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  • allthecolorsintheuniverse
    29.03.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • plooflees
    04.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    (Fixed an issue I didn’t like)

    I DREW HAM TOBIN FROM THE GREAT NORTH!  I posted this on Twitter as well, AND THE CREATORS LIKED MY ART AAAAAA (I passed out)

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  • hamtobin
    02.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hark, a siren pulls me onto yonder rocks.

    Alright! Romantic Meat-Based Adventure, sounds fun! Everybody seen it, everybody ready?

    Let’s go! 

    This is the first time I’ve actually laughed at the boat pun in the opening credits. “It’s Britney, Fish” on a hot pink boat in what looks like classic Barbie font. Perfection. I loved it.

    I am so, so gay.

    My favorite part of the opening (the thing that gets me through it, honestly) is the abominable snowman/yeti sighting. I hope we actually get to see a plot or twelve that revolves around one. Also, I really wish I could read the second word on Ham’s book. Has anyone been able to catch it? 

    Another Judy-centric episode, which makes sense as this is a Judy-centric show, but I feel like we haven’t gotten the other characters really fleshed out enough, yet, or seen enough different dynamics, to really be excited about more establishment of Judy’s character.

    I do like that they’re introducing another (better!) love interest for her, before they actually confront her crush on disinterested Crispin (who, based on spoilers and official show art, I’m pretty sure is into Ham?). This is really good storytelling because… Well, y’all probably don’t want a creative writing lecture.

    And I really liked Steven. He seems so sweet, and so understanding, and super into Judy. Also the HEIGHT DIFFERENCE I’m a sucker I cannot help it.

    The little flashback to their date was adorable, I love that they shared candy, and the look their friends gave each other when Steven offered to split it was a small detail, but makes me wonder if the whole thing wasn’t a step up for this exact situation. Which we’ll never know, probably, since we didn’t even learn their names.

    But still! Cute!

    Judy talking to Alanis is… Fun. I guess? I like Alanis. And I like that Judy imagines her as exasperated (“Oh good, the story again.”), but… It’s too… Convenient. The writers can just have Judy explain everything to her they want the audience to know without having to get creative about it. It’s fine for now, when we are still getting to know the show and the characters, but I wonder how long it’ll work.

    Seventh grade Judy was adorable. 

    Moon and Ham being the voice of reason was unexpected. But that’s kind of why I like this show. They’re all a little kooky, and they all have blind spots and areas where they’re the rational ones. In that way, it’s a lot like Bob’s.

    “Don’t you think we should just let him meet someone on his own? Like when Harry met--you know, what’s it called?”
    “No, the Hendersons. And they all fell in love.”

    Best. Lines. In the whole episode.

    Wolf and Honeybee’s relationship is the most supportive yet quirky romance and everything about it is great. As happy as he is with her, I understand why Wolf is so into the idea of his father finding love as well. I get Judy’s perspective too. I just don’t necessarily agree with their methods. Even knowing how it ends, I’m kind of on Ham and Moon’s side with this.

    (Honestly, some of Honeybee’s faces make me wonder what she really thinks of the shenanigans Beef puts his family through.)

    Also, it’s a little weird to me that Wolf and Honeybee were more concerned with Moon, Judy and Ham getting to school than Beef was. It makes me wonder how much parenting Wolf had to do growing up, while his parents had their messy, drama-filled relationship.

    What happened to Honeybee’s car?

    The scene where they just came up with terrible penis/vagina metaphors was...awkward. And more than a little cisnormative. And heteronormative. Do better, show.

    Okay, I really, really like Steven. He’s so sweet. Like, it’s obvious he really likes Judy, and he’s confused as to why she said he could kiss her and then freaked out, but he’s not pushing for a kiss, he’s not even getting in her space when he asks her to hang out again. I really hope he’s a regular character and also Judy’s boyfriend.

    I love that Judy and Beef both had flimsy as hell “I’m going out of town for work” excuses when faced with a prospect that made them nervous. 

