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  • roosterclaws
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    IM SO MAD.

    #i watched the new episode of ghosts cbs and sams mom just. ascended?? like THAT??? #u need more closure. #and also maybe thanksgiving dinner to sort thigns out #ghosts cbs#ivans
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  • lordofthelarks
    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    The scariest thing about succession is how the siblings carry forward the cycle of abuse to the next generation. Kendall is so caught up in pretending to be a revolutionary that he neglects his own kids. Shiv’s planning to have a baby just to spite her mom. Why can’t they just go see a therapist ugh

    #succession#shiv roy#kendall roy #i spent all three seasons thinking roman had kids too #there was a grace person and a kid in the thanksgiving episode watching that turkey movie behind his back #but turns out that was only a thing in the pilot and they dropped it? #well that makes roman less horrible ig haha #sucession hbo
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  • akajulester
    06.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    So, one of the things I did in the past month was binge watch Aggretsuko with my mom.

    This show is so addicting you guys. My mom described it as an “office soap opera” haha. The drama gets dumb at times (especially for my mom lol) but it’s a super cute show and a lot of the work and relationship issues it handles ar every relatable.

    (observations made as we watched, under a cut for spoilers and also bc wall of text haha)

    Our favorite characters are probably Ton, Fenneko, Anai (though we disliked him at first), and Tsunoda.

    Mom was very touched when she saw Retusko’s mom had left her daughter onigiri (rice balls) before she left the apartment.

    We liked Tadano a lot before we found out he’s a commie lmao

    On the topic of Tadano, Mom is convinced he and Retsuko were having sex in his limo (she also half-jokingly said something like, “c’mon, she’s poor and he’s rich, there’s no other reason for their relationship other than sex” lol).

    We’re also still confused over whether he has a house or apartment, as it seems like he just lives in his limo. It’s especially weird since Japanese people don’t drive nearly as much as Americans, though that’s mainly in rural areas.

    Mom and I both assumed Hyōdō was a member of the yakuza when he first showed up and joked he was going to pressure Retsuko into sex trafficking.

    We were also very annoyed with the very stupid choices Retsuko made to start the idol arc, especially her signing a contract without having a lawyer look over it or at least her mom or something.

    As a side note, my brother and I actually had to explain to Mom why the idol business sucks and why the audience was basically all men, as she obviously had no interest in it when she lived in Japan.

    We were both somewhat disturbed by the very sudden dark turn the show took at the end of Season 3, though we also did find it a little funny a cute animal anime would show something so crazy.

    We were also caught off-guard by the sudden emotional shift taken in Season 4, as it started out with frustrating romance antics only to dramatically turn into a very depressing look into what happens when a family man loses his job.

    Mom was very insulted on Ton’s behalf when he was told to fire people, as apparently in Japan it’s basically unheard of to fire someone unless they MAJORLY screw up.

    Mom was confused over why Kabae has a job if she’s married and has kids, especially since her husband works as a doctor (for those who don’t know, Japanese women usually only work until they get married).

    I was also confused why she was working, as there was no mention of financial struggle and I got the impression her job was preventing her from spending a lot of time with her kids.

    Mom was very annoyed Himuro never bowed to anyone and no one ever bowed to him.

    Mom did enjoy people bowing while they were on the phone, as bowing/politeness overall is that ingrained in Japanese people.

    Mom was quick to point out Himuro was very obviously setting Haida up as a scapegoat if they were caught in their “window-dressing”.

    I don’t understand why everyone treats Haida in 4 as if he was acting on his own initiative, yeah it was dumb to get involved but he was pressured by the acting-CEO and the Japanese workplace is very different from the American workplace.

    Mom was hoping Retusko would start a new accounting firm with Ton and everyone else.

