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    Childhood memories.

    As a kid I grew up with videogames, mostly something really kid friendly and less scary enemies. I played little big planet alot, and that’s the most memorable game for me. but all the games i featured in the drawing kind of made me who I am today. It was so fun being a kid, I kinda miss it.

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  • In 2013 I was working a customer service job after graduating from university, people that know me in real life know that I don’t have… a great deal of personal patience and I’m not always the most verbally coherent of people. I tend to stumble over my words outloud a lot, I have the vocabulary running through my mind but there’s a block whenever I try to push it out. I was feeling tired all the time, let down and had little time in my life for games on a PC, or a console, and I needed an alternative way to game-on-the-go.

    I bought an original PS Vita in one of those bundle packages that came with a download code for an Assassin’s Creed game that to this day I have never played for longer than ten minutes. Following finishing Persona 4 Golden, it seemed like an appropriate time to actually install it. The game opens on a tailing mission which then proceeded to softlock. I sat there for about five minutes twiddling the sticks and then put my Vita down, much like everyone this generation, to gather a thick layer of dust.

    At 2013′s Eurogamer Expo I went to meet up with some friends, grab a few drinks and relax and the demo kiosk for Tearaway seemed to be one of the only things that did not have a queue. They had the Vita units hooked up to these comically large noise cancelling headphones that almost fell off my head even when tightened, defeating the purpose. 

    This bright crisp aesthetic flooded the screen, the crinkling of the paper from every single denizen of it’s world and their eagerness to have you experiment with the rules of said world, and what it does is what made me fall for it. The way it does this is almost sadly what isolates it to the Vita (even the Playstation 4 version has this somewhat), it’s a perfect example of an early generation title where the developers had a mandate to use all the features of the console. 

    The vita had a front touch pad, a back touch pad (used sparingly, thankfully), a front video camera, a microphone and a gyroscope. These are all features that became standard in all hardware in handhelds in this generation, minus the obviously awkward and impractical backpad. Tearaway uses all of these and does it in a way that feeds perfectly diagetic in the narrative of Tearaway and in a way that never feels cloying or unnecessary, an example of the antithesis to this would be something like the early Castlevania games on the DS. The mechanics of those saw them retrofitted to use the screen, Tearaway was intelligently built up to use these. 

    Your interaction in the world is clear from the start, the camera is a look into our own world where Atoi, our papercraft protagonist and the people of the world get a lookback at you. Throughout the entire adventure you sit inside the sun of the world, the camera of the Vita playing back your (ok, my) jowly chin. The power of ‘you’ is used to shape the world, the papercraft aspect is pretty much the entire selling point here with you reaching into the world and decorating it, or tearing things apart from the backpad, or drawing new items on the touch screen. The games customisation isn’t too indepth and is somewhat like an adult colouring book to an extent, you take photos of things using the back camera and it allows you to customise things based on what you took a photo of, and that combined with the fact that it isn’t too challenging makes it a perfectly zen title to relax with which at that point. 

    This storybook formula is straight forward and uncomplicated but is accompanied by just an overall charming tone, the grunts of characters in the games never reach the Banjo Kazooie levels of babble but they capture enough personality to outwear their welcome, yet all this is accompanied with a soundtrack that I still find myself whistling now a days, Gibbet Hill is an amazing midway point in the game and the way the tune progressively changes as you move further up the mountain and get closer to your goal is amazing, then the later reprise of it into a slower and more mournful almost track to describe the world inbetween, is something that never failed to make me feel somber.

    Tearaway would be something that would define my relationship with the Vita as a handheld at this point and whilst criticism could be fairly levied at it for being a mobile softcore pornography unit - and I did end up owning a few of the games that could’ve been classified in that area - it’s a neat underutilised handle. Not a particularly revolutionary opinion considering the fanbase of the Vita, vita is life and all, but for the lack of AAA titles it was neat seeing a larger studio take a stab at this, with Freedom Wars being the last game directly from Sony to really push the hardware I never felt there was much to compare it to, which in itself is what made it stand out from the Playstation 4 version, rather than refitting all these concepts to fit the Playstation 4 - with an awkward companion app and a camera that no-one owned, Tearaway Vita was really the best all in one package that could represent the potential that was there and be a great demonstration of the strengths of the Vita at the same time.

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  • I will still be doing my usual top 5 this year, but seeing as it’s the last year of a whole decade, I am going to start off with a list of games that encompasses the whole of the last 10 years.