    Did the Judy farting thing remind anyone else of Louise picking her nose/eating her boogers during “Bob Actually”?

    The fake date scene was another awkward one, but I liked that it gave Honeybee the opportunity to give Beef advice. The fact that Beef could only talk about fish was hilarious. But the best part was Ham talking about Cheryl. (A name that always makes me think of Zeke on Bob’s Burgers, because it’s his step-mom’s name.)

    Okay, okay, look. I know that most people are automatically going to ship Beef/Alyson because her voice actress is Megan Mullally and she’s married to Nick Offerman IRL, and because of that whole uncomfortable/out of place “sixty-nine” bit in the first episode. And that’s cool, that’s fine, even if Alyson seems a little disapproving of the Tobin family closeness. But I liked Dell. 

    I liked Dell a lot. Brooke Dillman is a frequent on Bob’s Burgers and it’d be nice if she got an actual role on The Great North. She and Beef were on the same wavelength and had..as much chemistry as cartoon characters can have. The sharing of the sample platter was true romance, and Beef’s line, “Nothing sets a romantic mood like the smell of warm cheese.” is the TRUTH. Warm cheese is delicious.

    Steven’s mom being the cocktail server at The Russian Restaurant was a nice touch. Earlier in the episode Judy made the comment that he wore cologne like a “young millionaire” on their date, so the juxtaposition of, “actually, my mom’s a waitress and I practically live at her job” (which rings true for many kids with single parents who work) was a great way to ground his character. It does kind of bother me that we seem to see her in the background during this moment, but facing away and obscured by a post, but that’s just me being picky.

    After Judy runs outside and has another conversation with Alanis, we see Beef actually asking out Dell, and I really do like that the show had him go ahead and make the effort. I don’t even mind that she says no (particularly given her reasons). And then Moon breaks his arm by falling out a tree, trying to teach a bird to fly.

    And, look. I get it. Thundergirls wear a--no, wait. Moon is a wilderness lover, and he wants to teach a flightless bird how to fly. It’s just… Not even two full minutes of screentime went into building that moment up.  

    This show really, really needs to work on timing their plots out better. Don’t have a B plot if you can’t give it proper attention, and don’t even attempt C plots if you’re going to neglect them. Last episode, with Beef and Ham’s plot, and now this week with Ham and Moon’s… And don’t think I haven’t noticed that the gay character has gotten the least amount of screentime/lines. Even his big episode was centered around Judy’s feelings about it. 

    It’s not enough to just have us in your show. You gotta flesh us out and make us matter just as much as the other characters, writers.

     Anyway. Back to Beef and Dell. Who are amazing and should be endgame, yes, I have decided this. After Moon gets his cast (and is disappointed they wouldn’t rearrange his bones into wings) (also Ham was reading a cooking magazine in the waiting room), and the Tobins plus Honeybee head back home, there she is again. Beef’s leathery angel. Who indulges his family’s wacky hijinks without blinking.

    Dell’s romantic history is brutal but also hilarious. I appreciate that she wanted to be honest with Beef, and that she does like him. I like that she recognizes her trauma is holding her back, and she doesn’t want to hurt Beef. Literally. And I loved that he accepted it and still wanted to be around her, offered her the job anyway. Like Ham, I think I am Team Dell, and I definitely want her to come back and actually take up that job offer. And then date Beef. 

    SO more timeline work: Kathleen left when Judy was in 7th grade, which is roughly 12 years old. She’s 16 now, so her mom’s been gone about 4 years, and left when Moon was 6 (as he’s now 10).  


    The episode ends pretty perfectly, imo. Another heart to heart between Judy and Beef, and then she’s back at the bar. And I like that Steven is taking out the trash (he works there too? Something they have in common, perhaps, working with family?) when they get there, and that Beef just goes along with everything. Their kiss was sweet.

