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    Jane and the Dragon modern AU where they go to school and Jester is a theatre kid (little shop of horrors!) and lives with rotating family members caus ethey take turns being off and touring with the rest of the family’s circus but Jester wants an education.

    #jane and the dragon #jatd#jane turnkey#jester #little shop of horrors #modern au#modern#texting
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  • New trending GIFbae, texting, shalita grant, slow jams, texting bae via Giphy https://ift.tt/2DO03t2

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  • An jedem Tag wo es dir nicht schlecht geht, freust du dich, doch du siehst am Horizont schon die schwarzen Wolken wieder, und merkst das geht nicht vorüber.

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  • today’s mood is 

    #yikes#lol #me and deathkill #texting#friends#funny chat#good times #things that happened #lyft life #other other job
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  • Inside of you are two wolves. One gets annoyed when somebody texts you too often. The other gets anxious when they don’t immediately text you back. Both wolves need therapy but can’t afford it. Unable to form sustainable relationships in this modern age you retreat to the woods. The wolves seem to like this.

    #two wolves meme #personal problems#ugh#social anxiety#texting #there's a guy I like #and I'm glad he doesn't text me often #but I'm also miserable because he doesn't text me enough #am I insane? #find out tonight on Houston Nine News #hermit life
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  • a very short story


    Greig: Hi, Miss Thomson, Jill is it? You ‘hearted’ my post on ‘Today’sDate’.  Coffee this morning?

    Jill: I remember. Office manager.  Takes great interest in staff. Coffee sounds good Greig. Saturday so free all day.

    G: I’m in town. Popped into CoffeeNirvana. How about now?

    J: Ok, getting ready handsome. 25 mins ok?

    G: Better hurry love. Crowded here. People near door still scowling. Cold draught followed me in.

    J: It’s winter. What’s to do?  To wear?  You in one of your favourite Armani?  

    G: Weekend. Bootle green hoodie.

    J: Ok, leaving now.

    G: Ordering macchiato and carrot cake. Get something for you?

    J: Order on arrival thanks. Make sure it’s hot.

    G: Like you?

    J: Take it easy. Talk first. See how it goes eh?

    G: No problemo love. Just tapped card to pay. Didn’t work. No cash with me.

    J: Tell barista I’ll pay yours together with mine.

    G: Great.  Barista said ok, but still frowning at me.

    J: Cheer him up with a smile and a tip when I arrive.

    G: No room here to swing a cat.  Lucky to get two-seater next to toilet.  Woman already in other seat. Struggled to squeeze in. Macchiato sloshed over table. Old cow wasn’t pleased.

    J: Keep the seat for me if she leaves.

    G: She’s on her phone now.  Bleating about some fat git spilling coffee on her dress.  Older guy next door just pointed his finger over here. Guy behind counter still frowning at me. Helped catching his eye though. Ordered chocolate cake and couple of yum-yums. Added to bill.

    J: Do you think entries in ‘Today’sDate’ should always be 100% truth?

    G: Sure. Didn’t photoshop your photo did you?

    J: No, maybe told one or two little fibs. I’m thirty-one, not twenty-five. You?

    G: Been busy.  No time for porkies.  Pal Jakey Jake put it all up.  Coffee almost finished. Still hungry. How much longer you going to be dear? People staring for some reason. Like I was one of those annoyances spending all day on the phone, tapping or shouting.  

    J: Well, did this Jake get the details right?  Did he alter the photo?

    G: How would I know? Maybe used an old one.

    J: Make you a bit younger eh?  Still 6 foot, 6-pack, and single though?

    G: Maybe matured a wee bit.  The Jakey my man for speed and weed. See him as a friend though.

    J: Well I suppose busy lives. Hard to hold on to friends, make new friends.

    G: Like neighbours and people at work really horrible.

    J: Poor you. Horrible how?

    G: Keep moaning on - stop scrounging, lose weight, slapping bums not funny any more – come out with lots of mince about attitudes, feminism, sexism etc.  Really horrible, unfriendly people. No sense of humour.

    J: Ok, I see.  Shame.

    G: Coffee finished. You be here soon?  Get me a large macchiato and lemon drizzle cake when you get yours, ok.

    J: Nearly there

    G: Bitch on next seat leaned over to complain about squashing. Grabbed her knee. Now she’s mouthing off about police etc.

    J: Oh dear. Unfortunate.

    G: This place is a total pain in the arse.  Red Lion for a few pints instead?

    J: Guys near door, the barista, woman next to you, people at the next table – all looking daggers.

    G: Yes, right, like I said, all staring.

    J: I can imagine. The twin-seat next toilet. Badly overweight, unkempt, angry red-faced bloke in a crud-spattered green top thumping away at his phone, bullying poor woman next to him. Barista and others exchanging glances, ready to act. Whole place staring.

    G: Here, where’s all this shite coming from? That how you see me?  Overweight? Unkempt? Bully? Not on ‘Today’sDate’ I’m not. Call a woman stuff like that get called sexist bastard.

    J: Maybe they recognise a face from the news. A guy arrested for beating up his wife?

    G: That face not have a beard? It’s not on ‘Today’sDate’.

    J: I know, not the beard anyway. But right now I’m looking at the stubbly version through CoffeeNirvana’s window.

    G: What - bobble hat and tweed jacket - face sucking lemons - that you waving?

    J: Yes, me. Waving goodbye.

    G: Hold up, I’m coming.

    J: Pay the barista once you’ve fought your giant beer belly out of that chair Greig.  I’m long gone.  Bye.  Great not meeting you.

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  • no entiendo. si tan increíble creen que soy, ¿por qué nadie se queda nunca conmigo?

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  • ¿quién anda triste para mandarle nudes?

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  • ¿para qué me siguen sino van a coger conmigo?

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  • andar conmigo es el pack completo: novio, payaso, mejor amigo, stripper, comadre, amante y hasta podría ser otaku para su gusto.

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  • espermatozoide buscando el óvulo sin saber que están dentro de un culo.

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    When you accidentally send your bf a challenge and find out he’s southern as heck 💘😂

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  • Texting.

    Starring Y/N living the not-so-Y/N life.


    Friend: Hey, [Y/N], you online?

    Y/N: Yeah

    Friend: Can you help me with the Maths homework? Question 6

    Y/N: (2(3) + 30) : (x) • 23?

    Friend: Yes. They said that (x) is 12

    Y/N: Ask [Crush], they’re smart

    Friend: Why?

    Y/N: Why not? I’ll make a groupchat

    Friend: I’m nervous in groupchats!

    [Friend] is typing…


    Y/N: There. Made it. @[Crush], [Friend] has something to ask you


    Friend: Will you marry [Y/N]?


    Read by [Crush] - -:45 pm


    Y/N: Why. Did. You. Do. That.





    Y/N: [Friend]!!!



    Crush: Oh. The answer’s 69

    Friend: Thanks

    Y/N: Yeah, thank you

    [Crush] is typing…

    Crush: And in answer to your previous question, no

    Read by [Y/N] and [Friend] - -:50pm

    [Friend] has left the group

    #y/n living the not-so-y/n life #lol#texting #dumb brain things #brain farts #don’t copy please #original?? #has this been made already? #has this been done already #relatable?? #what is this #for you#imagines#crushes#friends#groupchats #y/n meeting real life
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