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  • strawbie-doodle
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    just saw a skinny martin on my dash 😔 when will you people learn? when will it end?

    #there was like barely any size difference compared to jon #he wasnt even tall or big in any sense skshjajsndjshdjd #even the image description called him fat but he wasnt 😬 like at all #hes a big fat bear alright #ok? goodnight #text post
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  • tsubasano
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I was at target today buying stuff for Sunday but i just realized I'm going in at 9am instead of 11 and won't be able to get stuff done unless my mom leaves the house at 6am for work

    #i have her presents and was gonna try to make chocolate covered strawberries #i need to buy more stuff tomorrow and some clothes too bc nothing fits since ive gained weight #i know im not allowed to complain about my weight but i tried on this skirt that i bought like 3 years ago and it fits :/ #it was too big now it fits and it feels so bad #i dont even wanna know what size jeans i am now #went from 00 to a 2 a couple years ago #that felt bad and now i still fit in them but not that great #idk man i just need to exercise but i cant bc the porch is full of junk #text
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  • archaic-fr
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’ve decided that I do want short bios after all, and after fiddling with this code for well over a week I think I’ve finally made something I like


    #still messing with the text size but i like it
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  • alisoncooper
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    my dad’s favourite film is hot fuzz and we quote it at each other pretty much every day just in casual conversation. he loves the swear box gag and thinks it might be his favourite joke, so i’m going to embroider the swear box lavels for his birthday! i can’t wait for my hoop delivery later this week so i can get started on it for him ♡

    #i can't post about it on twitter because he follows me there #but YEAH #it's going to be tricky because there's so much text #and little smiley faces too #and i feel like i don't have the skill or dexterity to work small #but i guess it helps i'm starting it six weeks early so i can made adjustments to the design and size where needed #anyway i'm rambling #i'm just very excited to make it for him #effie rambles
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  • warmthpdf
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    honestly might love the new spotify update a lil bit <3 it makes playlists look pretty 🥺🥺🥺

    #IDK I REALLY LIKE IT HONESTLY HAHA LIKE THE MORE SECONDARY THINGS R MORE COMPACT ON THE SIDEBARS #AND THE MUSIC AND PLAYLIST UR ON IS THE FOCUS AND ITS RLY NICE #the text is a lil hard to read though they should have the accessibility feature where u can increase the font size :0 if they dont have tht #mine
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  • marlinward
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #adroit market research #text analytics market size #text analytics #north america text analytics
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  • trialcmplx
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    If anyone knows how to do the small text shortcut on a chromebook.....pls lemme know

    #i'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color » ooc #i use to use the sub/sup text shortcut but doing it now makes the reply post at normal size #so i've had to keep togging the beta editor on and off and like saving my drafts but that's so tedious
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  • elizabellsworld
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #adroit market research #speech-to-text api #speech-to-text api 2020 #speech-to-text api size #speech-to-text api share
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  • goatsandgangsters
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    when I’m giffing, I copy/paste the text from a previous gifset so that I don’t have to do the formatting from scratch 

    and without even trying, it always manages to be utterly HILARIOUS 

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  • infection-zone
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    False trees are more or less tree shaped monsters forever rooted into the ground. So technically plants,,, but like, somewhat aware??

    Theses trees tend to have openings within them that they can reveal either an eye or tendrils within them, theses trees are predatory, and if they know a worm or other small monster is close to them or even on them they’ll reach out and grab them with their tendrils and pull them inside of itself. They will try to grab and pull in whatever monster and human that gets too close to them. In the case of humans, if a tree successfully digests them, they will spit out whatever bones, clothing, backpacks or weapons they might have been carrying at the time.

    You can try to pull yourself free of the tendrils, but their grip and force are very strong so it’s unlikely you’ll get out that way. Most efficient way to get out is via cutting the tendrils

    #the tendrils are very very strong #they can break and dislocate a person or animals bones quite easily if one isn’t careful #their grip is hella good but if it’s attached to your clothing it’s best to try to get that clothing off #depending on the size of the false tree #your injuries can be minor or severe #like smaller ones can fuck up ya bones #but #if it’s a big one #you’re fucked #those tendrils can break your spine in half and fold you inwards #luckily big ones aren’t that common #at most worry about broken arms or som #text#text post#info#trees#vegetation#plants#plant #technically???
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  • killerbananas
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    🍧 AOT Smut Sundae Requests 🍨

    Masterlist | Gen Request Rules | WT #Sundae

    Thank you for breaking one hundred followers! I've created this new AOT smut sundae prompt request to celebrate. It's easy! Read my general request rules first. Then, choose a reader gender and up to two of each: ice cream flavors, toppings, and sauces. Throw that sucker into my askbox and I'll do some writing. Might be a drabble or hc list or a combination format. Some examples of choice combinations and how I might interpret them are at the bottom of the post. See my writing tag (^ WT) for my other writing.

