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  • holy-cucumber01
    07.05.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Laughing Salesman

    Genre : comedy, seinen, drama, psychology

    Category : Аnime series / Special

    Episodes : 103 duration 10 min, (The Laughing Salesman New) 12 duration 25 min / (Warau Salesman Episode 0) 4 min, (Warau Salesman Dai SP-banashi) 8 duration 30 min, (Warau Salesman Tokubetsu Bangumi) 14 duration 17 min

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  • attre
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    top 10 underrated witcher moments: yennefer calling triss an “arrogant slut” and threatening to grab her by her “mop of ginger hair”

    edit: and you know what, CDPR giving geralt amnesia and making him forgive triss so easily makes me even more uncomfortable rereading the end of lady of the lake. he’s pissed at her and the games just kind of went “well that’s unfortunate. she’s hot!” which betrayed triss as a character too. just to reiterate, i like triss a lot. but it would’ve been so cool to see her have some accountability instead of the narrative constantly shrugging it off and joking about it... because she’s so sexy, why wouldn’t geralt forgive her? 🤔 right

    another edit: and another thing! the ending where triss and yennefer team up to take down geralt is for sure a big #girl power moment and he deserves it for playing them both but there’s literally no build up to it and no scene of triss and yennefer forgiving each other? they’re just kind of... bitchy and then suddenly friends? (or doesn’t yennefer make a comment about it all being in the past if romancing her? but still, they’re not friends at that point! why would yennefer choose triss over geralt?) it weirds me out how they left things before the pogrom at rivia, close to ripping each others hair out, and then they suddenly discovered feminism behind closed doors?? we should’ve had more time with yennefer and triss and see them becoming friends again like talking in kaer morhen or something because it escalated QUICKLY and TW3 is so good at showing some relationships (geralt and ciri! it’s so obvious they’re father and daughter!) but neglectful of others (yennefer and ciri... yennefer and triss)

    #tbd #i’m simultaneously appalled and finding it very funny 😭 #i like triss a lot and she made some good character progression in lady of the lake #but she’s still inserting herself into a family that doesn’t want her #yennefer is sick of her... geralt is sick of her.... only ciri really still likes her but she chooses geralt and yennefer over her #and yeah two women fighting over a man is so ZZZZZZ! boring! #but i have to keep reminding myself this is a fantasy book from the 90s #and it could be much much worse...
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  • lynxalon
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I just wanna see benchtrio in the art style of codename kids next door, is that too much to ask for 😔

    #lynx speaks #it is 5am and i have had one hour of sleep tonight and i am so tired anyways this is a sleeby thought #i just think it would be so neat #like man #out of all of the late 90s early 00s codename kids next door would fit well for benchtrio #i'm going off of vibes alone btw #i remember watching that show and ngl i was obessed #i thought it was the coolest fucking thing #why where late 90s kids shows just so good #they didn't have to go that hard and yet #hmmmmmm #gon be thinking bout this for a lil bit
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  • iggy-licious
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Ig and Mark Arm.

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  • sunsweeties
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i love how americans blame russia for everything

    #russia has been artificially made the biggest enemy since 90s #i promise yall it's not that deep #russia isn't as obsessed with you as you are with it #not saying it's innocent ofc but definitely not all the shit i see up here
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  • kingandqueenwang
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Petition for a live action Cluefinders movie or TV show created by The Duffer Brothers!

    Our generation is long overdue for an adaptation of these games. Many things from our childhood have getting dark makeovers lately, like Sabrina, TMNT, Winx (Power Puff Girls, even tho that's gonna bomb???) etc. But, I think Cluefinders is one thing that would actually make sense as a dark adaptation. With the Duffer Brothers' talent of balancing lighthearted and dark moments, it could add a whole other layer of life and depth the Cluefinders world.

