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    Konoha’s Beautiful Green Beast

    AU: Canon

    Words: 1899

    Rating: General

    Pairings: Hatake Kakashi/Maito Gai

    Warnings: None

    Summary: The wedding is finally here, and Kakashi can’t help but feel nervous. Especially when his husband-to-be is late.

    Made with lots of help from @uncharted-darkness

    Panic was starting to rise in his chest. A tight, painful feeling making it difficult for him to breath. Like there was a heavyweight on his chest, making the pain worse every second that he stood there.

    “He’s late…” his voice shook when he spoke, all of the worst-case scenarios coming to the front of his mind.

    What if he’s injured and I’m not there to help?

    What if he got lost?

    Or he just doesn’t want to marry me anymore?

    His stomach churned, Nausea settling in.

    Forcing himself to take deep breaths, he tried to apply some reason to the situation. Remind himself that it was Gai who asked him to marry him, who planned out the wedding and carefully picked out the guest list so that it wasn’t too big but all of their friends were there.

    No matter what he did, that impending feeling of disaster clung to him. Clawing at his soul while his mind tried to come up with every excuse that it could be for Gai’s lateness.

    Gai, who was always on time with a bright smile and excitement that no one else could ever hope to match. Who had never kept Kakashi waiting for anything in his life, and would often scold Kakashi for just being a few minutes late to their dates.

    “Sensei,” Sakura’s voice called out to him, but he ignored it. His mind going a thousand miles a minute trying to figure out why Gai wasn’t there. Coming up with even more excuses and reason’s for why he was left standing there in front of a room full of people he didn’t even want there, waiting for his fiance. “Sensei!”

    A hand came down onto his shoulders, shaking him lightly until he focused his attention on his student. Her face stern as she stared into his eyes.

    “You’re panicking,” As if pointing out the obvious would suddenly get rid of the barrage of negative thoughts going through his mind. “Gai-Sensei will be here. I’m sure he has a good reason for being late.”

    Somehow Sakura’s words don’t help him relax, though he does appreciate the effort. No matter how hard he tries to listen and believe her words, his mind refuses to cooperate.

    I knew he’d realize it

    Giving his head a shake, he pressed a hand over his left eye. A tactic that he had learned over the years to try and help himself through the panic. Just a little pressure to center himself into the real world.

    I’m not good enough for him. He doesn’t want me anymore.

    His hands started to shake. Fingers twitching against his face as the negative thoughts drowned everything else out. Silent, personal reminders of how he didn’t deserve Gai.

    “Hey,” A pair of hands wrapped around his wrists, forcing him to open his eyes and look at Sakura once more. This time Naruto was standing directly behind her with a worried look on his face. “Sensei, he’ll be here.”

    He knows she means those words. Her voice is serious and firm, trying to reach out to him when his own mind was against him, and he wanted so desperately to believe what she was saying.

    Opening his mouth, words of protest start to form. Before he can get them out, though, the sound of laughter fills the air. Gai’s laughter, loud and bright, drowning out every word of doubt that had been swimming in his head just moments ago.

    “I told you,” Sakura jabbed him in the side, chuckling when he glared down at her. “You worry too much, Sensei. Gai-Sensei will always show up for you.”

    Warmth bloomed in his chest, stamping out the fear and pain as if they were nothing. The only thing his brain would focus on now was the laughter that he loved so much.

    Fixing his eyes on the entrance to the field, he wished that there weren’t trees and fences blocking his view. Tenzo’s idea, of course. He had said something about adding a little suspense to Kakashi’s life, and he hated it. It wasn’t so much to ask to see the person he was going to marry, was it?

    “Straighten up, Sensei,” Naruto finally spoke up, beaming when Kakashi looked his way. “You want Bushier-brows Sensei to see you excited for the wedding, don’t you?”

    Straightening himself up, Kakashi forced his hands out of his pockets and forced them down to his side.

    “Maybe not that straight,” Sakura giggled behind him. “Now you look like you’re getting ready for Tsunade-sama to give you a mission.”

