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  • piedpip3rrr
    27.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The blood gods new vessel. A part of the dance of death au

    #dsmp#dreamsmp#mcyt#art#piedpiperrrdtiys#technoblade #I just wanted to draw techno #in a blood stained powder wig
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  • spook-202
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Google you're killing me

    #/hj#a technoblade #one (1) technoblade #ah yes #i think i was searching mcc teams generally? #mcc#dsmp#mcyt#mcyt meme#techno#technoblade#technoblade meme#skeppy
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  • valend
    27.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    technoblades old thumbnails ☹️

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  • maelicgrn04
    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    It's been almost a year since their team up on the smp and I still miss their duo

    Redraw from December 2020

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  • voidavoid
    27.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    idk. i just think often about how like, , ,.

    ive heard almost every streamer, youtuber, content creator say the exact phrase of 'yes! i support all lgbt!' and thats all fine and good, of course, but its just so n o thing to me now, its just the lowest bar. its like when bands & artists take a pride flag from the crowd and wave it around. like yeah thats what you do ! and im glad its so normal ! and expected ! but yknow whats stuck with me MORE is that moment where techno, someone i wouldnt personally expect to actively voice his opinion on something so politically charged, one of the only streamers i know who can just ignore his chat & donos and no onell give a shit, saw one person ask for just a simple borderline meaningless easy 'can you say lesbian rights' and he took it and he THOUGHT about it and actually gave a real response, recalling one time a lesbian said he was funny.

    the same with those clips of wilbur explicitely and directly outlining his love and support for trans people specifically, followed by how its clear hes always making sure he includes & considers trans people in the way he speaks about things. the direct, real world action and intention, the unexpected genuineity will just always have more impact on me than knowing i can watch any philza stream and inevitably hear phil say 'yeah of course ! i support all lgbt+ whatever :)' in response to a tts.

    #no i dont think philza minecraft is a bad person or even remotely against or dismissive of the lgbt community #i just think hes heard a billion tts' saying 'can you say xyz rights' #techno has the freedom to ignore & avoid things he feel wouldnt add to the stream #wilbur has the confidence and boundaries to not let chat tell him what to do #& philza enjoys responding and interracting with chat. he'll make a button to wish em a happy borth. #he'll congratulate every single person who talks about coming out in his tts #or give the same advice over and over because he knows it matters to that one person ! they asked him they payed him he'll give yknow #i think hes wonderful for that also #i just wanted to clarify lmfao its not bad philza shows support in a different way i just wanted to gush some shower ramblings #cause those techno & wilbur moments really have stuck with me #they remind me why allyship & lgbt+ support becoming more mainstream by the second is important and why it matters #technoblade#wilbur soot#mcyt#m#rambling#long post
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  • nonbinarycryptic
    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Grian really taking notes from his mcc buddy Tech :3

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  • thek1ngtalks
    27.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Do you ever just realize you never got over bedrock bros because a part of you still misses a relationship with your family that you think could've been fixed with more effort and time but neither side knew how to communicate so you were left with this horrible feeling of guilt for not doing enough but you also hate the things they did to you? No? Just me?

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  • crowfather
    27.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    didnt they originally tease the possibility of mcc allstars bc sleepytwt wldnt stop asking scott for an sbi teamagain And now we probably arent even getting it😭😭

    #Techno i hope u r well rested and never feel like u have 2 force urself 2 make content 4 us #i say as i burst into tears and start screaming and pissing and shitting maniacally #sbi #sleepy boys inc #mcc#mcyt
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  • bdoubleowo
    27.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Sleep King Bdoubleo100

    #have i watched any recent last life videos? no <3 will that stop me from making fanart? absolutely not #i consume last life in the exact same way i consume d/smp except i don't even have a techno to watch #i literally had to open bdubs most recent video to get a good screenshot for their house. i traced it. don't @ me. #i'm just here to draw block people and if i trace from a video so be it you know i'm tracing minecraft #was gonna say 'it's obvious i'm tracing' but no it isn't actually my zine piece had a very similar look but was done manually with grids #that one was not traced #og post#my art #last life smp #last life#bdoubleo100#bdubs#ethoslab#etho slab#ethubs #platonic? or ship. you decide. idk i just had the thought n had to draw it #again i haven't even wATCHED THEIR POV #what i do know is etho is fighting tooth and nail to not be divorced #mcyt
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  • awkwardtickleetoo
    27.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Wilbur's New Favorite Discovery

    prompt from this ask:

    hugs4benchtr1o said: wilbur, techno, and tommy are having a movie night and it turns into Wilbur and techno tickling tommy? it's not that descriptive but it's all I could think of :D!!

