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  • ⁣⁣When it’s go time, there’s no looking back. 🚀⠀


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  • Everyone needs a side hustle, right?

    Well I can put shit back together.

    Motorcycles, computers, phones, that beat you been working on.

    You want it, I got it

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  • Hunny: “Hunny, the day WILL come when you can’t upgrade your laptop anymore.”

    Me: “No.”

    Hunny: “The drive-”

    Me: “It’s SATA1. They’re up to SATA3, but they’re all backwards compatible. Poppin an SSD in here with Windows 10, mmmwah. Thinkin of taking the optical out just to cut the weight though…”

    Hunny: “The ports-”

    Me: “It has a mini-PCI-e. Right now it’s got a USB3.0 port card in it.”

    Hunny: “The graphics-”

    Me: “It’s got the best GPU it can take. If that breaks, I order another for like $12. This thing ain’t runnin any renders anyway. The monitor has like, a couple pixels over the Start button that aren’t dead, but just dull. That’s all.”

    Hunny: “The battery-”

    Me: “Has been & can be replaced again. My charging port has never had an issue & this model has no known issue.”

    Hunny: “The RAM?”

    Me: “4GB. 3.75 available. Easily replaced.”

    Hunny: “The CPU.”

    Me: “Ya know, SOME of us just invested in a great model instead of the INSPIRONS that ALL literally fell apart within 3 years or less.”

    This is a Dell XPS M1210 from 2006...

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  • Aladdin sur son tapis de souris volant

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  • when you speak, i am full of a warm, soft buzz. i’ve never felt that before.

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  • @thelovelydragon4475 Has a dope ass character named Kiya just so you know

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  • You know you’ve been spending more time out of the house + with people, when you reach to turn on your… collarbone.

    …why is there no headset there –.–’

    #technophile #actually forgot it - wow.
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  • Hi everyone, Today I got turned on in group therapy by a robotic male voice giving me directions to tense and relax my muscles. Dear God I hate myself.

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  • Lemme stop playin with this phone and paint 🎨 😂 #technophile #chicagotop5 #bigchief

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  • Setting up my new phone…
    Installed a blue optics theme so everything looks like it’s all new bleeding edge beyond state of the art…
    Changed the wallpaper to him slapping the ground to summon Obelisk…

    Settings had an option for “motion.”
    Well, with this curved-edge screen, it makes it look like it’s 3D. When you tilt the phone around, it moves with your eye.

    Well, that’s obnoxious…
    So of course that’s staying on.

    Oh! & what’s this? Swiping from the home screen to the next page, turns it as if it were a cube. Sweet.
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  • Sidenote: It’s so cute when much older men ask me, with great concern and confusion, “What is, um, this?” while pointing to like, a stick of RAM.

    Other sidenote: It’s just the best when much older men, who work in IT, explain to me, over a simple text chat, at ~17 years old, what Slipstreaming is and how to do it; then when I immediately produce a successful installation DVD, they say, “I have people I’ve HIRED who don’t understand any of that!”

    #technophile #im a lil shit & i no it #prof was the former #uncle's brother was the latter
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  • In Traditional Media Communications, we have to make an exploded axonometric drawing, like this, for an object of our choosing, that has at least 10 parts.

    I have no broken game controllers, alarm clocks, mouses, or anything else broken & portable that I could take to class. My brother wouldn’t let me take (our dad’s) NES, even though I’ve opened it up before to replace the uh, teeth thingy, connector piece. He wouldn’t let me take our Pokemon N64 either, and my fiance also wouldn’t let me take our N64. So, I took my laptop. Once in class, I had it dissembled in about 30 minutes, about 15 minutes into classtime.

    …professor pretended to faint when he walked by.

    And I was just like…

    Prof: “That’s one you don’t NEED, right?!”
    Me: “Trust me, it’s okay.”
    Prof: “But like, you don’t use it for school?!”
    Me: “Well, not right now-”
    Prof: *still 0o0*
    Me: “I’ve done this countless times before.”
    Prof: “You’ve what?!”
    Me: “I’ve taken it apart like, I don’t know how many times. It’s from 2006, and I’ve upgraded it all myself. I know what I’m doing.”
    Prof: *deep breath & wary stare* “Oooh-kaaay…”

    Bonus: Cleaned out the adolescent dust bunny from the exhaust. Reassembled in 17 minutes.
    #njit#technophile #this is my gun #do not question me #it's strangely touching to find hair from hunny & fur from both kitties inside ^u^
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  • Tech Savvy Holiday Gift Guide

    For your friend who already has the iPhone X, try an alternative that any technophile will obsess over

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  • Viruses in Robots amd Cyborgs.

    Eeyore is Glitchfolk, a robotic species scattered along the galaxy. He travels from star to star but mostly lives on Saturns’ moon Titan, in a large polar city crowded with bots, droids, and cyborgs alike. But with so many systems and networks interacting, just like The Web™ one can crash, freeze, or catch malware. Just like a virus to a human, a vits to a robot can limit functions, delete files, or just generally hurt them in some way. Eeyore has caught a specific virus named File.reactx103respond, more commonly known as “Lag Syndrome”. His reaction time slows drastically, and he becomes incredibly near sighted as he can only process so much information at once, which leads to exhaustion, for a robot this makes traveling and socializing very difficult.

    Niike however is a cyborg, though despite have an organic body, years of programming and brainwashing puts him in the Network Capable category. He can learn programs and connect to a central networking systems just like an AI could. But being a cyborg isn’t just having mechnical parts, its being cybernetic in nature, and the level of that nature can be as high up as the mind or an organic creature.

    When Niike catches a virus, its symptoms or Felt. Imagine not being able to process whats 5 feet in front of you, not hearing what someone says until 10 seconds later, having to move and speak so slowly because youre so exhausted. Your body overheats, using all of its engery to process information, like a computer would. exhaustion for organic creature can be fatal, and even painful.

    A robot can only React to information. But organic creatures can feel information.

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  • everyone else: hey technophiles. let’s do android on human porn! robo dicks and robo lips emmiright

    me: uh…. well…. why don’t……. why don’t we fuck… the machine…… fuck the orb… not… a humanoid……..

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  • Prompto Argentum Cosplay Photogrid
    Prompto Argentum Cosplay Photogrid: Eos Remix

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  • Technophile

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  • Love when he plays with his big gun. 💕

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