    That wouldn’t do.

    Taking a deep breath, he relaxed his shoulders and focused on the entrance that Gai would come through. The spot where he’d finally get to see his partner. That stunning smile shining as bright as ever towards him, and eyes that screamed ‘home’ when he felt lost and confused about where he belonged.

    A blaze of green came rolling into view. The wheels of Gai’s wheelchair screeching to a stop dead center of the entrance, with green and purple ribbons attached to the handlebars and arms swaying in the wind.

    Gai’s chair was a celebration of colors, and no doubt drew in a few eyes from the audience, but all Kakashi could look at was the person he was going to marry.

    A bright, proud smile. So wide that he could see every single tooth in Gai’s mouth. Eyes soft and kind, staring at Kakashi as if he was the only person there, with a misty look in there that told him his partner was already close to tears. Slowly, making sure that Kakashi was watching him the entire time, Gai raised up his left arm and stuck out his thumb in his signature pose, and for the first time since he had arrived that morning, Kakashi laughed.

    Happy and warm, he turned his face away from Gai and brought a hand up to wipe away the tears that had started to pool in his eyes.

    He knew why he had panicked, but standing here now with Gai sitting at the entrance smiling at him, he couldn’t imagine how he had ever believed the things his mind tried to tell him. Gai, who had always been by his side. Who refused to leave him even when he tried so desperately to push him away, choosing not to get married to him.

    Deciding after all of these years that he could do better, and leaving Kakashi at their wedding alone and broken. It was all so ridiculous now that he thought of it.

    “Sensei,” Naruto’s face appeared directly in front of him suddenly. “Are you crying?”

    Usually, he would scold Sakura for punching her teammate at such an important event, but he was willing to let it slide this one time. She had held back her punch, only hitting Naruto hard enough that he was forced to take a step back, and she immediately started lecturing him about giving their Sensei his personal space and not embarrassing him on his wedding day.

    He really did appreciate the support.

    “That’s enough, you two.” using the bottom of his palm to wipe away the last bit of tears, he looked back down the aisle to Gai and finally took in the full image. Rather than wearing the brilliant green Hanfu that Kakashi had helped him pick out just a few weeks ago, Gai seemed to have gone with a stunning green silk dress instead. Form-fitting and showing off his arms and legs perfectly, it was patterned with two different shades of green swirled around each other along the length of the dress. The neckline dipped down into a V-neck, highlighting Gai’s chest.

    The feeling of a small weight landing on his shoulder pulled him out of his thoughts, forcing him to drag his eyes away from Gai and to the small pug dog getting comfortable there on his shoulder.

    “Shouldn’t you be guarding the perimeter?” he asked, certain that he had made Pakkun’s mission objective clear for the wedding. ‘Make sure that no one did anything stupid.

    Pakkun was the only one he trusted to keep everyone in line, especially later in the evening when Alcohol entered the mix.

    “You do know that ‘Make sure no one does anything stupid’ includes you, right?” Some would call it fate that Kakashi had connected with the sassiest little shit of a hound dog in the page, but Kakashi liked to consider it divine torture. Someone in the universe was laughing their asses off at him every time he talked to Pakkun, and one of these days he was going to find them and stab them. “You look like you’re about to jump Gai, and it’s my job to make sure you keep your hands to yourself until the ceremony is over.”

    “Have I ever told you that Bull is my favourite?”

    “Don’t lie to my face just because you’re mad you can’t tackle Gai,” Reaching out a paw, Pakkun shoved it against Kakashi’s masked cheek. “Now pay attention. He’s headed your way.”

    Returning his attention to Gai, Kakashi smiled when he saw him making his way towards him. Tenten right behind him carefully pushing his wheelchair, and Ningame in front of him.

    It had sounded so weird when he originally suggested including their Summons in the wedding. He had thought Gai would laugh at him and tell him that they could just use their students or other shinobi for the jobs he wanted to give Ningame and the hounds.

