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    18.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    TG chapter 12

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    18.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Itori, Nishiki, Akira and Shuu: Relationship deal-makers & breakers


    Deal Maker: Exciting

    Someone that is fun, adventurous, funny, is going to attract Itori's attention. A person that will get up to mischief with her, and even better, initiate it. She's not going to be out and about doing crazy shit every night of the week, but it will happen more often than not, so unless you're of the same personality type, you're hardly going to see each other anyway.

    Deal Breaker: Possessiveness

    She's a free spirit. Any proprietorial, clingy behaviour is going to be at best annoying. A partner that tries to turn her into a homebody is going to have a very miserable, and short, relationship with her.


    Deal Maker: Clever

    Should go without saying, Nishiki needs someone that will challenge him on an intellectual level. Not necessarily someone with book smarts; a person that is shrewd or cunning, or someone with exceptional interpersonal intelligence is interesting to him.

    Deal Breaker: Clingyness

    Try and imagine Nishiki strolling along the street, and then his s.o sprinting towards him squealing "Nishikiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!" before throwing themselves at him. They then hang off of his arm as he's walking, berating him for not calling them immediately after their date the previous night.

    Can you imagine that scene? Neither can I, because it WOULDN'T HAPPEN. He isn't going to tolerate that, he hasn't the sufferance for it. He needs his space, and more importantly, he appreciates an independent partner.


    Deal Maker: Confidence

    Akira has this knack of making people feel uncomfortable, inferior, edgy around her. First off, she's Mado's daughter, and we all know what he was like, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree right?They don't know how to take her: is she being serious? Joking? But aside from all of the assumptions people make about her, few people outwardly ask her. Challenge her on some of the shit she says. Ask her what she means by something. Do it without arrogance and she'll be impressed you have the nerve to ask. She'll appreciate it.

    Deal Breaker: Stupidity

    I don't mean doing silly stuff at times, or someone not being traditionally "learned", I mean full on stupid with no interest in learning/improving on something. It's just not going to happen. If you can't keep up with her, if she's having to constantly explain things, it's going to be frustrating for you both. Not a good match. Like Nishiki, she needs someone to at least challenge her a little.


    Deal Maker: Unique

    Got a unique or rare trait? A particular skill that is hard to master? Shuu is going to be intrigued. This may be good or bad for you actually. Can be as varied as someone that is adept at playing a classical instrument, to someone that is rhesus negative, if there's something different about you, it's appealing. Bonus points if his relationship with you makes other people envious.

    Deal Breaker: Poor personal hygiene

    I'm just going to say it: if you stink, he's not going to be interested. If you wear clothes that really should've been washed before you wear them out with him, he's going to be grossed out. And he'll tell you. In a really blunt, and tactless way, because at this point he doesn't care about insulting you. He's a man of aesthetics and if you fail to meet them, it's going to end. Don't skip those showers!

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  • bl-astoise
    17.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    ᴀʏᴀᴛᴏ ᴋɪʀɪsʜɪᴍᴀ ↝ ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏ ɢʜᴏᴜʟ S01

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  • 4lethei4
    17.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Salvini sarà processato per caso open arms: non ha fatto sbarcare 140 migranti nel 2019 e per sequestro persone e rifiuto atti d’ufficio. 15 settembre inizio processo a Palermo. Salvini si difende con Art 54 difesa della patria. Barcellona richiederà risarcimento danni blocco nave e rallentamento missione open arms

    4,6% indice positività, 310 vittime, 15.370 contagi, -643 reparti covid, -26 t.i., continua rafforzamento campagna vaccinale, arrivate 400.000 dosi moderna

    Aperture: questione politica interne maggioranza e opposizione. Pd insofferente alla coabitazione con altri partiti, malinconia governo giallo-rosso. Renzi continua attacco a Speranza. Fronte scientifico preoccupato.

    Lavoratori dello spettacolo riuniti a Roma per manifestare (bis protesta a Milano anno scorso) l’impossibilità di esercitare lavoro da 450 giorni

    Elezioni comunali Milano oltre a Beppe Sala, Gabriele Albertini potrebbe ricandidarsi, e anche Resia

    Brasile centro pandemia, gestione fuori controllo, età media morti 40 anni molti bambini, turni al cimitero 24 ore. 3.300 morti ieri, 70.000 da inizio pandemia. Mancano sedativi, pazienti vengono legati e incubati ai letti. Gestione catastrofica di Bolsanaro che non vuole lockdown perché danneggerebbe economia.

