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  • penguinkiwi
    17.01.2022 - 5 minutes ago

    Having fun with lighting and highlights, and some new brushes.

    Fun fact: Hakra dies in Order 66 if the Guard dont get blamed for the Hangar Bombing and stop the war through that timeline

    #yeah this is during o66 #one day ill draw guard uniforms again but im lazy as shit #mm he is a zabrak but long horns go brrr #teeth teeth teeth #Hakra Dorgoa (PKWSW) #Penguinkiwi Creates #Temple Guard OC Squad #star wars oc
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  • doccywhomst
    17.01.2022 - 17 minutes ago

    the communist urge to produce handmade doctor who zines and record podcasts and print my own books and make artwork for my friends... the desire to have pen pals and write letters in gallifreyan and make little collages and send them to people... i'm literally just starting a doctor who hippie commune at this point

    #id in alt text #i'll rip apart the bbc merchandising team with my teeth and make all the figurines myself lmao #they WILL be shitty but they will ALSO be full of love #doctor who#classic who
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  • rattusrexx
    17.01.2022 - 36 minutes ago

    Kiore is a petty thief of the highest order. Of all the things worth stealing, one of their all-time favourites is bottles of milk left on people’s doorsteps early in the morning - it’s a low risk crime with great reward, items so common they appear on nearly everybody’s doorstep that you can steal a bottle of milk without ever needing to return to the scene of the crime and not only do they enjoy drinking the stuff, their rats enjoy milk too and it’s one of the most likely items they’d be gifting to other street urchins to ensure they had a good, clean source of nutrients and vitamins in fluid form.

    #❦;; musings #❣ ;; headcanons #That's it that's what they're most likely to steal #Sure they enjoy rings and coins and other sparkly stuff but milk is awesome #And so easy to get #Just sit on the rooftops and wait for the milkman to make his rounds #They have a pretty good and easy life just doing this sort of thing #On Mondays the butchers make their order so it's easy grabbing some meat #On Tuesdays it's best to visit the baker #Wednesdays is a great day to visit the library - it's closed #A whole day to read children's books without fear of being discovered #Every morning the milkman makes his rounds though #Kiore prefers milk over booze tbh #Better for their bones and their teeth #Good portable gift for any other street kids that need clean food/drink #Headcanon partially inspired by that one indian temple where they worship rats and feed them milk #I will get to some replies tomorrow asdfgh #Sleepy today and still sore but good
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  • lilydragonartist-roleplayer
    17.01.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    I will probably never understand hate sex, some people will never understand my attraction to Eldredge horrors with big sharp teeth and razor claws

    We aren't the same and thats ok lol

    #monsterfucker#venom #the mind flayer #anything with big sharp teeth #im into #we are allowed to be different lol #its not the end of the world #regardless of how some people make it out to be
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  • bodybebangin
    17.01.2022 - 52 minutes ago
    #1883#1883edit#elsa dutton#isabel may#ennis#eric nelsen #ennis x elsa #wade #james landry hebert #they were both so innocent #so hopeful #and his teeth were just so white #gotta love it #we could've had a frontier wedding #such a loss
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  • horrorslashergirl
    17.01.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    A horror movie to traumatize men?

    Teeth 2007

    Talk about getting your cock being bitten off by vagina shark teeth. Good movie... Good movie.

    The leasson of this movie? Watch where you stick your dick. You might lose it, my friend. 😂

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  • kawaiijellymonster
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I am distresssedddddd

    #medical tw #wisdom teeth tw #so I got my wisdom teeth out a month ago for those of u that remember and I'm mostly better except this one thing #I've got like a lump in my back right jaw area that makes it really painful to do just about anything #so I've been eating like grapes and pancakes and eggs bc chewing most things hurts and opening my mouth wide hurts #and yeah it sucks I went to my surgeon last week and he gave me amoxicillin which did absolutely nothing so I called today #and they decided to schedule me tomorrow for him to open it up and clean it out surgically with local anesthetic #which already sucks but also I AM DRIVING DOWN TO COLLEGE TOMORROW like technically my mom is gonna drive but like I am #moving in to my college residence hall Wednesday at 11am and I just have no words I do not like this i am stressed and in pain #and now im even more stressed
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  • nerefee
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    guys I AM losing my mind I WILL go insane

    #people im close to keep dying on me and I am <3 at my limit <3 #also if another person tells me how strong I am or how they wouldnt be able to cope if they were me I WILL rip off pieces of their flesh #with my teeth #will delete later probably
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  • boimgfrog
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #/nm #i think th post was referring to carnivore sharp teeth like a t rex #but idk i dont tend to remember much after 11:30pm #asks#anon
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  • aceil-vanity
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Assassination Classroom x Mo Dao Zu Shi Crossover

    (How I am? Currently being sucked dry by the vampire plot bunny that keeps on biting me until I either pass out or write down those out-of-the-what-the-hell Au’s. So just ignore it.)

    When Karma suggested that the two of them play tag, he hadn’t counted with his maybe-friend being so set on winning that he would drag his soul into another dimension in the process. And the soul he had switched with wasn’t any better in playing tag too. Really, what did all of them had with throwing him over their shoulder? Had they never played tag like normal children?

    Or, the Au in which Gakushú Asano and Jiang Cheng switch bodies for a while, right after the war is over on one side and the third year has started on the other. Gakushú is unimpressed, Wei Wuxian has a mental breakdown, Jiang Cheng is furious and confused and Karma is pissed that the other just left him behind. They just came back from that Yu-Gi-Oh Au, damn it! (Meanwhile someone else is furious how she could have ended up with the head when the fan had been her favorite character of the book series she binge-read just mere moments before.) 


    #This is not written yet #Don't ask how I came up with this idea #I would call it possession #But not that of a demon #That of a bunny with vampire teeth #Let's call him - and apparently it's a him now - Kiku #Kiku is a kind bunny #Most of the time he just forgets that he is supposed to be kind #assassination classroom #mo dao su zhi #mdzu#karma akabane#gakushuu asano#Jiang Cheng#wei wuxian
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