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  • xxdunc4nxx
    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    harold appreciation post

    harold is really cool and everyone should see that he is sick XD

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    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

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    27.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Matthew Stafford's four TD passes fuel Rams' win vs. Bucs

    Matthew Stafford’s four TD passes fuel Rams’ win vs. Bucs

    Matthew Stafford threw for four scores as the Los Angeles Rams improved to 3-0 with a 34-24 win over the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers at SoFI Stadium on Sunday.Stafford continued to play well for the Rams since joining Los Angeles in an offseason trade, completing 27 of 38 passes for 343 yards. Stafford’s favorite target was Cooper Kupp, who finished with nine receptions for 96 yards and two…

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  • clydefrogz
    27.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #total drama#td chef#tw blood #tw head injury #tw head trauma
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  • clydefrogz
    27.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i hope the duncan simps have fun with this one <3

    send me a total drama character + an emotion and i’ll draw them!!

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  • meringuejellyfish
    27.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    my shirt idea

    #td creations #it was actually howies idea #gotta love that guy #always full of so many good ideas
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  • tinkerbelldetective
    27.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Taste- Desmond Miles

    TW/CW: Alcohol

    No matter the drink- whether you drank one of his magic alcoholic concoctions or a delicious mocktail, Desmond’s homemade grenadine syrup left a very tart impression. The clinking of the ice in the glass, the little garnishes around the rim, presentation was his second nature when behind a bar, and of course, around you.

    Though his drinks were tasty- it was the taste of his lips that sent you on a ride. There was always a hint of something; pomegranate, cherry, mint, somewhere on his breath. His affectionate kisses weren’t commonplace, so when his hand found the back of your neck and his lips locked with yours, it was indescribable. Whenever he kissed you, it felt like drinking a cold glass of something red and sweet. He once passed a cherry from his mouth to yours, leaving you seeing stars when he broke for air, a playful smirk dancing across his scarred mouth. He was maddening and addictive, never enough and too much all at the same time.

    #td desmond miles #wow do you think i could have mentioned kisses or lips any more erhfuonvusdfj #my ac imagines #desmond miles #desmond miles x reader #senses series#Assassin's Creed#my love #also yes Britney spears reference i could not resist it
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  • s0meth1ngswr0ng
    27.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    BenjaminXQuincy time! i always had it in my mind that they'd be awkward during their first date and i feel like they'd have a cute little fall date, except they're in an area that doesn't experience much change in color, like their version of florida but it's not a hellhole! Benjamin has coffee and Quincy has a strawbebby Boba tea! I think it's cute overall and i love it!

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  • pandakid84
    27.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Coming soon on the next total drama project

    Yes it will have some 6teen lgbtq,pain,cursing and porn and it a adult cartoon not all cartoon are for kids this is all for jokes this not real and i do not own these characters own by fresh tv

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  • jomamazriv
    27.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Thanks to RachelTD for this wonderful Chraineley illustration. It looks like a canon scene.

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  • twdmusicboxmystery
    27.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    TWD 11x06: On the Inside - Analysis

    Okay, how did everyone like this episode? I loved it! It might be my favorite episode of the season so far. Partly because of all the horror movie vibes and jump scares. I thought that was delightful. And Lauren Ridloff did an amazing job. But more than that, it's because of all the symbolism and what I think this represents. Seriously, I think I might have like fifty-six theories come out of this one episode, LOL. Not brand-new theories, but just connecting symbols in a way I haven't before. For now, let's talk about the broad arcs here and what they mean.

    ***As always, spoilers abound below for 11x06. Don’t read until you’ve watched! You’ve been warned!***

    Basically, we’re following two storylines in this episode. The first is Connie and Virgil. The second is Daryl, Leah, and the Reapers. I suppose you could call Kelly and Carol looking for Connie a third story line, but given that they're searching for Connie, it's really just a subplot of Connie's arc.