    But Gai had smiled that soft beautiful smile instead and told him that he loved the idea. Indulged him when he wanted to add something personal and interesting to the wedding.

    “Hey,” Pakkun smacked his cheek, this time a hint of claws coming out to poke him. “Stop zoning out.”


    He was getting married. To Maito Gai of all people.

    Keeping focus was important.

    “Rival,” Gai came to a stop at his side, his bright smile shining up at Kakashi as he waved Tenten off to take her place by his side with Lee and turned his chair to face his Fiance. Soon to be husband. “Sorry for keeping you waiting. I had a little trouble deciding what i wanted to wear today.”

    “Well, if it’s any consolation, I think you made the right choice,” reaching out, he gently brushed Gai’s hair behind his ear. Chuckling when he leaned into the touch. “You brought the Hanfu just in case, right?”

    “Tenten has it sealed away in a scroll,” He assured him. “You didn’t worry too much while you were waiting, right?”

    “Not at all,” he could hear Naruto and Sakura snickering behind him. Giving away all of his secrets to Gai without saying a single word. He’d have to deal with them later. “Just excited. I finally get to marry Konoha’s beautiful Green Beast.”

    Gai’s laughter filled the air once more. Beautiful, warm laughter that made Kakashi’s chest bloom with excitement.

    After all of those years of putting it off. Promising that they’d get around to it once there were no more missions and wars, and almost losing Gai to the eighth gate, he was doing it. Committing himself to Gai for the rest of his life. Finally, he was done waiting. Today was the day he married Gai and started the rest of their lives together.

    He couldn’t wait.

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    Wild Fang Kakashi

    Kakashi is more prone to growling, sniffing and biting. these are all things that anyone can hear depending on what scenario they see Kakashi in.

    One thing that only his closest friends get the absolute pleasure of seeing, though, is the head scratches. Where Kakashi actually uses his foot to scratch an itch, claiming that it works a lot better than using his hands.

    People who have gotten to see this are

    All of team minato after a particularly long mission where Kakashi was exhausted and didn't think about what he was doing until it was too late. Obito did not let him live it down for weeks.

    Gai, who simply stood there dumb founded by what he had seen and ultimately decided that this was just a thing Kakashi did and it was actually sort of adorable.

    And Tenzo, who immediately turned around and walked away to find a nice hiding spot where he promptly fell over laughing because that was the dumbest shit he has ever seen but he respects his Senpai too much to laugh at him to his face.

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    #Kakairu#Anonymous#Trans Kakashi #I'm sorry this took so long #I wanted an actual idea to form in my head #and don't think i missed the name thing XD #i'm dying thanks lol
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    #KakayamaIru #Kakashi is not having it #also I had to look up what types of spiders there are in Japan’s #and I regret everything 😭😭😭
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    Writing Hatake Kakashi

    Since I write a lot of fics with Kakashi, mostly as a main character but sometimes as a background, i thought i would lay out the thought process i go through when writing him. What i try to remmember when i’m portraying Kakashi in a fic.

    Kakashi is depressed but this does not run his life. There will always be bad days, or weeks, or maybe months sometimes. There will be times where his depression absolutely gets the best of him, and on a day to day basis it can make things difficult for him to do. He’s more likely to get lost in his book trying to escape reality than he is to remember to do his mission prep. However, Kakashi is a person who always puts work first even at the determent to his own mental or physical health. His missions will always come first no matter how much he has to fight his depression to get it done, and even when he’s at home his work training team seven, working with others or just training himself will almost always be something that pushes him out of bed (there are of course exceptions, aka bad days). Kakashi is not someone who is likely to forget to train or do something that he has to do, though depending on if he has wiggle room he may be late (like being late to training team seven) because he gets lost in his thoughts.

    Kakashi is a goof ball. Yes he’s serious and sad, but he’s also the guy who likes to pick on Tenzo and throw objects at Gai mid race. He’s the man who used ‘thousand years of death’ against Naruto in their first training session, and showed up behind Sakura with a cute wave and ‘hello’. He’s a serious deadly shinobi, but he is also a complete and utter goofball.

