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  • ginnyw-potter
    26.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    AU where everything remains the same but Sirius survives and he raises Teddy along with Andromeda and Harry because he gets to do it right this time

    Harry and Sirius as both the chaotic uncle

    "No, Harry, I think he's big enough for a ride on the motorcycle" "he learned to sit up just last week" "I don't see how that has to do anything with this"

    they all live in the same house and it's just chaos all over

    Harry calling Sirius Teddy's greatgodfather

    "Okay Teddy, we need a normal hair colour for the grocery store today" -Harry *toddler Teddy turning hair purple* "a lovely colour, Ted" "Sirius you're not helping" *shrugs*

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  • remuslupinirl
    26.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Finished up my fic & thought I’d share it proper!

    (So I’ll Take My) Good Fortune on Ao3

    Rating: Mature

    Themes: Raising Teddy, Strangers to Lovers, Muggle AU, Modern AU, Found Family, Hurt/Comfort, Minor-Moderate Angst


    Remus Lupin was a self-described disaster. Haggard, traumatized, barely-holding-his-shit-together, he is pressed to accept that in fact, he may be a person outside of just being Teddy’s Da. By opening up to the parts of himself he locked away, he is swept up in a fast-growing found family. However, he hadn't factored in colliding with the bright spot that was Sirius Black.

    Sirius, an artist-turn-hermit, has his own demons to contend to. Having escaped his own hell and carrying his own burdens of the past, a path is set ablaze at their meeting. They quickly awaken a lust for life within the other, finding their spirits are cut from the same cloth.

    Cue DJing at goth clubs, co-parenting, painting questionable nudes in a run-down art studio, building a fucked-up family from scratch, and a mutual falling that feels fated.

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  • moonyandandy
    25.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    teddy bear cuddles

    it was the morning of the full, and to say the least remus was feeling like shit, and it didn’t help that he had a baby and partner who demanded attention 24/7 
    sirius tried his best to distract the 3 year old but sometimes teddy just wanted his dad and there was nothing he or anyone could do about it. 
    he tried to put on some kids movies, play games, read him a book, he even gave him his bottle of apple juice but nothing would satisfy him when he knew his dad was in the bedroom sleeping. 
    it was mid afternoon when sirius opted to have teddy take a nap before they headed to the potters to drop him off for the night. 
    “come one, teddy bear, do you want to take a nap before we go to lily and james?” sirius asked his son
    “with daddy, bub?” he looks up at his dad with sleepy eyes
    he was fighting off the sleep. sirius could tell by the way he keeps rubbing his eyes
    “sure love, but you have to sleep okay? your dad isn’t feeling to well,” he tells him gently, he knows teddy can barely understand him but he makes an effort to talk to him properly, “okay,” he lifts up his arms so sirius could carry him to bed so they can all take their afternoon nap. 
    hearing the bedroom door open, remus looks up at them and extends his arms to take teddy. setting him in between them, teddy cuddles up to his dad burying his little head under him.
    “hi, daddy, are you sick?” he mutters quietly as his eyes start to droop, 
    if sirius were to judge, remus looked like he was about to cry - talk about werewolf hormones. 
    “im okay, my love” he whispers as teddy falls asleep clutching remus’ shirt while remus moves his fingers through his curly hair. 
    they spend a couple hours there, occasionally whispering to each other, but mainly snuggling up to their baby boy. 

    a/n: okay i would like to say this has to be the fluffiest thing i have ever written.  baby teddy fics are my weakness so if i post a lot of of these please humor me. remus crying because teddy is so adorable is me! i hoped you liked this

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  • plutovania
    25.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Teddy Lupin

    #art#harry potter#teddy lupin #tonks x lupin #professor lupin#edward lupin #teddy lupin fanart #harry potter fanart #hp fanon#hp fandom#hp imagine#hp #harry potter fandom #fanart #hp next gen #harry potter next generation
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  • teddyandlily
    25.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Teddy gets a new plant for Lily

    T: Look at what I got!