    Connie and Virgil:

    There are a lot of people saying that they might be setting Connie and Virgil up as romantic partners. I think that's probably the case, for a lot of reasons. They were very purposely put together in this house. After the episode, Angela Kang talked about how Virgil basically had to suppress part of his heart in order to get through the death of his family. That's why he seemed a little bit villainous when we first met him with Michonne.

    Actually, we're seeing a major theme here that we've seen with other characters. Near the end of the episode, Virgil tells Connie, "I lost myself for a long time." It's very reminiscent of what Michonne said to Carl in 4x14. It's a theme we see where the character goes through some kind of trauma, and the aftermath of that trauma is very much a PTSD thing. They lose themselves to insanity for short time, but then someone is able to bring them back. We see this with many characters over the years. And this is something they're doing with Virgil. So this was Virgil kind of coming back to reality. Michonne gave him the chance to come back first, but he also says that her giving him that second chance led him to Connie and he sees that as Providence.

    So basically, A.K. is saying that Virgil lost a big chunk of his heart when his family died, but he's rediscovering it here with Connie. And that's very important. I can't imagine them saying that, or him having this kind of arc, if there isn’t going to be a romance between them. Which, for the record, I think is cute. I totally ship it. (Totally objective over here. As always, of course. ;-))

    But the big question is, what does this foreshadow? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count.

    I think this is a foreshadow of Beth and Daryl. I'm sure you're shocked to your toenails. I'll give you a moment to recover. Good? Okay.

    A lot of us got Alone vibes from this episode. Just the two of them in house together. The undercurrent of possible romance between them. There's even a hug at one point.

    Actually, the white, plantation style house with the white pillars immediately struck a cord with me. Back when they were filming the missing scenes from S5, they filmed in a house just like this one. it wasn’t the “white cabin” as we always refer to the house Emily was seen going into. But it was next door to that one and had a sign up about not mowing the lawn because it would be used for filming. 

    I don’t know if this is actually the same house, but I’m willing to bet that this will end up having parallels to something we see when we finally get those missing scenes.

    Once they get inside the house, we see Connie holding the door shut against walkers. It's very reminiscent of Daryl doing that at the funeral home in Alone.

    The thing is, I don't even think callbacks to Alone are the big cheese. (For the record, we also saw them around Kelly, but I'll get to that in a minute.)

    Because more than being a call back, this is a foreshadow. It represents some time in the future when Beth and Daryl will be together inside the CRM and trying to escape. Remember that “No Exit” sign in Beth’s cell?

    We have a situation here where Connie and Virgil are trying to get out and there's literally no exit. All the doors are locked, they’re being trapped everywhere they go, they get separated. Even when Connie is in the wall, looking at Virgil, she wants to warn him of things, but she has no way to get into the room with him. There's literally no exit for her.

    There are so many parallels to Beth and Daryl.

    They emphasize the fact that Connie is lost. After getting out of the cave and walking around for walkers for so long, she clearly lost her bearings and doesn't know where she is or which way to go to get to Alexandria. It puts me in mind of the scene from 6x10, where Carl was talking to Judith and said if she was ever LOST and needed to find her way HOME, she should use the North Star. This is another way in which Connie is being paralleled to Beth. She's lost and needs to find her way home.

    Virgil talks about wanting to get Connie HOME. To get her back to her family (which just so happens to be her sister). Of course there's the undercurrent of romance.

    I also couldn't help but notice outlets throughout the episode. This house is very dilapidated and dirty. There's grime and rust and darkness everywhere. But we can very clearly see the outlets on the walls, as though they’re brand-new. I believe that's to draw our attention to them. Outlets suggest power, which suggests lamps or batteries.

    Remember how I said that the whole battery theory is about resources and that it indicates the CRM? This is why I think this house represents the CRM. And I'm not at all saying that at some point, we’ll see Beth and Daryl running through a house together, as Connie and Virgil do here, trying to escape some threat. I think this represents a much bigger arc of them being inside the CRM and trying to get out. It will probably span a lot of episodes, maybe even multiple seasons.

