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    bag tour !

    Tagged by: @earthssprout​ thank youuuuu~!

    Tagging: does ur muse carry a bag? if so, then do this.

    #some things he'd carry in like a casual bag!!! #the teddy bear keychain was too cute /not/ to involve hehehe..... #and then some other misc things like his wallet/keys/book/journal/etc... #and maybe a lil snack and smth to drink too #and the cat toys for whenever he has to find a missing cat for a case hehehe #he'd also have most of these things in his school bag too but yeah!!! #tag meme #📚 || Out of Truth Bullets;; {OOC} #📚 || Lil Tidbits;; {about}
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    thrifting yesterday ♡(ᐤˊ ꒳ ˋᐤ)

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    Ramble in the tags.

    #I'm stalking through their blog and I keep seeing 👤 #I'm curious to know who he is but at the same time i don't want to seem invasive? #I'm drowning in curiousity but I'll live #seeing them say that they missed me actually made me feel wanted #them and Tobi hushed my horrid BPD thoughts i love them both so fucking much #dollmaker ♥ #Teddy bear 🐻 #🐻♥
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    #teddy bear tag
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    Spun Cotton TEDDY BEAR ON A SWING Antique Christmas German Ornament Batting ebay sunshine209

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    29.11.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Ricky: I'm getting a brain scan today.

    Gina: To check if you have one?

    Ricky: Thank you so much for your concern and support.

    #she says this then drives him there and buys him a teddy bear from the gift shop #hsmtmts#ricky bowen#gina porter#incorrect hsmtmts #hsmtmts incorrect quotes #rina#ig
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    obsessed w the little teddy bears...... i need to make all of them asap

    #auden update#acpc #can't decide if i also want to craft the dolls or just teddy bears.. i at least need to make one for rosie to carry!
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    Keep or Sell? 🤔 

    #buffalo plaid coat #green coat #teddy bear coat #new york
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     see you soon... ♡

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    I don't know who designed Jason in FvsJ, but whoever made the decision to add that pointy ear to balance the design.

    I wanna thank them.

    #FvsJ #freddy vs jason #jason voorhees #Srls how am I supposed to be terrified of him? #They did it on purpose. #the teddy bear ...
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    29.11.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Ready or Not

    Title: Ready or Not (Teddy Bear Picnic Universe)

    Pairing: Marcus Moreno x f!Reader

    Word Count: 4700

    Rating: R to be safe, I would like you to be able to legally vote to be here.

    Warnings: Language, implied sexy sexy, Marcus Moreno's DILF energy in waves that take no prisoners

    A/N: I keep calling this @brandyllyn​'s Moreno Series because "Self Check Out" was her ask, but this prompt is ALSO from the "Back in Action" Prompt list and is from THIS ASK so there is MUCH BLAME to go around for inspiring this series.

    So this is part of the "Teddy Bear Picnic" Universe -- please see the Marcus Moreno Masterlist. This is a One-Shot Series-- each story can be read alone but works a little better in sequence. I don't promise to write them in sequence but I will keep them in the right sequence on the Master. Currently "Self Check-Out" is the only other one in the series, I'd read that first.

    Marcus Moreno Masterlist -- Author Masterlist -- Taglist -- Tip Jar

    Teddy was one of those kids whose energy-level tested patience and sanity. In others, not himself--- he was a happy kid. Something you reminded yourself frequently was a key and essential part of him.

    He had asked to play for the last three hours.

    You had negotiated only one snack break.

    This may or may not have violated some kinda basic workman’s comp law, you weren’t sure.

    When your phone beeped with a text you threw a paper towel over your face, “Teddy, please, I surrender.”

    And you were wise to do that.

    The text was from Marcus.

    After that incident at the grocery store you had seen Marcus at the park, he and his daughter Missy happened to go to a movie with you and Teddy (it was accidental but adorable, you’d both been at the theatre and they were probably clearly going to the teen vampire drama but Marcus instead volunteered that he and Missy loved cartoons-- the kid, you admitted, seemed to be ok with this but kept giving her dad looks).

    Are you busy?

    It made you smirk.

    I’m being held hostage by a tiny terrorist. Send help.