    #am i the only one with this idea? #those games were really good and i need them to be movies or something #also it doesn't have to be educational and they don't have to be 11 year olds #i think them reuniting as teens or young adults would actually be a cool approach #as long as they don't forget socrates and laptrap #and owen and leslie are a couple!!! probably the first otp of my life!!! #anyway that's my pitch. let's see if this gets any attention 😞 #it's not a bad half baked idea right? #cluefinders#the cluefinders#stranger things #the duffer bros #the duffer brothers #nostalgia#childhood#netflix #live action adaptations #90s#1990s#computer games #the learning company
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  • illmaticibn
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    My room March 2021

    #sega#sega dreamcast #sonic the hedgehog #vintage#vintage 90s#ps3#ps2#ps2collection#ps4 pro#godzilla #amazing spider man #gta san andreas #Cj
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  • undead-aesthetic
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Spectating.... for now 👀

    #just you watch kids #imma be in one of those cars before the end of the year #in the drivers seat ofc #aesthetic#aes#mine#my photography#drift#tokyo drift#initial d#japan#film photoset#film photography#vintage#jdm#jdm cars#90s #35mm color film #disposable camera
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  • daughterofhecata
    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I got on my laptop, wanted to get some writing done, remembered I wanted to describe the clothes, went on a frustratingly fruitless fifteen minutes research trip about queer fashion in the 90s vs the mid 2000s, got annoyed, and now I'll go and do some uni stuff.

    #kaj rambles #to delete later #the regular fashion history is not particularly helpful in this case #but all 'queer fashion in the 90s' gets me are 'vintage lesbian style' blogs #no you don't understand i want to figure out what someone like victor may have worn in the late 90s when he and cotta meet first in this fi #vs what he may have worn when they meet again in like 2005 #because you know showing time has passed and fashion changed and hshit #anyways i'll go do my reading for my czech literature class and maybe i'll calm down
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  • newtsies
    07.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    guys please recommend movies to watch-

    you can reblog or send them in asks but im so bored rn and can't find a movie to watch lol

    it can be a movie series too!! i just need something to watch- and i'll watch literally anything you recommend i promise

    #please please please #ive been trying to figure out what to watch for a while #ask#asks#movies#actors#TV#media#80s movies#90s movies#80s#90s #mylo.exe #blaming u guys if i start hyperfixiating on any kf the recommendations /j
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  • maddmuses
    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #I love the edits for this unbearably 90s movie
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  • nukeyyy
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    halcyon and on and on

    #art#digital art#self portrait#self-portrait#doodle#my art #i took inspiration from 90s shoujo mangas for the style haha #and the caption is the title of a song i like (by orbital) :)
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  • reihinovevo
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    im just gonna say it. the wardrobes in crystal (and eternal) are boring as hell and ass ugly. like what in the world is this

    for eternal i know the designs were done by takeuchi herself and i gotta say it takes some talent to make her designs look this bland and undetailed. at least give them a color scheme that isn’t just their senshi fuku????? (or solid black in rei’s case)

    #sailor moon crystal #sailor moon #sailor moon fashion #i hate it here #the 90s designs were always eye-catching and reflected their personality even if they weren't always bangers #this is..... yawn inducing. fucking horrendous.
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  • killcispeople
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    listening to my fav albums and picking out which songs i would like played in which parts of the biographical film about me

    #if you let me score it with 90s alternative music it would be killer #very strange because i grew up in the 2000s/10s but you know :heart:
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  • wonderlandcrows
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Looking through pictures and late 90's and early 2000s photos holds so much feelings into them 🥺

    #crow is babbling #ARGH. #i am not immune to nostalgia. #also i used to be SO CUTE? and outgoing and shit. i served the best looks 😎✨ young me was a fucking icon ....going to think abt #my wasted potential all night now xoxo #and my mom is sooo pretty . like her 90s look 🥰🥰 absolutely in love...found one on Christmas with a stripped suit and im like MOM?? BRING #IT BACK RIGHT NOW?? IT LOOKS FIRE 🔥 #im so. ARGH . #wish i could still b that kid but. 🤡 #also forever hate people making me think I was fat when i was young when i. wasnt! looking at pics and its like 🤔🤔🤔 girl WHERE.
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  • s1ater
    07.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    A HUNT FOR AN ABNORMAL CREATURE | adam banks x reader

    summary 🛒: in which the ducks go on a hunt for an alien after the news reveals a crash sight of an unidentified object
    warning/s 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨: swearing, underage drinking and smoking,
    slater’s note 🔪: idk what this is but i wanted to switch it up and i’ve been watching x-files recently so... 😁
    prompt came from here

    “guys, check this out!” you could hear fulton reed’s voice echo throughout the warm, grungy frat house like an empty tile hall. his voice was rather excited sounding yet stroked like he had his face scrunched, preventing himself from using his full range of sound, “guys!”

    you groaned, lifting your head lightly from adam banks’ chest as he continued to yell for everyone’s dispersed attention throughout the house. you tried to move further away from the comforts of the warm bed despite adam’s tight and pulling grip around your waist and arm holding you down to the sheets.

