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  • tidalwavc
    25.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #❛ 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏   ╱   ‹ inseong & jangmi. › #❛ 𝒕𝒆𝒙𝒕𝒔   ╱   nam inseong #me reí muy fuerte lpm te amo #lovcsickgrls
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  • catthey
    25.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    what does the french mistake mean

    #i dont go here #spn #is it related 2 destiel canon but only in soanish (te amo) or is it older than that
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  • snowberry-pie
    25.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    as upset i am abt delphine being a dick abt paarthurnax i cannot stay mad at her for forever like...that’s my mom

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  • ohmybooknessblog
    25.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    #LGBTQAUTHOR Book Title; LotS Author; Brian Washington #bookdescription Around him, others live and thrive and die in Houston's myriad in: a young woman whose affair detonates across an apartment complex, a ragtag baseball team, a group of young hustlers, hurricane survivors, a local drug dealer who takes a Guatemalan teen under his wing, a reluctant chupacabra.  Bryan Washington's brilliant, viscerally drawn world vibrates with energy, wit, raw power, and the infinite longing of people searching for home. With soulful insight into what makes a community, a family, and a life, Lot explores trust and love in all its unsparing and unsteady forms. Book #Title Memorial #author Brian Washington' #bookdedication Benson and Mike are two young guys who live together in Houston. Mike is a Japanese American chef at a Mexican restaurant and Benson's a Black day care teacher, and they've been together for a few years—good years—but now they're not sure why they're still a couple. There's the sex, sure, and the meals Mike cooks for Benson, and, well, they love each other. But when Mike finds out his estranged father is dying in Osaka just as his acerbic Japanese mother, Mitsuko, arrives in Texas for a visit, Mike picks up and flies across the world to say goodbye. In Japan he undergoes an extraordinary transformation, discovering the truth about his family and his past. Back home, Mitsuko and Benson are stuck living together as unconventional roommates, an absurd domestic situation that ends up meaning more to each of them than they ever could have predicted. Without Mike's immediate pull, Benson begins to push outwards, realizing he might just know what he wants out of life and have the goods to get it. Both men will change in ways that will either make them stronger together, or fracture everything they've ever known. And just maybe they'll all be okay in the end. #purchasebook @barnesandnoble @amazon @audible #lgbtq🌈 #lgbtqpluscommunity #lgbtqbookstagram #lgbtqbook #diversityandinclusion #book #books #bookstagram $bookstoread $read #readsofinstagram #reads #readacrossamerica #readingaddict #te #READS #readsalot @pen_warriors_ https://www.instagram.com/p/CQN4NoQsqJ9/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • stevezissous
    25.06.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    shut up everybody pabllo vittar released new music

    #vai mami serve pra mim #mulher te amo entenda 😭😭😭
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  • kentoangel
    25.06.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    it’s so weird recording yourself talk

    #omg it’s for the ask game and i have no clue as to what day 😭 #as to what to say * #i was gonna go with a simple ‘hola! espero estes bien y te quiero mucho!’ #but it sounds dumb :/ #or it’s just my voice LMAO #delete later #anyways it’s 1:47 am and i am trying to record something + change my theme
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  • fraablackmood
    25.06.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    "Hai cosi paura di ferire gli altri, ma dimmi: chi si preoccupa di non ferire te?"

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  • ines-txbles
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Y entre tormentas, alcohol y humo, solo anhelo poder tenerte de nuevo.

    Te recuerdo sin estragos, te recuerdo sin estrés, quiero vivirlo, vivirlo otra vez.


    Inspirado en The Cure.

    Caramelos de Cianuro.

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  • fraablackmood
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Ci son persone che vivono per il tuo sorriso e altre che rosicheranno quando capiranno di non essere riuscite a spegnerlo."


    #frasi#frasi belle#frasi tumblr #frasi di amore #internet#instagram #io e te #per sempre #voglio solo lui #ti voglio qui #mi manchi
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  • alexisbohen
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Desearía ser un poco menos atenta, desearía que no me importaras y nadar; que tu recuerdo sea borrado de mi memoria tan rápido como se ve a un colibrí aletear porque me es difícil creer que me amaste de verdad pues con tu partida pareció más que me buscabas matar.


    #cosas de la vida #citas #textos en español #amor #citas de amor #textos #cosas que escribo #pensamientos de noche #desamor #frases en español #cosas del amor #citas de desamor #triste #stay with me #te extraño#te escribo#recuerdos#poema#poesia #poets on tumblr #poema del alma #poema corto
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  • bellonathedragonborn
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The covers I made for Primrose’s stories. I call it the Runaway Saga.

    Technically Bloodties is a part of it but it’s also not a part of it. If that makes sense.

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  • brianenriquez
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Habrá algo que no te voy perdonar nunca, y es que después de robarme tantas sonrisas, robarme tantos besos y hasta llevarte mi corazón; es que ahora me hayas dejado sin poemas.

    Haberme quitado la libertad de leerme sin recordarte y llorar es imperdonable, te odio tan fuerte como te amo.

    Ojalá no me hagas dejar de escribir.

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  • gguklitz
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Eu te amo

    Capa e fanfic por: @_Babydark_-/@gguklitz

    #capa romântica #capa para social spirit #capa de fic #capa texturizada#Blackpink#Chaelisa #Eu te amo #capa de fanfic #romântico#Gguklitz
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  • laughable-illusions
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Cicero: oh oops!

    Kesar: I’m pretty sure accidentally stabbing someone 15 times in the chest calls for more than just an ‘oops’..