    Kakashi gets lost in his thoughts. Weither it’s thinking about the past, his actions, a plan. Whatever is it, Kakashi is likely to get lost in his thoughts and forget about actual conversation going on around him.

    Kakashi cares deeply. When it comes to the people that he allows himself to become close to, Kakashi cares deeply about them. He’s not the best at showing it, but he is the man who has the motto “i won’t let my teammates die”. Even just being a teammate of Kakashi’s instantly means he will protect you with his life. He doesn’t take death easily even after losing as many people as he has.

    Kakashi is a self-hating dumb. When something goes wrong, the first person Kakashi will blame is himself. Even if he couldn’t have changed things. Even if everything was stacked against him and someone in a higher position of power should have made a diffrent call, Kakashi will blame himself. Even years later after finding peace in his life he still blames himself for Obito’s death even though it wasn’t in any way his fault and there was little to nothing he could have done to change what happened (except maybe going after Rin quicker, but even then the mist shinobi could have tried to trap them in the cave by caving it in).

    Kakashi hates praise/recognition. Even when he does something good and helps the scenario, Kakashi doesn’t want the recognition and shoves it off onto others. He’s not interested in being the hero. To him he’s there to do a job and nothing else. In his mind, he doesn’t want or deserve praise for that, even when he absolutely does.

    Kakashi’s best friends are Tenzo and Gai. Regardless of what relationship he may be in, there are two people Kakashi trusts above all others. His best friends who have been by his side through his darkest times. Even with new connections being built, Kakashi will always have Tenzo and Gai and he’ll always fall back on them first because they’re the support systems he knows the best.

    Kakashi doesn’t talk a lot about his emotions. He’s closed off and distant and even having a deep personal connection with someone wouldn’t change that. He’s more likely to talk about his emotions with that person, but it wouldn’t make it any easier for him. He would still find difficulty in vocalizing his emotions because he has been trying to hide and ignore them since he was five and that doesn’t just go away.

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    Hatake Kakashi- Love Language

    Physical Touch

    Kakashi doesn’t show his affections in how he touches others, but rather how open he is to having others being physical with him. As someone who is very closed off and on edge a lot of the time thanks to his Anbu training, Kakashi doesn’t allow others to touch him freely. He rejects physical acts of affection from others (Naruto giving him a hug when he’s happy for example) and doesn’t seek out physical touch as a rule.

    What he does do, is leave himself open to physical touch that he can deem acceptable for the scenario, or with someone he feels comfortable with. Allowing Tenzo to hover close to him with little space between the two of them, allowing Gai to hug him from behind or touch his hair, legs and shoulders without complaint, or even smaller less intimate actions like allowing Naruto to hold onto his flak vest when he’s scared.

    Kakashi shows affection by keeping himself open to others physical affection. By allowing them to touch him, hug him or simply be closer than normal to him Kakashi shows his affection and trust in someone. He’s opening himself up to them and allowing them to be affectionate with him in their way, even though it would make him uncomfortable with others.

    Quality Time

    Quality time is Kakashi’s biggest most obvious way to show affection. Always one to appreciate his downtime, Kakashi states himself that he doesn’t like to do what he doesn’t have to do. So for Kakashi to spend quality time with someone means that he likes being around them.

    This can be something as simple as going out to lunch at Ichiraku Ramen with Team Seven, doing competitions with Gai, or spending his retirement with Gai. Kakashi’s days from age five to forty-five are spent constantly busy. Either doing missions, recovering from missions, or doing Hokage’s duties after the war. Kakashi rarely has time off and he make’s use of those times to spend it with the people that he appreciates the most.

