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  • cordellwinchesterwalker
    09.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Just wrote out a steamy semi smutty scene in my J2 AU fic and I'm nervous about posting it when I'm done lol this is my first time writing ever and my first time writing out steamy smutty scenes. Wish me luck people. I'm currently on Chapter 5 of my fic!

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  • vampireyongsun
    09.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Anyway happy Mother’s Day to my high school English teacher who always let me go sit in the hall or library when she saw me getting overwhelmed and told everyone else to shut up when they tried to talk over me and waited for me to finish my point and made a habit of asking how I was when she knew I was struggling with health issues and was one of the most supportive teachers when I came out

    #that woman: *exists* #my mommy issues: is this our new favourite person and mother figure? #I miss her 😔 #I hate that school but I will go back and visit just for her and my nutrition teacher #cj.txt
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  • cinnamonstickrayofsunlight
    09.05.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    i’m having thoughts about how much i hate that theater requires people to have an extreme amount of money and access to programs and teachers and lessons and intensives and shows to perfect literally everything from a worryingly young age but i can’t form them into proper words right now

    #i’m just angry #like really angry #i had a horribly awkward conversation with my teacher today because she just assumes i have the money to sign up for intensives this summer #miss ma’am my family can barely pay for lessons please stop
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  • samuel-de-champagne-problems
    09.05.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Can I talk about how much I love the movie The Half of It. If you have watched it please talk to me about it. Paul and Ellie’s friendship is so sweet and beautiful. If you haven’t watched it please go watch it on Netflix. If you like sweet himbo jock boy who becomes friends with the quiet introverted closeted girl while they are pining on the same girl you’ll love this movie. Like I can write a whole damn thesis about this. It’s hilarious and sweet and heartbreaking and I see so much of myself in Ellie that it’s painful to watch at times.

    #not criminal minds #and surprisingly not taylor swift either 😳😳 #the eye contact in this movie is something out of a period drama #my heart #oh my god ellie’s best friend is the himbo and the english teacher #oh my god ellie and i have the same high top chucks
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  • awkard-tcc
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    1. me and R got our picture taken together and I’ve made it every profile picture I have and it’s my phone background 😂 I was using it for a project so I got it developed, one copy for me and one for him, and I got them framed and I’m gonna surprise him with it because I told him I was gonna get it framed for him. It’s the cutest picture, it’s me and him and I’m wearing my cap and gown 🥺

    2. I told R to go to our school’s social media and like their post about me because they post about all the seniors and he liked the post by the school, liked my share of the post, AND THEN he followed me. I love this man

    3. I talked to S for the first time in a long time and he’s just as adorable. He still uses my nickname he made up and it’s so cute

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  • fndmxreader
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    fandom: harry potter. pairing:  remus lupin x reader | the reader simps for lupin because isn’t that all what we do daily ?  summary:   connected to the self indulgent series where the reader is a slytherin muggle born witch working alongside the teachers at hogwarts.   note: this series will bounce around a lot involving timelines, but a lot of them don’t really have a coherent story line anyway.  movie setting:  prisoner of askaban.  pov:   she/her pronouns.

    you were looking off into the distance in a daze, end of pen in mouth as your writings came to a halt and instead getting caught up in thoughts.  your summer hadn’t been great,  if you were being completely honest :  your muggle friends were getting on your case regarding being missing for a year,  you knew at some point you had to pick : the wizarding world or the muggle one,   living two lives was absolutely exhausting,  living them meant being two types of people - like one example,  you had accidentally used a levitating spell to put a cup back and last minute your friend walked in, smashing on the floor as your hand flinched down to your side.

    “ what was that crash ? “  “ i put the mug too close to the counter, “ you had laughed nervously, quickly walking towards the glass to pick it up “ it fell off as a result ”  “you’re clumsiness is going to be the death of you “    

    that was only one of the close calls,  there were far too many to keep track of,  including dropping hints to the wizarding world in conversation, only to stutter and try and say you were referencing a bizarre indie movie from overseas. at this point you were trying to pick would it be even possible to choose a side ?  it seemed impossible just to pick one over the other,  especially knowing that no matter what route you take it would result in an empty, hollow feeling left inside of chest.    you’re not sure who you could go to for guidance,  you weren’t familiar with any muggle borns your own age,  and talking to a pureblood or half blood would go in vein,  the latter would understand to some degree,  but ultimately it’s not the same and with it being so complicated,  listening to people who barely got it would be a waste of time and only twist the knife in gut. 

