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  • shipppphappens
    21.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    When it comes to the next two episodes I have high hopes in terms of Zoey and Max.

    First the double date who goes not like it was planned. The double date with Zoey and Simon and Max and Rose. What an old trope for the couple who is endgame. But hey, what can go wrong? Max and Zoey are two mature adults who can handle such a situation. And if they tell it just often enough, maybe it comes true.

    I am so excited about this one. Just Max's face in the promo is priceless.

    And after that episode we get an episode how Max and Zoey met. It's about her first day at SPRQpoint and how important that day had been for her life but she didn't realised it till that day. Friendly reminder: Simon is the new guy when season 1 started, no Simon in the picture when Zoey started to work there. She realized how important that day had been in therapy. If they don't do anything wrong: Endgame team Max. 🥳

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  • rodrikstark
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    yo that anon is so funny to me because i don’t think i’ve EVER hated a movie as much as i hated w*nder w*man 1**4

    #literally a disgrace to the superhero movie genre #a disgrace to my parents' HBO max subscription #a disgrace to the two or so hours of my life i spent watching it #i was YELLING at the TV #anon we're on the same team!! fuck her!!!! lmao #rodrikstark rambles
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  • cunninghamh2014
    19.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    not good at staying with fanfic stories

    Opened a fanfic I was working on about Jason earlier and haven't really gone back to and this is the last line : :

    "He manages the ride home in Lindell's car without puking in it and right now with the week he's had, he's calling that a win. "

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  • surfinbird
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    #pop team epic #sam and max
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  • norstappen
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lando Norris and Max Verstappen © DPPI F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix ~ April 18, 2021

    #max verstappen#lando norris#f1 #i wont stop #i hate whatever quadrant is #team redline was the shit !!!!!!!!
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  • dragontamer-nia
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Max [Parental figures and fighting spirits]

    Max and Judy Mizuhara 

    Max Mizuhara is the child of two very different people. 

    On one hand, we have Taro Mizuhara: a cheerful and friendly man who lives a simple life, owns a little hobby shop, and has taken a passion for a kids' game which requires a certain degree of technical knowledge. He's basically a mechanic, he has a rather small but very functional training ground in the basement of his shop, and he encourages Max to do his best, but most importantly to have fun with his friends. 

    On the other hand, we have Judy Mizuhara: an ambitious, strong-willed woman, whose research and abilities have made her rise from the already prestigious position of university professor to the director of the most important and reputable research centre for beyblades, where she has all the resources, funds and technology she could ever need to work with at her disposal. We know the PPB is held in such high regard that her role requires her to answer directly to the goddamn Secretary of State. 

    And… Taro and Judy love Max. However, while all we can gather about Taro's opinion on this whole "taking beyblade seriously and winning the world championship" thing is that he supports Max because he wants to see him happy, we know exactly what Judy thinks. 

    She thinks Max doesn't have what it takes to be a champion. 

    Max's crisis is, in a way, the opposite of Rei's: while Rei at one point already had everyone believing in him, and had to prove that the his actions are atypical but ultimately right, Max has to prove that he is worth believing in because the way he is is right; and that his fighting spirit is just as tough and resilient as everyone else's in this field, if not even more so than most, but his friendly, kind and bubbly personality throws people off. 

    And the fact that, of all people, it's his own mother who rejects him almost crushes him. Judy loved him when he was just her fun, adorable child, but when he dared try and assert himself as a person with dreams and a fighting spirit, suddenly she turns her back on him. 

    Worse yet, Judy has new children in America. Kids she personally chose as the best in the whole US. Kids who lived and breathed to follow whatever she said. Kids who are very explicitly competitive, who are sports prodigies and know it, who parade around wearing their sports' uniform like a badge of honour, knowing that they're just so much better than anyone else that they're backed up by the effin government... and people love them. They are stars, they are heroes. And so, people shower the All Starz with admiration and attention, and the All Starz love the glory Judy has granted them, and Judy loves them in return and supports them. 

    Of course, not only has Max to deal with whatever is going on with his mother's behaviour, not only has he to endure his mom's new, arrogant kids, he also has to face their feelings of jealousy: after all, he is the coach's actual son. And he's a nobody. This is Max, the son of their beloved coach? He's weak, right? Not a trace of ambition, no competitiveness at all, only smiles and "lEt'S bE NiCe tO eAcH oThEr". Why does Judy love this guy? 

