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  • incorrect-rainbow-rocket-quotes
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Giovanni: Yes, when I was young, I left a trail of broken hearts, like some kind of rockstar. I'm not proud of it.

    Cyrus: You're somewhat proud of it. You work it into a lot of conversations.

    #Source: Modern Family #Pokemon#Pokemon Villains#Incorrect Quotes#Rainbow Rocket #Team Rainbow Rocket #Rocket Leader Giovanni #Giovanni #Galactic Leader Cyrus #Cyrus
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  • jadeazora
    26.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    A Pokemon ring collection has been announced in Japan via Bandai.

    New cable covers releasing in May in Japan.

    And a new screenshot of Cassidy and Buffy for Friday's episode. As cool as it is to see companion Trainers return, I really do have to like Journeys giving spotlight to some more minor characters.

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  • sosuchan
    26.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Team Rocket - Pokémon

    Art by Iago Brasil || IG

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  • katchihe
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Giovanni: Humble yourself. You are facing the world's greatest Trainer.

    Red, breaking down the door:.....

    Yellow: He said, and I quote

    Yellow: "Bet".

    #pokemon#boss giovanni #team rocket giovanni #trainer red#champion red#trainer yellow#incorrect quotes#pokemon go #tagging GO since the quote is from there heh
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  • thingswillsurelyendwell
    26.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    I know nothing of being an artist, nor about art school/ college, but I had a thought about our local golden boy ( Kenji ) being an art student and it lives in my head rent free.

    #i dunno if its as hellish as i hear #but boy does Kenji have another stirmt comin' #team rocket revival who? this is true terror #oc: kenji hino
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  • katchihe
    26.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I'm trying to figure how the balls to draw shadow flames but keep getting distracted by this beautiful official art?

    #pokemon#pokemon go #pokemon go official art #team rocket#leader cliff #team rocket cliff #leader sierra #team rocket sierra #boss giovanni #team rocket giovanni #leader arlo #team rocket arlo #tagging everyone cause everyone should see this magnificent artwork #THE COLORS ARE SO AIUFHAUISFHA #the perspective man uughghghhg <333 #just everything is SO PERFECT #BIG INSPO
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  • brainyxbat
    26.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Venus in “Pokemon Journeys”!

    I wanted to do this to celebrate Butch and Cassidy’s return in 3 days. 🥰 I’ll be able to do better ones after the subbed episode comes out, and I have a view.

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  • katchihe
    26.01.2022 - 16 hours ago
    Arlo: Didn't you die?
    Giovanni: That was years ago, kid. Things change.
    #pokemon#pokemon go#leader arlo #team rocket arlo #boss giovanni #team rocket giovanni #incorrect quotes #that moment they met at the lake aisufaufh
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  • ninjasmudge
    26.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    listen ive never played a pokemon game ever, i never even download pokemon go, ive never watched the anime(s?) or the movies all i know about pokemon is meowth good and i want a gengar

    #pokemon#shark talks #wait thats not it wahts my pokemon tag thats just team rocket cause the regutcast change around to much for me to know whos who #uhh#pkmn
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  • ugh-schaloob
    26.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I’ve come to the realization that I could possibly be on aromantic spectrum

    #I’m not sure tho #I mean I feel attraction #but like#barely #I had lots of crushes in elementary school #but I don’t think I really knew what a crush was then bc I got over em really quick #plus those were on guys and I’m a lesbian so #possibly comphet #but since the #then* #I had a crush on a girl in 9th grade #and I’ve basically gotten over it #and I’ve only ever had 2 celeb crushes #I’ve had lots of fictional crushes tho #but I don’t think those really count #plus they were for like a week #and 1 was James from team rocket so that was probably gender envy
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  • thedevilsruby
    26.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    Love on the Set (Clierra multi chapter fic)

    Sierra Rossi, or Sunset Lace, is a well known adult movie star throughout the internet. She has it all: Fans, money, fame. But her world changes when a new actor, Cliff joins her on the set.

    Chapter Six: Jealousy

    Sierra applied her lipstick, making sure the purple matched her tank top.

    Today was a shoot with a new girl and Cliff. The girl's last name was O'Malley, that's all Arlo could tell her.

    Sierra wasn't looking forward to sharing Cliff. This was the first time she would have to do so.

    "Sierra!" The intern called from behind the door.

