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  • Are there any K-12 teachers available to do a 30 minute interview? It’s for a project

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  • I know that nothing in this year of Covid is normal but there are days when it hits harder and its challenges rub like sandpaper. Today was one of those days.

    I run a hybrid classroom - students can be in-person or remote. Today one of the vice principals stopped into my Zoom to check my online students (which is perfectly reasonable and welcome). I fully admit I have been much more lax with my online students because I can see and feel the need of my in-person students much more acutely. It’s hard to connect or even interact to a series of muted blank screens or static images of a ceiling. Several are failing, but the in-person students outnumber them 3:1. To say that I’ve neglected them would be a reasonable charge.

    So I tried connecting with them, typing questions and trying to get them to engage. Many didn’t respond. None turned on their screens. Many fully admitted they didn’t know what to do. None had asked for help. Several admitted they hadn’t read the book we’re doing a summative assignment on. So I went to work, typing in the Zoom chat, cajoling when I can, negotiating when I had to, threatening to mark them absent if they still refused to respond. One student said he was helping his dad around the house. Yesterday another had said he was doing his chores when I asked why he wasn’t working on his test.

    By the time I looked up, class was over and I hadn’t checked on, worked with, or even acknowledged my in-person students in 25 minutes. As a colleague put it, when it comes to hybrid learning you end up teaching only one class - the remote kids or the kids in front of you.

    The vice principal emailed me later, saying I’d done a good job handling the online kids. I don’t disagree but I cannot help but feel that I’d failed. Such is teaching in 2020.

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    Full moon meditation was amazing. I Felt great. Welcomed energy into my space while letting go of any and all that doesn’t fit.

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  • I created a DonorChoose project back in September and totally forgot about it. 

    I was only reminded because people started donating it. 

    I need like $150 and the whole thing is funded…it’s crazy to think of all the new things I could get for the classroom is this keeps up! 

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  • So lunch times at my school are determined by floor this year, which I like because most of my friends have classrooms on the same floor that I do. Mr. F, Mr. W, Mrs. R, and I have routinely eaten together all year. When the weather was nice, we sat out on the benches in front of the school, but now we eat in the staff room on the first floor (because our other colleagues are in the staff room on our floor and there aren’t enough chairs for all of us). In the past few days, some of the teachers on the first floor started joking about our invasion of their territory. Yesterday, Mr. F made a little “Second Floor” flag and left it on the table, and then Mrs. O sent him a photo of the flag in the trash can. So today we convinced The Vice Principal, who has the poster maker in her office, to print us a big “Second Floor” banner, which we tapped across the staff room door with an obnoxious amount of tape (we ducked under it to leave, heh)… and now we’re awaiting Mrs. O’s next move.

    Gotta have fun, right?

    In other news, my classes today were really good. I lectured a bit on major historical events that have contributed to the conditions that promote armed violence (tagging back to yesterday’s class) in the world today- namely, colonialism and the Cold War- and ended up having fantastic discussions with both classes about Cold War proxy wars. Students had so many questions and comments, particularly about Vietnam and Cambodia. I ended up pulling up some articles and images for them to check out, which was more than I’d planned on doing, but it was excellent. When they’re curious about something, I go with it.

    They spent the remainder of class finishing up their Book Paper rough drafts. Some students’ writing has really improved this time around, which is awesome (and shows what practice can do). I also read a couple papers that had me wondering how, after all the instructions I gave, they’d turned out the way they did (ie, I went over exactly what to put in a conclusion, and still got some papers that ended with book reviews). But, hey, that’s why we draft, so that kind of thing can be corrected. I’m happy, overall, with their work.

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  • Watch “The Teacher Who Transformed Girls Education With QR Coded Textbooks | Ranjitsinh Disale, India |” on YouTube

    Y'all, his reaction when he found out that he won the award was the most purest thing i saw on the news today, i don’t cry easy, but my eyes welled up the moment i saw him crying happy tears and his parents were crying too, and it was just pure bliss

    I want to be that happy and proud one day❣️

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  • Just finished making my first invoice ever. I’m still unsure about one thing so I need to call the tax authorities tomorrow morning and then I can finally send it in. My job is pretty great & I’m so glad I have work (and work that is meaningful!), but the administrative tasks and working conditions as a freelancer are certainly… not my favourite part of the job.

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    Me, in the leather apron 😉 teaching blacksmithing.

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  • How To Keep Kids Busy At Home-Kids-Creative Activities At Home-Homeschoo…

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  • politics in education

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  • indoctrination? What?! #distanceteaching #distancelearning #elearning #teach #teaching #teacher #firstyearteacher

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  • || 12.02.20 || academic/life update! So I’m dropping comp lit as it doesn’t really fit my long term plans. I’m hoping to graduate with a BA in French, a minor in korean, and a teaching certificate (hs level)! For the longest time my two dream jobs were translator or hs teacher, and after taking a translation course this term and figuring out more about what is the best choice for me, my end goal is to teach french! I’m beyond excited. Next term I’m taking my first two ed classes so there’s that to look forward to. Anyways how are y'all doing?? hope all is going well if your term is ending soon like mine:D

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  • December 2

    Today i heard that the kid i tutor has to quarantine, so now i’m done with him forever!

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  • Teaching 3 year olds changes you in ways you never knew you needed. You start not giving a fig about dancing like an idiot when your favorite song comes on, singing horribly off key out loud, doing really silly things to amuse your friends, and rediscovering just how much fun simple silly kids games and lame jokes are. It reminds you how to just be YOU and not care what other people think.

    And best of all, you find yourself doing mundane things while singing about them, and it is one of the best things in the world! Especially when you do it in front of family and friends.

    I find my self checking the weather on my phone while singing:

    What’s the weather? what’s the weather? what’s the weather like today?

    Can you tell me what’s the weather? what’s the weather like today…..?

    And I do it so often that my family members often join in.

    I also find myself singing as I clean:

    Clean up, clean up, everybody,everywhere!

    Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!

    For some reason, it just pleases your inner child and makes things a little more fun!

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  • When you finally find the thing you lost …

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    Until the final grades deadline

    Because your teachers may be sending out emails about extra credit, leniency, grade corrections, etc.


    #this may be directed at 3 of my students where i keep trying to tell them they submitted the wrong assignment and if theyd just resubmit #i could give them a grade #but this is online world and i have no other way to reach them #teaching#school#dl
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  • Do you get it? #learn #education #read #think #bodylanguage #think #readpeople #psychology #distanceteaching #distancelearning #elearning #teach #teaching #teacher #firstyearteacher #school #student

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  • Got yelled at by a parent today 😐

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