    you almost fell victim back to his warmth of affection but the continuous loud and restless callings of fulton made you fall from the sleepy endearment of the pretty blonde boy who was simultaneously between dream and consciousness. his eyes were barely open, flickering, really, as he tried to find your face once you sat up, your back slouched as you looked at him.

    your fingers lightly sweep his thick strands of hair out and away from his closed eyelids. you blinked a couple of time before looking away from the admiration you held for him, then.. lightly pressing your lips against his forehead deciding it was best he continued to sleep, biding him sweet dreams.

    your feet pattered against the cold hardwood stained floor of adam’s room before softening onto an old rugged and ripped carpet that had to have been installed years before any of you had reached high school. the short way of saying it was; the house was well aged and filled with all kinds of old kinks and qualities, such as the broken staircase that lead up to all of your rooms with groans of old wood and was just barely holding together. and the stained furniture with holes that matched the carpet that also came with the house. the broken mirror in the basement bathroom, the dented garage door, the old rugs filled with dust but probably also costed fortunes.

    there were many interesting things to say the least about the old house you lived in that was deemed frat the moment luis shotgunned a beer, spilling half the low tier beer on the living room carpet with a slurp, adding to the many messes of the home.

    you hurried down the creaking steps, his calls getting more louder and impatient as you got closer to the living room where julie and charlie already stood, waiting for the rest of your group to answer his calls.

    “what is it, fulton?”

    “you’re never gonna believe it,” he practically exclaimed as more and more of your team filed in behind you, just as curious and slightly annoyed as you. he motioned for all of you to fill in around the entertainment area and in front of the tv, the news channel paused with a reporter in front of a very dark scenery.

    “i swear, fulton, i have a final to study for-“

    “just come watch.”

    you filed and settled around him and the brown recliner he sat in with a bucket of popcorn in his lap before he pressed play on the tv remote causing an ultimate focus to settle in around all over you, something you only ever saw at the pregame warm up of the hockey games you all played.

    “today we bring you close to a recent crash site. of what? we don’t know,” a female news reporter dressed in layers of raincoats and thick rain wear held a microphone tightly as she squinted up to the camera, trying her best to shield her eyes from the rain the poured in around her, “we bring you up close and personal to what locals would call a space craft.”

    connie craned her head left and away from the television screen as if asking if this was the reason she was being pulled away from her studies, but fulton ignored her, as did the rest as their eyes were trained on the screen, now in full investment of the scene unfolding.

    “as you can see the harsh conditions of rain and lightning that unfolds before me have made it difficult for authorities to reach this crash sight as well as identify this strange metallic machine,” she was shivering, the cold rain beginning to dip and soak through her clothes, “now we ask those watching this program, what do you make of this?”

    fulton paused the program right before it went to break, his eyes searching each and everyone of his friends, searching for a specific reaction that he was ready to eat up, but he hadn’t seemed to recognize anything that he was looking for.

    “how long ago was this?” charlie’s toned seemed slightly exhausted with his arms crossed as he looked at fulton who stayed put in his lazy-boy.

    “half an hour.”

    “where is it?”

    “i don’t know.”

    “you don’t know?”

    “she didn’t give a specific location but it’s local news, it has to be close.”

    “yeah, but it could be anywhere in state, fulton,” julie out stretched her arm, trying to reason opposite, “how can it be local when authorities can’t even reach the crash sight?”

    “i have an idea of where it might be,” he extended out his pointer finger before he grabbed back onto the remote, rewinding the program. you scratched the back of your neck, sighing, thinking about how warm you were in adam’s heavy arms, before turning your attention back to the tv.

    he lets it play, before pausing seconds later when a flash of lightening goes off in the background, illuminating trees upon trees and... a water tower.

    “that’s west rivers abandon water tower,” fulton gets close to the tv screen, running his pointer finger along the just barely lightened water tower, “that’s just about ten to twenty minutes out of town.”

    “yeah, but how’re we gonna get there, not even the cops can, so how would we?”