    lee!tommy, ler!wilbur and techno, almost 2k words (like 1957 🙄 I was so close)

    enjoy!! hope y'all like it :)


    "Tommy," Wilbur whispered under his breath, leaning closer to where Tommy was nestled into his side, head resting on his shoulder. Tommy didn't respond. Wilbur let out a pained gasp as Tommy's wriggling around to get comfortable landed him with another elbow to the ribs. "Toms," he said, slightly more sternly, getting the attention of the teenager this time.

    "Hm?" Tommy mumbled, tilting his head to look up at Wilbur.

    "Stop squirming, you keep elbowing me."

    "Oh, sorry," He whispered in response, curling his legs up and going back to resting his head on Wilbur's shoulder. Wilbur reached up and carded his hands through the younger's hair to show he wasn't actually upset, letting his cheek rest on Tommy's head while he did so. They stayed like this for a few minutes, until Tommy started to move around again, this time twisting Wilbur's wrist in a strange direction too quickly when he turned his head and getting a quiet yelp in response.

    "Jesus, Tommy! Please, be careful," Wilbur said, voice soft and hand never leaving Tommy's head, just moving so he could bend his wrist comfortably again.

    "I'm sorry! I keep forgetting," 

    "It's okay, I'm not mad, just be a little more aware of your movements."

    The movie they had playing in the background continued– some literature based movie about a book that Techno and Wilbur were into that Tommy didn't expect to like but was surprisingly interested in– and all was peaceful for a while after that.

    At least until Tommy went to stand up to get a drink.

    He mumbled something about getting a glass of water before reaching down to grab the couch cushions and push himself up. Except, instead of grabbing the cushion, he accidentally dug the heel of his hand right into the tender spot on Wilbur's knee. This earned a proper yell from the older man, reaching out to grab Tommy around the waist and pull his weight off his leg when he was half standing.

    "OW! FUCK, TOMMY!" Wilbur squeaked, expecting a simple apology in response like the other times, but instead he was met with a similar squeak of surprise from Tommy and his arms clamping down to his sides.

    "Dude! Don't fucking grab me like that," Tommy defended, jumping away from Wilbur's hands and standing to face him. 

    "Sorry, just really fucking hurt, it's all I could think to do to push you away!" 

    At first, Wilbur thought Tommy was just surprised by the action and not expecting it, but judging by the blush on his face and the way his arms were wrapped around his sides, he immediately guessed it was something different. He had to test the waters, of course, what else was a big brother meant to do?

    "Why did you react like that?" Wilbur feigned confusion, but it was hardly masked by the smirk on his face.

    "There's no reason, I don't know what you're talking about."

    "Wait….No, Tommy, you're not… you're not ticklish, are you?"

    "NO! Of course not, why the fuck would I be ti… That's fuckin'-that's for little kids!"

    "Could you two keep it down over there? I'm trying to pay attention to the movie," Technoblade, who had been quietly observing the interaction from the other couch, piped up. He attempted to act annoyed even though he couldn't hide the fond smile and tone of voice that he let out.

    "Techno, aren't you listening? Tommy's ticklish! This is huge!" Wilbur explained, looking between his two brothers as he spoke.

    "I'M NOT! I'm fucking not, Wilbur, I am not ticklish!" Tommy exclaimed, shaking his head.

    "Oh really?"

    "YES, really!"

    "So you wouldn't mind if I just, I dunno, tested it out, then?" Wilbur asked, the smug grin on his face growing wider when he was met with silence and Tommy's face growing redder.

    "Um…" He stuttered, looking down and tapping his toe against the floor. "I have to go get my drink now, actually," he said, and quickly attempted to scurry out of the room away from his immediate danger.

    Wilbur caught onto his plan before he could even finish his sentence, though, and he was up out of his seat and right on Tommy's trail in an instant. He reached forward and grabbed Tommy around the waist, crouching down just a bit so that when he stood up fully Tommy's legs were a few inches off the ground. This earned him a loud squeal from the younger (which Tommy would later deny until the day he died), and a lot of squirming that made even Wilbur surprised he didn't drop the kid.

