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    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the category is hottest clones, and they're winning

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    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #he gets ); migraines ); oh nooo it makes so much sense though #that's gonna be an hc of mine too from now on cause it's genius #and also sad ): #poor man. he has an awfully difficult life #glad he has a nice wife :D and of course a great dad sdlkfjls #tcw#clone wars#fic#commander wolffe#wolffe #wolffe x reader
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  • chiafett
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    TCW High School AU


    Fox as the perpetually exhausted “gifted kid” on the verge of snapping. Does everything. Swears. Possibly an alcoholic.

    The Bad Batch as the ex-special ed squad 

    Hunter as the “normal one” who’s always either between autistic burnouts or in an autistic burnout. Sports kid. Good grades but at what cost? Nice but sort of awkward.

    Tech as the Sheldon Cooper savant. He doesn’t even try to fit in anymore. Valedictorian. 

    Wrecker as the Kid Who Was Funneled Into Trades a Long Time Ago So They Didn’t Have To Pay For Accomodations. Deserves better. Is smarter than everyone thinks. 

    Crosshair as the bitch. Always suspended or in In-School Suspension. Somehow always smoking behind the sports shed when you go out there. 

    Dogma as the teacher’s pet who has everyone a bit worried, actually. Does he ever talk outside of class? Is everything okay at home? Undiagnosed autism will mess a bitch up. 

    Tup as the Sweetheart Who’s Probably Gay. Theater kid. All the girls love him. Dogma’s only friend

    Wolffe as the Varsity Kid. Intimidating and seemingly good at everything. He bench-pressed your gf. He’ll bench-press you. He’ll give you his lunch money, here, you look hungry. No, it’s fine, my dad packed me extra for the game later. 

    Echo as the Inspiration Porn Disabled Kid. He’s just trying to live, okay? No, he doesn’t want to give a presentation on life as an amputee, he just wants to go to class. Very sweet. Would help you with your homework. 

    Fives as the chaos causer. Banned from saying certain words and phrases. Not allowed to sit next to Echo or Hardcase. Or Hevy. Put in detention for trying demonstrate the art of a Wet Willy on Dogma. 

    Cody as the too-good-for-this-school salutatorian. Captain of the soccer team. All the ladies want him (he’s gay). Band kid but makes it cool. 

    Neyo as that Fucking Kid. Definitely has problems at home. Wears the same hoodie every day. Never talks. Sent kids to the hospital in a fist fight. Does he even exist?

    Bacara as that Fucking Kid but functional. Solid A- student, involved in sports and Student Council. Definitely has some unresolved personal issues. Neyo’s only friend.

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  • gryffindor-jedi
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    [Outside the Senate chambers]

    Riyo: You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

    Fox: *blushes*

    Wolffe, randomly appearing behind Fox: Thank you, Senator.

    Fox: *glares*

    [Later at 79's]

    Random pretty twi'lek to Wolffe: You're so handsome!

    Fox, randomly appearing behind the twi'lek: Thank you, I try.

    Wolffe, after the confused twi'lek looks at Fox and Wolffe, then walks away: Well played, Fox, well played.

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  • curiouskeyboard
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    You Did This To Me(Commander Wolffe x Reader)

    Wolffe x Reader, post-Order 66 so idk if it’s still “commander”

    Warnings: The three A’s (Argument, Angst, and Anger), mentions of violence and death

    A/N: Did I want to write something that would break my heart tonight? No, but here we are anyways. I actually really like this piece though. It’s on the shorter side but it’s got claws(it a weird literary sense). Anyways I hope you like it! Also I’ve decided if pt 1 of OALITG gets 100+ notes I’ll write a part 4, and I think it’s at 99 notes at the time of writing this(This is not promo for it, it’s just putting it down in writing so I commit myself to doing it, but also pls go support my baby). 

    You were already half asleep when you felt the bed dip, hearing Wolffe behind you grunt as he crawled under the sheet next to you, trying to get comfortable. 

    “What’s this?” He asked once he had found a position he liked next to you. He lifted up the fabric that covered the both of you to look at the shirt you were wearing.

    “It’s too hot to wear anything else,” You complained with your eyes still closed. You had worn a thin camisole to bed because Seelos was going through a record-breaking heat wave. One that would have probably killed you if you were wearing more layers. 

    “It’s nice,” Wolffe commented, drawing lines on your shoulder, “Not something I would picture a Jedi Knight having in her wardrobe,”

    You groaned before turning over to face him. The small light in the corner of your bedroom illuminated both of your faces. 

    “I’m no jedi anymore,” You said as you pulled the sheet down to reveal the scars you had over your chest, “Not with the things I’ve had to do to survive,”

    Wolffe studied your exposed skin for a while. Running his hands over one of the more prominent scars that trailed from your collarbone down to the bottom of your sternum where your shirt plunged.

    “Does this one hurt?” He asked, his fingers not leaving your skin. 

    “Not anymore, it did when I first got them though,” You answered, carefully  watching his every movement. 

    “I can’t believe someone did this to you,” He murmured. 

    You eyed him, questioning if he was being candid, “Wolffe, you did this to me. Don’t you remember?”

    “What?” He asked, not knowing what you were talking about. 

    “You got orders from the Emperor and then you turned your guns on me. The whole company you were with turned their guns on me,” You told him. 

    He shook his head at you, trying to sort out that day in his mind. He remembered that day, hearing those orders, lifting his weapon at someone. But everything after that became blurry and unreliable. He wasn’t sure what parts were real and what parts were fake. If you didn’t have the scars to prove it, he would’ve thought it was a dream. 

    “You gave me this one, this one and this one,” You pointed to prominent scars on your body that had been clearly caused by blaster shots.

    “You know I would never do that to you,” He insisted, looking like he was on the verge of tears, now looking you in the eyes, “Whoever did that was in my mind and-”

    “I know,” your replied, cupping his cheek with one of your hands and feeling his warmth, “We both did things that day that we would take back if we could,”

    “(Y/N), whatever you did that day, you did it to protect yourself,” He tried to reassure you.

    While his words were immeasurable to you, the memories of what you did haunted you. You knew what you had done, you remembered all of it, for better or for worse. 

    You lifted up your shirt to reveal the continuation of each scar that decorated your body.

    “Boost gave me this one and Sinker shot me here and here,” You said as you pointed to each of the corresponding scars, “I have a couple more on my lower back and about half a dozen on my legs from Warthog, Corvis and Comet,”

    Wolffe’s expression changed into something unreadable. He had read his brother’s files of what had happened to them that day. That their cause of death had been recorded as “impalement from a lightsaber by a force-wielder.

