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  • I stg each time i hear the beginning of ghost boy my heart shatters, this is and will forever be my favorite song no questions asked thank you

    #i cant explain how much this song means to me #im finna cry #ghost boy#lil peep#everybody's everything#🖤#me#text#post#personal
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  • dating cis ppl is wild sometimes ngl

    #text #like my last 3 experiences..... wild lol #well 2/3 was much wilder one was chill a little bit #personal #dating is so damn hard esp when ur trans ugh
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  • ohhh i feel another tos rewatch coming on

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  • Is your laundry basket full?
    I did a load yesterday but there’s still some I need to do tomorrow. Certain times of the month I do more laundry and we’re on that week right now.

    How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
    I never count. It’s never enough regardless. My body is fucked up for a lot of reasons, though. I have health problems that contribute to why I’m always sore and exhausted on some level.

    Have you ever heard of the Honorary Title?

    What’s a name you like that starts with the letter M?
    There isn’t one. I just like the names of future kids I’ve had picked out since I was 12 and I’ve talked about those before. I probably can’t have kids, so I’m not all that hopeful about using them. :(

    What was the last word you said aloud?
    “Hollerrrr, absolutely!” I was listening to an episode of Jann Arden’s new podcast I still hadn’t finished and enthusiastically agreeing with something she and Lisa LaFlamme were talking about.

    Have you ever received nude pictures from someone?
    I sure have. Just one person in terms of solicited ones, though. I was dating her. If that’s my baby, I welcome them, always. Always gonna hype her up and tell her how hawt she is. Unsolicited dick pics can fuck right off. You’re only making me gayer, my dudes. Nobody wants to go into their inbox and come face to face with your junk if we don’t know you, I promise. It’s not attractive, even if I were straight. I’m very much not, so you can move along or whatever, but yanno. Just sayin’.

    What was the last rumor you heard?
    I don’t know. This town in and of itself is a fucking rumor mill lmao. I don’t listen. Most people are closed minded and gossipy and racist and shitty. I don’t entertain that type of stuff. I don’t see a lot of anyone, but I’m not gonna sit there and gossip and tear people down and be hateful with my one friend when I do see her. If It’s my family banging on about their views I usually just nod my head and let it go in one ear and out the other because I got sick of defending myself and my positions to them a long time ago. They don’t know my real opinions and feelings on much of anything and that’s kinda fine by me. I’m my own person and I don’t have the energy to fight about shit. If they’re talking bad about someone I know and love and respect I will obviously go to bat for them because it’s about how someone speaks about you in your absence even more than your presence, but otherwise I’m just like let them have their small minded views and conversations. I barely have energy enough to keep myself alive at this point, and a lot of days I don’t want to. I’m not focusing what’s left of it on some bullshit.

    Describe your day in 3 words.
    Same ol’ shit. Felt like ass.

    Where is your cell phone?
    I haven’t had a cell since like 2014. I’ve a cheap house phone. Cell service is awful here anyway.

    Do you own an iPod or Zune?
    What is a Zune? Am I old because I don’t know what that is? I don’t have either one.

    Do you support animal rights?
    I’m not a full blown vegetarian anymore for certain health reasons. I was for a while. If I could I’d probably be a vegan, but I’m not really all that healthy. I still don’t eat a shit ton of meat. I honestly try to keep it to a minimum for other reasons separate from animal rights. My doctor wants me consuming more red meat for certain reasons but heart disease and other shit also runs in our family so it’s a double edged sword. I live off a lot of plant based foods since I started trying to lose weight. I really don’t wanna gain it all back because 50 lbs was a lot to lose for someone who’s forced to be so sedentary. I would lose my mind if I got back up to where I was or gained any more. I might be doing some things wrong in some people’s minds but I’m really trying to take care of myself and manage my weight and a lot of issues on top of it. If someone thinks I’m not doing good enough, they can judge me after they sit and deal with my specific set of circumstances and if they wanna be rude without even knowing me or what they are, they aren’t worth my time and should probably eat a dick. I’m always mindful when I do consume any animal products of where they come from. I was raised in farm country all my life and surrounded by all kinds of animals. I absolutely believe they are to be respected and raised properly and treated humanely. If you are unnecessarily cruel to animals just for sport you’re an absolute piece of shit and I’m not sorry for calling you out. You do not abuse animals, you do not neglect animals. You treat your pets like your fucking family or don’t have them. Nobody in our areas need to hunt for animal furs, skins or tusks either. You can stay warm without fucking torturing an animal just to wear it as a coat. There are so many other materials.

