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    🖊️ Writer: Remy 🖊️ Social media: MOTHYNEUR (Ao3)

    A connoisseur of angst and descriptors, and victim of the brainrot, who actively procrastinates on things that matter.

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    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Anybody have any good gen Sam Wilson-centric fanfic recommendations? I can’t seem to find any that center Sam.

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    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Like, I’ve mentioned it only about five times already but the moment TFATWS opened with Sam unquestioningly working for the U.S. military on hush-hush unsanctioned missions in North Africa because what else would he be doing right, I knew this was a show I’d end up hating with burning passion because the only way you can take this set-up in a character arc is Sam wielding the shield in opposition to American imperialism and fucking LOL at the idea of Disney ever throwing a wrench in its propaganda machine like that.

    Hence how we ended up with “we can do better cowboy”.

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    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Bucky: Well, I know a crazy when I see one. Because I am crazy.

    The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
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    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I love that most fanart gives Sam the biggest brown doe eyes with long lashes and lil sparkles like,,,,

    Yeah. You’re right. He do be looking like that.

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    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    TFATWS didn’t even let its protagonists connect emotionally outside of dialogue-free friendship montages and I’m getting anons trying to tell me it treated them better than Loki. Come on.

    #.txt #tfatws hateblog #tfatws is probably the worst thing the mcu has ever produced #the show literally opens with sam doing war crimes #and goes out of its way to make sure we know it’s a war crime #if u wanna call that ‘letting protagonists shine’ well. #ok
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    #daniel brühl#zemo#baron zemo#helmut zemo#tfatws#zemo imagine#zemo fluff #baron zemo x you #baron zemo x y/n #zemo x reader #zemo x you #zemo x y/n #zemo tag #baron helmut zemo #zemo x ofc #mcu#marvel#daniel bruhl #daniel bruhl x reader #zemo fic#zemo oneshot#fluff #the falcon and the winter soldier #incorrect quotes#incorrect zemo #incorrect zemo quotes #incorrect mcu #incorrect mcu quotes #zemoedit#anon reply
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    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Watch "Baron Zemo being the best bad guy || TFATWS" on YouTube

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    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Wasn’t sure which I liked more but uh, if y’all wanna use any of them as a Lock Screen ✨

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    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    BabyGirl Gets a Cold

    Summary: After everyone came back from the snap, Steve left the shield to Sam, and both Bucky and Sam had to save the world, again - this time from itself. Sam and Bucky need to find an outlet from the pressures of constantly saving the world. Insert Y/N, their submissive and little, always taking their mind off the weight of the world, just by being her most authentic selves. Although it took a while to fully accept and balance out, they’ve never been happier sharing, what's yours is mine is ours.

    Warning: 18+, Minors DNI, cussin, smut, D/s and DD/lg themes, whatever debauchery I can concoct, read at your own risk.

    A/N: I finished TFATWS, been wanting a Dom and/or Daddy to take care of me since I accepted this part of myself, and I’m using this head cold as a reason to finally work on/share this series I been keeping to myself (ESPECIALLY since my period decided to have the audacity to come in the middle of my recovery - thanks for coming to my oversharing TEDTalk). Please don’t judge. Constructive criticism or praise welcome. Fair warning: I kinda my proofread and kept my back and forth points of view.

    A/N: My work is not to be plagiarized or reposted (on any site other than this) without my explicit consent and recognition.

    Friday night

    Y/N woke up around noon to a pounding headache and pressure in her nasal passage. She could only breathe out of one nostril, but still tried to push some air out of the other in hopes that she was wrong. As soon as she sat up her nose started running and her chest tightened confirming that she was indeed sick. Every fucking July when the temperatures outside is on straight Hell and the inside of everywhere felt like the Arctic, she got sick. This year, it seemed, was no different.

    She screamed the best she could to the ceiling, letting it trail off into a whine, “Why todaaaayyyyy?!”