    On the other end of the line Marcus laughed a little and his smile was awfully glowy and wide. Missy was watching as she packed up. He had been a little distracted lately-- he totally forgot that there was wilderness training with Anita and some of the others tonight and had made a dinner plan that he had been more than a little upset was going to get ruined until Missy said, “What about that lady with the mutant child?”

    “He’s just boisterous.”

    “He climbed to almost the ceiling of the movie theatre when he found a drainage pipe.”




    But kids did weird things like that.

    Still Missy’s suggestion inspired him.

    And now he had the idiot smile on his face.

    Send Address?


    You and Marcus were God-Tier Awkward People. It was insane. If you were watching this from a distance? Christ, forget it, you’d have locked the two of you in a closet already.



    You both laughed.


    Get a grip.

    “So ah….I believe I’m in the right place? But...talk me through it.”

    “Do you see a giant pink dumpster?”

    “A gian----uh, you know, yes. Weird. But ok. From there where?”

    A knock on your door happened even though Marcus had hung up four seconds ago you checked the peephole before opening it up to a grinning Marcus who had a bag of burgers, “So Missy, now has friends and this has sort of killed my Friday night...you two don’t like Bugga Bugga Burgers, do you?”

    “Missy Moreno, new leader of the Heroics? Yeah you probably have to schedule time to do the Christmas Photos.”

    He nodded with a self-conscious smirk, “This year we went with a selfie, it was the only thing we could get handled.”

    You opened the door and let Marcus into your mess.

    He smiled and wiped his feet on your mat before coming in, “Don’t get me wrong-- I spent a lot of time thinking she was not going to ever make friends so this is great but I just feel a little...redundant sometimes.”

    He got quiet, his eyes narrowed, “Where’s ….where’s Teddy?”

    “Who’s Teddy?” You tried to school your face but Marcus Moreno wasn’t so easy to mess with and you loudly said, “Oh no Teddy’s so good at hiding, I may never find him. What a shame. More burgers for me.”

    The coffee table overturned itself in the kid’s enthusiasm to get to the bag of food which he promptly ripped into like a hyena.

    “Do you….feed him?”

    “You know maybe that’s my problem.” You smacked Marcus with a dish towel and said, “Water, Soda, Beer, or Booze?”

    “Dealer’s choice.”

    You cracked two beers and handed him one which he held up to clink against yours, “Thank you.”

    “No thank you! What’s with the dinner?”

    “I meant what I said, I ordered food for movie night with Missy because we’ve always done that and she has...like...big girl plans with friends that don’t include me.” He seemed a little down about it, “But like...that’s good. It’s just...well. It was eat this by myself or remember the good chaos.”

    You indicated the child who was eating a pile of fries without using his hands, “This is the good chaos?”

    “Oh yeah. It goes by so fast if you let it.”

    You grabbed a burger out of the bag and handed it to Marcus before taking one for yourself, “You aren’t feeding me impossible burgers or something right?”

    “Made from cow, last I checked. I did go for the magic sauce and extra pickles. Onions are on the side.”

    You smiled, letting yourself dive into the burger without reservations.

    Teddy was inhaling his food, then threw out his scraps and put his plate in the sink and was bouncing up and down on his chunky little feet asking, “Play again please?”

    Marcus looked at you, “What’s he want to play?”

    “Kid discovered hide and seek and it’s like he discovered electricity. Greatest thing in the world to him. We have been playing for like three straight months and I gotta tell you,” You stage whispered, “He’s not that great at it.”

    Marcus snorted, “Yeah I remember that age. He hide behind a lamp?”

    “Fan of under the table or chair.” You smiled fondly, “Likes to announce FIND ME really loudly in case he thinks he’s doing too good a job.”

    Marcus tipped back his beer, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and helped clear the wrappers off the table before clapping his hands, “I’m game! You game?”


    You liked how enthusiastic he was with the kid.

    There was something primal to how sexy it was, it was lighting your nerve endings on fire.

    “You really are a giant kid, aren’t you? Burgers, hide-and-seek….probably ask for ice cream and a bubble bath later?”

    He winked, “Only if you give me the bath.”

    You held his eyes-- No problem.

