocket launcher and it was over.


    “Commander.” Thire saluted some, still walking on the blaster-crutch, “we’ve got a report if you’d like it.”

    “I already read your report, are you keiffing kidding me?? An entire battalion of droids? One Jedi and three men and you took out a whole battalion??”

    “It was a wild day, Fox.” He sat heavily while a medic was sent for.

    “I guess so. But you made it back in one piece, more or less. And that’s all I cared about.”

    “Better tell the other two, they’re scared shitless because of how many of your rules we had to break out there.”

    “Is that right?” A little grin crossed Fox’s face, a grin that only an ori’vod could wear “well I won’t see either of them for a few rotations. So I’ll just have to let them sit in it.”

    “That Yoda’s something else, he was kriffing weird, Fox. Nothing like the stories about any of the other Jedi.”

    “Yeah? What are you getting at?”

    “I don’t know, better safe than sorry but, that one might be an exception to the rules.”

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  • beanabouttown
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Obi-Wan Kenobi in "Slaves of the Republic"
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  • murdertoothpick
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    kinktober day 24

    window/balcony sex | fox x fem!reader

    warnings: high building, unprotected vaginal sex, standing sex, nipple play ish (like touching and sensitivity), rough and romantic, 18+ MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, a window into anna’s yearning at early hours in the morning (she went overboard with this one), she also apologises if this is cringy but this is also very SOFT and very self indulgent | w/c: 1697 | full kinktober masterlist

    ‘This is nice,’ you hum, seated at the edge of the king sized bed, glancing around the large but strangely intimate hotel room. ‘How’d you manage this?’

    Fox moves to stand in front of you, wanting your focus to be on him as his is on yours. ‘Helped the manager kick out a guest once after hours,’ he replies before elaborating, ‘said he kept extending his stay without paying.’ Fox laughs in amusement as he thinks about the incident, ‘was a little violent as well.’ He brings up his hands to hold your face, overwhelmed by the inclination to touch you, ‘Offered me a free stay as a thank you.’

    You mimic his action, smiling up at him, ‘Always taking care of others,’ you murmur. Your thumb traces the dark lines under his eyes, crinkled with his small smile as he leans into your hand. ‘When’s the last time you had time to yourself?’ you ask.

    ‘Not sure,’ he replies, threading his fingers with yours. ‘But I like to think that spending time with you counts.’

    Your cheeks warm up as he bends down to kiss you, his other hand moving to hold the back of your neck as his lips seek yours. He lets go of your hand to twirl the hem of your shirt between his fingers, pushing his tongue against yours possessively as his fingers toy with the seams of the fabric. You sigh against his lips, relaxing your body under him before he’s separating your lips to pull your shirt over your head. He removes his clothes, and you remove what’s left of yours, timing it so that you can resume your makeout immediately after you’re done.

    You giggle as you fall into the mattress behind you, Fox crawling over you and supporting himself with arms on either side of your head. Your legs instinctively wrap around his hips, tightening their grip to pull him closer against you, his length brushing against your inner thigh. He kisses you fervently, as if trying to steal your breath, taking his time because well, like you said, when’s the last time he had time to himself?

    Fox shuffles between your legs, lowering his head to latch his mouth onto one of your nipples. He gently teeths the sensitive nub before swirling his tongue around it; they're already a little hard with their new exposure to the room’s chilly air. He sucks on your nipple, taking pleasure and growing hard as you keen against him with desperate attempts to create friction between your bodies.

    ‘—Oh my god, Fox’ you wrap your legs impossibly tighter around him, having no shame in the way you persistently cling to him with all your limbs as your arms wrap around his neck, ‘Take me already.’

    Fox releases your nipple with a pop, one hand going to grope and tease the other to compensate for the lack of attention it's getting. He looks to you with a sly smirk on his face, ‘This little 'vacation' not enough for you?’

    You groan in annoyance, ‘You know what I mean.’ Pouting, you play with the hairs at the nape of his neck, eyes studying him as he thinks of a reply.

    He eventually nods, wrapping his arms around your body to secure you to him as he stands up.

    ‘Wait- what are y—‘

    ‘I’ve taken you in a lot of places,’ he's answering before you can get the question out, already explaining his plans for you, ‘Never against a window though.' He carries you across the room, leaving no room for argument, 'especially not one that overlooks the whole of Coruscant.’

    Staying true to his plan, Fox brings you up against the window, your body arching into his warm one as soon as your naked back makes contact with the glass. He holds your hips in place to stop your squirming. He looks past your shoulder and at the city on the other side of the glass. You follow his gaze, turning your head to the side and taking in the beauty of Coruscant’s night life. Your eyes catch the stream of speeders that make up Coruscant’s busy airways, the movements seemingly random but flowing seamlessly as they disappear into tunnels.

