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  • firefly-system
    01.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    looks around did you guys know she/her are neopronouns? im trying to lighten the mood.

    #[techno].txt #It Did Not Work #but fun fact
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  • firefly-system
    01.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    it got weird in here /q /npa

    #[techno].txt #i wont stop people from posting #but like #you need to talk?
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  • apple-bubs
    01.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago


    Techno who doesn't feel right in their body, doesn't feel like they belong where they are, but doesn't think they need to do anything

    Philza who doesn't feel the same as all of their companions, doesn't feel like they are as they look, but finally knowing who they are

    #apple thinks! #technoblade#philza minecraft#trans techno#trans philza #gender dysphoria is just 📈📈📈
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  • callizinc
    01.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago
    #again its all up to you; do whatever you'd like!! its very sweet that you said youd like to listen to what i have tho :'3 #thank you for the ask and kindness!! <3 #askbox#anon#anonymous #i Will make a c!techno playlist...... someday #maybe when i get all these up to a good long length and officially post them :O idk!
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  • anarchiststories
    01.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago


    pairing: c!technoblade x gn!reader x p!michael_beloved genre: angst word count: 2k warnings: emotional manipulation, michael runs away synopsis: michael knows his fathers love him, but he can’t help but feel like something put out on a pedestal to be shown off. his solution? run away.

    note: this has been on my a03 for a while EJWEKW im so sorry ive been procrastinating all writing for so long

    michael underscore-beloved knew nothing but the safety of the attic. he'd never experienced the harsh winters of snowchester, or the blistering heat of l'manburgs summers. some nights, he’d have flashbacks to this red, hellish place that was so warm it felt like your skin would boil off. the orange glow the came off the slow moving liquid below the hard, reddish sand was like a dragon’s belly. in the distance, he could see red and blue glowing trees, and a building constructed of a blackened stone that felt oh so familiar.

    his father, ranboo underscore-beloved, had told him stories of this hellscape. the half-enderman said that it was called the nether, which michael believed to be an odd name. whenever michael asked to go, ranboo would nearly freak out before his husband and michaels other father, tubbo underscore-beloved, would answer the boy.

    “you must never go there, michael. promise us.”

    michael remembers that day very clearly. it was the first day he ever saw both of his fathers truly angry. ranboo was standing away from them, his tail swaying back and forth nervously but still watching with a furrowed brow. tubbo crossed his arms across his chest, his ram legs standing strongly. even if he couldn’t properly see tubbos expression, he could feel his fathers anger clearly. michael swallowed the growing patch of saliva in the back of his throat and nodded.

    “i promise, dads.”

    that was almost thirteen years ago.

    now, michael was fifteen and stood in front of the family portrait that was commissioned when he was a three. his brow furrowed in anger, his one good eye flickering back and forth between the three faces. the furthest back was ranboo, who stood at his full height of 8’5, and had his tail curled around the other two as if to say ‘this is my family.’ beside him stood tubbo, who’s hair continued to cover his eyes and horns were sitting proudly. the husbands smiled brightly, each resting a hand on michael, who stood in the very front.

    the boy held up a hand to the painting, going to place a hand on the illustration of him before recoiling his hand, shaking his head. his clawed hand curled into a fist, a frown appearing on his face. michael loved his fathers, he really did. but he was tired. tired of being treated like a precious jewel that would chip at even the softest breath.

    he readjusted the knapsack on his shoulder, sighing heavily and turning towards the giant front doors. at age 15, he stood at a towering 6’5, but even the twin dark oak doors stood taller than him. michael took one last deep breath, glancing behind himself at the place hed grown up for over half his life. he let the breath out and pushed the door open.

    it was time for his new life to begin.

    the first thing he noticed about the outside was it was cold. very cold, in fact. ranboo had taught him that the soft, white layer that covered the ground was called snow. his face softened, recalling the moment warmly.

    “hm? whats up, michael?”

    he pointed out the window, mesmerized for a moment before turning his attention back to ranboo. the half enderman smiled, crouching and pointing towards the window. “it’s called snow, michael. its very cold.” michael tilted his head back before thinking. “like ice?” ranboo smiled, wrapping an arm around michael and nodding. “like ice.”

    he shook his head, sighing and wiping off some snow that had fell on his face. in his left pocket sat a compass that had been given to him from technoblade. he never really questioned why he looked so similar to technoblade, he just assumed it was because they were ‘related.’ tubbo had told him their entire family line, which even he admitted was odd.