    Shout-out to @theepisceswriter for giving this new idea a review for me! ♥️



    - * Wildcards: Specify a character, kink, or modifier not listed/specific enough or leave it up to me for a surprise. If you do not specify when using a wildcard, I'll assume you trust me. 😏💗

    - For those wanting a more direct route, choosing all wild cards means full custom. If you do this anonymously, please include a nickname I can use to ask you questions.

    - You don't have to pick from every category, but anything you do not pick will leave it up to me as I see fit. I encourage using the wildcards if you are too concerned of my artistic interpretation. You know what you're getting into mostly if you see my past works.

    Container // Reader Gender:

    Waffle cone: male

    Cup: female

    Bowl: neutral

    Ice Cream // Character:

    Banana: Reiner

    Cherry: Annie

    Chocolate: Armin

    Coffee: Hange

    Cookies 'n cream: Porco

    Cookie dough: Ymir

    Green tea: Pieck

    Key lime: Jean

    Lavender: Historia

    Mint chocolate chip: *

    Neopolitan: Petra

    Pistachio: Erwin

    Raspberry: Bertholdt

    Rum raisin: Eren

    Spumoni: Zeke

    Stracciatella: Sasha

    Strawberry: Levi

    Tutti frutti: Connie

    Ube: Marcel

    Vanilla: Mikasa

    Toppings // Kink or Activity:

    🥧 aftercare [new!]

    🦠 anonymous

    🍑 ass

    🌼 breeding

    🥥 come play

    🍪 domesticity

    🥭 dress up

    🧇 dubcon

    🥜 group

    🥠 masturbation [new!]

    🌶️ *

    🍩 non-human

    🍌 oral

    🍍 pain

    🍊 public

    🥨 ropes

    🍬 sexting

    🍫 size

    🍓 slapping/spanking

    🥝 somnophilia

    🍒 virginity

    Sauce // Tone Modifier:

    Butterscotch: peace // unity

    Caramel: celebratory // proud

    Fudge: apocalyptic // dire

    Marshmallow: soft // submissive

    Orange cream: *

    Peanut butter: intense // dominating

    Raspberry: comfort // vulnerability

    Strawberry: desire // passion

    White chocolate: madness // obsession

    Drafts && Progress

    New! See all submitted request progress in this post by clicking the link above ^. Thank you for all the well wishes!


    Female-reader | Reiner | domesticity + anonymous | desire//passion

    Cup | Banana | 🍪🦠 | Strawberry Sauce

    May get you and Reiner doing an extreme (e.g., dubcon) roleplay in the kitchen.

    Female-reader | Hange | ass + virginity | soft//submissive

    Cup | Coffee | 🍑🍒 | Marshmallow Sauce

    May get you Hange pegging you for the first time in a sweet way.

    Some Random End Notes:

    This prompt shouldn't be going anywhere. Hopefully we can just keep this cutie up and all have fun 💗

    I encourage multiple submissions.

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  • infection-zone
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Colossal worms tend to be hyper aggressive and hostile because of

    1, that’s how they survived, their aggression made them great hunters and that’s their way of life

    And 2, some are always in a state of starvation. Whether outta luck or skill, they lived long enough and acquired food enough food to grow to their large size, but sustaining that size is very hard. They just can’t hunt or scavenge enough to keep up with the demand of their larger bodies and their aggression comes out of desperation

    #the worms are feral and the worms are starving #take a pic #a sapient worm can be driven to be feral via starvation #like say Zel became large large #well if he’s unable to keep up with the food demands #more or less would become more feral and overall lose any sense of higher thought as starvation causes em to lash out and do whatever they #can to find hunt or scavenge more food up #overall a bad move if you’re not able to get enough to eat #good if you can keep it up #as larger size protects you from most if not all smaller monsters #but then the biggest threat is the energy requirements needed to be that big #text #shut up prey #info#I guess#worm#worms
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  • ransomdemands
    01.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    My cunt is throbbing as I’m thinking about getting fingered by a massive shadow creature. It takes its time positioning my body face down and stroking me till I am dripping before slowly pressing the first inch thick finger into my hole. It doesn’t seem like much until he adds the second. I can feel the pads of his fingers rubbing inside me, making me drip around him. As I start to get used to the stretch I feel his thumb press against my ass, it’s so thick I’m afraid I won’t be able to take it without pain but then I feel something soft and slippery against my ass instead. I realize he’s using his long spit covered tongue to open me up enough to finally press his thumb in. He chuckles and comments at how he can feel his fingers rubbing together inside me. My legs give out. The movement of his knuckles inside me makes me squirt and as he licks up the liquid that dripped over my cock I cum shudderingly.