    "NO! Nonono, no, Will, please! Please don't, just– I-I– just put me down!" Tommy pleaded, kicking his legs out and grasping Wilbur's wrists that were clamped around his waist with as much strength as he could manage.

    "Sorry, no can do, Toms. We've gotta test this out now, since you've made such a scene about it!" Wilbur explained over Tommy's groaning and complaining, walking back over towards the couch.

    "I'm not making a scene, fuck you! I'm just– I'm just trying to make you see how ridiculous this is, and I–" Tommy was cut off by a soft squeak as Wilbur used one of his thumbs to taser Tommy's ribs where it was holding him captive, causing Tommy to freeze his struggling for a second to slap one hand over his mouth. The squirming returned tenfold, then, as he shook his head and twisted from side to side to try to shake Wilbur's grip.

    He had no such luck, and soon he was being tossed back onto the couch and Wilbur was kneeling above his legs, knees resting on either side of Tommy's thighs. Tommy whined and tried to squirm away, but Wilbur placed a hand flat on his sternum to keep him still, and every time he tried to lift or kick his legs he would only hit his knees into Wilbur's back and not be able to go much further.

    "Wihilbuhur…" Tommy giggled out, voice whiny and eyes screwed closed.

    "Wilbur, I'm not gonna tell you again, keep it down." Techno complained, still obviously joking based on his tone, but slightly more serious than before. "It's getting to the best part."

    "This is more important, Technoblade!" Wilbur explained, turning around to look at Techno behind him. "Why don't you come help me?"

    "No!" Tommy yelled, squirming more frantically and pushing at Wilbur's hands. "No, do not help him! Techno, Techno, help me!"

    Techno stood up from the couch, walking over to the other two. Tommy looked up hopefully, watching as Techno considered for a moment, before speaking.

    "I guess I've seen this movie one too many times before, I can afford to miss some of it."

    "Yes! Techno, help me, help me get him back!" Tommy said excitedly, reaching out to grab Techno's arm.

    "Oh, I never said I was helpin' you." Techno replied, walking around the couch and grabbing Tommy's wrists. He pulled them up to rest on the arm of the couch, ignoring Tommy's protests and easily overpowering him when he tried to pull them back.

    "WHAT?! NO!" Tommy yelled, trying to pull at his wrists even more as Wilbur cheered, clapping and pumping his fists in the air.

    "YES, TECHNO!" Wilbur yelled above Tommy's complaining, resting both his hands on Tommy's sides this time, laughing loudly at the flinch he got in response.

    "Are you ready, Tommy?"

    "NO! Fuck off, man." Tommy's face was getting warmer and warmer as he turned his head to hide in his arm, still attempting to squirm as much as he could to get out of the others' grasps.

    "Where are you most ticklish?" 


    "I feel like you're not in a very good position to be lying, Tommy," Techno offered from above Tommy's head, smiling as Tommy looked up at him, dumbfounded. 

    "I'm not lying!" 

    "Alright, suit yourself!" Wilbur cut back in, forming his fingers into claws and resting them right on Tommy's sides, not moving yet.

    "Noho! Wilbur, please, don't!" Tommy tried to plead as he felt the fingertips, sucking in his stomach on instinct and shaking his head again. The way he was looking up at Wilbur–  eyes pleading and lip bit between his teeth, essentially like a sad puppy– almost made the older man want to cut him some slack.

    Key word being almost.

    Wilbur let out a soft 'aww', pouting a bit himself to mock the boy beneath him, before letting his fingers scratch lightly at Tommy's t-shirt covered ribs. Tommy burst into helpless laughter, voice cracking when Wilbur's thumbs happened to swipe over one of his most sensitive ribs. He pulled at his wrists on instinct, not expecting them to fall loose from Techno's hold but still wanting to try.

    "WIHIHILL!" Tommy shouted, his laughter kicking up as Wilbur trailed down to gently flutter his fingers along his sides, causing his squirming to increase as well. "WIHIHIHILL STOP IHIT!" Tommy almost whined, shaking his head when Wilbur's knees tightened around his legs slightly and forced him to keep his squirming a little more at bay. 

    "But you look like you're having so much fun! You wouldn't be laughing this much if you weren't having fun, would you?" Wilbur teased, letting Tommy start an answer before moving to dig his thumbs into the space right above his hip bones.