    As if she conjured her dread, her phone started ringing. It seems her daddies were more attuned with her than she knew. She answered, hiding underneath her covers the best she could, using her favorite stuffy to help hide her - Seyo the Sea Otter from their trip to the aquarium.

    With the biggest smile on his face, Sam said, “Hey there babygirl, you excited for today? We finally get to come over and spend 24 straight hours with you!”

    Bucky tried to move Sam out of the way to get some facetime with you as well, “And then we get to spend the whole next day showing you off to our friends and family! We’ve been looking forward to seeing you all month babydoll! How ya been?”

    Their excitement just made her regress more, so she let out another whine, tearing up at the almost guarantee of not seeing them.

    “Now come on, you know to use your words, don’t tell me we have to start with discipline when we get there.” Sam said.

    “Nooooooooooooo.” Y/N said.

    “Well tell us what’s wrong so we can fix it babydoll.” Bucky said.

    “You can’t fix. I sick,” Y/N pouted and started to work herself into a tizzy, getting more unconsolable as she went on, “and now you can’t come and we can’t play, and, and --” she stuttered her words out through tears and an increasing amount of hiccups, “and I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you againnnn.” She burst into tears, making her stuffy nose even stuffier and her stuffy snottier.

    “Oh no, babygirl! Please stop crying, you’re only going to make your symptoms worse,” Sam tried to soothe her.

    “Yea, babydoll, we’re still comin to see ya, we just gotta make an extra pitstop or two now, but I promise we’ll be there soon, right Samster?” Bucky said.

    Sam and Buck had a mini stair off.

    “Oh yea, babygirl. Now you know Buckington and I would never miss the chance to see our girl. Don’t you?” Sam spat back, only sweetening his words when talking directly to Y/N.

    Y/N started to visibly calm down, only hiccuping at the opportunity to see her two favorite people in the world still. She really just wanted to be taken care of and where would she find two better experts?


    Both of the men nodded their heads vigorously.

    “You keep your cute butt tucked in that bed until we get there sweet pea, your Daddies are on the way to save the day.” Sam said.

    Y/N’s face brightened and she made a show of doing just that, snuggling into her covers more and tucking herself in with one hand.


    A few hours later

    Y/N woke up from her nap to the sound of bickering coming from her kitchen. She felt even worse than before she went to sleep now that the cold had time to set in.

    Thankfully, Bucky’s super soldier ears picked up on her awakening, the second her stuffy nosed whine built in her chest. He took the opportunity to “accidently” hit the center of Sam’s chest too hard to shut him up and clue him in. When Sam finally got over the abuse, that he was definitely bringing up to Dr. Raynor, he quickly started helping Bucky gather together their hard work. Well, more like other people’s hard work, but they were making it pretty and easily accessible for them to take care of you so same difference.

    What Y/N thought was the boys finally coming to a civil agreement, was in fact them agreeing to disagree until after you were asleep again. You had only recently begun to pick up on the fact that you were kinda like Switzerland between the everbickering men. They had cut back on the ferociousness of their verbal wars whenever you were around, sometimes most of the time finishing them when you were sleep or not around again. But they had really proven that they would always come together at least semi-peacefully for your sake.

    After she listened to see what they were up to for a little while, Y/N began patting down her bed and looking around her room for Seyo. She spotted him across the floor, at her doorway as soon as Sam, holding a tray of soup and tea, and Bucky, holding all the medications they could find in Walgreens in his arms, rounded the corner to enter.

    If there was one thing that Sam and Bucky could whole heartedly agree on, was that they would both die 1000 deaths to see your eyes brighten the way they do any time either or both of them were around. Among the naughty reasons, knowing that they were the only two people to ever elicit that magnitude of a reaction out of you upon each meeting was one of the top reasons they both fell in love with you. You never lack in ways to show them how much they mean to you, especially when it comes to your facial expressions.

    Bucky rushed to your bedside, releasing the mountain of medicine on you bed to come lay behind you and shower your face in a storm of kisses.