    When’s the last time you ate a marshmallow?
    I have no idea. I don’t ever buy them.

    Are there any movies you are just dying to see right now?
    Not at all, honestly, but I haven’t been to the movies since Hidden Figures came out so that tells you how often I have a chance to go, lmao.

    What’s the most annoying song on the radio nowadays?
    I always use YouTube or Spotify. I’m never really anywhere where a radio is playing.

    Do you typically skip breakfast?
    No. I have been lately though. I’ve been really depressed and suicidal and just… sleeping through everything. :/ 

    How many relationships have you been involved in this year?

    Quick! Think of something yellow.
    A banana.

    Name someone you’re afraid to get in a car with.
    I don’t like driving with my brother. Guns it like a fucking lunatic a lot of times. 

    Is Perez Hilton an asshole?
    Maybe? I really don’t pay any attention to him, lmao.

    Are you signed into Facebook right now?
    I deactivated my Facebook several months ago. Only reason I didn’t completely delete was because I’d lose my messenger.

    Admit it: you had a Neopets account.
    Actually, I didn’t. 

    Is there a pet in the room with you right now?
    No. I have none currently.

    How’s the weather?
    …. 🎶 ”It’s beginning to look a lot like fuck this….” 🎶

    What’s your hair like?
    I’ve been keeping up with the whole head shave I did, so there’s just a bit of fuzz there at the moment. It’s not very long.

    Are you craving any type of food?
    No. I had a banana and some Maltesers a bit ago.

    Have you gone out to dinner in the past week?
    Dude, I hardly get to leave my house. I haven’t gone anywhere besides my brother’s for a niece’s birthday since November 1st, lmao. Most shit is delivered if I need anything. Maybe me and K will do something if I end up seeing her and Em this weekend but I have no idea what she’ll be down for or not. 

    When’s the last time you stepped on a scale?
    Like two days ago. 183 to 131 lbs, bitches!!!! Goal isn’t so far off now. :) I fluctuate a lot though. I’m hella short, so I still look kinda thick-ish, but meh. I went from fat to PH phat: Pretty, hot and thick. Thick thighs save lives. Ya ain’t gonna change my mind. Fight me.

    Is there a show that you watch religiously?
    Not on cable, but certain ones I’ll catch up with after they air, yes.

    Do you consider yourself conservative or liberal?
    Wayyyy more liberal than this area on the whole lmao. My family and I are so different politically. I usually keep a lot of views to myself around them. They’re not very open minded, lmao. I usually vote considering the issues at hand each election cycle and based on the merits/competency of each candidate running. Putting party loyalty over the good of the country is ridiculous. I’m very, very politically engaged, but not loyal to one person or their platform. I’ve voted different nearly every time since I started. It’s been NDP the last couple election cycles because I’ve been liking their agenda and how they’ve gotten stronger as a party in the last years. It might be different next cycle, but I really am not a fan of our premier or any current conservative leader. Like, at all. 

    Are your legs crossed right now?
    They are not. 

    How many lights are on in the room right now?
    Just one.

    Don’t you just hate it when your foot falls asleep?
    Ugh, yes. I have circulatory issues though, so this happens to me a lot.

    Do you have a new year’s resolution?
    I don’t make them.