    You were happy when the flirting happened because otherwise Marcus’ general charm made it hard to determine what was flirting and what was just Marcus. Or maybe you just overthought it, that was definitely a possibility.

    Marcus let the smile on his face spread for you but he brought his eyes down to Teddy, “Who is seeking?”


    “Do you know the rules?” You asked very seriously with your lips pursed like you were reviewing legal testimony.

    “Pretty sure I get the basics, we did similar stuff as a kid. My mom always played manhunt with us, but I get the impression she was a little more intense than the average parent.” Marcus adjusted his glasses, “Did you also have landmines and trip wire?”


    “I mean they didn’t explode but you got a buzzer that gave away your position, it was frustrating.”

    You laughed, “Yeah, no landmines. Also we are not allowed to use windows. We stay inside the apartment. And no locking doors.”


    Teddy was seeking.

    Teddy enjoyed seeking but he was not great at it.

    You guys had been playing hide and seek for almost twenty minutes and two things were clear: your apartment was too small to keep this charade of hiding in new spots up for much longer and also that Marcus' delight in it seemed to match Teddy's.

    Teddy was the cruise director in a lot of ways-- at first he held Marcus’ hand and led him right to a couple preferred hiding spots.

    He would sometimes instruct Marcus to go to the bathroom and close the door and be quiet.

    Marcus was great at taking the cue and pretending it was his idea all along.

    When Teddy told Marcus to seek he would then announce “I’m hiding now!”

    And Marcus gave a great show and not being able to find the toddler whose feet were sticking out of the pillow he was hiding behind.

    Of course the two of you had to amuse yourselves in this whole thing.

    There was a code to that.

    You would exaggeratedly talk about how aliens had come and abducted Teddy.

    Then you would both loudly complain that Teddy couldn’t find you.

    But one of the teases must have gone too far and Teddy scolded, “Mommy you have to be quiet! Try again!”

    And he turned his back and loudly started counting.

    So you and Marcus both dodged toward the broom closet.

    It was just a broom closet, two adults barely fit in there.

    "Thank God I don't stock cleaning supplies." You snarked and you were pressed so tightly against Marcus' chest you could feel the rumble of the laugh.

    “I understand your priorities.” Good God his mouth was close to yours. And you couldn’t tell but was he...was there perhaps a little bit of a … probing gesture there?

    Dammit but here was this cycle of overanalysis and baseless worry all over again.

    Marcus was a gentleman. He had kissed your cheek after the park (Missy had mocked him but it was a park what was he expected to do at a public playground at a park?) And after the movie he had looped an arm around your shoulders and hugged you and you had spent about nine subsequent hours wondering if it was a downgrade or not.

    So now the probing jut of his chin could conservatively take up three days of anxiety if something didn’t come up pretty flipping soon and help you decode the scenario.

    “Thanks for all this.” You whispered. You let yourself be close. You realized when your breath reflected off his chin just how close you were.

    And then your nose tipped against his.

    Oh Jesus it’s like middle school. Do we freeze? What’s the protocol?

    “No...thank you.” Marcus leaned.

    God he definitely leaned.

    Did you lean back?

    What did you do?

    You were mid worry about this when the water heater buzzed on, and given it was just on the other side of the teeny tiny strip of wall you jumped and …


    That would be an accidental brush of the mouth to the other mouth. You know, yours to that of the Heroic in your closet.

    Oh fuck.

    You pulled back with a squeak of “Sorry!”

    Marcus snorted, whispering, “Why...was it bad?”

    You chuckled to cover the fluster and leaned forward again feeling like maybe he wasn’t going to yell and push you off.

    He did the opposite.

    You felt his hands curl around your waist and drew you flush against him.

    Oh. Oh, oh yes. This was nice. This was lovely this was …. Definitely an upgrade. No need to waste time contemplating that one. Nope. Clear as day.

    Wonderfully clear.

    The man was so very clear.

    He was applying just the right amount of gas and you were twining your arms around his neck to keep him close, he moaned against you for that and you were contemplating whether this little closet could support you if you looked for leverage when the door swung open.

    "FOUND YOU!" Teddy pronounced triumphantly.

