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  • cora-cooks-batteries
    21.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    (QUICK POST) What the TF2 mercs would have as Midnight Snacks

    I was crying over school work so I decided to take a break and make a quick post. Don’t worry I’ll get the school work covered. 

    I am throwing the first thing that comes to mind, so I apologize if these aren’t the most accurate.


    Scout: Melted mozerella cheese. Trust me, taste amazing, although he would probably burn his finger

    Soldier: Literally punches his hand through the fridge and eats whatever he grabs first

    Pyro: Marshmellows. And probably smashes the smoke detectors so everyone can have a good nights sleep

    Demoman: If not anything containing alcohol, I think he’d eat a can of beans. 

    Heavy: Sandwich. Obviously.

    Engineer: Would probably eat something healthy like apples and peanut butter

    Medic: He found Scout’s candy stash, and is getting ready to frame someone for his own crime

    Sniper: Bagels. Like plain, without anything on them.

    Spy: He waits till the morning.

    BONUS: Miss Pauling would eat cereal.


    Wish me luck on my French work.

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  • welcome-to-ikea
    21.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    The TF2 Mercenaries (plus a few) as Members of the Madrigal Family because I think it’d be Really Funny if They had Powers that were Zero Help with Their Jobs. Please note: I disregarded all Madrigal relationships for this, except Pepa & Felix

    Administrator- Abuela, for obvious reasons

    Miss Pauling- Mirabel. No matter what anyone says or thinks of her, or regardless of whether they even acknowledge she exists, she’s always working so hard. While the job may have started out as just a job, Pauling does care about the mercenaries and she doesn’t get enough care in return for just how much she does. Also, deep down we all know Pauling’s the main character

    Saxton- Agustin. Hale’s Australian already, he doesn’t need any powers. Plus, imagine: Saxton Hale walking around with bees swarming him but they can’t do anything because he has Australian Thick Skin (tm), so he’s just swatting them away in mild annoyance

    Scout- Camilo. Shapeshifting=pranks=yes, also the two just give off similar vibes in my opinion

    Soldier- Antonio. Raccoons. That’s my entire reason

    Pyro- Bruno. I had the idea that Pyro was too stressed from seeing the future, so he created a separate world (Pyroland) in his mind to see instead, to block out the visions; I think it’s interesting

    Demo- Luisa. Stronk Tavish go brrr >:] also it just feels right

    Heavy- Pepa. Heavy’s a very quiet man when he’s not fighting, sometimes it can be hard to tell just what he’s feeling, so I feel like having weather around him to tell would be neat. As a bonus, an angry Heavy walking towards you with a thunder cloud above his head is intimidating as hell and I am here for it

    Engie- Dolores. He’s a quiet, soft-spoken man, and was already a good listener so I feel like it makes sense. It’s also actually helpful for him, considering it’ll be easier for him to hear if someone needs a building of some kind and they’re not near him

    Sniper- Julieta. I think we can all agree that Sniper either isn’t a great cook or just can’t cook at all, which makes this really funny in my opinion. Sniper just eats to survive, he’d cook a handful of desert bugs on a small campfire and hand it to someone sick like “Here, mate, it’s the best I can do right now”. Sniper can eat his own meals just fine, so he’s always in good shape, but most people can’t stomach his food

    Medic- Felix. Medic is only here because Sniper can’t cook, so the team needed an actual healer. Also, I enjoy the fact that the most eccentric person here is completely normal by magical standards. Why Felix and not Agustin? Mostly because I feel like Medic’s energy is closer to Felix than Agustin, but also because I do ship Heavy/Medic (I had already decided Heavy would be Pepa so it just kinda worked out)

    Spy- Isabela. Spy does have a perfectionist in him, especially when it comes to his job. I also truly do enjoy the image of Spy relaxing in his lounging room or wherever with flowers gently blooming around him, and just the gentler, more caring side of Spy in general