    The ending song was… A rap about birds peeping in windows. As someone who keeps the birds outside his apartment fed, I am both amused and slightly offended (but not really). I kinda wanted to hear more of whatever song was playing when Beef first saw Dell, though.

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  • hamtobin
    02.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Height. Difference. 

    #they were so cute #judy tobin#steven huang #the great north #tgn #judy x steven #romantic meat-based adventure
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  • hamtobin
    25.02.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Avocados Don’t Have Faces

    So, I settled on one at a time, for these episodes. Not everyone has hulu, some people are watching them as they air, and I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. That being said... Okay, alright. The Great North 1.03, “Avocado Barter Adventure”, let’s do this thing!

    This episode felt a lot smoother all the way around, but there are some kinks, like splitting screen time between so many characters with diverging actions (regardless of how their plots relate to each other). I know Beef and Ham’s part of the episode was the least important, but it also had some of the great gems. Overall, I think I’d also just like to see more of Ham with various members of the family. We’re still feeling out dynamics and I want to know more.

    I... Also want to know what the hell movie Ham actually fell asleep on during that sleepover. Captain Cow? Shrek’s enemy is the Babadook? Savory Cool Ranch Pudding (gross)? A beach bungalow setting? I mean I must have missed that sequel, I guess.

    LOVED the backstory for Honeybee. I knew she and Wolf had to have met online (and then it was confirmed in a trailer/promo for the show), but a movie quote message board... Over Shrek? I can’t even imagine. Wolf’s screenname was Hooray4HollyWolf, which for some reason makes me think of Bojack Horseman. 

    Honeybee is MY Disney princess forever, from now on. Let me just start with that. Her backstory was so much fun. I like that we got names for her parents (Louis and Ruth) and her brother... Is his full name actually Jerrybee, though? I guess it must be. Or that’s just a nickname their mom gave him. It’s not really clear, but I like the idea that his name is actually Jerrybee. His line, “You pick up on a lot when you’re pretending to look at your phone” is such a flip on the usual attitude towards phones and young people that it was refreshing. Also, I liked Calvin. He is... Exactly one of the types of guys you find in Fresno, lol.  

    And I like that they showed Honeybee having a full life with lots of hobbies, but still engrossed in getting to know Wolf. (I also like that they showed her with her hair wrapped in bed!!) 

    I think Honeybee (and Wolf) are 21, tops, and not much older. Honeybee says she went to Fresno City College, which offers AA degrees. Now, I’ve never actually met a person who finished an AA in two years, but assuming Honeybee did and that she enrolled right out of high school, she’d have been 17-18 when she started, 19-20 when she graduated. We see her and Wolf drinking beers in one of the promos, though, which is why I’m pegging them at 21. That also puts a 4ish year age gap between Wolf and Ham (Judy just turned 16, Ham is 9 months older than her, so still 16 as of now but almost 17...) 

    I really enjoyed Moon and Wolf having their little adventure, and I took note of the place they got their sundaes, Maude’s. It kind of reminded me of the pier diner that Cassie Blake worked at during the one season of the Secret Circle I’m only a little embarrassed to admit I watched during one of my “get my hands on every supernatural drama there is” phase. I’d like if we saw it again. The mall has kind of already been set up as a hang out location outside of their home, but... I like diners. Especially diners by the sea. What can I say, I’m a man who grew up by the ocean.

    One thing I noticed and liked is that Moon was just was upset at the idea of trying to trick Honeybee with mushy avocados. Last episode he seemed kind of annoyed with her, but that made it obvious that really, they bonded and he likes her. Since she bonded with Judy this episode, I’m looking forward to one where she bonds with Ham.

    Honeybee drove 17 hours to meet Wolf, but the show doesn’t mention that it would be another ~40+ hours to drive back to Lone Moose, which is somewhere along the Alaskan coast. That’s a solid week of driving. 