    #aggretsuko#anime #Julie being a weeb #now with semi-weeb mother lmao #I also showed her some Cells at Work! last year #she loves that show too #she had me show my brother a few episodes during Thanksgiving break haha #my dad refused to watch with us bc of course he did lol #he'd be like this shit again? hahahaha #he also says moshi moshi every time he hears Japanese being spoken lmao
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  • youngsamberg
    03.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    my parents watched TWO episodes of succession tonight i am thriving

    #they never binge tv for two hours like that but they love the show (obv) #i’ve been begging them to watch it for two years and tonight my mom said ‘why didn’t we start this sooner??’ 🙃🙃🙃 #it was the thanksgiving episode and then the vote of no confidence episode btw so hit after hit #god i can’t wait for them to see the s1 finale they’re gonna lose their minds
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  • kimberly-wexler
    24.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Season 1 of gossip girl ATE

    #the thanksgiving and Christmas episodes are my fave holiday eps of anything
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  • ralseiralsei
    22.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    random thought but I hope that really cool trans lady from Jeopardy is living her best life

    #ugh I can’t remember her name but #she’s an absolute legend #my dad and I only watch every once in a while when we are both home at the same time #so we are still on the episodes from around Thanksgiving #but from where we left off she was on day 8 of winning and she won over $200000 #I wonder how long she managed to stay on #we need to watch more to find out bc I gotta know #don’t tell me though!!
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  • r0nnietherat
    19.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Dennis in the season finale, cupping Mac’s face in his hands lovingly: I have covid. I’ve ALWAYS had covid, ever since we met, Mac, I’ve been sick.

    Mac, eyebrows furrowed in confusion: uh, dude? Covid was only a thing like super recently and -

    “- because of you! You gave me covid and -“

    “-but I’m vaccinated and I’m super caref-“

    “- I’ve been ignoring it and trying to pretend it’s not there like some kind of asshole! But it’s there, Mac, it’s always BEEN there. So … you should break up with your boyfriend!”

    #this is how I want the last episode to go #and then Mac rejects him <3 and Dennis kills himself in front of everyone Monica from shameless on thanksgiving style #and Gus is like wheeeew u dated this bozo? #i just think that would be neat #fingers crossed that Dennis is the body in that bag #someone put him out of his misery I’m begging #he hasn’t been happy in ages #he’s incapable of it #toss him into the sea and let him sink #i need to stop projecting oop #annnnnnnd that’s it for our show folks!! #dennis reynolds #it’s always sunny in philadelphia #mac mcdonald#macdennis#iasip#s15
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  • yr-obtsvt
    16.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i started watching wwdits with my parents and during the episode where guillermo leaves for the first time and they have that little break up moment and my mom just goes "ohhh so this is a metaphor for a break up scene and they don't realize they're in love with each other yet" ???

    #i mean YEAH #i just didn't expect her to SAY THAT #it made my dad giggle #hosea prattles#wwdits#nandermo #she's so sillay #i made them watch the movie and the first episode over thanksgiving break when i had already finished it and they want to finish it #this week with me
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  • bithcy
    15.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I can't believe Grandpa Ewan has so many haters when obviously he saw how Logan's kids behaved and tried to do the total opposite with his daughter. And people really blame him for "letting" Greg be homeless in New York when Greg went there behind his back (and tried to steal his board seat on his first day!!!!!!) because he knew Ewan would never approve. It's Greg's mother that actually says onscreen that she isn't going to send him any money even if he has nothing, and people blame Ewan for that? And cutting Marianne off financially so she can deal with her reckless spending debts like a normal person rather than a millionaire's daughter clearly wasn't that traumatic for her if she's willing to do an even harsher version to Greg.

    #someday i'll write a more comprehensive post about this #succession #but it annoys me that people act like ewan was living in a mansion counting his money when we see his house in the thanksgiving episode and #it doesn't look like the house of someone with his money let's be honest with ourselves #he stored it all his life in case there was an emergency but kept himself and his family living like normal people #and when he got elderly he gave it away #literally what's wrong with that? why should his daughter and grandson be owed anything more? #but perhaps i'm biased because my family are refugees with no generational wealth so i don't like or trust massive inheritances #i think ewan haters have personal issues with someone in their lives that ewan reminds them of and they take their anger out on him
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  • birdmans
    11.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    ive aged forty five years since last succession

    #i appreciate them only showing us thanksgiving with the roys and never doing another holiday episode again bc of how traumatizing it was #xmas/new years could be fun in a sense that i need to see christmas lights look lonely
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  • thisislizheather
    05.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Navigating November 2021

    Above Photo: Central Park, November 2021

    Should I comment on how fast this year has gone by or is that just a commonality of general life now and never needs to be said again?