    “so, philza is your adopted grandfather, and your uncles are tommy, wilbur, and techno. your cousin is fundy, and your ex-step cousin-in-law is dream. my father, schlatt, is also your grandpa, which makes quackity your ex-grandpa. quackity is currently engaged to sapnap and karl jacobs.” tubbo glanced up to ranboo before taking in a breath and crouching to michaels level. “it’s a weird family we have, but all you gotta know is phil, tommy, techno, and your father and i are gonna do everything we can to make sure you’re safe.” he ruffled michael’s hair lovingly, giving the child a toothy grin.

    he rubbed his thumb against the edge of the compass, staring at the engraving of his given name. technoblade had visited them once, mostly for ranboo. the 7’8” hybrid had stared down at michael before fishing out a compass, grumbling something about how ‘if michael ever needed him.’ michael had kept it on his person every single day since them.

    michael brushed a lock of his dyed pink hair out of his eyes, muttering under his breath that he had to get it cut soon. after readjusting the way he stood with his compass, he stepped forward. his boot crunched under the mixture of snow and sand, letting out a harsh crunching noise. he frowned before continuing forward, cringing softly at each steps noise.

    walking over a thousand blocks wasn’t something he ever thought he’d do - he never thought he’d walk over a hundred, honestly - and it started to settle in as he noticed the terrain change. instead of a snowy, barren land that stretched for miles, he saw a multitude of spruce trees. they stood tall and unwavering, blocking his view of the horizon.

    he tighted his grip on his knapsack and continued forward. the howl of the night winds reminded michael of the wolves that would howl at night, that would sing their somber songs of heartbreak. it was always something that michael loved, listening to the wolves. at first, he was scared and always asked for one of his fathers to stay until he’d fallen asleep.

    michael stopped, staring at a wolf. it was a light gray one with a barely darker streak going down its back. its eyes were a piercing yellow that struck fear into michaels heart. he remembered what phil had taught him, and reached into his pack carefully before holding out a bone. the wolfs ears twitched as it crept closer, sniffing at the bone. michaels hand shook with the bone, loosening his grip so the wolf could take it.

    to his relief, the wolf took the bone happily.

    it held the bone before sniffing michaels hand and let out a soft rumble. its nose pressed against michaels palm, tail starting to wag slowly. michael took this as a good sign, cautiously moving his hand to pet the wolf. he smiled as the wolf pushed its head into the boys palm. “do you, uhm, have a name or something?” the wolf tilted its head, flicking an ear before tilting its head back as if to say no. michael thought for a moment, before throwing out a few names the wolf either didn’t approve of or had no reaction.


    the wolf perked up, tail beginning to thump happily. michael sighed out, standing up. he dusted off the snow that had collected on top of his clothes before staring down at the newly named wolf. “alright, nyko. i’m on a journey to find my uncle. so, uh, until we meet again?” he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly before shaking his head, sighing. “and i’m talking to a wolf like it’s a person. great!”

    nyko huffed, pushing at michaels leg. “you… want to go with me?” the wolf nodded, circling around his legs before nudging him forward. the teen chuckled nervously, nodding as the duo started walking. “i’ll take that as a yes.” his good eye shot up, staring forward. he sighed, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding before starting his journey again. the compass wouldn’t lead him astray, right?



    a few hours later, michael was blocking out the sun to be able to see an unfamiliar house. the compass was still pointing towards it, the needle barely shifting from its position. he wiped his hands on his pant legs and gathered his courage before continuing to walk forward, double-checking that nyko was still following.

    above head there was a pair of large black wings that flapped loudly. michaels head craned back, watching the body before figuring out it was his grandfather. he ducked as if it would help hide him in the open snowy plains, covering his head with his arms. nyko huffed, nudging michael forward. the fifteen year old waved the wolf off, dusting off some snow before continuing forward towards the house.

    with every step, he could feel his fathers gazes. the disappointment they were going to feel when they learned he ran away to technoblade. they’d probably assume it was just teenage angst or rebelhood, or even worse: they’d ask him to explain himself. then they’d probably lock him up again, force him to stay in the mansions attic-

    he shook his head, standing at technoblade’s front door. he took a deep breath, lifting his hand and curling it into a fist. he knocked on the spruce door three times before stepping back, nervously adjusting his stance. he wasn’t afraid of technoblade, per se. it was more so he was afraid of what technoblade was capable of and willing to do.