    I got choked up when it showed them meeting. Their smiles, hands touching through the glass, the fireworks. And their moment in the closet is cute. The show does a pretty good job of showing why Wolf and Honeybee are compatible and good for each other. It’s sweet, they’re sweet. I like them. I just hope they realize growing an avocado tree is not an easy task. ...But I’m sure Beef would be willing to build them a greenhouse. Full of avocado trees. 

    They’d make bank up in Alaska. 

    I really enjoyed the song at the end, as creepy as it was. “Our final destination was us” will be a GREAT fic title lol. 

    All and all, I really feel like the show is coming together. I’m already attached to the characters quite a bit. 

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  • guardiegurl
    01.01.2020 - 3 monts ago


    Because I love you, and because I love TGN, a belated Christmas/New Year present. I hope you like it.

    You are one of the best story writers I know. You are a fantastical being and I’m so happy you exist. Best wishes to you, and I hope with all my heart everything goes well for you this year.

    Just a series of drawings of our beloved deadly duo gazing at the beautiful Utah night sky. Reminding you and everyone that, in the midst of all the craziness, you should take the time to stop and smell the roses.

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  • bukatra
    15.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    So, in thinking about Star Trek, Ive noticed a trend.

    First, every show has a race that they are fighting. But in the next show, the race they were at war with is now an ally.

    In TOS, they are at war with Klingons, but in TGN, they are chill with the Klingons and its the Romulans they hate. But then in DS9, they are like chill-ish with the Romulans and now it the Dominion that they are at war with. I wouldnt be surprised if we one day have a Jem'Hadar science officer or something. 😝😜🤪

    Second pattern i noticed is that in every series there is a 'good guy' who is part of the main cast that a racist asshole towards at least one species. Usually either we see him as a really really good guy otherwise, or he has a backstory that gives him a 'good reason' to be a racist asshole. In TOS, this is Bones. Hes constantly needling Spock and using racial slurs like 'hobgoblin'. Its only because hes otherwise good guy that it seems ok.

    In DS9, that character is Mile O'Brian, who is a dick to Garak for being a Cardassian, but he isnt racist towards aliens in general, and the Cardassians are portrayed as the bad guys, so its excused. Im not sure about TGN because I havent seen the whole series, just some from the more earlier episodesand filled in the rest of my knowlege from articles and summaries.

    But yeah. Thoughts? Opinions? Objections?

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  • your-overwatch-fangirl
    01.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    So you want to get into Overwatch.

    Overwatch is so intense as a game. People only see it as a 6v6 game where you shoot people and get salty in the process.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  

    When I started playing the game, I didn’t fully understand how certain things can work. I didn’t understand the layout of the points or anything. It was a experience that I wasn’t prepared for. Thank goodness they have that “quick play only until level 25″ mode.

    If you would like to understand the game a lot more, I suggest getting into Overwatch League. I don’t have a team, honestly, but I watch it for more ideas on how to build a team comp and strategies on how to take down certain characters. Because of this simple step, I’m finding that I have improved with using McCree as a damage character.

    Another step that actually helps the gameplay is researching on YouTube. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THE “YOUR OVERWATCH” CHANNEL. 

    Though people worship it, people play as though it’s the Holy Bible of the game. It is not. It’s just an arrogant person projecting opinions that he deems as fact. He tries to sound smart, but in the end, he contradicts himself, and I couldn’t care less about his speeches on why certain things are.

    If you want some helpful and objective tips - i.e., no opinions whatsoever -  I suggest checking out TGN and his channel. Not only do you get the backstory of the heroes in the fast facts, there are very helpful tips.  For example, I found out that today, B.O.B can actually teleport using Symmetra’s teleporter.  It is a game-changer that could give you an objective point.

    If you wanted to get the lore down pat, I did so by analyzing every hero I found interesting. So, I started with Sigma, since I love psychology. Sigma had mental disorder qualities, and so I took the origin story and broke it down with my previous knowledge of the character. You can find that he might have used his ultimate ability during that video.