    It had just never occurred to him that that person could possibly be you. 

    “I couldn’t save everyone Wolffe,” You broke down, “I tried and I’m sorry but there were too many guns firing away, and at one point I knew I could only save you and I. I did what I thought was right in the moment, but I’m so sorry,”

    A tear fell down your cheek as you apologized to him. You had told him sorry several times before, but never specifically what for. 

    You waited for his reaction but nothing ever came. 

    His hands had retracted back and refused to touch you anymore. His eyes were still on your scars, but his star was hardened and cold. His silence wasn’t sincere or endearing, it was deafening. The longer he didn’t speak or move, the more you felt your heart breaking for him to do something. 

    “I, I maybe I should just sleep on the couch tonight,” You murmured before fixing your shirt and grabbing your pillow. 

    Wolffe didn’t say anything. 

    You thought for a moment that he might tell you to stay as you exited your bedroom. But he didn’t. You thought eventually he would follow you out to your living room and join you. But he didn’t. As you laid on the couch, more awake than ever, you thought he might come lay with you. But he didn’t. 

    Instead, all you received from him was silence. 

    You thought he would be there in the morning. But he wasn’t.

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    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    just an excuse to say: uncropped version on my twitter, @/mewtimer_goth

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  • mousechuckles
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Neon Lads!!

    Honestly, this is the longest I've stuck with a series and I've had so much fun doing these!! They're in mostly chronological order; I started rex after rewatching john wick and getting hyped on all that neon. Here's to many more!

    rex | cody | fives | echo | wolffe | fox | bly | hardcase

    fives tutorial

    #my goal is to make an accurate color wheel purely of clones #les gooooo#captain rex#commander wolffe#commander fox#commander bly#commander cody #arc trooper echo #arc trooper fives #clone trooper hardcase #tcw #the clone wars #star wars fanart #digital art#procreate portrait#neon lads#myart
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    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago


    Also trying a new format for posting the drabbles!! was having issues with the tags

    Pairing - Knight!Commander Wolffe x Witch!Reader
    Rating - Teen (but all of my work is 18+)
    Words - 768
    Warning - mentions of injury, mentions of blood

    The clearing is dappled with late afternoon sunlight. Golden beams break through the leaves of the trees to dance on the forest floor. The wind whispers through the grass at your feet. Birdsong fills the air around you, winding in melodic notes through the trees. You smile, tilting your head back to let the sun fall on your face. 

    You were out collecting mushrooms. At least you had been before you’d gotten distracted, which was a pretty normal occurrence. The clearing had just been so beautiful, the birdsong so lovely, the flowers and the sun so enchanting, you had to stop for a break.

    Which is why you now found yourself with a basket full of flowers instead of mushrooms. But that was alright, you could still collect the mushrooms, and some of the flowers would prove useful for some potions and salves.

    You sigh to yourself, leaning back on your hands, intent on enjoying the sun for a few more moments before you have to move on. You relax, and your mind begins to wander. The sounds around you fade into soothing background noise. The wind swirls around you, caressing your cheeks and dancing across your skin. Everything is peaceful. Everything is quiet.

    “Fucking hell, where the fuck am I in this gods forsaken forest!”

    You whip your head forward, sitting up quickly. Abandoning your basket on the ground, you get up and approach the edge of the clearing that the shout came from. Your hand goes to the daggers at your belt, poised to draw one should there be any danger. You peer around a tree, eyes running over the landscape trying to find the source of the noise, when your gaze lands on something shiny.

    There’s a man, leaning against a tree. If you had to guess, he’s a knight based on the armor he’s wearing, but you aren’t sure what kingdom he’s from. You don’t recognize the insignia on his chest plate, but it appears to be some sort of wolf. You continue to study him, assessing potential danger, when your eyes land on his hand clutching his side. His gauntlet is stained dark with blood, and what’s more, there’s something off about the color of his blood.

    Probably poisoned, you reason to yourself.

    You weigh your options. He appears to be badly injured and in need of help, but helping him could put you in danger. You continue to mull over your options when an agonized gasp snaps your attention back to the knight.

    You sigh to yourself in resignation. It would haunt you if you turned away from someone in need. Even if it was a bloodthirsty knight.

    You move from your hiding place, unsheathing a dagger just in case.

    “Hello. Do you need help?” you call, maintaining enough distance in case you need to sprint away.

    The knight opens his eyes, expression wary, and it’s then that you notice a large scar on the right side of his face. He also appears to be blind in his right eye.

    “Who the fuck are you?” he growls, free hand going to his sword.

    Your hand tightens around the hilt of your dagger, and you raise it, leveling it at the man. You wish you hadn’t left your staff in your cottage. But you will have to save berating yourself for later. Right now you need to focus on the very angry man in front of you.

    “Does it matter who I am? You’re injured. I can help,” you reply, keeping your voice even and free of inflection.

    You wait patiently as the man studies you. His gaze traveling over your body, eyes lingering on your daggers. You stand unwavering until he finishes his assessment.

    “You a witch?” he barks. His voice is harsh and uneven, whether from injury or anger, you aren’t sure.

    “I ask you again. Does it matter? You’re poisoned. That much I can tell. If you aren’t treated soon, you’ll die.”

    You can see the calculation behind his eye. He’s weighing his options just like you did. You can see the moment he makes his decision, and you steel yourself, preparing for a fight. However, he surprises you by lifting his hand from his sword.

    “Reckon you could bury that knife in my eye faster than I could draw my sword,” he pauses, cursing viciously to himself, then, “Alright then Witch. Save me if you’re so inclined.”

    You narrow your eyes at him as he shoots you a wide smirk, all teeth and arrogance. 

    Knights, you grumble to yourself.

    You lower your dagger, but keep it unsheathed.

    “Follow me.”


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    to be added to my taglist fill out the form here <3

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  • shuckfaced-fangirl
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    One day, one fandom aesthetic of me

    Lightsaber color: blue then white

    affiliation: formerly Jedi order, formerly galactic republic, rebellion

    force side: gray Jedi

    starship: x wing

    battalion: 104th

    master: plo koon (formerly)

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  • curiouskeyboard
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    What happens in Canto Bight (Commander Wolffe x Jedi! F!Reader)

    Commander Wolffe x Jedi! F!Reader (Fake Marriage troupe)

    Concept art inspo(jedi look) // Concept art inspo(Wardobe look) // Concept art inspo(Canto Bight look)

    People much more talented than I am created the art used for the concept art and gifs

    Warnings: minor character death, canon-typical violence and cursing, some heated kissing(nothing too bad though) 

    A/N: Happy May the 4th Be With You! I wanted to post something today and this is the latest piece I had been working on. It’s a little different, but I really like it. The Wolffe x Reader comes out later in the second half of this one-shot btw. Also did I use a gif of Corscant because I couldn’t find one of Canto Bight that I like... maybe but I’ll never tell. Anyways I hope you like it!! Happy Star Wars Day!!