    You nod appreciatively. ‘It’s a really nice vie-oHH’, you’re cut off as Fox unexpectedly pushes into you, immediately calling your attention back to him.

    He snaps his hips forward, jolting you up against the glass as you turn your head to face him again. ‘Yeah,’ he exhales, thrusting again, ‘-can name a better one though.’

    Fox establishes a harsh pace, drawing his length in and out of you and letting your hips drop to meet his with every thrust. He knocks the breath out of you, again and again, and you’re left clawing around his shoulders for any type of support as you desperately gasp and moan for him. He watches the way your face contorts with his effort, darting between your expressive features but never vacillating from you altogether. His hair is unkempt, stray hairs becoming loose and curling against his forehead. Your shaky hands move to frame his face on either side, your thumb trying to brush away those stubborn strands that sway with every buck of his hips into you. With your hands there, Fox can only look at you, and that only spurs him on.

    You drop your head forward with a groan as Fox readjusts your position against the glass, pushing you closer to and higher against the surface. It enables a new angle for him to thrust into you, his cock hitting deeper with every thrust that threatens to split you open. Your forehead knocks against Fox’s, and your elated sighs and breaths mingle together.

    ‘Stars,’ you whimper, every jerk of his hips tightening the coil in your belly until you can’t see straight—until you can’t see anything but him—‘I’m - fuck - I’m cu—‘

    Fox’s thrusts subside to a slower grind as your body wrings out the tension in your muscles, your legs spasming around his muscled torso while the rest of you falls slack into him. You believe he’s accommodating for your high with the way his hips slow down, but then he’s got you back on the floor on shaky legs, and spinning you around to face the glass.

    You squeal when he presses you against the cool surface, your nipples immediately hardening upon contact. He wraps one arm around your waist to both keep you up and pull your hips back into him, bending you forward in front of the window. He pushes back into you without warning, like he did earlier, though this time you’re better prepared; the side of your face is against the window as you cry out his name.

    Fox thrusts again, aware of the position of your head and careful not to move too forcefully into you. He groans as your body can’t help but to arch into him with the urge to be close to him. He grows frustrated at the position; that while he’s never not liked taking you from behind (he likes having you anyway you’d let him), he’d much rather have you closer just so he can feel you bend and break for him. Just as he did earlier, Fox moves to push you higher against the glass, his feet prompting yours forward and your body going straighter. Your breasts remain pressed against the glass, and your hands follow on either side of you. It gives you leverage to push your hips into him again, clenching around him to voice your approval of the new position.

    Fox snaps his hips into you in reply, and then he’s ramming himself against your ass again and again. He grunts with each push, the sound of skin on skin is rhythmic along with the sound of your wetness taking him with every thrust. You’re jolted into the window, your moans falling into high whimpers and squeaks of his name.

    One of his hands find your clit, the other maneuvering around your body to grope your breast, the hand becoming squished between your body and the glass with each thrust. You whine at the feeling, one breast still being pushed against the cold glass, a reflection of the cool air of Coruscant’s night, and the other cupped by Fox’s hot hand, a testament to his unwavering passion and the way you burn for each other.

    You don’t suppose he sees your orgasm coming as early as it does, his fingers urgently rubbing at your clit as he all but continues rutting into you. As you cry out his name and cum again, he pulls your upper body back against his chest and he moves the both of towards the window again. His head drops to your shoulder in time with your euphoric crash, moaning, ‘One more…’ before he’s gasping and spilling himself inside of you. He’s got you caged between his body and the glass, the contrast between his warmth and the cool surface is stark and sends your senses into overdrive. Even as hips have slowed to a halt and he tries to regain his breath, you rock your hips back into him, whimpering his name in satisfaction and in some contradicting urge for more.

    Eventually, you allow yourself to fall back against him, staring out in front of you at Coruscant again, this time with no need to crane your neck. Though, that happens anyways when Fox turns your head towards him so he can capture your lips from the side. He hums appreciatively when he lets go, following your gaze over Coruscant and squeezing your hips as you voice your marvel at the view again.

    ‘The stars are beautiful,’ you sigh, raising a hand to run your fingers through the hair of the head that rests on your shoulders.

    He tilts his head in a show of consideration, as if he’s about to disagree. He does, but you don’t argue against him, not when the murmured words against your skin have you turning around with warm cheeks and the desire to bury your face in his chest.

    ‘Like I said, I know a better view.'

    A/N: UH again sorry if this was a lil cringy but i’m absolutely NOT surprised i went overboard with this but anyways here’s a picture of coruscant and a pic i took of fox on our anniversary <3 THIS IS A JOKE...unless... but if anyone’s interested i might write a drabble about doing it in the senate building as a(n after) kinktober bonus 👀👀

    #mt2021kinktober #commander fox x reader #cc 1010 x reader #cc 1010 x you #commander fox x you #fox x reader #fox x you #the clone wars x reader #clone wars x reader #tcw x reader #the clone wars x reader smut #clone wars smut #commander fox x reader smut
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  • clonetober
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Clonetober Week 4!