     “ everyone,  i would like to introduce you to remus jo - “     that was all you really heard dumbledore say before ears blocked out the world like static,  everything beyond the screaming in your head made everything else seem like a distant hum with no tune,  a crackle of a tv that can’t quite catch signal.  your pen tapped against your bottom lip,  perching against it as you eyebrows knitted together in deep thought.   

    maybe professor dumbledore could help,  he wouldn’t get it but maybe he could shred some light on the situation ? he was always good at that. 

    “ miss l/n - “

    perhaps it’s all just being blown out of proportion,  work leave would surely be something the muggles would understand that.  even if they are after photos, work gossip and other details - 

    “ y/n “  between the firmness and the sudden block of your view as the men stepped into eyesight causes you to flinch,  reeling away from nothing in panic as you try and grasped your surroundings once more,   blinking up in a rapid succession that causes concern to flash on the two men’s faces.  it takes a moment to register where you were,  the surroundings,  what the hell was going on in general... 

    “ huh ? “  your tongue pokes out to roll against your bottom lip,  eyes wide as you stared up at dumbledore,  only for sight to break away from the one your most familiar with to the new guy...    you won’t lie to yourself,  you weren’t ready for seeing someone like him,  especially in your state.  his eyes were beaming with life,  amusement dancing behind dark hues as a faint smile tugged at lips,  hands pushed far into pockets as eye contact seemed to lock,  your lips part to say something,  anything but much like before your brain seemed to short circuit,  this time for an entirely and much more embarrassing reason,  “ huh ? “ you repeated again,  cheeks coming to life with colour as you kept looking at the new guy.

    “ this is professor lupin, y/n.   the new defence against the dark arts teacher - “  speaking slower now,  and you’re rather grateful for the approach because you really needed things to stop going by so quickly,  the whole world seemed to flash in front of you at lightening speed.

    “ oh “ a pause,  then it really began to register “ OH ! “  it was the most beautiful example of a pin drop ever to grace hogwarts’ walls  (  yes,  dumbledore will be thinking about it years to come  )   -  you jump up rather clumsily and hold your hand out to the man  “ hi,  sorry  -  i was just ... never mind,  hi  ! “ you repeated again,  the embarrassment settling deep within bones,  making itself at home in the creases of mind that would take weeks to weave out.  but regardless of the mocking in head, you do your best to not feed it and give it anymore attention... at least for the time being.   lupins much bigger hand wraps around yours,  a firm but gentle grasp as he finally takes the moment to speak himself. 

    “ that’s quite alright,  i can tell that we disturbed you.  in fact i believe we should be the ones apologising, however professor dumbledore here insisted on the introduction - “ it came easily,  between tone of his voice and the warmth of his hand, you’ve never felt safer, it was like being in a warm hug beside the fire on the night of winter;   you mentally slap yourself for acting like a teenager towards a complete stranger.   your eyes however, narrow towards dumbledore,  in a way blaming you own pathetic display on him.  a faint smile on his lips as he made up some excuse to leave the pair of you alone,  not at all hiding the way his eyes twinkled with amusement at the scene that played out. 

    your hand flexed around remus’,  far too busy sending daggers at dumbledore walking away than the fact you were still holding the older man hostage,  not helping the murmured   “ ugh,  he can be such an arse sometimes - “ 

    “ i believe that’s apart of the charm “ remus chimed,  your eyes moving back to his as you smiled up at him once more,  less tense than what your face was previously  “ um,   miss l/n ?  your hand - “ 

    “ oh, fuck, sorry - “   instantly your arms folded across your chest,  the blush only darkening your cheeks “ i promise i’m not this socially inept,  well,  at least to this extent - “ 

    “ oh,  don’t fret.  i’ve met much worse people,  i myself tend to panic in social situations.  they’re not my forte “   you shoulders relax,  though you can’t help but note that he seemed surprisingly at ease even with the confession. your eyes dance around the staff room,  much to your own relief they seemed to be back to focusing on their own work. 