    “Buuuuucccckk, stop it. I gon get yous sick,” Y/N said through coughing giggles.

    “No you’re not. Super soldier. Remember bunny?” Bucky replied and continued his antics.

    Sam looked down on you two with a frowny face as he held the tray. “Hey old guy,” Sam said, taking a second to laugh at Bucky’s displeased expression, “would you stop jostling her around so I can set this down and get my love in too?”

    Bucky’s smug smirk did nothing but ruffle Sam’s feathers even more as he said, “I’ll stop, but no kissing for you since you’re just a regular soldier.” He leaned on your headboard, folding his arms behind his head, looking like the cat who ate the canary. “Don’t want you getting sick now do you little bird?”

    “Boy, I ain’t never been sick a day in my life,” Sam said as he finally was able to sit the tray on your side table without fear of it being knocked over and move Bucky out of the way. “Now move so I can get me my sugar.”

    Y/N couldn’t stop the giggles as Sam kissed all over her face, much like Bucky did, as said person tried to mush Sam away from you. They only stopped their antics when you went into a horrible coughing fit, bringing them back to the task.

    And so, daddy mode was activated. While Bucky checked your temperature, Sam measured out some cold medicine and cough syrup into two separate cups.

    You were still for the temperature check, breathing a sigh of relief when Bucky announced that you only just barely had a fever. However, the second Sam inched towards you with the first medicine cup in hand, all rational thought left your brain with one message: Beware of the nasty medicine. After throwing away the thermometer cover Bucky came over to help Sam by grabbing your hands that were trying to nudge Sam away and pinning them on the bed.

    Cooing while trying to soothe you the best he could by running his fingers back and forth on the back of your hand, Bucky said, “Come on doll, you’ve been so brave up until now. Be good for Sammy.”

    Sam held the small measuring cup closer to your face and still you turned your head with a defiant, “no.”

    Sam grabbed the sides of your face, smushing your cheeks together and turned your head to face him. He said, “You want a sore bottom to go with that sore throat? I understand you don’t like medicine, but you need it to get better, now open.”

    You pressed your pouting lips together, still unwilling to allow the logical and inevitable choice, come to fruition.

    Sam’s frown deepened and his gaze hardened. “If that’s how you want it.” He held your nose and applied pressure to your cheeks until you opened your mouth enough for him to pour the first one in, quickly following the second behind that.

    He held your mouth closed. “Swallow all of it.”

    You did and he pecked your lips before pulling away to grab you the glass of water from the tray. Bucky followed his lead and did the same before releasing his hold on your arms. While you were briefly distracted, he scooped Seyo up and took him to the laundry room to be washed since it was obvious that he was desperately in need of it.

    After Sam was satisfied with the amount of water you had you started getting antsy, noticing simultaneously that Seyo was no longer on the floor and Bucky wasn’t in the room when Sam tried to get you to swallow something else. This time soup, another non-favorite, even to Big you.

    “No! Where’s Seyo? I wan my stuffie! I wan Bucky!” Y/N screeched out between coughing fits.

    Sam quickly upended you over his knee, pulling down your bottoms and panties, he let loose a quick succession of rough swats that were honestly more of a surprise than anything. Yes, Sam was the rougher of the two men, but you still got away with a lot. Something you apparently couldn’t depend on when sick.

    “Now I’ve had enough of your bratty ass behavior. I don’t care if you’re sick little one, I will spank you raw and leave you unfulfilled even after you’re better.” Sam threatened.

    Y/N sniffles put pressure on her already stuffy nose as she let the tears run freely. “Please, no, daddy. I’ll be good. Please don’t take away my cummies. I let you doctor me till I better.”

    Bucky came back in at that statement and crossed his arms, giving you his mean daddy face too. “You better be on your best behavior for the rest of our time taking care of you.”

    “I am, promise,” Y/N said, crossing your heart as you rubbed your bum and sat gingerly.

    “You better because you know I can do worse and I really don’t want to while you’re sick.” Sam said with a small pout.