    Before you could feel awkward about being caught in the broom closet Teddy clapped and just said, "I go again."

    And shut the door on the two of you.

    He either didn't give a flying fuck or he was the world's tiniest, greatest wingman.

    You and Marcus both laughed and awkwardly returned to individual atmospheres as Teddy directed two more rounds of hide and seek.

    But on the third he yawned.

    You eyed Marcus and mimed He yawned.

    “Teddy Bear, my turn to seek.” You offered and he nodded.

    No protest.

    No demand to do it his way.

    Interesting, very interesting. Promising even.

    Another yawn.

    You didn’t want to feel optimistic out of turn but you were starting to feel awful good about your odds.

    Teddy curled up under Marcus’ discarded coat on the couch and yawned again.

    When you ‘found him’ you said, “What if we got the comfy jammers on Ted?”

    He was rubbing his eyes, “Alwite.”

    Marcus felt a little swell-- he remembered the era of tiny mispronounced words that had seemed like they were never going to evolve and one day just disappeared. Alwite. So fucking cute.

    You looked at Marcus and said “You can browse the Netflix queue but if you watch the next episode of Bake Off and lose my spot I get to murder you, I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.”

    “You like the Bake Off?”

    “It helps me relax.”

    “....And that leads to murder?”

    “It can. It doesn’t have to.” You smirked and hoisted Teddy into your arms, appreciating the dead-weight settling into his legs.


    "Is this what the youth call Netflix and Chill?" Marcus snorted and you flopped next to him, “I have no idea because I legitimately enjoy watching the Netflix in a chill manner? But you know, other things work for me too.”

    Marcus grinned at you, something between puppy dog enthusiasm and dead sexy, "Other things...like….hide and seek?"

    “You’re a dork.” You felt your own smile widen.

    The eye contact.

    Had either of you blinked?

    You didn’t think so.

    He looked over and he tugged gently on the edge of your shirt, a proposition to move, and you leaned forward, nearly laughing, saying, “I guess you liked the broom closet.”

    “Great closet.” Marcus leaned his head up to meet yours and there it was.

    Good Lord the man understood his own mouth.

    And you liked his understanding.

    This was the type of man who liked kissing-- could probably sit here and do this all day.

    You deepened the kiss, leaning into him and he just reached out and tugged you as an invitation which you completely and totally took: straddling his hips and feeling yourself grind against his jeans in a way that made him sharply squeeze your ass.

    "Not a bad Friday night?" You teased and he groaned into you.

    His mouth dropped from your lips to your neck and he panted against you, "Lovely."

    His hips tilted up into yours and you tried to tangle your fingers through his hair.

    Teddy cried out for water.

    You groaned in frustration and slid off Marcus' lap, "Sorry, one second."

    He seemed unfussed, waving a hand, smiling, "Take your time."


    You couldn't tell how long it took Teddy to finish his water and calm back down but you were convinced Marcus would be long gone.

    Which is why it shocked you that he was just into Forged with Fire, nibbling on cold fries.

    "How do you do it with kids?" You asked half-seriously as you attempted to sexily get back onto his lap but imagined it manifested more as a plop.

    He didn’t make the lap-sitting sexy at first he just wrapped his arms around you and enjoyed feeling close to someone.

    “I dunno, honestly-- Missy’s mom was around until Miss was almost five and I didn’t remotely dive back into the waters until Miss was in double-digits.”

    It was the first time he had mentioned his wife.

    Not that you didn’t know. Fuck. That was a big deal. Everyone knew.

    You couldn’t remember, now, if everyone had made a fuss about her being a normal person before the whole event but…


    The Viles had infiltrated her job and taken her hostage, threatening Marcus to give them back one of their lieutenants or lose his wife.

    But in the battle for Marcus to save her the building she was in sustained too much damage….

    She died when it fell.

    He had tried like hell to save her but she had been normal and couldn’t survive it.

    They said she died quickly, you hoped that was true.

    Nobody blamed the Heroics, God no...but it was the first time the headlines really debated the collateral damage of their rescue missions.

    “Is it weird to say I’m sorry about her?”