    “ well,  you’re doing much better than me if that’s any help.  so,  you’re teaching dark arts -  ? “ then the conversation seemed to spark to life without much spluttering after that,  eventually both sitting on the couch and bonding over lessons;  including how you got your position in the first place,   your arm rested on the back of the furniture as your body turned fully to him,  the longer the pair of you were sat there,  the more they progressed beyond work and more into personal ones, about experiences outside of hogwarts and within the walls, not helping the fits of giggles that bubbled in your chest. 

    “ being a slytherin comes with the natural title of ‘dark pranks,’  most of us tend to live up to the name.  people demonise us,  so we give them a reason to continue it.  that certainly doesn’t end at our humour, i think it shows more than ever in that aspect - “ you giggled again, head shaking  “ i remember my friends putting a real snake in one of the gryffindors bed covered in animals blood, the girl panicked for weeks  -  but they started it  ! “   

    “ i must say being a gryffindor myself,  i feel like i should be offended on behalf of them.  then again,  my friends here were trouble makers as well.  their pranks could... “  wrist rolled in the air,  and while there’s a hint of pain twisting in features and a haunted look that seemed to cover bright eyes,  there was still a fondness in how he spoke  “ extremely, well and truly out of hand ? “

    “ ahah  ! “  it’s like a triumph,  finger pointing at the others face   “ you can hide behind the fancy wording all you want, professor.  but you gryffindors can be just as over the top as the rest of us,  if not more so ! “  he knocks your hand away from his face playfully,  grin widening as mock offence does its best to take over features.

    “ firstly,  you may call me remus,  second of all,  i will agree with nothing you say,  i would never stoop so low. “ 

    your heart skipped a beat at the notion. 

    “ you may call me y/n, only when you admit i’m right - “ 

    a nice joke to push down the giddiness of calling him by his first name the short hours of knowing him. 

    “ how very slytherin of you - “ 

    “ how very gryffindor of you to point that out, remus “ 

    the back and forth banter eventually came to a halt, as minutes ticked by it was time to go to the great hall for food and to sort out the new years. you and remus walked in a comfortable silence,  a lightness surrounding you both as it showed in your steps, and showed in the way his lips remained locked in a subtle smile.  you were left with one feeling...  finally, dumbledore hired someone worthwhile. you would also give him a hard time for that awkward bow that he did at dinner. 

    #remus lupin x reader #harry potter x reader #hp x reader #teacher!reader series. #the man. the myth. the good doggie - #MSODHSOIDHSOIDH #harry potter corner. #god this took days to write i dont even know why im sorry im a sham
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  • worldinchaos
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • dailuna
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • am-i-musical
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #tc#tcc#teacher crush #teacher crush community #tc ask #teacher crush ask
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  • hurtstoremember
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I DID IT GUYS!!!!!!!!!! IM A TEACHER!!!!!!!

    #lorie becomes a teacher #NOT JUST BECOMES A TEACHER I AM ONE
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  • gay-for-stanford
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Okay, it’s finally time to talk about my dream from the other night. i won’t be able to put to much detail In because I tend to forget my dreams but here we go.

    we were on a submarine (not the nautilus), I was with a different crew and we were going into a battle. There were smaller subs for if people had to go out and physically fight. I had apparently been “taken” by Captain Nemo and rescued by this crew who wanted to fight and stop Nemo from continuing to blow up war ships. I had been going around the sub and doing tasks, trying to convince the captain of the sub to not fight Nemo and that I could talk to him to end the whole ordeal. the captain (who was my choir teacher lmao) of course didnt listen to this. Eventually, we were almost to where the nautilus was and The Captain wanted to hype us up for the battle. We shot bow and arrows (I ended up getting a bullseye) and for some reason created mermaid tails. At the end of that, we were shown a PowerPoint, going over what the crew knew about Nemo. I promptly had a panic attack in my dream and ran off to calm down. The Captain came down and played Devil went down to Georgia for me and we jammed out. Then I woke up, the end.