    Scout’s Ma- Mariano. Purely because Spy is Isabela. Yes, I know that Dolores and Mariano end up together but shhhhh we don’t worry about that

    #might doodle these magical men later #tf2#encanto#headcanon#madrigals#teufort nine#crossover
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  • thedangernoodleboi
    21.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    The Mercs as songs


    Scout: Bad Boy (by Danny Gonzalez)

    Soldier: The Only Thing They Fear Is You (Doom Eternal OST)

    Pyro: A Smile Beneath Your Teeth (Spookys Jumpscare Mansion OST)


    Engineer: Pandering (By Bo Burnham)

    Demoman: When Im Drinking Whiskey (By Rusty Cage)

    i couldnt find a song for heavy im sorry ;-;


    Spy: spy? (by WHOKILLEDXIX) flashing lights warning?

    Sniper: Agoraphobic (by CORPSE)

    Medic: people eater (by sodikken)

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  • engiecore
    21.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    blu team headcanons because they aren’t the same as the red team and i will die on this hill


    transgender woman, she/her, bisexual, 25 years old, real name is amanda fitzgerald

    from new york city, the bronx! she has a very strong accent

    her load out consists of the force-a-nature, bonk! atomic punch, and the atomizer

    super short, 5’0” and pretty slim, strong leg muscles

    she has autism and adhd

    when she first joined up with the blu team she presented as a man but their medic was able to tell how uncomfortable she was and offered to help with her transition

    lives off of a diet of bonk! and chips

    she wears dogtags from her uncle who was in the military

    red spy fucked her ma

    red spy is her dad

    only child growing up

    doesn’t know red scout is her brother

    best friends with her team’s spy

    going out with miss pauling

    miss pauling is a lesbian

    they kiss and hold hands

    she thinks her girlfriend is super badass and awesome (she is)

    sees her team’s demo, engie, and soldier as uncles

    she drinks bonk! with them when they drink beer during the weekend (ceasefire)

    she's really bad at cooking she somehow burned cereal

    she can bake though

    she makes cake for everyone's birthdays


    cis male, he/him, gay, 41, real name is ulises young but everyone calls him cap

    from victoria, canada, speaks canadian french but can barely understand red spy’s french

    his load out consists of the direct hit, the gunboats, and the shovel

    he's tall and stocky, 5'10" and well-built with good muscles all over but not too bulky

    notorious for rocket jumping onto helpless demomen and shoveling them to death

    he has adhd

    wasn't in the army during wwii but made a lot of war vet friends after the war, even moved to america to hang out with them

    they all call him cap and taught him how to use a gun + gave him their old army gear since they don't need it anymore

    extremely sad whenever one of them dies and remembers all of their birthdays and death dates. will be somber during their death dates and has a private celebration during their birthdays

    will try to visit their graves if he can

    has a deep respect for veterans

    kinda crazy like his red counterpart, does yell "maggot" a lot but is a bit more approachable

    he yells because his hearing is going out

    very impatient!!! may bonk someone if he isn't getting his way!!!!!

    in love with the blu demoman

    they're boyfriends

    he's a fairly decent cook

    he mostly makes stereotypical american food but he makes a great poutine


    their gender is yes, they/them, demisexual, mid-30s, everyone calls them pyro or ice

    from north pole, alaska! incredibly festive

    their loadout consists of the flame thrower (specifically a festivized one), the gas passer, and the homewrecker

    they're 5'8" and fairly well-built under the suit

    their pyroland is more of a winter wonderland! i affectionately call it winter pyroland bc it's very festive and cute

    they see their flamethrower as a snowblower, their gas passer as ice salt, and the homewrecker as a candy cane

    they hum christmas carols during battles

    they're besties with engie

    engie calls them snowball!!