    To everyone who has submitted content: We love you, thank you for making this an amazing event for everyone!

    Enjoy the final week of prompts, listed below

    Feel free to interpret the prompts as you desire! You’re welcome to pick and choose to your heart’s content!

    As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need help, our DMs are open!

    (Yes, there are 31 days of prompts this month, keep your eye out over the next few days for the last prompt to appear, or, if you’re impatient like me, you can see it on the banner of this blog :) )

    (If there are spelling or grammar issues above or below, no there’s not, thx ily)

    Text version below the cut

    Day 24

    ARC Troopers / Pranks

    Your choice of ARC troopers, doing what they do best


    Your choice of clone(s) acting like frat boys hazing / pranking each other

    Day 25

    Shinies / Growing Old

    Your choice of clone(s) as shinies


    Your choice of clone(s) facing the reality of their advanced aging

    Day 26

    The Wolfpack / Hangover

    Show Plo’s Bros some love


    Your choice of clone(s) nursing the consequences of a night out

    Day 27

    Clone Medics / Low Supplies

    Arguably the scariest type of clone, our beloved medics!


    Your choice of clone(s) making do with minimal supplies

    Day 28

    Kamino / Weather

    Your choice of clone(s) returning home to Kamino


    Your choice of clone(s) experiencing the weather

    Day 29

    Command Class / Force Sensitive AU

    Your choice of the command class


    Your choice of clone(s) now with Force Sensitivity!

    Day 30

    Routine / Pet Adoption

    Your choice of clone(s) going through a familiar routine


    Your choice of clone(s) adopting a “totally regs-friendly” pet

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  • hikime
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ahsoka Tano -- Paint Paint Paint Experiment

    No idk how to colour nor paint or whatsoever -- why do I not look up tutorial? I have no idea. I'll do it someday but that day ain't today 💀

    #i like the lip line seriously #i think I'll practice that #also my head is throbbing from too much screen time #is it me or i seem to get more and more limited time with screen exposure... sigh #ahsoka#ahsoka tano#my art#tcw ahsoka #the clone wars #tcw#paint study#idk
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  • holding-hands-and-hearts
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    In Everything

    “I look good in everything.”

    “True enough,” Kix agreed. “But I like you better in just your underpants.”

    The look Jesse shot him almost made him laugh out loud.

    “Here, let me,” Kix offered, coming up to fix Jesse’s armor. They deployed in less than an hour - Skywalker had said it was just going to be a “quick little mission”, so the entire battalion was expecting nasty firefights.

    Kix wasn’t used to the new armor. New gear, new pauldrons, a kama that wrapped around Jesse’s legs. He would pin it tightly, the material wrapping around his waist like a hug.

    But he was still the same old Jesse, the same scoundrel he’d fallen for at the beginning of the war. The stupid tattoo, his stupid grin, his stupid loyalty and all of the times it had nearly gotten him killed.

    By now, typically, Kix’s mental shields were already up, closing himself off before he began his job. He was constructing his bubble, thickening his walls, preparing his shield, and Jesse would know better than to get in his way.

    But Kix had deviated from his normal routine, had slipped through the readying soldiers to find Jesse’s face. He was in his ARC armor now, another level of threat, another risk chasing him down when he stepped onto the battlefield, another reason that Kix or Coric or Fi might find him abandoned and alone, battered or bloodied or dead.

    Kix’s hands stilled on Jesse’s chestplate. Same markings. They’d painted it together, and Kix could still see his smile. He’d gotten a smear of paint below his lip, staining Kix’s hand blue when he tried to wipe it away.

    “Hey,” Jesse murmured. His breath tickled Kix’s ear. “You okay?”

    “Yeah,” Kix mumbled.

    “You sure?” Jesse breathed, and Kix just wanted to melt into him. Jesse pulled back, fixing his eyes on Kix’s. “Hey,” he said softly. “Talk to me.”

    Kix just shook his head, unable to find the words.

    “I have you,” Jesse promised. “Kix, it’s okay.”

    Kix didn’t have the words, didn’t have anything that made the trenches in his mind make sense. He couldn’t name it. Couldn’t express it. Couldn’t even understand it. Pieces of him he didn’t know had chipped away, the spaces forming a patchwork canvas that haunted his dreams each night. Brothers he’d lost. Mistakes he’d made. Chances he never had.

    And Jesse was the only one who seemed to be able to make it feel okay.

    “Just don’t go,” Kix whispered. “Just hold me. Don’t go.”

    “Cyare,” Jesse murmured. “I’m not going anywhere.”