    Here’s what went down in November.

    You can find my favourite tweets of the month over here and here.

    I wrote about the very best Thanksgiving recipes. I’m going to do this type of post again for Christmas recipes soon.

    I detailed my visit to the Treasures exhibit at the New York Public Library.

    My friend Irene & I tried the pizza at Di Fara’s in Brooklyn and while it was good, it was nowhere near worth the drive out there. Just way too far, we might as well have gone to New Jersey. Good pizza, though!

    Above Photo: Di Fara Pizza, Brooklyn

    Here’s some advice on how to have a cheaper Christmas this year because everything costs a million dollars now?

    If you’ve never been to the Octagon House in Irvington, New York then you now have no excuse not to go for yourself.

    New things I watched:

    Only Murders in the Building - phenomenal! Everyone should watch! Can’t recommend it enough.

    Squid Game - yes I’m the last person on earth who watched it and yes it was fantastic. That old man! Fuck!

    The newest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm - yeah, I think I can’t watch anymore. I think I’m done with love/hate relationships because there’s no actual love here and why am I doing this to myself?

    The newest season of Big Mouth - the shame episode is phenomenal. This is just such a good show, I’m so glad it exists.

    The newest season of Nora From Queens - this season was really up and down for me, but it finished really strong. This is corny but the idea of not being lost if you have people you care for and who care for you? I love it. I’m in. The father is by far the best character and maybe the main reason I keep watching at this point.

    That’s Entertainment! Have you heard of this old movie? It’s not even a movie really, it’s a collection of moments from old Hollywood productions. I’d never even heard of Esther Williams, but oh my god what a woman.

    I made these salty vanilla espresso chocolate chip cookies that exceeded expectations. I think I might only like cookies that have chocolate in them. It’s nice to finally realize this. It’s also nice to admit to fully being a child with this preference.

    I can’t remember the last time autumn in New York looked this beautiful.

    Above Photo: The Bow Bridge in Central Park, November 2021

    A list of ten things you should do before Christmas (with the exception of visiting the Waldorf since it reopens in 2023).

    Slightly obnoxious reminder: GET GIFT RECEIPTS.

    Have you tried a satsuma mandarin? A seedless beauty.

    New seasonal candles at Trader Joe’s!

    Above Photo: New winter candles at Trader Joe’s, November 2021

    My brother Gary’s podcast has returned and his first episode back was about Alf and it couldn’t be greater.

    Nathan and I saw Jeff Daniels in To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway and it was so, so good. Everyone should see him in it. But it was also just such a great feeling to be out on the town and dressed up.

    Above Photo: Jeff Daniels in To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway, November 2021

    We’re redecorating our apartment right now and I couldn’t be more in love with our new washroom shelving. I feel like that sentence might make you sad for me, but don’t be! I’m actually living a really fun, cool life.

    I’ve been craving tomato soup lately and the one at Il Bambino in Astoria is too perfect. But stay far far away from the one at Astoria Bier & Cheese because their tomato soup is putrid (which is weird because their sandwiches are great).

    I’ve made this 10-ingredient lentil bolognese a few times and I think it’ll be in my permanent recipe rotation. It’s really hearty, but not at all bland and you really don’t miss the meat.

    Above Photo: Vegan Lentil Bolognese

    I’ll forever love Boursin cheese, this will always be true. And their new fig & balsamic flavour? Out of this world good.

    I went to the beautiful restaurant on the water Red Hat on the River with my dear friend Diana and it was good! Nothing spectacular, but good. The mussels are the main reason to go, in my opinion. Tasty as hell.

    I’m really on the fence about reusable gift wrap, but it does look simplistic and pretty.

    I visited the Lyndhurst mansion that has been newly decorated for the holidays and it was very quaint. I will admit that the Octagon House was a little bit more exciting, but I’ll never turn down a visit to a nice house in the country.