    his head shot up, staring at the 7’8” hybrid man before swallowing his fears. “what the hell are you doing here? there’s a storm coming, get inside.” technoblade beckoned him inside, nearly shoving the boy inside. nyko followed in behind, bone still sitting in the wolfs jaws sturdily. the hybrid didn’t question it, just making sure the animal got inside. michael looked around, petting the top of steves head before turning to technoblade. “is there someone else here? i know grandpa phil is in the other house but i thought i heard you talking to someone…”

    technoblades ear twitched before he sighed, half cupping a hand around his mouth to call out. “you can come out- its just michael.” the mentioned teenagers ears perked up as he noticed a new head pop into view. it was someone he’d never met, though he recognized them from the tales he’d been told about technoblades past.

    he remembered a story that technoblade had told him. technoblade was always fond of one person asides phil, and was very open about telling stories about them. the story he told was the story of how he met them. he’d been going to a nearby village and found them, they hitched a ride of the back of carl and he let them stay the night so they didn’t freeze to death. the hybrid man was always so soft when he told the story, making it evident to all who were paying attention that technoblade had a heart that wasn’t ice cold.

    they scurried to technoblades side, holding onto his sleeve. it wasn’t like they were afraid of him; it was more like they were unsure of what he could do. techno clicked his tongue softly, motioning his head forward. michael leaned his head to the side, his ears flopping softly as he stared. he shifted his stance, his hooves clicking against the wooden floors. his tail flicked back and forth nervously, hoping that he wasn’t going to scare them away. michael knew his appearance wasn’t one of the most flattering or normal, but he hoped to anything holy that he didn’t scare them off. the hybrid grumbled before grabbing them and putting them in front of himself.

    “michael, meet y/n. they’re my s/o.”

    michael stared at them before extending his hand with a smile. “uhm, hello, i’m michael, t-” he caught himself mid-sentence, thinking. he nearly introduced himself as tubbo and ranboos son, but right now he wasn’t michael underscore-beloved. right now, he was just michael. he smiled.

    “i’m michael, and this is nyko. it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

    #michael beloved #c!techno #c!technoblade x reader #angst#mcyt technoblade #c!ranboo #c!tubbo #c!philza #c!dreamwastaken #c!dream #found family #sleepy bois inc #sleepy bois family #sleepy bois au
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  • trashland-llamas
    01.08.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Panda fox hybrid Tommyinnit headcannons

    When he’s around Philza & sleepy, he’ll sometimes lightly naw on Phil’s feathers—usually get told off

    Wilbur, when he finds insects in his sand, he’ll put ‘em all in a baggy & gift it to him

    Tommy hates when other people call him a lesser panda, does his whole shouting thing

    If you were to touch his tail, he’d immediately pull it closer to him so it’s out of reach & bare his teeth

    Only Ranboo & Tubbo are allow to pet his ears

    Tommy will make a twittering noise towards Ranboo whenever he’s in his enderwalk state

    Techno has found him asleep on a tree branch in Snowchester on multiple occasions, his tail covering his nose

    Usually brings him to his house so Philza’s doesn’t scold him

    Whenever he gets things stuck in his fur akin to splinters, he’ll go to Techno in exchange for braiding his hair

    According to Techno, Philza does too many braids & they’re usually too tight which is good for fights but not really everyday. On the other hand, Ranboo braids too loosely.
    Techno also takes this time to teach Tommy about Theseus.

    You know how panda foxes will stand on their hind legs when cornered? Wilbur saw Tommy do that once & proceeded to pose that same way whenever he saw Tommy for a week straight

    It did lead to Tommy threatening to piss on Wilbur’s guitar, like he got into the stance & everything (panda foxes piss on things to mark ‘em but Tommy just doing it cause he’s a lil shit)

    He knew he was in trouble that time b/c it was Mumza who scolded him instead of Phil

    I’m not the best when it comes to dream smp lore but doesn’t Niki currently want to kill Tommy? If so, just act as if this is before Niki wanting to kill him, ’kay?

    When Tommy finds berries, he tends to eat until he gets a bellyache, so he gives the extra/what little is left over to Niki for her bakery

    If it’s nighttime and you need Tommy? Good luck finding him in the many treehouses he has in the forest biome.

    During Tommy exile arc, Jschlatt knowing about his many houses, ordered Quackity to have most of the said biome destroyed

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  • mrhols
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    can someone please inform technotwt that the techno flop plushies are coming out in august

    they keep complaining about no content but that plushie will force the man to upload.