    You can also learn voice lines through other videos. This will give you a feel for the heroes and their personalities. From the vibe of Sombra, you can tell she’s sarcastic and sassy. Ashe is a “take no shit” kind of woman, and DVA, though immature at times, is a determined person to make the world a better place. If you want to take this a little farther, you should check out the roleplay community. Try penning the character.

    Just because of the intense study I did with Sombra and Sigma, I roleplayed them for a while. I was told that my Sigma was spot on. That shocked me, but I think it’s a good start. If you don’t want to pen the character(s) that way, you might find that it’s nice to write fanfiction. Tumblr, Wattpad, and other sites will help you with that. You can get feedback from fans as to how well you could’ve portrayed them.

    The most important thing is to have fun. Explore this universe. Enjoy it. Grab a comfort character. Talk with other fans. Goof around. Don’t be afraid to let people know your headcanons. 

    Wishing you the best of luck on your Overwatch endeavors. The world could always use more heroes.

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  • handominic
    20.10.2020 - 5 monts ago

    ◆포커에이스 토너먼트 소개◆ 1.프리롤 (무료토너먼트) 1-1.일반 프리롤<개런티 100만> 1-2.특별 프리롤<개런티 300만500만>

    2.유로 토너먼트 2-1.개런티 300만 (참가비 22,000G)    *1등.2등 슈퍼토너먼트 무료참가자격 2-2.개런티 500만 (참가비 33,000G)    *1.2.3등 슈퍼토너먼트 무료참가자격 2-3.개런티 1,000만 (참가비 44,000G)    *등 슈퍼토너먼트 무료참가자격

    3.☆슈퍼토너먼트!개런티 5,000만 (연말중 개최예정)

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  • marissafonte
    02.10.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Wanted to share some pics from the show I’m animating on - @greatnorthfox ! ⛄️ Here’s a link to a teaser trailer where I got these screen grabs from. Or YouTube search The Great North! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__YM0sVXNzw . . . . . #thegreatnorth #tgn #foxanimation #animation #work #bentoboxent #bentoboxentertainment #retakeanimation #retakeanimator #womeninanimation #girlsinanimation #snow #alaska #nickofferman #jennyslate #animator #cartoon #cartoons #animatorsoninstagram #friday #friyay #ınstagood #laartist #fun #funny https://www.instagram.com/p/CF2bg2FjKU2/?igshid=18yjdb8jrc390

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  • depressed-bitchs-world
    05.08.2020 - 8 monts ago

    Am I bored? Maybe.

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  • happilyshippingships
    22.06.2020 - 9 monts ago

    “You’re s-sick,” Dewitt stuttered in pain, tears in both of his eyes. “Both of you.”

    Sebastian nodded, slipping his knife back into its sheath.

    “Ain’t you heard?” He smirked. “We’re bad luck.”


    So, once I got into embroidery I KNEW I needed to make something to commemorate one of the best writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading their works in this short life. My only regret is that my piece of work lacks in detail what @bun-o-ween expresses in their fanfic “The Great Northern”, by far one of my favorite reads. Perhaps one day I’ll make an entirely different embroidery piece commemorating them. I hope you like it, Bun! The lavender flowers were my favorite to embroider.

    #bunoween#my embroidery #the great northern #tgn
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  • wheelsofdeath
    22.04.2020 - 11 monts ago
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  • khrysm
    07.03.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • dizzytoshi
    10.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Being bored on a relaxing holiday has got me motivated to do lots of drawing again. So had to draw my two favourite boys from @bun-o-ween 's TGN story 🥰 (yes, it's me again 😶). Hope you like it!

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  • baby-shark-doo-doo-doo-doo
    08.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    @bun-o-ween check out the painting my mom and dad have had for so long, it’s a Wild West painting and I think about TGN every time I see it, maybe Sebastian’s place.