    "Be there in a sec!" Sierra called back, adjusting her clothes. She sighed and took a swig from her water bottle before walking out to the set.

    She saw a girl with red hair in two pigtails in green ribbons, giving her the look of a schoolgirl.

    "Damn, even I can't deny she's cute." Sierra muttered. She had some competition, but like hell she was going to lose.

    Instead, she smiled and walked over to the girl. "You're O'Malley, I take it?"

    The girl gasped, her eyes now wide as she looked at Sierra. "Y...You're Sunset Lace." she said, quietly and nervously.

    Sierra internally groaned, but smiled and nodded. "A fan, I see. What's your name?"

    "I-I'm Kalysta, or Kali if you'd like!" Kali smiled, practically bouncing on her heels. "My stage name is Satin Flame! I'm so happy to meet you, Miss Lace!"

    "It's Sierra." Sierra chuckled, holding her hand out for Kali to shake.

    "Sierra?" Kali gasped, then grinned. "That's so pretty! I like it!"

    "Thanks." Sierra replied. That's when she saw Cliff enter the room and smiled. That's when she noticed the flash of fascination in Kali's eyes.

    "Wow..." Kali whispered as she eyes Cliff's muscles under his robe.

    Sierra's anger suddenly rose, and she found her eye twitching.

    "Kali, Sierra, get ready on set!" Don yelled at them. Both nodded and looked to each other quickly. "G-Good luck! Not that you need it." Kali smiled nervously, rubbing the back of her head.

    "Thanks, you too." Sierra forced her smile.

    All three sat on the couch. Sierra's hand clenched the arm rest as Kali clung to Cliff, giggling.

    "And...action!" Don yelled.

    Sierra's eye twitched as she watched Kali giggle and run her fingers along Cliff's muscular chest. "This is not happening." Her mind snarled as she suddenly grabbed the redhead's shoulders and French kissing her as hard as she could.

    Kali let out a muffled yelp as Sierra shoved her tongue down her throat. What was she-oh wow. That actually felt pretty good...

    The redhead felt shivers as she felt Sierra shove her onto her back and climb on top of her, never breaking their kiss. Kali closed her eyes and put her hands in Sierra's bun.

    "That's it. Stay with me, stay away from Cliff." Sierra internally smirked.

    Cliff watched with wide eyes. What were they doing? Wasn't he in on this too?

    Then again, this was hot...seeing two girls make out in front of him and seeing Sierra strip Kali of her clothes.

    The assistant director was about to yell at the girls, but Don held his hand up, smirking.

    "I've never seen Sierra so into this kinda stuff...let them keep going." He hissed.

    Kali moaned as Sierra drove her fingers in and out of her. She knew Sunset Lace was good but not this good. But what about Cliff? What was he supposed to do?

    Right when Kali opened her mouth to ask Sierra about him, Sierra simply shoved her tongue into Kali's mouth, silencing her instantly.

    Deciding this was better, Kali swirled her tongue around Sierra's moaning.

    Kali thrusted her fingers into Sierra as well, earning a hiss of pleasure of the brunette. "Fuck, your fingers are soft."

    "Thanks." Kali smirked.

    Cliff decided that was his cue to leave, so he silently stepped off the set, sitting to the side.

    After about 15 minutes of them kissing and fingers, they both finally climaxed, moaning.

    "And cut!" Don yelled.

    Sierra sat up and pulled her fingers from Kali, smirking. Kali panted and looked up at Sierra. "W...Wow..." She blushed. "That was..."

    "Just the famous Sunset doing her job." Sierra shrugged innocently.

    "Sierra, that was fantastic!" Don praised her as he brought a black robe for Kali and Sierra's special robe. "What came over you?"

    "Well, I am one of the studio's top girls, gotta keep things interesting." Sierra grinned as she slipped her robe on.

    "Well, keep it up! I liked it!" Don nodded. "You too, Kali, great take!"

    "Thanks." Kali smiled as Don walked away. Kali looked at Sierra and blushed. "So um...w-would you mind working together again? I mean, that was great and..."

    Sierra smiled, nodding. "I'd like that, Kali."

    Kali smiled and walked off. Cliff watched with his eyebrow raised.

    Keep things interesting, huh? Well then, he would see where this would take them.


    Kali belongs to the wonderful @starcountesseevee! Thank you for letting me use her once again, I love ya, girl!

