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  • dragon-spaghetti
    16.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have decided Team Dark’s home is now owned by their cats (Please click for better quality lmao)

    #drag's art#sonic#team dark #team dark's cats au #ask about them if you wish!! #I actually created these kitties months ago #just never drew them digitally
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  • head---ache
    16.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #i don't know if that ship between amy silver and blaze has a name #but i think i love them #sth#sonic fanart#team dark #shadow the hedgehog #rouge the bat #e 123 omega #blaze the cat #silver the hedgehog #amy rose#silvazamy #??? #i guess
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  • vaporwave-trolls
    16.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    from now on i can figure what kind of gay you are from what team you choose in sonic heros as a kid.

    #team chaotix or team dark #where my go to teams i hated the other 2 with a passion
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  • drawciasorceress
    16.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    girl help i can't stop watching hour long videos of people talking about sonic the hedgehog

    #hoo hoo! #i am very fixated on sth at the moment #particularly sa1 and 2 and also team dark
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  • dragon-spaghetti
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pov you're me as rouge and my sister as shadow

    Do not tag as ship!!

    #drag's art#sonic #shadow the hedgehog #rouge the bat #team dark #yes I almost cried #yes I ate almost all of them #the others had to be saved for the rest of the fam too ajsjs #this child knows my weakness and it's cupcakes
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  • patronofv
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Thoughts on Shadow the Hedgehog-

    Shadow's problem is similar to Tails. They are both stuck in roles they outgrew along time ago. Shadow outgrew the "arrogant rival" role by the time of 06. It would've been better if you just used someone else in that- like Jet from Riders.

    I think Shadow just needs a new arc or challenge. 06 ended his "arc" from Heroes. He decided who he was and went full circle as a character.

    Another good rival would be Fang and Team Hooligan. He's a sniper and a mercenary. And that would play well against Shadow being a GUN agent.

    You could even have him becoming Infinite in a Shadow-centered version of Forces. Because Forces could've been a better showcase for Shadow as a character. Having him struggle with replacing Sonic as the Big Good of the Sonic world would be an ideal challenge for him.

    Shadow is defined by his trauma back on Ark. Having him try to pay it forward by consoling a traumatized Cream or Tails would've been great.

    Plus having the GUN Commander give Amy tips on being a leader would've been nice.

    The Avatar could just be a recruit Shadow runs into and helps from time to time.

    #sonic forces rewrite #wishlist #shadow the hedgehog #fang the sniper #team Hooligan#team dark#Infinite #mental health awareness #overcoming trauma
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  • saaypunk
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    ICÓGNITAS, CASO 136: CALIFÓRNIA, para uso pessoal.

    15.05.21: Eu to numa felicidade sem tamanho depois de terminar essa capinha :(( é a primeira q eu gosto depois de taaaanto tempo e é inspirada na minha série fav, aka seal team, do cap 13 até o 17.  Eu to toda boba com o resultado final uaar :(( Na frase ali em baixo eu acabei esquecendo o r de “charlie” mas logo arrumo direitinho<3

    #sooyoung#choi sooyoung#capa #capa para fanfic #capa de fanfic #capa para fic #capa para social spirit #policial#capa dark#snsd#seal team#desing#manipulação#manip edit
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  • soup-soups
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I,m changing the daytime version of team dark sonic abit , ,,,

    #sonic au #team dark werehog au #werehog
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  • julethiefs
    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    the way jules said “my head is in the game, chief. it’s my heart that isn’t” and then a season later maelstrom said (about dark!carmen) “we have removed her proverbial heart” yeah <3 

    #heyyy besties new painrot just dropped <3 #because YEAH #dark!carmen was literally the epitome of having her head in the game and her heart not #because obviously she was just as smart and cunning as ever #she just didnt have her compassion and her essential goodness and her HEART with her #which is what made her so terrifying #julethief gfs whos head is in the game hearts not canon ?? /hj #carmen sandiego#nova rambles#julethief#carulia #carmen x julia #hang on more thoughts coming #jules's heart wasn't in the game bc she trusted carmen #whereas carmen's heart wasn't in the game because she COULDNT trust team red (yes im including jules in that) #parallels my beloved !! #okay now im actually done
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  • missbrikelly
    14.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    No one has to know about all the shit we do in the shadows