    Do you think new year’s resolutions are stupid?
    I really do. Changes can be made any time you wanna make ‘em. You don’t have to promise yourself on New Year’s.

    Are you supposed to wake up at a certain time tomorrow?

    What do you think the last person you kissed is doing right now?
    I have no idea. I don’t think about her.

    Vodka or rum?
    I don’t drink either, usually. I’m a dry wine or beer kinda gal for the most part. If I’m gonna go for the hard stuff - which is rare - shit’s expensive! it’s gonna be Whiskey and gingers. I’m a fan of Gibson’s in those cases. Crown is okay too.

    Have you ever given yourself a french manicure?
    No. I’ve had someone do those home stick on nail kits for me, but I can’t do them by myself. Yay for fine motor and dexterity issues! 

    What’s your most complimented feature?
    Nothing? Lmao I don’t know. I don’t get a lot of compliments. I don’t usually see many people in the span of a day. I have been told I’m extremely tender and kind and compassionate by a rare one or two who I actually let in and know deeply who I am - and that makes me feel good. I’ve been through a lot that not many people understand and a lot of people haven’t been all that kind to me, so I try to be really gentle with others. Life is hard and you really have very little idea of the people walking next to you. Kindness and connection matters so much to me and I’m always craving to connect with other people on my same wavelength. Doesn’t really happen. Physically I get told my ass is pretty nice. I do agree with that. I love my butt. I’m forced to be sitting on it a lot since I’m not walking so not a lot of people can appreciate it. But you definitely can’t miss it. Half the weight I have left is in dat ass tho, I swear. It’s a lotta double-wide junk in the trunk.😂😂

    Do you have to go to the bathroom right now?

    Sweet or salty?
    Eh. Depends what I’m in the mood for. Usually savory as opposed to sweets, though. I try to moderate my intake of unnatural sugars.

    How many pillows do you like to sleep with?
    I have a few on my bed. If I’m actually going to sleep then just one under my head or it hurts my neck. :/

    When was the last time you were sick?
    Fuuuuck. After my niece’s birthday thing back in November. Kids gave me their colds and I couldn’t breathe or swallow my own saliva for days, then I threw up for a few days after that. Was dirty. I haven’t felt that bad in a long time.

    Do you love Lady Gaga?
    I’m not a superfan, but I like quite a bit of her music, yeah.

    Do you own Modern Warfare 2?

    Do you even know what that is?
    A video game?

    Do you own any gaming consoles?
    Not anymore.

    How often do you find yourself on Youtube?
    On my laptop, almost never. But I have it as an app on my bluray/tv so I use it there for music when I don’t feel like pulling up spotify on my computer or watching things when I don’t feel like using Netflix at night.

    Do you have more guy friends or girl friends?
    I have one close friend. She’s a woman.

    When was the last time you wore jeans?
    I don’t own jeans anymore. I got rid of mine when they got too big. I’m a leggings girl now.

    Do you like oatmeal raisin cookies?
    I sure do!

    Think of someone. Anyone.

    Why’d you think of that person?
    Cause I miss my babe!! I really hope I get to snuggle her this weekend.

    Are you a healthy eater?
    Generally extremely so. I have my days/weeks where I slip a bit. I’ve been eating pasta and some sweets more than I usually would. But I’m on my period and also fighting urges to go back to cutting and intermittent suicidal ideation, so fuck it. Imma eat some cake! We all end up six feet under for some reason or other.

    Did you ever think Erik von Detten was hot? (Brink! guy)

    What does the phrase “gotta catch ‘em all!"pertain to?

    Waffles or pancakes?
    I don’t really eat much of either, but I swoon when someone makes me homemade pancakes while I’m sleeping and I get to wake up to that. Like, for real. I’ll fucking marry you. Pro tip to all the lesbians reading this shit show! Key to my heart: Feed me, fuck me and tell me I’m pretty. 