    A couple of things to point out before we get cracking:

    • This is a personal list, so there’s gonna be some games that you the reader may not agree with.  I’m actually in a privileged position to play whatever I want, but I don’t necessarily agree with everything professional game writers say.  There will be a list of “honourable mentions” at the end, this may include a few of the games you might have been expecting
    • I do cheat a little, some entries are dedicated to a franchise of games.  At the end of the day, if you are into Destiny, chances are that Destiny 1 and 2 sort of merged into each other, Destiny 1 changed as much over its 3 year lifespan as the final product changed into Destiny 2
    • There are no games from 2019 in here, apart from part of one of them, see my previous point.  Maybe one day I will look at Apex legends and say “yes, that was the best game of the 2010s”, but it’s too early to say now.
    • I know there are a lack of Nintendo games.  There is one Nintendo exclusive and another that I played on a Nintendo platform (in the top 20, there may be more in the honourable mentions), but all in all I won’t be mentioning what system I played these games on unless I have to.  If you must know, the majority were played on either PlayStation 4 and PC.  A couple of Vita, PS3, Switch and Wii U.
    • I will be adding information on where each game scored in my previous yearly top 5s though and I did do those on separate platforms up until 2013.  So in a way, that’s confirming what systems I played these all on.
    • If you have followed my yearly top 5s, you’ll see some inconsistency, as in the fact that I have got my number 1 game from 2015 further down the list than my number 2 of that year.  Also that I have my 1st and 3rd best game from 2018 on the list but my number 2 game is merely on the honourable mentions.  This is because your thoughts towards a game can change.  I still love all the games I have ever placed on a top 5, but some games age better than others.
    • And I’m not going to write descriptions, I always write something in my yearly lists.  As I said before, I’m not a games writer, it’s going to take way too long and I don’t think anyone’s going to read what I write anyway, just look at the list.

    At the start of this decade, I had no idea if I would still be playing games by the end of it or where I would be.  I’m actually still sort of in the same place I was in 2010, but it’s been a fun ride, in a sort of “slipping into middle age” sort of way.  But I think I was born to be old to be honest.  Now I find myself at the start of the 2020s, I’m wondering how my hearing/eyesight/reactions will be at the end of the next decade.

    Now that I have depressed the hell out of you, let’s begin!

    20. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (2nd on both my PS3 and Vita lists in 2012)

    19. Vanquish (4th on my PS3 list from 2010)

    18. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (1st on my 2015 list)

    17. Steamworld Dig 2 (3rd on my 2017 list)

    16. Marvel’s Spider-Man (4th on my 2018 list)

    15. Gravity Rush 1 & 2 (GR1 1st on my Vita 2012 list, GR2 on my honourable mentions from 2017)

    14. Dangonronpa Series (D1 5th on my 2014 list, DV3 honourable mention for 2017, D2 not listed)

    13. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (2nd on my 2015 list)

    12. God of War (1st on my 2018 list)

    11. The Last of Us (2nd on my 2013 list, though I really started to enjoy it more when the Remastered version came out on PS4, 1st on my 2014 list)

    10. NieR: Automata (2nd on my 2017 list)

    9. Horizon Zero Dawn (1st on my 2017 list)

    8. Persona 4 Golden (Not listed, this is the only game I didn’t play in the year of its release on here)

    7. Diablo 3 (3rd on my PS3 list in 2013, Honourable mention for PS4 in 2014)

    6. DOOM (2nd on my 2016 list)

    5. Portal 2 (2nd on my PS3 list for 2012)

    4. CoD Series (yes, all of them, here’s a list within a list:)

    10. Ghosts (2nd on my PS4 list in 2013)

    9. Advanced Warfare (3rd on my 2014 list)

    8. Infinite Warfare (Honourable mention in 2016)

    7. Black Ops 3 (Not listed, but didn’t do honourable mentions in 2015)

    6. Modern Warfare (not listed yet, but like I said, it’s too early for me to feel confident in a 2019 game, though MW is a cracker)

    5. Black Ops 4 (5th on my 2018 list)

    4. WWII (Not listed, not even on honourables, weirdly)

    3. Black Ops 2 (2nd on my 360 list from 2012, making this my only Xbox game on my list)

    2. Black Ops (Not listed, didn’t do honourables in 2010)

    1. Modern Warfare 3 (1st on my PS3 list from 2011)

    3. Mario Kart 8 (Not listed, the only top 5 I can find from 2014 is a PS4 list, I got this rather late in the year though)