    Even as a kid it’s rare to see Kakashi hanging out with very many people outside of training and missions. We see him relaxing with Gai once in a while, he states that as a kid he would go to festivals with Gai, and during the festival to celebrate Tsunade becoming Hokage we see Kakashi hanging out nearby Gai and his team rather than being around his own team. It’s in moments like those that Kakashi shows who he appreciates and adores, because it’s those people he chooses to spend his down time relaxing with that he appreciates the most. There are times when he has to be around others for work, but if it’s his free time he controls who he is around and make’s it clear who is important to him in doing so. 

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    Kakashi’s Not Here Right Now.

    Hatake Kakashi/Uchiha Shisui
    1492 words

                  Biting into the dango Shisui had given him, Sukea forced himself not to cringe as the sweet taste sank in. It was difficult sometimes, keeping Kakashi at bay during those rare days he got to visit Konoha. Especially when Kakashi’s dislike for sweets was so strong.

                  “Everything alright?” Turning his attention over to Shisui, he forced himself to smile regardless of the discomfort currently being caused by his taste buds. “Is the dango too much?”

                  “No no,” bringing his free hand up in front of his face, he tried his best to take another bite of dango just so Shisui could see that he was perfectly fine. Unfortunately, Kakashi’s taste buds revolted once again, causing him to spit out the small piece onto the ground. “Ok, maybe dango and I are having a bit of an argument today.”

                  Shisui laughed, bright and loud. A laugh that made Sukea’s chest burst with warmth.

                  “Here,” holding out a hand, Shisui carefully extracted the stick of dango from Sukea’s grasp. “I’ll eat it for you, but you owe me.”

                  That was a phrase Sukea never felt comfortable hearing from Shisui. He knew from Kakashi’s experiences that ‘you owe me’ could only be followed by disaster when coming from Uchiha Shisui’s mouth.

                  “Well, I appreciate the kind gesture,” he smiled, even as his brain started to think up increasingly ridiculous and terrifying scenarios Shisui could end up getting him into. “While you’re eating all fo that Dango, why don’t you show me the pictures you’ve taken since my last visit?”

                  At least then he could do something.

                  Watching as Shisui reached into his camera back and extracted the camera he had given him a little over a year ago, he smiled. He couldn’t wait to see what beautiful pictures Shisui had managed to capture this time. They never failed to blow him away.

                  “I haven’t had a lot of time to take pictures this round,” Not surprising given the busy life that he led as a shinobi. “What I was able to get was during my rare time off, and Itachi has been a lot more cautious around me whenever he see’s my camera so I think I only got one picture of him.”

                  One picture was good enough. Catching Itachi in embarrassing situations was hard enough to do, but capturing a photo of those occurrences was even rarer. So far the only person who had managed to do it was Shisui, while Sukea’s pictures were often more touching adorable moments he managed to get between Itachi and his little brother Sasuke.

                  Taking Shisui’s camera, he wasted no time in turning his attention down to the screen as he flicked the camera on.

                  And the first thing his eyes were greeted with was a naked Kakashi splayed out on Shisui’s bed fast asleep with one arm over his eyes and his face completely exposed.

                  “O-oh!” He can feel the warmth of a blush creeping up the back of his neck. The moment captured in the picture is easy for him to remember. How he had crawled in through Shisui’s apartment window seeking comfort after a long, difficult mission. Crawling into Shisui’s arms for an escape from the expectations placed on him, and finding himself naked in Shisui’s bed trying desperately to replace every terrible memory with the taste of Shisui’s kiss.

                  “I-uh-“ Lowering the camera, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath to center himself. “I don’t think I was supposed to see that one.”

                  “Why not?” When he looked back over at Shisui, he was greeted with an irritatingly smug smirk. “Don’t you like it? It’s one of my favorite’s so far.”

                  There’s a look in Shisui’s eyes that screams ‘danger’ but he has no real escape now. If he just dismisses himself and runs off, Shisui will know that something is up and will likely try to follow him.