    #technoblade#youtooz #i know we don’t like youtooz but… techno content pog #hols speaks
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  • briflora
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I am gatekeeping c!Techno from Spotify Playlist makers if I see that one song on a playlist about him again.

    #the song is sex with a ghost #thats NOT A TECHNO SONG #THEY JUST LATCH ONTO ANY ‘EDGY’ SONG AND GIVE HIM IT
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  • callizinc
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the techno and ranboo speedrunning stream was this fandom's last true moment of peace

    #/hj cause like. yeah. can you imagine whatd happen if that stream happened today 😭 #and it was such a good stream :( i miss them... their friendship is so nice i miss when they interacted regularly very much #technoblade#ranboo #calli.txt #techno
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  • tinyacid
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago




    have you see him??? :c

    did dream turned him as a bacon???

    #acid.txt #I'm totally tempted to say that if techno streams tomorrow I'm going to draw request #but I know I won't keep my word so pfffffff
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  • mcbrainworms
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I thought “hahaha Techno jail stuff HAS to happen in July... right..?”

    And Techno/Dream/Sam laughed

    #WHEN THE F IS TECHNO GETTING OUT OF JAIL #mcyt blogging this is a cry for help
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  • ghajst
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I held off from reading “tommyinnits unbeatable method of avoiding sudden death” after getting half way through so I decided to finish it tonight


    #spoilers in the tags #the ending was NOT what I was expecting #I thought he was in a coma or something and he couldn’t wake up #and the whole beach episode chapter oh my god #the way it went from them having wholesome hilarious moments to Tommy full on losing himself #it was so good but terrifying to read #I also loved the little context clues during the chapters #like that was what made me realize it wasn’t real #Wilbur not being able to do his mind thingy #and him being able to use technos sword #PLEASE read it if you haven’t
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  • racheyycakess
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    SBI but it’s the kids smiling for the picture 😂

    Anyways here’s a doodle bc I haven’t posted in awhile ✍🏻

    #sbi au #sleepy bois inc #tommy and techno #tommy and wilbur #tommyinnit#tommy#dream smp#hybrid#wilbur soot#techno#Technoblade
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  • vvcantwrite
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #c!technoblade critical #kinda? it's not like super crit idk #im not saying techno had to cry and send a flowery apology to tubbo that wouldn't make sense and it would be ooc #but i am a firm believer that he should have like given tubbo an apology gift or SOMETHING #and honestly if i was in techno's position i cant say i wouldnt have been overwhelmed too but killing tubbo was def not the way to go #something something how techno and ranboo are both named as being easily peer pressured - which is kinda considered ranboo's worst trait #c!techno critical #let me know if i got the crit tag wrong!! im not entirely sure what it is #i tagged both to be safe :D #ty for sending an ask!! #asks#anonymous
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  • exudexx
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


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    #narcissistic parents#narcissistic father#narcissistic mother #go fund me #advice giver #electronicmusic music techno dj housemusic edm producer technomusic dance deephouse rave techhouse house djlife dancemusic party musicproduc #youtubeislife subscriber youtubeguru youtubecontent newvideo subscribers youtubevideo youtub youtuber youtubevideos #bestmusic musicwriter igmusic musicismylife musicindustry goodmusic musiclife musicmaker singing songwriter #Steam my music right here on YouTube bestmusic musicwriter igmusic musicismylife musicindustry goodmusic musiclife musicmaker singing songw #likeandshare #love instaphoto loveyourself instadaily instagood photography photooftheday sunset sunsetphotography brasil #tiktok foryoupage fyp foryou viral love funny memes followme cute fun music happy fashion follow comedy bestvideo tiktok4fun thisis4u loveyo #followyourheart#youtube #tumblrr tmblr tumblrgram tumblrs tumblraesthetic tamblr tumblrfeed tumblrposts tumblr👽 tumblrpost
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  • tommyinnit-simp-95
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Tween!Fundy, looking down at baby!Tommy: He's ugly.

    Wilbur, laughing: Fundy!

    Tween!Fundy: Mmmine. *snatches baby!Tommy from Techno and runs*

    Techno: HEY!

    Wilbur: I have a feeling that's gonna be a trend for him.

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  • ariziac
    01.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Techno's youtooz have no sleeves under the cape so here is a lil drawing

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