    “Careful we must be, when delivering this news to her padawan,” Was the first thing you heard after waking up. Master Yoda’s voice, while calm as always was now only filled with sorrow and dread. 

    “I will do it” Master Kenobi’s voice responded, “I was the last one with Master Gallia,”

    “Wise choice that is,” Master Yoda claimed. The small pats of his cane echoed as you could feel them move closer to you. 

    You stirred a little before opening your eyes. First feeling the tightness from the bacta patch on your abdomen and the IVs in your arm. Once you managed to open your eyes, they were hit with the blinding lights of the med bay. It took you a few moments of blinking before you were able to make out the two masters at your bedside. 

    “Master yoda, Master Kenobi ,” You addressed them.

    “Young one, a grave blast you have survived” Master Yoda sighed, “But sorrow we feel more for your loss,”

    All of a sudden, the events flooded back to you. You and your Master Adi Gallia had been on campaign to take back a Sepertist-ruled planet in the mid-rim. Your assignment was to organize an air raid that she would follow with a  coordinated ground assault. While you had been successful on your front, when landing to help your master, the LA-AT you had been abroad was shot down. The last thing you remember was your master pulling you from the debris and calling out for help. 

    “I am so sorry my dear young one,” Master Kenobi uttered, “Your Master and I left for a mission while you were recovering here-”

    “Oh Maker, Masters,” You gasped, interrupting him. You looked up at the two of them, feeling something in the force. It was a terrible sorrow like you had never felt before built up in your chest. Tears started falling down your cheeks as you felt your heart crushed. You didn’t need Master Kenobi to finish giving you the news of what had happened. You could already feel it. 

    Your master was dead. 

    ---------------- Weeks later

    “Hey! Shiny with the sword!” One of the clones called out to you across the dining hall, “Come sit with us!”

    You froze looking over at the table where the voice came from, a little shocked at the volume he used. It was the first time anyone of the 104th had interacted with you besides on the battlefield. Even after being reassigned to Master Plo as his apprentice and having been aboard their ship for weeks, you still had yet to make even a friend besides your Master. Instead, most of the time you found yourself in your quarters reading or in the ship’s meditation chamber. 

    You hesitantly walked over to the group of about half a dozen troopers, hoping that eating with them at their table would be better than in your quarters again. 

    “Hey! You’re General Plo’s new kid right?” One of the other clones asked, “The one from General Gallia?”

     Even though it had been a couple of weeks since your former master’s death, her name shocked you. It sounded foreign rolling off someone’s tongue. However, you quickly hid any shock from your face and just sat down with your lunch tray instead.

    “Oh kriff!” One of them exclaimed, “You jedi always get access to the good stuff,”. He peaked at your lunch before taking a piece of jorgan fruit off your plate and popping it in his mouth.

    “Please, feel free to have the rest,” You offered, pushing the plate towards them, “I’m actually allergic,”

    A couple of the clones immediately dug their hands into the bowl of fruit. Soon after, there were a few murmured introductions over their chewing. As it came down to the last couple of pieces, you couldn’t help but giggle a little at their manners as they fought over who would get it. 

    “Commander (Y/L/N),” Someone said in a stern voice, everyone’s head looked up to see where it had come from.

    All the clones immediately recognized who the voice belonged to and elected to stop fighting. It was Commander Wolffe. 

    You looked up, startled by his appearance. While the two of you technically shared the same rank of commander, you had yet to actually build up the courage to talk to him in a setting other than front lines of a battle.

    “Uh yes Commander?” You uttered, nervously toying with the hem of your sleeve.

    “I’m sorry to cut your lunch short, but General Plo has requested to see the two of us on the bridge immediately,” 

    You stood up giving a small, quick wave goodbye to some of the troopers before following the commander out of the dining hall. It was a quiet few steps with next to him as you tried to keep up with him. It took three of your steps to make up for just one of his. 

    The silence lasted until the two of you stood in lift going up. 

    “I see you started fraternizing with my troopers,” He said, breaking the silence. The words came out almost as a threat making your heart stop for a moment.

    If you had the courage, you would’ve argued you shared the same rank and they were your troopers as much as his. But you didn’t, instead electing to stay quiet. Anxiously looking up, watching the floor numbers increase and praying the lift would speed up.

    “I would have expected you’d come around sooner,” He smirked with his head facing front, “Rumor has it that your old master has a sharp tongue. Something she taught and passed onto you,”

    “Had,” You finally spoke in a soft voice, correcting him, “My Master Gallia had a sharp tongue,” 

    While you admired the compassion Master Plo had emphasized in your training, you missed your old master’s wit and sarcasm. A snide comment didn’t feel the same as when she was alive. So you chose to hold your tongue back ever since her death, figuring any of her humor she had passed down to you had died along with her. 

    The doors of the lift opened up to the bridge. General Plo stood talking with a couple of deck officers, everything seemed to be business as usual. 

    “”Commander, my padawan,” Master Plo greeted the two of you, finding you among the the sea of officers, “I have an classified mission for the two of you,”


    “For the two of us?” Wolffe and you said over each other. 

    “Yes,” You master answered you both, “The Galactic Army has assigned the two of you to go undercover into the Sepertist-ruled city of Canto Bight. We have reason to believe many of the casinos there are fronts for the Separatist’s money-laundering. The GAR’s main goal is to make this war unfinanceable without ruining the city of Canto Bight,”

    Taking down a source of revenue for the Separatists would be a huge victory for the Republic. It could be a possible tide-changer in the war. You looked at Wolffe, both of you were sharing the same expression, understanding the weight of this mission. 

    Your face turned into a frown, thinking and somewhat confused about how Wolffe could be assigned your partner, “Master, with all due respect, but there might be a problem with this plan. Seeing as Commander Wolffe has a recognizable face,”

    “That is no worry Padawan,” Plo chuckled, “The jedi recently had some success using facial transformation, vocal moducatores, and holomasks. I think it will work to side-step the issue of Commander Wolffe being recognized,” 

    “How do you know that it will work against the Separatists?” Wolffe asked, suspicious about the tech mentioned. 