    yeah, my dreams are f*cking weird lmao

    #Captain Nemo #20000 leagues under the sea #we never really saw Nemo but the whole premise was fighting him so I think it counts #I really didn’t wanna fight him lol #I’m still confused on why my choir teacher was the captain of the submarine I was on
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  • lucky-ghost2
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    TikTok has made me aware that there are people who didn’t know John and hank green from before TikTok and don’t know what dftba or nerdfighters is-

    #I wore a don’t forget to be awesome hoodie all the time my freshman year #my history teacher loved the green brothers and thought my hoodie was cool #I had that same teacher last year too for a semester he’s one of the only cool teachers at the school #he was actually the only teacher last year that called me my name
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  • scoupsy
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I want you to know that I am always an open book when it comes to gfx/gifs. I’ve literally been doing this half my life at this point, and bro I understand the absolute struggle and intimidation of learning how to do it and how to find things. I will always try my best to help, and I will always share resources when I’m able. Don’t ever feel afraid to ask I promise I really want you to get the help you need. Selfishly even. because the better equipped you are, the more beautiful things I get to see. It’s very win-win for me lol

    #dreamy nonsense #but im really serious #do i think i make the best gifs and gfx? no. but I do feel like I have a decent grasp on what Im doing and just the idea of helping #other people get that too is really rewarding to me. #I don't know if its because im a teacher or whatever but its fun for me to see ppl grow #I've literally been on ps since i was 12 so like im here to help sjnfv . #when i say if im able to i mean like im not supposed to be sharing ts files from kp24hrs and some things from deviant art i've literally pai
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  • madam-orpheus
    09.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So my English Teacher is openly gay (sidenote unrelated: his favorite movie is Dead Poets Society) and I genuinely admire him for this bc most of my classmates are homophobes

    Anyways, throughout the year I've been dropping little hints about how I'm gay (but closeted) in all my essays and poetry (these hints get less subtle as the year progresses)...

    He didn't catch on...and now I'm sad


    #but he's happy being who he is #he's my favorite English Teacher #mr keating is that you? #help#personal#yeng speaks #dead poets society #mr keating#john keating#neil perry#todd anderson#charlie dalton#nuwanda #charlie nuwanda dalton #knox overstreet#steven meeks#gerard pitts#richard cameron
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  • misslerick314
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #daddysgirl#thickaf#sexy #thick and beautiful #gaming#education #hot for teacher #https://onlyfans.com/princessofmandalore
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  • posallys
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    just turned in the draft for my EE and i feel like so much weight has been taken off of me lmfao

    #ik my psych teacher is going to absolutely SHRED it #but. i have all summer to rework it #for now it's off to work on my percabeth fic 😌
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  • poisonedapples
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Chemistry is the only valid science

    #bird chirps #Chemistry was the only one I liked a lot #I miss chemistry #I wanna almost blow shit up with liquids again #And have my teacher set my hand on fire
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  • thebigqueer
    09.05.2021 - 4 hours ago


    #we had a lesson on the 80s yesterday in class and like honestly im still so pissed #like when do queer people get the proper recognition they deserve #especially when some kind of topic /specifically/ revolves around them #my teacher said like. one mention of how the AIDS epidemic impacted the queer community #like literally one mention #and he didnt even expand on how it stigmatized us or how vastly it hurt us #he was just like 'the epidemic was harmful to the gay community' #and yeah okay i get that the epidemic was like a big problem to pretty much everyone at the time #but like. it was *especially* related to the queer community and you failed to address that in a proper manner??? #and when we were on the topic of the 60s #i literally do not remember him even *once* saying anything about Stonewall #he just said the time period was one for civil rights and showed like a pride flag and that was it #didn't even talk about fucking stonewall when it was very much related #like its just so legitimately fucked how queer history is so erased from history classes #i mean my teacher did mention that bayard rustin was gay which is something to say the least #in years prior no one mentioned bayard rustin so ig that was a plus but like #what about other famous queer people?? #can we just please talk about queer history where it directly relates?? #like at least he mentioned queer heroes but how can you talk about a specific time period that had a large impact on the overall queer comm #and somehow fail to mention how vastly it impacted us #??? #tw homophobia #tw aids mention #tw aids
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