    #pokémon#pokemon go#leader cliff#leader sierra #team go rocket leader sierra #team go rocket leader cliff #kalysta o'malley #sierra x cliff #cliff x sierra #clierra#starcountesseevee
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  • stoutlandd
    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    society if they actually let silver destroy team rocket>>>>

    #i think in hgss they changed it to something like 'oh you're here? you must like team rocket sooo much' #lame. let silver destroy things #pokémon#rival silver#gsc
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  • brainyxbat
    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Dad: I forbid you to take another step down these stairs!



    James: Okay. *leaps out the nearest window*

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  • brainyxbat
    25.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Hisui- Proposal

    Butch has an elaborate plan in his mind for popping the big question to Venus. Too bad an inattentive waiter screws it up!

    At HQ, while Venus Wisteria was in her resting quarters, Butch Kosaburo turned to one of his trusty companions. “Hey, Mightyena? The time has come. Lookit.” He opened a black velvet box to show it a black ring resembling a tiara, accented with small, gorgeous white diamonds, and a teardrop opal in the center. “It’s for Venus. I’m gonna ask her to marry me.” He let a breath out, as he shook his head. “This is so crazy; I, I’m nervous.” Mightyena pawed at his knee, as if in reassurance. “Thanks, buddy. I just- AAH!” He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door was suddenly opened, the box almost snapping shut on his fingers.

    Cassidy snickered at his reaction. “Did Mighty say yes?” She joked and giggled, as Butch rolled his eyes.

    “Very funny, Cass.”

    “So,” She sat on a comfy chair by the Bite Pokemon, “You’re finally popping the question to V, huh? About time.”

    “Yeah. This is the ring I picked out.” Butch showed it to her like he did earlier with Mightyena.

    “Wow, that’s beautiful! She’ll love it; it’s just her style.”

    “Thanks; I knew it was a right decision.” He sighed deeply. “I’m nervous, though.”

    Her hand rested on his shoulder in comfort. “Afraid she won’t say yes?”


    “Don’t worry, she will. I just know it; she loves you too much to turn you down.”

    “You think so?”

    “I know so. It’s weird; you’re usually more confident than this.”

    “Well, this is a big thing.”

    “True. But everything will be okay, buddy; she’ll accept your proposal.” Her hands clapped together, before she stood up. “Now, what’re you wearing?”


    Meanwhile, Venus changed from her uniform into a dark blue v-neck mini dress with a layered skirt, a black short-sleeve cardigan with ruffles, a silver moon headband, and black velvet lace-up boots with 6 inch heels, 3 inch platforms, and scales texture. Around her neck was a treasured birthday present from Butch shortly after they started dating: a pink and white rainbow pendant necklace with the clouds and chain in black. She wore it everyday since he gave it to her, even tucking it under her uniform.

    “Okay uh, how’s this?” She showed her longtime partner Zubat, and newer friend, a young Bulbasaur named Bramble, nearing the ability to tag along on missions. She smiled when they both seemed to show approval. “Thanks, guys. What could Butch be planning?” They were as clueless as she was, as she fixed her makeup. “He hasn’t even said where we’re going; just to “dress nice”, in his words.” She slid her black manga mascara on her naturally green eyelashes, grabbed her Gothic designer purse, and sat on her bed. “Now I just gotta wait for him to come grab me.”

    She didn’t have to wait for long. After hearing a knock on the door, she straightened up in her tall heels, and smiled when she opened. Butch was quite handsome in a black suit and shiny shoes, along with a black button-up t-shirt printed with blue flames. His hair was still the same M-shaped bangs as always. “Wow; you look amazing.”

    “Thank you, so do you.” He kissed her cheek, as she blushed bashfully, “Ready to go?”

    “Yep.” She turned to Zubat and Bramble. “See you guys later tonight.” After they gave out their respective calls, she closed the door, stashed the key in her purse, and headed out with her boyfriend. “Now, where are we going?”

    “You’ll see,” He winked, receiving an eye roll in response.


    “You’ll find out shortly. It won’t be much longer; I promise. You trust me?”

    She smirked, and nodded. “Yes, I trust you. But my patience is entirely different from my trust.”

    “I know,” He chuckled, “But I want it to be a surprise. Okay?”

    She sighed with a smile when he gave her a pleading face, and giggled. “Alright, I’ll give it a few more minutes.”