    “that’s because the cops don’t have ronda,” fulton stood up from his knees, you could see the rush of excitement beginning to surge throughout his body as he begun to make his way to the kitchen with all of you following from behind, “we do.”

    ronda was an old ‘99 white suburban with four wheel drive and a broken cooling system passed down to fulton from his father. the only reason the boy was allowed to keep it was due to the fact that it was the only car the ducks owned that could fit practically the whole team.

    it had supposedly got fulton’s father through a lot of shit and therefor deemed a family heirloom despite it having no real value and it would take a lot more money to restore it to its full glory rather than what it’d be worth right off the bat.

    and even as the cooling system hadn’t worked in years, the heating system was still chugging along despite there really being no use for it since the body heat of eight mighty ducks practically made up for it.

    you squinted down at the map fulton had handed you, deeming you the right hand man as you were the one sitting in the passenger seat with your hair tied up in the low ponytail, stoned slightly, and strands falling in front of your eyes as you continued to study the map even as there was basically no lights illuminating the large paper but the far spread street lamps.

    “anyone got any booze?” luis leaned further back in the middle row, his eyes low and hazy for he was about close to sleep with the strangely low soothing jazz music playing putting him close to dreamland.

    “yeah, here,” julie handed him a beer from the way back, her fingers gripping the nose of the glass bottle loosely through her gloves. she as well as was close to sleep, but goldberg’s nervous talk and dean’s slight complaints kept her from dozing off.

    luis burped after five sips, the nasty smell of bud light wavering into connie’s nostrils causing her to wince, nose scrunching up, “can you not?”

    “loosen up, connie, it’s friday,” luis ignored her, keeping his relaxed position as he continued to drink from the bottle.

    she ignored him.

    and then you thought about adam and how he was all snug in bed completely unaware of half his team being on the hunt for a supposed alien at a crash sight with his girlfriend.

    as much as you would’ve like for him to come, you knew the boy would have probably denied the foolish play, wanting to soak up some more sleep time before the next day where he’d be spending the day with his father, something he wasn’t exactly sure on how to feel about.

    “how far do we got?” charlie leaned forward from the middle row, his hands resting in the back of both your and fulton’s seat, peaking his head to examine the front windshield that was practically blurred with clashing rain.

    “couple more minutes,” fulton mumbled, staring carefully at the road, his posture straight with both hands on the wheel, careful not to crash or slide on the slick road that laid beneath all of your asses, “we hit off-road and then we’ll start hiking.”

    “hiking?” connie butted into the conversation, squeezing her head next to charlie’s, “fulton, i thought we were driving to the sight, not walking.”

    fulton glanced back for a couple quick seconds as if caught off guard before focusing back on the road, “we can’t risk getting old ronda stuck in the mud.”

    “i did not wear the right shoes for this,” she mumbled, leaning back into her seat where luis was snickering with his bottle held high, looking at her with amusement. she snatched the bottle from him before taking her own sip of daze, upset but.. content.

    you began to get wiggly in your seat, the heat getting to you as it begun to suck at your skin for sweat. you scratched the back of your neck before focusing on the road ahead, praying the road would come sooner rather than later.

    mud clung to your boot faster than you thought it would, practically pulling your foot from the safety of the inside of your warm shoe. you cringed every time your foot hit squishy ground, which was every step from the now leaving west river sign.

    “muds about to consume my whole goddamn shoe, fulton,” dean swore, practically shaking his fist in the air of despair as he slowly trailed behind you and the boy who’s idea it was to go on a hunt in the middle of the night. you could tell dean’s patience ran short the moment he got out of the car and the rain storm ate him whole, from then on, all that came from him were curses and grumbles.

    “where are we?”

    “outside of west river.”

    “no shit luis. did the sign tell you that?”

    “hey, shut the fuck up before i shove you in the mud.”

    you pressed your lips into a thin line tightly as their arguing and thunder was the only thing consuming your hearing, making it hard to hear your own thoughts and internal screams with how progressively annoying they were all getting.

    “hey,” you called out to charlie and fulton lightly, making it hard for them to hear you just barely, “do you think other people are out here?”

    that’s the only thought that had filled your head (when you could hear yourself) for the past five minutes as your flashlight traced the ground like a crayon. the thought made you almost nervous, especially when speaking it aloud, your body feeling even more cold as thoughts of other people, people older than freshman college students also looking for an... alien or spacecraft.

    there was silence for awhile before charlie called back, “no one in their right mind would be out here right now.”