    “It was good enough to fool General Skywalker and Count Dooku,”

    Wolffe nodded, accepting Plo’s answer. If it was good enough to fool the proclaimed “Chosen One” and Master Yoda’s old apprentice, it was good enough for him. 

    “Your wardrobes and cover identification chips will be delivered to your quarters. The two of you leave tomorrow before breakfast,” Your Master dismissed you.

    The two of you bid him goodbye and started walking away. 

    “Also, Commander and my dear padawan, one more thing,” He called out to the two of you, both you turned once more to look at him, “The two of you are going undercover as a recently married couple,”


    “No, absolutely not,” You said, stepping out from the partition and taking a good look at yourself in the mirror.

    “Come on, you don’t look that bad” Boost, one of the troopers you had met at lunch and had delivered your wardrobe commented. 

    When he dropped off all of the pieces for your new identity you requested him to stay. Asking him to help you sort out which outfits you could actually wear. Glance at most of the clothes the GAR had given you, you were pretty sure they had just raided the closet of a pit dancer. 

    “I can see why the Jedi stuck to robes,” You said as you picked at the slim fabric that hung around your waist. Having a wardrobe that consisted only of robes since you were a youngling, your innate instinct was to cover up all of your exposed skin.

    “You can’t hate it that much,” Boost dragged his voice. He had told you he didn’t know any married women or anything about them, but he did claim to have extensive knowledge on what all the girls wore to 79’s when the 104th was on Coruscant. At the time it was good enough to let him stay and help you. 

    “Does everything else look like this?” You asked, pinching your face in disgust. While the cover the GAR had assigned you was pretty much summed up to be the life of a just-married noblewoman, the clothing they had sent along with it gave you more than enough detail of who you were really supposed to be. 

    “What, do you really not like it?” He asked, eyeing you up and down.

    “Boost! My boobs are gonna fall out of this!” 

    “Here, try on this,” He threw you another outfit. This one seemingly longer. 

    “This one better at least cover my navel,” You complained before walking behind the partition again. 

    As you undressed you heard the doors swoosh open.

    “Whoa commander, you look different,” Boost laughed. 

    “What, was I too ugly for you before?” A deep voice answered. The voice sounded close to Wolffe’s, but also completely different. It was hardened and more grueling compared to his normal voice. Ever word he spoke was intimidating, like everything he said was an automatic threat. 

    “What about this one?” You voice tapered off as you stepped out again seeing what used to be your commander.

    Wolffe now had an eye patch over his prosthetic, a couple of deep, nasty scars that laid over his skin, his eyes were piercing blue instead of brown and his haircut had been been changed red buzzcut. The two of you stood in front of each other in your new looks, stunned in silence at the site of the other. 

    “You look nice,” He said, his eyes lingering on you.

    “You look different,” You replied, missing the old Wolffe for a reason you couldn’t explain. 

    Wollfe messed around with the buckle of his belt before his appearance pixelated and suddenly the real version of him was back.

    ”Better now Commander?” He asked, now standing in the middle of your quarters with just his black on.

    “Maybe, depends if your acting skills compete with your looks,” You teased with a smile on your face. 

     “There’s that sharp tongue,” He smirked, “I knew it was somewhere,”

    ---------------- Weeks later undercover

    “There’s a Republic-disguised cruiser coming to pick us up tomorrow,” Wolffe told you as the two of you prepared to go out one last time, “It should be here by morning to pick us up and take us back to the 104th,”

    “So we only get to look like a couple one last time and then it’s all over?” You asked, trying to put the last pins in your hair. Even after several weeks of being undercover with Wolffe and doing your hair on a daily basis, you still struggled.

     “I’m afraid you only get to be my wife for one more night,” Wolffe replied, appearing behind you to help.

    He hadn’t put on his belt and changed into his disguise yet so you saw his soft, natural brown eyes, instead of the icy blue ones that he had as a part of his cover. You were a little happier upon seeing his honest reflection in the mirror.

    “You know, as a jedi we’re told marriage is never an option so I never thought I would actually get to be with someone,” You said with a smile, watching him intently focus on sliding a pin into the perfect place of your updo, “I’m really glad I got to be married to you Wolffe. Even if it was just for a little bit and if it technically wasn’t real,”

    You turned to face him once his hands left your hair.

    “Well, I’m the luckiest man in the galaxy to have had you just for the time that I did,” He replied.

    You suddenly found yourself sentimental at the sound of his words. Realizing that after this mission you would probably have to lie and say that you didn’t miss being undercover with him. 

    Your gut told you that Canto Bight would always have a significant place in your heart because of a certain someone. 

    It would be inaccurate to say that you and him hadn’t grown close over the last several weeks. You had opened up to him about your injury and waking up to find you had lost your master. He had talked about almost losing his entire battalion and then losing his eye. Your conversations with each other, having each other’s backs and the amount of times you saved each other's lives while undercover blurred the line of being just friends. 

    You reasoned that it was just for the mission. However, the more you thought about it, the more clear it became that it wasn’t just that. The two of you had both found simple ways of helping the other. Whether it was Wolffe helping you with your hair each day or you preparing Wolffe’s caf in the early morning just the way he liked it. Both of you could have done the mission without these little ways in your routine, but you liked these little things. They helped to make it not just another mission for the GAR, but rather something for yourself. 

    “Wolffe, do you think that there’s a chance we might go on another mission like this?” You asked, stepping closer to him and closing the gap between the two of you. 

    “If the GAR deems our mission successful, I don’t see why not,” He shrugged, welcoming your closeness. 

    “I would really like that,” You replied. 

    You knew what you were saying to him was pushing the lines of the Jedi Code. That if any code-abiding jedi heard your words, you would most certainly be punished, possibly even be kicked out of the order. But you reasoned that it was your last night of being undercover. Maybe it wasn’t too harmful to play into what you felt for just a little bit longer.


    “We have a tail,” Wolffe said, looking over his shoulder. His eyes hooked on a pair of Zygerrians sitting at a nearby table. They were clearly still pretending to be playing the same game of sabacc they had started an hour ago. 

    “We’ve had them tail us for weeks,” You replied before taking a sip of your beer, “It’s no different now if we just keep our covers,”

    “We should take care of them now,” Wolffe said, his hand over his pistol in holster. He was probably a little bit too trigger-happy after weeks of not being on the frontlines.