    Esequie oggi di duca di Edimburgo, no uniformi militari per non imbarazzare Harry degradato dopo rinuncia titolo, 30 persone in tutto

    Tensione Ucraina-Russia confine Crimea regione Donbas. Console ucraino espulso, accusa spia. Aiuto Occidente richiesta da Kiev ma Europa fredda. Biden potrebbe essere più favorevole ad aiutare

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  • andthenjust
    17.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    TG as shit pickup lines

    Nishiki (to Kimi) - are you a scientist? because I want to do you on a table periodically

    Naki - damn girl are you a lobotomy? because you got me drooling and forgetting my name

    Takizawa - if you were a fruit, you'd be a fine - apple

    Koma - can you tell me what an attractive, funny man like me is doing without your number?

    Akira - are you a cat because I'm feline a connection between us

    Shuu - I just want you to know that you’re the second sexiest person in this building.

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  • andthenjust
    17.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Ghoul relationships

    title says it all lets go

    Ghoul matchmakers are a thing. Some are self-proclaimed 'psychics' that will divine a persons perfect match. Others arrange meetings and dates.

    Arranged marriages are a thing amongst the wealthy, and are usually political/legacy motivated. They have their own rules/traditions around them.

    Actually, it's rare that a wealthy ghoul will meet and choose their own life-partner.

    Older ghouls naturally take on the role of matchmaker for younger ghouls in their life. It's a subconscious cultural thing that most end up doing out of habit. Can be annoying.

    I shouldn't need to mention that stigma towards LGBTQ+ ghouls (and humans) isn't really a thing with ghouls. They really don't care who you love, as long as you can.

    There is no shame in casual sex/dating in young adulthood, and is often encouraged before getting into a serious relationship.

    There is a very traditional (and strict) set of rules when it comes to serious-dating, which is for another post altogether.

    There are ghoul matchmakers that specialise in ghoulxhuman relationships. They often have human contacts, and work together to hook up human and ghoul singles. Kinda like a very niche dating service. The matchmaker(s) are extremely hard to contact, and will only work with a client through referral.

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  • wintercb
    17.04.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Chapter 16

    “Haise…” Akira sighed. She hadn’t really had the conversation with him.

    “Just hang on! I’ll come to you!”

    She smiled. “You did well.” She should have said it much earlier, if she hadn’t been such a coward.

    “Why?” She could hear him laugh. “You’re making me happy now. It’s unlike you.”

    She reached to the straps next to her calf. It was another useless tool against the kagune, but the commission gave it out anyway.

    Just in case.


    Few ever had to let it slip out from the holster. In desperate times, it was essential to survival.

    “Here’s the final lesson…” Otherwise, a single slice, it would end one’s misery. “Fight, even if it hurts.” She swung up against the cable.

    It snapped.


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  • andthenjust
    17.04.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Tokyo Ghoul and love languages

    If you're not familiar with it, the five 'love languages' are: words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and receiving gifts.

    Receiving Gifts

    Miza Kusakari

    Rize Kamishiro

    Kimi Nishino

    Amon Koutarou

    Words of Affirmation

    Touka Kirishima

    Akira Mado

    Banjou Kazuichi

    Physical Touch

    Enji Koma

    Saiko Yonebayashi

    Quality Time

    Nishiki Nishio

    Ken Kaneki

    Renji Yomo

    Acts of Service


    Shuu Tsukiyama


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  • naotarou
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • toastyyghostie
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Little Description Of My OCs from my TG Fic; Bunny Deverill:

    Bunny Deverill:


    -Pansexual and Aromantic

    -Kinda the main character, (it’s told in 3rd person).

    -She is a heather.

    -Encompasses the bimbo, baby, bratty, and weirdcore aesthetics.

    -Has some weird fetishes that they terrorise the group chats with.

    -They’re really into fitness, and is a swimmer at her university, and a talented dancer.

    -She works as a stripper in an exclusive club three nights a week.