    “you’d be surprise,” you could dean mumble back, not really helping the bad gut feeling slowly consuming your stomach with uneasiness, “there’s a lot of sickos here in minnesota.”

    his statement seamed to have echoed throughout the air, blowing through the windy wet air, full of enough noise, but his words seemed to have only added into more of it.

    you suddenly felt even more alone than before. with everyone else dispersed around you, the cold also consuming them and sending waves of chills up their back. visions filling with blue and white and black of headaches and lightening.

    you all prayed for a sense of comfort, a grasp of reality and light, but no matter how hard any of widen yourself eyes for better sight, it only consumed with bigger and wider blackness. alone. you all felt alone.

    “for fucks sake,” connie groaned lowly after the long, yet very loud silence settled in all of your ears. you could hear a slight twinge of worry in the back of her throat as everything was starting to get to her as it was to you. “the only thing we have to worry about is the little green creatures running around in this forrest.”

    you almost laughed at connie’s disbelief, her mind never allowing itself to run around freely with its imagination, always cutting any of your gangs adventures short of fun. but you felt your stomach cut in mid gutty laugh when a strike of light flashed through the night sky, and not lightening. the light was wide and seemed to have flown over all of your head before falling further into the rest of the unknown forest. it looked like a strobe of light coming from a flashlight.

    you felt you heart stop as well as your movement, your own flashlight staying trained on the mud while your eyes looked into the dark, dark woods, searching for the light once again, shocked.

    “what the fuck was that?”

    it seemed everyone had seen the exact same thing as you had and chaos had begun to erupt.


    “no dumb fuck! people! people!”

    yelling and cries of energy were resonating everywhere throughout your friend group, their eyes wild and filled with shock and terror. they couldn’t pull their shit together for the life of it and neither you nor charlie’s silencing shushes could make them calm down.

    “we’re gonna die!”

    “shut up goldberg!”

    everyone was drawing closer and closer to each other as if one another’s presence would help their stress tainted brains fall back down into relaxation, but it didn’t work. the closer each one of you got, the more amped up each of your souls became and the air seemed to tighten.

    “sh! i can hear someone!”

    no one ‘sh’ from charlie’s command, his ears filling with the sounds of footsteps and breakage of sticks and crumples of leaves.

    “ah crazy minnesotans!”

    “not minnesotans,” julie’s voice fell from panic, slapping goldberg before shinning her flashlight on the person before them, “adam banks!”

    a shared exhaled seemed to have echoed through your friend group they let the shock overcome them, not exactly understanding why and how banks was standing before them.

    “adam?” you all said collectively, your brows narrowing as his face swelled in amusement, his lips turning into a pretty smile.

    “what’re you doing here, cake eater?”


    “how’d you find us?”

    “you left a note,” he nodded toward charlie, holding his flashlight high and illuminating all of your faces, “and the tv was paused on channel five with the old water tower in the background.”

    you all stared at him in utter silence of shock, still processing how fast he had found you all.

    “did none of you think this was a bad idea?” adam hummed after awhile, no one speaking, the rain filling the silence and space, him still being a couple feet away.

    “oh no, we all did. we just decided to do it anyways,” goldberg chimed in, his head nodding side to side, thinking back to moments before all of you got into ronda, still deciding whether it was a good idea to haul ass through the storm for an alien.

    you’d admit, it hadn’t seem like a smart idea until luis offered you a blunt, a smirk on his face saying it was a great idea. it was then everyone fell into line and into the car.

    “and nobody thought to wake me?”

    your eyes widened slightly, which he caught onto, his smile turning into a smirk, “we didn’t want to.. wake you.”

    “sure,” he nodded before taking some steps closer, switching his flashlight to the opposite hand before the rest of you made the rest of the way to him, you walking closer, your arms going to wrap around him for comfort.

    he smiled down at you while his opposite hand to holding the flashlight wrapped around your shoulders, holding you tightly. his face fell to a grin and he called, “let’s find this goddamn alien.”

    question/s 🛎: how many mighty ducks are there that are important?

    join the taglist duck

    @sh-tposter2021 @lukewearingbeanies @itzstacie

    #adam banks imagine #adam banks x reader #adam banks #the mighty ducks #mighty ducks#cake eater#fluff#fanfic#fanfiction#80s#90s#charlie conway #fratboy!adam #aliens#ufos#x files
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  • iamtheorphan
    07.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I wish that thrift stores were accessible to the poor again

    #they are so fucking expensive its ridiculous #and its all because the rich people are buying it and reselling with dumb shit like vintage 90s jacket $100 😍 #at least here in my country is like that #bad english maybe idc
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