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  • mcu-and-buckybarnes-things
    18.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Zemo: Can I buy you a drink?

    Bucky (blushing): Alright, but if you are expecting I get drunk and go home with you then you’ll be disappointed.

    Zemo (to McDonald’s staffer): Give this gentleman a cup of milk. On me.

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  • baronisms
    18.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago


    " okay, quit it with the drinks. i think that's enough, hmm? let's get you home. " — @zimniyaktiv​​

              He’d lost count as to just how many glasses of scotch and shots he’d acquired.A small glass was in his hand filled to the brim with some kind of alcohol. For a moment Helmut’s gaze simply went between the glass and the assassin. 

             Home? The word was met with an eye roll, the drink being quickly brought to his lips.  Could one really have a home when all that was left of it was some sort of monument standing in its place? “ Or what? ” Brows came up as he quickly downed the shot, savoring the burn as it went down his throat. 

           “ You’ll throw me back where you found me, James? ” A hearty laugh bubbled up from the baron as he sat the glass back upon the bar. Sliding ever so slightly closer towards the other Helmut leaned in, cheeks flushed. “ We both know thats not true. ”

    #zimniyaktiv #◆;;—❝EXPERIENCE AND PATIENCE.❞ ( tfatws verse. ) #;;—pardon as i cry but my mans is a whole freakin mess #;;—i am so sorry buck tHIS IS THE MAN YOU BROKE OUT OF PRISON #;;—THIS MESSY LIL SHIT
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  • i-risewiththe-moon
    18.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    thinking about writing an essay about how john walker’s actions in ep6 is NOT a redemption arc and does NOT make him a hero actually

    #i am anti john walker ofc #sad and disappointed that there are john walker fans actually #tfatws #anti john walker #fatws
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  • redwingsupportgroup
    18.05.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    in ep3, Zemo being Zemo, he talks about Bucky's notebook and points out the list, Sam looks curious but seeing how uncomfortable Bucky was, he tries to change the subject to music and Steve and he never mentions it, on screen, again.

    then Sarah calls Sam in the iconic undercover mission scene. Bucky looks as confused as everyone else in the room, it doesn't seem to click for him who Sarah is, or the bank issue or Cass. he looks as lost as Zemo and Selby were.

    but in ep 4 and 5 we see both of them mention these things like they have full knowledge of them.

    in ep4 when Sarah calls Sam to inform him Karli have called to threaten her and the kids, Bucky asks what's happening and Sam says "Karli called Sarah" he doesn't say my sister, because Sarah is on bucky's map now and he knows who she exactly is.

    in ep5 when bucky goes to Sam's house to give him the suit, he says "so, this is the boat?" because he heard about it, how it's not working and that they might sell it.

    then again in ep5, sam asks "are you still having those nightmares" he doesn't ask if he generally has any, he knows that they are the ones relating to the list that was in the notebook.

    there was definitely a deadtime in Sharon's house before the party, or they didn't join from the beginning of the party. because these two sat together and discussed the boat, the bank, Sarah and the kids, the list, the notebook, the nightmares and Steve. just imagine them in Madripoor, on a balcony in Sharon's house, a drink in their hands and they just talk about everything.

    so in conclusion: we were robbed.

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  • uhthor
    18.05.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    tfatws appreciation week -> day two: favourite episode

    episode three: “power broker”

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  • itsflygtig
    18.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    The little jump John does to go down the three stairs after throwing the shield against Niko. I love it, I could watch it on repeat and never get tired.

    #john walker positive post #john walker#wyatt russell#us agent#captain america#tfatws #the falcon and the winter soldier #mcu#marvel #pro john walker
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  • hoebrowsalad
    18.05.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    plsksks I paused on the funniest moments when I was editing a video from tfatws 😃

    I call him Bunky Borns 😵🤣

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  • neverlandsky
    18.05.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    i hear your "torres would be jealous of bucky" and i raise you: match-maker torres. don't tell me that softie won't try to get sam and bucky together every chance he gets and teases sam about it. i don't think torres is really the jealous type, he's to nice

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  • galaxycreations
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Everyone who went to cons a couple years ago nd disrespected Anthony Mackie, y'all owe him apology. They are/were plain rude and now probably act woke.

    #anthony mackie #i know a lot of it came from rabid racists yt gurls #tfatws
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  • tinyyoungblood
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i know bucky’s strong but if he can bend a whole vibranium shield, he’s strong strong

    #look at it #it’s rubber #how did no one see that #bucky barnes#tfatws #the falcon and the winter solider
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  • zemosbanner
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Stormy Days (John Walker x Reader)

    Summary: You take refuge at John's house during a storm

    Warnings: Swearing, storms, alcohol, brief non-sexual nudity, soft!John Walker, tooth-rotting fluff, Reader’s a bit of a dumbass (but aren’t we all?)

    Word Count: 1.6k

    A/N: I've gone from "I hope John Walker gets his ass handed to him" to "John Walker is the loml and has done nothing wrong, ever." You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain, I guess.