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  • tenshichan1013
    13.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    frozen adventures ice and magic

    14 of 24

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  • sherrod34
    13.05.2021 - 3 days ago


    As the R&B music played in the background my doorbell rang I opened the door to see a very beautiful woman standing there. It was 6:30 pm and I really didn't think she would show up. I invited her in, and closed and locked the door, as I turned from locking the door, my excited gaze traveled over the lushness of Lisa's sexy body. A chick black dress hugged every curve, and there was an abundance of them. A plunging neckline exposing her full ample tits, stopping short of reaching high thigh, nylon clad legs, and black high heels.

    "Dayummmm, you're sexxi woman," I said, stepping closer to my sexxi guest. I longed to feel the lushness of her body pressing into me. A sly smile came across Lisa's face turning up the corners of her full red lips she asked, "Are you glad that you returned my text?" Without waiting for my response, my weekend guest hooked her slender fingers under the hem of her dress and slowly, teasingly, inched the material over her upper thighs. The dark band at the top of her stockings and then the stretched straps of a garter belt came into view. The sight added to my excitement. I luv a woman in sexxi lingerie.

    I stood there mesmerized at the provocative sight. My dick throbbed its approval as the dress eased up to expose a little triangle of lacy black material that failed in its attempt to completely cover the dark curls of her pussy bush.

    Meeting my lustful gaze with big brown eyes, she told me, "My Pussy's been quivering for a good fucking every since I was at the airport."

    Lisa's text had stated she was a wild business owner who was looking for hot times on her business trip, I didn't expect it to be that easy.

    Lisa's slipped the fingers of her right hand under her pussy patch to stroke the hairy mound. Her other hand covered a tit and she began squeezing the firm globe through her dress.

    "Are you going to just stand there and leave it to me to turn myself on?" Lisa asked with a throaty laugh. "You said in your text that you knew how to show a girl a good time. I hope you weren't referring to dinner and dancing because I can do that with my husband. "

    "Hell no!" I almost shouted. Three strides carried me to my sexxi visitor. I eagerly reached for her.

    Lisa came willingly into my arms. Our lips met in a deep passion filled kiss. Gliding over her ample curves to the beat if the music, my hands found the roundness of her ass. It was my turn to inch the hem of her short dress up in the back until my fingers touched the smooth flesh of her naked cheeks.

    The pussy patch pressed against the bulge in the front of my slacks. Wetness soaked through in a matter of seconds, showing me how wet her pussy was. The heat from her pussy radiated through to my dick as she grind against my hardness. My anxious pole tried to RIP it's way to freedom, seeking to get at Lisa's hot pussy.

    "Too many clothes, " Lisa breathed into my ear. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and she was mashing her form tits against my chest. "What are we going to do about it?" I asked. She nibbled at my ear. Hell, I wanted to RIP open my slacks, do away with that little triangle guarding her pussy, and sink my aching pole into the juicy hole that was getting wetter. I stepped back from our embrace and ripped at my clothes in my haste to remove them. Lisa was more refined about it. Easing out the sleek dress, she allowed the garment to slide down her curves. It fell in a jumbled heap at her feet.

    The sight of her near nakedness in the low lights caused me to pause in the destruction of my clothes. Braless, Lisa tits nipples pointed out proud and firm. The chocolate tipped mounds seemed to be inviting me to suck them.

    Lisa looked so ravishing sexxi swaying to the music there in just black high heels, sheer black stockings, lacy garter belt, and matching pussy patch. I started ripping my clothes off again. This time Lisa stopped me. Undoing the only button left on my shirt, she cooed, "Relax, baby, we've got all weekend. "

    All weekend, hell I thought, I want this luscious babe now! But I stood there impatiently as Lisa ran her fingers over my chest. Tweaking my nipples, she leaned over to tease each tiny nub with her soft tongue.