    You quickly placed your hand over his, stopping him from pulling out his pistol, “If we engage then we will out ourselves as apart of the Republic, and all the work we’ve done over the last several weeks will be for nothing,”

    The stakes of the mission were high, if the Separatists found out that two Republic commanders were shooting up a storm on their occupied planet it wouldn’t take long for them to figure out the Republic’s intentions. They would move their money out of Canto Bight and all the information you and Wolffe had collected on their money-laundering scheme would be useless. 

    “They’re looking over here again,” He murmured, “They know,”

    “If they knew we were Republic we would be dead by now,” You sighed. 

    “It’s not safe, we’re leaving,” He said, grabbing your arm and pulling you away from the bar you had been sitting at.

    “Wolffe -my beer!” You exclaimed being pulled away from it.

    “I'll buy you another one sometime,” He said, slipping off the jacket he was wearing and putting it on your shoulders as you exited the bar. 

    As the two of you made your way back to the apartment you had been put up in, the zygerrians had decided to suddenly end their sabacc game and followed closely behind. Wolffe put his arm around you, pulling you in closer to him as he guided the two of you down a few dark backstreet pathways. 

    “They’re still following us,” You said, looking behind you. It was just the two of you a few paces in front of the linger Zygerrians now. 

    “Do you trust me?” Wolffe asked looking down at you. 

    “Of course,” You replied without any hesitation. 

    Without skipping a beat, his hands were wrapped around your thighs, pinning you up against the closest wall so his back was to the Zygerrians. His lips landing on yours. His hands never letting go of your thighs, instead, giving them a good squeeze that drew out a small gasp from you. 

    While the two of you had kissed in public before, it was never like this. Never in a way that made your cheeks flush. For a short moment, you forgot that it was all for show. Instead, just letting yourself enjoy it. 

    You could feel his chest expand with his breath as he pressed against you. His lips traveled down your jaw and then to the arch of your neck. His gentle yet affectionate nature had you withering around him for another touch. You wondered if this was what marriage was really like. If it was this that made the jedi concerned about allowing any attachments. 

    Gently pressing a few kisses on your collar bone. You wrapped your hand around the nape of his neck, making sure his lips wouldn’t leave your skin. 

    “Grab my pistol in the holster,” He murmured against you, calling you to the task at hand, “Grab it and shot them,”

    As much as you wanted to stay in the moment, you did what he told you. You grabbed one of his dual blaster pistols and raised it at the Zygerrians. They were both unsuspecting, looking away from you and Wolffe. As you fired, they turned just in time to realize they were too late to draw their whips. With two blaster shots, there were two Zygerrians on the ground not moving. 

    Wolffe let go of your legs, setting your feet back on the floor, “Nice shot commander,”

    You were still a little bit too stunned by his actions to reply. 


    You had been back on board the 104th star-cruiser a couple of days. 

     You and Wolffe went your separate ways after giving your reports to the GAR. Everything changed after that. Everytime you and he were in the same room, he stood a little closer next to you. Sometimes you would sneak a quick peck when no one was looking. At nights, one of you would sneak into the other’s quarters. 

    When you were alone, you could feel how much you wanted to be with him. You knew your Master Plo could feel the change of your state through the force, telling you to meditate on “whatever it could possibly be”. 

    You followed his directions, walking down to the meditation chambers. As you walked, your baggy jedi robes got caught in between your legs. Something that had developed over not wearing them for so long. 

    You had returned most of the clothes the GAR had given you, although you secretly kept some of the garments that had grown on you. They were a nice reminder of your time on Canto Bight. Although the outfits didn’t look exactly the same if you didn’t do your hair. Something only Wolffe could help you with.

    Your legs crossed over a pillow, trying to relax and connect with the force. Trying to discipline yourself long enough to reestablish a connection with the force like you had before your mission.  It seemed like you tried for hours to shed all emotions and attachments. But nothing came of it, your mind kept slipping back to Wolffe. You instead focused on him, what would become of the two of you.

    Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It slid open to reveal Wolffe. 

    You smiled at the sight of him.

    “You missed dinner, thought you might be hungry,” He said, placing a plate of plums in front of you before grabbing another pillow and sitting down next to you. 

    “Thanks you,” You replied before starting to eat, not realizing how hungry you had become.

    “I haven’t seen you in a while,” He said, “You weren’t at the meeting on the bridge this morning,”

    “I was with Master Plo. He said he wants me to take my trials within the next cycle,” You revealed. Both of you knew if you passed, you would probably have to leave the 104th and become the General of another battalion. Meaning both of you could be sent to different sides of the galaxy at any point.

    There was a lull between the two of you before Wolffe spoke up again, “Do you ever miss Canto Bight?”

    Your head tilted at him, flashbacks of memories flooded your mind as you thought about the time you spent there, “Yes, sometimes,” You replied, “Do you?”

    “Yes, sometimes, but I find myself okay with what I left with, someone who is much better than the city itself,” He smiled, looking at you. 

    Your heart melted as you grinned back, “Who is this lucky girl commander?”

    “Well,” He sighed, relaxing and spreading his feet out, “They deserve someone much better than me, that’s for sure. Even if they end up choosing a life of solitude, it would probably be better than if they ended up with someone like me. But they’re that kind of person that has convinced me that I’ll die a happy man if I die around them,”

    You couldn’t help but giggle at his morbid words, almost choking on the slice of plum in your mouth. 

    “They sound great Wollfe, but don’t put yourself down like that, I’m sure they’re just as lucky to have you,” You said, placing your hand on top of his, feeling the rough calluses on his fingers, “Have you told this person about how you feel?”

    “Not exactly, but I think I’ve made it pretty clear,” He leaned in closer to you, “But every time I want to, I’m reminded that our lives won’t allow it,”

    “Huh? And why is that?” You frowned.

    “We can’t be together,” He summed up, “If anyone ever found out my feeling for you, I would be decommissioned and you would lose your whole livelihood,”

    Your heart sank hearing his words. Though, you knew he was right.

    “You know what’s crazy though?” He asked resting his forehead on top of yours, “I love you enough that I would risk it all for you. If you asked me, I would do it in a heartbeat without any regrets,”

    You knew what he was suggesting. And you knew you would do it for him if he asked you to leave the order. 

