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  • Little Timmy didn’t wash his willie. Now, he’s dead of typhoid. Now, he’s dead of typhoid.

    #That #And Mambo no. 4 and I Turned Back Time #Laughed my ass off #Knew there was something fishy with the BeeGees song but I really dont know a lot of their stuff #Chunky Finchman & The Interrupters' song was pretty funny too #And War is Bad
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  • My Father - I think… by Lacy
    Via Flickr:
    Old Kodachrome slides that were in my hope chest. All dated 1969 - 1972 I believe this one is of my father.

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  • .

    #i think #the reason why i love cruel summer so much #is that #it sounds like something #that#could be#on #rep.....
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  • duclair getting a hatty including the ot goal against the jackets is a mood

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  • I’m very sorry for being very inactive!! But the truth is, I thought I’d be into beastars a lot longer but.. it ended up being only for few weeks. And I am back to enjoying the thing what I was already into before getting into beastars. So.. this is bye?? Well.. who knows, I might come back! Also thank you all for over 180+(?) notes on that one post I made. I didn’t expect to get that many ever to anything but.. here I am.. So, goodbye for now.

    #i had fun for the little while i was in the fandom!! #and i know for sure #that #i'll always love legosi no matter what #also jack #best doggos ever
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  • 4 in the morning and just thinking about Mulan, and how disney will have ruined their own version of it.

    Look, I understand wanting it to be more of a war film based on real events as opposed to the be yourself tale we already have.

    But when you add a shape shifting witch you cheapen the story you’re aiming for.

    Plus, now I’m not an expert, wasn’t the original point of Mulans (disney) tale about being a woman and going to war? How frowned upon it was? How unacceptable it was? And now, you add another woman to the war, which drastically lessens the impact of Mulans sacrifice. Basically you’ve put two women up against each other.

    And also, you want it to be more realistic, so you cut out Mushu, a spirit guide, and add a witch, an actual magic figure instead. What? What? That makes no sense, that’s so dumb.

    And also, the VERY LEAST you could have done was make Mushu a little gecko that Mulan finds when she’s at war, that she talks to in her loneliness. Even that would have been better than cutting him completely.

    If anyone reads this and disagrees, or can educate me as to why it’s better this way, please do so, because it just seems to ridiculous to me.

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  • image

    Richard is fantastic.

    #thomas barrow#richard ellis#downton abbey #downton abbey movie #thomas x richard #i love them #downton abbey fanart #my drawings #downton abbey art #thomas barrow fanart #they have all of two minutes of screen-time #but they’re the best part of the movie #that #and anna plotting #but i’ll get into that later
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  • middle aged white women could’ve gone to sex shops and bought some shit but no. now we have three god awful almost pornos with ‘better acting’ that we showed in movie theaters. fifty shades of gray is more upsetting than anything to ever exist on the face of the earth.

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  • image

    this is all i’m feeling at the moment

    #i have no danplan shit #i've lost a lot of motivation with school being absolute shit #and by shit #not just me getting bad grades or my attendace #also threats to the school #thwre was gonna be a shooting on monday but they got the main chick who was gonna do it #and there has been many shooting near my school the week before #i just feel i'm boutta die any minute #so that's why i don't feel like doing shit #just aisowjqjkaoq#yea#that #tw/school shooting in tags #tw/no motivation #i think that's a trigger? #all in all #wisconsin said 💥🔫👀
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  • I really hate the fact texting exists and that any choice of words can be sent at anytime to someone and /:

    #you can cut someone out of your life sitting in your bed underneath the comfort of your blankets #just#like#that
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  • I want to listen to some funky jams! Send me some dancey/funky/fun song recommendations! Pls I’ll love you!

    #feel free to send me anons #i feel like #! #that
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  • That’s overwatch for ya

    via reddit

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    • Ill modo in cui volevo stare con qualcuno adesso.
    • 我现在想和某人在一起的方式.
    • كيف أود أن أكون مع شخص ما الآن.
    • So wie ich jetzt mit jemandem zusammen sein möchte.
    • 今誰かと一緒にいたい方法。
    • Şimdi nasıl biriyle olmak istiyorum.
    • таким, каким я хотел бы быть с кем-то сейчас.
    • 내가 지금 누군가와 함께하고 싶은 방식.
    • Cách tôi muốn ở bên ai đó bây giờ.
    • Cara saya ingin bersama seseorang sekarang.
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  • sjs @ nsh • 12/10/19

    #roman josi#preds#nashville predators#gifs#mine #so you see #thats where the trouble began #that smile#that#damned smile #BRO CALM DOWN WHO KICKED UR PUPPY #HE TOOK LIKE 394I1034010312434 PENALTIES
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  • boy howdy i wish i could see w/o my glasses

    #lt#lms #its not like Terrible but its ......... very out of focus #my prescription on my glasses isnt even strong enough so its just gbhjgbhjhbj #that
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  • image

    alensko replied to your post “Hypothetically speaking,, how many of y'all would hate me,, for…”

    as a fellow horse girl I have to say, how he holds the reins was literally the first thing i noticed LMAO

    Fellow horse girls unite ! Srsly tho I do not get why there’s like no one even bothering to idk,,, correct him on that ? Like there has to be idk,,, one person,, on this entire set who knows a thing or two abt basic horse handling/ riding ? I’m also taking this general stance of ‘celibrities who clearly have no clue about correct horse handling should never ever be riding with a)bits or b)bitless bridles that are fairly sharp on the nose ? Like idk just put a decent looking basic leather halter on there and attach a set of reins :’) Most ppl in the audience won’t even notice the difference anyway,,,,, but that’s just my two cents lol. 

    Anyway at this point I’d probably mostly just watch this show to judge his “riding” tbh 

    #alensko #I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed them reins instantly #like the first thing I'm teaching my pony kids #when they use reins for the first time #is not to hold them like #;;;#that#anyway #I'm talking too much abt horses these days #but like #if you ever feel like #talking about horses #or horse representation in media #or make fun of actors who can't ride #feel free to like #hmu anytime ;') #replies#personal
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