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  • oh i forgot to tag it but i definitely skip sygb

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  • 😩

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  • im so proud of hinata

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  • Literally all that going through my mind is fingers in his ass 🎶 and the cod zombie sounds

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  • remus is gone, time to post about vaem being a cat :3

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  • I’m pretty sure I’ve made this post before, but Wet Wangji™

    #thats it #thats the message #wet wangji#lan wanji#lan zhan #ice cave wangji #the untamed#mdzs
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  • Greed

    #fma#fma:b#thats it #thats the post #greed is sexy ok #like#sexy sexy#hubba hubba #im very tired #mr greed if youre out there call me
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  • ryuji sakamoto

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  • I came to a conclusion earlier & that is: Harold’s hair isn’t naturally Super Curly. It’s curly, but its more curly-wavy if that makes sense. BUT it usually seems more curly because he braids his hair every night before bed and un-braids it in the morning. He cheats the system

    #textnado#dnt reblag#oc stuff #this is also an excuse for me to continously draw his hair differently #the important thing is yes theres natural curls n swirls and waves #and sometimes theres extra post-braid curl #thats it
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  • the only phrases catholic mothers use when talking to you

    a) its because you dont go to church

    b) its because you dont pray

    c) ?

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  • image

    Was trying a new style for side profiles and i fucked up his nose cuz the hero of tine is stoopid

    #i hate it so much #wichyo fuxkin cone nose havong ass #mcdonalds arch headass mptherfuckemrlepdwodk #AAAAHHHHHHHH #that hair messes me up #and i cant draw foreheads #help #this looks so bd #the lips look nice tho #and the eye #thats it
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  • I love how I made a “”””list”””” of things I needed to get from the grocery store but when I did go to the grocery store, I didn’t get anything on my “”””list””””

    #my list: honey / jam #THATS IT #i got a whole bunch of other things BUT those two things #i am: dumb #miriam stfu#txt
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  • fluffy cows

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  • just some headcanons about their life skdfhskdhf

    • Theyre both  talented in their hands in different (but mingling) ways. while Wren cant design functioning toys, she can create parts and pieces for Nadia to put them together, in ways that between them, only Nadia knows how. Wren trusts the drafts without hesitation~
    • Nadia helps Wren upkeep her prosthetic, or even improve it on function regarding comfort and motion. 
    • Wren loves to design trinkets and jewelry for Nadia, and goes a little further to create more pieces for her family, showing her love for them as well in the form of hand made gifts designed (occasionally with Nadias help and eagle eye for design) to compliment their respective owner~
    • Wren gets along with everyone in the Satrinava family. and Nadia gets along well with everyone in the Karn family~ They mesh with eachothers family smoothly and with little issue~
    • Both are ridiculously honest communicators. though while nadia is one to speak her mind right now, no time wasted, and Wren is one to hold onto her thoughts until she feels its a suitable time, they both are honest with their feelings. Nothing is hidden between them Except surprises, and that doesnt last long~
    • Wren is a pacifist, she will not fight, the closest to a fight she will ever come to is raising a shield in defense. but it genuinely devastates her to personally hurt someone, even in an instance as simple as the time Nadia tickled Wren’s foot and She instinctively kicked out. She felt terrible, despite there being minimal damage and in fact, minimal pain at all (it wasnt a hard kick). Nadia respects Wrens decision to remain pacifist, instead lovingly offering to protect Wren if there ever is a need~ Wren insists she doesnt have to, though she recalls the instances she has seen Nadia wield a sword with deadly precision and figures she might not need to worry too much~

    • relaxing in the evening for them looks like wine and relaxing back into the comfort of books, their thoughts and eachother, leaning into eachother as they either sit in a comfortable silence, maybe caress a hand absentmindedly, or chatter idly about whatever is on their mind~

    • for real this often devolves into one of them (or both) saying just the right thing to lead into a small battle of compliments, of “see this is the sort of thing that i love you so much for~” and will inevitably go….places. The bath, the bed, to take care of their business for the night before retiring to more private matters~

    • Its a long night of tender kisses and loving caresses, and god they are still murmuring sweet things to eachother- and when Wren awakes in the morning (she always was an early riser) she simply has to take a moment to watch and appreciate the countess in the warm glow of morning light~

    #thats it #thats the post #i dont focus enough on wren but good lord #im weak for Wren and Nadia #Apprentice Wren
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  • minho’s eyelashes.

    #thats it #thats the post #lee know is slowly creeping up my bias list
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  • y’know what, im just going to say it. jonathan groff CAN and SHOULD be cast as angelica schuyler in hamilton <3

    #THATS IT #THATS ALL I HAVE TO SAY #PLS SOMEONE LET HIM BE ANGELICA #FOR HIS OWN SAKE AS WELL AS MINE #i truly deserve to see a hamilton in which jonathan plays angelica #i want him to perform satisfied okay #a full rendition #what do i have to do to get someone to back this #jonathan groff#hamilton#angelica schuyler#rahma’s rambles
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  • best part about work is clocking out

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  • My only marketable skills are

    1. Kind and talks good

    2. Mind me business

    #star speaks#thats IT #i can mop a floor or lift some boxes bt tyis is all i got!!
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