    “Yes daddy,” you replied contritely.

    Sam picked up the bowl of soup and fed you, pausing to allow bucky to feed you crackers in between.

    Sam pulled up your favorite Tinker Bell movie while Bucky got you to drink half of the tea.

    They both cuddled around you as you snuggled in for the movie, passing out before the opening credits could finish.

    Bucky woke you a few hours later and in the middle of another Tink favorite for some more meds and the rest of your tea. You were much happier too since Seyo had finished drying and was rejoined with the love pile.

    Bucky said, “good girl” and planted a  forehead kiss, rendering you utterly pliant to the rest of their care for the remainder of the weekend as you cuddled up next to your 3 favorite men.

    #daddy!sam wilson #daddy!bucky #sam x reader x bucky #TFATWS #sam wilson x black!reader #bucky x black!reader #poly!sam x poly!bucky #marvel fanfiction
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    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Peaches and Cream - "So This Is Love" Universe

    Summary: Set in BBC (Before Bucky Confessed) era. In your side of the apartment, it seems you got yourself a lover boy. In Bucky's side, it's a whole other reality. Word Count: 2.6k Pairing: Chubby!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader Warnings: 18+. Smut. Language. Male masturbation. Best friend dynamics. Food. College AU. A/N: In dedication to my #1 favorite fic series of all time So This Is Love written by my favorite person to torment @propertyofpoeandbucky​​, here's my fic contribution to this universe!!! I worked really hard on this so I hope you all like it :)

    Main Masterlist

    Balancing work and college is a shitty experience for the most part. Money was tight, and Bucky had that big presentation he needed to finish up.

    So, that's how you found yourself in the kitchen, trying your best to make him a hot, hearty meal on a budget. Because boy was probably so stressed out making a 50+ slide presentation due this week. You wanted to support him.

    Your culinary workstation (aka. small tiled kitchen counter with a two-burner gas stove beside it) was occupied and bustling.

    Tomato sauce with some ground pork, basil, oregano, and onion powder. Cooked all-purpose cream sauce with butter, salt, crushed black pepper, minced garlic and mushrooms. Processed cheese and an oiled grater (the cheese sticks less that way) on standby. Rectangular casserole dish, clean and dry. Lasagna noodles in salted boiling water, and nothing less than vigorously boiling water.

    You had learned from your mistakes. You're not gonna fuck this up and peel stuck-together pieces of flat pasta with your bare, heat-sensitive hands ever again.

    You swear it.

    It's also because you had the responsibility of feeding someone other than yourself. That might be the reason why you cared just a little bit more about cooking than if you were just feeding yourself. If that was the case, you'd just strive for edible and safe to eat.

    Your timer for the pasta rings. Taking the pot out of the heat, you drain the hot water and rinse the noodles with cold tap water. You find tranquility in your bones as steady hands assemble the layers of lasagna.

    I should probably cut him some fruit too, you mentally note.


    It had taken probably hours of work, but he'd finally wrapped up the presentation he had been procrastinating for. He feels bad about Peaches having to cook for him, but she had been kind and understanding, only hugging and reassuring him it's okay Bucky. Let me take care of this so you can get your work done quick, okay?

    Thank God, he thinks. He would be more of a chaotic fucking mess without you.

    He was so stressed, and yet so... touched by you. This lovey dovey shit he feels in his heart had been occurring more often, and he doesn't know how to deal with it. He's frustrated. He's never felt as affectionate to any woman as he felt with you.

    His breaths turn heavy and a delicious, potent throb builds up in his groin. God, fuck you. Kind, funny, lovable, perpetually patient you.

    He had been used to his fuckboy ways, the way he was used to casually getting to know other people's bodies but never their hearts. The way he was used to snappy arguments and moody confrontations whenever issues rose up in whatever semblance of a relationship Bucky got himself into.

    But it was never that way with you. Stolen cookies and disruptingly loud sex never escalated to emotional outbursts like he had expected, like he had hoped.

