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  • how do I explain to my fellow students that the reason i know a lot about tetanus bc i read a whump fic where someone got tetanus?

    #i love fics with medical jargon #my boy pete got sick #get vaccinated peeps #fic#tetanus
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  • Who Ready for SHOTS???😀
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  • I see sooo many posts about tetanus.

     A child gets a cut or steps on something sharp and parents are panicking. While tetanus is certainly nothing to sneeze at, what exactly are the odds your children are in danger?

    And I’m sure everyone knows that the dtap vaccine is useless if you already have tetanus..

    You would need immune globulin.

    There’s an average of 30 tetanus cases each year in the US. 

    Most are in men over 50, who also have diabetes. 

    Being a heroin addict is another group most affected.

    Here’s a older graph from the CDC showing where tetanus cases most frequently occur. 

    You have more of a risk if you live in California, Texas and Florida.

    Here’s another showing odds by age group…

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  • image

    Name: Tetanus

    Species: Dog

    Breed: Labrador

    From: Me

    Version: 3

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  • tetanus shot got me feeling like I just underwent the SPARTAN-II augmentation procedure 😭😂😭😂

    #halo#spartan program#master chief#tetanus#vaccines #is it normal for ny arm yo be in so much pain its almost unusable
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  • image

    Visiting family who live in an old juvenile detention center. Found some old maintenance tunnels to explore!

    #let's see what happens #it'll be either ghosts #tetanus#spiders #or a dead body #i will be perfectly fine
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  • Dengue Fever - Ivory Coast

    An outbreak of dengue fever has been ongoing in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) since January 2019, with the upscale urban districts of Abidjan city being the most affected, according to the World Health Organization. Between 1 January and 25 June 2019, a total of 1,853 suspected dengue fever cases were reported, including two deaths.

    Tetanus - Ukraine

    Ukraine health officials are reminding the public to ensure they are vaccinated against tetanus as five cases, including one death have been reported in 2019 to date.

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  • image

    You like extreme sports? How about extreme tetanus?

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  • I didn’t get tetanus today! And I even accidentally stepped on a rusty needle couple days ago! 

    Adults should get their tetanus booster every 10 years, and if you do step on a rusty needle or have had something puncture the skin, check when you last got one, and discuss with a health care professional if you should get a booster now to be safe.

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  • Hey, wanna know a good reason to keep up to date on your vaccines? Because you might be an idiot someday and be a complete stereotype by stepping on a rusty nail. Kinda like I did today. Looking at your foot and realizing that there is a nail sticking up all the way through the ball of your foot is not the way I would recommend you start your day. Fyi - I am up to day on all my shots, but they gave me a booster and antibiotics just in case.


    Originally posted by sassy-dae

    #tetanus#booster shots #i get to spend the next couple of days on the couch 🤦‍♀️ #I’m an idiot #ouch
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  • In addition to Measles, I can’t believe Tetanus is back. Like, dang. Who is bringing these deadly diseases to North America? -_-

    Turns out there was never a cure.

    If you’re not allergic to vaccines, you know exactly what to do. If you are (like myself), still seek medical advice and take precautions.

    I also want to point out that vaccines don’t cause autism. The thimerosal issue has been dealt with. If not, the industry would have found a different strategy. We need to stop demonizing people (and their families) who are living with autism. Next month (April) is Autism Awareness Month, so this is a great opportunity to educate yourselves on it.

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  • i have tetanus send tweet

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  • 1.05 tetanus/vitamin c study in bangladesh 1984 by dr jahan.

    Suzanne Humphries is a  specialist in internal medicine and kidney disease from the US, The lecture is about the role of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for a variety of functions in the body and that there is research in health care often forgotten, denied and doubted. The Vitamin C is important for children and during pregnancy, in diseases of the cardiovascular, skeletal and skin and in cancer. But should you take extra vitamin C? How much and in what quantity and shape? Are there dangers and problems with this? Can you get kidney stones from vitamin C? We all need vitamin C and it is most famous for its importance in the immune system. It is important as part of the prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases. A common perception is that a rich foods contain enough vitamin C, but is it really? How much do we need? In what form should it be used? Is it good to take in higher doses in different diseases? Can it be combined with conventional medicine? It may be important to you and your health? Dr. Humphries has a historical perspective on vitamin C and its importance in various diseases, but also describes its role in health in general.

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