    “About Ellie? No.” He had a sad uptick to his mouth-- this was a topic he never knew how to handle, “It’s...what it is. Hurts but it’s not going to change so I...yeah. Thanks. I appreciate it.”

    “What made you move on?”

    He blushed.

    Marcus Moreno blushed.

    “It was….I….see there was a …. It.”

    You giggled, “Yeah?”

    He sighed, “Very lonely. To the point where one might reasonably say mistakes were made.”

    “Oh really?”

    “I….” He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes when he admitted, “I got drunk at a PTA fundraiser and made out with this terrible woman and I realized I may have been punishing myself too long and yeah...mistakes were made.”

    You blinked and tried to hold it in and barely managed to say, “A….a PTA fundraiser?”

    “I’m embarrassed by it. It’s fine. You can laugh.”

    You did and let your forehead fall against his, “What was so awful about her?”

    “Fucking everything? The immediate insane amount of texts and phone calls? The weird knowledge of my address? The fruit basket? The awkward way I got a call from HR asking if I had a girlfriend? It was….it was a nightmare. I took on more sane casual dating scenarios after that. Which was less harried. Missy just started asking me to marry Disney Princesses." Marcus’ smile faded, “But you know, Cinderella seemed high maintenance.”

    “Fussy with the shoes.” You agreed.

    "Can I ask about his dad?"

    Oh boy.

    A topic you didn't have any interest in covering.

    You must have seemed flustered because Marcus shook his head, "Sorry you don't ha--"

    "Fair is fair….uh," you chewed on your lip, "That man isn't in the picture anymore."

    Marcus nodded. He eyed the deadbolt to the front door which you'd locked. Eyed how you kept every window closed and locked.

    "What happened?"

    "Teddy wasn't safe. And I couldn't let that happen so I...left. And sometimes it means I have to hide from crazy ladies in the food store."

    Marcus' memory triggered, "That woman knows your ex?"

    "Yeah, quite well. Works with him. Could've told him where I was...lucky for me someone saved me."

    His eyes looked a little sad, "I'm sorry you had to go through that."

    You shook your head, "It's in the past, just gotta keep a weather eye on the horizon now."

    You ran a finger down his chest, "And uh...currently something seems rather big on it."

    His hands danced over your waist and slid down to your hip to cup your butt and pull you closer, “Tell me to stop if you want to.”

    You said nothing of the sort.


    Marcus was just at work.

    Work which was, to be fair, changing now that the kids had transitioned to active Heroics.

    A statement that gave him blinding heartburn sometimes, he was one of the older generation who didn’t fully pull up camp and retire because he wanted to be sure the kids felt supported, guided.

    Missy came up to the meeting table with her tablet looking out of breath, “Uh hi dad, how’s everything?”

    His dander was instantly up, “What’s wrong?”

    “Uh, things. Sort of. I mean--” She flicked some buttons and what was on her tablet projected to the large screen in the room, the size of a small movie theatre, “So we discovered a Viles Nursery.”


    “They’ve been taking superpowered kids and putting them in a nursery to raise as supervillains.”

    Marcus gave a long, slow exhale, “Jeez...you guys got leads?”

    “Well we found out because someone did a like...mole dump? Someone just flooded the internet with this and the Viles tried to get it back in really quickly but Wheels was able to find some traces-- he and Tech-No have been going back through the files. It’s...it’s bad. We need the adults to help us bring the kids in because some of them are little.”

    “You have a location?” Marcus was intrigued, “Good work Miss-- I’ll get whoever you need just let me know.”

    “Well, about that...Uh…” Missy drummed her fingers on the edge of her tablet, “The person who dumped the files? They...it seems like they took one of the kids and ran. Dumping the files was meant to keep the Viles busy but the thing is, while Wheels and Tech were running their reports….there was a ping.”


    “Ding?” Missy shrugged, “Something-- they located their mole and the missing kid.”

    “They’ll be in big trouble then.” Marcus sighed, “What do you need?”

    “Your help.”

    “Sure...but why me?”

    Missy projected a new photo, “Because you know where they are.”

    He saw the picture of the kid and then refocused and saw who was holding the kid in the picture, though in this light she was wearing a nurse’s costume with a Viles emblem on the sleeve.