    "Fuhuhuck oho-HOHOFF– AHAHA NO!" Tommy squirmed again, drumming his legs against the couch underneath Wilbur, before the older decided he could probably only get away with that spot for so long before Tommy couldn't handle anymore. He decided to switch to a much softer approach, reaching underneath Tommy's t-shirt and dragging his nails on his pointer fingers up and down Tommy's sides and tummy. Tommy's laughter died down significantly, though he was still giggling like a mad man, occasional hiccups and squeaks interrupting him as he squeezed his eyes shut and relaxed into the couch.

    "You should be good to join in now if you want, Techno," Wilbur began, looking up to his brother and down at their younger brother beneath them. "This spot seems like a melt spot. You're probably fine to let him go. He won't do much."

    "Wihilbuhur…"  Tommy complained, flustered by the way Wilbur was talking like he wasn't wasn't there.

    Techno smiled at the invitation, slowly setting Tommy's arms down and copying Wilbur's techniques. He slowly trailed his nails up and down Tommy's arm, chuckling at the way his arms twitched when he got up to his biceps and closer to his underarms.

    "Wihill, plehehehease," Tommy giggled out, tilting his head back as his body relaxed against its own will before immediately tensing up again.

    "Alright, alright, we'll finish up for now," Wilbur gave in, easily noticing that Tommy couldn't handle much more. He didn't wanna traumatize the kid and overwhelm him, obviously. He pulled his hands out from the hem of Tommy's shirt, rubbing his sides soothingly as he motioned for Techno to pull back as well. "But just know I haven't forgotten this. I never will."

    Tommy whined, curling up his legs and covering his face as both of his brothers stepped away from him. Moments later, they were both sat in their original positions on the couch, and the movie was playing again, as if Tommy wasn't still laying next to Wilbur recovering from the tickling they had just inflicted on him.

    Man, this was gonna be a long visit.

    At least, that's what he thought, until Techno interrupted again.

    "Y'know, Wilbur," he said, turning his attention away from the film for a brief moment. "I still gotta get you back for interrupting my favorite movie." 

    Suddenly Tommy decides this visit couldn't possibly be long enough. 

    #my brain: you cant leave everything you write open for a part 2!! #me: and whos going to stop me. #anyway lemme know if you want a part 2 😗✌ #lee!tommy #ler!wilbur #ler!techno #mcyt tickle#mine
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  • lapinsadbury
    27.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    wither grian. grian with elements of rot and decay on him. especially because he just "came back from the dead” by going from red to yellow, and he died in the nether

    #anyone feel free to expand #ik ppl do wither techno and wither eret #so why not grian? #sam.txt #mcyt#mcytblr#last life #last life smp #trafficblr#grian #last life!grian
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  • dsmphaskilledme
    27.10.2021 - 13 hours ago


    #but only if techno is ok <333 #mcyt#sleepybois#dream team#mcc
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  • psiithirisma
    27.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    /osmp. /rp.

    i've seen around that headcanon of o!Wilbur once being an avian but then dying and becoming a phantom. sO, in an attempt to sell osmp!SBI being a family + bedrock bros & witherblade propaganda, I PROPOSE YOU THIS...

    Philza has to put all his attention into taking care of Wil who fell sick, but like, a terrifying worrying sickness, at the point he can barely move and breathe.

    Tommy still hasn't hatched.

    It's been hard for Phil to take care of Tommy since he is putting all his energy and efforts on trying to improve Wilbur's condition. Techno notices his father's struggles, and quickly offers to take care of Tommy so Philza doesn't overstress and can focus properly on Wil.

    Imagine Techno wrapping the egg where Tommy is with his cape to keep him warm. Techno reading him Greek myths as equivalent to the chirps and other sounds that he saw Phil make to the egg, since he doesn't know how to make such sounds. But the idea (he thinks) is just stimulating the little bird with sounds of their flock, their family.

    Later when Tommy's egg finally hatches, it's noticed this behavior where Tommy seems very attached to Techno's cape. Which consequently ends up with Tommy clinging to Techno because he is the one who usually wears the cape, and, well, the owner of the cape.

    This quirk remains to this day, not as obvious as before, but it is still there and the other 3 members of the family just adore it because is an adorable way to remind them that Tommy is the baby of the family.