    they make gingerbread houses together

    pyro will wrap him up in christmas lights

    they're very insistent on spychecking him during every match

    they're kind of in love

    pyro used to be a firefighter before a horrible accident

    cannot cook. do not let them in the kitchen


    transmasc nonbinary guy, he/they, bisexual, 30, real name is alastair fionn degroot

    from ullapool, scotland, you can kind of see where i'm going with this

    his loadout consists of the loch-n-load, the sticky jumper, and the eyelander

    he's 6'1" and more lean than the others, but has good arm muscles

    he's tavish's younger brother, however unlike tavish he wasn't re-adopted by his birth parents since he didn't show his demoman abilities until he was 18

    the literal definition of "it takes a village to raise a baby" because they were raised by all of ullapool

    caffeine addict mostly, enjoys a nice irish coffee on occasions

    lots of hair, hard to deal with in the morning so he lets it flow free

    it gets stuck in his sticky jumper tho

    he doesn't realize he's tavish's brother until a year into the gravel war

    they cry a lot and hug each other and tavish apologizes but alastair tells him he shouldn't

    during ceasefires they catch up an all the brotherly bonding they missed

    they play a game called "who can piss off scout" and it involves them hiding all of red scout's bats or balls

    tavish is also one of the only people he'll drink around

    they get shitfaced drunk occasionally

    he's also a killer chef

    whenever it's his turn to cook in blu base everyone is lining up for traditional scottish food


    cisgender sort of, questioning gender always, he/they, gay, 48, real name is euģenijs mednis, everyone calls him eugene

    from ventspils, latvia

    his loadout consists of the minigun, the dakolohs bar, and the eviction notice

    he is 6'3" and extremely well built

    there are three things you should know about him: he is latvian, he loves his doctor, and he will not hesitate to gun you down

    he doesn't like being feared and yet he'll beat the shit out of you

    he likes cuddling the medic

    he's like a very large teddy bear only slightly murderous

    he does not have a baboon heart

    he enjoys being ubered, the feeling of power is just great

    as long as he can cuddle medic afterwards he's good

    he has grandparents back in latvia that care for him

    he sends all his money back to them

    he doesn't tell them where it comes from

    he tells them he has a good job in america though

    he has a bachelor's in education...!!!!

    he wants to be a teacher after the war

    he loves working with kids

    he isn't very good at cooking, but he can make some killer soup

    everyone loves his soup


    transgender male, he/him, asexual biromantic, 28, real name is sambell conagher but everyone calls him sam

    from harpers ferry, west virginia

    his loadout consists of the panic attack, the c.a.p.p.e.r., and the gunslinger

    he's 5'6" and short and stocky, soft belly to pat

    he was involved in a coal mining accident as a teenager, losing his arm in the process

    he found the blueprints to the gunslinger in his father's room and the rest is history

    his father is dell's uncle

    has no phds, still extremely intelligent

    was rejected from every college he tried to attend because of his disability

    wears a red handkerchief around his neck because he’s a traditional redneck aka he advocates for the safety of coal miners

    his room looks like a cracker barrel

    makes a mean pepperoni roll (the choice of lunch for blu team on the move)


    transmasc enby, they/he, gay, 44, real name is dr. dante pierce

    from london, england

    their loadout consists of the blutsauger, the quick-fix, and the bonesaw

    6'1", hunky and well built but not super muscular

    they are shy and softspoken

    they graduated from oxford with an md-phd, aka a doctorate of medicine and philosophy

    everyone assumes that he's very quiet and naive compared to his red counterpart. he is not

    though dante is kind and considerate, being a lot less brutal and invasive with his procedures, he is still just as fucked up as red medic

    even if he claims to be "a true man of science, unlike that ethics-dodging, blood-throwing, misguided brute"

    they would much rather experiment on dead bodies however

    he wants to reanimate human corpses and utilize them in battle

    frankenstein but tf2

    very gay for his heavy...!