    His brow furrowed and Marcus Moreno did something he had done just twice before on the job, whispered, “Fuck.”


    You were rubbing your eyes somewhere between laughing and screaming, "Buddy boy please-- this is not safe. You are one cushion away from a concussion."

    He was laughing.

    He was wrapping toilet paper around his neck and pretending to fly.

    "Teddy Bear you won't even look down the stairwell maybe you need to pick a different superpower." You shook your head, "Or consider something like dentistry."


    Well...how were you supposed to tell him the swords weren't cool when you were hoping to rub up on Marcus' scabbard again as soon as he was available.

    "Maybe but you have to learn to ride a bike without training wheels first."

    "Swish swish swish."

    You smirked, "I don't wanna take your dreams from you Teddy but I mean… what about baking? Or cars? Or marine biology-- they work with sharks!"

    Teddy was staring out the window, "Mama?"


    He jumped onto your lap, knocking the wind out of you, "Ooooompf!"

    "Bad men."

    The hair on your neck stood up, "What baby?"

    "The men...the bad men."

    You hugged him close and you looked out the window in time to see the last vestige of a military boot climbing the stairs.

    "This a game, bear?"

    He nuzzled into your neck, "Bad men."

    A knock came to your door.

    You said nothing and made a quiet gesture to Teddy.

    "Uh, anyone home? We are with the building super, checking the plumbing? Unit beneath you is reporting a leak."

    You didn't look through the peep hole.

    You froze and heard your heart race.

    Then, at the same time, a loud bang against the front door and a crash of broken glass from the bedroom.

    You went for the closet.


    I hate the drones, I hate the drones, I hate the drones.

    The drones are faster. The drones are faster. The drones are faster.

    Would they be fast enough?


    Missy’s voice came through the headset.

    "Missy? Any updates?"

    "No...are you ok?"

    "I'm trying to focus sweetheart."

    "Your girlfriend is fine."

    "Goodbye Missy."

    He tapped the hang up button.

    Next to Missy Tech-No looked confused, "Wait that's his girlfriend?"

    "He won't say that but they were 3 dates in and he giggles a lot."

    Tech quickly nosed through Marcus' texts and saw a few references to a couch that made him regret snooping-- he didn't need to know about what Marcus was packing under his uniform-- and he blushed, "I mean that's...did he know about the whole Viles connection?"

    "Nope that surprise looked genuine."

    Tech smirked, "I mean…this'll be fun."


    You had a hand over Teddy’s mouth which scared him more but you kept making the gesture for quiet, buddy, quiet. Frantically you whispered, "Hide and seek. Extra quiet."

    Teddy clung to you.

    His little face was burrowed in your neck.

    You were crammed in tightly into a spot that you hoped was really...unexpected?

    This wasn’t the plan. You were supposed to be able to go to your bedroom and grab the go-bag under the bed and head down the fire-escape. That was the plan. This was bad, very very bad.

    You had no idea how many people were in this apartment.

    Teddy blinked up at you and you saw his eyes flash and you shook your head No.


    Nope. That wasn't how you were going to get out.

    You were reaching around Teddy but there was nothing, nothing there.

    Goddamn it. You weren't John fucking Wick, this wasn't a mafia movie, you didn't keep weaponry taped under the sink. You didn't know how to use a gun. Your knives had a childproof strap around them that you struggled with half the fucking time.

    You were just a little bunny or a deer or some kinda thing that ran. Running was your M.O. and you had missed it and now…

    Footsteps approaching and a shadow pausing in front of the cabinet.

    You whispered, "Baby just run...run and run."

    "When?" His voice was quivering.


    You had promised him never again and even if you knew that wasn't a promise you could fully control you felt like shit breaking it.

    You poised yourself as well as you could.


    You forced your way out and knocked the man in front of you to the ground while Teddy froze.

    "RUN TED!"

    You didn't see the goon you had on the floor but you saw Teddy dart forward and that made you breathe easier even as the guy under you fidgeted.

    Then you heard a ssssslice sound, a tang of metal.

    And a voice you didn't expect, "Hold on tight, bud, and close your eyes."