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  • guardiegurl
    22.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    For Miss @bun-o-ween, another TGN sketch, panel style.

    So, I said I was gonna do ‘Bastian next. He’s currently sitting in my sketchbook, about 75% done. Buuuuuuttt, I got a digital sketchpad for Christmas, so I’ve kinda been preoccupied with that.

    Ever since I read chapter 11 of The Great Northern, this image has just been stuck in my head. So, here he is, the sunnovabitch himself, Addison DuBois.

    #tgn#kuroshitsuji#bun_o_ween#bastiansPOV #i hate him but i love him #finally figured out this digital art thing
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  • vicisse
    15.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    He stood still, a crumbling marble statue amid the ruin his earthquake of a heart had created, and saw her. For one long, terrible moment, he thought how nice it would be to destroy her, too.

    — an excerpt from THE GRACELESS NIGHT

    #writeblr #writers on tumblr #m: wip#tgn#e: tgn#c: adrian #ok i know that i wrote him but i’ve had enough of this dude. and he’s barely a character atm. #xv#xy
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  • lids-writes
    13.10.2019 - 1 year ago

    These Grim Nights, Excerpt

    I wrote this for the prompt: I hope you stay with me till the very end. Hope you enjoy!

    TW: injury, blood, talk of death


    Ezra’s consciousness comes to him in fragments.  First it's the feelings, the pain. It’s always the pain.

    It’s a sharp sting above his eyebrow, this time, accompanied with a deep ache in his back, and a cruel throbbing in his head.

    Then there’s the warmth, and the weight, of Caleb's body, pressed tight against his own. The blonde is curled around Ezra’s arm, one leg thrown over Ezra’s waist, as if that alone can protect him. His blonde hair is still tied back, though the ponytail is way looser than usual, chunks of hair have slipped from the elastic, and are splayed across the pillow and Ezra’s chest, tickling the sleepy boys chin.

    Ezra mumbles Caleb’s name, unintelligible and hoarse, but the boy wakes up anyways, as if he’s just been waiting.

    He’s always waiting.

    Caleb’s blue eyes open, then snap shut quickly as the sunlight startles him. Ezra tries to tug his arm free, and only then does Caleb really wake up, as he remembers the other boy’s presence.

    Caleb pushes himself up quickly, making the hair elastics weak grip finally give in, it tumbles to the pillow, and Caleb’s blonde hair spills over his shoulder, pieces falling in his face.

    Ezra doesn’t usually see him like this, it’s almost enough to make him smile.

    Yet, Caleb doesn’t seem to be feeling the same joy, as he stares down at Ezra, his eyes nothing but concern. Ezra sighs, he’s tired of seeing that look in Caleb’s eyes, he’s tired of being the cause of it.

    “Ezra,” Caleb whispers, bringing a hand to gently brush Ezra’s temple, just above the source of pain. “Who did this to you?” His movements stop, and his voice grows even quieter, even more afraid. “Was it Lilith?”

    “I don’t know.” Ezra mumbles.

    Caleb’s eyes fill with hurt. “Please don’t lie to me.”

    “I’m not lying.” He insists, tired, always tired. “How did I get here?”

    The blondes face fills with a different kind of worry altogether, as his hand falls to Ezra’s shoulder. “Ez, you fell out of my tree, at like 1am.”

    “Did I land on my face?”

    “No, you...you already had that injury when you got here.” He sighs, and stands. Caleb scans the pillows for his hair elastic for a second before giving up, and grabbing a new one off his dresser.

    As he tugs at his hair in the mirror, Ezra slowly sits up, despite his backs protests. He assumes that pain must be courtesy of the fall from the tree he doesn’t remember. His cloak has been tossed at the end of the bed, but he is still in all his other black clothes, his boots tossed haphazardly under the window.

    “My scythe-”

    “In my closet.” Caleb says, still pulling at his hair. “Had to hide it in case my dad...y’know.”

    Came into your room, found out what I was, and had me arrested and killed on the spot?