                  “It’s beautiful, yes,” stunning actually. Shisui had the perfect lighting, angle and set up. He highlighted Kakashi’s body wonderfully and even managed to get a good shot of his face. Something very few people could manage since even in his sleep Kakashi had a bad habit of covering his face with his blanket, hand or even a pillow. “I just don’t think…well, it’s a personal picture don’t you think? Won’t he be upset with you if he finds out you’re showing this to me?”

                  He is actually quite upset. Private moments like this were meant to be kept between them. Not shared with someone who was a stranger to him as far as Shisui knew.

                  “I’m sure he’ll forgive me,” Shisui shrugged his shoulders as if he had done nothing wrong. “After all, I am eating his dango for him.”

                  “Oh…” lowering his eyes, Sukea kicked himself for not realizing why Shisui was so carefree about the whole situation, and for letting himself get caught in the act. “What…”

                  “There’s very few people with a mole in that same spot on their face,” Shisui takes another bite of Dango and smiles over at him. “What? You didn’t think you’d keep me fooled forever, did you?”

                  The downfalls to sleeping with someone was that they saw his face a lot more than others. Actually remembered what it looked like instead of forgetting the instant his mask went back on. Still, he hadn’t really thought he would fool anyone forever. That’s not the point of Sukea, and Shisui certainly wasn’t the first one to realize.

                  He just might be the first one with a little less tact when dealing with the subject.

                  “Can you-“ he cut himself off, unsure if he was making a request of Shisui that might be considered ‘rude’ or ‘too much’. It wasn’t really a subject he had to broach a lot with friends like Gai and Tenzo. One who always forgot what he looked like, and the other who seemed to understand right away what Sukea’s purpose was. “I’m…not Kakashi.”

                  Turning to look at Shisui, he gave him the best smile that he could and felt his heart hammering in his chest when Shisui returned his smile with a look of pure confusion. Apparently some explanation was needed.

                  “Sukea is a visitor,” He turned his eyes up towards the sky as he spoke. “Someone that doesn’t have the same background as Kakashi. That gets to walk into Konoha and have a different experience when he walks down the streets.”

                  Sukea doesn’t have to hear ‘Cold blooded Kakashi’ being whispered by every person he passes. Or see the way people glare at him when he acts just a little too much like his father.

                  “I’m just a photographer,” he turned his attention back to Shisui, the smile on his face genuine and happy. “The only things I know about Kakashi are the things I hear from others.”

                  For a second it looks like Shisui might try to argue with him. State that he knows that Sukea is in fact Kakashi. One in the same person.

                  But soon that second passes, and Shisui plasters a smile on his face.

                  “I think I get it,” Maybe Kakashi would be able to fill in the blanks for Shisui the next time they see each other. Sukea can already feel the Genius’ mind working deep down inside of him to come up with an explanation that made more sense. “In that case I guess I do owe him an apology. I’ll have to make it up to him next time I see him.”

                  Leaning over, Shisui flicked over to the next picture. A much more family appropriate photograph of Kakashi and Gai in the middle of one of the many competitions Sukea has heard about from Gai himself.

                  “But, before that.” lifting his head, Sukea drew in a sharp breath when Shisui caught his lips in a kiss. It was tender and careful, exploring and testing the waters just like the first time Shisui had kissed Kakashi. It was also comfortable and warm, making Sukea melt in his spot. He can hear Kakashi grumbling away in his mind, but he ignored it.

                  For once Kakashi can share a bit of his life with him. Just for a second.

                  A whimper escapes his throat when Shisui pulls away, and he can feel himself blushing all over again when Shisui laughs.

                  “I’ll make sure to make that up to him too,” he promises with a playful smile. “Just thought I’d get a kiss from the cute photographer, since I doubt I’ll be getting anymore.”

                  Sukea might have to have a one on one chat with Kakashi about that.

                  He would certainly like more of those kisses in his future, and Kakashi didn’t have to come out to play for him to get them. He could stay safely tucked away in his mind, hiding away from the problems he’s not able to face that day.

                  “I think he’ll forgive you,” Sukea smiled over at him. “Just this once.”

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