    L: *turns around* wow..

    T: ...

    L: ...

    T: *awkward smile*

    L: It´s poisonous

    T: *faints*

    L: everytime *sighs*

    #I feel like this happens a lot #Teddy always the caring boyfriend #he just wanted to give her a gift #teddy lupin #teddy x lily #lily luna potter #teddyxlily#tedly#Harry Potter #harry potter next generation
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  • em-01
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    sooooo i wrote something, i’m nowhere near as good as the other writers on here but i thought i’d give it a shot (it’s very bad)

    James was in the kitchen preparing some hot chocolate when he heard a laugh come from the other side of the room, looking over he spotted his husband and nephew playing. Regulus and Teddy were spread out on the floor, what once was a tower, was now multiple blocks scattered around them.

    Teddy let out a squeal of delight as he knocked over the blocks Regulus was stacking, Regulus let out a faux sigh of exasperation, spreading his arms wide, making Teddy giggle.

    James smiled as he made his way over, balancing two cups and a bottle of hot chocolate in his hands. “Having fun?” James said, setting down the hot chocolate on the table, Regulus looked up at him smiling, “Oh yeah, who knew knocking down blocks could be so exciting.” James snorted, leaning back against the couch, steaming cup in hand.

    “You didn’t make his too hot did you?” Regulus asked, pointing at the bottle on the table, “Of course not! I even put some on my wrist!” he exclaimed, mildly offended Regulus would think he would give a hot drink to a baby.

    Regulus smirked and held up his hands, “Alright, calm down, i was only messing.” James huffed and looked away, Regulus shook his head, rolling his eyes fondly.

    Teddy let out a noise of frustration, alerting the two adults, looking over they saw him trying to grab the bottle on the table and making no progress.

    “Come on Teddy, you can do it!”

    They watched as the eleven month old gripped the table, leaning over to grab the warm drink, cheering when he finally managed to get ahold of it. James snickered as Teddy flopped down onto the floor bottle already in his mouth.

    Regulus looks at James, a soft smile on his lips, “Y’know, this is good practice.” James hums absentmindedly, still looking at Teddy “Practice?”

    “When we have our own kid.” James’ head snaps over to Regulus, “Our own kid?” He stutters out, eyes wide, mouth slightly agape. Regulus nods, “Yeah, well… i thought you’d want… never mind.” Regulus sighs, turning away to look at his nephew, who was now sitting on his lap half asleep, bottle still in his mouth.

    James was staring at his husband, watching as Regulus smoothed Teddy’s hair, causing the eleventh month olds eyes to droop.

    “Reg?” Regulus ignored him, not wanting to see his husbands face, well, he tried to ignore him, but when he felt a hand on his chin, he reluctantly turned his head. What he was met with surprised him, James was sitting there with a smile on his face, eyes slightly glassy, “I would love to have a kid with you Reg.” Regulus stared at him in shock “You would?”

    James nodded, cupping Regulus’ face in his hands, “Of course i would. I didn’t say anything because i thought you weren’t ready yet.” Regulus let out a small laugh, “We’re both idiots aren’t we?” James smiled, leaning in to kiss his husband, who eagerly returned it.

    #jegulus#wolfstar#james potter#regulus black#teddy lupin #james potter x regulus black #james potter/regulus black #starchaser #james x regulus #first time writing
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  • moonyandandy
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i will be writing some wolfstar and teddy one shots later today! teddy lupin has my whole heart and i can read raising teddy fics forever and ever!

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  • shiaya21
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kids shenanigans at home

    Shoutout to @skys-unused-main for their incorrect quotes that i used for this comic! Also, there's some creative liberty being taken with the quotes and kids design so they might look different from their official description.