    Ezra wouldn’t blame Mr. Amberson. Maybe it would be better for Caleb, in the long run.

    “Please stop thinking.” Caleb mutters, finally satisfied with his hair, he moves on to rooting for something in his backpack at the end of the bed. “Whatever your head is saying, it’s not true.”

    Ezra looks away in shame, despite the fact that Caleb’s eyes aren't on him. Carefully, Ezra moves his hands to his forehead, frowning as he meets the large piece of gauze taped just above his left eyebrow, covering half his forehead. He feels like he should thank Caleb, but he doesn’t know how. He never will. He traces his own face with his fingers, lingering for a second on the little scars around his right eye, before his hands falls to his cheekbones, feeling for any traces of-

    “I washed them off already.” Caleb says, looking up at Ezra.

    “I’m sorry you had to-”

    “I know they bother you more than they bother me.” He pulls his green hoodie from his backpack, quickly pulling it on. “I promise you any blood on your face right now is your own.” Caleb stares at the floor, anger in his eyes. “Not that that’s any better.”

    But it is, Ezra thinks. Better than those cruel marks that stain his face. What better way to label someone a murderer then to smear it down their face with the blood of those they’ve killed? What better way then to remind them of who they are, of what they’ve done, then to force them to look upon it, every time they stumble across a mirror?

    Ezra doesn’t voice his thoughts, he doesn’t need to make Caleb any more upset. 

    The blond walks to Shakespeare’s bed, scratching the cats ears until he meows and stretches.

    “Wake up, Ezra’s here.” He whispers. Ezra watches the scene and his heart does that familiar ache, the feeling of loving Caleb so much that it hurts. It hurts more than his back, more than the gash on his forehead.

    And maybe, maybe it’s not the loving that hurts him, but the knowledge that it’s all too good to last.

    Caleb pats the bed until Shakespeare jumps up, happily cuddling up to Ezra. This time, he can’t help the smile that breaks out on his lips.

    “There you are.” Caleb whispers, relieved. He beams, and kisses Ezra so quick that the black haired boy doesn’t even have the time to kiss him back before he’s pulling away.

    “Hey, wait…come back.” Ezra mumbles, reaching for Caleb's hand. 

    “I need coffee Ez, I beg of you, let me go.”

    Ezra pulls him back onto the bed, for one more kiss, deeper, and longer than the first one.

    Caleb hums, putting a hand on Ezra’s chest and forcing himself to push away.

    “I’m making coffee.” He insists. “And Shakespeare doesn’t want to see this, he’s too innocent.” Caleb gestures to the cat, still curled at Ezra’s side, staring up at the boys as if he knows.

    Ezra snorts, pushing Caleb off him. “Whatever, go make your coffee.”

    Caleb smiles, kissing Ezra’s forehead, then reaching up for the bookshelf above the pillows. “Which one are you reading right now?”

    “Romeo and Juliet.”

    “Ew, so cheesy.” Caleb teases, fishing it off the shelf and handing it to Ezra.

    “I don’t like it either, don’t like how they die in the end.” He mutters. “Don’t like how even though I know it’s going to end bad, I still have hope that it...won't.”

    Caleb thinks for a minute. “It’s tragic, yeah.” He says carefully. “But, they’re together, until the very end. There’s something...inspiring about that, I guess. Even if it is tragic idiocy.” He tries to finish with the joke, but Ezra doesn’t laugh, staring at the book in his hands.

    “I hope you stay with me, until the very end.” He whispers, so quiet Caleb almost doesn’t hear it. 

    “Hey,” Caleb whispers, his face falling, “Don’t say it like that.” He pauses,  “Like the end is coming soon, like it’s...already on its way.”

    But it is, Ezra can feel it. The end has been running straight for them since the very beginning.

    Its hunting them, chasing them, and they’re getting tired of running.

    But they are tragic idiots, and despite it all, they still have hope.

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