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  • I appear to be what the kids are calling “cancelled” these days by the Terf and ‘gender critical’ community because I think J.K Rowling is a bad woman.

    How shall i ever recover from that blow to my reputation :c

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  • let me tag you and fight me in the notes you fucking cowards

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  • Hot fuckin take but if you see a post with someone getting dunked on and 1,000+ notes going around you should NEVER go harass someone in that reblog chain, ESPECIALLY if that person is a minor. Chances are they’ve heard it before and by being a random stranger taking a very aggressive, insulting tone you are in no way helping your cause and just pissing someone off.

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    Lol, lots of TERF tears on Reddit after r/GenderCritical got banned

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  • #op’s icon is literally an animu lucifer

    lmao ok? how does that diminish my pro-trans stance?

    #they are grasping at straws #terf#terfs#gender critical#radfem#feminism
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    Okay class, what did we learn today?

    • Apparently if you’re a trans man/transmasc/NB you forget the oppression you faced as a kid for being AFAB;
    • Feminine trans men don’t real;
    • Trans men are Totally Not Like Other Girls (which technically we’re not girls, so);
    • TERFs despise Not Like Other Girls behavior while calling women who don’t agree with them libfem handmaidens, bikers, or transtrenders;
    • Trans men are only worthy of pity and condescension, and cis TERFs are the only ones who REALLY FOR REALS know what trans men are going through; and
    • Apparently men in general are incapable of being critical of today’s beauty industry and it’s unreasonable expectations of women, and are instead just slaves to their lousy pretending to be woke*.

    By God, they did it, everyone! They cracked the code! Clearly we’re just poor lost little butch lesbians who are longing for female connections but can’t because of…reasons! And facts! That we very clearly provided evidence for!

    (*Obviously the beauty industry is crafted to be of benefit and service to men, and they are obviously the ones who benefit under exploitation of women through the beauty industry by setting unrealistic standards for women to aspire to. That is not the point I’m contending. Rather, the point I’m arguing is the “AMAB folks are incapable of being critical of the beauty industry and seeing through its bullshit.”)

    #anti gender critical #anti terf#gender critical#terfs #somebody save the ‘TIFs’
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  • TERFs r stinky pass it on

    #*boots the hornet's nest directly into my home bcos i am Itchin For Some Bitchin* #terf#terfs#radfem
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    Originally posted by violettabellocchio

    Me watching TERFs scramble around my suicide bait post lol

    Also if you’re a TERF you’re ugly, irredeemable, and should be turned into renewable energy, cos lord knows, no one outside of the Internet can tolerate you while you’re alive 😘

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  • Some of you replicate this interaction every day

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  • Seeing TERFs get mad and defending themselves but just ignoring them so that they spend all their time trying to defend their awful behavior to you with no result is honestly such a good feeling. Lmao like shouting “queer is a slur” at a queer person is going to be productive in any capacity.

    #terfs #can die mad #lmao
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  • When I find someone hot on tumblr and then find out she’s a terf:


    Originally posted by trapstrblog

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  • y’all what’s the right plan of attack so to speak when you know of a terf that’s part of your local queer circles? like should I warn people?

    I know she goes to events and stuff but I just don’t know if I should tell people. She’s crypto and she could easily befriend people without them realizing. I just don’t want her to have the opportunity to harm other people the way she harmed me.

    #terfs #irl queer spaces #queer spaces#queer community #local queer spaces #local queer community #trans exclusionary feminism
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  • Some of yall are just slaves to cis women cis white women in particular and its just… so… YUCK!!!! 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤥🤢🤮🤢🤮

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  • Why? The work that’s gone. The lists, the years of manicured bullpoop just gone, hundreds of thousands of woman hours of hate just ffffft…..

    Hate subs fleeing, multiple accounts through multiple e-mails gone!!!

    The biggest scam page on reddit gone.

    And the best thing is TERFs can’t get that back, not all of it, they can’t really move either not to a format anyone cares about.

    They’ll be on Spinster that Alt-right owned crap, on private FB groups because public they’ll get reported, they’ll be on Ruqquas or whatever the republicans want as their own.

    Yeah some of them might settle here but half already were here and TERFs can’t really community build for crud on here.

    I love Karma, she’s my fave trans woman.

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  • And you know why?

    It’s never been about what cis pretenders might do, what trans people might do.

    It’s about normalization. It’s about fighting trans people becoming more open, more commonplace. Because once the stereotypes are gone, once the fiction is gone hate arguments lose out.

    And TERF arguments are just that.

    Punching down is easier than doing feminist works.

    Hate sells, heck numerous mainstream TERFs literally use it as their income.

    Expose basic truths like this and you’ll see TERFs fade away or go further right in their last desperation.

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  • I realized my one post could’ve been easily misconstrued. So anyway terfs/radfems should fear speaking up/out. They’ve intentionally erased queer history and poisoned the minds of the youth to believe their lies. They’ve always advocated for the violence against trans women and aren’t a different side who’s opinions matter. Those who encourage violence against a minority don’t deserve to be heard and rather punched thanks.

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