    “I used to think this war was just a mess of power and glory, but you’ve changed that. Somehow, you’re worth making this mess,” He leaned in kissing you, “Whether you choose to leave it or not, I’ll follow you wherever,”

    #commander wolffe #commander wolffe x you #commander wolffe x reader #wolffe x reader #wolffe fic #commander wolffe fic #commander wolffe x y/n #tcw wolffe#tcw fic#tcw#tcw imagine#star wars #star wars the clone wars #star wars fanfiction
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    Since Wolffe convinced the Coruscant Guard shinies to play “What Does the Fox Say” by Ylvis whenever Fox enters a room, Fox retaliates by having the Wolffe Pack shinies play “She Wolf” by Shakira whenever Wolffe enters the room. Except this backfired when Wolffe choreographs a whole dance to go with the song.

    #star wars the clone wars #clone wars #star wars tcw #commander fox being an older brother #commander wolffe being a little brother #commander fox#commander wolffe #cc batch headcanons #the cc batch
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  • minchai
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    Biting, Clawing - Part 4 (Commander Wolffe x afab!reader)
    Rating - Mature, 18+
    Word Count - 2387
    Warnings - mentions of sex, cursing, mentions of battle, mentions of panic and stress associated with battle, wolffe experiencing emoTIONS
    A/N - welP SURPRISE SKDJNFSKDJNKJ bet you didn’t see this coming so soon bUT HERE YA GO. there will be a part 5 gottA WORK OUT ALL OF THE FEELINGS AND STRESS YA KNO ;))) if you havent read parts one, two or three theyre linked here and on my masterlist (side note this can technically be read as gn!reader but since the reader is already established as afab i decided to keep it that way) enJOY MY LOVES MWUAH MWUAH

    It’s hot. The kind of blistering heat that makes it difficult to think clearly. Your thoughts wind slow and lethargic through your mind, hazy and indistinct like the horizon that extends before you. It’s the kind of heat that sinks into your skin and slows the thud of your pulse. It drags you down, dripping through your bones like molten lead, begging you to drift into madness and delirium. 

    You hate desert planets.

    You’re certain that if the heat doesn’t get you, the glare of the sun and the grit of the dust will. It’s always unbearably bright. Light reflects off of the aircraft around you and burns you. It sears your vision and crackles off of exposed skin.

    And the dust. Maker, the dust. 

    It’s everywhere. It’s in your tools. It’s in sealed boxes. It’s everywhere.

    The dust grates at your skin. Slinking its way beneath your clothing to scratch at your flesh and bite and claw at your eyes.

    And even worse, it gums up the ships and walkers, getting in every nook and cranny. Maintenance is hellish, and repairs are nearly impossible. It’s every mechanic’s worst nightmare, and you’re living it.

    You sigh heavily, letting your head thud against the storage containers you’re currently seeking shelter behind. You can hear the maintenance crew and a few other mechanics grumbling in the distance, but for right now it’s just you alone with your thoughts.

    There’s been a lot of that since you’ve been deployed to this Force forsaken planet. The 104th has been here for two weeks. Two weeks.

    Two weeks of blinding sand that itched and burned. Two weeks of countless hours trying to keep the machinery operational. Two weeks of sunburned, peeling skin and chapped lips that stung.

    Two weeks since you last had a moment alone with Wolffe. 

    Heat flares across your cheeks, and for the first time in two weeks it’s not because of this blasted planet. Remembering the last time you were with Wolffe makes your lungs heave and your blood race.

    He had been unrelenting in pulling pleasure from you, taking you again and again until you both collapsed into a heap of heavy limbs, racing hearts and warm smiles.

    You flush again at the memory of the last kiss he had given you. His lips had ghosted across yours before pulling you into a fierce embrace, one you’d been replaying in your mind ever since.

    You exhale roughly, gut sinking and coiling with anxiety. The issue is you hadn’t discussed anything between the two of you. You hadn’t discussed feelings. Not really. There had only been those few heated, wonderful encounters. Where Wolffe had called you his mesh’la, and you had accepted that into your heart like an admission for something else.

    Something more. 

    But it wasn’t an admission of feelings. You were fooling yourself, thinking that he could care about you outside of sex. You didn’t even blame him. It was nothing Wolffe did or didn’t do. It was simply the reality of your situation.

    You had left his quarters giddy and buzzing with excitement, making your way back to your bunk with light, cheerful steps. And then, the real world had slammed into you, specifically the war, and there had been no more time for fluttering hearts and shared kisses.

    The two weeks on-planet had given you a lot of time to think. About Wolffe and about yourself. It had given you perspective, and the distance you needed to see with clarity that you and Wolffe could never be together. Not the way you wanted. He would always be pulled from you in the end. He had a duty to his brothers, and by Republic law he had a duty to the galaxy. Even if he wanted to put you first, he couldn’t.

    At first, you had been desolate. Thinking it fitting to be deployed on a planet that mirrored what you felt in your heart. Now though, you were simply resigned. It still ached, but it had dulled the longer you spent in the heat and the dust.

    Guess the dust has one use, you say to yourself wryly. 

    You shake yourself, checking the time. You’ve been sitting here too long, lost in the maze of your own mind. You should get back to your station in case any repairs need to be done.

    Groaning, you stand to your feet and look around. The base camp still looks the same, has for two weeks now. The only change is where people decide to collapse in the heat. You make your way back to your station, nodding at mechanics and some stray troopers as you go. 

    You aren’t even sure why the 104th is on this planet. It’s above your paygrade to know, yet you can’t help but wonder where Wolffe might be and what he might be doing. 

    It’s no use lingering on those types of thoughts, you chide yourself. You settle at your station, picking up your most recent project of boredom after checking that there weren’t any work orders waiting on you. You begin fiddling with the parts in your hand, reaching for tools and other supplies as you need them. 

    You’re so caught up in your work that you don’t hear it at first. It’s only when you’re reaching for a hydrospanner that begins to rattle across your workbench that you look up.

    Wind whips around you, stirring up clouds of dust. People are shouting, sprinting towards gunships and walkers. Something is in the air, like it's charged with lightning that isn’t there. And behind it all, a rumble that builds and swells in the earth beneath your feet. 

    It’s as you’re finally piecing together that you’re under attack that the first charge hits.

    You’re flung backwards by the shockwave, and for a moment the world is bright white. There is no sound. No color. Only white bleakness that stretches around you and encompasses everything. Then reality tears through you, and your surroundings rush back to you, overwhelming your senses.

    You try to make sense of where you are. The charge had detonated far enough away that you weren’t really injured apart from the impact of the shockwave and of your landing. You think you’ve been thrown into some storage crates near your workstation. Knowing where you are and not being injured seem like good first steps. There is a slight issue though.