    they want to make him and heavy immortal so they will be together forever :]

    they keep rats instead of birds

    they are all friends named after roman gods

    their main friend is a powder blue rat named neptune

    their cooking is alright, sort of bland

    he only uses salt and pepper when he cooks

    it's very average and nobody really is excited for his turn to cook unless they're on a bad losing streak against red

    except for heavy

    heavy genuinely enjoys their cooking


    gender is [REDACTED], he/him but doesn't really care, asexual biromantic, 29, real name is arlo mitchell beahan

    from alice springs, australia, unlike red sniper who talks abt the bush he talks about the outback

    his loadout consists of the huntsman, the cozy camper, and the tribalman's shiv

    he is 6'5" and feral. very lanky, mostly core muscles and upper arms

    outback steakhouse doesn't exist in tf2 but if you made an outback steakhouse joke about him he'd probably shoot you

    he lives in a camper instead of base but never comes out except for fighting and mealtimes

    untamable blonde hair

    if you actually befriend him he's very personable

    he's a bit edgy and doesn't like getting close to others

    his closest friend on blu is their spy

    he has unnaturally sharp canines (i hc that all snipers r feral and have sharp canines for no reason)

    he is australian

    like actually australian

    he's not from new zealand like red sniper he's straight australian

    has a dundee hat. the one with crocodile fangs

    is he related to saxton hale...?!!/?!?1/!

    who knows

    when he cooks (rare) it's average

    he does a lot of canned stuff

    lives off of canned food in his camper when he doesn't come to base to eat

    tv dinners are a treat in his eyes and if he's feeling good or if they win a match on his turn he'll go buy everyone's favorite tv dinner

    they'll sit in the common room and watch tv together :]

    it's one of the only times he'll spend time with the team


    transgender male, he/him, gay, 28, real name is [REDACTED] but he's tobias jackson on file

    from las vegas, nevada. if you ask him about his upbringing he'll make up bullshit

    his loadout consists of the diamondback, the sharp dresser, and the dead ringer

    second shortest member of the blu team (5'2") and skinny

    doesn't wear a ski mask, wears a black mask that covers his upper face and puts a white filter over his eyes

    he has heterochromia, his right eye is blue while his left eye is green

    he's really cocky and arrogant and annoying to work with

    the rest of the team's learned how to tolerate him though

    and they all care for him even if he pretends to not care about them

    he treats blu scout like his little sister

    he helped her get with miss pauling

    scout is also trying to get him with their team's sniper to no avail

    he's a little shit who has a grudge against the red medic but in a gay way

    constantly focuses on killing medic during battles

    hating your enemy team's medic for cutting your head off and keeping it in his minifridge for a week but make it homoerotic

    dislikes red spy ... for some reason :squints:

    knows red spy is blu scout and red scout's dad

    knows Something Else about red spy...... DUN DUN DUUUUN

    he's actually a fairly good cook but he really likes diners and fast food so if it's his turn to cook he'll be cloaking out the door with scout to head to the closest diner

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  • tf2mybeloved
    20.01.2022 - 15 hours ago
    #tf2#tf2 headcanons #i hope it’s ok that I formatted this one like this ajsjddhg #I haven’t watched Up in like… a decade maybe
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  • wheremanager
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Mercs’ Latino Headcanons

    I’m jumping on the small bandwagon because I have already spent too much time thinking about it, before I saw other people’s thoughts on it.

    Pyro: is Native American, but like the folks that lived mostly secluded from the rest of their country, and also learned Spanish as their second language. More than likely grew up in Central America/Chiapas, but the group of Hispanics they got friendly with where Mexicans.

    Spy: Spanish, sometimes thinks his Spanish is the best out of the group.

    Medic: A suspicious Argentinean (Him being from DF, Mexico would be fun too)

    Heavy: Chilean, he lived in the cold mountains.

    Engineer: Tejano, the only major change is that he makes a good barbacoa.

    Demo: Quebec, I just wanted to have fun.

    Scout: Boriqua, that is all.

    Sniper: Cuban, IDC what any one else says.

    Soldier: Third generation immigrant in the U.S.