    Because that's what he was familiar with, that's what he thinks love is. At least when the person he likes is blowing up at his face, he can naturally fall into step and blow right back at them. Like interconnected cogs in a machine if the cogs were sentient and only knew anger.

    It's almost concerning what his notion of love and relationships are.

    But, like a kinder egg, you were full of surprises.

    Stealing is a fundamentally annoying thing for someone to be on the receiving end of. Additionally, stealing food is a fundamentally effective way to piss the fuck out of the person you share a dorm with.

    But when he swiped half the tray of home-baked  chocolate chip cookies you spent all morning perfecting, in a pathetic attempt to get a rise out of you, (Just something. Something that told him you felt something for him too. Totally not because he felt something for you. Psssh don't think such silly things - because he most certainly, definitely did not.) you just knocked on his door. No words needed to tell you the truth about the cookie thief. The moment Bucky opened his paper thin door to his paper thin room, you could smell the distinct scent of vanilla, sugar and chocolate. Oh, and he had crumbs on the side of his mouth right there too.

    It's almost like he was trying to get caught on purpose.

    "Hey Peaches," he said, shit eating grin on his face. C'mon, honey give me something. He desperately hoped. Get mad, shout at me, scream in my face - anything.

    You inhaled a deep breath (1, 2, 3, 4...) and sighed, like a parent who isn't mad. Just disappointed.

    It made Bucky's heart ache.

    "You know, if you wanted some cookies you coulda just asked for it." You crossed your arms, going straight to the point. No tiptoeing around, no bullshit. Bucky liked that, not that he would admit it to himself.

    The grin was wiped away and he scratched the back of his neck, having the idea to look sheepish. "You're... You're not mad?"

    "It's just cookies, my guy." You waved him off nonchalantly. "But listen. If you want something, just ask nicely. You know I got no problem sharing with you. If you pull this again, we will have a problem. Do you understand?"

    You made eye contact until he found the words travel from his smooth, stupid brain to his unfiltered mouth. "Yeah. Uh, yeah. I get it." He was caught off guard, and if he wasn't so confused, he would have reflected on how pathetically puppy-like he must have looked nodding eagerly at what you said.

    "Good," you offered him an appreciative smile. "Enjoy your cookies, you thief." You walked away… and that was that.

    It threw him for a loop. Because that was probably the first time he wasn't met with anger for doing the usual stupid shit he never thought through before doing.

    The calm manner in which you handled the situation. The mature approach in which you communicated to him your boundary on stolen cookies. Just ask nicely, and I'll give you some. Simple as that.

    You are nothing like his sex buddies or his "girlfriends", if he could even consider them that. You are no Roxy, Trixie, or Dolores, who had hot tempers and bad attitudes as good as their looks. There is no shouting, no glares, and no pointed fingers. Only direct and clear communication.

    Oh, and that sexy eye contact that never failed to make him feel some type of way.

    He asks himself, who was the last person who talked to him like that? He can't remember. If he had the brain cells to do so, he still probably wouldn't, because he finds himself indulging in the thought of you. How... good you treat him. How safe and loved and taken care of he felt with you. How respectful and honest you were when you talked.

    Of course - because Bucky is Bucky and his heart is directly connected to his groin, blood travels down south and he's hard as a rock.

    Black sweatpants pulled down to his thick thighs, and lotion covering his hand, Bucky's stroking himself at a swift pace with his right hand. His left one cupping his balls, tugging on them just how he likes it.

    "Fuck, sweetheart..." he shuts his eyes and furrows his brows to concentrate on his pleasure. Every delicious stroke has his pleasure effortlessly going higher and higher when he has you in his mind. His heart is racing, and God it feels so good. His breaths turn to low moans, because he knows the walls have the sound muffling capacity of a floppy cardboard box.

    He can hear you move about in the kitchen.

    Part of him wants you to hear him moan your name; wants you to know the lewd calls of your name come from his heart more so than his cock. Bucky wants you to see him emotionally vulnerable and sexually exposed, because maybe you'd have an idea on what the fuck he's feeling and tell him how to go about dealing with it.

