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  • basically-im-a-clown
    23.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Le nuvole quando si avvicinano tra loro formano per te una pista, e tu fai quello che hai sempre fatto: corri senza mai guardarti indietro. Corri libero, veloce e fiero.

    10 anni senza di te.

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  • fo-messages
    23.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    {ID: A fake screenshot of two received messages. They read: Even if the world ends. As long as I'm with you, I'll happily watch it crumble. End ID}

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  • secret-code
    23.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    》 jungwoo from nct; 211013 instagram post ♡ 》 250 x 250 icon set ♡ 》 free for use ♡
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  • spector
    23.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    #mam nadzieje ze te miejsca nadal istnieją po pandemii :( #najlepiej sprawdź online zanim coś odwiedzisz #bardzo miło mi się to pisało heheheheh
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  • talldarkandroguesome
    23.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    23rd of Frostfall, Loredas

    As predicted, the Council wanted to go over all the details once more, checking it against reports from the Temple in Vivec and making sure that I was not simply making things up in order to either shirk my duties, or to keep information from them in order to only share it with Mother and her allies on the Council.

    Must it always be this way?

    So infuriating.

    How many centuries does it take to realize that there has to be a better solution than this?

    Perhaps I am simply considering more and more the folly of our entire culture.

    No, it is more than that. It is the revelations of the book Vehk bestowed upon me.

    Well, ones that Avon explained off of his reading.

    I was not even allowed to enjoy the freedom of being away from the Council, however, for as soon as I made my way through the streets, I saw people turning and whispering. Not everyone, mind you, but enough of those with influence. Sure, they made the required niceties, but something is up.

    I asked Avon about it as I walked inside, just to ensure that the rumors in town had not painted me a cuckold or a traitor to the Pact or something equally ridiculous.

    Of course, as is the way with these things, it was less serious, but in some ways worse.

    Avon took a moment to understand what it might be, but when he did, he laughed at me for a straight minute.

    Apparently, word has gotten around about my meeting with the Mages Guild and Shad Astula and then with all my travel, people have determined, with some small use of facts, that I am not as inept with magicka as was first believed. In fact, a day or so after I left, rumors began that I was, though it had been kept secret for years, so great mage.

    From there, it was said that my powers were so great that I had not attended Shad Astula simply because even at a young age, I required more than the standard education provided. That all the early rumors that I might have been a spy were in fact propaganda meant to hide the truth of my abilities.

    Then things really began to spiral and now things have reached such ridiculous heights, that there is even word that I could be a Psijiic. Of all bloody rumors!

    Being seen as the fool is something of my specialty. In fact, I count on people underestimating me greatly. Now things are the literal opposite!

    It took a while for Avon to calm down enough for us to get through household affairs.

    Over a meal before Sildras returned from his tutors, Avon excitedly wished to discuss the book of Vehk’s. He had, by then, read the whole thing cover to cover and even made some notes of his thoughts.

    I was rather tired from having to explain over and over the same things so I asked that we just over a few for now and consider the rest of the contents once Sildras had gone to sleep.

    Of course, we barely spoke about more than just things found in the first fifty or so pages. So in debt is Avon’s analysis, that I was rather overwhelmed. He has drawn connections from other knowledge that I do not know if I might have without having read things over several times.

    We discussed mostly the fact that the Chimer did not so much worship the True Tribunal, but rather, had a sort of bartering system to come to knowledge. They also had this with the Four Corners of the House of Troubles, though obviously it was considered far more dangerous and best to be avoided. But in all cases it seemed to him far closer to finding a way to exploit the spheres of the Princes than to worship them at all. I had read some of this passage, but so busy had I become with everything, I had not read carefully, or perhaps I even skipped over, some of the more important details of things.

    Considering how often I had to put the book down, it is little surprise that I lost my place and missed things.

    Avon poured on and on his thoughts about how fascinating it was that so much of Vivec’s philosphy was pulled straight from early Chimer traditions and that so much of the foundations laid by Saint Veloth, ostensibly learned directly from the True Tribunal, continued to have through lines in even the most minute parts of Almsivi’s religious practices.

    Theology has never been my strong suit, though I was already well aware that this was the case. I have seen it in history before, the new regime takes the ideas and traditions of the deposed one and makes it their own in ways subtle enough not to be obvious, but remaining true enough to the traditions that people are comfortable sticking with what they knew. Gradual change is so much easier than radical change, after all.