    #pyro tf2#spy tf2#tf2 medic#heavy tf2#engineer tf2#demo tf2#scout tf2#sniper tf2#soldier tf2 #the medic and argentina thing was meant as a joke #although there is a significant german population in the argentina he isn't associated with a certain conspiracy theory #medic being from DF comes from the common headcanon that he is jewish #Demo is from quebec because they are technically latino and making him brazilian or from the caribean was too obvious #engineer totally uses guey and the team hates it #have you ever has the misfortune of 'who has the best accent' argument #this has totally happened at some point in the team #engineer was the voice of common sense that pointed out the beauty of having slang and improper grammar because it is proof of your roots #anyways it wouldn't have mattered because obviously spy has the best spanish according to the royal academic dictionary. #pyro's spanish has so much slang and is such a unique dialect that the only one who understands them is engineer #tf2
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  • zestmann
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago
    #tf2 headcanons #tf2 x reader #tf2 engineer#tf2 sniper#tf2 demoman #tf2 engineer x reader #tf2 sniper x reader #tf2 demoman x reader #asks#abominable-beetleboy
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  • welcome-to-ikea
    19.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    y’know that one clip of the dude in a club with a saxophone? look me in the eyes and tell me that’s not Sniper

    #absolute KING of improv #saxophone go brrrr #tf2#headcanon#tf2 sniper
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  • theyre-gay-because-i-say-so
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Today's LGBT+ Headcanon is;

    Medic/Dr Ludwig and Heavy/Mikhail from Team Fortress 2-Gay

    Requested by Anon

    Status: Alive (if you're good at the game, which I'm not) And Dating!

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  • ihavenoeyesandimustcry
    18.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Me: I HATE argentinean stereotypes 🤬🤬 we are NOT pretentious assholes 😤

    Also me: *pointing at scout* that's a whole ass argentinean right there, this man would absolutely call me gordo termotanque

    #joel's thoughts#tf2 #Every man I found annoying I absolutely headcanon them as a walking argentinean stereotype #and scout is not the exception
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  • beetlekeys
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago


    # Genre. I have no clue.
    # Synopsis. What I think the mercs tastes in music are, and what I think they'd listen to (while purposely ignoring that the story's set in the 60's for the sake of my own self indulgence)
    # CW. None!
    # Notes. Some very quick headcanons to keep this blog fresh as I work on some more reader insert stuff. Also because I'm projecting very hard on to these old men and I need the world to know.
    Warning, I have a very base level knowledge of music, so this is gonna be sort of messy. I will give examples of artists who do not match up with the genres I've said. If a single one of you brings this up, I'm hunting you down for sport.

    ──── *•° 🎶 Music Taste 🎶 °•* ────

    — SCOUT

    Scout only really has 2 requirements when it comes to the music he listens too; it's gotta be upbeat, and it's gotta be fast.

    He listens to just about anything. Rap, hip-hop, soft rock, Pop rock, maybe some Pop Punk mixed in there as well?

    Whatever he's listening too, it's gotta pump him up!

    He'll deny it most of the time, but he's got a soft spot for romantic songs.

    I have a very vivid concept in my mind of Scout with his shitty little gas station earphones that are half broken, sitting on the floor listening to blink-182. So... have that, I guess.

    Maybe some Madonna too?

    I could also see him liking the Ramones.

    — PYRO

    Happy, bubbly pop music!

    Also sometimes just straight radio static, but they dance to it just the same.


    I'm gonna be honest, I'm totally lost on this one. I genuinely cannot see this man going out of his way to listen to any real, actual music whatsoever.

    He'd like the American national anthem, obviously, but other than that. Blanking.

    I can imagine him liking some 60's rock... maybe? Some Jazz as well??

    I feel like he wouldn't complain if it came on the radio, at least.

    Also Bon Jovi.

    — HEAVY

    Heavy will listen to just about anything -- if only to discover new stuff -- but he usually chooses to put on more slow, instrumental songs/scores.