    At one point, we see a red coda pendant hanging in the window behind Virgil. Remember that, via the Matrix theory, red represents the outside world that TF is currently unaware of, and of course Coda suggests Beth. That’s a big part of the evidence for this template being a foreshadow of Beth and Daryl.

    I’ll go over all the background details tomorrow, but pretty much every detail I found suggests what I've laid out here. I'm going to do completely separate post on the awake/asleep theme as well as the mailbox theme. That one stemmed from last week's episode (11x05), but I haven't gotten a chance to post it yet. And of course we saw the mailbox feature prominently in this episode as well.

    We also have a situation where Virgil basically tells Connie to go on without him and that it’s very important to him that she gets home. And then he gets stabbed, and she not only saves him, but pulls him out of the house. We’ve always said that we think there will be a time when Beth will save Daryl. I think this is a foreshadow of it.

    I think we'll have a situation (again, much bigger than what we see here in the single episode) where Daryl will be willing to sacrifice himself, his life, to get Beth back to Maggie. Of course she's not going to allow him to do that, but he'll probably be hurt very badly.

    (And for the record, I think we've seen foreshadows of this and other arcs. Daryl getting hurt when fighting Alpha was probably a foreshadow of the same thing. I'm sure we could identify others.) I think he will be hurt and Beth will save him, and that will happen as they’re figuring out how to get out of the CRM.

    To touch on Kelly’s side of things, we see her find a camp that Virgil and Connie had previously been at. She finds Connie’s stuff there, and the orange backpack that Virgil must have left behind. The thing that jumped out at me here is that, in the foreground, we saw ropes around the camp with cans attached as an alert system.

    That was featured very prominently in Alone, both because Daryl set up something like that at the funeral home and also because the other half of that episode was about Maggie/Sasha/Bob and they did the same thing in their camp. So again, major callbacks to Alone, and to what this is probably foreshadowing.

    But my favorite thing about this was connections that I made. Things that kind of confirm events we’ve suspected in 4B, but have never been able to prove. Let me explain.

    First, there’s the reunion between Connie and Kelly. And this really jumped out at me. Not only because it's two sisters reuniting, but because of the way it was shown.

    When approaching Connie, Kelly is crying and says, "I'm sorry." And that's out of character or out of place in any way. She’s sorry that for what happened to Connie and that it took them so long to find her. All that is completely understandable. But at the same time, Kelly has no reason to feel bad about what happened to Connie. It wasn't her fault, and she's been a dutiful sister looking for her intensively ever since.

    But I think the “I'm sorry” will make a lot more sense if we hear Maggie saying it to Beth, given everything that's happened, and especially what happened in S5. I mean, Beth did get left behind.

    The other thing is that when they see each other and then hug, the background music almost sounds angelic, like a choir. I mean, they really wanted this to be a big deal, the reunion between these two sisters. And not that the Kelly and Connie's reunion isn't a big deal. It's very sweet, but I feel like this a foreshadow something much bigger. And what other reunion between sisters could qualify for something like that except Maggie and Beth, who didn't get the reunion in season five?

    We’ve always said that Connie was a proxy for Beth, and that the cave-in, followed by her being missing was a parallel to Beth’s arc. So, this arc ending in Connie finding someone she’ll eventually have a romance with and then finding her sister is makes me very hopeful for what we'll see when Beth returns.

    I have to say that this is kind of a relief to me. Because of Daryl's line back in Still about how, "you ain't never going to see Maggie again," I’ve gone back and forth about whether Beth and Maggie will actually get a reunion. Yes, there are plenty of ways to explain away that line, and I don't disagree with any of them. But I’ve still been really back-and-forth about whether this is going to happen. After seeing Connie and Kelly really reunite, I have no doubt that eventually will see a Beth/Maggie reunion. Yay!