    Then her fingers were undoing my belt, then my slacks, sinking to her knees, Lisa tugged them down around my ankles. The hardness of my dick was apparent from the way the my dick stretched out the front of my briefs. My sexxi Lisa licked her lips in anticipation as she reached out to pull my briefs down.

    Like a spring, the throbbing monster jerked upward toward her mouth. The bloated head was shiny with the pre-cum leaking from the piss hole. I was driven to my tiptoes when Lisa darting tongue flicked out across the angry tip, gathering the tangy treat my dick was providing.

    A groan of pleasure was followed by a gasped, "Oh yes, Lisa," as the warm wetness of her mouth encompassed the upper half of my dick.

    With gentle fingers, Lisa reached out to fond my balls. The wrinkled sac was already swollen with a hot, churning load of man cream, brought on by the earlier stimulation of her sexxi body.

    Savoring the intense pleasures of her sucking mouth for a few moments, I reluctantly stopped the talented dick sucking. My balls were ready to explode and I wasn't ready to fill her mouth with my cum. It was way too soon for that!

    Pulling Lisa up in front of me, I embraced her, the feel of her hard nipples pressing into my chest was fantastic, our lips crushed together in another passionate, tongue searching kiss.

    Scooping Lisa up into my arms, I carried her into the bedroom, laying her in the center of my king size purple satin sheets, I joined her on my bed. She wantonly threw her legs open in welcome as I kiss, licked, and rub my way up her left leg. I attacked her pussy patch with my tongue and teeth, the silky material was soaked with her juiciest from her arousal. I kissed, sucked, and licked her pussy lips, enjoying the taste of her. Gripping her pussy patch with my teeth, I jerked my head back and was pleased when it ripped away to leave her pussy bare.

    "You're crazy," Lisa told me. She ran her hands over my head to show me she was enjoying my kind of craziness. Soft, wet curls tickled my nose as the tip of my tongue probed inward, it moved past the plump lips of her juicy pussy, seeking the soft flesh beneath. Anxious for the pleasure I would bring her, Lisa reached down and parted her lips. She exposed all the inner beauty of her pussy flesh to my eyes and eager tongue. "Yes, babe, oh yes, gawd dayummmm, yes, just like that," she cried, urging me on as I went to work on her delicious pussy.

    The amount of pussy juice I had to lap up along the valley of Lisa's pussy lips was a delectable feast I couldn't pass up. Licking hungrily I sought to savor every drop of that tantalizing pussy.

    "That's it, baby, oh, fuck yes, fuck me with your tongue, yes, make me cum, baby, yessss"! Lisa urging was loud as she flexed her body, bringing her ass off the bed to grind her pussy against my mouth as she came, my tongue was like a little dick fucking it's way into her pussy's hot entrance.

    Then I let my finger take my tongue's place and moved my way up her sensitive clit.

    A second finger joined the first as my fingers fucking and clit sucking and licking drove her to another orgasms. Her body squirmed under my tongue's insistent licking. When I gently bit down on the fleshy hood of her clit, it was enough to make her squirt another orgasm.

    Lisa's lush body thrashed around under me as if she were attempting to escape the intense pleasures from my mouth. There was no escape, my mouth remained locked on her climactic pussy like a leech, my licking and pussy sucking didn't let up until the last ripple of orgasm was coaxed from her body.

    By then my arousal was at a fever pitch, my dick demanded relief, raising my juice smeared face out of her pussy, I lifted Lisa's legs up to rest her ankles on my shoulders, guiding my hard dick to her wet pussy lips, I pushed my hips forward and it was a delightful sight to watching the length of my dick being swallowed up by her wet pussy. "Oh, yeah, baby, you feel so dayummmm good, " Lisa moaned as I pushed more of my dick forward, I didn't stop till my balls were pressed against her ass. My hands slid up her legs, the feel of her nylons and the garter belt added to my excitement, slowly, in long steady strokes, I fucked my big dick in and out of Lisa's snug pussy. I brought my dick back until only the head was between her pussy lips, then slid the throbbing monster back into her juicy pussy until it was buried to the hilt. Lisa wasn't satisfied, "faster, fuck me hard and fast, make me cumm on your dick" she said, trying to bring her ass off the bed to increase the pace of our fucking.