    -She has a stuffed alien called Allan who talks to her. They are both probably Eldritch horrors.

    -She has accidentally killed a few people.

    -They are a total Britney stan, and has a collection of memorabilia.

    -Has a gore fetish.



    •Conspiracy Theories

    •Yoga & its meditations


    •Stuffed toys and dolls



    •Animal products


    •Death & the idea of being forgotten

    •Being ignored

    •Being dirty

    •Her therapist

    -Bunny is also a cell biology major with astrobiology.

    -Her favourite colour is pink.

    -A song that ressembles her is:

    (Ik it came out like a week ago but this song IS Bunny and I love it).

    -And now, memes and aesthetics that ressemble Bunny:

    -I don’t know what species she is. Not ghoul. Maybe not human.

    -They like angels. Biblically correct angels.

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  • andthenjust
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Anteiku & Babies

    Best To Worst With Infants

    Mr Yoshimura - OBVIOUSLY is number one, (so providing he doesn't get into a life-threatening situation and has to abandon the child) is great with all kids. Experience. Patience. He's just so chill, so grounded, and babies pick up on that. Talks to all the customers' kids. Be warned - if the baby is human, you're going to have to remind him not to let the baby eat cookie after cookie (providing they're old enough to) he WILL spoil them. Carries the baby around the cafe, talking to them and pointing things out. Kids love Mr Yoshimura.

    Kaya Irimi - has enough friends that have kids that she is used to babies. Whilst she isn't necessarily a gushingly "AWWWW!" -type baby person, she does like kids and plans on having some one day. She won't sing them lullabies, but she is the distraction queen. Type to hand a baby keys/spoon and pan etc to keep their mind off of crying. And it works.

    Hinami Fueguchi - is such a naturally kind, caring person babies always feel comfortable with her. She radiates gentleness and warmth, super patient and enjoys looking after children. 10/10 babysitter.

    Enji Koma - if only due to age and therefore experience, Koma is good with all kids. I really don't think a screaming baby will phase him at all. The guy that, if there's a customer in store that has brought their baby in, Koma will happily chat away/wave to said child on his own initiative. He likes kids.

    Touka Kirishima - would be better with babies if she relaxed more. If the baby isn't crying or upset, she'll be fine. She will panic if kiddo suddenly starts screaming and wont settle. If she's on her own, she'll feel more comfortable cuddling/comforting the baby, but if she isn't - peer pressure and revealing a sensitive, nurturing side of herself will make her hesitant to "act sweet".

    Renji Yomo - older Yomo is surprisingly good with babies, but he isn't necessarily a "baby" man, hence being 6th. He isn't going to actively want to look after a baby, or volunteer to, but if he's put in a position where he has to, your kid will be fine with him. He does overthink things though, so if the baby is teething or unwell, Yomo's going to panic that something is majorly wrong. Provide him with a hairband so he doesn't get his hair yanked.

    Kaneki Ken - will be ok if Hide is there to help. Back in Anteiku days, he's had no experience with young-young kids, so he's going to be a flustered mess if the kid starts screaming. He will try though.

    Nishiki Nishio - this guy doesn't have the patience. If the kid is quiet and in a pushchair, he'll keep an eye on them if you need 10 minutes to use the bathroom or whatever. If they start screaming and require stuff, Nishiki isn't going to be too enthusiastic about it.

    Roma Hoito - wouldn't trust her with a pet rock. if you've ever watched Killing Eve, there's a scene where a character places a baby in a public bin because she's had enough of her, and walks away whilst people are going crazy pulling the kid out of the garbage. That's Roma.

    Honourable mention: Hide Nagachika. Whilst not being on payroll, he hangs around the cafe enough that he should get a mention. Usually loud enough to distract a crying baby for a moment, and isn't too shy to start singing/acting silly to put a smile on the kids' face.

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  • andthenjust
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yomo Comforting (?) a sad S.O

    TW: depression

    He'll ask you if you're alright but unless you unload, he isn't going to press on it.

    He goes down the route of "when you're ready, you'll talk, and when that happens, I'm here".

    You may think he doesn't care much since he doesn't inquire further. You're wrong.

    He immediately notices the shift in your mood, and once he realises it isn't simply "one bad day", he takes action.