    Well, a slight issue apart from the being bombed part.

    There’s a rather large sheet of metal, probably from one of the ships, that’s trapping you in place. The storage containers kept you from being crushed, but you aren’t sure you’ll be able to move it by yourself. 

    You groan, letting your head fall forward against the sheet metal. Oddly enough, the battle seems distant now. You can still feel the earth trembling beneath you. You can still hear the whistle of blasterfire, but it’s muffled now. 

    You swallow around nothing as your throat tightens with the threat of tears. Your eyes burn, and your stomach churns as you take a ragged breath. You don’t know what to do. You’re a mechanic for kriff’s sake.

    Panic’s inky fingers lace through your lungs and seep into your veins. Your breathing becomes more erratic and labored.

    You’re trapped, and there’s nothing you can do. You’re going to die on this fucking planet, and you didn’t even get to tell Wolffe you love him.

    Shouts and barked orders reach your ears just as it begins to feel like your desperation will swallow you. You still immediately, listening for who or what might be shouting.

    “Search the rubble for survivors and make sure the General knows we’re preparing for departure.”

    Your eyes widen, and a chorus of yes, sirs follows the order. You hear a lot of movement, more shouting, more orders, and it breaks you from your stupor.

    “Wolffe!’ you shout as you bang your fists on the metal, “Commander Wolffe! Please! Help!”

    You beat your fists on the metal, continuing to shout for Wolffe. You know that was him who gave the order. You’d recognize his voice anywhere.

    “Wolffe,” you yell, voice ragged and hoarse from dust and emotion.

    You hear muffled curses and movement on the other side of the metal, and it makes you sob with relief. The metal groans and whines, quivering in place until finally, finally, it’s pushed out of the way. A plume of dust clouds your vision. You can barely see tall figures standing above you as you’re wracked with coughs, when one of the figures falls to their knees in front of you.

    You recognize the paint of his armor half a second before you're wrenched roughly against his chest. Arms snake around you, crushing you to his chest plate, while you grasp weakly at his pauldrons. “I’m alright. I’m alright,” you wheeze. 

    Your hands never stop running along his armor. You can’t really touch him like this, not the way you want, but for now this is enough. 

    Wolffe’s breathing is ragged and irregular through his vocoder, and his arms tighten even more around you. It’s hard to tell for sure when you feel so shaken and battered, but he’s trembling against you. You start to reassure him again, to tell him you’re alright, when Sinker interrupts.

    “Commander. We need to keep moving so we can depart on time.”

    His voice sounds apologetic, and you smile weakly at him over Wolffe’s shoulder.

    Wolffe stands abruptly, taking you with him, and you gasp as you’re pulled to your feet. He lets go of you slowly. It’s impossible to tell what he’s thinking, what he’s feeling. All you can see is the cool planes of his helmet and your own distressed reflection in his visor.

    “Wolffe -” you begin.

    “We’ll talk later,” he says roughly before turning and leaving.

    You swallow, fighting back tears. You know he needs to go. You know it. But every part of you is screaming to run after him, to never let go, and it’s agony to ignore.

    Sinker ushers you towards a gunship that’s departing, and you whisper your thanks to him as he helps you board. You turn as the ship rises, looking out over the ruin of what was your home for the past two weeks. It was a miserable home, but to see it so utterly and quickly demolished is jarring. 

    Steadily you climb in altitude, and the ship’s side hatches begin to close. The last thing that you see before the ship door’s seal is Wolffe standing in the midst of chaos and ruin, helmet tilted to watch you depart.

    Later, after you’re cleared by medical, you collapse onto your bunk. Thoughts of the day’s events crash through you like a wave breaks against a cliff, messy and tumultuous. Your eyes sting with unshed tears, and you blink furiously in an effort to get rid of them. Shuddering breaths leave you as you remember that last image of Wolffe.

    Is he okay? you wonder. What if he was injured. What if something bad happened to him. What if -

    Someone clears their throat from beside your bunk. You sit up quickly, wiping unshed tears from your eyes, trying to compose yourself. You look up to ask what the person wants when you realize it's Wolffe.

    He is standing just a few feet in front of you, shifting back and forth on his feet. His helmet is cradled in his arm, and his mouth is slanted with worry and agitation. Every inch of him is covered in that gods awful dust, but there’s no blood that you can see.

    Before he can even think to open his mouth, you fling yourself at him, arms going tight around his neck. You bury your face against his throat, pressing yourself to him as tightly as possible. Distantly, you hear his helmet land on your bed, and then strong arms are wrapping around you.

    All of the emotions you have been stifling surge through you, and you sob against his neck, fingers finding his hair and gripping tightly. He’s okay, and he’s here, holding you. Wolffe shudders against you. HIs breathing is ragged, and your heart lurches at the sound. Holding Wolffe is an ache and a remedy all at once. You can’t forget that Wolffe can never give himself to you wholly.

    “I - I can’t stay. I’m needed - the General - “

    “I know,” you soothe, running your hands through his hair, “I know. It’s okay.” “It’s not,” he says roughly.

    He pulls back, looking down at you with a guarded expression.

    “We need to talk. I need to talk to you,” he swallows, pausing before leaning his head down to gently rest his forehead against your own, “Come to my quarters later?”

    “Of course,” you murmur, stifling a whine as he pulls away. 

    Your hands ache to reach for him, and your fingers itch to run along every inch of him that you can. But you keep them at your side, clenching them into fists as he leans down to pick up his helmet. He straightens, looking at you for a long moment before turning to leave.

    Watching him leave, you’re filled with a flurry of emotions. You feel everything and nothing at once. You ache and you’re numb. You know what you want, but you don’t. It’s maddening.

    Wolffe stops, and you both stand in tense silence for one second, then another, and then you’re both moving towards each other.

    Desperate hands reach and grab as your mouths crash together. Fingers dance across heated skin, touching with frantic need. There is nothing soft or pretty about this kiss. It’s frenzied and searching and wild, and it tears through you. It feels like you’re baring your souls to each other in that moment. The world falls away, and there is nothing but you and Wolffe and the places where your bodies meet. You want to fall forever just like this. You want to stay in this moment, keep Wolffe to yourself, and never learn where you end and he begins.

    The kiss ends as suddenly as it began. Harsh breathing fills the air as you cling to each other for one more moment. And then Wolffe is pulling away, taking your promise with him to talk later.