    Poor Max is having the worst time of his life as the finals for the A block approach, and the night before the finals Kyouju bluntly tells him that he shouldn't fight at all in the coming matches. "They have your data," he says. "They don't have Kai's data," they all say. Max knows what's up: his own team is starting to believe in the All Starz, they are starting to lose faith in him too. What is his team thinking? Would the PPB not have taken his data, had he been stronger, had he been like Kai? They, his own team, his friends, think that even giving Max a mere chance at proving them all wrong would jeopardize their chances of reaching the world's finals, and they’re not willing to take that risk. 

    Max is not the type to lash out at people and impose his own world view onto others, as Takao would, but he knows this is an injustice, he knows he doesn't deserve this treatment. Max storms off, leaving the rest of the team appalled: clearly, no one expected nice, friendly Max to react so strongly. They do eventually change their minds after the team finally understands just how badly he needs to. 

    Because, after running on the roof of the hotel to get a bit of fresh air… Max finds his mother there. 

    Judy thinks she's being objective, because that's what she's used to as a scientist: research is based on numbers, and numbers tell her that Max truly doesn't have a chance. But she's also a professional, and the spot she was put into requires her to not help her own son at all. She can do absolutely nothing but accept that Max is bound to lose, and Max has got to understand this as soon as possible.

    Judy knows what it takes to rise to the top, because she has done it. Cold and merciless, ambitious and strong-willed, tough and resilient: she is a champion, in her own way. And she didn’t obtain the most prestigiuos position in her field by being nice; this is why, when choosing the players who would represent the US in the world tournament, she selected kids with a competitive background, who are capable of being cold and merciless when required. And now that her own son is competing against the PPB, a big machine that receives all the funding they need, a whole building full with equipment and any machine they could possibly think of to study their opponents, gather data, prepare a strategy, keep their bladers in top condition… she doesn’t want Max to even try and enter this ruthless race to the top. He is nice, and she accepts it and loves him for it, but... he’s too nice to survive in this world.

    I think Judy is the one who chose this role for herself. She knows Taro. She knows she has to be the realistic and disillusioned parent to balance him out, because Taro is just so carefree and happy, with no trace of ambition or fighting spirit, and Max is just like Taro. 


    This is why the necklace is important. 

    Max's fighting spirit doesn't just derive from the fact that he wants to prove his own progresses to Judy. He quite literally inherited his mother's fighting spirit. Max is just as ambitious and strong-willed, Max is just as tough and resilient. Who decided that someone cocky like Michael, or cold and merciless like Judy, is clearly inherently stronger than someone like Max? Max is having none of this shit, and he's having none of this shit as nicely as he can, because he will not bend: Max is not worth believing in even though he's nice and friendly; Max is worth believing in because he's nice and friendly, and it's perfectly fine, thank you. 

    And Max proves that Judy was wrong about him, he proves that everyone was wrong about him, and the moment he does, the moment he finally wins against Michael and secures the path to the finals… 

    He's just happy. 

    At this point, Max would have every reason to brag. He'd be justified to take the spotlight, flip the bird to the All Starz - the kids who really thought the BBA guys were just a bunch of noobs - and laugh right at their dumbstruck faces. 

    But the thought of doing so doesn't even cross his mind. He smiles and he's happy, and his team is happy for him, and they all celebrate the fact that Max has won. 

    On the other side of the stadium, Judy is forced to face a hard truth that she, deep down, had always known: there's no number understandable by a computer that can describe how fucking stubborn and creative the both of them can become to reach the goals they have set for themselves. 

    As she smiles at her own blindness, she walks to Max to congratulate him, and as Judy recognizes and owns her mistake, Max simply smiles and lets it all go, water under the bridge. Because that's who Max is.

    The fact that, at some point, someone in the production crew decided to include Kyouju openly glaring at Judy in this fundamental shot is very telling in my opinion LOL

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  • denizgibidirgokyuzu
    18.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Max Verstappen take a lead 👍🇮🇹🏁

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  • backofftubby
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Can’t wait to see this episode!

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  • vallygirl285
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Woohoo can’t wait! Rock on Max!!!

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  • teamverstappen
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    i am once again asking to burn all the rbr gear

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  • denizgibidirgokyuzu
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Imola GP practice day wallpapers 📸🏁

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  • teamverstappen
    15.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    photo by andy hone

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  • angelhunter755
    15.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Mad leopard: What's the plan when this inevitably goes to shit?

    9: I think we should just go with I'm deaf and you don't speak english.

    Mad Leopard: Classic.

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