    #digital art#artwork #artists on tumblr #fanart#harry potter#digital drawing#teddy lupin #james sirius potter #albus severus potter #lily luna potter #albus severus#james sirius #Oh my theres 85 of you now #thank you for all the follows! #i appreciate it :'D
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  • ace-aussie-asshole
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Teddy Lupin: I’m sorry, you’ve had us tied up for, what, hours? And you still haven’t had us confirm exactly what we are.

    Muggle Investigator: Alright, what are you?

    Teddy Lupin: I’m a Taurus.

    Victoire Weasley: HA

    #source: helluva boss #source: hazbin hotel #hpcc#hp fandom#ccsquad #harry potter next generation #hp next gen #hp incorrect quotes #teddy lupin#victoire weasley#tedoire#muggle investigator#humour#humor
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  • skys-unused-main
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Teddy: Every time I see Victoire my heart clenches and I get nervous

    James: OMG! I think that means you’re in love with her! I’m so happy for you


    Victoire: Every time I see Teddy my heart clenches and I get nervous

    Dominique: Don’t get to close to him, I think you’re having an allergic reaction

    #harry potter #harry potter series #hp next generation #hp next gen #incorrect quotes#dominique weasley#victoire weasley #james sirius potter #teddy lupin#tedoire
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  • thathuffgurlsart
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ughh I’m so mad at adobe sketch. If you didn’t know that’s the program I’ve been using to draw all my drawings, and now right in the middle of using it, it decides to become unavailable. And didn’t save my progress, I was nearly done with the piece I was going to post next, but I’m so mad at it now, I even had to download adobe fresco and all my files just to continue it. But I don’t know this new program, so while I learn it there will be a delay in my post. I was hoping to post tonight but because of the above I won’t be able too. I’m sorry ahead of time and hope to post soon

    #gryffindor#harry potter#slytherin#ravenclaw#hufflepuff #the cursed child #next gen harry potter #albus severus potter #scorpius malfoy#teddy lupin #the deathly hallows #hp art#hp ships#hp marauders #harry potter marauders #harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban #wolfstar#jily#scorbus #james & peter & remus & sirius #james sirius potter #remus lupin #order of the phoenix #me venting
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  • teddyandlily
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #why is it called a flower then? said a now grumpy Teddy #edward remus lupin #teddy lupin#andromeda black #harry potter headcanon
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  • beebox-illustrations
    23.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Day 14 of inktober ! ‘Tick’

    Will you ever get the drama out of the Black decendents? Good luck with that Harry

    Have a nice week 🐝🌻

    #web comics#digital art#harry potter#my art#illustration#beebox-illustrations#draco malfoy#procreate#drarry#teddy lupin#tick#inktober2021#inktober#day 14 #overreacting is in the family genes #poor teddy #that’s the extend of how sheltered he grew up #not having been bitten by a single tick #fanart
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  • strawwritesfic
    23.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Teddy Lupin x Female!Reader: Thoughts

    Summary: Time to meet the parents.

    Rating/Warnings/Tags: All (Dead!Remus Lupin; Dead!Nymphadora Tonks; past!Remus/Tonks; past!Teddy/Victoire; past!Victoire & Reader friendship; Reader’s House is unspecified; Reader is the daughter of unspecified Death Eater(s))

    Challenge:  "115 Words" challenge by BonitaWolfSpirit on Lunaesence Archives.  

    Tag List: @imaginesfire


    Most Hogsmeade weekends were cause for celebration. Seventh year students received so few breaks in their studies, after all. By mid-May, they saw none at all. You had, in fact, planned to stay in the castle to cram for your Divination N.E.W.T.s, rather than waste time going into town that day. The thought that you were not in your common room with a stack of books nagged at you throughout the morning. If not for your boyfriend’s insistence on your accompanying him that Saturday, you would have been there still.

    Having got you outside for “a bit of fresh air,” however, Teddy seemed in no hurry to return to Hogwarts. He seemed in no hurry to get anywhere at all. First you trundled to the sweet shop, then the post office, then the Hogsmeade branch of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. From store to store he led you until there was nowhere else to go. And yet, as you left the Three Broomsticks after an hour of sipping gillywater, he continued up the main street.