    Right now, it's easy to pinpoint what he does feel. He feels like he's about to burst.

    His slick hand slaps lightly against the soft flesh at the base of his sensitive, throbbing dick. "Peaches..." he moans under his breath. "Oh Peaches, feel so tight on my cock... Gonna milk me, huh? Gonna let me fill you up, baby?" His strokes are rapid now, hand pleasuring him from the tip to the base. His left hand tugging and rubbing firmly on his balls. Swollen, juicy balls with all the thick milk he wants to give you.

    He's almost there. Fuck, he's almost there. He tightens his grip around himself and desperately tries to trick his brain that it's your wet, warm pussy that's clenching down on him like that, cumming on his dick. God, he bet you'd sound so sinful when he hits your g-spot with his fat cock over and over again.

    "Hhng," he chokes out a moan. Biting his lip to keep himself from moaning too loud, thick warm cum spurts from his slit and paints his cute chubby belly. As small groans pour from his mouth, he keeps imagining he's fully bottomed out in your pussy, painting your walls with his hot seed.

    While he's at it, he wonders how his balls would feel slapping on your asshole as he's fucking you through your orgasm.

    Breath heaving as he milks his cock dry, he notices the warmth in his cheeks and ears. As he takes advantage of his refractory period to hear for hints that you've heard his sins, he feels shameful for what he did at the thought of you.

    Sitting beside that shame is the inevitable truth that comes with post-nut clarity…

    He likes you.


    You were an avid online shopper. Squishmallows, yarn, cute stationary, candles of different colors, Star Wars figurines, NASA merch. Sometimes they were gifts for Bucky and sometimes they were little treats you gave to yourself.

    You were used to packages constantly coming through the dorm. But lately, times have been a bit tough. You stopped your impulsive buying to make ends meet. Your part time job could only pay you so much.

    After you've popped the lasagna in the oven and set the timer, Joe the delivery guy shows up at your door with a big box. It's a Saturday afternoon. You know you nor Bucky didn't order anything. You were dumbfounded.

    "You sure you got the right address, dude? I don't remember ordering this." you ask, scratching your head.

    Joe checks the package label. He recites your name. "It's been sent specifically to you by one Pietro Maximoff, ma'am."

    You furrow your eyebrows. Pietro? You've been seeing him and texting him lately. He was a kind, respectful man. He showed interest in you and you liked conversing with him. You knew he worked at a farm that his family owned, so you could only wonder what he gifted you.

    You relent, accepting the hefty box from the guy. He does his thing of confirming that the item had been delivered, before going on his merry way.

    "Oof," you huff as you try to close the door with occupied arms.

    "Peaches?" Bucky calls out, having cleaned himself up and changed into new clothes. He walks out of the bathroom and over to you when he sees you carrying the package. "Ooooo big box, what's in that?"

    "I don't know, man." You walk towards the kitchen table and set the box down. "You know that dude I've been texting?"

    He can feel his stomach drop, but he keeps his composure. "Peter?" he guesses, raising his eyebrows.

    "No, Pietro." you correct, grabbing your phone and unlocking it. "He sent me something. Hold on I gotta..." you trail off, intending to text him about the package - only to see he'd left you one just now.

    Pietro: I got you a gift. Hope you enjoy :)

    Huh. You raise your eyebrows and type.

    You: What is it?

    Dots appear at the bottom of the screen as he quickly replied.

    Pietro: Guess you'll have to open and see.

    "Well," you sigh. "He won't tell me what's in it..."

    "Oh! Oh!" Bucky crafts a convincing enthusiasm, taking a seat. "Can I guess?"

    "Uh," you pull out a chair and do the same. "Sure."

    "I bet it's gold."

    "Pfff," you chuckle. "You think a guy I just met on Bumble would give me a big humongous block of gold? What am I, a princess?"

    "You're my princess," Bucky flirts with a wink.