    I just smiled and kept fucking her slow and deep. To get even with me for my teasing, Lisa tightened her pussy muscles trying to hold my dick captive. She didn't succeed, but the added tightness of her pussy heightened the pleasurable sensations I was experiencing. Finally, I had teased my sexxi bed partner enough, I leaned forward, pushed her legs up so that her knees almost touched her big tits, and in the new position I was able to reach and fondle those big tits while staring into her wide brown eyes. "Now I'm going to fuck the shit out of you just the way you want it ", I told her, giving both of her tits a squeeze as I plunged my dick all the way in her pussy. My fucking became frantic, I really had no choice, the pressure in my balls had grown to an insane amount, each time I plunged into Lisa's pussy my cum bloated balls slapped against her ass, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me, yes, I'm coming" Lisa screamed! The sound of our bodies slamming together was loud, the odor of raw sex was strong, I exploded deep inside of Lisa's pulsating pussy. We became a climactic mass of flesh and bone there in the middle of my bed.

    The thrashing of Lisa under me, and the way her pussy was contracting around my dick, made my coming more intense. I came and came and came. Finally, spent, my dick slipped from Lisa's cum flooded pussy. I released her legs and collapsed on the bed beside her, I don't know what made me think it was going to be that easy. Must have forgotten what a wild one I was dealing with. I may have been through, but Lisa sure wasn't. Lifting my limber dick with her hand, she let it flop lifelessly back against my thigh. Giving a sigh, she said, "I want somemore of that dick"! I groaned thinking maybe in 10 or 20 minutes. Lisa had different ideas. With a pleased look on her face, and a mischievous glint in her eyes she said, "I think I know what will fix this tired fellow right up. Having him raring to go in no time "! Taking my balls in the palm of her hands, Lisa fondled them at the same time she was taking the whole length of my dick into her mouth, her active tongue moved around to caress my limp dick. It took a short time, but her prediction was right. My dick was back to life as she sucked and licked new vitality into it. It became too big for Lisa to keep all of it in her mouth without choking. Letting my hardened dick slip from her lips, Lisa said, "See, that didn't take long, now let's put him to work ".

    With that she turned around, getting on her knees with her fine ass up in the air, I was ready to fuck her doggie style, that's one of my favorite positions, Lisa soon let me know that wasn't what she wanted. Reaching back, she spread her ass cheeks and l swear that brown eye winked at me as she said, "Fuck me in my ass, daddy, I luv feeling a stiff dick in my asshole." She couldn't enjoy receiving a good ass fucking any more than I enjoy having a tight asshole to fuck. It's something I don't get to enjoy too often because a lot of women won't let me put my big dick in their asshole. Since I didn't have any K-Y Jelly handy to grease up her asshole it was necessary to come up with another means of getting Lisa ready for my dick. I didn't hesitate for a second, moving behind her, I leaned over and stuck my face right up her ass. "What are you doing?" Lisa gasped in surprise as my tongue flicked across her sensitive asshole, instead of pausing to answer her, I showed Lisa exactly what I was doing, tracing the puckered ring a few times with my tongue, I then pushed the tip of my tongue against the entrance of her tight asshole, at first there was resistance to my tongue penetration, but as I applied steady pressure, the tip of my tongue slipped in. "You're not going to fuck my ass with your tongue!" Lisa asked in disbelief. It was apparent that no other man had done what I was about to do to her. Continuing to push, I forced more of my tongue in her asshole, then I began fucking it in and out, I wanted to loosen her ass up for my big dick, plus leave it good and wet with my spit so my dick would have no problem sliding in.