    “Teddy?” you said.

    You saw his eyes flick in your direction. They were dark brown that day, and he’d turned his partially-buzzed hair violet.

    “Teddy, where are we going?”

    “Tired of my company already, [Name]?” he asked with a grin.

    “Not your company, no. But I should be studying. As should you.”

    “Exams aren’t for another three weeks! You study too much.”

    “And you don’t study enough.” You tugged on his hand, which had been interlaced with yours since you’d left Hogwarts. “Come on. Let’s go home.”

    “One more stop.”

    “You said that after the last three!”

    “Humor me. You’ve been so busy lately that I’ve hardly seen you. Pretty please?”

    How could you say no to that adorable pout? “Fine.” You rolled your eyes good-naturedly. “But this really has to be our last stop. I promised Rose I’d help her study for her Herbology final, remember?”

    “Last stop.” Teddy bent to kiss your cheek. “I promise. Would I lie to you?”

    “Each and every day like clockwork.”

    He chuckled, but the sound was subdued. Now that you thought about it, Teddy had been rather subdued all day long. Gazing at him intently all the while, you allowed him to pull you along, up and away from the typical hustle and bustle of the town. No further conversation passed between you.

    The houses and shops slowly disappeared behind you as you moved on. Fewer students called out to greet you. Soon, you and Teddy walked alone together along the winding dirt path that led out of Hogsmeade. Just as you were beginning to suspect you knew where your final destination was, he drew to an abrupt stop.

    A large expanse of flat land sat before you. Gray stones and bright bunches of flowers dotted the well-kept grass. He had brought you to the memorial cemetery installed for those that fell during the Last Battle of Hogwarts.

    “What are we doing here?” you asked.

    “You’ll see.”

    His answer did little to calm you. Oblivious to your nerves—or ignoring them—Teddy pushed open the beautiful gate and stepped inside the graveyard. You followed hesitantly. Many Hogwarts students made it a point to visit this place, especially around that time of year. Being the daughter of a Death Eater, you’d never set foot in it. You were not welcome there.

    “Teddy,” you whispered, “can we please leave? I don’t want to get stuck in the hospital wing this week.”

    “No one is going to curse you.”

    Clearly, he couldn’t see the looks those gathered kept throwing you. The iron grip he had on your hand forced you to keep going even though you could. Cringing, you scurried along next to him until, quite suddenly, he let you go.


    Teddy knelt in front of two graves, each bursting with flowers. He affectionately caressed each headstone before looking at you with a small smile.

    “I wanted you to meet my parents.”


    Yes, you saw that now. Nymphadora “Tonks” Lupin read one marker, the other Remus John Lupin. Your hands lifted to cover your mouth as tears filled your eyes.

    “There wasn’t much time left, you know,” he explained, “what with us leaving school soon.”

    You nodded, unable to speak.

    “I’ve been meaning to introduce you for ages, but it took me awhile to work up the nerve. I wanted to bring Victoire, but—well. You know how that went.”

    “Yes.” You and Victoire Weasley had been best friends up until her very messy breakup with Teddy. That you were dating him now hardly helped matters.

    As though he read your mind, Teddy grinned. “Don’t worry. She won’t come. I paid James off to keep her busy for us.”

    “Oh. Good.”

    Why were you so damn nervous? Teddy’s parents couldn’t do anything to you! Neither could Victoire, whether she made an appearance or not. All the same, you hung back to watch in silence. Then he motioned for you to quit dawdling.

    “Come on. Dad made it a point not to bite, even in life,” he said.

    Feeling awkward, you moved forward until Teddy was able to grasp your hand once more.

    “Mum. Dad.” An uncomfortable laugh told you he felt just as anxious as you did. “This is my girlfriend, [Name]. You probably didn’t like her dad much, but…she’s great. I never got to know you myself, but I want you to know her. Harry says you can see what’s going on down here, so you probably already know that I love her. She’s going to stay with me for a long time, at least as long as she’s willing to put up with me.”