    2. Overwatch (1st on my 2016 list)

    1. Destiny 1&2 (D1 2nd on my 2014 list, D2 5th on my 2017 list)

    Destiny there being a good example of a game that gets better over time, I think the whole “live game” scene found its stride in the 10s and it’s made sure that this game that was never number 1 in its year of release could go on to be the game I have perhaps put the most hours into.  You also have multiplayer games taking up my entire top 4 too (I mostly play CoD for multiplayer), though all in all, the majority of this list are single player titles.

    And all CoDs in the list?  It’s basically just CoD itself that’s at number 4.  If I was forced to adhere to a list where there was only single games listed, there would be no way I would have Ghosts or Advanced Warfare on there at the end of it all.  I would just keep MW3 on there perhaps, but then I would feel iffy about some of the games at the bottom of the list.  Do I really like PS All-Stars and Vanquish more than Black Ops 1 & 2?

    So what of the decade’s honourable mentions?  Will it feature GTA or Red Dead.  The answer to the latter is “yes” and the former, here:

    GTA 5

    Batman Arkham city

    Uncharted 3

    Red Dead Redemption

    Super Street Fighter 4

    Hyper Light Drifter

    Dishonored 2

    Titanfall 2


    Watch Dogs 2

    Ratchet and Clank

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Tearaway (Vita and Unfolded)

    Sonic Mania

    Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (yes, in my honourables!)

    Hotline Miami

    Bioshock Infinite

    Tomb Raider (2016)

    Borderlands 2

    Life is Strange

    Uncharted 4 (and Lost Legacy)

    Persona 5

    Assassins Creed Origins and Odyssey (Origins I played the year after it came out, it would have been considered a game of the year if I’d had played it in 2017)

    Far Cry 3 (Plus its legacy, even FC5)


    And I’m just going to add Control to that list too as it’s the only game from 2019 that I have enjoyed that I see as being something that will stand up in a couple of years, maybe the Outer Worlds (I haven’t played Wilds) too, but I will need to give that another play.

    So there you have it, 10 years in gaming from me.  Will I still be playing games after another?  Time, and my body, will tell.  Look out for my top 5 of 2019, I still have to give Judgment and Death Stranding a good go before I can make up my mind, maybe I will play Outer Wilds too.

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    Ready to guide a papercraft “You” through a world of hugs, malevolent squirrels and craft projects again? Yes, Tearaway Unfolded is coming at last to Sony’s PS4 console on September 8th. The game is a remake of the Tearaway on PS Vita, but reworked extensively with better graphics and support for the PS4’s DualShock 4 controllers. For instance, you can use the DualShock as a torch to attract (and then dispatch) enemy critters or catch objects “thrown” by on-screen characters. It’ll cost the same $39.99 as the popular Vita original, and early adopters will get a limited “Crafted” edition with custom decor, costumes and the Tearaway Unfolded soundtrack.

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  • Tearaway Pride Flags!

    Aromantic | Asexual | Bi
    Gay | Genderfluid | Lesbian
    Nonbinary | Pan | Trans

    Free to use with credit!

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    Nonbinary Lesbians…

    #i know no one cares about them #but i love them #so much #nonbinary lesbian rights #tearaway#gaming#bebbl babbles
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    Fucking spectacular you funky nb lesbians/bis.

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  • EPN’s Reviews on the Run - Buried Treasure: Tearaway (Multiplatform)



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  • I bought a used PS Vita on Tuesday and lemme tell you Tearaway is an absolute joy of a game. It’s got this adorable paper craft artstyle and there’s an actual website that allows you to make the stuff you see in the game!!! If by some chance you have a vita or (more likely) a PS4, I highly recommend checking either the original Tearaway or it’s PS4 remake Tearaway Unfolded.

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  • Alternative Collection #5 


    Media Molecule, Sony Computer Entertainment, PlayStation Vita, 2013 

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  • just finished Tearaway, good game, I liked the “you” concept

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  • Tearaway (2013)

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  • who doesn’t love tossing gophers around in Tearaway,

    I got one stuck on this guys head LOL

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  • @drowningpoolofficial “Tear Away” Dave Williams had one of the best voices in Hard Rock IMO

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