    Next, is the fact that Virgil and Connie talk about how the people living in this house lured them into a trap.

    This is talked about very much anymore, but was always but what happened in Alone was always so wonky to me. I know it was supposed to be, but the whole thing felt like it was orchestrated somehow. I mean, what happened to the dog? We hear barking, but we didn't actually see the dog again, because when Daryl open the door all the walkers were on the porch. But how did that many walkers get up to the porch without them hearing it?

    When Beth and Daryl sat in the kitchen staring at each other, they heard the cans rattle and then at the dog bark. I think that the idea was that Daryl thought it was the dog moving the cans and that's why he was going to open the door and get it to come in. He didn't understand that there were walkers there. But why didn't they hear the walkers? More importantly, why would that many walkers go up to the door if they couldn't see any humans on the inside? It's completely weird behavior for walkers. And then when Beth leaves the house, she just happens to be picked up by a car?

    Like I said, I just always felt like the whole thing was really orchestrated, but even at Grady, we were never told that it was. Gorman suggested to Beth that they happened upon her accidentally. Of course, Gorman is the opposite of trustworthy, but we also understand better now the way that these episodes are often approached. We sometimes see things from one character's point of view over another. Clearly, Slabtown was seen from Beth’s point of view, so if she couldn't see the truth about what happened, that's why we couldn’t neither.

    My point is, in this episode, Virgil says that he and Connie were herded there like prey. These feral people apparently went to the camp (Kelly says the left in a hurry and something was very wrong, and I think she's right. Given that Virgil and Connie left all their stuff behind; Connie would not have left behind her slingshot on purpose). Which means the creatures came to their camp, scared them away, chase them toward the house, herding them that way, in order to eat them.

    Now, I'm not saying that's specifically what happened in Alone, but I think it kind of proves that what happened was an orchestrated trap that was set up to capture Beth.

    And we do get the sense from what Noah told her that Grady purposely left the strong behind and took the weak. So, I'm not sure if Beth and Daryl were actually herded toward the funeral home. From what we saw, it really was more like they happened upon it. But I'm wondering if once there, someone observed them, or observed them approaching, and decided that they would be optimal targets. Given that Beth was injured (which they would have known if they saw Daryl giving her the piggy back) obviously it would always be her that was taken, while Daryl—obviously the more survival-oriented of the two—would be left behind.

    And I love this connection because it proves (as far as we can prove theories 😉) that there are things they haven’t shown us, not just in S5 with the missing 17 days, but reaching all the way back to S4.

    The other thing that's just kind of cool to consider is that, as I said before, the other half of the episode was about Maggie/Sasha/Bob, right? There are a lot of things that their sequence foreshadows as well. And in the episode, Maggie is specifically looking for Glenn, not Beth. However, given that this episode with Connie and Virgil also featured Kelly, Connie’s sister, looking for her, it just doesn't seem like it could possibly be a coincidence that the other half of Alone was Maggie searching for someone. What I’m saying is that both Alone and this episode, 11x06, foreshadow what will happen when Maggie and Beth reunite. I'm sure I could go into the details of Alone find a lot of connections, but I don't have time to do that right now. Maybe during the hiatus. Maybe. ;-).

    Daryl and Leah:

    Okay, I guess we need to talk about Daryl and Leah’s part of this episode as well. I don't have as much say about the symbolism for them. This is really more about where this is going.

    Daryl tortures Frost, which I'm sure some people are going to have a problem with. But A.K. said that this is really about Daryl wanting to stay on the inside with the Reapers. As I said after ep 4, Frost is smart and he understands what Daryl is doing. A.K. said he did exactly what Daryl wanted to do him to do here. Daryl wanted him to give them a basic location but not an exact one. In other words, to tell them the neighborhood but not the exact house. And that's exactly what Frost did. Angela says Daryl did this because he was trying to save Frost’s life. Unfortunately, by the end of the episode, we see that didn't work out so well. But he was attempting to save him.