    Speaking of Saint Veloth and the True Tribunal, Avon had much to say on the large number of mentions that the True Tribunal makes of Lorkhan. To be honest, this is not something I think I had ever given any thought. But apparently Vehk relays this large number of mentions in the book.

    And all of this has led Avon to an interesting theory. Given Boethiah’s close relationship to Lorkhan and the great deposits of ebony found along the way towards Morrowind, that perhaps the way that Boethiah instructed Veloth to navigate his exodus was through following the path of Lorkhan’s blood.

    I do not know how much I buy such a theory. I mean, it’s as sound as any others I heard the Temple propose about various things, but really, following the Ebony veins? Surely that is more metaphor than anything else.

    I mean, if our Chimer ancestors were following the path of blood left by Lorkhan, then it would be the path of his thrown heart. And I have never heard even the most obscure legend of any major deposit that could be called Lorkhan’s heart or whatever. Unless it landed in the sea of ghosts or something I suppose.

    I told this to Avon when he had finished explaining it and he said he would have to think on that for a while. He seems to think that Vehk is more literal in some areas than others, but I think the whole book is written simply to make himself feel more comfortable with the bastardization he was about to propose for Almsivi’s worship practices.

    After all, why else would he and the other Triunes demand worship in such a way if the True Tribunal was only receiving veneration in exchange for knowledge? Clearly they longed for more direct devotion, a way to ensure that they maximized their power and influence.

    Avon thinks I am letting my personal feelings get too involved, but even he had to admit that I had a bit of a point about motivations.

    I am not sure if I am looking forward to the next theological discussion, but it is far easier to have Avon pick out and read passages and cross reference them with other books than for me to sit and attempt to do so on my own.

    What a fetching day it has been.

    #ESO#TES#RP#Dunmer #Elder Scrolls Online #The Elder Scrolls
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  • sp4mt0n
    23.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    girls love the flat spider living on their ceiling

    #i have named them frank #sometimes ill see te scurrying around and be like :D the lil bestie #they've been here for like a week #love tjem #there's been 2 other spiders in the house #other small not threatening ones so mom didn't kill them :D #fank is tiny tho #like an inch wide at their widest #also name is fank now #bc i say so my spider my name
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  • anaa-ss
    23.10.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    se krejt qka kom per ty o dashni.

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  • m30camren
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    No debería estar pensando en ti pero vi nuestro último video y te extrañe.

    #adolescente #cosas de tumblr #cosas que nunca te dije #cosas que duelen #citas tristes#citas #frases de un joven #desamor #aun te pienso #aun te extraño
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  • podcastenthusiast
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #skyrim #tes v skyrim #skyrim scenery#skyrim screenshots #the elder scrolls #video games #click for better quality
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  • volumina-vetustiora
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Skyrim: Miraak's mantra - in Latin

    Latin (translated by me)

    hic in sacrario meo

    cuius obliti estis

    hic operatis

    ut memineritis

    noctu recipitis

    interdiu ablatum

    longe estis a vobis

    fio semper propior ad vos

    oculi vestri olim caeci erant

    nunc per me videtis

    manus vestrae olim desides erant

    nunc per eas loquor

    et ubi mundus audiet

    et ubi mundus videbit

    et ubi mundus meminerit

    ille mundus decedet

    English (original)

    Here in my shrine

    That you have forgotten

    Here do you toil

    That you might remember

    By night you reclaim

    What by day was stolen

    Far from yourselves

    I grow ever nearer to you

    Your eyes once were blinded

    Now through me do you see

    Your hands once were idle

    Now through them do I speak

    And when the world shall listen

    And when the world shall see

    And when the world remembers

    That world shall cease to be

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  • indentazionedellapelle
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ti osservo dall'altro lato del tavolino, con il volto coperto da un bicchiere di Coca Cola.

    Ti intravedo tra i riflessi di quel misero pezzo di vetro che ti porti alle labbra.

    Allungo la mano verso di te, come la prima volta.

    Mi guardi con lo stesso sguardo che hai custodito in questi anni, con la stessa immancabile dolcezza, quella dolcezza che ho intravisto tra i binari di un treno.


    Sussulta anche il cuore.

    Ti sistemi sulla sedia, portando il tuo busto un po' più su mentre con una mano ti sistemi i capelli.