    Lots of violin and piano.

    Jazz is a preferance of his as well, and maybe some opera once in a while to freshen things up.

    He likes romantic songs.

    I could imagine liking something like Mikael Tariverdiev every so often.

    (Side note. I think at least one of his sisters would like Kombinaciya and make him listen to it with them)


    Look, we all know what I'm gonna say here. Engie likes country music. It's stereotypical and cliche and also completely correct.

    But, I also think he listens to a lot of 70s and 80s rock.

    Y'know... dad music.

    I can imagine him listening to George Strait, maybe Mel McDaniel, some early AC/DC perhaps... Foo fighters?

    Does he like Dolly Parton? Methinks yes.


    Demo is, of course, a fan of classic Scottish music (of wich I don't have any examples because I've never listened to it. Woo)

    But aside from that, I think his taste in music is sort of all over the place. A little bit of everything, with some recurring favorites.

    I know it's cliche, but I can absolutely see him going hard to the Dropkick Murphy's.

    it's just so fitting, I'm sorry.

    I also like to think he'd enjoy some folk punk, especially some of the older stuff.

    He'd likes Mischief Brew!

    — MEDIC

    Medic isn't a fan of music that's to hardcore or too lyric heavy, so he mostly listens to classical.

    I think he'd enjoy Capriccio and Chaconne the most.

    (I'd love to give examples but I don't listen to enough classical to have any on hand)

    I think in his earlier days he was very into darkwave music and maybe some russian post punk. He still holds a place in his heart for it.

    Artists like Molchat Doma and Dolgostroy.

    Also, maybe it doesn't fit with the rest of his taste, but I could see him liking Oingo Boingo.

    It just sounds so funky.

    — SNIPER

    I don't think sniper listens to music. He just doesn't like it.

    He won't complain if someone turns on the radio or puts on a record, but he never goes out of his way to do it himself.

    I don't even think he can pick a favorite genre. He just likes what he likes, and that's that.

    (I'm sorry this is so bland I actually have no ideas. Sniper really is just some guy)

    — SPY

    Spy's taste in music is just about as pretentious as he is.

    Piano scores, classical and smooth jazz all the way...

    At least, that's what he says it is.

    Really, some of his favorite artists are songs from his younger days -- more carefree, happier times.

    Jim Morrison, The Doors, Syd Barrett... music like that is his real favorite.

    He was introduced to a lot of it through Scout's mom, so It's reminiscent of a brighter time in his life. They used to dance to it together.

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  • aussiegunsmoke
    17.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Y’know, I think it’s about time I wrote out how all of my TF2 guys are interconnected. Let’s go with Jack’s perspective.

    Boris: This sniper used to share a team with Boris and Vinz. Boris and Jack NEVER got along, the two always fighting about what was considered morally right and morally wrong when it came to killing someone. Boris was always so violent and graphic, preferring to watch his enemy suffer. This made Jack VERY uncomfortable in the presence of Boris, and often times skipped meals because of it. Their tense relationship eventually got so stifling that Jack filed for a transfer to a different team, leaving Vinz behind to deal with the psycho. Boris was not above hurting his own teammates, and Jack had witnessed a brutality against their team’s pyro, and didn’t want to be within a 10-foot radius of the other. Now, if he were ever to see the heavy again, he is determined to shoot him on sight, and kill him permanently. 

    Vinz: Vinz and Jack shared a sibling-type relationship, tending to Vinz’s hearing aids and pushing the team to call him by the name he wanted, rather than his name on file. Jack stuck up for the other, looked after him, and made sure the younger was treated fairly. When The sniper had filed for transfer and left their team, Vinz was heartbroken. Someone he trusted so dearly had abandoned him, all because he couldn’t get along with their burly teammate. However, from what Jack had told him, Vinz wasn’t sure he wanted to stick around either. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the years of seniority that Jack had, so he remained stuck. To current day, Vinz hopes to see Jack again, rekindle their familial bond, and leave this horrible place.