    Tears filled your eyes. You dried them with your sleeve, but not quickly enough for them to escape Teddy’s notice. He let out a whoop of laughter.

    “You actually crying, [Name]?”

    “Shut up!” you snapped. “You’re not typically so serious.”

    He winked. “Enjoy it while you can, babe.”

    After that, he went quiet. It took him elbowing you in the ribs to make you understand he expected you to say something as well. What on earth were you supposed to say? That you were sorry your father had made their short lives so miserable? Wouldn’t that kind of ruin the mood? You cleared your throat to buy some time and still drew a blank.

    “Er, hello, Mr. and Mrs. Lupin,” you began. “Um. I know my family has done some terrible things to yours, but…I love Teddy. More than anything. I’d never hurt him, and,” you shot him a smirk, “I intend to stick around until he gets tired of me.”

    “Thank you,” Teddy whispered, squeezing your hand.

    There wasn’t much left to do once the confessions were done. He cast a few cleaning spells, made sure the enchantments on the flowers remained in place, and spoke to his father about the map his godfather had passed down to him and that Teddy in turn would pass down to James. Then Teddy grabbed your hand again and headed for the exit, all at once his usual cheerful self.

    “All right, now we can get back to your studies and my interruptions,” he said as the cemetery fell behind you.

    “Do we have to involve your interruptions? Can’t I have one study session without them?”

    “Absolutely not. As your boyfriend, it is my duty to ensure you have plenty of distractions to keep you sane.”

    “At least promise me you won’t disrupt my studies with Rose.”

    “Nothing doing.”

    “Your funeral,” you muttered.

    Grumble though you might have, you’d meant what you’d said to Teddy’s parents. As long as he’d have you, by his side you’d remain, distractions and all. You guessed his mum and dad wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    #fan fic#straw writes#reader insert #second person pov #teddy lupin#harry potter #harry potter next gen #challenge fic#one shot #teddy lupin x reader #teddy lupin x y/n #harry potter x reader #harry potter x you #harry potter x y/n #teddy lupin x you #harry potter next gen x reader #harry potter next gen x you #harry potter next gen x y/n
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  • caz66
    22.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Marmalade day - part 1


    Sirius was abruptly awoken by something hard and round hitting him on the forehead, shortly followed by the giggles of a four-year-old.

    “You see the bounce, Teddy? That what you’re looking for to see if the oranges are ready.” The honey tones of his husband’s voice pulled a smile to his face. He blinked his eyes open against the sunlight, stretching his arms up above his head. His perfect, adorable PJ cladded family, stood in the door way.

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  • fuckboyregulus
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    i see you all trying to get me on team drarry and i’m slightly scared about how well it’s working 😅

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  • destinybooth
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Was no one going to tell me that Grant meets Teddy after ATYD or was I just supposed to figure that out myself?

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  • asymmetrycals
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    okay here’s more twitter au

    #hp next gen #harry potter next generation #twitter au#lysander scamander#dominique weasley #albus severus potter #james sirius potter #molly weasley ii #lucy weasley#roxanne weasley#lorcan scamander #lily luna potter #teddy lupin#incorrect quotes
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  • ghost-li-yn
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    A Remus centered oneshot ;)

    #remus lupin #remus lupin fanfiction #remadora #remus x tonks #the marauders #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #teddy lupin#andromeda tonks#sirius black#hp fanfic #remus lupin needs a hug #hurt and comfort
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  • immxrtalbi
    22.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    James: I’m mature.

    Teddy: You drew a mustache on your finger to pretend you’re French.

    James, put his finger above his lips: Wee wee!

    Teddy: It’s Oui, oui! At least say it correctly.

    #jeddy#teddy lupin #james sirius potter #it’s been a while since I made a post about them
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