    You probably haven't noticed that he's noticed...

    ...But he's already been working on things to try and help you feel a bit better. Such as -

    Encouraging you to come for a walk with him to clear your head and get a bit of exercise

    Or drives you somewhere new for a change of scenery (BTW, does anyone know where he got that car from? Is it Mr Yoshimuras'? Is it stolen? H/C that the CCG accidentally discovered Ryouko because she was spotted in a stolen car)

    Sorry about that. Back on track -

    When he bails on premade plans with friends because he doesn't want you being on your own

    Sitting with you watching that painfully crap tv show you like

    Rubbing your shoulders whilst you're tapping away at your computer

    Or pulls your feet into his lap and rubs them. Probably to distract himself from that crap show you like

    When he drops by your place of work under the guise of "just being about". He'll conveniently have a coffee/snacks with him too. He has never visited you at work before

    If you're using medication and skip a day, he'll know. He can smell the difference drugs make in your body, so expect a gentle reminder/question regarding it

    He's going to ask people to keep an eye on you. He can't be with you all the time (and you may not want him there, he respects that), especially if you're human. It may be the first time your friends meet him, when he asks them if you're ok/to look out for you on the quiet

    When, or if you decide to confide in him, he's going to listen without interruption, processing everything. He may not be able to relate to everything, and he wont even pretend to, but he'll try to understand. Expect top notch advice and unwavering support

    Once you have been open about things, he isn't going to let you mope. He's sympathetic and supportive, but he will give you a kick up the ass to start helping yourself. If you need a Dr, you will be going to a Dr. If you've spent 10 hours in bed already, guess what? He will drag you out from under the duvet if he has to. Tough love. Proactive boy.

    If it's a case of someone stalking you/making your life a living hell, he isn't above helping that person to have a very bad, life-threatening "accident"

    Or more likely, he'll give them enough of a scaring to ensure they never darken your doorway again.

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  • toastyyghostie
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Shuu Tsukiyama Headcanons,

    Bc I am a simp and my tg fic is coming out soon ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    (Gonna be including most of these in my fic hehe, so tell me if u agree or no!)

    Sometimes he runs around his mansion pretending he’s in some dark chaotic academia shit

    Says film, not movie

    Claims that the book for American Psycho is better than the film, but this is lies

    Owns a Fabergé egg, it’s probably stolen but shhh

    Horse girl vibes

    All his horses are named after flowers or old European monarchs

    Rides his horses through the street sometimes, bc why not

    Gets up at 5am just to brag abt it

    Is an influencer

    Thinks he’s super environmentally friendly bc he uses reusable coffee cups

    These coffee cups probably cost him a fucking fortune

    All of his coffee cups match his outfits

    His face masks would also match his outfit

    Has learnt only one meme so far and it’s this: 👁👄👁

    However, he does share literature memes but that’s not the good shit—

    Is very into yoga, callisthenics, gymnastics, etc.

    Is probably also into pole dancing.

    Owns loads of exotic pets, (capybaras, peacocks, etc).

    Plays ACNH, probably spent a good thousand hours decorating his village, and all his villagers fit his aesthetic or they get yeeted.

    Refuses to enter any AC island that is not PRISTINE

    Has never played Minecraft. When he does, he gets hazed to shit.

    Despite being a big gay, he doesn’t like frogs, unless they’re in AC

    All evidence of his existence from age 12-15 is completely nonexistent, so we may never know what cringy things he said or did, only that we’re not allowed to see them

    Owns a house in almost every fucking country

    Has a private island

    Writes an extremely detailed journal, probably thinks it’s interesting enough to publish

    Has tried writing several times, but gets distracted like a week into it and then forgets about it for two months

    Very shy and lonely as a child, and lived vicariously through dolls (he was definitely a Sylvanian Families kid)

    He likes to paint his nails sometimes.

    He’s probably really good at eye makeup too

    Is very bad at hyper-fixating on something and then forgetting about it, and then hyper-fixating on it again, and so on

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    Turned out cute

    #ken kaneki#tokyo ghoul#tg #tokyo ghoul re #tgre #he looks like a kitten #not my intention but oh well #my art #like how the coloring turned out
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