    “Thanks, V-V.” He kissed her hair, and held her close as they trekked down the hallway, “It’ll be worth the wait.”


    It was worth the wait! He smiled at how she brightened up at their destination upon arrival; an Italian restaurant, where they had their first date, not far from HQ. He linked arms with her, before they walked inside. They were soon seated, and he stifled a laugh when she practically stumbled in her chair. “Probably should’ve worn shorter shoes, huh?” He smirked. “Remember those demons you tried on while we and Cass were shopping?”

    “Yeah,” She giggled, “But these are 6 inches, not 10.”

    “Touché,” He snickered sarcastically, “Huge difference there.” After ordering their usual choices and washing up, they chatted and enjoyed each other’s company. “So, how’s my favorite little bulb?”

    “Bramble’s doing great,” Venus replied, “I think he’s almost ready to join us on missions.” She sighed. “I’m still afraid of things getting dangerous for him.”

    “He’ll be alright,” Butch assured, “With you as his trainer, he’ll be kicking twerp ass everywhere we go.”

    She huffed out a little laugh. “Thanks. I know he will; he’s been making good progress.”

    They talked some more about their respective Pokemon, Butch throwing in info about Cassidy’s as well, before their drinks arrived. Venus eagerly sipped her fizzy, dark brown soda before continuing her topic of conversation. “I think Bramble will be evolving into Ivysaur soon; I’m really proud of him.”

    “As am I,” Butch nodded after a sip of seltzer water, “He’s come quite far since he came out of his egg.”

    “Yep,” She agreed, “He has. Feels like only yesterday when he hatched, and I was able to carry him with one arm.”

    He chuckled at the adorable memories of his normally tough girlfriend holding the young Mon like a baby. “Yeah. Little guy’s growing up.”

    Before long, their food came. Venus smiled eagerly, as she helped set her plate on the table. “Thanks.” Butch left his tomato soup alone, as he eagerly watched her. But to his confusion, she didn’t seem to notice anything in her spaghetti. She saw him staring, and let out a giggle. “You okay?”

    “Y-yeah,” He nodded, “Uh... so, your meal? Anything... unusual?”

    She dug through the noodles, meatballs, and tomato sauce with a head tilt of curiosity. Butch hoped that the surprise was buried in the middle of her pasta, but her head shake told him otherwise. “Nope; nothing weird. Just normal spaghetti. Tastes incredible, like last time.”

    His smile turned more and more fake by the second, before it disappeared completely, replaced by a thin line of stress. He saw their waiter at another table, and stood up. “Um... b-be right back. Go ahead and start without me.” Without another word, he made a beeline for his target. Venus reluctantly obeyed, slowly slurping a saucy noodle. What was up with him?

    Butch grabbed the waiter’s shoulder, and forcefully escorted him to the restrooms across the building, where she couldn’t hear them. “Where’s the ring?”

    “Uhhh, I-”

    “THE RING, I'm gonna propose to her with. It's supposed to be in its box, in her pasta, and it’s not there. Where. Is it?” He growled through clenched teeth, his maroon eyes furious.

    “It uh... it, it might b-be in someone else’s p-pasta,” The terrified young man stuttered.

    Butch was silent before letting him go, grumbling under his breath as he stomped away.

    What a nightmare. This wasn’t happening. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be lost. He spent hours finding the perfect ring for her; he had to find it.

    He scaled the whole restaurant, hastily digging through baffled strangers’ spaghettis. He apologized with each one, even looking in one ring box, but looked too light and girly to be for his hopefully future bride. Not to mention unintentionally ruined someone else’s surprise proposal. “Butch?’ He heard Venus’ voice call him from their table after a small bite of her food. “Everything okay? What’re you doing?” He didn’t answer, as he continued his quest.

    Miraculously, he found the black crown ring, quickly cleared it up to, and left the confused family with a quick apology. He returned to his girlfriend, keeping the now sauce-covered box hidden, and groaned with his hand over his tears-filled eyes. His plan was wrecked; all because of some idiot who didn’t remember which spaghetti to serve with his soup. “It’s ruined,” He muttered, “It’s all ruined; this is a disaster.”

    “Butch?” He was startled to see that Venus had moved her chair next to his, plate included on the table; she was facing him with concern. “What’s going on? Are you-” A small gasp escaped her lips when she saw the tarnished ring box. “Butch? I-is that...?”