    Name a food that doesn’t sit well in your stomach.
    Green peppers! I can’t digest them at all. I’m fine with red and yellow and orange, just not green ones. Makes me sad because I really do like them. I eat so many raw veggies. Green peppers hate me though. Raw broccoli on occasion too, but not always. I still eat it because like I said, we’re all gonna die. I like to live dangerously. 🤷

    On average, how much do you work out during a week?
    I used to be religious about weightlifting twice a day every day. I fell off with it after recovering from an injury from something else, and never got quite as heavily back into it. I’ve also just not had energy for jack shit for a really long time. I’m sad and depressed and tired and sore and just…ugh. I do it a bit here and there when I remember. I really need to get back on track though.

    Do you believe that opposites attract?
    Sometimes. I tend to feel more comfortable and have an easier time trusting/opening up to people who are quite similar to myself, though. I can get along with opposites sometimes too. You just might not get to know me beyond a more superficial level.

    Do you own glasses?
    I do.

    Apple juice or orange juice?
    Neither. I hate juice in general.

    Do you know anyone with an eating disorder?
    I used to.

    What else should you be doing right now?

    Are you wearing makeup right now?
    I rarely ever do.

    Are you in love with someone right now?

    How many cavities have you had?
    So far I’ve never had any. I haven’t been to the dentist since 2016 though and I need to go back soon because I’ve been having some fucked up issues with my mouth/jaw. I don’t know if it’s cavities or wisdom teeth finally pushing through or if my mouth just needs a really good cleaning but it’s been hurting like a bitch off and on. I take really good care of my teeth. I’m really hoping it’s nothing too major. I have to wait for other people’s schedules to open up though, so.. :/

    Summer or winter?
    SUMMER. Winter can eat a dick.

    Are you comfortable right now?
    Not really. I’m pretty sore.

    When did you last smile?
    When I was listening to that podcast I was talking about. 

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  • I know i saw the advice today “if you feel like you hate everyone you probably need to eat and if you feel like everyone hates you you probably need to sleep”. very good advice i’ll keep that in there.

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  • Need to attend to evening affairs, like curling up into a ball, worrying, praying, and sleeping.

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  • i think ive had this tumblr theme for like a year now if not longer and i cannot imagine changing it

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  • i feel like there’s a chance you may have screwed up as a parent if your kids are counting down the days until they never have to see you again

    #wow i cant wait to move out #vent#personal#text #my thoughts are 40% anime and 60% s #help #ignore lol i am merely experiencing human emotion
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  • you’re in her dms she’s talking to me through her ouija board we are not the same

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  • I was so focused on studying for my final i forgot I still had a homework assignment due…..last night

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  • my mom just spent the last hour and a half (not even exaggerating) telling me Si and Am from Lady and the Tramp are not racist, and that you can absolutely be racist against Italians and if the new movie was gonna cut out the Siamese cats they should have cut the Italian racism too

    #i typed maybe 3 messages and she sent a whole fuckin essay about why im wrong #and ended everything with ‘oh and i date asians so im not racist’ #text
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  • image

        Note to self: reinforce spinal plates to allow for the carriage of medium-sized organics. 

    Because that is, perhaps unintentionally, a perfect place to put a Will. 

    #by robot#text #December 9th 2019 #plot: and that's how they snuck into an r rated movie #the good ol' 3 meter tall robot with a kid on its shoulders and a big trenchcoat trick
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  • I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make it to medical school, especially without biochemistry…

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  • image

         “That spot on Robot’s back isn’t nearly as comfortable to be on as it looks.”

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  • “Will you ever stop talking about Luke Skywalker?”

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  • anyways i fucking hate this website this is supposed to be an escape not a fucking dumpster fire 

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  • really just made a whole ass website AND wrote an article for it for one of my finals and i think that’s quite sexy of me

    #ive had so much coffee today pls help #i hate finals week #no one cares nikki #text#text post
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