    Above Photo: Lyndhurst Mansion, November 2021

    Above Photo: Beautiful Diana inside the front door at Lyndhurst Mansion

    Above Photo: One of the bedrooms inside Lyndhurst

    Above Photo: Tiffany windows inside Lyndhurst Mansion

    Above Photo: I’ve never wanted to live in a bathroom more

    Loved this list of 90s Dad Thrillers, it’s just such a good genre.

    Have you heard of the dollar-store-esque store Five Below? I hadn’t until this month and I’m mad I didn’t know about it sooner.

    Can someone please buy me the winter spiced cranberry Sprite? Why does it look so damn good?

    Loved, loved, loved this performance.

    So I perused the new Chrissy Teigen cookbook and there’s really nothing exciting in it. And is it just me or does she use fish sauce as her “special ingredient” in almost every dish she has? And I like fish sauce, but this is getting ridiculous.

    The fabric ornaments at West Elm are extremely cute this year. Did I need to buy a mouse wearing a sweater when I saw it and fell in love with it? I guess this is my life now?

    Love this Man Park sketch from SNL.

    Absolutely addicted to the new herbaceous cheesy bites from Trader Joe’s. A smaller, fancier mozzarella stick? I’m in, baby. (Also their seasonal rosemary nuts are fantastic.)

    I had THE worst eyelash extension experience at Wow Threading Studio on 26th Street and no one should ever ever ever get eyelash “cluster” extensions. They couldn’t be worse. (Scathing review in the Yelp link.)

    Incase you love seasonal episodes:

    I bought a new winter mug with white snowflakes on Etsy and I’m in love.

    Tried a donut from Mochi Mochi and you know what? I don’t like donuts that much these days, but this one I liked. Less dense than other donuts. (Tip: if you’re looking for Squid Game Dalgona candy, they sell them here at their location in Herald Square.)

    Above Photo: Mochi Mochi Donut, NYC

    The Union Square Holiday Market has begun and the duck fat poutine from Duck Season was INSANITY. So, so good. Better than some Canadian poutines. Go immediately.

    Above Photo: Seasonal Poutine at Duck Season with duck fat fries, duck confit, fresh cheese curds, duck gravy $17

    As soon as the colder weather starts, I always buy one new couch blanket (I guess adults call them throw blankets) and I’m in love with this Banana Republic Factory one (in the Burnt Umber colour). What is umber? Couldn’t tell you. But I can tell you that it’s chocolate coloured.

    The Metropolitan Postcard Club sponsors a special two day show every November where approximately thirty-five to forty postcard dealers from around the nation and the world attend to introduce their cards to the public, so of course I went and here are some of the best ones I came across.

    Above Photo: Found at the Metropolitan Postcard Fair, November 2021

    Above Photo: Found at the Metropolitan Postcard Fair, November 2021

    Above Photo: Found at the Metropolitan Postcard Fair, November 2021

    Above Photo: Found at the Metropolitan Postcard Fair, November 2021

    I went to see the Dior exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum and I reviewed it over here.

    The Thanksgiving croissant returned in all its glory! It is now $9 (because 2021 won’t let you have affordable things anymore), but it’s still amazing tasting. I also tried Milk Bar’s apple cake which was good but way too sweet. And their cinnamon pretzel soft serve was delicious. This place exhausts me with their new menu items, I don’t know how they continuously keep it up.

    Above Photo: Details of the Thanksgiving croissant, November 2021

    Above Photo: The Thanksgiving croissant, 2021

    I think I’ve found the greatest scent of all time at Bath & Body Works: Fall Citrus Harvest.

    I’ve mentioned my love of Supermoon Bakehouse before and my sweet friends Katie & Greg (thankyouthankyou!) got me a giant box treats from them that was absolutely decadent and incredible. Everyone must visit this bakery.

    Above Photo: A care package from Supermoon Bakehouse

    Some things I’m looking forward to this month:

    I made this home movie of the holidays a few years ago that I might make again this year since we haven’t been together as a full family since December 2019 and I beg you to maybe do one of your own as well because you will watch it over and over, I promise.

