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  • Where’s my nie mingjue ??

    #where's my himbo or bimbo? im waiting #😤😤😤#text #complaining in the void 🎻🎻🎻 #the two genders : bimbo & himbo #mdzs#cql#the untamed#nie mingjue
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  • Sometimes im like Well i wasnt That badly neglected …. and then remember how i broke my wrist and my parents didnt take me to a doctor

    #text#diary #idk how badly it wss broken or if it was just a hairline bracture . bc my parents didnt take me to a doctor #but i couldnt move my hand or fingers or pick up stuff or do Anything and it took 4 months for it to completely heal #my mom just was like. i cant help u with that? #like girl ur a nurse......... wtf
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  • Going off all my antidepressants suddenly certainly did throw me in to a major depressive episode but do I regret doing that? No. Have I literally lost all want to have friends and achieve my goals? Yes.

    I sound like an edgelord but this is such a freeing feeling. I used to be obsessed with what my best friend thinks about me and i was super emotionally dependent on her, i would overlook how she often treated me and blame all dissatisfactions with her on myself. Thats gone now and i feel so annoyed that i let that go on for so long. But now i hate her and find her incredibly annoying so that’s black and white thinking i guess.

    #text #idk where i would even start mentally healing my poor mind if i had the motivation to #hdbjgdhd im a mess
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  • Don’t forget: You, my friend, bring the right kind of passion into my life.

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  • physically can’t deal with school interfering with my time to make art for my new media obsessions it’s literally homophobic i have so many ideas and literally no time aldjfklsks

    #i’ll make time #probably in a detrimental way #but i’ll make it #text#about me
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  • Seeing a person taking a shit is disgusting but seeing a shit taking a person must be funny as fuck (source)

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    • Akina: What’s your greatest weakness?
    • Rinu: I’m uncooperative.
    • Akina: Give me an example?
    • Rinu: No.
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    • Lekyo: Care to dance?
    • Amael: Love to.
    • Lekyo: Excellent.
    • Amael: …Let’s be clear, right? When you say ‘dance’, you mean ‘fight’. You don’t really wanna dance.
    • Lekyo: Correct, fight, not dance. …Sorry, did you wanna dance?
    • Amel: No! Really- come on, kinda weird!
    • Lekyo: You know, sorry, this face-off isn’t going great. Would you mind if we started over?
    • Amael: Yeah, sure.
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  • I thank God each night, and twice on Sunday. -Eric Church

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  • It’s nothing new but honestly so so hard to be nice to yourself and not absolutely despise everything that you are :^(( for me to the point I get irrationally irritated and angry whenever i try to think something nice about myself ssgh idk if that makes sense.

    #how do I heal if I don’t want to and don’t care enough to #been so full of hatered lately i just can’t seem to care enough about anything #text #I don’t want friends anymore I don’t want to think about all me responsibilities anymore #just aghdgjsh
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  • Minor update!! I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts through the Holiday season. I hope to be back in force soon. Currently, though, I am having a lot technical difficulties with Tumblr. I’ve gotten quite a few error messages, and I haven’t been shown messages and asks. I apologize for not responding to requests sooner! Hopefully, I can find a solution to these issues and carry on as I did before.

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  • I have a huge soft spot for curly hair George he can have my soul and heart.

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  • I will get in trouble for being saucy.

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  • Do you ever just have days where you are just agitated for no reason 👀 and things just feel like they progressively get worse.

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  • El robot de 10 cm

    Tenemos en casa un robot que barre.

    Es una tontearía, porque solo mide 10 cm de alto, pero ahí esta, barriendo todo.

    Las migajas, las pelusas, el desastre.

    El robot de 10 cm mantenía la casa muy limpia, así que yo me confié.

    Comencé a tirar todo al piso, papeles, migajas, papeles, desastres.

    A pesar de destruirme la habitación, el robot barría y barría.

    Hasta que un día se rompió.

    Resulta que de tanta mugre, migajas y desastres; el robot colapsó y dejó de limpiar.

    ¿Ahora que hacía con todo el desastre que yo misma había dejado?

    Tuve que limpiarlo yo.

    Y así también es la vida ¿no?

    Uno no puede esperar que el otro le solucione los desastres, sin cansarse nunca.

    Uno no puede esperar que alguien más solucione el caos que uno mismo dejó.

    Por que los robots y la gente colapsa.

    Y en ese momento, toca solucionar nuestros problemas solos.

    Toca agarrar la escoba y aprender a barrer.

    #textos#robot#robots #texto de amor #texto en español #text#poema
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  • it’s interesting to me that j*red’s claiming dean’s death was this noble sacrifice dean made so that sam could live a normal life when that’s not what happened at all. dean’s death was a total accident, lol. 

    #and like... #i'd like to think jared knows this #i think this is either how he rationalized it to himself #or he's in w*lker pr mode and he's trying to appeal to s*n fans who would view dean as a speedbump in sam's hero's journey or something #unless he's talking about dean not letting sam call an ambulance or w/e #spn shit#text
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  • if all the yuuta crumbs the give us lead nowhere good like the junpei situation™ i will be forcefully ignoring it in favour of my headcannon that he’s been sent overseas for a undercover mission to infiltrate a group of rogue curse users and he’ll just turn up a week after the shibuya arc is done and be upset he missed all the action

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  • clearly the guy is as shtewpid as sam is, just without the veil of fake intellectualism and squinty frowns. he just comes right out with the brain rot. no filter.

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