    Henry: Jack and Henry have only met in passing, but he thinks the doctor is a bit off-kilter, mumbling to himself and being quite skittish around their team, or anyone for that matter. The only real opinion he has of Henry is that the poor guy needs some help.

    Lee: They don’t exactly know each other. Jack has only heard of Lee in passing.

    Terrance: Also doesn’t know him, just in passing.

    Gabriel: As odd as it is, these two have some form of history. Whenever he’s around the other, he feels this sense of overwhelming dread, like the other wants to erase his existence. Of course, whenever they’ve spoken, it’s only been on friendly terms with nothing but smiles. However, this feeling makes him feel like something happened between them that he doesn’t remember... that neither of them remember. 

    #tf2 #tf2 oc headcanon
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  • zestmann
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #tf2 headcanons #tf2 x reader #tf2 sniper #tf2 sniper x reader #sniper x reader #tf2 sniper headcanons #anon#asks
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  • hanmashutupji
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    I don’t know if there’s anything official about Hanma’s home life and past.... but it would be so funny if he actually had a normal, average upbringing with siblings or something. he just decided to go batshit on his own and beat someone up-

    hanma outside of home: *beating a group of guys up* HAHAHAHAHAHA

    hanma at home: *bleeding profusely* oh hi ma :) is dinner ready?

    hanma’s mom: i. wh-

    #kinda like scout from tf2 #hanma shuji#tokyo revengers #tokyo rev headcanons
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  • welcome-to-ikea
    17.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    tf2 headcanon that i hate myself for coming up with because it makes me sad:

    Spy actually has a huge heart and is one of the most loving and caring people you’ll ever meet, he’s just had to close himself off to protect his identity and prevent himself from having a breakdown out of fear for those he cares about

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  • mormonas
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #me fighting every cell in my being to not talk abt my lego oc and gcbc headcanons #like GIRL get a hold of urself this is a dead fandom … ur a tf2 blog ….. #im getting too invested into tlm its not even funny
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  • pyrovisionary
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    yandere!scout "hey chucklenuts if you even lookit my broad im gonna bonk ya lights out got it pally"

    #talkin#tf2 #thanks to the people of lgbtf2 informing me that poeple make yandere headcanons of these guys that fills me with rage and hatred #die a violent death
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  • zestmann
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago


    This is a Team Fortress 2 blog I made after scouring through the TF2 x reader and headcanon tags after like 2 weeks lmao.

    My names zesty and I’m an avid fan of the game!

    I’m a writer who has written a bunch of headcanons and a few fics for other fandoms (earthrealmclown is my main and mk blog so I like stuff from that one lol) so I’m excited to start up here! Also I am a digital artist; I might draw a little here too lol

    So yeah, this is just my little corner of the community, if you want to request stuff, my rules and stuff are below! Hoping to start writing again soon! :•)



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  • zestmann
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago


    Welcome to the rules page!! Please read all of this before you submit a request, anything that doesn’t fall into my rules will be deleted. Also this might be updated occasionally so check back here occasionally!

    You’re allowed to ask for all the mercs at once for any of your requests! However if you’re not intending to, I’d appreciate it if you could keep your requests to 3 or less characters. (Keep in mind if you ask for all mercs it’ll take longer to complete!)

    Please don’t request any outright NSFW content, as I’m not experienced in writing it so I don’t want to screw it up, suggestive content is allowed though!

    Please refrain from asks on the subject of pregnancy.

    No character x character asks, I’m more of an x reader/imagines blog :•)

    Please don’t spam my inbox; I’m totally okay with you submitting more than one request but please be mindful!

    I don’t do gender-specific s/o, the s/o will always use they/them pronouns in my writing! However if you want to request something such as the mercs with a trans s/o, go right ahead! It just won’t be too specific I hope you don’t mind!

    I don’t do fics as requests.

    #tf2 x reader #tf2 headcanons#rules
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