    If you’re at all superstitious or just, like, a cool person - don’t forget to buy your bayberry candles!

    Will I be watching all of the snowy movies on this list? I’m only human, I have to.

    While I’m in Ontario, I really want to get my hands on this vegan cheese that’s supposed to be incredible.

    I’m planning on making roast beef on Christmas Eve mainly so I can make these roast beef sandwiches for lunch on Christmas Day.

    If you have any interest in reading what went on in October, come on over here.

    #November#November roundup#Christmas#holidays#Christmas ideas#Christmas holidays #what to do holidays #holiday ideas #best of NYC #NYC#NYC Christmas #this is liz heather #Liz Heather #what to do in NYC #bobs burgers #bobs burgers thanksgiving episodes
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  • dancedance-resolution
    04.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lillian: Lena, you’re a lesbian?! Why, your father would turn over in his grave if he knew!

    Lena: And I’m dating Supergirl.

    Lillian, sputtering: Christ, he’d turn over again!

    Kara, muttering: Well, at least then he’d be right-side up again.

    #i stole this joke from the s1 thanksgiving episode of the king of queens #incorrect supercorp
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  • football
    28.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    watching the beatles doc is bringing up a lot of FEELINGS about how my african born italian raised father connected with his american kids by sharing his love of 60s/70s western music with us and how even to this day the best way i can get my dad (who is very shy and quiet but extremely intelligent) talking is by asking him questions about the beatles or frank zappa or king crimson 

    #i watched the first ep with my family while i was still home for thanksgiving #and my dad talked more during that episode than i've heard him talk in a LONG time #and i want to encourage him to start writing things down because he has a really unique perspective on music from that era #idk i'm in my feelings
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  • takesuhigher
    27.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #tonight i watched tuesday wednesday and now friday's episodes #no epi on thursday bc of thanksgiving #julie had some very interesting lines on wednesday's epi #days#synchronicity #'maybe even vote for a democrat' lol
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  • privycast
    26.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Happy Brown Friday!

    New Episode is out!


    #podcast #episode #newrelease #privy #privcyast #bathroom #history #cutlure #etiquette #humor #comedy #weirdhistory #toilet #woofy #blackfriday #brownfriday #plumber #thankfulness #thanksgiving #mario #ozzyosbourne #turkey #potatoes #macandcheese #gobblercrevice #gobbler #clog

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  • rstella17
    26.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Wow! Today is Bubsy's Pilot Episode 28° Anniversary! Nov/25

    And Thanksgiving Day to everyone!

    Final (17 / ?)

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  • marioclash
    26.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    alright back to football video games

    madden madden madden

    madden 91... madden 92... madden 93



    what is it with football? everywhere you go, football! go there... football! football football football! like... what... the fuck? sunday football monday night football thursday football, football on thanksgiving, football on christmas! and out of all sports, its the one everybody goes the most fucking apeshit over!


    #watching that avgn episode is a holiday tradition for me now #i watch it every thanksgiving and christmas just for that one rant
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  • onehellofakathy
    26.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I just watched episodes 130 - 132 of HxH, and I

    I feel numb. My pillow is wet with tears. I don’t know what I'm supposed to do with my life now, besides sit around and read fanfiction.


    Anyway, y'all got any good HxH fics? Specifically ones that have a canon-type plot but with a central ship surrounding (mainly looking for KilluGon, LeoPika, or HisoIllu, could include all of them, I don’t mind) them? Please, I've been /craving/ some for the longest time!

    #hxh #hunter x hunter #i died today #not literally#but SPIRITUALLY #those episodes FUCKED me up #and i thought episode 32 of the untamed was bad #THIS ?!?!? #this...actually didn’t hurt me as hard as episode 32 #BUT IT STILL HURT #i cried REAL TEARS TODAY #it's THANKSGIVING#fanfiction#fanfic#fic#killugon#leopika#hisoillu#please#pleak#pleek
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  • nicholasdaymiller
    25.11.2021 - 1 mont ago
    I went to five grocery stores, and I got the last turkey in America. No, Jess, we're not doing Thanksgiving, okay? We talked about this.
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