    Gender Neutral Reader

    Today was not going as well as you had hoped it would.

    The weather was supposed to be sunny and clear, a perfect day to get and do some window shopping. Maybe even treat yourself to some new shoes or clothes.

    But no. Just as you were leaving one of the stores in the strip mall, rain started to pour from the sky. And not just a light drizzle. It was felt like pellets shooting down and it stung your skin with the impact.

    You quickly jogged over to your old, beat-up Honda just as thunder crackled across the sky. You could see a flash of lightning in the corner of your eye too. And as you fumbled with your car keys, it started to hail. Great. Just great.

    You slammed your car door shut and took a moment to breathe a (slight) sigh of relief. You could hear the hail ricocheting off of your car’s roof. “That better not leave a dent,” you grumble as you pull your way out of the parking lot.


    In the short time you’d gotten onto the main road, the weather had gone from bad to “Oh my God it’s the end times.” You could barely pay attention to the weather warning advisory that was being broadcasted on the radio. Mainly because your main focus was to not roll your car over and die.

    And it was going fine. Up until your car made a clunking sound. And then another, louder sound that sounded like a smoker’s cough. All the color drained from your face as you limped your car over to the side of the road, where the engine promptly sputtered out a final wheeze before dying.

    You let out a string of curse words that would leave your mother ashamed of your existence before leaning your head back against the seat and letting out a maniacal laugh.

    You take a deep breath and run your hand through your hair before grabbing your phone from the passenger seat. From there, you could call Triple A and request some “roadside assistance.” You hit the power button, expecting it to light up. But it doesn’t. Instead, you stare at yourself in the reflection of the black, dead screen.

    You resist the urge to throw the damn thing against your windshield. Welp. This was fan-fucking-tastic. You were stuck in the middle of a hailstorm with no working car or phone. A nightmare scenario.

    You didn’t even have any emergency supplies in your car, which you mentally kicked yourself for.

    You ran through different scenarios in your head, trying to choose the best option. None of them seemed all that great. Until you realized that you were close to John’s house.

    It was only about 15 minutes from where you were, and it was a hell of a lot closer than your own home. You weren’t sure whether it would be better to wait out the storm or to risk going out in it. But hey, it was only 15 minutes. How bad could it be?


    Bad. It could be pretty fucking bad.

    By the time you made it to John’s front door, you felt like keeling over and simply passing away. Your clothes were soaked and it felt like the rain was seeping straight into your bones. Your fingers and toes were numb and you could feel water sloshing around in your shoes.

    You weakly knocked on his door and waited for him to answer. You could hear rustling and footsteps before the door swings open and you're hit with a wave of warm, welcoming air.

    John is dressed in a simple gray t-shirt and sweatpants, looking quite comfortable. He has a little scruff on his face from not shaving for a few days and his whole presence radiates safety.

    His eyebrows raise at your state, and you give him a weak smile. “Hey, John,” you say casually through your chattering teeth.

    He stares motionlessly at you for a few seconds, taken aback by your appearance.

    “You need to get inside,” John finally says, and pulls you in by the arm. You don’t struggle against it, grateful to finally be somewhere warm.

    You’re getting water all over his hardwood floors and you would’ve felt bad if you hadn’t felt like you were on your deathbed.

    You hear John lock the door behind you as you take a moment to finally relax. You were gonna be fine.

    You’re so lost in your thoughts that you don’t realize John is talking until he grabs you by the shoulders so he can look at you. “Y/N. Hey, what happened?”

    You grip onto John’s biceps to better steady yourself. “Car broke down, phone died, your place was closer than mine,” you manage to mumble to him.

    “We should get you out of those clothes,” John tells you firmly, and you nod in agreement.

    “I have some old clothes that you can borrow,” he says as he leads you through his house and to the bedroom.

    “Cool,” you reply, trying to play this as nonchalantly as possible. This was absurd. This whole thing was absurd.

    John sits you gently on his bed before going to rummage through his dresser drawers. You untie your shoes and shuck off your damp socks, stuffing them inside the shoes.

    You also don’t hesitate to start stripping yourself of your clothes. You and John had seen each other naked God knows how many times, so it wasn’t anything new. Except for the fact that you were struggling to pull your shirt off.

    You let out a grunt of frustration as John turns around with a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt in his hand. You look up at him and can tell he’s biting back laughter.

    “Don’t be an asshole, John,” you mutter as he throws the clothes onto the bed next to you. At your words, John can’t help but crack a slight smile as you glare at him.

    “Do you need help?” And he actually sounds sincere for once in his life.

    “Yes,” you mumble, and John pulls you to a standing position. You wobble a bit, holding onto John’s strong frame for support.

    He quickly unbuttons your jeans and helps you step out of them and then tugs off your soaked shirt. Though you were used to seeing each other in various states of undress, this felt more intimate. The way John gripped your hip as he helped you slip into his clothes was something you couldn’t exactly describe. It wasn’t a feeling of arousal, just a feeling of comfort and companionship.