    He laughs as he removes his fingers and I collapse completely. He licks against my neck with his long tongue and tells me I did fairly well for a human but I would never be able to take his cock. I shiver with embarrassment until he adds that he wouldn’t mind tasting me every once in a while though and my cock fattens up as he disappears.

    #fuckinf use me please fuck #my #ransom is needy hours #nsft#nsft text#trans nsft #trans nsft text #nsft mlm#nsft nblm#nsftumblr#terato#size kink
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  • draw-a-circle-thats-alternia
    01.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    best friendz!!!!!!

    #yes the text is from the size morph mod video dont yell at me #dacta.txt #dacta.jpg #original art#my art #more of a shitpost than anything i guess
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  • hope-mikaelson
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    JJ WATCHES FIRE 10 YEARS LATE  Gabriela Dawson, 1x05 - Hanging On


    #chicagofireedit#chicago fire#userstream#bbelcher#charactersofcolordaily#wocedit#gabbydawsonedit#gabby dawson#monica raymund#tvedit#loml#mine#my gifs #s: chicago fire #c: gabby dawson #mycfire #eh i'm not happy with the text size on this but i already closed ps so #here we are
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  • bromantically
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    i know ive used it a few times but i sincerely hate the small text function in the post editor. i cant read posts when people use it and i cant even zoom in bc im on mobile

    #bean talks #i need glasses so bad.. #saw a post on reading accessibility/readability that was written entirely in the tiny text #and someone had to add onto it in a normal size so it was readable #like... the absolute irony
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  • corvidable
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago


    #obviously it's a really messy document with stupid comments and placeholder ''blabla''s etc #but it's... an attempt. at what it's actually going to look at #some of the sentences are actually pretty well-written #and i copied the formatting (just the font+size of headings and text) it's supposed to have so it even LOOKS kinda cool #wheeeeew!
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  • nivalos
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    ive attained a new low weight [for the past few years] for me and i have mixed feelings. on the one hand i do want to lose some weight and get back into the "normal" BMI range [or at least close to it, i think i may stop a bit above it] bc i feel better when i don't have a ton of extra weight

    but also the only reason it's been so easy to lose weight is my stomach problems and lack of appetite. sometimes these days it's a struggle to eat a normal meal, i get satiated so easily. or i feel constant indigestion/fullness that kills my sense of hunger

    like yeah i have more weight on me than i'd prefer but this is absolutely not the way i want to lose it

    #personal#text#weight talk #idk if anyone needs weight shit tagged lmk #or like food shit like this #i used to be able to put away half a pizza now i can barely do a normal size dinner
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  • tectonicduck
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    You can tell I’m old because I make my gif text so much bigger than everyone else 😭😭😭

    #lolol I’m always targeting things to old people I make text HUGE at work 😂 #and still get told it’s too small #no fr though is there a standard size I should do?
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  • msbarrows
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Yay new theme for blog!

    Well that was a fun way to kill an hour or so...

    Finally got around to updating the theme on my blog; I’d been using the Papercut theme for my main blog since I started on Tumblr. I had occasionally tweaked its HTML to include new features, or to fix minor things that bugged me about it, but mostly I haven’t given it much thought.

    But ever since Tumblr removed indented-to-infinity on the dash, I’ve been wanting a blog theme that did the same, and yesterdays reblog of a post about exactly that issue made me finally get off my butt and go digging in the themes today. Sadly I could only find one theme that emulates the non-indenting dashboard, and it’s an official Tumblr-created theme - Vision - so all the actual code of how things are done is hidden away in linked files instead of being part of the theme’s visible style coding. Which meant I couldn’t just copy over the relevant style coding to fix my much-revised Papercut theme (actually, Tumblr wouldn’t let me make any changes to the old theme - as soon as I did anything at all and tried to save it, it would complain that the theme was referencing non-https elements and refuse to save it. Dagnabbit.)

    So I changed to Vision, fixed it up to have most of the extra links my original blog had, and then still ended up finding a few minor tweaks to make to its layout in the html to fix things about it that bugged me (because there will always be things I think could have been done better).

    Still not sure how much I actually like the overall look of the thing, but at least the walls’o’indenting are gone.

    #Tumblr#Themes #So annoyed that I couldn't just edit some style definitions #To do things like adjust the font size of the 'Description' text block #I'm sure there's a way to do it #Probably involving a custom css section #I just couldn't be bothered to figure it out #When I could use html tags to tweak it directly
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