    Marcus Moreno was there...he looked like his old posters, black kit and gear. He was armed with sabres and had your kid hanging onto his back.

    The man was a fighter.

    A good one.

    He had two swords flipping and twirling and flying out of his hands and around the room and you barely managed to roll off the guy you tackled and then Marcus did some manner of twirl but with knives and managed to back up to you and Teddy jumped into your arms.

    It was your first glimpse at the shit going down in your apartment.

    At least six guys that you could see in full fucking SWAT attire with purple VILES logos on their chests.

    Marcus looked at you and Teddy, "We gotta get him out…"


    Marcus threw a sword and it hovered in front of the three of you and he shrugged off his harness, "Put this on him."

    "What's it for?"



    "Programmed to take me back to Headquarters, probably make killer time with someone as small as him."

    "Is this safe?"

    He gave you an incredulous look, "Is this safe?!"


    You tightened some straps across Teddy's back and reached for his stuffy, "Here baby, hug Stuffs."

    He looked so scared you felt guilty and Marcus took a knee and smiled at him, "Hey hey hey, bud, look at me-- you are going to go on a real fun ride, ok? Do you like heights?"

    Teddy cowered into his stuffy.

    Marcus nodded, "Ok...ok listen Teddy I need you to close your eyes and hug your stuffy. You need to keep him safe, ok? Can you?"

    Teddy stuck out his chin and looked as brave as he could and clamped his eyes shut and Marcus pressed a button on his watch and the harness started beeping.

    A drone crashed through a window and knocked over a random thug en route to Teddy whose harness almost magnetically attached to it.

    He was halfway out the window before the thugs realized what was happening and made impotent reaches for the kid.

    They then turned and you got the full breadth of the problem now. More guys emerged from your back bedroom.

    It was easily ten to one.

    Marcus summoned his sword back to his hand and stepped in front of you.

    "Well gentlemen….you gonna stand there and make me wait?"

    He twisted one sword around in his palm and crouched, holding them up.


    A/N: The story will have AT LEAST one more installment to answer the prompt of Marcus fighting bound in a chair.

    Not Beta Read and after the week I've had I bet I will have errors in there.

    Tags! <-- I may do away with these soon so...offer an opinion on that I suppose?




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  • justplushiepicsandvideos
    29.11.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Went and had a blast over in Orlando with my little girl! She has been barking with excitement all day and I totally agree with her. There was a lot of people so I didn’t take her out all the time (especially in the mall) but it was a great time.

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  • realistthoughtss
    29.11.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #chanel#teddy bear #not my photo
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  • plushav
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    patchwork bear by VERMONT TEDDY BEAR

    #bear#plushie #vermont teddy bear
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  • love-nikki-lost-in-translation
    29.11.2021 - 17 hours ago

    It is almost 1 am does that mean it's time to A. Sleep

    Or B. Work on my lolita pinafore skirt thing that I'm making

    Listen I drafted the entire bodice for the Nikki dress at like 3 AM and that turned out fine

    #the fabric I'm working with right now has a really cute Teddy Bear print #it's so cute I'll definitely show a pic of ut when I'm done #love nikki lost in translation
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    Dear Ryan, I got your Christmas card. Here’s me with my teddy bear and phone. Thanks for owning my phone company.

    #Dear Ryan #I got your Christmas card. Here’s me with my teddy bear and phone. Thanks for owning my p
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  • optimusprmesdisapprovingeyebrows
    29.11.2021 - 18 hours ago

    every time i try to design a humanformer for TFP Optimus i TRY to be Creative and Original but my brain always always comes back to this one hungarian actor i used as a humanverse faceclaim when i was rping Optimus, primarily bc of this one very dramatic picture of the dude in what appears to be a santa suit. he looks like a normal, friendly dude but this one pic is so stern and determined, it rly reminds me of optimus XD

    #i would put a photo here but imdb wont let me copypaste lol #anyway my humanformer op consists of glasses and floppy blonde hair and laugh lines #hes not so much a dilf as a teddy bear #but hes also like seven feet tall so #probably an academic #my rp verse made him a historian of international law #i might just turn that verse into a proper oc tbh i kinda did love him lol
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