    You have to watch the details closely to pick this up, but the first house that Daryl, Leah, and Carver go to is not the house Maggie is in. That's why Daryl says they should stick around and look around for things, because he knew Maggie wasn't there and wanted to give her time to escape. But the second house we see them go into is where Maggie and co are hiding under the floorboards.

    At first, it seems to be empty, but when Daryl comes downstairs, he sees the place where they might be hiding and slides the rug over it. In the end, Carver sees it and checks, but Maggie and the others have already made their escape.

    I had to stop and think about that for a minute. Since Beth wore yellow and we think yellow equals life and escape, I would have thought the yellow house would be where Maggie and the others were hiding and then escaped from. That would've made more logical sense. But actually, the yellow house was a decoy.

    It gave me a whole new insight into the meaning behind the color yellow in TWD universe.

    I still think yellow represents escape, among other things. But it also represents looking for someone in the wrong place. Even if you think about Rick’s mini death fake out in 7x12, there was probably only 12 feet between where Michonne thought he was (right side of the screen being eaten by walkers) and where he actually was (left side of the screen coming out of the yellow carnival car) but still, she was looking for him in the wrong place and assumed he was dead because of it.

    I also thought of the Glenn situation in S4. Maggie looked for him on the school bus (yellow). And in both cases, it was because that’s where Rick/Glenn were last seen, but what was UNSEEN was how they ESCAPED. So, TF was looking for them in the wrong place.

    And I’m sure something similar will happen with Beth during the missing 17 days. It doesn’t really change what we believe happened with Beth, but it makes me want to re-examine every yellow reference we’ve ever seen on the show, which is probably hundreds by now, lol.

    At one point, Carver is coming down the stairs and Daryl runs over to him and starts talking really fast. He says that they (Maggie’s group) will not to come back here, that it wouldn’t be smart, etc. The first time I watched it, I remember thinking that Daryl was being really obvious. It made him seem nervous and like he was hiding something. And he probably was somewhat nervous. The reason he ran over Carver right then, is because he didn't want Carver to see the hiding place where Maggie and the others were (because Daryl himself noticed it when he was coming down the stairs).

    But the other thing to remember is that Daryl knows Maggie and the others are down there. He was using this to give them information. He talks about how the Reapers have walls and weapons, twenty people inside their town, etc. That is also him getting Maggie information so she would know what they're up against. It was actually very smart on his part, even if it kind of tipped Carver off.

    By the end, they returned to Pope and find that Frost is dead. I thought it was super weird and creepy that Pope started laughing when Carver said they had lost Maggie's group. That's very out of character for him. Angela Kang said Pope was purposely playing mind games to make Daryl and Leah paranoid, but even so. That laugh was just maniacal.

    So, not sure exactly where this is going, or what Pope's plans are. He kind of suggests that maybe Frost turned on Daryl and sold him out before he died. I doubt that's true, but Pope also strikes me as the kind of guy who, if he's decided Daryl is an enemy, doesn't actually need proof of it. So, we'll just have to see where this goes.

    Okay, that's it for today. I'll do details tomorrow. How did you all like the episode?

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    27.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    send me a total drama character + an emotion and i’ll draw them!!!

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    27.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Y'all be like, "Scott didn't shower".

    Dudes he was just washing himself and his clothes-

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  • totaldramaticbastard
    27.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Cameron : This is the end of me, im gonna die, I can see the light-

    Mike : It's just a cold, I swear you're going to be fine. Look Zoey's mom made you chicken soup !

    Zoey : I helped her make it !

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    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    give me a total drama character + an emotion and i’ll draw them!!!!

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  • zombiebeee
    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I redrew something I already posted! I think it turned out okay. I did one with color and one without, (I like the one without more lol) because I'm bad at coloring things (I love color theory too, how ironic...) And I hope you enjoy.