    "È da stamattina che non mi guardo allo specchio" borbotti "Sto bene?"


    Annuisco mentre vorrei sussurrarti in un orecchio che stai sempre bene tu.

    Stai bene con i capelli scomposti e composti, con addosso abiti eleganti o una vecchia tuta, con una felpa più grande di te o con quel pigiamone che ti tiene tanto caldo.

    Stai bene truccata e struccata.

    Stai bene mentre danzi a ritmo di una musica che non c'è o mentre fai le tue facce buffe.

    Stai bene - addirittura- con il naso screpolato e tutto arrossato, che quasi sembri un mini pagliaccio.

    Stai sempre bene tu.

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  • silmeart
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fanart. Shivering Isles. The main characters and my OC.

    #tes #The Elder Scrolls #the elder scrolls oblivion #shivering isles
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  • hungover-dovahkiin
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    If Antonella was petty...an encore! Featuring Ancano. 

    Gotta love the pose mods!

    #skyrim oc#oc antonella#oc nell#ancano #college of winterhold #skyrim shitpost#skyrim mods#tes skyrim #the elder scrolls skyrim #skyrim special edition #skyrim screenshots
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  • renacerll
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Se busca un amor

    Me he rehusado a creer en el amor, me he negado, he gritado a los cuatro vientos lo estúpido que es amar; pero, me he mentido, les he mentido y por eso pido perdón. Yo, soy una fiel creyente del amor, de tomarse de las manos, de ese dolor de estómago que te da cuando vas a ver a alguien, del sudor de manos, las palpitaciones fuertes y rápidas, los mil cambios de ropa... No les puedo mentir. He buscado amor, en cada rincón.

    Pero el amor no se busca, se encuentra.

    Déjame te cuento, encontré sin buscar, fui feliz, pero no estaba completa, él y yo fuimos la historia de amor más bonita y efímera, lo quiero, pero no es posible.

    Me he querido engañar, diciendo que me hace feliz que otros me den eso que él no me dará, me he visto envuelta en relaciones raras, he intentado quitarmelo de la cabeza, he tratado.

    Merecía ser feliz, merecía que él fuese mi príncipe, pero la vida jamás ha sido así de sencilla. Lo quiero y quiero que me quiera. Quiero que se de cuenta que me quiere. Quiero que todo sea un poco más fácil.

    Te extraño, Daniel, no leerás esto, pero te quiero, lo dejo aquí como todos quiénes alguna vez fueron importantes, te dejo aquí para así poder avanzar o quizás para que de alguna manera extraña esto me ayude a tenerte un poquito más cerca a mi.

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  • hungover-dovahkiin
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    One of the many reasons I love pose mods: so Nell can really tell Ancano where to shove it. 

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  • caos-inestable11
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Te extraño joder, extraño tanto que me odio día y noche por dejarte ir, por no haberme dado cuenta lo importantes que eras en mi vida, hoy por fin lo hice, pero es demasiado tarde ya te has marchado ruego para que regreses porque yo simplemente soy tan cobarde que no puedo encontrar la manera de regresar otra vez a tu vida

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  • trashiesttrashboy
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Wait my headphones are dead so I can't even listen to music or anything until they charge which I know doesn't take that long but I have the sudden urge to either listen to Pebble Brain for the millionth time this week or listen to the Oblivion soundtrack in its entirety because I want to feel like a potato faced NPC just living my funky little life in my funky little house. I want to be that one NPC that literally never leaves that one specific building so you only know about me through the offhanded dialogue of one of the other NPCs or if you just decide to rob my house I want to live in fear of literal portals to hell ony doorstep and the little guys who come out of those portals I want to be fucking murdered by a guard because I got hungry in the wrong house

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  • tizianacerralovetrainer
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “Quando due esseri umani si uniscono ci sono due possibilità: più di due o meno di due. Si chiama matematica sinergica. Che cosa significa ...più di due, quando unendosi, diventano migliori di quando erano single... se uno solo diventa migliore, il matrimonio non è servito a niente...”

    tratto da “PNL con i bambini” di Eric de la Parra Paz

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  • prophet-of-landfall
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    @ Skyrim modders with more knowledge than me how do I fix my custom shelves not letting me place Any books in

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  • aullandote-noches-de-luna-llena
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Inventando trucos para dormir

    Para no pensar en ti,

    para dejar de escribir

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