    #skyrim #incorrect skyrim quotes #the dark brotherhood #skyrim cicero#Cicero#skyrim followers#skyrim oc #the elder scrolls #tes v#tesblr #cicero x listener
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  • lneverland
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Aún siento mariposas cuando te tengo de frente.

    #aún te extraño #aún te espero #aún te amo #aún#amor#vida#creer #cosas que siento #como me siento #maripositas#mariposa#mariposas#desamor#historia #cosas de la vida
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  • dewberry-and-honeystarz
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #madali din kasi ibully #yung mas maliit sau #tsaka mabait si saturday #duwende ka te #pls lang #si ate saturday ay isang fairy #na maganda at mabait #bye #🧸.late night convos #🛴.spreading chaos on scooters #🎐.sunarinluvr
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  • deesmort
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ...and his name is Adibael Morin.

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  • zothica
    25.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Brotherhood of Blood -

    With her last breath, the warm of the Speaker’s arms faded, the cold of the Void enveloping the alchemist.

    Cold blue eyes opened to the darkness of the Void, her body having faded from Mundas, now face to face with Sithis and the Night Mother themselves. Once a humble alchemist, now a slave to the darkness of the Dread Father.

    Lucien Lachance’s grip faded away as Mila finally regained her bearing in the Void. The warmth of his robes was something that felt so close, yet so distant.

    The Speaker sighed, watching his daughter storm out of the house in a flurry of emotions. He hid his ex-lover’s skull into is robes, brunette hair that was once tied back fell back into his face. His chest rose and fall with each inhale and exhale, trying to think of a way to calm his frantic daughter.

    He was hoping to avoid such a thing.

    It was his opposite intention to have Rose see what had happened. He knew Reyad’s game, if he were to put the contract on Mila, Rose would be the one to have to finish the job. Sithis always required blood.

    Lucien wasn’t foolish.

    Despite any opposing views, he wasn’t entirely heartless either. He knew he couldn’t let her kill her own mother. As much as it pained him as well, it was for the good of their daughter.

    “I thought... Why would he keep that from me?”

    The young woman sat near the blazing fire, the Sanctuary’s Matron draping a blanket over her shoulders and handing her a mug of tea. Antonietta had been kind enough to brew fresh bergamot tea, her and Ocheeva both sitting near Rose.

    Ocheeva opened her mouth to speak, but stopped, rethinking what she was planning to say. She didn’t want to damage Rose’s psyche anymore with anything even slightly intense.

    “Lucien Lachance is smart, Ro, and so are you! But... He loves you,” Antonietta Marie began before the Matron could, “we all do. What ever happened, it happened for a reason. He wouldn’t hide anything from you to make you angry...” she trailed off.

    The Argonian woman nodded, “she is right, Lucien is so often private... But he would do anything to protect you, even if it meant keeping it from you. He must have a good reason for it, Rose. But you mustn’t hold it against him.” She gently lay a hand to Rose’s shoulder, “at least you may find comfort that your mother is with Sithis in the Void.”

    “The Void...” Rose huffed under her breath, “I suppose.”

    Though dedicated to the Dark Brotherhood, Rose’s faith began to fade as she grew up, always a shadow of doubt in her mind. Did Sithis really have such an elaborate plan for her? Why would she trust such a force of evil? One that had seemingly no pleasant presence in her life.

    Certainly, the Brotherhood was what kept her family together, it was all she ever knew. Eventually, she would have to find her own path, rather than following what ideals the rest of her family fell into.


    Her shriek echoed through the farmhouse, the expectant Champion falling to her knees. Weeping and sobbing was all she could manage to do, overcome by such a painful grief, staring into her father’s mutilated corpse.

    “Rosie!” The Prince attempted to bring her away, “lass, shhh...” he wrapped his arms around her from behind, attempting to bring hers away from Lucien’s body.

    “P-Papa...” she choked, “Sheo, he... The Black Hand... They...” she fell limply into Sheogorath’s arms, still sobbing at the sight in front of her. It was almost surreal, knowing that the Dark Brotherhood slaughtered him so coldly.

    The Prince nestled his head into the crook of Rose’s neck, his magick whisking them back to the Shivering Isles, much to her dismay. He knew if they stayed any longer, her health would fail. He couldn’t lose his love and his twins.

    Rose’s eyes opened slowly, tears still clouding her vision, not expecting to be brought back to the Isles at such a time. All she knew was anger. It was how she processed her grief, how she processed such painful emotions.

    “Y-You... Why did you take me back here?! H-He... They strung him up like... Like... You brought me back here?!” She raised her voice, anger boiling through her body. The Champion pushed him away, “I could’ve saved him... If... He wouldn’t be dead, had you not brought me here!”

    Sheogorath blinked, his expression blank, golden eyes fixating to her. “Rosie...” he knew he couldn’t wrangle her emotions, nor could she, for that matter, “ye would have died. Ye would’ve died if we stayed any longer, and ye would’ve died had I not taken ye in to begin with. Please calm down, lass, ye aren’t doin’ yerself any favors.”

    Anger melded back into sadness, a flurry of emotions all interrupted by a sharp pain in her back. Several curses flew from under her breath, the Prince holding her up before she fell over.

    “I... Sheo... I’m sorry...”

    “Hush, lass... None of that. Let’s get ye to bed.”


    #dark brotherhood#lucien lachance #tes oc Mila Crowe #tes oc rose #tes oc Reyad Crowe #elder scrolls#oblivion#maddened roses #madds writes elder scrolls
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