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    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Me and Duncan kissing. Ignore the girl in the back.

    - Trent 

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    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Jacsee and their kids HCs: [this is lengthy]

    I think they would have three children. The eldest being a boy, the middle child being a girl, and the youngest being a boy. Their names in order - Theo, Juliette, and Oliver.

    Theo was born around late 2014 to early 2015, several months after Josee and Jacques’ win in the Sochi olympics (Jacques proposed to Josee right after their win and got married a few months later). Juliette was born in 2016, and Oliver was born in 2020.

    I envision a scenario in which MacArthur and Sanders were there for the birth of their first child, because contrary to popular belief, I think the Cadets and Ice Dancers can get along after RR.

    Just imagine them chilling and then Josee’s water breaks and everyone is FREAKING THE FUCK OUT except Josee who is just standing at the door waiting while Jacques is running around like a chicken with no head.


    “Newborns don’t have teeth.”

    Anyway they get into the Cadets cop car and rush to the hospital.

    Theo is born, and he’s the spitting image of his father. The first thing MacArthur said, “Well at least we know he’s yours.” 

    Neither Josee and Jacques found this amusing.

    They thought Theo was going to be exactly like Jacques until it turns out that Theo expressed his desire to go into hockey. This shocked Josee and Jacques, but shrugged and let him get into it. Jacques’ father was extremely pleased though.

    Josee constantly worries Theo will break bones in his body, because hey, she knows that feeling.

    Theo became goth in middle school. Josee and Jacques desperately tried to talk him out of it but he wanted the look so badly that they couldn’t say no.

    Josee and Jacques called up the Goths (yes, I think they could be friends too) to help him with his new look. 

    Josee and Jacques watched with tears in their eyes as Crimson and Ennui dyed Theo’s blonde locks black, but ofc they support and love him and would throw hands if anyone made fun of him.

    Josee and Jacques have to yell at Theo for playing his music so damn loud.

    Juliette is the middle child, and she has Jacques’ blonde hair but Josee’s spirit and temper. Josee is constantly worried that she’ll be like her own mother to Juliette because at this point in her life she realized how toxic her mother was.

    She’s into figure skating like her mother, which Josee is both happy and terrified of. Josee refuses to coach her own daughter out of fear; she’s afraid of being too critical, but supports her daughter 100%.

    Juliette is such a daddy’s girl; Jacques has trouble saying no to her and will get her anything she wants (Kind of like Angelica Pickles from Rugrats, but Juliette isn’t really a brat, just very spoiled)

    Which is awful sometimes because this puts Josee in the disciplinarian position of having to say no and Josee is already afraid enough as it is of turning into her mother.

    Oliver is the youngest, and he’s into skiing and skateboarding. He likes skating and hockey too, just not to the extent of his siblings.

    He has his father’s clumsiness, oh my god...

    The amount of injuries this kid has had. Josee and Jacques are mortified. 

    But because he is the youngest, he is pretty much the most spoiled. All of the Jacsee kids are spoiled, but Oliver is definitely the most spoiled.

    Oliver, like his father, loves wearing dresses. And like his mother, Oliver also has a good luck charm, except in the form of a Four-Leaf clover.

    Tom and Jen are the gay uncle and lesbian aunt duo, and they are listed as Theo, Oliver, and Juliette’s emergency contacts when Josee and Jacques can’t pick them up from school (The Cadets follow shortly after)

    Unfortunately Tom and Jen would sometimes break them out of school for shopping sprees.

    Josee and Jacques are not amused.

    MacArthur (and reluctantly Sanders) sometimes do the same thing.

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  • joseeapologist
    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #finally got around to posting this #td josee#td jacques#jacsee #im not sure on some things yet like height and im terrible at estimating #also ik their canon ages are 20 and 22 but i don’t see them getting together until later #another thing I know that there is another part of this chart but I'm not too comfortable putting that in for them
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