    By the time you were fully dressed and feeling better, John’s cheeks were tinged with a faint shade of pink. He clears his throat. “You can sleep on my couch for tonight,” he tells you. “I have a couple spare blankets lying around somewhere.”

    “Thank you,” you tell him quietly, and he nods before leading you back out to his living room.

    You sit on the couch with your legs tucked beneath you and listen to John rummage through a spare closet. You look around his living room as you wait. The couch was a plain brown, with a couple throw pillows on either side.

    Sat in front of it is a wooden coffee table, with a TV remote and book set on it. The TV that hung above a lit fireplace was quietly playing the evening news, where they were talking about the storm that was apparently ravishing the whole state. The whole place was quite small, but it was nice. Cozy.

    Finally, John comes back with a thick, red and orange quilt and a fluffy-looking pillow.

    He sets the pillow down next to you and silently wraps the quilt around you. It’s large enough to fully wrap around your shoulders and cover the entirety of your body.

    “Are you comfortable?” John questions, and you nod your head.

    “Warmer,” you reply, giving him a small smile.

    “Are you hungry? If you’re not, I could make some hot chocolate or…” John trails off, scratching the back of his neck.

    “Hot chocolate sounds nice,” you say, and he nods his head.

    “Do you want it spiked?”

    You raise an eyebrow at his question. “You trying to get me drunk, Walker?” You ask playfully.

    “Is that a yes?” He retorts.


    You let yourself sink into the couch as you listen to both the TV and John puttering around his kitchen. It was nice, and you realize that the 15 minutes of hell were worth the feeling of home here.

    John eventually comes back to the living room and hands you the warm mug. You take a small sip of it, testing the temperature. Perfect.

    John stands silently next to you for a few moments, rocking back and forth on his heels and unsure of what to do next.

    “Y’know, I’ve heard that one of the best ways to get warm is to be near another human.” You finally break the silence, and John raises his eyebrows at your bold statement.

    “I think it only counts if it’s skin-to-skin contact, Y/N.” He replies, and yet despite his words he moves to sit down on the couch next to you.

    “Well, something is better than nothing,” you say, a sly smile creeping up on your face. John chuckles at your words.

    He sits down next to you, and you lean into his side as he puts his arm around you. As you take another sip of your hot chocolate, you note that John has a faint smell of pine emanating off of him.

    It was nice, sitting there with John. With only the faint sound of the TV and the fire crackling piercing through the otherwise silent house.

    By the time you’d finished your beverage, you were becoming incredibly tired; the day’s events finally catching up to you. You set the empty mug on the coffee table as you feel your eyes become heavier.

    You close your eyes and lean into John even more, breathing in his now-familiar scent. You feel yourself drift off to sleep in his arms, safe and content.

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  • headcanonthings
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sam: Are you okay?

    Bucky: I'm going to start charging people money to ask me that.

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  • ilovesamwilsonn
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    bucky is the red gay and sam is the blue gay

    #tell me i’m wrong #sambucky #i can’t find a post where this is established #late to the party #tfatws
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  • tfatwszine
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    Mystella | Beta & Writer moderator

    Mystella is a writer, artist and a chaotic multifandom mess.

    👉 Tumblr: @ladyofthelake666 👉 Ao3: ladyofthelake666
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  • themessyaofmind
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just finished watching tfatws and all i wanna do now is just to hug bucky and sam real tight

    #wow#this show #i think i got more crying that laughing while watching #cant wait to watch another movie with sam wilson as captain america #and now i understand why zemo is now everyone fav villain #hes such a mood #well bucky too is forever my mood #bucky barnes#sam wilson#tfatws #the falcon and the winter soldier
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  • thatfangirl42
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Anthony Mackie. Reblog if you agree.

    #falcon and the winter solider #anthony mackie#sam wilson#tfatws #anthony mackie my beloved #Anthony Mackie#fatws#the avengers #falcon and winter solider teaser #the falcon#captain america #new captain america #best actor #i love him #mtv movie awards #marvel#MCU #marvel cinematic universe #stan lee
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  • wenellyb
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Bucky invited himself to a mission without asking Sam's persmission, he invited himself to stay the night by not booking hotel room. If you really think Bucky asked Sam before moving to Delacroix, I don't know what to tell you.

    He probably broke the lease to his appartment, packed all his stuff in a truck, went to see Sam and said: "Sooo.... What are we going to do about this?"

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  • ladyofthelake666
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    listen i am v lonely someone please send me sambucky playlists or sambucky fic recs or talk sambucky with me, i will love you till the end of the line ok

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  • ladyofthelake666
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    reblog if every time Sam and Bucky tap each other on the shoulders, your heart does a little dance

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  • accidentalglomp
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    limbs is at 300 kudos! though tbh y'alls comments are what's keeping me going thank you so much!! my favorite cult <3

    #i think that's what we are now. im good with that. freakymcgoo's freaky cultship #mine#tfatws#sambucky#fanfiction#ao3
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