    You playfully roll your eyes. "Whatever, donut."

    "You said he's a farmer boy right?" You nod.

    "Could be chickens," he shakes the box lightly with one hand.

    "Bro, there's no holes in this box. It can't be chickens."

    "Dead chickens, then."

    "You think this dude would ship me produce instead of just giving it to me directly?" you ask, incredulous look on your face.

    "Uh…" he trails off. "Why not?"

    "Because it's stupid, Bucky."

    "Well how about YOU take a guess here, smarty pants?" he gestures to the mysterious box.

    "Hmm," you contemplate. "I think it's… cheese?"

    He snorts, furrowing his brows. "Like a whole wheel of cheese?"

    You nod, "Yeah, that would make sense. Those are big, right?"

    "I think so..." He concurs. "Instead of wondering, how 'bout we open it and see?"

    "Great idea. Can you get the scissors for me, please?" you request politely.

    Bucky stands to grab the scissors from the repurposed mug atop the grey and blue dish cabinet and hands it to you. "Be careful."

    You take it from his hand. "Yes, father."

    "Kinky," he grins, taking his seat beside you. "How would lover boy feel about you calling me that, huh?" He elbows your arm, wiggling his eyebrows.

    "Shut up, we're not lovers." You cut through the tape sealing the box, and open its flaps.

    "Is it.…?"

    Bucky guffaws when you opened the cardboard box. You couldn't help but laugh along with him.

    "He gave you a wheel of cheese!"

    "That he did," you grin, using your fingers to pry the humongous circle of Parmigiano Reggiano out of its snug box. Your itty bitty fingers are no match for the 72-pound wheel of cheese, of course. "Help me out, please."

    Bucky takes the box, flips it over, and shakes it until the cheese hits the plastic surface of the table with a thud.

    You giggle as you heave the cheese onto your lap and hugged it, then passed it to Bucky.

    "Damn," he whistles, slapping the cheese. "This boy really likes you."

    "Yeah," you decide with a teasing smirk. "I'm gonna suck his dick."

    Bucky's chest cavity feels just a little bit suffocated, his insides turn green.

    Before he can open his mouth to reply, the oven timer rings. You perk up, rising from your seat. "Oh! Lasagna's done!"

    He sees you put on some oven mitts and pull the steaming casserole dish out. "I think that cheese is better for toppings than this processed shit." You look back at him, a sweet, content smile on your face. "Don't you think?"

    His stomach flutters at the sight. It's infectious and he smiles right back. "Yeah, let me help you with that."

    You scoot over to give him space on the counter as he heaves the heavy cheese onto it. While he's peeling the plastic wrap around it, you carefully pull out a knife from the cabinet.

    You both fall into a relaxed state. Bucky begins to grate a cheese slice over the dish you've thoughtfully put together for him. You don't notice it, but his smile doesn't go away.

    Soon, he vows to himself.

    But for now, he's happy to be around you like this.


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  • aintmyjewelry
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    thinking about bucky barnes

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  • neverlandsky
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i just realized wandavision got 9 episodes and loki got a second season but tfatws stans got 6 episodes only NOO- i mean, at least we got a good finale and a happy ending lmao

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  • luna-rainbow
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago
    The person closest to her died, she’s vulnerable. Now is the best time to reason with her.

    — Sam justifying why he wanted to speak to Karli

    Sometimes I just wish the writers actually thought a little bit about what they’re writing. The unfortunate wording coming from an opponent, combined with the fact that Sam is older and wiser and trained in psychology - sounds like he’s planning to take advantage of her vulnerability. Which, of course, isn’t what Sam was intending at all: he means that this is the time she craves understanding and support and if he can give that to her then they can build rapport and have an open conversation, which is what he (rightfully) believes she wants.

    The other thing wrong with this line is that she literally just blew up a building with people in it after Donya Madani died. If anything, grief hasn’t made her easier to reason with, but potentially more volatile and dangerous. This is such an odd assessment based on the external events the series itself provided.

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