    And, well, if whenever Techno reads Tommy greek myths, the blond can't help but associate the sound of his brother's voice reading these myths to safety, to family; that's only for him to know.


    I feel it's a sweet contrast that a wither — an extremely destructive, strong and powerful creature that heals itself by taking the life of other creatures — is the one to provide this warm and cautious care full of love to something as fragile as an avian egg, and helps him to hatch, to live.

    #may draw something related to this in the future #bedrock bros#osmpblr#osmp#sbi#sleepyblr #sleepy bois inc #origins tommy#origins technoblade#origins philza #origins wilbur soot #mcyt#fluff #should i use my art tag??? #headcanon#headcanons#witherblade #BIG BROTHER TECHNO POG
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  • knox-enden
    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    AU where Tommy, a normal guy, is apart of a family with a bunch of non-normal people, and is friends with a lot of non-normal people. So where Tommy is stressing over a math test (valid), Tubbo and Techno have to begrudgingly work together as a Mad Scientist and a Magical Girl because Wilbur, a dramatic esque cartoon Villain type beat, is plotting to take control of the tri-state area again. And they have to be home by dinner.

    They all think that Tommy knows their secret identity. Like, they suck so much at hiding it, but little do they know the power of an oblivious teenager who eats mud and collects hair clips.

    The twist? Tommy's mortal enemy, is a guy named Ranboo, who Tommy is convinced he's some sort of supernatural being, and Tommy can't have someone 'be better than average than he'.

    The second twist? Ranboo is legit a normal guy. Sure his name is strange, and he's super tall, and he doesn't seem as if he has bones, but he's a normal guy.

    The third twist? Ranboo's family, Dream, Puffy, Purpled, and Foolish? They're all non-normal people. Dream is an undercover vigilante who deals with people after him, Puffy is a time traveler who was assigned to this time line to find a lost traveler named Karl, Foolish is a God, and Purpled is a legit Alien. And Ranboo, is completely oblivious to all of this.

    #love 'normal guy Ranboo and Tommy' because its hilarious #neither of them know anything about their families #THEY DONT EVEN KNOW ABOUT ONE ANOTHERS FAMILY AND ITS HILARIOUS #Ranboo legit just thinks Purpled likes to cosplay #omg ranboo thinks purpled is a furry and his fursona is an axolotl #Tommy thinks Techno is just really into Sailor Moon cosplay #Tommy once called Wilbur a 'doofensmirtz' kinnie with no context and the dinner table blew up #never underestimate the power of obvlious teenagers #thats the name of the au ive decided #mcyt#dreamsmp#dsmp#knoxtalks#tommyinnit#ranboo#wilbur soot#technoblade#tubbo#dreamwastaken#captain puffy#foolishg#foolishgamers#purpled#knoxau
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  • sbistreamtogetherpls
    27.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    bingo, anyone?

    #zeros-rambling#mcc#mc championship#mcyt#dsmp #techno our beloved :( #but it makes sense though #he should be resting #3/4 sbi + tubbo though 👀 #also hey fundy fans i don’t think this is looking good for us rn aha
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  • chironides-art
    27.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Techno with some kintsugi 

    #technoblade#mcyt#dsmp #mcyt fan art #chironides.art #also I gave him blue eyes this time #someone on twt said ppl should try giving techno blue eyed #*eyes #for like ice and the antarctic empire #I like it lol #might keep doing it
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  • edwardduncan
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Click for better quality.

    Chill brothers.

    I guess I just want to see those two characters getting somewhat along. I mean, they're pretty much neighbours now.

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  • i-was-born-a-mistake
    26.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Philza, Angry: Who stole all my gold? Philza: WILBUR, WAS IT YOU? Wilbur, 10 years old: *Looks at Techno* Techno, 10 years old: Wilbur: It was Techno. Techno: WIL YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T TELL! Philza: Oh, it was you? Were they clean? Want some more? Wilbur: This motherf-

    #philza has a favorite. #And its not wilbur #techbur twins#technoblade#philza#mcyt#dream smp#dsmp #dream smp fandom #wilbur#wilbur soot #incorrect mcyt quotes #incorrect mcyt#incorrect quotes #sleepy bois au #incorrect sleepy bois inc #sleepyboisinc#twin au#twins duo#techno #techno and wilbur #philza minecraft
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