    "Oh, gawd dayummmm, I've never...never in my life, " Lisa rambled on as I tongue fucked her ass. She still held her cheeks wide apart, so that even though it was a new experience for her there was no doubt in my mind she didn't want me to stop. "Yes...oh, gawd yes...fuck my asshole with your tongue..push it deep, really deep, " she urged. I tongue fucked her ass until it loosened up and the hole was shiny and slippery with spit. Now I was ready to let her feel something a lot bigger pushing its way in her asshole. 'See, I know you I know how to please a woman "! "Do you ever, daddy", she answered, turning to give me an appreciative smile. "That was a first for me, but you can bet it won't be the last time, any guy who want to stick his dick in my ass from now on can use his tongue first or he can forget it." Guiding my dick to the hole my tongue had prepared for it, I began pushing my stiff dick forward, "Easy," Lisa said, her excitement was evident in her voice, "Let my ass get used to that big dick head, then you can fuck it as hard as you want. "

    Pushing my hips forward, I let my dick head ease its way into her tight asshole. Once the head was in, it was inch by inch, I worked the rest of my long, big dick into her tight fine ass. I didn't stop until my body was tight up against her body. Grabbing her hips to hold on, I began fucking her tight asshole. I hunched my hips forward at an increasingly fast pace. "Faster,,harder...faster...harder...fuck my asshole...make me cummm...yes, daddy". Lisa was rubbing her clit as I was fighting back my cummm that was churning in my balls seeking its release. I held back as long as I could, then, with a groan, I exploded my hot cumm in her tight asshole.

    The rest of the weekend was just as hot and horny, I was really sorry to see Lisa leave late Sunday night. The one bright spot to her leaving is the promise she made that she'd be back in a couple of weeks to pick up where we left off.

    I can't wait!!!!!

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  • bizzy-bi
    12.05.2021 - 4 days ago
    #bi's buzzing #ask meme: pokemon types #Dumi #yeah what if they were Trainers? #DMK would be a Dark-type Gym Leader while Lumi is just some guy #she's related to Ribbon who's the Fairy-type specialist #and she has a few o. her own team
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  • owotheedge
    12.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    okay so pirate captain shadow right

    and i saw some posts mentioning ninja rouge

    but like also

    aren't robots also sometimes thrown into the mix of the whole pirates n ninjas thing because. omega is literally Right There--

    #owothetext #i'm still half asleep but... pirate ninja robot thing? #literally just team dark
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  • allelitewrestlings
    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    #aewedit#jon moxley#eddie kingston#moxeddie#aew#aew dark #all elite wrestling #*#ours: gifs#maker: s#yt: aew#aew: dark #dark: episode 88 #tag team: moxley & kingston
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  • wheeljacksears
    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Megatron patiently waiting for someone to save him from the vacuum of space:

    Starscream getting ready to commit theft and attempted murder at the same time:

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  • aesthetic-babyyy
    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth as Thor In Thor Ragnarok

    Gifs are from Pinterest

    #thor#thor ragnarok #thor love and thunder #thor dark world #loki series #loki of asgard #loki laufeyson#hulk#valkyrae#team revengers#hela #thor x y/n #loki x reader #god of mischief #god of thunder #goddess of death #dr stephen strange #marvel#thor marvel#infinity war#endgame#the avengers #age of ultron #mjollnir#stormbreaker #guardians of the galaxy #groot#rocket#chris hemsworth#tom hiddleston
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  • sweetcircuits
    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago
    #srmthfg#srmthg #super robot monkey team hyperforce go #sprx-77#nova#spova #ep: the stranded seven #i adore this little interaction #unfortunately there's no way to capture the inflection in nova's voice in a gif #the way the 'no' is a little harsher but her voice gets soft on the 'he just needs to ask' #i'm just. i love them so much. #also i colored this half to death you can probably tell #i don't like nova's dark palette colors so much so i often recolor her to her normal colors #but then the bamboo turned kind of green so i had to fix it a little #and it didn't end up being as nice as i wanted #but OH WELL i still really like how it turned out #my gifs
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  • deadnightguard
    11.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    team dark theme comfort music!!!!

    #yes yes yes thank you for the pleasant noise team dark /g #<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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