    Later. You’ll talk later.


    taglist: @jango-fettish @beskarprincessjenny @escapedthesarlacc @goodmanthatcody @nl13 @starlightrows @spookoofins @cyaniderainfall @jgvfhl @holanjao @gallowsjoker @darthmama1618 @thefact0rygirl @ettorah @shinelikebeskar @dummythicccommanders @aesnawan @jangofctts 

    if you would like to be added to my taglist fill out the form here <3

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    commander time 

    and also one (1) captain

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  • stormwarnings
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    come down from your mountain 

    Fox finally settles on something close enough to all of those, but just a step to the right. “Are they usually like that? Unnerving?"
    “Always,” Gree says, those eyes that never miss a single detail. “Every single one of them.”
    (Seven clone commanders gathering for a drink, and their reflections on war, love, and Jedi.)

    may the fourth be with you!

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    Every clone is a good clone, Crosshair is currently on THIN ice though.

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    funny battlefront ii emotes: wolfpack trooper + denied

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    Competition- Crosshair/Wolffe M

    So this is AU of 911 where all the clones are working within emergency services I am open to prompts and requests so if you have any please send me them and I hope you enjoy

    “So that’s way Kix looks like he wants to commit murder,” Tup says as he sat down next to Echo. “Yup, it’s a good thing Jesse is here.” Tup glanced over at the couple and smiled

    “So who winning?” he asked.

    “It’s a tie, but you know how they get,” Echo says

    “True, is that why Hunter and Ashoka are here?”

    “Yeah, we all know Wolffe can’t say no to her; no one can,” Echo says, smiling. The two watched as everyone started to cheer.

    “Come on, Cross, show that reg how it’s done,” Wrecker yelled.

    “Come on, Wolffe, if you can carry pregnant women, then you can certainly beat this smug bastard,” Fives shouted.

    “Mad that i stole your partner?” Crosshair snapped

    “Leave me out of this asshole,” Echo says from his spot next to Hunter.

    “You passed the 100 marks,” Boil says.

    “How long is this going to last, im getting Hungry”, Waxer moaned.

    “You always hungry there a fully stock fridge upstairs. Help yourself,” Cody mumbles as he continues to type on his tablet. “But I’m comfy,” he whined.

    “Then stop complaining; you’re distracting me,” Boil mumbles.

    Tup knew the others were getting tired. They have been at it for an hour. “Okay, that’s it!” Ashoka shouts, walking over to the boys, “Enough call it a tie, besides you guys, actually have jobs”.

    Wolffe watched Crosshair from a distance. He was talking to Hunter. “Can you just fuck him already,” Comet says, standing behind him? “We can tell he wants to fuck you,”

    “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” Wolffe growled

    “Don’t you have to be in Cross pants?” Comet laughed as Wolffe turned around and smacked him on the arm. “Look, unless you want to do mine, Boost and Sinkers paperwork, i suggest you shut your mouth,”

    “If you do that, I’ll tell Fox,”

    That little shit Wolffe knew Fox loves Comet and would do anything for him. “Fine, I’ll talk to him happy now go and find Sinker or someone else to annoy,”

    “You love me really,” Wolffe watched as Comet walked away. Wolffe looked to see Comet talking with Tup and Fives. “You wanted to talk to me?” Crosshair says, walking over. Wolffe looked over to Hunter, watching them. He also noticed that Tup and Comet were walking towards him those little shits.

    “How about you come over to mine, and we can finish the competition,” Wolffe couldn’t help but notice the tone in his voice. “Deal, I get off at 7,” Cross says before walking away; Wolffe rolled his eyes before walking over to his squad.

    “Someone getting laid,” Wolffe turned and glared at his younger brother. “Shut it,” he growled. “When was the last time Barca fuck you, huh?”

    “So you are going to fuck,” Cody suddenly says, walking up behind him. “You little shits, i hate you both Wolfpack, let’s go. We actually got jobs to do, unlike some,” Wolffe says, walking away, ignoring his brothers laugh.

    5 hours later, Wolffe stood outside Crosshairs house Tech must have been out with Wrecker knocking on the door. “It’s open,” Cross shouted.

    Wolffe was glad he closed the door because Wolffe was going to faint. There stood a naked Crosshair smirking at him. “Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to show how strong you really are?”

    Wolffe smirked as he bit Crosshairs neck. “You call this competition come on where your fighting spirit?”

    “You want spirit fine” Wolffe let out a surprised gasp as Crosshair Wolffe moaned when Crosshair pressed his leg between Wolffe’s thighs and slowly start to move his leg smirking at the little moans Crosshair leaned closer. “Can cum just like this?” he asked. “Can you shall we find out.”

    “Imagine if your team could see you now; what would they think if they saw you like me,”

    “Stop being a prick and fuck me,” Wolffe growled. “Maybe i should see Hunter. At least he knows how to make me cum,” Wolffe let out a yelp when he was suddenly thrown onto the bed. He smirked at Crosshair pulled him into a fierce kiss with him distracted. Wolffe made his move. He wrapped his legs around Cross’s torso and flipped him over so now Wolffe was on top.

    “My turn,” Wolffe smirks.

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  • thiccumz
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    saw @yeahyeahyeaaah ‘s outfit swap au and got smacked in the face with inspiration this is what happened

    pls go check out their art it’s amazing!

    #commander wolffe#star wars#fan art#clone wars#tcw #open for better quality #thiccumzart #look at his cloobies
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    The Command Batch rambles

    The Command Batch (usually consisting of Wolffe, Ponds, Bly, Cody, and Fox + honorary member Rex) headcanon assumes that they were all (save for rex) part of the same batch of clones that were decanted at the same time. 

    I very much like them because I enjoy fics/art that explore their bro dynamic and it’s very fun.

    I started to think about how the Kaminoans would even begin to select a specific batch of clones to be all commanders. Like did they just take a random batch to train harder, specifically in leading and military tactics? Were they engineered differently? Then, I was looking at their designations.

    Fox: CC-1010

    Cody: CC-2224

    Wolffe: CC-3636

    Ponds:  CT-411 (in the show but in the encyclopedia, it’s CC-6454)

    Bly: CC-5052

    I don’t know jackshit about how the designation numbers work hkjfhas. But I think initially, they were all part of different batches that were decanted around the same time but they weren’t batchmates. 

    And through the early years of training, these 5 showed the most potential to be commanders and got grouped together when they were very young, probably before they’ve really established good connections with their actual batchmates. 

    From then on, they received additional training and courses pertaining to command tactics and became close enough to be as if they had actually been batchmates. 

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