    Kix let out a breath, counting one, two, three. His mind settled, building its walls from the cadence of Jesse’s breathing and the faint beat of his heart under his fingertips. There was a promise in it. Jesse was here. He was alive, solid and warm and here.

    “Stay safe, yeah?” Kix murmured, and he pressed his forehead to Jesse’s.

    “Yeah,” Jesse promised. “Look after our brothers.”

    Kix nodded, giving his hand a last little squeeze. And then he was gone.


    I saw the words "ARC Troopers" in @clonetober's prompt for today, and immediately I was like JESSE. It was compulsive (Echo and Fives, I know I know - but I wrote them for tomorrow and that one hits hard let me just warn y'all in advance).

    I wrote versions of this a long time ago, so a little rewrite and some adapting and I....actually really like this one. They need their moments together, and this is one of the (very) rare times that Kix lets go of his mental shields. Just for a minute.

    I love them.

    (Partially inspired by this piece by @firewoodwander, which is beautiful and deserves more love.)

    taglist: @justasigh37

    #i love them your honor #too good#too sweet#immaculate#clonetober#clonetober2021#swtcw#tcw #sw the clone wars #sw clone wars #star wars tcw #star wars clone wars #star wars the clone wars #clone trooper jesse #arc trooper jesse #arc troopers #clone trooper kix #clone medic kix #medic kix#jessix #kix x jesse #jesse x kix #the 501st#501st battalion#501st legion#501st#ct 6116#ct 5597
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  • salomewithfeather
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • tcw-adzl6
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    *Fives and Echo are having a wireless vs wired earphones debate*

    Fives: The wires are clearly inconvenient, you literally cannot move anywhere with them on.

    Echo: Yeah but wired earphones won't cost you an arm and a leg, you can get good sound quality, and you won't loose them.

    Fives: *processes Echo's argument and realises he has lost many a pair*

    Echo: I know! Let's ask the Commander.

    *They find Ahsoka and ask her*

    Ahsoka: Uhhh wired definitely, you can spin the wired ones around like a lasso.

    Fives: *unhappy Echo 'won'* THE COMMANDER DOESN'T EVEN HAVE EARS!!

    #incorrect clone wars quotes #tcw#501st shenanigans#ahsoka tano #clone trooper fives #clone trooper echo #domino twin chaos appreciation club #domino twins
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  • thechloeworld
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Bailey family celebrated with Yvette Noel-Schure for her 60th birthday on Friday night. 🎉

    #chloe bailey#chlöe #the chloe world #tcw x candids
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  • thechloeworld
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Chlöe attended the 60th birthday celebration of her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure Friday night in Los Angeles.

    #chloe bailey#chlöe #the chloe world #tcw x misc
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  • thechloeworld
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    A Day in the Life of Chlöe Bailey with Complex.

    #chloe bailey#chlöe #the chloe world #tcw x tv #tcw x interviews #Youtube
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  • thechloeworld
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Watch Chlöe’s full Streetz Morning Takeover interview.

    #chloe bailey#chlöe #the chloe world #tcw x interviews #Youtube
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  • thatonecrazyfan
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Hayden Christensen is joining the cast of the Ahsoka series staring Rosario Dawson. Hayden and Rasario dated at a time.

    OH NO

    #tcw#ahsoka tano#anakin skywalker #anakin and ahsoka #hayden christensen#rosario dawson #i hate anisoka #no no no no
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  • little-elven-archer
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Opened my email and found this gem

    needless to say I am wheezing

    #star wars#clone troopers#tcw #I guess? #I am lauging way to much at this #the fucking candycanes
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  • time-to-move-out-rex
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Hey look at this scene where they forgot the turtleneck part of Jesse’s blacks

    #Can you guess what episode the next in depth screenshot posts will be from e #still working on getting the best kinds of shots before I post #but I thought I'd share this fun little gem #that is a staple of the clone wars tho #there's always something they forgot #i love it #star wars #the clone wars #tcw#jesse#suu
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  • persaloodles
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Finally!!! Inquisitor fives story is going live on my AO3! Big thanks to


    for helping me co-write this and helping me with the flow and my spelling! I hope you all enjoy the first chapter of Inquisitor fives and stay tuned for more to come!!!

    #star wars the clone wars #the clone wars #star wars #the clone wars fives #star wars fives #fives #arc trooper fives #ct-5555#persa fics#tcw#tcw fives#clone troopers#fic#angst #big time angst #heheheh
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  • nutella531
    24.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Anakin: I'm going to text them, 'of course,' if I can spell 'course' right..I can't.

    #incorrect star wars quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect clone wars quotes #incorrect prequel quotes #star wars#clone wars #the clone wars #tcw #star wars prequels #anakin skywalker#anakin#disaster lineage#501st
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