    “It wasn’t supposed to go this way,” He shook his head, his voice low, “That idiot wrecked my perfect plan. He’s not getting a tip; I wanted to-”

    “Butch,” She stopped him, “Is that what I think it is?”

    He sighed deeply, his hand now over his nose and mouth. He stayed quiet for a moment; he took a deep breath and knelt down to the floor on one knee, emptied the box, and presented the ring to her between two fingers. “Venus Sundance Wisteria, will you marry me?” He blurted out, his speech rapid almost to the point where it was indiscernible, ending it with a nervous grin.

    She smiled widely, tears welling up in her forest green eyes, and nodded. “Yes! I will! I will marry you!” The applause from faculty and other restaurant patrons were unnoticed, as the now engaged couple shared a firm, loving embrace. Butch kissed her head, then helped slide the tiny crown on her left ring finger. She admired the diamonds, and the opal in the center, as they glistened under the light. “Wow, it’s beautiful.”

    “Not as much as you, V-V.” He held her cheeks in both hands, and they shared a short, yet sweet kiss, her arms around his neck. She returned to her seat after scooting it even closer to him, and they enjoyed their meals. 

    He felt much better than he had earlier; yes, his original plan had gone into shambles, but he found the ring, he asked her, and she accepted. That was all that mattered.

    Cassidy was happy to hear that her two best friends are now engaged, and they hung out in Venus’ resting quarters to celebrate.

    The waiter got no tip; just an angry note regarding his carelessness on the back of the receipt, courtesy of Butch.

    (A/N: She said yes! 🥳 I mean, we all knew she would, but it’s still happy! 😄 Bramble belongs to me and @auditect, Venus and the incompetent waiter belong to me, and everyone else belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, and everyone involved in the anime.)

    Outfits (look on my pinned post for links):

    Venus Engagement

    Butch Engagement

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  • brainyxbat
    25.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Attila: I’m a man of substance. Gloomy chicks like you turn me on too.

    Venus: 😒

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  • 3nyasu3
    25.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Reasons to listen to the Team Rocket Radio Show even though you don't understand a word of Japanese (like me)

    There is this super helpful summary (by Dogasu) of the first three episodes and the last one, so you actually can sort of understand what's being said in these

    The TRio's incredibly soothing, familiar voices. I'm in heaven.

    In the anime they usually laugh short and in sync and i love this, but I didn't know how much I needed to hear them laughing together spontaneously and in disorder. Let me tell you, it sounds incredible.

    All three are so loud and they talk all at once and it sounds so natural and so balanced

    They have some fixed segments that have a formula that's easy to understand, for example a guess-the-song bit. If you concentrate you can guess what's being said, and who guessed the song right for example (the summary i mentioned helps you understand those segments)

    Inuko (meowth) sometimes laughs while speaking and that sounds so adorable???? Picture meowth having issues speaking bc whatever j&j said was too funny akshdlkfsgshsff

    A very intense beginning. I had no idea. They actually address the things that happened in BW and that they didn't like being this serious ... :o

    The episodes are all on YouTube (search for ロケット団ひみつ帝国) (here's EP1)

    Jessie and James randomly teasing Meowth. And pushing off any responsibility onto him. Love it.

    Shin-ichiro's (James') loud uncontrolled laughter sometimes? Just lovely

    They host Pokémon VAs which is fun (when you know the Japanese voices a bit)

    They sing along with the songs sometimes

    They have so much fun on this show. It's so chaotic and there's so much laughter and i'm just sitting here grinning and everything's right with the world.

    So basically, it's an incredible seretonin booster and I'm so glad it exists even if I can't understand a word <3

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  • himuronanart
    25.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    I'm 4 btw

    ICYMI: Button Meowth Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Colored ref

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  • incorrect-rainbow-rocket-quotes
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ghetsis: I don’t think you respect me enough!

    Lysandre: I give you the exact amount of respect you deserve.

    Lysandre: None.

    #Source: Brooklyn Nine Nine #Source: Brooklyn 99 #Pokemon#Pokemon Villains#Incorrect Quotes#Rainbow Rocket #Team Rainbow Rocket #Plasma Leader Ghetsis #Ghetsis #Flare Leader Lysandre #Lysandre
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  • brainyxbat
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Despite it only being 3 days away, I marked a momentous occasion on my new “Pikachu Party” calendar. 🥰

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